Energy Healing, Gemstone Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Herbs and Awareness of affects on health of earth, solar and galactic energies, geopathic energies, 50-60Hz electricity, EMF, WIFi and other human frequencies, electrical appliances, chemtrails, GMO and all actions designed to create dependency ill-health and shorter life on drugs, medicated food for sole profit of multi-national corporations. Restoring health and vitality clearing the ethers of our old patterns, past truamas and collective pains. Clearing ourselves of physical ailments, emotional pains and limiting beliefs for health, abundance and longevity. Clearing our air vortex energies, pyramids and focused healing. Restoring motion, aliveness and vitality making living full-specturm structured water. Focusing on organic, whole foods in season to cleanse, nourish and rebuild health. Physical health with sun, ecercise and collaboration between client, environment and practitioner . Love, David Baillie, ND, BSc, RBT, RTC, NC, OA www.GemstoneTherapy.info www.NaturesDesign.nz www.UnityConscious.org www.VortexWater.co.nz
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  • HAVE THE BEST GARDEN: Manure outperforms inorganic 9abnd chemical fertilisers https://www.agronomy.org/science-news/fertilizers-impact-soil-health-compared
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  • FINDING FREEDOM: If I was to live life again, as I am, I'd explore love, life and all it means. This is what we do, This is what you can do. This is what we help others do in Gemstone Energy Medicine and as Naturopaths, Rebirthers and Life Coaches. It is what is what we do for each other. Love David, http://www.gemstonetherapy.info/davidbaillie
    Gemstone Energy Medicine Awakening Coaching Nutrition
    Conjunctive Therapies offered with Diamond Gemstone Therapy
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    Harmonising Energies July 2018
    Formerly: Living Sacred Geometry: Natures Design News

    Coping with Stress of Fast Changing World

    **Easy Solution for You and World

    Thankyou. I want each of us to arise as leaders of the world we are here to be. There are many difficulties each of us face doing so, yet many see what we see and help make the changes we too see as necessary.

    As students of our living sacred geometry you show trust and express courage in learning nature's ways to make all things more known and thus easier. I love each of you, knowing the journey that takes you to unexpected outcomes doing so. Many are the thoughts and beliefs we need to change along the way.

    It is important that each of us keep our balance between new and existing concepts in life sciences.

    Allow time for rest and contemplation to see what you may want to stop doing, believing or hearing. Rearranging thoughts, feelings and memories is necessary to be comfortable with new ideas.

    **Are you stressed finding the time to relax?

    Sun, earth and cosmic energies are changing our DNA, our lives and the way our science works faster and faster and this is stressful. If you are not getting enough the time to rest and recharge or worrying that you are not safe in a world of so much change WEAR our PENDANTS. We and many customers do and they really help 24/7. Thankyou for giving them to family, and friends too as we want these out helping the world more and more as it NEEDS them. Help Yourself Here

    ** Solving problems by Consciously Creating Change

    The energy fields that create us are conscious, loving and give us complete freedom to heal ourselves by working with them; or to damage ourselves, by trying to live separate from them, if we so choose.

    Consciousness (Awareness) designs its reality within a framework of the real sacred geometries set in place by that which in turn created it. Our physical body creates its health based on the "rules" created by our beliefs and feelings.

    The design principles of natural law and sacred geometry are in our products and forms of health living we give you in our letters of news for you.

    Loving others (including ourselves, air, water, food and medicine in service to nature and humanity) is key to healthy living.

    Love is the Key to Easing Your Stress by changing others and putting Love into Everything you Do, including when you Visualise and Plan the Changes you want your Goals.

    Love opens heart-based intuition that lets you know the crazy things others are about to do when driving.

    **Pyramid – Vortex Healing

    In the structure of water the 3 or 4 sided pyramid becomes the PHI vortex spiral – the pyramid being the male view and the spiral as in our Vortex Water Energiser (pictured) being the feminine form of the same shape. Both have at their heart the fire of transmutation that makes water, food and medicines more life-giving and healthier for us.
    Filtration and Distillation, which are solely removal processes do not do this, for there is much in our water and environment that cannot be removed by the latter processes, but can be transmuted.
    Generating enough spin in water, food or medicine increases its frequency, sufficiently in homeopathic manner, that it becomes safe to drink, eat or breathe in; and not only safe, for with enough spin given to it, each becomes positively healthy, giving us life-energy.

    If you would like to bring the life giving energy of vortex and healthy spin into your life for each of your cells and less medical bills explore with us at http://www.naturesdesign.nz and http://www.unityconscious.org. And http://www.naturesdesign.in and http://www.vortexwater.co.nz.

    We love to read your comments and see your likes and forwards on our blog pages and groups HERE These include FastingandFeasting, HarmonisingEnergies, LivingSacredGeometry, NaturesDesign and PranicLiving linked for you HERE
    or cease to read with us emailing "Unsubscribe" to myself, David, at same address.

    Thankyou for joining us HERE and sharing help for stress the world. We can't do it without you.


    Nature Design Golden-Ratio Wine and Water Enhancing Products
    Restoring Harmony, Vitality and Liquid Crystalline Water Structure with 100% Natural Golden Ratio Carafes, Bottles, Glasses, Plates and Bowls
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  • 95 percent of the things we think, say and do as adults come from impressions that were made in the formative first six years of life. We carry the same need for approval into our adult lives, taking all the unconscious emotional patterns of behavior with us, inclining most of to live unconsciously.
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