• A 5000 Year Old Aboriginal Cave Painting of The “Wandjina.” Known As ‘The Sky Beings’
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  • “For the last half-million years, various civilizations on Earth have been seed from different star systems that were part of the original library program. Each appeared at a different time period, penetrating a controlled force field that isolated Earth and kept it inaccessible as a library. These civilizations could not establish ownership here, so they left clues or steps to the ladder as part of the master plan.

    When enough humans can read the clues seeded by these civilizations, Earth’s keys for harmonious cosmic existence will be understood. Egyptians, Incas, Balinese, Greeks, Tibetans, Sumerians, Native Americans, Maya, Aboriginals, and many, many other indigenous peoples have contributed keys of understanding, all pointing to the heavens. If present day human could read the steps and clues left by these cultures, they could once again liberate and own Earth. Each culture, in some way, held the Library open and was able to infuse its civilization with life-charging stellar connections. Each was creatively unique, leaving a mysterious psychic footprint in your cellular memory as a piece of the puzzle.”

    —The Pleiadians —channelled by Barbara Marciniak
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  • PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, AND SHARE: The Ancient Sacred site of Djaki Kundu, also known to many as the 'Gympie Pyramid' is under imminent threat of destruction by a Queensland government highway upgrade. Australian Laws prohibit the destruction of 'Aboriginal cultural heritage' but because the site takes the form of a stone 'terraced' hill. local authorities refuse to believe Kabi Elders that this ancient sacred site was built by their Ancestors. We are asking for help to fund legal action to obtain and injunction to prevent the site from being destroyed. Thank you.
    Click here to support Save Djaki Kundu (AKA the 'Gympie Pyramid'). organized by Kabi Guardians
    Djaki Kundu (Rocky Ridge in English), also referred to as 'the Gympie Pyramid' is threatened with destruction by government authorities, for a highway upgrade. The Kabi guardians of Djaki Kundu are appealing for urgent help to save an important piece of ancient history, that is of benefit to many...
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  • I had the chance to speak with one of the most informative researchers, co- authors and experiencers, Bruce Fenton. Hybrid Humans, space craft, aboriginal hieroglyphs, alien species, and a reptilian agenda is just the tip of the iceberg in this episode. Sit back and enjoy the high Strangeness of this fantastic voyage.
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  • This interesting photograph was first sent to Merlina Marcan by Katie Grainger and was stated that it was not photoshopped in any way, Merlina believed it to be authentic as I after my analysis of the image.

    (Kate also said that on the night this photo was captured, it was a stormy electrical night in Cape York, on a camp outside an Aboriginal massacre. She took this photo when she was having dinner and listening to the storm. No one was around).
    Also noted by Merlina that the image of this little grey visitor/entity is standing in front of the pergola pole, it is perhaps no more than a meter or so away from the photographer, and appears to be staring directly into the camera... This 'grey sentient' is not very tall (perhaps around 50cm tall, because it is shorter than the hand-railing fence.
    Upon my analysis of the image I discovered another being behind the figure (standing illuminated grey/white) you can see facial features with large dark almond shaped eyes and a large head, this was only observed after I had enlarged and enhanced the original source image.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.
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  • sex hidden history

