• Much as your service-to-self factions would like to be the case, we can tell you that there has never been a time within your history, known and beyond known, whereby there has not been an awakened individual existing upon the planet. There has indeed, at all times, been more than one.
    Although these groups of individuals have been in the minority, they have always been there.

    These individuals we call the timekeepers, peacekeepers, mystery keepers and wisdom keepers. They have held onto the truth and the memories for millenia, since before the fall, since Lemurian times, through Atlantean times and into the third dimensional ages. Of course those who read these words now know exactly who these timekeepers/wisdom keepers are. They are you. They are the ones who today are known as 'starseeds.' Many have remained within the incarnational wheel of the third dimension, in service, since the beginning of 'time' when your planetary system was formed. These are not the individuals who have 'had enough' or who are 'sick and tired of this planet' and who desperately yearn to 'go home.' These are the ones who have patience. They hold joy of life in all its forms, they are free to travel beyond the confines of the body at will and they anchor their lifetimes with deep gratitude. They honour the Earth and the people, the animals, birds, sealife and the land. They adore the natural world (to the point where many are obsessed with the natural world!) They anchor their 'home' wheresoever they are. These individuals, known also as 'wanderers' traverse the universal structure, bringing their expertise and knowings of ascension to many planetary systems simultaneously, whilst still following their individual, evolutionary pathways.
    The White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie
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  • Magenta Pixie's NEW BOOK "Lessons from a Living Lemuria" NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND KINDLE EDITION

    What is karma? Are there ways we can balance this and become karma-free? Is there a particular nutritional plan we should follow for ascension? Do we increase our karmic balance by eating certain foods? How can we utilise sex magick to work with karma and move through ascension?

    There are many lessons we can learn from the peoples of ancient Lemuria, a civilisation that existed before our known history on planet Earth. As we move through an ascension process collectively, we move back into a 'New Lemuria' and we take with us all the knowledge we have accumulated since those times.

    In this transmission from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, keycodes are presented for cellular memory recall, linking the reader 'beyond Atlantis' and into the harmonious frequencies of the first physical civilisation on the Earth - Lemuria. The Nine respond to questions using the Lemurian way as a template. Keycoded responses trigger activations within the reader as they receive the wisdom codes, standing as 'rainbow warriors of Gaia' moving into abundance, alchemy and stargate ascension.

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  • Proof that humans can walk around without even a smear of consciousness: Man killed by chicken armed with blades at illegal cockfight in India
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  • LET US CONSIDER ANOTHER VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE MODALITY for our Bio Field Physiological Health. Psychological Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Self Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing! Please Stay Hydrated with Structured Water in the coming months my Friends!

    Photonic Energies surround us. We are in the Toroidal Field of Alcyone! These "Photon Belt" ionized particles radiate energy at a higher frequency! Solaris (our Sun) is a conduit, yes, and changing from a Yellow Dwarf Star to a White Dwarf Star. Our Solar System is shifting from 3rd density to 4th density and closer to our 5th dimensional consciousness!

    TIP : Try not to be in fear, your Light Body is helping your Biological Body make this shift. Use some of the Holistic Health tools from your unique tool kit. Practice and Patience, Persistence and Positivity! HERE WE GLOW! We are freeing ourselves! Blessings Everyone! #appliedkinesiology #holistichealth #muscleresponsetesting
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  • The Living Universe - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality
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  • Magenta (or the Nine) you said in your recent channelling that Earth radiates the diamond light from her core which is the sacred Uluru in Australia. Do we need to go to Uluru in order to assist Earth/Gaia to radiate the diamond light?

    Indeed there are those starseeds that will be called to partake within this assistance of radiating Gaia's diamond frequency from the core point sacred Uluru and they will be called to go to this location.

    Yet the majority of starseeds do not need to physically visit this place and can hold the sacred Uluru in their meditations and thoughts throughout 12th January 2020, visualising the activated diamond radiating her light from this place and throughout Earth into the cosmos.

