• The Auscoin originator has been accused of dealing cocaine and MDMA in Australia

    Sam Karagiozis, the maker of Auscoin, has been accused of dealing generally 30kg of medications – including cocaine and MDMA.

    The 27-year-old was charged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) with medication dealing on March seventh 2019, reports The Age.

    Purportedly, the AFP charge that Karagiozis assumed a vital job in administering a sorted out wrongdoing syndicate.

    It is guaranteed that the syndicate used different dim sites, Bitcoin accounts, and real organizations for the securing and appropriation of the medications.

    The AFP collaborated with money related insight organization AUSTRAC to make a joint team which assaulted properties connected to Karagiozis in Bulleen, Templestowe, and Malvern.

    The team caught steroids, crypto-related things, and money.

    Karagiozis was accused of 14 offenses identifying with medication importation, dealing, and ownership. He has been denied safeguard.

    After the capture, the AFP suspended the enlistment of two advanced cash trade organizations connected to Karagiozis.

    In the meantime, it put in limiting requests on resources worth $2 million including ledgers, land, vehicles, crypto, and money.

    The capture was connected to attacks on properties in Mernda and Kew back in October 2017.

    Allegedly, amid the assaults in 2017, the AFP uncovered 15.8 kilograms of MDMA, 2.6 kilograms of cocaine, and in excess of a kilogram of ketamine.

    It is trusted that the medications were sourced on the dull web and sent to Australia in the post.

    Karagiozis is supposedly set to confront the Melbourne Magistrates Court in June.

    Karagiozis established Auscoin Group in 2017 and raised $30 million from its underlying coin offering (ICO).

    He additionally had designs to open 1,200 Auscoin ATMs in malls around Australia, however his ICO raised under $2 million.

    There are around 30 Australian strip malls that presently have Auscoin ATMs.

    Keen on perusing increasingly about Karagiozis' Auscoin ATMs? Find how Karagiozis expressed his organization was turning a benefit of AU$500,000 every week back in January.
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  • An array of Bitmain's previous-generation Antminer chips. | Source: BitmainBitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Launches New Chip, Hints at New Miners
    Bitmain has announced the BM1397, a new, more efficient cryptocurrency mining chip. The chip sports a 28% power efficiency improvement over its predecessor. The news brought with a mention of upcoming S17 and T17 models, about which very little other information is available.
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  • Binance experiences system overload following Bitcoin crash
    Binance recently experienced a system overload following an increase in trading volume likely caused by Bitcoin's weekend volatility
    The Binance cryptocurrency exchange experienced a system overload on Sunday, with Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao claiming the slow response time was a product of a spike in trading volumes following a sharp drop in cryptocurrency prices.
    Zhao tweeted: “We seen ATH (all-time high) for trading system load about an hour ago, some users experienced UI delays during system auto scaling. Still improving.”
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  • Decenturion. Insider information

    Do you like insider information? OK, maybe I incorrectly formulated the question, I apologize. Let me ask you another way. Are you interested in exclusive information that relates to cryptocurrency forecasts? If your answer is "yes", you can continue reading.

    This article is addressed primarily to my readers and subscribers, which today are several hundred thousand in various social networks. It is possible that they are angry with me for the fact that I have been publishing little posts recently. Believe me, friends, I have very good reasons for this.

    In addition, as you see, today I am sharing with you some secrets that will help you understand what is happening at the moment in the crypto market.

    As you know, I very rarely make predictions. But this does not mean that my predictions are bad and you also know this very well. Today you will get a forecast, recommendations and, as I have already mentioned above, exclusive information. So here are my recommendations.

    The first recommendation. As you have probably heard many times, bitcoin is a very “emotional” cryptocurrency. The ups and downs of bitcoin are directly dependent on the emotions of people who trade in the markets or mine on the farms. So, my emotional friends, I advise you not to buy BITCOIN TODAY. Why? It's very simple, today nobody promotes bitcoin or goes crazy, as it was several years ago. Today everyone is just holding btc in the hope that one fine day it will fly "to the moon." And, of course, it will fly one day, but you will never know the day of the start. At least for the reason that you are not in command of this market.

    Recommendation Two. Invest in projects that have an “internal engine,” that has a team of psychos that promotes the project in non-stop way. As you know, I am currently working in one of these teams, which is included in the Ministry of Information of the world's first blockchain-state Decenturion.

    Recommendation Two. Buy and earn Decenturion tokens, because such projects are models of the future society. This is a dream (and already far from utopian!) Of millions of people, that want to get rid of... "you yourself know who."

