• How Referral Program Works On Bk8Asia.
    We rise by lifting others.
    The accuracy of this simple statement is underrated. When you have something that fetches you an income, you can tell your struggling neighbor to join you and make some money for themselves too. This is exactly how referral marketing works, it is also known as word-of-mouth marketing.

    Bk8Asia online casino can boast of having millions of winning players all over Asia, and these members didn't just register overnight . It took a referral marketing strategy to get to this stage.
    To make the referral program more fascinating for members, Bk8Asia made the process quick and easy with plenty of rewards for both the referrer and the referee.

    Bk8Asia referral program is designed to motivate existing members to invite friends and family to join Bk8, thereby earning more points for themselves and building the online casino network.
    If you haven't started utilizing the benefits of Bk8Asias referral program you're missing out on so much to be honest.

    So the big question is - how does the referral program on Bk8Asia work?
    That's right.
    So, let's get straight into details.

     Your unique referral code.
    Once you register as a member on Bk8Asia, the system automatically generates your unique referral code that looks just like this ”jknqwaoh”.
    You just simply have to send this generated code or unique URL to the person you want to invite. It's as simple as that!

     Your rewards come next!
    After your referral must have successfully signed up, he/she will receive a welcome bonus and other bonuses available for newbies on Bk8Asia.
    And for you the referrer your reward is not a one-time thing, you'll continue to receive unending rewards from your referrals as long as they remain active.
    These rewards come in form of points, gift prizes, cash rewards and bet credits. The points you get can be used to redeem gifts too.
    So you see, it's a win-win thing for both the referrer and the referee.

     The chain continues.
    There is no limit to how many members you can invite with your unique referral code, the chain is endless. Keep spreading the word about Bk8Asia and keep sharing your link.
    You're not only earning an income for yourself but you're also building a team in the process.
    Try to check up on your referees from time to time time to see how they're doing in bringing their own referrals too, you can't grow without them.
    The more people they invite, the more you earn rewards.
    This referral system is a very good way to increase your earnings in Bk8Asia asides wagering and winning.

    To make this program more active and fun for members, Bk8Asia just introduced a referral tournament, where members will have to challenge each other to a referral contest.
    You can stand a chance to win big prizes from this tournament, keep referring as many people as you can.
    If you succeeded in reading this piece till this point then you are ready to grab this referral program opportunity and start earning some extra bucks for yourself. Simply visit Bk8Asias official website to register now and generate your own unique referral code.

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  • Finish and Start

    This is the last post in 2019, dear readers, so it is called this way. These words are familiar to any athlete and, of course, they are familiar to you. And now I will explain why I chose this topic for today's article. Everything is clear with the finish - today is the last day of the calendar year and this means the end of the race. But why the start? In other words, what awaits us in 2020, in addition to the usual, technical shot from a sports pistol?

    I am sure that each of you already has a rough answer to the question of what you will do in the coming year. And now I will tell you about what the plans of the teams Levelnaut, CryptoNetLeader and BestCrypto.

    Firstly, you have certainly seen the ranking of the best projects of the last year and you probably noticed something unusual in it. In the category of investment projects, you saw a Telegram bot project called IBanker24 in the first position. Starting next year, all our teams and groups begin very serious work with this project.

    Behind this project is the Australian NEM CAPITAL fund with a multi-million dollar turnover. Acquaintance with this fund will take place very soon in Egypt. On the Levelnaut website you will get all the necessary insiders and official information), but only those who fulfill the conditions of the promotion will be able to fly to Egypt. The IBanker24 project is different in that it only deploys its own nodes everywhere, for security reasons, and works only with those cryptocurrencies whose transactions go in seconds - BIP, PRIZM, UMC, WINK and several others that are just getting ready to launch.

    In short, IBanker24 is a platform for investing and working with the most profitable POS and DPOS tokens to date.

    This is the main news and the most important insider of the outgoing year. I advise investors to pay the most serious attention to this project, and I recommend all newcomers to collect everything that they have earned on faucets in the best projects of the above rating and transfer them to IBanker24. By the way, one more inside. In the very near future (that is, in the coming week), an internal exchanger of all these tokens will be launched in addition to all the exchanges where they has been traded officially.

