• Good Sunday dear #LightFamily! #HappyNewMoon & #HappyLunarNewYear to all! Wishing you all #NewYearGoodnessHappinessProsperity! May the year of Rat be of great luck for us all! Guided audio users this new year brings CHANGES! Please note: the guided audios formerly available on the #Smaly7YouTubeChannel have now been moved to the #WeLoveMassMeditationChannel.

    In about 40 minutes, please join in our #weeklySundayMassMeditation of 2020! & later today (see below) we have a special meditation for the #PlutoErisSquare!
    As always The #KeytoFreedomMeditation is at 3:00 pm UTC Sundays! 

    For USA friends, this is:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST Honolulu

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:


    If you’re in another time zone, check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    Here's the FB event :


Dear Hearts, today we have a very powerful astrological aspect, the Pluto-Eris square, & we can be utilize this for the benefit of humanity & planetary liberation.


‘Pluto is being seen as a gatekeeper & escort into deeper levels of self-empowerment. It emphasizes the importance of looking within the self, rather than outside of self, & finding our nuclear core of the creative force. It also emphasizes the use of that force in ways that empower others & that awaken ourselves to new vistas of human potential, conscious awareness, & experience waiting to be realized. 

    Eris is a feminine warrior archetype that has no fear or hesitation to intervene & expose a greater hidden truth. She tends to pierce or crack open our current bubble of perception through which we view & experience the world to see beyond the finite bounds of our current perception, beyond the bounds we place upon ourselves. In other words, it helps us to unlearned what we learned incorrectly in the past.

To utilize the energy of this Eris-Pluto Square for the benefit of humanity, we will do the same meditation used for the Age of Aquarius Activation at the exact moment of when this astrological aspect begins on January 26th at 4:49 PM UTC.

    For USA friends, this is 11:49 am EST, 10:49 am CST, 9:49 am MST & 8:49 am PST.

    For a time chart of other areas & an explanation please refer to:

    Remember, dear Ones, that meditation is a fine way to balance & raise your own frequency as well as help raise the frequency of this planet! #WeLoveMassMeditation has many daily, weekly, monthly & special meditations you can join in with people around the world!

    Please check the #WeLoveMassMeditationPage (link at bottom of this post) for all #currentMassMeditations, with links & tables that show the times for a selected set of time-zones, so you can join into the ones that resonate most with you at the times that you can!

    Thank you to all who continue doing the #FlowerofLifeMeditation! The #LightForces continue to ask us to meditate, visualizing the #FlowerofLifeGrid encompassing the planet helping to harmonize the planetary situation, so we ask everyone to do the Flower of Life Meditation as often as possible. We are doing the Flower of Life Mass Meditation EVERY 4 hours & asking those of you who resonate & who can, to join in! Join them ALL or join in any one or more them as you are able to or feel so guided! 

    Description, directions & links to guided audios here:

    In this post from the #WeLoveMassMeditationBlog, there’s a table so you can see what the scheduled times are in your part of the world!

    Please feel free to do this meditation ANY TIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT!
I continue to encourage us all to continue to LOVE & nurture ourselves & others with KINDNESS & COMPASSION.

A beautiful 11-minute guided audio for the Flower of Life Meditation is available in many languages here:

    Remember my dear Hearts, LOVE wins! SHINE your LIGHT! Be LOVE!

    For those of you who can & resonate, we also do the Key to Freedom Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC & until further notice, also every 4 hours

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    En español:

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio PLAYLIST in MANY languages:

    Key to Freedom Event page:

    Here’s a great interactive tool some of you may like using for this meditation!

    Remember Beloveds, there are MANY synchronized meditations on the #WLMMblog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this Weekly Meditation—the Key to Freedom is the one where reaching the #CRITICALMASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest We Love Mass Meditation Blog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!

    Thank you to EVERYONE who joins in these Mass Meditations! 

    HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!


