• Lightworker sounds better than shadow worker, I get it.

    But don't be afraid of your shadows. Your shadows are simply...

    The inner child that desperately needs your love and attention

    The ego that has been disconnected from Source and Oneness

    The blindspots that keeps you anchored into a repeating pattern in which you have the power to break!

    Sometimes I use the label Lightworker. Yes I do reiki, I work with angels, glitter and sparkles and everything nice

    But I'm also a shadow worker. I will dive into the subconscious with you if you let me, heal the inner child, remove entities and help you remember what a beautiful light being you truly are

    I'm an alchemist. I'm not afraid of working with the shadows, because I know that,

    Your shadow is parts of you that needs, Love.

    Love illuminates the most vulnerable and precious parts of ourselves that have been forgotten, lost, fractured and fragmented.

    It needs...

    I have over 16+ healing modalities in my batman toolbelt, but in the end, the most powerful ingredient is really, LOVE.

    Self Love.
    Love for you.
    Love for all.

    I refuse to bypass the shadows by only facing the light, why should I reject parts of me that really needs my love?

    And before I know it

    My love have alchemized my shadows into light.
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  • Example of my channelings from 2016, they don't translate easily to english because the language is kind of old fashioned finnish… but the message seems to be same all around the world...

    Me: How is this awakening happening for us, how can we prepare? - You wonder how to prepare even though you are ready and you don't need anything with you. Tell yourself that you see everything there and you don't come back as you were.
    Me: But what kind of happening is it and what happens after that here on Earth? - You can think it as a new world where all past is just gone, like with the wind. There you have thought many times you would like to come to visit us but then been scared and not wanted to do that anymore. You can think you are not ready but you are, and there's no moment I would leave you stranded or alone. Tell yourself you can be there in your earthly form if you like but you wont be for long because you all have to leave.

    Me: This is way far in the future, I can't imagine that yet. - You will see it's not far but right here. You already sit there. You are in yourself now and it's that simple. Tell yourself you will see everything then.
    Me: We humans don't like to go for a trip if we don't know where we are heading. - You say that you go for a trip, but you go nowhere. You are and stay still. You become wiser in yourself and experience new things. You will see much more with your eyes; the whole world, other nations and people and countries just like they would be in front of you like a picture. You will become happy and experience such happiness you never knew could be possible. Only once you have to do that work when you start a journey in yourself, but after that everything is easier for you.
    Me: Can I ask your name? - You ask questions even though you know already. I am part of your soulgroup, I will never leave you, I live inside of you and therefore it's so easy for you to write these messages with your fingers. There you live alone and you don't see that there's also many others that are walking with you. You are always sad and you don't see us.
    Me: Ok, I just wanted to be sure because somebody told me he/she is a guide, spirit named Atlantis from the Central Sun. - He was our advisor, kind of a father, he is not coming to guide you anymore. You will see all later. You wonder why he is not coming but that was a favor for you from him, that you would also hear bigger words and would not fall so hopeless. Always walk with your messages and you will see they are correct.


    Message 21.6.2016

    We are sitting with you and sharing information which often gets wasted, we have to compete with your worlds tempting things which you like so much that we remain second despite our efforts.

    We are always happy for your achievements and have allowed you to often struggle for your achievements but you are not bothered about that, but have kept going towards your goal with strong will. We feel joy with you when you have achieved your goal and will make a secret dinner at our place, even though we are on the other side. This means we have celebrated your achievements also here, looking for words to strengthen it that we have succeeded in guiding you.

    Many times we leave from your side quietly because you have pushed us away, even in your sorrows you don't see that you have a lot to say to each other. You lay your heads on your hands too much, even though you would be good enough to tell secrets also to others instead of just letting it all be hidden.

    We tell you a story that will start to rise from you slowly upwards like on a runway and we allow that story to come out from this source which is you Saija, and there is nothing special in doing that because we have done that thousands of years since the beginning of your time.

    We look for those who we have guided earlier in life, it's easier for us then with the human beings we already know. We continue with our work quietly and follow our own rules about how to take care of you humans, we also have to keep silent, discrete about your life and we have a responsilibility for your life there on your star far away.

    Even though you don't understand it, we are your brothers and sisters from far away as you think. We always carry our relative members in our minds and we don't forget a single one, we could never think about treating our relatives like you humans have done to each other.