    And the IBanker24 programmer team is working on the web version and mobile application in full and at the most accelerated pace. Let's not forget that UMC is also part of IBanker24 and on the already finished UMC website everyone will be able to perform various tasks and receive rewards for them in UMC tokens, which can be exchanged in the same way as tokens from TRON casino WINK in the internal exchanger.

    I am sure that you liked everything that I wrote above. But I want to add still that all the teams Levelnaut, CryptoNetLeader and BestCrypto earned in IBanker24 plan to redirect to arbitrage and affliate networkng.

    Now that you have received all the insiders, you also have a detailed instruction from Levelnaut website team and know what we will do in 2020, I can only congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and wish you the fulfillment of all your plans and desires. And as always, I advise all those who have not yet subscribed to the Levelnaut website to do this as quickly as possible so as not to miss the most interesting in 2020.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • Happy World UFO Day OnStellar!!
    UFO Odds: Where Are You Most Likely To See A UFO in the US?
    Discover where America's alien hot spots are with our interactive UFO sightings map. After crunching the data on every reported UFO sighting in the US since 1940, we've calculated your real odds of spotting alien craft, state by state. The results might surprise you - Hint: California isn't the top state.
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  • Peer-to-Peer Lessons to Learn From
    By Vin Narayanan, June 21, 2018

    In a previous life, I worked in the business side of the casino industry. Some considered me an expert. I wrote about it. I edited books and magazines about it. I advised regulators. I helped run online casino companies (in Asia and Europe, where it was legal) and consulted.
    This was all before I got into bitcoin (some of my friends are still thanking me for that).
    So why am I bringing all of this up? Because I worked in online gaming when it was a very young industry. And the exact same trends I saw there are starting to pop up in the crypto world.
    The trend that caught my eye this week was decentralized exchanges. Coinbase recently acquired Paradex, a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies. Binance is launching a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies. And Decred is offering its own decentralized exchange proposal.
    Decentralized exchanges differ from centralized exchanges (like Coinbase) in two critical ways:

    1. Users hold on to their own coins in wallets. In a centralized exchange, the exchange holds the coins to make buying and selling easier. This presents a huge target for hackers. If hackers can crack into an exchange, they can steal digital assets worth millions. That's exactly what happened this week with Bithumb, an exchange in South Korea. But in a decentralized exchange, coins are stored in locations (and wallets) throughout the world, so hackers don't have a single target to attack.
    2. Because subscribers of decentralized exchanges have direct access to their digital assets, this enables peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. This allows bitcoin owners to trade directly with each other without the exchange serving as a "middleman."

    And here's where we get our history lesson.
    The online gaming world tried decentralized betting exchanges about a decade ago. It didn't work out as planned.
    At the time, P2P online betting was thought of as a revolutionary concept. Instead of betting $100 on the Red Sox to beat the Yankees with a sportsbook, a punter (fancy word for bettor) could make the same wager directly with another punter. The bet cut out the middleman (everyone hates middlemen) and the platform skimmed a percentage off the top to generate revenue.
    Sounds like a great idea, right? Everyone thought so at the time. But it didn't really work.
    The technology was lacking, compared to today's vibrant blockchain innovation system. And these P2P exchanges never generated enough users (liquidity) to create a sustainable business. Basically, sharks - who were really good at betting on sports and setting odds in their favor - would feast on minnows - casual bettors or betting novices. The sharks would win all of the money. The minnows would go away. And then there was nobody left to bet because the sharks didn't want to bet against other sharks.