    This is like 'putting out a signal or call' yet this is not a call for assistance. This is a 'cosmic notification' making the higher galactic community aware that critical mass for the diamond light and the diamond core template paradisiacal timeline has been reached. This lets the galactic community know that you are aware, awake and ready to take your place within that community.

    We are the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness - of Nine.
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  • IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN PILGRIMS ON THE ASCENSION JOURNEY! HERE WE GLOW! Incoming "Air Showers"! A beautiful upliftment for Gaia's and our Planetary shifting into a higher frequency! 4th Density and closer to our 5th dimensional consciousness!

    Ionized Particles of over 100 Hz. stresses our Autonomic Nervous System and Endocrine System, which activates the Sympathetic N.(Fight or Flight) System and the adrenal gland, which releases norepinephrine and epinephrine! More on Neurotransmitters and the Fascia Tissue System and the effects of Cosmic Rays on our Bio Field Physiology at…/alchemical-wizard-21-cosmic-rays-infl…

    Your unique Bio Field (Light Body) and where you resonate determines what kind of "Ascension Symptoms" you will have.These Photonic Wave Pulses (Scalar Waves, Adamantine particles, etc.) help us decalcify our Pineal Gland as well. Fast forward into the free radical particles knocking on RNA/DNA's doors and reigniting dormant potential 4th and 5th strands of crystalline DNA so that our Bio Field Physiology can hold more LIGHT/ENERGY! This is what we volunteered for. Ride it as best you can, there is so much support out here now! Lot's of Holistic Health Coaches and Healing Modalities from Ancient times coming back do to all the Great Lightworkers! Thank you so much!

    So please consider Resting, Staying Hydrated, maybe taking some Vit. C, Zinc, Adaptogenic herbs, Immune boosting mushrooms, etc. TIP : I put some Kelp Iodine in my water to protect my Thyroid Gland. After exposure to radiation, iodine can provide some protection against thyroid damage.

    Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Freeing Ourselves! Tomsk SRS & SRA, VLF SRS's 12-28-2019 9pm PST
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  • Dear #LightFamily: get ready for tomorrow, Tuesday, & Thursday! The #FullMoonMeditation & the #PeaceMeditationforSyria will be this coming week on Thursday Dec 12th. As always, for those in need of HEALING, the #InternationalGoldenAgeGroup (#IGAG) & #PrepareForChangeJapan’s #RemoteHealingSessionwithAscendedMastersandStellarHealingRays offers their #FREEREMOTEHEALING, I highly recommend! There are always 2 sessions, this month they will be Monday December 9th & Tuesday, December 10th both from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC.

    For USA friends, this is:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 04:00 am HAST Honolulu

    You can connect to IGAG’s LiveFeed on YouTube to access these remote healings. As always, the introduction & explanation will be given first in Chinese, then in English. All you have to do then, is lay down & receive. Takes about half an hour.

    SO MUCH GRATITUDE to IGAG & PFCJapan & all the healers! I will share that I've been partaking for many months & they really help me a lot!

    Thank you to everyone who is staying FOCUSED, in PEACE & LOVE, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS & is participating in the many available mass meditations!
    Do check the #ActiveMeditationsPage & timetables at #WeLoveMassMeditation!

    Thank you everyone! SO MUCH LOVE! 


    Zeeva Amrita
    Reminder of Full Moon Meditations and international remote healing sessions
    A blog for organizing mass meditations leading to the Victory of the Light!
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  • Question from my daughter:- "Mum, who does Elf on the Shelf in your house? Does Daniel do it or are you doing it?"

    My reply:- Well I thought it was him but he swears it is not and said it must be me. It is not me which brings us to the conclusion that it is the Elf himself. Every December 1st he just turns up in our house and each day he moves to a different place.
    The Elf is utilising "Elfin Elemental Consciousness Transfer". His true Elf-Self broadcasts a signal into our world and places his consciousness in the toy Elf XX
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  • Love is the only Governance! #infinitelove #davi****e #anonymous #truth #spirit #heikoschrang #deutsch #imagine #onelove #yas #pirate #anon #earth #love #consciousness #matrix
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