    Our world of millions of years is on the verge of a new sex revolution. We know ourselves that there is a dilemma between men and women. Humanity is close to releasing its desires for hundreds of years. The sexiest aspect of sex, which has existed for thousands of years in suppression, begins with the mysterious depths of history. I'm not ashamed. Boy George has created me in his own way, "said Boy George's opening album," Cheapness and Beauty. "And that was years ago, do you think gay and lesbians have increased in recent times? The men who are aware of the fact that the concept of" metrosexual man " do you think that the number of women who are stiffer than the "normal" style has increased in recent years because you are so wrong because gay stereotypes, "peach eaters" in China, lesbian mariners, multi-sexed American natives, world of sex with African women's marriage ceremonies in full- , modern fantasies have a sex history that will leave the shade. " The subject is sex, as is often the case at such meetings. The comic book writer Aristophanes describes the emergence of sexuality stories around the characters: 'Initially there were three genders; male, female and hermaphrodite. People's appearances at that time were very different. Their bodies were rounded, with four arms and legs, two faces, and two sexual organs. But because these people are very strong and threaten the power of the gods, Zeus has divided all of them in half and caused each year to yearn for the other. Thus, at the beginning, hermaphrodite began to find attractive men and women as a slice of the whole. At first women want to be closer to men than to women who are women at the beginning. "This story is told in Plato's" The Feast ", which does not use terms such as" homosexual "or" transgender "in this ancient work, but the events associated with them are as old as humanity itself.
    What's the matter with you? For several centuries in industrialized northern countries, legislative efforts for "the right to sexual diversity" have increased. But the result is heterosexuality called "normal"; there was a sharp distinction between homosexuals called "abnormal", "perverted" or "perverted". Now there is a movement around the world towards resistance. Jeffry Weeks, a professor of sociology at the South Bank University in London, says that the main change in sexual diversity today is that those who are constantly silenced by history are exposed with an explosion: "Marginalized people want equality and justice everywhere." They are resisting prejudice, discrimination, homophobia and oppression. There is a serious confusion about sexual preferences in the "age of paradoxes" we are in. The only certainty is the obligation to accept the sexual diversity of gay people, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, transgendereds, eunuchs, intersexuals, hermaphrodites who have been persecuted for hundreds of years. Not much; the transgender movement rising in the southern hemisphere and in rich countries, where even ten years ago, even "homosexuals" were claimed to be "do not exist", is questioning the dual biological and gender system of women and men. According to the research by Vanessa Baird of the book "Sexual Diversity / Policies, Rights and Violations" published by Metis Publications, the history of gender is very deep. For example, among the rich Muslim women in Mombasa, Kenya; in pre-revolutionary vegetarian nuns in China; In Ghana, Lesotho, and other African countries, there is widespread multicultural tradition in women's marriage traditions and Australian Aboriginal communities. The Queen Queen Anne, who has had a long relationship with her mother Sarah Churchill; Among the lovers Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo are also filled with striking examples of celebrities such as the Spanish societies Mercedes de Acosta.
    Sex codes in Ancient Greece Ancient Greek culture is a phenomenon with many sexist stories in mythology. For example, Zeus, the chief god, was portrayed bisexually because of his fondness for Ganymedes, as well as his dazzling glory. In the second century after Milat the women of the so-called "tribes" were said on the translation of the Greek doctor Soranos who lived in Rome; "They do two kinds of sex, but they are more enthusiastic than men with men to enter into relationships with women." Another interesting quote from Artemeidorus Daldianus: "It is good to let a man enter into a richer and older man, because such men are better suited to traditions." Plutarkhos says "Dialogue Above Love": "" Men and women do not think that they are as different as they are in love, and both sexes tend to be totally and equally inclined. It is argued that at least three places in a homosexual or heterosexual way are not secrets that poets from the mystical tradition tend to transgendered and homoerotic behavior. works, the most beautiful male love poetry of world literature is inspired by this tradition