    That's exactly what decentralized exchanges need to guard against. In order for an exchange to work, it needs liquidity - people trading on the platform. But investors will only trade on a platform if they sense the price is fair. If investors feel like they're getting ripped off, trading activity dies down, effectively bringing the exchange to a halt. It's the classic chicken and egg problem.
    These platforms also have to worry about arbitrage opportunities between their decentralized and centralized exchanges. Arbitrage is a great opportunity for investors. I know. I've done it before in bitcoin. (It's amazing what you used to be able to do in China.)
    But trading platforms don't want to create those opportunities (especially if they're operating under the same brand or parent company). It creates all sorts of activity that they'd rather not police.
    These problems are not insurmountable. There are solutions - like pegging prices in some fashion to the centralized exchange and capping transaction costs. But decentralized exchanges need to tackle these problems early on. Fortunately, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since the gaming industry tried these "trustless" decentralized exchanges. And in crypto, much of the technology is open source, or free to use and change.
    Still, we all learn by doing. That's why I'm sharing with you the lessons the online gaming industry learned the hard way. I don't think the crypto industry will repeat history and make the same mistakes. But I want you, our First Stage Investor, to know exactly what to look for as this market matures.
    Decentralized exchanges are hugely important to the future of crypto, and we'll be keeping a close eye on developments in this space.
    Vin Narayanan
    Senior Managing Editor, First Stage Investor
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  • Re-Activation of Super Soldier
    Part I

    I was reactivated October 16, 2016. I was put into play and returned to my first handler, whom I almost married when I was 17, after 40 years. He asked me to come visit him in Arizona and spend Christmas with him. I will call him Brad. I told Brad before I went to Arizona that I was in love with someone. He already knew it was John, my second handler, because he knew me, everything about me. He knew my character, he knew the depth of my devotion, he knew I believed in God and fighting for righteousness. He knew me inside and out. Just as John had come to know me inside and out.

    I did not know that John and Brad even knew each other, much less that they had both known me before my birth and that Brad and John had been in the MKULTRA programs before me, and had assumed responsibility for my training.

    Brad was involved in John’s training. John and Brad were involved in my training. In a covert email I received in Branson, sent to me through Wet Seal, a clothing store, John informed me that he was honored to have been of service to me for 55 years. I was 58; meaning he knew me when I was three, in the project.

    This could explain why I fell in love with him each time I met him, each time I had been erased down to a baby and had to relearn how to walk and talk all over again, in some remote deep underground military base, either on planet earth or time traveling across the galaxy. Everything was erased from me. My entire life; languages were erased from me. I believe I knew Italian and German, and that I read Latin and possibly Aramaic and Annanauki. Thank goodness that we speak telepathically to one another meaning there is no need for language or words. They are interpreted in our heads. Our natural frequencies are embellished with VHF Microwave frequencies to actually enable us to communicate from one Planet to another.

    Over the Christmas Holidays, in 2016, Brad took me to his place, and left me there. He said he had to return to California to continue packing and to ready his exotic cars for transit. After 40 years, he left me at his place alone, for a week. I asked him Brad, what do you want me to do. He said one word “Organize”. And I did. I went through all of his personal things. When he returned, I cooked for him, I cleaned his house, I made his bed, I purchased plates at the thrift store. I obtained a Christmas Tree and decorated it for his return on Christmas Eve. I washed his laundry. When I thought that he had cancer of the stomach because he wasn’t eating, I prayed over him and rubbed his body to heal him.

    I was devoted to him. When he took me to a Casino where John started one of his businesses, I felt faint. I grabbed ahold of Brad’s arm. I thought I was going to faint. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I remembered how much I loved Brad. I saw all of my handlers faces. I remember how much I loved John. I still wasn’t sure why.

    I was introduced to an Elton John impersonator, who later asked me to represent him. He didn’t really want me to represent him. He was sent to me by Brad and John for a strategic reason.

    Sunny Day, from the Delphonics died in California. I told Brad I needed to go to California. He gave me his car, his keys, money and gas cards. He trusted me.

    Brad took me John’s neighborhood. I had forgotten California and I had lived there for 40 years. I had forgotten John. I had been erased and I couldn’t figure out how. When I saw Brad in October, 2016 on a FaceTime I did not remember he had an accent. This is a man I almost married.

    After my reactivation, I drove to Branson, twice. I was in contact with Brad, John, and Tommy, simultaneously. All CIA, all MKULTRA guiding and directing my every move.

