• Andrew Roper has done research on crop circles and discovered a binary code that he can use to decipher messages found in the crop circles including a Global Contact Invitation. See and for more information. Twitter: Facebook:
    @DavidWilcock or @CoreyGoode, you may find this interesting.
    GlobalContactInvitation and Messages Links.doc
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  • 19 UK Crop Circles of 2019 Compilation
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  • Sacred Geometry, in its bare essence, is the study of the "Oneness of Creation" from the perspective of Geometric Forms and Patterning found throughout Nature. The study of Sacred Geometry is a great way to integrate both sides of your brain. While being based in pure mathematics (left brain), it simultaneously gives you a profound insight into the interconnectedness, wonderment and sanctified divinity of all creation (right brain).

    It is a definite way to transcend what appears in the physical world to be "Organized Chaos" by connecting and reintegrating us with the "Source" of "All That Is," Was, and Will Be.

    Sacred Geometry has been expressed in symbols, images, art, mysticism, architecture, books and jewelry throughout history by masons, artists, sculptures, writers, metaphysicians and geometricians to convey religious, philosophical, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

    Sacred Geometry shapes are found everywhere in nature and throughout the Cosmos from the microscopic to the celestial.

    Each tradition has created its own unique version of this Divine Patterning:

    the Jewish Star of David and Tree of Life
    the Egyptian Eye of Horus and Ankh
    the Tibetan Buddhist Vajra and Mandalas
    the Hindu Om and Sri Yantra
    the Mayan Calendar and Galactic Butterfly
    the Chinese Yin Yang and Taoist Symbols

    the Christian Rosy Cross and Labyrinths
    the Wiccan Pentagram and Celtic Knots
    the Pre-Historic Flower of Life and Solar Symbols
    and finally, the MerKaBa, Crop Circles and
    Alchemical Symbols popularized by the Mind, Body,
    Spirit Cultural Creative Movement.

    This Sacred Teaching has Indigenous Roots that dig back Beyond Antiquity; however, the Sublime Wisdom you can attain by its study is timelessly fulfilling. The understanding of Sacred Geometry takes on even more relevance today by helping us to stay Centered and Integrated during this period of Massive Transformation.

    All this being said, the Sacred Geometry Symbols offered by this website each have a specific function and meaning. They are each fully charged with the energies of the Sun, the Moon and Crystalline Grids.

    Ultimately, the real beauty of our aesthetically pleasing pendant is that it is in essence, as my wife Pauline calls it a “Functional Healing Necklace.” They make excellent “gifts that keep on giving”. Each medallion comes with it’s own specific gemstone. Get your necklace for women and necklace for men. You can also purchase a Sterling Silver rope chain to go with your new healing jewelry.

    “Enjoy all of our sacred geometry patterns and their meanings.”
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    This is an edited and abridged translation but retains much of the original words and sentence structure telepathically communicated to the source listed below.

    Telepathic spiritist contact Ivana Podhrázská and contact writer Ilona Podhrázská from the Czech Republic. With Humanoid EBE – Olie from 12 Dimension, planet ELieLji.

    This communication was received on 6 January 2018 after a question was posed by myself (Peter Anthony Flynn) to Olie, a Zeta Reticuli EBE.

    Question: How are crop circles made?

    Answer: We have a source of the energy in our Ship. Using [this] thermal energy and using rotation from below in our Ship, we insert codes and our messages. From below our Ship pulses the beam of light. It burns the grain in the fields, but it does not destroy it. Only bending. We do not want to destroy your fields on the ground which are for food for people.

    It is our message symbol in the pictogram, in the pattern. We do not destroy them, but (jokers people), they want to imitate us. They people jokers destroy the ground.

    Our message pictograms can never be imitated. People use other geometric formulas that are not for a purpose messages. [These people use] Just for the purpose of geometric doctrine science of dimensions used for scientific schematics. But not for the purpose of the messages [as we do].

    Even never your produced airplane would not be able to produce a thermal geometric message in codes printed into the fields. By entering into midst of the pictogram, people flows vibration with the body. Each picture (pictogram) has its own codes.

    There are fewer pictures (pictogram) [now] because your hydrosphere and ionospheric pressure are weakening. And it causes us to maneuver of our Ship. Imprinting the message would not be accurate.

    End of translation from Czech to English.
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  • Very interesting information about GAIA TV , an interview hosted on July, 20th 2018 by
    Alfred Lambremont Webre with Laura Eisenhauer and Patty Greer (the name is not affiliated with Dr. Steven Greer), who is a film-maker about crop circles
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  • Robbert van den Broeke was born on May 7, 1980 in Breda, Holland and grew up in a small West-Brabant village with an older and a younger sister. At a very young age, he found he had psychic ability and 'saw' things which his parents were unable to comprehend. It was not until he was 13 years old that his gifts and talents were recognized and under the excellent professional guidance of psychologist Rens Hendriks. It was in February 1996 that Robbert first found he was able to predict exactly where crop circles would appear and investigative research Nancy Talbott became involved in the study of Robberts abilities. During this time Robbert's perceptions and senses were becoming more acute and heightened and he found he was able to give information and statements to others about things he could not normally have known about. It was on May 4, 2005 that Robbert observed and photographed a what he believed to be a higher dimensional being and decided to emerge from his rather reclusive lifestyle and come out into the open with this recording. Robbert has gone under many scientific test procedures and has demonstrated even on live television his ability to capture unusual images via the use of numerous cameras. Such a phenomenon was first demonstrated by Ted Serious, and was given the term Thoughtography. Robbert continues to provide evidence of numerous other psychic abilities. A live demonstration can be seen on the television series 'Calling Earth', available on Youtube.
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  • Love the sacred geometry of the crop circles....
    50 Most Beautiful Crop Circles In The World
    50 Most Beautiful Crop Circles In The World:   This video is only just over 6 minutes long so you get to see a lot of the most beautiful crop circles for a short investment of time. No chat. No text overlays. Just relaxing music and stunning crop circles. Enjoy!     Onwards and upwards... Namaste to all @Flammarion  
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  • I find the geometry in crop circles truly memorizing.
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  • The Conspiracy Center...

    (1.) Posts & shares numerous links to current & otherwise interesting articles, photos, video clips & documentaries (about topics below) to expose whats going on under the surface of reality.

    (2.) Is a place for people to intelligently comment on & share stories or exchange theories on a wide range of conspiracy topics such as, but not limited to...
    Aliens & UFO's, Abductions, Disclosure, Egypt, The Pyramids, Ancient Aliens, Secret Space Programs & NASA, Hoaxes, Crop Circles, Evolution, Sasquatch, Cryptids, Religious Origins, The Vatican, Gods, Myths & Legends, Secret Societies, The Freemasons & Bohemian Grove, The New World Order, The Illuminati & The Bilderbergers, Stonehenge, The Police State, Shadow Government, D.U.M.B.S. & The Military Industrial Complex, 9/11 & False Flag Operations, The War On Terror, The Federal Reserve, The EU & The CFR, NATO, Wall Street, World Currencies, Gold & Silver, The Occupy Movement, The Mayans, The Apocalypse, Global Warming & Geo Engineering, Depopulation, The Georgia Guide Stones, Prepping & Off Grid Living, Big Pharma, Viruses & Vaccines, GMO's & Monsanto, Mind Altering Drugs, Mental & Physical Health, Hemp, Cannabis & CBD, Mind Control, Presidential Puppets & Politics, Propaganda, Fake News, Knowledge & Truth, Consciousness, Reality
    & everything in between.
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