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  • Arizona College Is Scaring Kids Into Sending Cardboard Versions of Themselves Home for Turkey Day https://davi****
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  • It Came From The Swamp | Interview with #ArizonaTramp | #StoriesoftheSupernatural Host #MarlenePardoPellicer via @MiamiGhostChronicles
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  • Oh my God!!! I have great news, my friends! I'm very happy to announce that my movie has been officialy selected for the 2019 EBE Film Festival, taking place at the International UFO Congress in Phoenix, Arizona!!! I pray for a win!!
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  • WORKSHOPS COMING UP IN SOUTHERN OREGON, NORTHWESTERN NORTH CAROLINA AND SEDONA ARIZONA! If your in the Rogue River Valley this is a don't miss seminar packed full of Tools, Techniques and Information on the Ascension Process that you can use on a daily basis! Come and spend 4 hours of uplifting, inspiring and supportive camaraderie where we talk about Holistic Health in this current Ascension Cycle!
    Holistic Health for the Ascension Process! Workshop
    Wellness event in Medford, OR by on Saturday, July 20 2019
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  • It's Friday 6/21/19 - to anyone visiting this page in the future, please feel free to email me at to get in touch or follow us on LI, FB, TW, IG, or PN. We would like to engage with others here but no one seems to see any posts so we are at a loss. OnStellar is a great idea and we hope it gets revived. Will check back but have been doing so for months. Thanks to all who have connected with me! Best to all from Arizona!
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  • Hi everybody, my name is Jean-Charles Moyen, i live in Canada ,Quebec, i'am Producer and Director of Visual Special effects with my company NEMEZIS-STUDIO and Assistant Director of MUFON Quebec too and i spent 7 years of Hard and Amazing Work alone , with my money, no help I risked everything (like my House $$$) for my Docu-Film SOUTH SHORE ORIGIN about my experiencer life and Alien Abduction when i was 4 years old, and my wife was abduct too at 4 years old near Indian Reserve in Canada,we think we have been part of Secret Space Program) and i did investigations in Canada and over the world, Arizona, Desert of New Mexico, Bahamas triangle with Experiencers, Abductees.

    This is 5 minutes of my movie South Shore Origin enjoy:

    The Full movie is here BUY or Rent :

    My Web Site :

    Thank you to take your time for watching my links,

    South Shore Origin is a feature documentary, mixing reality and Fiction.
    About the investigations of 2 special agents France-Quebec, working on unclassified cases related to UFOs and alien abductions.
    Their adventures take place in Quebec and elsewhere, Desert of New Mexico, Phoenix Arizona, Bermuda Triangle, but the main place of history is St Hilaire Mountain.Quebec

    Special thanks to
    Michael E. Salla, Ph. D.
    Corey Goode, David Wilcock, William Tompkins, Randy Cramer and Jimmy Guieu
    for their Quest for Disclosure to Humanity


    This documentary (docu-film) is based on true events.
    The people interviewed are witnesses of true events.
    Certain testimonies may shock or disturb a sensitive audience.
    Viewer discretion is advised.

    Jean-Charles Moyen
    5 minutes of my Docu-Film South Shore Origin
    5 minutes of my Docu-Film South Shore Origin, for you before buy, ENJOY
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  • Mar. 29, 1982:
    The #Scorpions released their #Blackout record.
    Is this their greatest album?

    best links for videos & demos
    #HermanRarebell #FrancisBuchholz #MatthiasJabs #RudolfSchenker #KlausMeine
    #classic #rock #metal #music #history #OTD #80s
    = CIRCUS Magazine: =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of Mar. 25th – 31st
    David Wilcock
    Benjamin Fulford
    Montague Keen
    THRIVE trailer
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #GalacticFederationofLight
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  • Shocking video shows Arizona police officers forcing their way into a home to remove an unvaccinated toddler who had a 105-degree fever after a doctor reported his parents to authorities
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    Really super stellar video from Joseph Irwin and the Cosmic Embassy outining a whole bunch of released files about highly advanced REAL tech that many across the globe are working on now.

    I think that it is very important to look all fractal pieces of disclosure, all medium outlets of particular information. No matter where it is coming from, being open minded, courageous, strong, and holistic in all aspects of your approach to this sort of research. taking a step back in the process, analyzing and looking at the big picture of what is going on entirely, focusing in with that big picture sight in mind, putting the pieces of all that we find together to find the truth. Of course, using your sovereign critical thinking and intuitive guided discernment to know what is what from what you think is right so far, from the sources where the information that you analyze is presented from.

    None are lesser than the other. Disclosure is happening in such a vast expanse from a wide field of informational sources.And I think and know, with the simple pattern of how things have changed, have been growing in the past few years and through what we learn from many sources and observation out in the public world through pieces like which Joseph covers in this video, 2019 is a HUUGE historical year in full disclosure for our planet.

    WHOOOAA maaann these titles theselves are REALLY getting me going, when you realize just from that alone, what they're actually about in other terms!!! Hoooollllly cats!
    from Joseph posted in the description of his video:
    "Here is the List:

    Source Papers and Articles:



    sALLA 1

    SALLA 2





    1. Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion, Dr. George Miley, Univ. Of Illinois

    2. Advanced Nuclear Propulsion for Manned Deep Space Missions, Dr. F. Winterberg,
    Univ. of Nevada - Reno

    3. Pulsed High-Power .Microwave Technology, Dr. James Wells, JW Enterprises

    4. Space Access, Dr. P. Czysz, HyperTech

    5. Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum time space time Metric) Engineering, Dr. Hal
    Puthoff, EarthTech International

    6. BioSensors and BioMEM.S, Dr. Bruce Towe, Univ. of Arizona

    7. Invisibility Cloaking, Dr. Ulf Leonhardt, Univ. of St. Andrews

    8. Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy, Dr. Eric Davis, EarthTech

    9. High-FFrFrFFFrequencynal Wave Communications, Dr. Robert Baker, G-ravWave

    I 0. Role of Superconductors in Gravity Research, Dr. George Hathaway, Hathaway

    11. Antigravity Aerospace Applications, Dr. Eric Davis, Earth Tech International

    12. Field effects on Biological Tissues, Dr. Kit Green, Wayne State Univ.

    13. Positron AeroSpace Propulsion, Dr. Geruld Smith, Positronics Research

    14. Concepts for Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum, Dr. Eric Davis, EarthTech

    15. An Introduction to the Statistical Drake Equation, Dr. Claudio Maccone, International
    Academy of Astronautics

    16. Maverick Inventor Versus Corporate Inventor, Dr. George Hathaway, Hathaway

    17. Biomaterials, Dr. Bruce Towe, Univ. of Arizona

    18. Metamaterials for Aerospace Applications, Dr. G. Shvets, Univ. of Texas - Austin

    19. Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions, Dr. R. Obousy,
    Obousy Consultants

    20. Technological Approaches to Controlling External Devices in the Absence of LimbOperated lntelfaces, Dr. R. Genik, Wayne State Univ.

    21. Materials for Advanced Aerospace Dr. J. Williams, Ohio State Univ.

    22. Metallic Glasses, Dr. T. Hufnagel, John Hopkins Univ.

    23. Aerospace Applications of Programmable Matter, Dr. W. McCarthy, Programmable
    Matter Corporation tallic Spintronics, Dr. M. Tsoi, Univ. of Texas- Austin

    25. Space-Communication Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality, Dr. J.
    Cramer, Univ. of Washington "
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