• 20 Signs Your DNA Is Transforming & You're Shifting Into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness http://ow.ly/qPkO30pkZrP #Awakening
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  • WELCOME TO THE LIONS GATE PORTAL! G1 minor Geomagnetic storm in effect. Let our Benevolent Star Family in the Sirius Star System guide us to expand our consciousness and help us slow down enough to meditate! Wonderful changes can occur when we can sit in silence out in Nature with our shoes off! The natural Circadian Rhythm of Gaia will help you realign with the Cosmic alignments! Please consider staying hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! Blessings Everyone! We are Sovereign, We are Free! More inspiration and info at https://www.youtube.com/c/TravisCarper C&G 8-6-2019 3:30pm PST
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  • I do not understand your political views Magenta or why you even get involved in politics when you are a spiritual teacher!

    My response; I don't really have 'political views' or 'get involved in politics' - I just read energy signatures. The political arena (especially in America) is at the forefront of the energetic changes in the third dimensional world so it makes sense that an energy reader would see this and comment on it as part of their delivery of messages (as well as receive downloads from their higher guidance system).
    No 'spiritual teacher' or channel/conduit can truly see the bigger picture if they don't take note of the political world stage which is a collective reflection of all that we are. Polarity raising or lessening is not an 'easy ride' in 3D. One can remain within 5D/multidimensionality/unity consciousness and still comment on political issues. The trick to accessing clear, clean and accurate information within this polarised and potentially volatile structure is to take the observer viewpoint and not bring in any of your own ego agendas or emotions. If you do this, you are lost to truth. However, if you are triggered this is not a bad thing. It shines a light upon that which needs to be examined, integrated and transmuted. Gratitude is the key <3
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  • Message from Matthew July 18, 2019
    Light’s healing vibrations, sources; collective consciousness, energy field of potential, manifestation; extreme weather; California earthquakes
    July 18, 2019
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  • I came back from my scenic New Mexico trip, with a renewed creative vigor. These are some of the New pieces I've made. These ones are going to a spiritual retreat this week with one of my mentors. He helped me to grasp the "Spiritual Physiks" necessary to elementally balance them as energetic tools. Which is quite handy as my intent is to imbue each of my creations through Light, Love and Meditation, to become energetic tools for light-workers. So they are elementally balanced to help light-workers project the Light of Unity Consciousness into the World.

    May they find new homes, full of Light and Love.
    Left to Right:
    Copper wire-wrapped Shiva Lingam pendant, with: Honey Jade, Swarovski Crystal and Glass accent beads.
    Copper wire-wrapped Obsidian Arrowhead pendant, with: Green Jade, Swarovski Crystal, Hematite and Glass accent beads.
    Copper wire-wrapped Shunghite pendant, with: Rose Quartz, Swarovski Crystal, Goldstone, Hematite and Glass accent beads.

    All of my handcrafted pieces come with a free on-hand repair policy. Basically if something happens to it and I have the material on-hand to repair, its free of charge.
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  • The organic and the hijacked are intertwined within the same reality (your reality on Earth.) The change in polarity upon your planet which is that which you call 'ascension' is created by the consciousness of the aware and activated individuals (Starseeds) as they decipher the difference between organic and hijacked. As they embrace the organic and reject the hijacked they create that reality.
    'The Nine' - through Magenta Pixie
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  • Dear #LightFamily: Tomorrow is the #FullMoonEclipseinCapricorn & yes, there will, of course, be a #GlobalMassMeditation!
    Do take advantage of these intense energies & join in #meditation with people around the world to utilize the energies of many focusing in as ONE, experiencing a powerful #UnityConsciousness.

    This is a #PartialLunarEclipse, & will be visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific & South America.

    My dears, a Lunar eclipse acts as a more potent Full Moon— its effects last longer than a regular Full Moon—we’ll be feeling the effects of this one for about six months.
    Eclipses are portals & this one can bring up old wounds & karma to clear—so use this time to do your #ShadowWork, be brave, face yourself honestly & LET GO of the old so you can allow in the new!

    Because it’s on the Capricorn-Cancer axis, our attention will be focused on two points: safety & authority. It will affect Capricorn & Cancer the most, followed by Libra & Aries.

    With this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in these two signs, you may find yourself in a battle between willpower & fate—of course when you realize that we all have FREE WILL, you know you can CREATE your fate! Make space, choose well & CREATE!

    The Moon will come to exact fullness at 9:39 pm UTC—for USA friends this is 5:39 pm Eastern time, 4:39 Central, 3:39 pm Mountain, 2:39 pm Pacific 

The Partial Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation is at 9:30 pm UTC
    for USA friends this will be:
    5:30 pm Eastern time, 4:30 pm Central, 3:30 pm Mountain, 2:20 pm Pacific

for the Guided Audio in English:

Playlist for Guided Audio in many languages:

    My dears be aware that this is a time when things that have been brewing under the surface come to light.
    The polarity between Capricorn (public life, responsibility, achievements, reputation, accountability) & Cancer (private life, attachment, family &/or our roots, nurturing) will find us dealing with the balance between #UnconditionalLove & conditional love.
    This is an important lesson. Are you ready?

    This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can give many of us a cosmic push to make the change we want to BE, to purge the old that is no longer needed by our Higher Selves, so that we have a clear path to move FORWARD.

    It may affect relationships in a dramatic fashion: some will be broken (no regrets, no looking back.) Some will be powerfully challenged. & some will be strengthened tremendously. 

We will find that what does come up on this one will be a culmination of our intentions that we sowed back in January 2019. In particular, issues related to work & family can come to a head. If we play our cards right, we may find ourselves experiencing liberation. Onwards & upwards my dears!

    See you in the ethers! 


    Zeeva Amrita

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  • "The starseeds have already reached critical mass to the level needed to effect change. You already hold that collective power. That collective power becomes an entity or collective of entities in it's own right. This 'force' if you will, an extra terrestrial force, is able to enact change on your behalf.

    So when we say to you 'the extra terrestrials of light will not allow global destruction of any kind' you will understand what we mean.
    In this case 'the extra terrestrials' we refer to is your collective power, taking on its own intelligence and consciousness."

    Excerpt from 'The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote' - The White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie

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  • REALITY IS A FUNCTION OF STATE OF MIND https://snooze2awaken.com/2019/06/28/reality-is-a-function-of-state-of-mind/ What the Powers that Be “never acknowledge — because it would topple and destroy the very foundation of their enterprise — is the capacity to direct non-material thought and, thereby, affect material events.” #changeyourreality #changereality #powerofpositivethinking #positivethinking #humanpotential #consciousevolution #consciousness #awareness #siddhis #paranormal #supernatural #DeanRadin #consciousuniverse #physics #alternativescience #awakening #materialism #science #psychokinesis #mentalhealth #stateofmind #mentalstate #mentalpower #psi #spirituality #supernormal #mindbody #mindbodyspirit #mindbodyspirithealth #mind
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