    While on the road I made contact with my next handler. Geo. He stayed in contact with me, as I researched and slept in my car, traveling from Starbucks to Starbucks.

    I had been researching MKULTRA and I knew that MKULTRA makes assassins. I knew my handlers had people in the White House. The second time I was in Branson I rejoined the CIA, as if I ever left it. I told Geo that I was afraid that I was being set up to kill Trump. The second time I was in Branson, I did many, many things. I stood outside myself and wondered why I was doing these things. I was a researcher, a writer, an exorcist, and investigator, a seer of paranormal activity, I could see buildings on fire and see their history. I could see the Civil War, the past, present and future. I told John in a telephone conversation, “John I am literally seeing the signs”. I was reading code. I deciphered a cyber, I learned an Annanuaki Code language, most of all though, I knew when I told John where I was and how I got there that he knew my license plate. I knew I was protected.

    When I was in Branson, the second time, a Legends performer named James, who worked as a Temptation, was driving my car. He took me to a gun shop. He showed me a gun with a pink handle on it. I did not want to touch it. I was afraid that they would have my finger prints on the gun and then I would be framed for a murder. I did touch it. They took the gun and put it behind the counter. I also wanted to look at shotguns. I saw the Civil War and I saw John, Brad Tommy, Johnny and Ben Carson coming into Branson with a military contingency of National Guard. They were wearing long duster raincoats because there was a tornado that tore up the town. It was raining. Soldiers were all over Branson, people were displaced, crying. Trump was there and he called Marshall law.

    When I talked to John I told him I saw myself on the cover of Time Magazine, but I didn’t know what I was doing there. I also saw myself marrying John at the Bradford Inn. Trump was there and there were five coffins. So Trump was not killed. He was alive in the middle of the Civil War and John and I were getting married.

    As I write this I am in a behavioral facility. CIA doctors that drugged me for 12 years, diagnosed me as schitzo effective. I was never apprised of this diagnosis while I was being drugged. My husband, retired San Diego PD, was a CIA operative. He was in charge of drugging me and destroying me physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. I was ousted from the work force. I am now labelled crazy. I am not. My mother was MKULTRA and labeled schizophrenic, she was not. My brother David was labelled paranoid schizophrenic, he was not. My older brother told me he was not paranoid nor schizophrenic. He said he worked for the NSA and that everything that David wrote about was true.

    David wrote a book called the Whistleblower. It was about the vast global conspiracy that is occurring now. It opened with the Vatican. It spoke about President Tush. It closed with a man opening a black box. Inside the box was a note, it read “The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth.” My family are people who learned and loved the Bible, the word of God and righteousness. My older brother said that David died protecting a woman. He did. Me. David said everyone in his life was a government plant. He was right. He was MKULTRA, and a super solider like me. He was also right about The Meek shall inherit the earth.

    When I read his screenplay, I thought, David needed an extra terrestrial presence in his book. He had one. The MIEC is the Military Industrial Extra Terrestrial Complex. The shadow government that we have are Extra Terrestrials.

    I asked a psychologist at this facility, named John his thoughts. I said what is schitzo, he said delusional. I said, if I was delusional, then the things that I say would not be actually coming true would they. He said no Penny, you are not crazy. I said what is effective. He said it means you are emotional. I said I am an empath, I feel people’s emotions very deeply, that effects me deeply. I feel their pain and their sadness. I said CIA doctors, destroyed me to the point that I was on 50 different drugs.

    Dr. Johnson, from Scripps Clinic in California was my husband’s primary doctor. I was not permitted to talk to him or any of my doctors initially. My husband Sam talked for me. He said you don’t make any sense Penny. I was an EMT, and a DRE, trained at John Hopkins, hey will understand me. He just like my second husband, Steve and his PhD psychologist mother and father, we adept at NLP, neuronlinquistic programing, one of the most potent forms of hypnotism. They were doctors, and geneticists, who worked covertly for the CIA. They also knew John, Brad and his family.

