Serenaj have been contacted by galactic beings for a long time now. It is time to bring the unknown and the known together. The veils between worlds are becoming thinner and it is now more than ever, to connect with our cosmic neighbours. One's purpose is to know thyself in the authentic form, that is the Soul. Serenaj offers Soul drawings with an Akasha reading of the Higher Self, Celestial guides, Cosmic Alliances. She only serves the highest good of all. I Am. Namasté.
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High Priestess from Sirius. She brings the knowledge from your original blue print. She is devoted to the Sphinxes and pyramids. The knowledge of the original mystery schools are brought back through the collective consciousness and interconnectedness of all light beings. You can tap into the continuum where these guardian Souls may dwell. Serenaj Heart #serenajcosmicart drew this for Teresa Yanaros #divinefrequency #highpriestessfromsirius #siriuscouncil #egyptiansphinx #sirius #ascension #cosmicart #higherdimensions
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