    Today, Decenturion tokens can only be bought at one official exchange https://www.hotbit.io/register?ref=321818, where I recommend you to register If you do it by my referral link, then maybe I will get a little compensation for sharing this information.

    In any case, I am of course a very small person. But today, this information will be absolutely in all crypto social networks, as well as on many traditional social platforms. The initial media coverage of an audience is about half a million people. And tomorrow (or today??), this article will be translated into almost all the languages ​​of the world by members of my team, and will be spread to every corner of our planet. So, everything is very simple, isn't it? This is how it works.

    You know that once I was engaged in seo optimization, content promotion, SMM and SMO. Therefore, I recommend to my students this post as a sample of effective work. You can also see the results of this publication on the graph (the price of the token at the moment is 0.32 cents) of the mentioned above stock exchange.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Decenturion. Winter Heat

    Cold winter is in the calendar. Weather proves it by all means. The only place that does not fit into this picture is the first blockchain-state Decenturion. For more than 16 years I have been an active Internet user, but have not yet seen such a hot and active construction on the Web.

    Yes, of course, I came across very powerful and very interesting projects, in some of them I participated myself. But what's happening today at Decenturion is something special. This is something new and exciting.

    As with all new major projects in real life and online, there are also enough skeptics, haters, scammers and other human scum. But the fact is a fact, construction is underway, there are more and more enthusiasts, faith in the project is being strengthened.

    I understand also that the "yellow vests" can be seen today with your own eyes. But I ask you? dear readers, not to think that they will drastically change something on our planet. In fact, "Macron and Company" just laugh at all this representation of little men.

    Moreover, all these ideas are arranged by such people as Macron and his comrades in the world manipulation of human masses. These same comrades fix all sorts of regional conflicts, wars, and chronic political elections in order to feed the "people of the TV".

    Decenturion can be called whatever you want - utopia, hyip or something else depending on how much money will be paid to the manipulator trolls. But this is exactly what they fear the most - this is one of the embodiments of decentralization. Therefore, it is here today that the hottest work takes place.

    Today there is a huge amount of informational chats and channels in many languages ​​of the world. I already wrote that new, very good people came to our Ministry of Information every day https://levelnaut.com/2019/01/02/how-to-make-a-career-in-decenturion/ and even wrote for them a special instruction.

    To be honest, I don’t even check bitcoin’s course every day, because it’s not so important to me today. One way or another, the world will switch to cryptocurrency, the logic of social development cannot be changed. But it is much more important to change something in your head, in your understanding of what is happening around and help others do it. That is why I am here, and that is why, despite the fact that winter is in calendar, in our Decenturion there is a real heat.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Check out my new blog article: May 2019 be the BEST year of your life!
    #Warrior #World #Entrepreneurship #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blockchain #gold #silver
    May 2019 be the best year of your life!
    Spirit Warriors live their passion, and work hard to pursue their dreams. I encourage you to be an entrepreneur, to be of most service to humanity. Build a strong foundation to support you on your spiritual mission.
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  • Hacker group threatens to leak 9/11 ‘truth’ unless paid in bitcoin http://ow.ly/4TIJ30n9PTN
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  • The most valuable in crypto

    I have one interesting question that I want to ask you right now, dear readers. What do you think is the most valuable thing in the crypto? Try to answer before I do. There is no doubt that it will be useful for everyone - otherwise why are you reading these lines now?

    If you have already answered, then let's check whether your opinion coincides with mine. In my deepest conviction, the most valuable thing in cryptocurrency is not the speed of transaction, or anonymity, or decentralization, or convenience in mutual financial operations or anything else.

    I am absolutely sure that the most important thing in crypto world are people, enthusiasts, fans, amateurs, professionals and all those who believe in a crypto. They are those invincible hodlers who, despite everything, carefully keep the coins in which they have invested their labor, their time and their hopes.

    You know what? I do not doubt for one second, not for a single moment that there is a great future ahead of cryptocurrency. Many more times there will be a “tothemoon” of Bitcoin and the Renaissance for all altcoins will surely happen one day.

    At the same time, I absolutely do not care about all these charts, ratings, technical analysis, market conditions, the mood of institutional investors (damn them all!) and any other indicators. I know another, but also a very important secret called the Logic of History. The vector of development of society is always directed to the Future, and not to the Past. Cryptocurrency is the present and the future, and that is the reason for me to be calm as never before.

    And for this very reason (unfortunately I have not done this before), in this short article, I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues. I want to send "thanks" to all those people who, like me, believe in cryptocurrency, in technology, in the development of society, and not to those *******s who appear on TV and are pulling society back.