    In Europe, the era of renaissance has also been a common epoch of homosexuality. Most roots have eyes of their own kind. London merchants and actors, Venetian barber-surgeons and gondolas, Genoese printers, workers, servants and seafarers, men from all walks of society have sex with each other. The famous painter Donatello has chosen his apprentices "by looking at their beauty rather than their talents". Everyone knows the platonic passion that Michelangelo feels for men, even if she is away from seclusion for religious reasons. Studies have shown that homosexual and transgender traditions are widespread in indigenous American societies. There are many homosexual marriages, both women and men, dressed and treated like men, and men dressed and treated like women. Gay transvestites were shamans or healers of the crib. Do not marry, refuse to give birth The girls in Yukon dress like men and join the prey. The Kaska families in Canada raised a daughter as a warrior. This girl has only experienced her sexual experiences with women.
    According to the research, native people in Africa did not perceive the universe as black and white, male-female, good-bad poles. What the "natural" souls for a person told him. As an old locator says: "For us, man, nature, and dreams are how he made it, and we accept it as he wishes to be." Homosexual and transgendered people of today's Native American descent do not hide their power from their history. Gary Bowen, an Apache and Scottish-Irish hybrid, says, "My transgender is not a holy impulse given to me by Spirit, but a neurosis discovered by white medicine." Your homosexuality has a long history documented in China. There are a number of biographies that clearly reveal the homosexuality of important figures, such as the Duke of Vei and his minister Ni Xia, who had one day stumbling upon the fruit garden, cutting out the peach from the tree and biting the rest of the peach that he found delicious. Vivien W Ng, historian Vivien W Ng, writes that the celebrated figures of official history do not hide their homosexual orientation: "The last emperor Aidid was the last emperor to have had many male lovers, we learn that you are fond of Dong Xian. One day Dong was sleeping on the shoulder of the emperor, a visitor of the emperor came. The Emperor cut the arm of his dress to keep his lover awake. Another literary expression used for homosexual love was born from this story: Duanxiu (cut yen). Today, homosexual and transgendered men are spiritual servants in many African cultures, such as Langol in Uganda, Murals in Kenya, Provinces in South Zambia, and Zulular in South Africa. There are at least 25 terms used for 12 million Africans of most Yoruba relics brought from the African continent between the 16th and 19th centuries. For example, the word "adodi" is for gay, bisexual and transgendered men; "alakuata" is used for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women.
    The center of all happiness Today Sudan's southwestern, Democratic Republic of Congo's northern and Central African Republic's Southeastern Zanzas have experienced a homoerotism between generations up to the 20th century. Both the women and the men had an intense homosexual eroticism. Lesbians especially come from women living in the palaces of princes. They used a penis made from tree roots. The lesbian has a magical connotation. Among Chinese Buddhist priestesses, lesbian and transgender behavior is also very common. The Ten Sisters Buddhist Nuns, founded after the 16th century, embraced resistance to heterosexual marriage, passionate friendship and lesbian relations; have organized gay marriage ceremonies. In the nineteenth century, thousands of women in GuanDong province of southern China had established relationships by establishing nuns communities and vowed to the Goddess Yin that they would never marry a man. In early Indian Buddhist "cataka" stories, Buddha and his student Ananda are said to have pointed to a homosexual relationship. It is known that Buddha and Ananda, two handsome brahman, do not marry in order not to leave each other. In the tantric tradition, which is a Hindu line, women's sexuality is highly valued and lesbianism is recognized as religious holiness. The feminine organ is seen as the center of all happiness. A statue in Bhubanesvar depicts two women holding one's right hand in the air, one kneeling, the other standing and showing their divinity.
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  • Servant or Slave (2016) docu

