• Q - Why is New York the center of the physical ascension?

    The Nine - The centre of physical ascension is America (The whole of the United States). New York, due to the statue of liberty being there is symbolic for America.

    Q - is there a particular reason for the US playing such a significant role?

    The Nine - Many reasons. One reason is due to vast numbers of lightworkers and starseeds incarnating there. Another reason is because it is predominantly the 'home base' for many cabal members (the older illuminati members are in Europe or 'off planet' if you will but when you move down the heircharchy within that structure then many are resident in the US especially those who take media and political roles).
    The energy moves quicker & faster in the US and whilst this is a significant role that is played it is also an intense one. It is not a more significant role than is played by any other country or place upon your planet. Yet the core of the 'Indigo Revolution' begins in America.
    A huge crystalline network is contained within the United States, within the land and the peoples. The core structures of this network originate within indiginous peoples but are now held within the western societies also. This network anchors a light grid that emanates across your planet.
    Many Atlantean priests have reincarnated in America (in other places around the world also but more concentrated in America) and their memory structures hold this light grid we speak of in place. These individuals are known as gridworkers. This important role assists in anchoring liberty templates into your planetary eco-structure and dimension. The high level emotion regarding 'The Quest for Freedom' is held within abundance within these gridworkers and is the perfect emotional, crystalline structure with which to anchor the liberty templates. All starseeds across the globe are part of this. Their striving for freedom comes from their knowing regarding lack of freedom through past and current incarnations and memory templates.
    As these individuals access and activate these memory structures and power up this light grid they stand as Atlanteans in modern day - hence the phrase 'The Rising of the Lost City of Atlantis.'
    This is not to say other places across your globe are not equally as significant, for this movement is a collective one.
    Yet America, energetically, is the 'central point' of this energy as a movement. If you imagine a pond with a whirlpool in the middle then it is simply the difference between sitting within the fast moving whirlpool or within the calmer, slower moving, outer waters of the pond. Neither is better than or more significant than, just different in speed and movement.
    We are the White, Winged, Collective Consciousness of Nine
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  • Are Mars, Moon & Antarctica remnants of Atlantis? Corey Goode EXCLUSIVE [Part 1/3] -
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  • Violet Flame - Atlantis

    I had a very lucid dream recently. I found myself swimming on the shores of Atlantis. I swam, and then found a reef.. noticed there was a broken purple disc, and it was of extraterrestrial origin. I dug my hands carefully around the beach, and unearthed many beautiful crystals.. each one was protected in a transparent film to protect its beauty and power. I pulled out a crystal that was very clear and many-sided, about a foot long.. it was shimmering. full of energy... then I pulled out another, about 6 inches long, and another at 3 inches. Soul told me these were pure Atlantean, and very sacred, then I reached for more, a large bundle, wrapped in transparent film.. these came from the stars, extraterrestrial.. there were about a dozen large crystals, each one was over a foot long, and many-sided.. these were the rare violet flame crystals.. omg.. the most beautiful crystals I have ever seen.. radiating with the most beautiful purple flame energy, aglow and alive.. I took all of these to the shore, and kept them all in my translucent bag.. a voice told me that I am a keeper of these rarest violet flame crystals.. that I am also from the stars, higher worlds, and transplanted on Atlantis to be a powerful healer and teacher. I roamed the shores of Atlantis, and I was looking for you.. you were my other half... your presence was felt constantly all around me. I went to some golden building, met with some inhabitants.. some wanted my books of knowledge to partake of.. so I gave them some books.. one man guided me to a place where there were so many crystals and extraterrestrial rocks. I gathered them all too... then went to find you, and to give you a sacred crystal healing ceremony. I was planning on placing you on a thick healing mat, and place sacred crystals all around you, with candles of purple flames dancing.. your presence was all around me, like you were me, we were never apart as soul.. then I found you in a room, and you were reaching out to me.. I felt your energy merge with mine as our bodies embrace.. there was so much love for each other.. the area was so beautiful... so many rare, exotic plants.. lots of light, and crystals everywhere. I reached for my sacred bundle of violet flame crystals, removed them from the transparent film, and our room glowed with the most beautiful flame, so much power and beauty all around us. Then I heard the words said to me... you are the keeper of the violet flame. I gazed at the violet flame crystals and woke up, with your energy/soul surrounding me with love.

    A beautiful dream and it felt so real.. wanted to type all this down before I forget.. I love you, and I am with you always even if we are not together in this 3-D world. I hope your journey will be wonderfully blessed with love and violet flame radiance.
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  • I haven’t been on here in awhile.

    I’m finding it interesting that a huge shift in one level or a node point of my journey was when Corey Goode first shared information that really resonated with me with the message from the Blue Avians and Sphere Beings about raising our vibration and becoming more service to others. I can’t remember how much linear years has passed since then yet it feels so long ago, and now the Blue Avians and Inner Earth is coming up again so prevalently in the collective and from various wayshowers bringing forth messages. Equinox and this weekend, this whole month feels so huge.

