• The systematic war on Christianity http://ow.ly/AIsG30oNps2
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  • Message from Matthew
    Consciousness, collective consciousness, vibrations; souls; Notre Dame fire; Robert Mueller’s report; Julian Assange; “black hole” photograph; energy, energy attachments; Jesus: Christed energy, Christ consciousness, Christianity
    May 15, 2019
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  • Notre Dame: An accident or calculated symbolism of the end of Christianity in Europe? http://ow.ly/IrHq30orxdn
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  • Interesting that as TTSA (or the CIA) continue to stage manage the roll-out of their soft disclosure media management, (or propaganda)... it appears they are attempting to brush-off particularly John Greenewald's concerns over official AATIP documentation and verification.

    Dr Eric Davis in a recent podcast says at 14:36, about Senator Harry Reid and AATIP... "He pulled that name out of a hat, or out of thin air, and made that up... we never had that name before, so that became the nickname."


    The "back story" of AATIP has continually been inconsistent.

    Also of interest in the podcast interview is the continuing propaganda about advanced intelligences being set-up as "threats." Dr Davis refers to contact as "nothing but malevolent" ... "nothing good" comes from contact, "the outcomes of interactions have always been negative"... "there's never anything positive that comes out of an interaction." (30:11 - 31:43)

    The recent FREE organisation extensive survey results disagree profoundly with Dr Davis's assessment.

    I still stand by my original blog article that the "evil aliens" propaganda is primarily about U.S. geopolitical concerns long term. IMO what is anticipated by the CIA and the DoD as the No.1 threat to the American way of life (50-100 years+) is the increasing spread, popularity and ideology of Islam. Especially as Christianity falters.

    IMO, ET disclosure and 9/11 are linked; attempts to dent Islam long term. The 9/11 event and the U.S. response has over time created more serious global problems, with the anti Muslim message not taking hold.

    The ET angle is rolling out to battle religion head-on over many years. The failed strategy of being told the looming "threat" is allegedly terrorist Islam, will be replaced by us being told the "threat" are the aliens, and that ET created religions to manipulate us all into fights... i.e.- the plan is for people to question their religious beliefs.

    Personally I would warn people to be aware of the many subtle and not so subtle layers this "evil alien" propaganda will assume, connecting ET to wars, Nazis, etc, etc...
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  • What makes America "the best" in the world? It may be what it is losing. Christianity, what people agreed to do together, a set of good agreed upon(a set of ideals, or whatever, based on Christianity, meh thinks). What good? Where only good comes from>God, The Creator(of The Bible), the one who made all that is(good). This is something along what I think at least.
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  • The Disclosure
    Disconnecting 10 out of 12 DNA-strands, crippled our abilities
    The world is undergoing a massive transition
    2019 – The year of Transition

    The relationship with the invisible world

    The birth of the New World Order would have been accomplished, thanks to the Invisible Master called Yahweh, also named the bad God, in contrast with the Good God, who we can only connect with through “gnosis”, according to the Gnostic bloodline members present on Earth.

    Plato was the one who, for the first time, used the term Gnostikos, meaning having knowledge, or the art of knowing, or alternatively, the art of managing all things known.

    The ideal politician is defined as being a master of the gnostic art. However, the original Gnostics refrained from assuming any role in politics, because their intention was and so it remains today, to not change or control society through social engineering and mind control. Instead, they endeavour to produce balanced, highly-skilled, enlightened individuals, who would together, eventually create a truly enlightened society, that would be perfect enough and certainly not in need of being run by external, alien management.

    The good God is contrasted with the Ancient Greek god Prometheus, the Titan who stole the fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind. This god has been identified as Lucifer, the spirit of evil and the adversary of the God in the Christian and Islamic religion, according to author and teacher John Lash.

    According to author Uri Dowbenko, the controversy began when certain Mystery Schools started abusing their knowledge, being redirected into practicing behavioural manipulation, psychological programming and mind control technology. In the religions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, these techniques of mind control are required to keep their followers in line.