    Bringing to light the heartbreaking experiences of Rita Wright, Rita Wenberg, Violet West, Adelaide Wenberg and Valerie Linow, Servant or Slave is a film of courage, strength and the fortitude to pursue justice for the crimes committed against them after being stolen from their families, trained to be domestic servants and forced into indentured labour. Theirs is a David and Goliath battle, not only for personal retribution, but also for the next generation of Aboriginal people to come.
    watch here:
    Stream Servant.or.Slave.2016.WEBRip.x264-RBB.mp4 via Openload
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  • The Men of Fifth World (docu)

    The Men of the Fifth World is a documentary that shows us the history, culture and traditions of the Australian aborigines, primitive tribes who inhabit these lands.
    The old Garimala Yakar, tells firsthand how their world is accompanied by the sound of the didgeridoo, the beat of their tradition, which keeps them together and attached to the land.
    These tribes have had to defend their country from the impositions of the white man when he came to Australia for the first time. The aboriginal culture has faded over time but they never cease to tell their story to the youngest and keep the hope that someday find their truth.
    watch here:
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  • Hello Everyone. My name is Erik and I am an Experiencer. Allow me to introduce myself...

    First off, I came here to Onstellar yesterday afternoon after about 2 weeks plus of my other Online Paranormal Family (The Fadernauts) insisted that I create a profile over here and that I would do well. More on that in a bit.

    First, I will give you some background highlights. I am a child of wandering parents. The wandering took place in various locations from the San Joaquin Valley in Central California to the Eastern side of the San Bernardino Mountains of the western edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Huh??? My Dad, a prolific workaholic, was a lifer in the Military to begin with; 6 full time years in the Navy during the early to mid 60's, hence my birthplace being Longbeach, California and then a couple of years later, he joined the Air National Guard wherein he became on officer in Air Force Intelligence. During the early 70's, he took a simultaneous second career as a Park Maintenance Worker for the California Department of Parks and Recreation. So, between the Military Career and the State Park career, we moved a lot. Like about every 2 to 3 years a lot. I was always the new kid in school. The longest we lived anywhere was Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains outside of Hesperia, California. That was about 6 years and I kind of imprinted on it and to this day, call it my home. My roots. I was 12 when we moved there and I left at 18 for my own brief stint in the US Army as a 95B Combat MP in Berlin, Germany.

    So, for the most part, with that setting, things sound ordinary and humdrum. Quite the opposite. My first childhood memories are of a supernatural/paranormal nature. The scenarios were unsettling but repetitive. Always the same thing occurring yet slightly different each time. It would start late at night or in the wee, small hours of the morning when I would be awakened by.........nothing. Something woke me but not a sound. Then I would realize, THERE IS NO SOUND! And then I would begin to hear disembodied whispers or quiet chattering from all around me and the house. But, I would not see a thing. Then, inanimate objects would begin to move haphazardly on their own with no seeming rhyme nor reason to their movements. Sounds like a standard haunting, doesn't it? Now the fun begins. These voices. The objects moving. The bizarre pounding on the floors and the walls. The whatever magical potion was sprinkled onto my little brother who had the top bunk in the same bedroom, my Dad, my Mom to keep them asleep while I lie awake terrified to witness it all. Sounds like a haunting. And it followed us everywhere. No matter how far we moved. But there's one last piece to the puzzle....The Blue Light.

    All of the strange poltergeist like activity appeared to be more like distractions. As if something were saying, "Look over here!"

    It would be while I was looking and distracted when my room would flood with an intense electric blue light coming through my window........And every window in our house. Then, quite suddenly, I would hear a loud buzzing in my ears and I could no longer move nor make a sound. Then the outlines of entities would begin to take shape in the brightly lit backdrop. Very dramatic, these critters. Lol. And then....(I know this sounds like sleep paralysis but it isn't) next memories would simply be waking up in the morning as if nothing had ever happened. Except fresh pink scars and marks on my body where none were the night before.

    Later, after my brief time in the Army, and a few seasons as a Wildland Firefighter in Northern California, I became a logger in Colorado. We would be away at logging camp, 100 miles from anywhere, i.e., the middle of the Manti LaSalle Mountains in Utah, and the nightmares started show up. I was about 25 -26 years of age in the early 90's. I was starting to get glimpses of images that seemed to occur AFTER the Entities surrounded my bed. And, I also got smells and a low, humming sound. I didn't feel like I was in a craft. I got more the intuited sense that I was in a cave or underground somewhere. I recall smelling wet or musty earthy scents. Like wet rock. Sometimes I saw craft, but I don't ever recall being in any with gleaming walls, shiny lights, complex instruments or the other stereotypical things one might expect from experiences such as these. Just a dark underground feeling, an intensely bright white light over me that never hurt my eyes, but that could be simply because in my nightmares, I'm always lying on my belly, prone on what seemed like a round, stainless steel table. I have no recollection of being face up. Ever.

    Soon, after the nightmares kicked in, I began to obsess, much to my ex wife's chagrin, with the brief images and smells lodged in my memory. I knew there was more. I tried everything. Deep meditation. Creative visualizing. Tablet after tablet after tablet of drawing paper filled with my drawings of the same three images over and over and over again. Nothing more came.