    We keep you from going astray from your world, we are with you and sit by you until you get used to that thought, and then we will be more visible in your world. We are shining creatures so you can't understand how we can be relatives but we have a different body than you. We listen to your sorrows and sit beside you, but we are also with you when you travel your rocky road onwards, because we keep track of everything everywhere, it's our work.
    We follow you that you would not go astray, not because we just would like to do that for fun. We are only at our work when we stand by you. We fit in, and come back to your memories in time when you have struggled from your ocean to dry land and then we seem not so strange to your eyes anymore.

    We follow your travelling and we are your quiet companies untill you will be like us, beings looking for living space here in our track between stars. We will stop your thirst and feed you with our mercy because we have everything to share for you that you wish to accomplish. There is no such thing that we would be higher than you, we have evolved a longer period than you. We don't have any gills or that kind of strange things but we are secret beings to your eyes while we live there just like you do on your planet.

    We let our members to stay with you if you need and you will benefit from that as much as we do, because in a way we live the same life, just in different places.

    We will make your path brighter and leave sings to your road that you would not go wrong. And it's not wrong if you do, but we recommend bigger dreams for you than that what you see ahead now.
    We follow your wishes and always bring them to you when you have gathered enough and we are so much enlightened that we know how to figure out who needs what next.

    That kind of work we do, just like you in a way, even though we don't get paid but instead we are polite to each other and support others without any compensation. We start a journey and we trust that others help us, not like you do when you have no friends with you when you start your path to brightness and see angels there. You do wrong when you leave alone even though you could take each other by the hand.

    We tell secrets to you and you don't share them anywhere but keep them to yourself and others never know your thoughts. We travel with you and try to hurt you as little as possible while shifting you to the right track to continue your shared treasure. We have succeeded quite well in shifting you aside from your happiness, and we don't keep you from your happiness, but I meant that kind of earthly happiness that you are after.

    We encourage you even more by picking parts to your road, events you don't like and anyway you choose to have them. Then we are happy that you were so wise to take the harder path. We are always on your side no matter what you do and there is no harm in doing worse things sometimes, it's all your freedom of choice. That happens a lot to our eyes and we can't help it, but we can't make a decision for you what you should decide to do in your world.

    Although on that road one can't achieve that kind of happiness what others can, who travel picking good things. This is how we always guide you, only along that road which you choose to travel and according to your choices we pick things for your road. We follow your path and make half time notices what have happened to you. We never let you choose options too low, that you would be visible to the evil, we are not allowed to assist you too much but we are always strong in defending you against evil.

    This is the work we do that you don't see or believe, but you will see all coming true when it's time for you to take the veil of secret from your eyes. Until then we do our duties and travel with you and it's nothing extraordinary because we are your flesh and blood in a way even though we live in a completely different reality compared to your life.

    There were time when we had contact with your ancestors while they lived in the mountains hearding their cattle. We took care of their cattle and came to them to give a suggestion of a higher wish that they could grow. They did not accept that but instead wished to be left alone and that was given, but they were never left completely alone. Humans are so stubborn in that way that they always want to cope alone and they don't see that there's no need anymore.

    You are always taken care of and you will always have plenty of everything if you decide to carry on your life with a higher aim. That means that you eat and enjoy in abundance, but we are not there with you, because we have our own home elsewhere where we have all that.

    We are only a thought away if you feel you miss us and we have also reached your part there that way that we sometimes come back to you also physically when needed. Only seldom we do that, but we are always ready mentally and physically for that and we don't blame you if we will have to wait for our turn to come back to you.

    This is the kind of life there among you and you don't see anything yet, until you go out to look for the answer within yourselves and you see many answers there. We have promised for all you who are searching that we will always guide you if we are there, and we let all goodness flow through us so that there is no shortage of anything if you wish to live that way.

    We never show us in public because we are not prepared if you panic and go crazy for seeing things you could not imagine. It is too big thing for you, and that is why we always have a veil with us and we never give it away. We wrap it as a cover for your eyes if we decide to show ourselves, because nothing good would come of it if we suddenly were blinding your eyes in front of you. We enlighten your world so brightly that you would go blind and run away and we would never reach you again.