    Thank you, guys. I don’t think that you have already won a lot in money, but you won in another - you have prepared for the Future and are trying to help doing that to your friends aтв relatives. And this is much more important.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Ekonty at my PR laboratory

    Today is the day of reviews. Writing the last review, I mentioned "one more crypto social network", that meanwhile doesn't have its own coin, but uses fiat. This network is called Ekonty and today we will have a look at it.

    The functionality of this project is familiar to us very well, this is not the first site built on this platform, so it’s pretty easy to navigate here. On the other hand, there are quite active modules that are not so active in other crypto social networks. In this case, I mean the Market and Play Tube. But the forum on Ekonty is also empty yet.

    It is also interesting that the most popular hashtags on Ekonty are Withdraws, Payouts and DigilaAsetExchange. Thus, it is quite possible that in the future we will see a cryptocurrency exchange here as well. Such a conclusion can be made by reading about the project’s mission: "Lowering the cost of communication and bringing the globe village closer through Creativity and innovation". You are not mistaken, exactly the word “village” is written here and I really like it, because in my opinion, the Internet is just a big village.

    Of course, you can say, dear readers, that this project has not paid much attention to cryptocurrency and bitcoin, but we are well aware that the near future is impossible without this, and most likely this project will also focus on crypto finance.

    At the same time, Ekonty already has a curatorship system, boosters (you can make your PRO account) and even its own referral program. Here is the link to register with the project https://www.ekonty.com/?ref=borishaifa in case you want to join my team.

    At the moment, the Ekonty project has been already included into my main list of crypto social networks TOP100 on the Levelnaut website. But we will closely monitor how events develop and determine the level of interest of the team in the development of cryptocurrency and crypto networks.

    Boris Siomin,
    Ekonty -
    Ekonty is an international ultimate Social Networking website that allows people to interact with each other through live chatting, free Audio and Video Calling, sending messages, Comments, like, Share photos, life events and so much more. -Businesses! Can use Ekonty to run advertising campaigns by Purchasing ads Space -We share our profits with you through affiliate programme Chat face to face with other people. ... The best free chat community online! ... or just prefer to communicate in a more hands-free kind of way, join Video Chat
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  • Dlike о криптосетях. Обзор 14

    Очень интересная информация была отобрана мной для сегодняшнего обзора Dlike. Как я уже говорил ранее, всё больше и больше полезных статей появляется в этой крипто социальной сети. Пользователи находят иногда такие вещи, на которые мы не обращаем своё внимание по причине нехватки времени.

    Сегодня мы начнём с подсказки пользователя sequentialvibe, которая была опубликована в статье "Steem Added to State of the DApps Listings". В ней говорится вот что: "... Социальная блокчейн-платформа Steem, которая является домом для социальной сети Steemit, была добавлена на сайт отслеживания dApp (децентрализованное приложение) stateofthedapps.com и теперь гордо располагается рядом с Ethereum, EOS и POA на странице сайта «Рейтинги по платформам»...

    ... На своем сайте Steem сообщает о более чем 1 миллионе транзакций за последние 24 часа, причем блокчейны Ethereum и Bitcoin обрабатывают половину этого числа. 21 октября 2018 года EOS обработала 5,4 миллиона транзакций, Ethereum - 1,3 миллиона, а еще одна восходящая платформа блокчейна, Waves, достигла 6,1 миллиона транзакций..."

    Продолжает сегодняшний обзор пост пользоваетля nikkitoo под названием "Decentralized AI Network SingularityNET Launches Developer Portal". В этом посте автор рассказывает о крипто социальной сети SingularityNET и пишет в ней, что: "...Искусственный Интеллект - это одна из самых противоречивых технологий, когда-либо появлявшихся.

    Многие, кто боится её, могут быть утешены тем фактом, что существует специальный блокчейн,у которого единственная задача - децентрализация ИИ. SingularityNet только что открыла свой портал для разработчиков, который позволяет людям создавать ИИ и помещать его в блокчейн. Это поможет децентрализовать ИИ, открывая его широким массам..."

    И наконец, ещё одна очень полезная статья под названием "Scholly – Scholarship Search Tool and College Scholarship Finder App", которой поделился пользователь monajam на виртуальных страницах Dlike.

    Здесь идёт речь о том, что: "...Стипендия. Сделйте её поиск более лёгким. Мы избавим вас от трудностей в процессе поиска, поэтому вы можете сосредоточиться на том, что важно - получать бесплатные деньги для обучения в учебном заведении.

    Scholly был создан Кристофером Грэем, который выиграл 1,3 миллиона долларов в виде стипендий за счет пота, пота и шума. Понимая, насколько сложным и трудоемким был этот процесс, он создал Scholly, чтобы сделать все намного проще..."

    Борис Сёмин,
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