• “From #Venus I arrived here NOW and the conscious choosing of embodying LOVE would initiate all who desired #freedom...”

    ~ L'Aura #Pleiadian, The #New #Divine #Humanity,, #inanna #queenoflight #azoora #mu #queenpriestofmu #priestqueenofmu #spirit #source #universe #allthatis #god #harmony #creation #light #lightcodes #livinglight #heart #heartawareness #awareness #livingintheheart #samadhi #cosmic #galactic #portals #timelines #lightworkers #lightbeings #starseeds #cosmicreset #love #unconditionallove #ascension #awakening #TheShift #evolution #OriginalLight #NewEarth #newworld #gaia #metaphysics #spirituality #consciousness #ConsciousnessShift #beloved #ChristConsciousness #CosmicConsciousness #5D #unity #union #oneness #wholeness #recalibration #energy #frequency #vibration #alchemy #eternity #transformation #transfiguration #paradise #freedom #GoldenAge #thepleiadians #metamorphosis #remembrance #now #self #enlightenment #elohim
    #IAM #Ishtar-RA
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  • Observing Insanity - David Icke Talks To Alchemy Radio (Full Interview)
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  • Magenta Pixie's NEW BOOK "Lessons from a Living Lemuria" NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND KINDLE EDITION

    What is karma? Are there ways we can balance this and become karma-free? Is there a particular nutritional plan we should follow for ascension? Do we increase our karmic balance by eating certain foods? How can we utilise sex magick to work with karma and move through ascension?

    There are many lessons we can learn from the peoples of ancient Lemuria, a civilisation that existed before our known history on planet Earth. As we move through an ascension process collectively, we move back into a 'New Lemuria' and we take with us all the knowledge we have accumulated since those times.

    In this transmission from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, keycodes are presented for cellular memory recall, linking the reader 'beyond Atlantis' and into the harmonious frequencies of the first physical civilisation on the Earth - Lemuria. The Nine respond to questions using the Lemurian way as a template. Keycoded responses trigger activations within the reader as they receive the wisdom codes, standing as 'rainbow warriors of Gaia' moving into abundance, alchemy and stargate ascension.

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  • Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, the esoteric, inner-selves, deep contemplation, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.

    Number 7 also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, philosophy and philosophical, technicality, scientific research, science, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, specialising and the specialist, the inventor, determination, the written word, logic, understanding, knowledge, discernment and discerning, knowledge seeking, study, education and learning, writing and the writer, evolution, stability, the ability to set limits, completion, refinement, stoicism, silence, perfection, chastity, dignity, ascetic, rigor, ahead of the times. -
    -from numerology-thenumbersandtheirmeanings


    Shift your focus from the problem back to love.
    We are conditioned to dwell on problems.
    The true reality is love.
    Make the choice now,
    “Everything is okay.
    I choose love
    Whispers of Love Oracle by Angela Hartfield

    ......lust v love continued .....
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  • 050219 Dream was all over the place last night. Remaining - there was a couple, a man and a woman. The sense was they had a habit of infiltrating and "taking"- succubus/vampyric energy types. The woman was a young thin blonde, the man- brunette but his appearance would change later on.

    These two were not high level energy- they were low density infiltration types.
    Obvious and did not seem to have an issue about what they did.

    At first- there was this group studying together- like a spiritual group- we were learning alchemy/magic? and ways of the "upper world".

    We would split off into different ways of being and reconnect in "upper world" reality, like a soul study group. So the dream felt fragmented as if my brain was trying to combine these two concepts into an understanding of worlds we inhabited.

    This couple made themselves present in the upper world as journalistic types, like news reporters- the look was very h-wood.

    At one point, in upper life, this became apparent to me and we were walking around some area-it was somehow both a park with a baseball field, inc a curved cage around home plate and an entry way to our "study" place.

    So this couple was there with us, and I felt like at that time, our leader of sorts (K) did not know this couple was [our] issue. They were being allowed "in" somehow.

    So during the "walk down", somehow me and this couple had crossed paths. I was somehow seeing the stuff the woman was doing, almost remotely- as if it were a gift I was using and part of my group as a whole- almost like a lookout/guard. I was closest in "rank" to "K" and so this was part of my job to make sure this group knew of energy interlopers.

    I felt a sort of mentor relationship with K, as if I was being trained for something- like a new position but it was more like a gradual process, not like a rush or an intended outcome.