    The relationship with the invisible world is very complex. The Gnostics consider the Son of God concept to be a delusional idea, imprinted into the human mind by an alien species of aberrant, nonhuman entities or mental parasites, called the Archons, together with the underlying concept of Good versus Evil, especially concocted for mainstream humans.

    The fact of the matter is; that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the illuminati would like us to believe. They only manipulated us into being their slaves.

    As explained in previous essays; the Anunnaki participated in our material evolution as a human species, through their genetic manipulation in ancient times, but they only helped to enhance our physical bodies, not our soul. The Anunnaki are in no way the source of our spiritual beings, which were created out of pure Love-energy by the Source-God, according to Zecharia Sitchin.

    The invisible masters belong to an invisible extra-dimensional realm of immortal beings, who only impart esoteric teachings through carefully chosen disciples in secret societies. – Jesus and also Buddha before him fulfilled this role model.

    The real Hidden Masters, in contrast with what we have been taught in popular culture, are believed to be good aliens, not aliens from the dark side. The good ones don’t have the desire to rule or control our lives. This goes against universal occult laws.

    However, the dark elites attempt to operate beyond universal laws. They act at present as guardians of the material world, i.e. they have taken on the same role as the Archons, which are dangerous, intra-psychical-mind-parasites, as exemplified by their Islamic counterparts, used by the occult Elite and the Intelligence agencies to trick and manipulate us.

    Aliens are hyper-dimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perception and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to Earth, but have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps even millions, protected by an inter dimensional reality that we have been disconnected from being able to see, through DNA tinkering.

    Disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA crippled our capabilities

    Some aliens helped genetically engineer the human race, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA, which turned mankind into slaves for them. The disconnected strands have been qualified by mainstream scientists as junk DNA. So, actually, we lost almost all or at least the majority of our abilities and we were tuned genetically only to reproduce more slaves, functioning and existing solely on our two remaining strands of DNA. When, all of our 12-DNA- strands are eventually restored, we will truly have amazing abilities, being able to, once again, use the 100% full potential of our brains again as per the original Divine design. In contrast, at present, the majority of the people are only able to access and use twelve percent of their brains.

    Certain extraterrestrials would love to have our DNA with our creative capabilities, and adaptive qualities. They envy us for the God Spark we all have, that makes us immortal in spirit. As the Bible says, we were created in the image of our Creator God. When Jesus performed miracles; He said “and you can do these things too”, suggesting that humanity could do these things before the Anunnaki enslaved us by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA.

    For this reason, the elites of today put Fluoride in our drinking water to calcify the Pineal Gland in the brain so we cannot use our psychic abilities. We have been living a lie, kneaded into a ‘Belief System’ and by learning the truth about our beings and about our heritage, we will be migrating into a ‘Knowledge-based System’ put into motion through the coming disclosure.

    The Corrupt Creators

    The dirty little secret is that there have been false, corrupt Creators introduced to us, that are waging a psychological battle on humanity who refuse to embrace God. They are incredible beings that are beholden to dark forces, playing a game of inversion of truth and life itself, in order to garner our energy and ultimately, our worship of them.

    Another question to be answered is; how can aliens, and by the same token, physical space ships, change shape, as has been observed many times by various spotter experts? These extraterrestrials seem to apply interdimensional magic that obviously defies our present science. They can vanish right in front of our eyes by using interdimensional portals where they hide in parallel dimensions, rendering them undetected by our eyes, comparable to radio stations on different wave lengths.

    The Anunnaki will be returning soon, as their planet Nibiru has entered our solar system. The suggestion is that they have apparently turned to the Light and will no longer pose a threat to humanity?

    The world is undergoing a massive transition

    Fortunately, thanks to President Trump, the Patriots and the Q-movement, the world is undergoing a massive transition. Everything the Cabal has put in place is now being destroyed, step by step.

    Most importantly, their global fiat financial system is being brought to the point of deflation, which will force the Deep State to relinquish their global control. The fiat financial system will be replaced by local currencies, i.e. gold-backed sovereign money systems, based on the QFS. Monies that cannot be counterfeited or made worthless. This will be the foundation for the post-fiat, GESARA world.