    Dr. Johnson told me Penny you are hallucinating, you are crazy. When I went home I found that seven on the drugs he had me on CAUSED hallucinations. I was consistently told Penny over and over again, Penny you are crazy. But I never believed it. I went to five different psychiatrists who said Penny there is nothing wrong with you. Sam doctor shopped me and sent me to his CIA doctors. They continued to diagnose me with a myriad of maladies I did not have.

    All the doctors at Scripps Clinic experimented on me. The drugged me and I became sicker and sicker eventually walking on a walker in adult diapers. That was only half of what Sam VanHooser, my husband, did to me.

    Sam worked for MKULTRA and was a handler and a mind control expert. Probably one of the best. He was an evil man. I am happy that the CIA gave him cancer and killed him.

    This is one part of my story regarding how the CIA aims to take away any credibility you may have by taking someone of strong, sterling character, and destroying any reputation they may have.

    When I quit my band Stinger, I was replaced by someone who looked like me, but was an alcoholic. I met her. I saw her at McCormics Landing in Irvine. I picked her out of a crowd of 700 people, standing on the balcony. I approached her and asked her to sing. She was drunk. I asked her her name. She said her name was Julie. Julie was Brad’s wife’s name. It wasn’t Brad’s wife, but it was a message. I was told when I gave my band an ultimatum to go with John or go with me (fully knowing that they would go with John, my official resignation from Stinger) that they had hired a new girl named Julie. She worked with them for a few weeks and was fired. Thereby making it appear that I was an alcoholic and then the band fired me rather than that I quit.

    Throughout my entire life I have always tried to be a standup person. At every turn the CIA discredits me by destroying everything about me, to hide any truths that I may ascertain. They destroyed and discredited my mother. She was attacked with a hammer and had to have her face rebuilt. My brother David had his face stomped on with a MIB who had a steel toed boot. His face was crushed and rebuild putting new technology into him. My mother was dispossessed of her house, made homeless and resided in the care of the state. My brother David was made homeless, and murdered on Mission Beach. Me, for some reason, they suicided via OMEGA protocol and then brought me back to life. There was a general in a civilian hospital that looked like Ishi from WWII over seeing my care.

    Which begs the question, why did they bring me back? We are they letting me uncover the truth about my past and myself? I understand that disclosure is taking place to those who have the wear with all to actually SEE and comprehend the truth.

    The only reason I can figure out that I was brought back to life was given to me by an individual who said he knew Ron Pandolfi. He said that he was told in that they had used the Looking Glass technology which is at Area 51. The Looking Glass technology sees the past, present and future. He said they ascertained that out of 12 possible timelines, he was in six of them.

    The timelines are converging. I saw myself marry John. I also knew that I was going to marry Sam. I knew I was supposed to marry Steve. I knew I was not supposed to marry Brad. Was I simply programmed to see these events, like the Civil War? Or did I SEE the future because I time traveled with each of these men.

    Why do I get so angry with them, and swear at them and then in the morning I still love them in my heart. Is the heart real? Is it just a program?
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  • Sheldon #Adelson: the casino mogul driving #Trump’s Middle East policy
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  • If you ever come out east there's plenty of venues for convention style gatherings. Mohegan Sun Casino. Loads of historic oddities in the local woods. Gungywamp, Groton, CT.
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  • Operation Disclosure

    Benjamin Fulford Report: "Bringing Events to a Head" -- May 22, 2018

    Posted: 23 May 2018 09:43 PM PDT

    Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

    Trump’s universal trade war declaration is bringing events to a head

    By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

    U.S. President Donald Trump’s declaration of trade war with just about
    everybody is really just a case of Trump negotiating a Chapter 11-style
    bankruptcy for the United States. A kinder way of putting it would be to
    say that the U.S. is revolting against an international system that has
    looted its people on behalf of globalist oligarchs. Yet another way of
    putting it is to say the world is negotiating a replacement for the
    petro-dollar system. In any case, we can now expect a lot more shouting and
    bluster, and possibly even the odd nuke or two, as these negotiations

    In public, this dispute can be seen in the biggest open split between
    European powers and the United States since the end of World War 2. We have
    the leaders of France, Germany, and the EU openly calling for an end to the
    post-war European/American alliance. The U.S. side, for its part, has
    publicly threatened sanctions against European countries. Under the
    surface, a U.S. assassination campaign against disobedient EU leaders is
    also a good guess.