    Zeeva Amrita 

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  • 'Million-Man March' kicks off in Baghdad to demand US troop pullout
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  • From Twitter: Archeoplanetography 17: Shalako, Zuni, NM
    @CoreyGoode @DavidWilcock @exopolitics
    The Zuni People honor many Star Nations and their oldest prayers contain a detail oral history of their interactions with them. One of those they honor and celebrate each year is the visit from an avian nation called the Shalako. This archeoplanetography (APG) image details this large beaked, blue and black feathered Star Nation.
    #sandiawisdom #sandiatheet #shalako #blueavian
    See for more info
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  • SMM bomb

    Honestly, I did not even expect such a large number of responses and messages to one of the last posts of the Levelnaut website. Subscribers are well aware of what is being discussed, and I will remind everyone else that this is an article - Case: Group Power Daily from $ 20 to $ 100 published on January 6.

    On the one hand, I understand that the prospect of earning from $20 to $100 on the Internet is suitable for someone. Indeed, if you work regularly and intensively to develop this business, then it is quite possible to go out to earn several thousand dollars a month.

    On the other hand, in my opinion, the time of life is much more expensive than the money. Unfortunately, we do not always remember this. Therefore, I am a supporter of doing what I love, and not that that brings a lot of money. A combination of these two concepts is an extremely rare occurrence these days.

    Nevertheless, I received hundreds or perhaps even thousands of responses and, of course, questions on social networks. Unfortunately, I can’t answer each of you personally, so I’ll make a few general explanations.

    1. In order for the groups indicated in the article to be more effective and have a more effective impact on the potential customer, you need to not only use what I created, but also actively develop these groups yourselves. Invite as many new users as possible - first become ther friends, and then offer the opportunity to join a group. As I have already indicated in the article, use the opportunity to invite in bulk, that is, through the available option to add friends to a group through mail contacts.

    2. On sites for freelancers, create an attractive portfolio where you describe in detail your SMM opportunities, directions and be sure to specify statistics - the number of groups, users, a link to your blog (or a site with more complete information), etc.

    3. Promote regularly with all available means (paid and free) your service. Describe interesting cases, talk about the results, do not be afraid to share your experience, you will benefit even more from this yourselves.

    4. Notify me and other users of new features. That is, if you find on the Internet a new crypto social network (with rewards in cryptocurrency) or an ordinary, traditional social network with the opportunty to create groups, write about it right away. Just before that, be sure to check everything, it is quite possible that this project is already in the lists of the Levelnaut website (just enter the name of what you want to offer in the Search).

    5. Especially for this occasion, I have created a group in the Telegram called SMM Office . In this group I invite both those who want to work in this direction and those who need effective promotion and are willing to pay for it even if they have a very limited budget.

    In short, this is all I wanted to report on the case mentioned above, all the other details and questions in the group on Telegram.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Archbishop Atallah Hanna: The Palestinian Christian Leader Israel Loves to Hate
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  • Dances of Disclosure - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - two part episode
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  • Andrew Roper has done research on crop circles and discovered a binary code that he can use to decipher messages found in the crop circles including a Global Contact Invitation. See and for more information. Twitter: Facebook:
    @DavidWilcock or @CoreyGoode, you may find this interesting.
    GlobalContactInvitation and Messages Links.doc
    Shared with Dropbox
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  • With the politics of the day talking about Nationalizing and BREXIT, it's important to point out some key UN treaties that exist. Everyone wants to "pull out", until you realize what "pulling out" really looks like. One treaty being the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques [1]. The US State Dept documents this treaty, but it's important to note in the documents, that it says nothing of using these techniques on it's own citizens. The same time the treaty was signed, Congress also made it mandatory to report all the weather modifications operating on US soil in an annual report [2]. They held committee's in 08 on aersol injections for solar radiation management as well. The study and research into modifying the weather and climate is still ongoing [3] [4] [5]. These tools are also de-classified in a FOIA request from the CIA here [6]. Are we so sure drones on US soil are just being used to monitor us or to report on other issues relating to a future event... because in [7] Border and Customs reports how often they use drones on our soil, but they also interestingly enough document how many times joint exercises were stalled because of weather related events.