    The military are now slowly realising that the ‘wars for profit and depopulation’ were false flags and they were used to kill other human beings, in support of the Deep State’s depopulation agenda. The dark aliens which have had control over this planet through their Deep State proxies want us to destroy ourselves, reducing our large, uncontrollable numbers to a more manageable level, so that they can take over this planet totally.

    The Satanic Vatican has created over 6000 Fake Religions to control humans by teaching the fear of death and hell, that are lies. There is no hell, except the one we are living in today. The churches will soon be forced to apologise to their congregations for all the lies and misrepresentations they have sold to them.

    Where the Taxpayers Monies go

    The Vatican decided what wars would be fought to promote their agenda. Nations were forced to borrow money from the city of London, for which income tax was established; the people of all nations were forced to foot the bill of the interest repayments on these criminal war loans. The Washington DC corporation was administratively moved to Puerto Rico as was the IRS, while both are illegal.

    The pontiff of Rome was given control over the monarchy, with the signing of the treaty of 1213 between King John and Pope Innocent III, that forever pledged England as a vassal state of the holy Roman empire. Therefore, all our taxes went to England. 67% of our taxes went to the Crown of England, 23% to the Committee of 300, the shareholders of the Rothschild-controlled federal reserve bank and most of all other central banks. While 10% of the tax income went to the IRS-agents to keep their mouths shut about this sweet deal.

    Since 1913, none of the income tax collected by the the IRS has gone to the federal government. The federal government is funded totally through black budget projects, such as drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, including child-sex-trafficking and the off-budget accounting on the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).

    Lifting the Veil

    The veil that has aided in keeping our soul prisoner on this planet, via the loop- reincarnation process, is going to be lifted, making humanity free to ascend as the Creator has always intended.

    There is ‘off-world’, advanced technology coming our way that will fix all that is wrong on earth; all that has been destroyed by our criminal oppressors. This advanced technology is rumoured to have the ability to keep us young and healthy. – We will learn about technology, such as healing machines that are already in operation of which it is said, “that it could keep us young and alive for as long as we want, which could be up to about 1000 years, before a race may have evolved enough to ascend to the next level”.

    In our obsession about questions like “When will Disclosure come”, many people often fail to ask more interesting questions about what might happen afterwards. Some of the most fascinating that will arise relate to science and technology. What scientific knowledge might extraterrestrials possess, what technology could have been developed from this knowledge, and what might happen when we get access to such technology? Nick Pope uses his inside knowledge to explore some truly world changing paradigm shifting possibilities. Follow this video to learn more about what is coming within the next 30- years.

    Ancient Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets Told Us Everything We Need to Know

    In a fascinating summary of all that has been explained in the six foregoing issues, follow the exposé of the late Jim Marrs, who, from his point of knowledge, exposes the whole history of the past and also predicts the future. It is truly mind-blowing. Just spend 55 min. of your time and listen to the recap of all that has been published in the six forgoing issues on the FWC-site regarding our origins.
    Secret Societies
    The Invisible Rulers
    The true origin of humanity
    The Anunnaki
    Population Decimation
    Truths about our Human Origin

    2019 – The year of Transition
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  • Spiritual Interfaith Panel of the first Memphis Peace Conference.
    - Inauguration and Keynote:
    Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamji Maharaj
    Panel Leader:
    - Keith Anthony Blanchard (Spiritual Humanist)
    Other panelists:
    - Candia Ludy, Pema Karpo Meditation Center (Buddhist)
    - Bhai Amarjit Singh - Gurdwara Sikh Center of the Mid South (Sikh)
    - Chris Dempsey - Unity Church of practical Christianity (Christian)
    - Adrian Ashir Kirk - Assistant Imaam, Midtown Mosque (Islam)
    - Judy Bearman, Director Faith Services (Jewish)
    - Pastor Ray Johnson, Spirit Church (Christian)
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  • Between Christianity and the Revolution there is no contradiction.
    Entre el Cristianismo y Revolucion no hay contradiccion.
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