    The immediate trigger was Trump’s decision to leave the Iranian nuclear
    accord. Of course, anybody who is following what is really going on knows
    that the Trump decision to leave the Iranian nuclear accord has nothing to
    do with nuclear weapons and is really about Iran’s announcement that it
    will sell oil to Europe priced in Euros, not petro-dollars.

    Let us start by taking a look at how things will proceed on the superficial
    level. Here Trump is saying, “If you do not buy more from us, we will stop
    buying from you!” He is also saying, “If you stop using petro-dollars to
    buy Iranian oil, we will prevent any European country doing business with
    Iran from doing business with us.” The Europeans are saying, “You are a
    deadbeat who is not paying for what you buy, so who cares is you stop
    buying!” They are also saying, “We will punish any European companies who
    obey your sanctions against Iran.”

    The most important threat seen in public has been the U.S. threat to impose
    sanctions against Germany if they proceed with the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline.
    This pipeline would allow Germany to import more gas directly from Russia
    instead of having to go through the Khazarian puppet state of the Ukraine.
    In essence Trump is saying, “If you do not buy gas from us (at a 20%
    markup), we will stop buying your cars.”

    The elephant in the living room of this EU/American domestic spat is China
    and its move to replace the Atlantic alliance with a Eurasian alliance that
    leaves the Anglo-Saxon powers on the periphery of world power. The way
    things are going now, the Chinese are winning because the EU/U.S. spat has
    given a big boost to Chinese yuan-denominated oil futures and thus
    strengthening the petro-yuan as a would-be replacement for the petro-dollar.

    That is probably why Trump chose a NATO meeting to implicitly threaten a
    shooting war if his trade war with the EU, China, and the rest of the world
    does not succeed. Here are his comments:

    “‘Will that be successful? I tend to doubt it,’ the president told
    reporters during an appearance with NATO Secretary-General Jens
    Stoltenberg. ‘The reason I doubt it is because China has become very
    spoiled. The European Union has become very spoiled. Other countries have
    become very spoiled, because they always got 100 percent of whatever they
    wanted from the United States.

    ‘But we can’t allow that to happen anymore,’ Trump added.”

    However, Chinese secret society sources say they are actually playing a
    much bigger game and that they are pushing for…

    a world government. This Chinese world view is shaped by their history.
    When China was divided into warring states, the inevitable result was
    population decline, poverty, and misery. They believe the world now needs
    to unify, like China once did, in order to end strife and poverty. The
    problem with this vision, from a Western perspective, of course, is that if
    the price of world peace is for everybody to become a Chinese slave, then
    no thanks.

    However, unless the West can remove the Zionists with their apocalyptic
    visions from control of Western future planning, then the Chinese
    alternative becomes increasingly inevitable as time unfolds.

    That is why the West needs to do something about monotheism and the
    families that control it. Let us make that clear, there are competing
    family groups that control what we view as the competing monotheistic
    religions. We have:

    The Christians, who are controlled mainly by the P2 Freemasons and the
    Vatican or the descendants of the Caesars;
    The Jews and the Christian Jewish slaves (evangelical Zionist Christians),
    who are controlled by the Rothschild etc. family dynasty (self-described
    descendants of King David);The Orthodox Christians, who are ultimately
    heirs to the tradition of the Greeks and Alexander the Great;The Sunni
    Muslims, who are controlled by a group of descendants of Mohammed, as well
    as by descendants of the pagan families who control Mecca; andThe Shia, who
    are controlled by a different branch of the descendants of Mohammed as well
    as by heirs of the Persian empire.Outside of these groups we have the
    Gnostic Illuminati, who believe that whatever entity created this planet is
    evil and needs to be overthrown. The other group is the Satanists, who have
    an amoral vision that allows their members (many of whom have infiltrated
    the top levels of world power) to do whatever they want, including mass
    murder, child rape, cannibalism, etc.