    Something else funny/strange began to happen. I began to understand complex physics, linguistics and my art flourished. I have no formal education beyond high school and the military. I also became intrinsically fascinated with shamanic practices of healing and Eastern Philosophical studies. I read everything I could get my hands on. Bhagavad Gita. Black Elk speaks. The Peaceful Warrior series by Dan Millman. A Course in Miracles. The Celestine Prophecy series. The Law of One. Ra Speaks. Everything by Ken Wilber. Two subscriptions to Buddhist magazines; Shambala Sun and Tricycle. The Book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. Tao Te Ching. The teachings of the Dreamtime by the Aboriginal Elders in Australia. Wicca. Druidism. The teachings of the Kogi Tribe in South America......on and on and on.....On a side note, I've never done any hypnotic regression. I don't trust it. I have a close friend that feels she was exploited by a very high profile researcher who shall remain unnamed by me here out of respect.

    I finally went on a few Zen retreats whereupon I learned about Reiki. After six years of intensive study and practice, I earned my Master Certificate. At about this time, I was about 3 years into running a blog called Contact. Around 2006. I got noticed by Bill and Nancy Birnes and one of their editors, Leslie Gunter invited me on as a writer and blogger for UFO Magazine while Bill and Nancy ran it. It was at this time, again through dreams, a theory was coming about intuitively in my head. At the same time, I met a good friend, and to this day he is still a good friend, the Father of Cropcircle Research and the coiner of the term "Cropcircle", Mr. Colin Andrews. I began writing and publishing essays simultaneously on my blog, Contact as well as on UFO Magazine blog. A few kind folks thought I should make some of the best essays of my theoretical work into chapters and thus was born my book, The Psychoterrestrial Theory, Are You The Trickster?. And my friend, Colin Andrews was very kind and offered to write the forward to it. I did the whole Podcast Tour with it for about a year, but I could not handle the hostility of Ufology in general so, I left it never to return. You can still find it on Amazon, amazingly enough. I think I've sold about 20 copies since it was published in 2012. Lol.

    Since then, I've found myself divorced and in several different bad relationships until the beginning of last year, when I met Kim. She got me. She even understood me and my brokenness a little. And.........she insisted I focus full time on my art career.

    The images you see me posting are intuited. Well, most of them. I'd say about 85% to 90% of them are purely channeled and intuited. They come about through deep, thoughtless meditation. And once the image comes, it will not let me sleep or anything else until it is out! Relentless. But, I also intuited that the images are medicine. Some may resonate with what has been painted. It jogs a familiar memory or emotion that might've been otherwise lost. At the same time, the Entities themselves are finally allowing me to see them through my own work. Clearly. So.............we are all healing with this creative endeavor.

    Incidentally, this is only the second time that I have ever shared a kind of "Highlight Reel" of my experiences. The only other time I've shared this much with someone other than very close friends or family, is with Colin Andrews when I sent him an essay on them.

    I feel safe here. I feel that I am with those whom understand or are at least trying to understand such things. Hell, I don't even have close to a complete understanding of them and they happened to me! I do not call them alien as I know not where they are from or what they are. I do not use the acronym, UFO often and instead to simply refer to them as craft. Because I do NOT know a damn thing.

    I thank you all for your patience and I do heartily apologize for the lengthy introduction. I am a huge believer in complete transparency and the bravery and courage it takes to maintain it.

    Please enjoy my art. It is for you. If it inspires you or stirs something positive, please share it. All I ask, in a very gentle and polite fashion, is that I am credited for it with my name and my website URL.

    Most grateful for all of you,


    #erikstittart #thepsychoterrestrialtheory #ufology #paranormal #fadernauts #ufologyart #scifiart #mysticalart #spiritualart #spaceart #aliens #ufos #space #astronomy #planets #stars #nebula #prints #posters #colinandrews #ufomagazine #billbirnes #nancybirnes #experiencer
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