    Think about the implications here. We have "official" documents that weather can be used as a weapon... but the only thing holding us back from using it as such, is a treaty. And now with an "official" report from the border patrol that "weather" hampers monitoring... the only possible conclusion is get the public behind a push to end some treaties. If they can convince to you support leaving a nuclear treaty, they sure as can get you to abandon the weather modification treaty. ((of which is still ongoing in what's called Benign Weather Modification [8] PDF and reported to NOAA [2]))

    THE YEAR IS 2025

    5 years after the installation of the Space Force [9], 5 years prior to the UN Sustainable Development plans ((also in [9])), and the USAF commissions a study on what they would look like going into the future [10]. Interestingly enough, documented the same year Congress was holding hearings on SRM [3]. This is where we get the think tank documentation from Col Tamzy J. House on Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 [11]. It wasn't just that, but a whole host of other documents. The USAF was wanting to see what could be done using the public as a tool. This is what they say after the findings and think tanks turned in their reports - READ THIS REAL SLOWLY -


    If the forecasters are right, the Air Force in 2025 will be significantly different from that of today, despite the fact that most of the systems on which USAF will depend decades from now are already in service or development.


    We don't need to wait until 2025, they're already using weather as a weapon, and admit it in this publication [10]. DID YOU KNOW that the USAF actually has an agency called Air Force Weather Agency?? The agency's main site [12], found in researching AF2025 in this PDF [13]. All the documentation one needs without screams of HAARP or anything else out there that comes up first on the topic when you research this.

    Back to the UN treaty on using weather as a weapon [14]. Want to know what countries that never ratified this???

    Saudi Arabia
    The Holy See

    Notice any of these being interesting to geo-politics

    Are we so sure that our innovations are not being sold to Saudi or Israel. Technically these techniques are considered weapons according to the treaty. Selling weapons to the Saudi / Israeli military takes on a whole new meaning now doesn't it??? Russia selling "weapons" to Iran???








    [8] PDF



    [11] PDF



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  • 2020 MAGA = fake news.
    (((-- #SelectedNotElected --)))

    basically the corporations of the DNC and RNC ((every party)) are polling the public to help select their CEO for the next 8 years. They don't have one, until this process completes itself every 4 years. Presidents (CEO) are selected based on how well they the company policy to the public, and nothing more. #ByLaw we vote for the party, not the person. No one in all of recorded history has ever voted for a person to be in that seat. They voted for a policy. Party platforms should be looked at as company policy, and it's this that lobbyists lobby. They do not lobby the white house, they lobby congress, and why our system actually has an official name called the 116th Congress right now. After 2020 it will be called the 117th Congress. It's not who we vote for, it's what we vote for.

    Want to know real fake news = any time any of your media says Trump is, Obama did, or Tulsi will. That's it. If they do not tell you the process, then it's part of the illusion. We have not ever had a commander in chief. EVER. N. Korea has a commander in chief. So if you buy into this programming, you have already accepted socialist take over of the country. In a previous post below titled " The Fireside Chats". They don't even select judges or directors. They are empty seat, and have always been that. A face. But if you don't understand the process and rules of engagement, you'll end up chasing blood lines, crown, banks... it doesn't work like that either.

    Term limits wouldn't work either.... if you're voting for parties and not people... it doesn't matter what face is there to the system... just the company policy. The deep state lobbies the (R) party for a reason. A vote for Trump is actually a vote for the deep state. The nanny state lobbies the (D) party for a reason. The former is obvious, but let me explain the nanny state = Banks lobby the (D) party because they hold the food stamp and student loan accounts. It's in the best interest of the banks to make sure (D) stay in power so they can get as many people with liberal arts degree or on food stamps as possible.

    Know the what and not the who... and it's also easier to track the money trail.

    From the rules of engagement. The system telling you, not me.

    "Each candidate running for President in your State has his or her own group of electors ... When you vote for a Presidential candidate you are actually voting for your candidate's preferred electors"
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