    While these groups have been fighting for world power for a very long time,
    what they have in common is a vision of an end time when the world will
    “end” and then be replaced by something else.

    The trick now is to get these various groups to agree to some sort of
    vision of the future that does not involve Armageddon and the destruction
    of 90% of humanity. That is what the real fight is about. The financial war
    over such things as petro-dollars is thus really a war over control of the
    psychological process of deciding what humanity as a species will do in the

    The White Dragon Society and its allies are pushing an alternative to all
    of these visions that envisions a massive campaign to end poverty, stop
    environmental destruction, and set earth life on a path for exponential
    expansion into the universe.

    For now, though, in the West what we are seeing is a grassroots movement,
    including at the middle ranks of the military-industrial-law-enforcement
    nexus to remove all criminals from power.

    On this front, the biggest development last week was the resignation of 34
    Chilean bishops, ostensibly because of a massive cover-up of child abuse.
    However, as is often the case, the story given out for public consumption
    is not the whole story. What we are seeing in Chile is the removal of the
    group that was ultimately responsible for the “dirty war.” This group,
    closely associated with the Nazis and the Bush family, is largely
    responsible for the Nazi coup in the U.S. that started with 9/11.

    Pentagon and other sources are saying this mass resignation may lead to the
    removal of Pope Francis. However, P2 Freemason sources are saying what is
    really going on is a Christian Church revolt against the Roman families
    that have controlled Christianity since its creation. That is why the Pope
    last week installed 14 new cardinals who were not European. The Pope, they
    say, is planning for a massive campaign in Africa and South America to end
    poverty and be a counterpart to China’s massive One Belt One Road
    infrastructure project.

    The Pope has also publicly declared war on the unregulated casino-type
    gambling that the Western financial system has degenerated into.

    In any case, there is a related purge of corrupt actors still continuing
    inside the U.S. as well. On this front, according to Pentagon sources,
    there are now more than 30,000 sealed indictments ready to be acted upon
    soon. The trigger for these arrests may be the publication of emails, etc.
    that will “bust Hillary (Clinton) for underage sex and other crimes.”

    The “cabal” is also “reeling with low-level attacks after Gina Haspel was
    confirmed as CIA Director and Trump signed an executive order to release
    unredacted documents to Congress,” the sources say. The Department of
    Justice Inspector General is also “about to lower the boom with his
    explosive report of cabal crimes,” the sources say.

    There is also a lot going on in Asia now that a new CIA head has been
    named. The most dramatic issue is the ongoing probe of corruption in
    Malaysia. Here the new government of Mahathir Mohamad is leading raids on
    former government officials that are literally yielding truck loads of
    cash, jewelry, and other visible signs of corruption. Pentagon sources are
    saying that ousted Prime Minister Najib Razak “has flipped,” and that Trump
    may “visit Malaysia after his June 12 Singapore summit with fat boy (North
    Korean leader Kim Jong-Un).”

    The Malaysian corruption investigations are likely to expose the real
    reasons for the vanishing Malaysian Air Flight 370/17. However, we know
    part of this operation was aimed at preventing China from gaining access to
    U.S. semiconductor manufacturing technology. What this means is that while
    part of this airplane disappearance was criminal, part of it was linked to
    a Chinese/Western technology battle. Hopefully the world will learn the
    truth soon.

    The new CIA chief is also likely to make it possible for a corruption
    investigation in Japan, too, the Pentagon sources say. Here we have a
    political system that has degenerated to the point where almost all
    politicians in office are bribed and blackmailed stooges.

    The White Dragon Society has asked the Abe government to nationalize the
    Bank of Japan and use its financial power to benefit the planet. If this
    offer is not accepted, mass arrests will begin in Japan. Nationalizing the
    BOJ might be the trigger that finally brings on the “event,” or the mass
    positive changes we are all yearning for.

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