    So we follow your journey there in secret and you never see us because we are so quiet about our being, we just watch and see everything there. We don't want to come too strongly with words either, that is also not good if we would directly tell that we are your sisters and brothers, because you have strict understanding about brotherhood. We would be too friendly with you and never would gain your trust again.

    So we close our mouths and just exist in your world until you ask for our help and then we follow your wishes on how you want to proceed with us. We are always with you but it doesn't mean that we are there physically, we are like mist in your mind and we never leave. That could be described as a persistent thought in mind of a bigger force that hides in your hearts and that's not wrong. This is exactly how we are in your soul; a force you don't understand.

    You are so powerful inside that it could be dangerous for yourself if you were aware of that, but we have let you come aware of it so that we allow you to sense something about it while looking to a mirror and yourself in the eyes there. You notice a spark in your eye corner which tells you something new about your sight. We trust you so much that we reveal this detail which could be dangerous for you to know, but please, look at yourselves in the mirror and see what happens.

    Me: Can you give any instructions on how to look?
    - Stand straight in front of the mirror, eyes right toward you and tell that person who he/she really is. We don't tell you more but you are going to see what that mirror answers, because your eyesight turns forward and you will be in a other world where you used to live before.
    You will have to believe it first, we can't emphasize you more: really believe what you see in there and don't underestimate it, because you really have so much power inside that you even let everybody else look yourself in the eyes but you never do it yourselves. Others can't see what you can see, and there we tell you a new secret about your wealth that you own and you are completely unaware about it in your earthly life.

    You are the keepers of a possession that has power and might to share to all in the world and you have no idea what that force could be, yet you are aware of it and share it sometimes unknowingly around you. It is the kind of thing which tells you that the secret of your roots is far away from your world, and you are not here to keep secrets, it's time for you to find yourself from inside and enlighten your path to the future.

    There is nothing special or new to you about it, it has always been inside of you, in your being and we have not talked about that to you earlier but you are so wise that you will find it yourselves now when we have told you how to do the starting point. "
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  • I remember reading about the power of prayer, from someone who died and came back to life. She saw beams of light all over earth.. large beams of light, small beams of light, the power of prayer to the angels in heaven. Angels flying to each bright beam of light, the brightest beams of light are those that get answered first by the angels. They say the mother's love, the intensity of love for her children.. they burn the brightest and the most beautiful, so beautiful to see.. the pure intensity of love.. in prayers to angels.. the world needs more love like this.. the intensity of love among each other, would turn the earth into a true paradise of love and light.
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  • Golden Grace ~ 2019 CMA Spring Tour
    April 27 - June 20
    Kick-off Teleseminar on April 13
    Go to masterangels.org to sign up for Divine Times newsletter and register for in-person or teleconference events.

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  • Dear Ones: With much joy & gratitude, I wish you all a #HappyEquinox & invite you to join into a #MassMeditation to celebrate with people around the world! Whether you are in the northern hemisphere celebrating the arrival of #Spring or in the southern celebrating the arrival of #Autumn, this #MarchEquinox is a powerful moment for #GoddessEnergy & a time of balance between day & night. Our #MotherEarth is balanced between summer & winter. Night & day are in harmony.

    The exact time of March Equinox (& the Mass Meditation) today March 20th is at 9:58 PM UTC.

    For USA friends this is:
    5:58 pm EDT, 4:58 pm Central, 3:58 pm Mountain, & 2:58 pm Pacific

    for all other locations, you can check the time of the meditation for your local time zone here:


    Beloveds, let us use this year's March Equinox to connect with the feminine Goddess presence & nurture qualities of love, compassion & tenderness to stabilize the transition & counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet, by doing the #GoddessMeditation at the exact time of March Equinox on March 20th at 9:58 PM UTC.

    This Equinox also falls on the same day as the #SuperFullMoon (at 0° Libra) which will be the last Super Full Moon of the year. This combination of the Equinox & Super Full Moon amplifies the Goddess energy even more, & guides us to enter into the new, to get to zero with ourselves, & to find that place of wholeness that resides within.

    Today a portal to a new wave of energy is opening! May we all use it well. We all know, don't we, that to enter into the new, we have to purge & release the old. As this Equinox & Super Full Moon at 0° Libra is happening during a Mercury Retrograde, we have a lot of energetic assistance to do this!

