Our mission counts with three well defined scopes. The first, and main objective, is to spend as much time as possible in the wilderness. This way, we have an excuse to go up into the mountains any chance we get and we are passionate about it. We believe that any excuse is good enough to spend time in the woods and get away from the constant bombardment. Secondly, our mission is to provide a platform for people to report their own sightings; in addition to bringing the exciting subject of the Northamerican Sasquatch-Bigfoot closer to the Spanish public as we don't hear anyone talking in Spanish about the things we read. For this reason we would like to help create a bridge between both the English and Spanish speaking communities, so we may contribute to the discussion. In third and final place, the most important and main focus of our task is the following: given that in in Spain "no such creatures exist", if someone looks for them, they will not be able to find such creatures, their alleged tracks and signs or sightings (current or historical). According to the education we received, one must always take various control samples that are representative of the object of the study, to then compare, contrast, or apply other types of analysis to help define and specify his or her observations. Following this premise we infer that Spain is a good place to establish control points to determine what is and what is not normal under these specific conditions. To partially-superficially corroborate this you may try asking a random person in Spain if they believe there are Yeti type creatures in the country; I believe most of us intuitively know the answer we will receive. Mostly we have been given these two answers: 1) Laugh followed by "Here?, in Spain?, Ridiculous!", or 2) "What is that?". Therefore, our purpose is to develop and present in the future a context-basis of "standard conditions" so that our brothers from the other side of the Atlantic may use it to compare, contrast, or whatever they consider appropriate. In few words, we look for Sasquatch in locations where supposedly there are none using Northamerican variables and see where it leads us.
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We recently started a blog which we plan to turn into a full-blown website. We already have some articles but if you are into Bigfoot you may have already heard of these. Anyway, we hope you check our blog and follow us! We write in both Spanish and English!

BLOG: http://www.spanishsasquatch.worpress.com
Bigfoot-Sasquatch en Castellano
Sasquatch ha sido descubierto pero aún no ha sido verificado
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