• Experience direct healing and restoration to your Innate Divinity on my Interview today... available for 72 hours.
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  • Union of our masculine and feminine energies is a major part of our ascension. Bringing these aspects of ourselves into harmony within us allows us to not only deepen our connection to the divine but reflect that divinity and harmony into our physical realities. This is an incredible component of our manifestation for new earth.

    As we strengthen our energetic fields, clearing old traumas from the past, we shed our density. We shed our dense thoughts, our dense words and our dense deeds. We literally create a less dense internal reality which builds a higher and higher frequency. This higher frequency is projected into our hologram with every emotion, thought and action we have, think or take. This is how we move or jump into positive timelines for ourselves.

    Full Blog:
    The Divine Feminine & Masculine: Current/Potential Timelines
    Union of our masculine and feminine energies is a major part of our ascension. Bringing these aspects of ourselves into harmony within us allows us to not only deepen our connection to the divine but reflect that divinity and harmony into our physical realities. This is an incredible component of ou
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  • Sacred Geometry, in its bare essence, is the study of the "Oneness of Creation" from the perspective of Geometric Forms and Patterning found throughout Nature. The study of Sacred Geometry is a great way to integrate both sides of your brain. While being based in pure mathematics (left brain), it simultaneously gives you a profound insight into the interconnectedness, wonderment and sanctified divinity of all creation (right brain).

    It is a definite way to transcend what appears in the physical world to be "Organized Chaos" by connecting and reintegrating us with the "Source" of "All That Is," Was, and Will Be.

    Sacred Geometry has been expressed in symbols, images, art, mysticism, architecture, books and jewelry throughout history by masons, artists, sculptures, writers, metaphysicians and geometricians to convey religious, philosophical, cultural and spiritual beliefs.

    Sacred Geometry shapes are found everywhere in nature and throughout the Cosmos from the microscopic to the celestial.

    Each tradition has created its own unique version of this Divine Patterning:

    the Jewish Star of David and Tree of Life
    the Egyptian Eye of Horus and Ankh
    the Tibetan Buddhist Vajra and Mandalas
    the Hindu Om and Sri Yantra
    the Mayan Calendar and Galactic Butterfly
    the Chinese Yin Yang and Taoist Symbols

    the Christian Rosy Cross and Labyrinths
    the Wiccan Pentagram and Celtic Knots
    the Pre-Historic Flower of Life and Solar Symbols
    and finally, the MerKaBa, Crop Circles and
    Alchemical Symbols popularized by the Mind, Body,
    Spirit Cultural Creative Movement.

    This Sacred Teaching has Indigenous Roots that dig back Beyond Antiquity; however, the Sublime Wisdom you can attain by its study is timelessly fulfilling. The understanding of Sacred Geometry takes on even more relevance today by helping us to stay Centered and Integrated during this period of Massive Transformation.

    All this being said, the Sacred Geometry Symbols offered by this website each have a specific function and meaning. They are each fully charged with the energies of the Sun, the Moon and Crystalline Grids.

    Ultimately, the real beauty of our aesthetically pleasing pendant is that it is in essence, as my wife Pauline calls it a “Functional Healing Necklace.” They make excellent “gifts that keep on giving”. Each medallion comes with it’s own specific gemstone. Get your necklace for women and necklace for men. You can also purchase a Sterling Silver rope chain to go with your new healing jewelry.

    “Enjoy all of our sacred geometry patterns and their meanings.”
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  • Another powerful Global Healing Forum coming up on Saturday at 11am PT/2pm ET. Each one has been of the greatest assistance to our planet and this system of worlds in this time of transition... with Divine Healing Transmission from the Realms of LIGHT, DNA recoding with Divine Codes, Activations, Pineal clearing/activation, chakra cleansing, and healing in the deepest levels of the psyche of humanity resetting the Divine Pattern for the Earth. Many across the Earth join in each month as Vessels of Light and Healing so that a Mighty Work can take place for us all. I hope you can join us!!!

    Join our Spiritual Alliance with the Hosts of Light for a mighty Victory in the Earth!

    If you attend, let me know your experience!!! The release of Light each time begins when you sign up. The suggested $33 donation goes 100% to our Activity of Light and Universal Healing Ministry.

    Blessings of Infinite JOY!!! May the Glory of the Awakening as we ride this Ascension Wave into living fully our divinity in the Earth, fill your heart, mind and soul with the Everlasting Abundant Reality that is our Innate Truth! Together, we are changing the timelines and altering the future to the most beneficent glorious outcome for us all! The Work of the Ages... which we are all prepared for and doing our parts. Blessings to all!!!!
    October Global Healing Forum: Ascension Fire Activation by the Dragons of Divinity From the Ethereal Realms of Light
    October Global Healing Forum Join us for another landmark release of Divine LIGHT, Codes, Healing, and Assistance from the Realms of Light! and rec...
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  • sex hidden history