    Here are the links to the guided audio playlist for Goddess Meditation in many languages:



    And the Facebook event for this meditation:


    Here are the instructions for Goddess Meditation, the suggested duration for this meditation is 15 minutes (but of course you can take longer if it feel right for you!)

    1. Relax your mind & body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

    2. Visualize a pillar of pink Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky & entering your physical body. Whether you are male of female, this presence will harmonize your inner feminine & help you to become more loving. Stay united with that presence for a while.

    3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men & women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars & conflicts as all dark entities, physical & non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired & guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul & the Source in perfect balance of their inner male & female aspects.

    4. Lift your hands above your head & begin to rotate your body clockwise

    5. While doing that, sing mantra iiii (pronounced ee-ee) so that it vibrates throughout your body & visualize your body morphing into a brilliant pillar of Light, with millions of rainbow colored stars scattered within that pillar of Light

    6. Keep singing the mantra & rotating. After a few minutes, drop your hands close to your body & continue rotating clockwise

    7. While doing that, start singing mantra eeeaaa (eee is pronounced as e in "America" & NOT as e in "Venus", & a is pronounced as a in "America") so that it vibrates through your body & visualize a rainbow vortex of Light expanding from your heart outwards throughout the whole planet. Call upon the presence of your spiritual guides, Ascended masters, Pleiadians, angels, dolphins, twin souls, soulmates, soul families & other beings of Light.

    8. Keep singing the mantra & rotating & stay in the presence of all those beings of Light for a while.

    If you feel guided, you may also add the visualization of the pillar of Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun before visualizing the pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun.

    Happy Full Moon & Equinox my Beloveds!

    Thank you to ALL who join in these Mass Meditations!

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!