    It felt like it was part of our group's way of being- we just grew our gifts and then found a niche or useful place for them, there was no competition. But there were still people? others? that wanted to somehow get into this group-for selfish reasons.

    I saw the succub woman sort of sneaking around- her energy seemed obvious- at least to me. My group seemed less aware. I saw the man- he somehow tricked this other man, and this- succubus?

    I saw an image of him in bed with this man in the most awkward position- it was on a bed, and one man was on his back and this succub was on his back too- and they were like connecting through their feet? and legs? but was meant to be sexual and the succub, at that moment, I could see he was wearing a wig and he was actually very old but with a fit body.

    He had no hair, he was bald. And his features looked very old but - it was like he was getting something from this man and he did not know it somehow that this was a bad situation. And he saw that I saw him- and it had been like me hovering in the room, watching "in".

    And he told the woman. And when I went back to what felt like my body, I went to tell my mentor, and she was getting the group ready- i peeked in and they were surprised to see me. They looked an odd bunch. One was very small with glasses and a big afro hairstyle, but they looked asian, and light skinned. That one looked at me with confusion- as if they don't often see me.

    It looked like a group getting together for a book club and I looked at my mentor in confusion and she conveyed these were the group (again, split world).

    I left to go downstairs as if I were to wait for her while she finished up. And then the woman showed up- somehow she had gotten in before the mentor came down- I think my going up to the upper world let her in somehow that time.

    And immediately I tried to do some sort of hand spell and she was prepared for this. She held up a block of what looked like rock? granite? it was rough looking but square and it blocked my power to hold her back, and she somehow did something that knocked me on my a$$.

    I was then on the floor- very hard to fight her off, and she was putting a round cloth, like a scarf, over my face, and there was a coin in the center that she placed - so the scarf was a circle over my face, on the center there was a hole, and she placed this old coin there- and I fought her alot before she could do that- I called 2 names, one escaped me and the other was Karen (K).

    I was so worried for them, she was inside now, and they had no warning. I kept screaming Karen! and the other name but it was like Karen & the other name were the same person- it is as if I cannot remember the second name because it is meant to be kept secret?

    And when she put that scarf on me and the coin was at the top, I mostly fought the coin being in the hole- it was as if, it was going to block something on my face that I did not want blocked- I would say my mouth for air, but it meant more than that and I keep getting a "third eye" sense but it is still connected to breathing somehow.

    I managed to pull the coin loose while we were fighting but there were still threads, and I used that small space to keep yelling for Karen- somehow, I know that Karen could overpower this being.

    I woke up right after. Felt sad. Like I had left somewhere again, and had left people open to harm somehow.
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  • The Depth of Synchronicity is a book about spiritual alchemy. It’s a primer on how to turn the lead of ordinary human desires into the gold of interconnection with others, nature, and the universe. The author, Benjamin Cohn, tells his personal story of transformation beginning with his time in Hawaii’s mysterious Waipio Valley, and how he learned to take note of the synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) that have given his life guidance and direction. He tells the story of how he personally integrated the wisdom of time-honored teachers such as Lao Tsu (Tao Te Ching), Carl Jung (Synchronicity), Bruce Lipton (Biology of Belief), and Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe).

    Subtitled, Memoirs of An Alchemist, Ben’s book reminded me greatly of Dan Millman’s, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, in how elegantly simple and beautifully written it is. It is a small book (170+ pages) that is a quick read. In an age of many disturbing revelations and dark secrets about to be exposed, The Depth of Synchronicity will help many find their way forward in treacherous times. This is a book that will change many lives. Do yourself a favor and read it.

    Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
    The Depth of Synchronicity - Kindle edition by Benjamin Cohn, Rebecca Elizabeth. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @
    The Depth of Synchronicity - Kindle edition by Benjamin Cohn, Rebecca Elizabeth. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @
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  • Tertium quid refers to an unidentified third element that is in combination with two known ones. The phrase is associated with alchemy. It is Latin for "third something" (literally, "third what"), a translation of the Greek triton ti (τρίτον τί). The Greek phrase was used by Plato (360 BC), and by Irenæus (c.
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  • Ralph Ring -

    Otis Carr -

    Nassim Haramein -

    Dewey Larson -

    John Searl -

    Peter Garyaev -

    Luc Montagnier -
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