Hi. I'm a stand-up comedian, podcast host, actor, writer, and most of all I'm a believer. It's more fun to believe. I am really glad to be here with y'all. HERE'S THE OFFICIAL ME STATEMENT BLAH BLAH BLAH: Ryan has released 3 full-length albums IMMORTAL FOR NOW, COMEDY WONDER TOWN & HOW TO GET HIGH WITHOUT DRUGS, was a recurring character as himself on IFC’s MARON, been seen on Seeso and is the creator and host of one of the top Science & Medicine podcasts on iTunes, ME & PARANORMAL YOU, conducting in-depth interviews with people who possess paranormal abilities or have had extraordinary experiences. He was selected by LA Weekly as one of “10 LA Comics to Watch” for 2014, was mentioned in NY Magazine as a “Comic to Watch,” was one of 4 finalists in the original CMT’s Next Big Comic Contest, is a frequent guest on the WTF Podcast w/Marc Maron and the Bob & Tom Show, and his joke “United Snacks of America” has over 8 million listens on Pandora.
  • Stand-Up Comedian / Actor / Host of Me & Paranormal You at everywhere
  • Studied Theater & Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University & Wright State University
    Class of 2002
  • Lives in Los Angeles, CA
  • From Dayton, OH
  • Male
  • In a relationship
  • Followed by 792 people
  • Free Love is listed as Top 10 Comedy Album of the Year by Vulture
    I want you to have my album for FREE! I keep posting this in case some have missed it and if you want to have some laughs at many of the topics we are interested in at our corner of the astral plane, I'd think you'd dig it. Vulture had some kind words for this album, showing that the mainstream is opening up to our ideas and the fact that we have a sense of humor about ourselves and our...
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  • Interview w/Claudia Ackely about Bigfoot encounters
    Had an amazing time chatting with Claudi Ackely about her encounters with Bigfoot. We dive into her experiences and also what it means to speak up and out publicly about a creature that so many people will jump to ridicule you about when doing so. It is a great conversation that I think you'll really enjoy if you like firsthand encounters of the paranormal, cryptid and the strange. ...
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  • My album Free Love is FREE for you!
    Hey, Onstellar friends! It is my distinct pleasure to let you know that if you would like my latest stand-up comedy album "Free Love" it is free for you to download from my website. The album contains jokes about withces, crystals, bigfoot, the singularity, Dr. Masura Emoto, and more! I'd love for you to have it and to ensure the most people can get it, I've made it available for free. Just...
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  • my new album #FreeLove is free for you if you're interested in downloading it from DropBox or Google Drive! Just go to http://ryansingercomedy.com and click the link or click this link here ==> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7jlftd5fp20m3c4/AADfu8Db_wyaoNz_FSTFJtaTa?dl=0
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  • My FREE stand-up comedy album for you! "Free Love" available now
    I want you to have my latest live stand-up comedy album that came out today for FREE! I will tell you that it has adult language because I'm an adult and I've always love adult language ever since I was a kid. So, if you prefer the squeaky-clean type of stand-up comedy, this may not be for you and that is okay. But, if you like jokes about Bigfoot, Crystals, the Singulairty, Talking to Water,...
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    It was time to hit our next spot within the Salt Fork Sate Park, after a sandwich and snacks the crew had generously packed for me after I had explained on the previous day how it's important to keep nutrition going in at regular interval when you are in the field. Ignoring all that I pretty much ate most of my food in like 10 minutes.  In any case, we were off on our next walkabout on...
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  • Open Invite to Podcast Guests
      photo by Troy Conrad (2018) Hope everyone is doing well and keeping it together while I think we all are collectively holding our breath waiting for answers regarding the closure of the Solar Observatory that people have been reporting on here. If you don't know already, which I'm guessing many do not, I have a podcast, which I call a mindcast in which I interview people with...
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  • Recent Interview About Comedy, but Paranormal Focused!
    A recent article for online mag promoting a comedy show, but the focus is mostly on the paranormal aspect of my work and I can dig that, baby!  I'll be on tour for a couple more weeks if you want some stand-up comedy that has paranormal bend to it :)  https://www.leoweekly.com/2018/06/comedian-singer-dated-woman-shapeshift/
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  • Here's a clip of my stand-up at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles talking about aliens, y'all https://youtu.be/V8mLL61LsTg
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