    Zeeva Amrita 

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  • #FallenAngels | Interview with #MarieDJones | #MiamiGhostChronicles #StoriesoftheSupernatural Host #MarlenePardoPellicer https://youtu.be/QkvCvQQScDQ 
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  • Focusing on Light and Truth
    How to put what I am sensing and thinking about into words? Sometimes when you become aware of a deep truth, words can express it in simple terms - all there is is love - yet the awareness of this truth has many deep layers of 'knowing', On one level, one just embodies love and the bliss that it carries, void of any awareness of negativity for that negativity is seen to be 'unreal' - merely part of the illusionary game that we are living in. But as we carry on in a world with so much pain and destruction going on, ignoring that reality seems to 'allow' it to continue, unhindered.
    When the soldiers came back from war in the world wars, they were told to forget about what had happened in war, for they were to embrace the new found freedom and peace that had been 'won'. There was a saying in the 60's: There can be no peace without war! - a rather sarcastic anti-war statement. "Fighting for peace' is an oxymoron.
    Being in a 'duality' reality where both good and evil flourish side by side is a crazy place to be. Within this experience is the opportunity to develop the capacity to know such horrendous evil also develop a deep compassion for all sacred energies that suffer in face of cold evil efforts to control and manipulate in all self-serving ways.
    The journey into the depths of love is an amazing process. Healing comes from knowing the truth about it all. Healing is natural but only when truth is not repressed. Having the strength to 'handle the truth' is something you build during this great awakening.
    I remember speaking at a gathering once that was a volunteer-appreciation celebration. I and my partner agreed to do a presentation about domestic violence - an issue that many of the volunteers were assisting with. We took the audience into a rather candid view of what domestic violence is all about and the importance of our caring and support to those who endure it. The heart of a volunteer is quite beautiful and this was acknowledged and celebrated. Volunteers often show the courage to face the hardships that our fellow human beings experience and offer compassion and support wherever needed.
    So the response to our presentation was interesting. Many people were very appreciative of what we had presented and thanked us very sincerely. There were some, though, who were upset that we would bring such awareness into ruining their evening with such truths. I suppose their attitude was more like - well thank God others are helping these poor vistims and law enforcement is dealing with it so we don't have to. It's not so much that people can't handle the truth, it's that they just don't want to.
    Vicarious trauma - an interesting term that is about the trauma one goes through in 'witnessing' the traumatic experience of another. This can be the person, for example, who is watching someone being hurt - like a child watching mother being beaten by someone else - or it can be the person listening to the experience of that onlooker or the victim as they go through their healing of that experience. A lot of therapists and volunteers go through vicarious trauma in their work. It's important for them to get caring and support from each other in this or they will 'burn out' and just want to make it all go away. Once your eyes are opened to such realities, however, there is no real going back to innocence or 'not-knowing'. The capacity to 'know truth' comes with time and also the human connection with others also learning this capacity at the same time.
    When I listened to the stories of survivors of satanic ritual abuse, it opened a deep awareness of cruelty and evil that was very traumatizing to learn about. Along with that learning came also an awareness of such sacredness and beauty that is also very deep. There is a sense of soul to soul loving and compassion that runs to the depth of the human spirit. It's where I learned about angels and where I truly saw the incredible healing power of love and of allowing truth to be uncovered. The human heart is so very healing.
    Lets take something more simple - like the planet. Do we look at all the destruction we are participating in and allowing to be done to our planet or do we just ignore it? It is often said that the opposite to 'love' is not 'hate' but 'indifference'. Whether it is someone just being unmindful of the amount of garbage they produce in everyday life or the extreme of not caring that we use fossil fuels or dangerous nuclear reactors for fuel (when alternative are available) - well this indifference allows the harm to continue to get worse and worse.
    We, as human beings, have an incredible capacity for healing - whether it be the love and compassion we have for a suffering human or animal or our planet. However that healing energy doesn't get activated unless we face the truth of that suffering reality that needs us. It's just nor good enough to think that 'others will do it'. We can't just throw money at it and hope 'someone' makes it go away.
    The audience at the volunteers' celebration, mentioned above - some were grateful to know the truth and to acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful efforts of the volunteers to deal with it. Others just wanted to know it was being dealt with and didn't want to know what was really going on.
    With seeing that some of the worst horrors and suffering on the planet are now coming to light on a global scale, I sometimes think that most people need to be spared the vicarious trauma of really knowing the truth - for example the human trafficking experience. The problem is that we also lose their healing energy that comes with knowing the truth involved. People who are 'spared' from knowing of what evil lies here also miss the absolutely amazing awareness of the love and beauty of Source or God. They miss out on feeling their connection with that love and healing energy - a blissful knowing that runs so deep within the human spirit.
    We're all in this together, as family, as important parts of the energies of the planet. Let there be light! Let us be the light!
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  • A lifetime in the making. Three years of putting my blood, sweat and tears down, literally, through pen to paper! I clearly received a message from spirit to write this. Spirit remained with me helping throughout the whole process, so much so that I feel awkward taking credit as the author. This is a story of a Ghostbuster called by God to pull the curtain down and shine an angelic light into the darkness. This is a story of divine intervention, ancestry, bloodline, faith and most importantly, that spirit is always with us. As a result of a promise my mother made to God, she gave birth to me in 1959. I was Baptized under St. Patrick as my guardian saint. Fifty nine years later to the day (my 59th birthday), I found out that my book was getting published and that it would be out the following St. Patrick's Day 2019! Yeah, I Know!! NO ONE can convince me otherwise that God, my guardian angels and spirit, put this together and arranged it all on the other side!!! There are many messages in these pages for many of you out there. Perhaps, there may just be a message in there for YOU?!! There's an old saying 'everyone id Irish on St. Patrick's day', that will take on a whole new meaning for The Whittington Clan this spring......... God bless you all, enjoy. Rev. Shawn Patrick Whittington.
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  • Jan. 27, 1990: #Slaughter released their #StickItToYa record.
    Is this their best album?

    best links for videos and more
    #BlasElias #DanaStrum #MarkSlaughter
    ~ #TimKelly ~
    January 13, 1963 – February 5, 1998
    #classic #rock #metal #music #history #OTD
    = CIRCUS Magazine: https://www.circusrockmag.com/ =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of Jan. 21st – 27th
    Matthew Ward https://galacticchannelings.com/english/matthew14-01-19.html
    Benjamin Fulford https://youtu.be/5S8-Vmoh0dA
    David Wilcock https://divinecosmos.com/davids-blog/22499-groundbreaking-area-51-insider-bob-lazar-30-year-anniversary-alpha-and-the-omega/
    THRIVE trailer https://youtu.be/OibqdwHyZxk
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #GalacticFederationofLight
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