    Allison Coe’s Latest Video
    (rewatch Disney movie Atlantis)
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  • The new updated Handbook! #francisbooks
    I felt it is time to reverse the title of the Handbook to give the true ‘Cosmic Role’ of the Sacred Temples, from ‘An Alternative Handbook’ to ‘A Cosmic Perspective’ to the Maltese Temples. Bringing the word 'Cosmic' into the equation shows the true vibration of the temples to who built them and for what purpose. This Handbook was written with the aim to encourage people to do their own self-guided journeys/visits to the temples. It is a Virtual GPS and your Companion to guide you on your journey to these sites. The updated eBook version has additional material about other temples that were not mentioned in the first edition. There is information about Comino, Ta’ Cenc, Kordin III, Bugibba, Mistra Bay, Mosta, Cittadella (Gozo), St. Angelo; the temple of Alabaster & Underwater sites; with additional info about the Cart-ruts, Misqas, Dolmens, Libation holes & Ley-lines; and about the meaning of the Fat Ladies, Animal Depiction & Spirals, the Crystal City of Atlantis under Malta and goes into Malta’s Role in the New Era. It suggests a Protocol to follow when visiting these sites and talks about the Sacred Geometric Symbols of each temple. This third edition is available only as eBook from:
    It is also available directly from the author in PDF format for the Online Reader.
    Soon, to be published as an Audio-book!
    Check website: for more info!
    A Cosmic Perspective to the Maltese Temples - An Alternative Handbook & Guide, an Ebook by Francis Xavier Aloisio
    A guidebook that gives us a ‘cosmic,’ a ‘metaphysical,’ a ‘spiritual,’ an ‘alternative,’ and a ‘holistic’ perspective to the Prehistoric Temples of Malta and Gozo. It surely challenges conventional outlook and fixed theories about the Temples and provides us with an ‘alternative’ viewpoint on these Sacred and Mysterious Sites.
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  • The screening of the documentary in Cambria-California #TeamFrancisAtlantis Dear Friends, For those who attended the screening of the documentary 'Let the Stones Speak' on the Maltese Temples, I want to express my sincere gratitude for being there to share this our project. For those who could not attend, we are planning a 'private' screening of the documentary on the 23rd of February once we find place or venue to hold the screening. (Details to follow!) Francis & Christine.
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  • 12:12 Portal and Ta’ Cenc-Gozo #TaCencGozo
    During Lemuria and Atlantis, every person had twelve major chakras and twelve strands of active DNA–the twelve codes of consciousness. The human race was ready to be whole and to ascend. During this collective trauma of the sinking of Atlantis, humanity failed to graduate to the Thirteenth Stage of its ascension, and in the process lost nine of its twelve codes in its DNA. So, instead of ascending, humanity spiralled down from fifth density to deep third and was left with only three strands of its previous DNA, and went into a long period of ‘devolution’ and ‘great forgetting.’
    When the Ascended Masters of Atlantis felt that the end was looming, they shaped twelve life-size skulls of quartz crystals and one amethyst. This thirteenth skull of higher frequency was holding in its structure the entire knowledge and ancient wisdom of Atlantis. They chose the sacred site of Ta’ Cenc on the island of Gozo to be the etheric repository centre of the thirteenth Atlantean quartz crystal. When humankind is ready to raise its vibration at the next Shift of Consciousness, it will re-materialise again and it will open the thirteenth code of ascension in all humans. It will assist humanity during its ascension process, and will serve as a driving force on its road to a new Multi-dimensional Reality.
    Thus, Ta’ Cenc is the vital guardian of the Thirteen Keys of creation and the Thirteen Codes to humanity’s road to ascension. These codes are waiting to be re-activated at the rebirth of the New Consciousness at the Shift of an Age. The island of Comino was holding the key to the ‘rebirth of humanity.’ (Extracts from ‘The Cosmic Perpsective.’) #francisbooks
    THE WAITING IS OVER! We have connected with Comino for the keys and with the Ta’ Cenc site to open the codes and activate the ascension process of all humanity on this special day - 12:12 Passageway - the Universal Ascension Code - New Knowledge, New Freedom and New Possibilities.
    IT IS DONE! You can activate your own ascension process and your own DNA by connecting etherically with the site through its sacred symbol (picture). “On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA…On December 12th, the sacred day of 12:12 provides a rare opportunity to receive a continual stream of Crystalline Photon Light into your energy field…transferring divine intelligence into your brain, into the micro-crystals in the pineal, into your blood and genetic code, and into your heart!” (Meg Benedicte-Quantum Access). “Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come wide open for anything...don't limit yourself anymore.” (Lisa Transcendent Brown). (Sacred Geometric activation picture by Christine; Ta’ Cenc overlooking Comino by Francis; Ta’ Cenc Dolmen by Andrew Weasley).
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