    Our world of millions of years is on the verge of a new sex revolution. We know ourselves that there is a dilemma between men and women. Humanity is close to releasing its desires for hundreds of years. The sexiest aspect of sex, which has existed for thousands of years in suppression, begins with the mysterious depths of history. I'm not ashamed. Boy George has created me in his own way, "said Boy George's opening album," Cheapness and Beauty. "And that was years ago, do you think gay and lesbians have increased in recent times? The men who are aware of the fact that the concept of" metrosexual man " do you think that the number of women who are stiffer than the "normal" style has increased in recent years because you are so wrong because gay stereotypes, "peach eaters" in China, lesbian mariners, multi-sexed American natives, world of sex with African women's marriage ceremonies in full- , modern fantasies have a sex history that will leave the shade. " The subject is sex, as is often the case at such meetings. The comic book writer Aristophanes describes the emergence of sexuality stories around the characters: 'Initially there were three genders; male, female and hermaphrodite. People's appearances at that time were very different. Their bodies were rounded, with four arms and legs, two faces, and two sexual organs. But because these people are very strong and threaten the power of the gods, Zeus has divided all of them in half and caused each year to yearn for the other. Thus, at the beginning, hermaphrodite began to find attractive men and women as a slice of the whole. At first women want to be closer to men than to women who are women at the beginning. "This story is told in Plato's" The Feast ", which does not use terms such as" homosexual "or" transgender "in this ancient work, but the events associated with them are as old as humanity itself.
    What's the matter with you? For several centuries in industrialized northern countries, legislative efforts for "the right to sexual diversity" have increased. But the result is heterosexuality called "normal"; there was a sharp distinction between homosexuals called "abnormal", "perverted" or "perverted". Now there is a movement around the world towards resistance. Jeffry Weeks, a professor of sociology at the South Bank University in London, says that the main change in sexual diversity today is that those who are constantly silenced by history are exposed with an explosion: "Marginalized people want equality and justice everywhere." They are resisting prejudice, discrimination, homophobia and oppression. There is a serious confusion about sexual preferences in the "age of paradoxes" we are in. The only certainty is the obligation to accept the sexual diversity of gay people, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites, transsexuals, transgendereds, eunuchs, intersexuals, hermaphrodites who have been persecuted for hundreds of years. Not much; the transgender movement rising in the southern hemisphere and in rich countries, where even ten years ago, even "homosexuals" were claimed to be "do not exist", is questioning the dual biological and gender system of women and men. According to the research by Vanessa Baird of the book "Sexual Diversity / Policies, Rights and Violations" published by Metis Publications, the history of gender is very deep. For example, among the rich Muslim women in Mombasa, Kenya; in pre-revolutionary vegetarian nuns in China; In Ghana, Lesotho, and other African countries, there is widespread multicultural tradition in women's marriage traditions and Australian Aboriginal communities. The Queen Queen Anne, who has had a long relationship with her mother Sarah Churchill; Among the lovers Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo are also filled with striking examples of celebrities such as the Spanish societies Mercedes de Acosta.
    Sex codes in Ancient Greece Ancient Greek culture is a phenomenon with many sexist stories in mythology. For example, Zeus, the chief god, was portrayed bisexually because of his fondness for Ganymedes, as well as his dazzling glory. In the second century after Milat the women of the so-called "tribes" were said on the translation of the Greek doctor Soranos who lived in Rome; "They do two kinds of sex, but they are more enthusiastic than men with men to enter into relationships with women." Another interesting quote from Artemeidorus Daldianus: "It is good to let a man enter into a richer and older man, because such men are better suited to traditions." Plutarkhos says "Dialogue Above Love": "" Men and women do not think that they are as different as they are in love, and both sexes tend to be totally and equally inclined. It is argued that at least three places in a homosexual or heterosexual way are not secrets that poets from the mystical tradition tend to transgendered and homoerotic behavior. works, the most beautiful male love poetry of world literature is inspired by this tradition
    In Europe, the era of renaissance has also been a common epoch of homosexuality. Most roots have eyes of their own kind. London merchants and actors, Venetian barber-surgeons and gondolas, Genoese printers, workers, servants and seafarers, men from all walks of society have sex with each other. The famous painter Donatello has chosen his apprentices "by looking at their beauty rather than their talents". Everyone knows the platonic passion that Michelangelo feels for men, even if she is away from seclusion for religious reasons. Studies have shown that homosexual and transgender traditions are widespread in indigenous American societies. There are many homosexual marriages, both women and men, dressed and treated like men, and men dressed and treated like women. Gay transvestites were shamans or healers of the crib. Do not marry, refuse to give birth The girls in Yukon dress like men and join the prey. The Kaska families in Canada raised a daughter as a warrior. This girl has only experienced her sexual experiences with women.
    According to the research, native people in Africa did not perceive the universe as black and white, male-female, good-bad poles. What the "natural" souls for a person told him. As an old locator says: "For us, man, nature, and dreams are how he made it, and we accept it as he wishes to be." Homosexual and transgendered people of today's Native American descent do not hide their power from their history. Gary Bowen, an Apache and Scottish-Irish hybrid, says, "My transgender is not a holy impulse given to me by Spirit, but a neurosis discovered by white medicine." Your homosexuality has a long history documented in China. There are a number of biographies that clearly reveal the homosexuality of important figures, such as the Duke of Vei and his minister Ni Xia, who had one day stumbling upon the fruit garden, cutting out the peach from the tree and biting the rest of the peach that he found delicious. Vivien W Ng, historian Vivien W Ng, writes that the celebrated figures of official history do not hide their homosexual orientation: "The last emperor Aidid was the last emperor to have had many male lovers, we learn that you are fond of Dong Xian. One day Dong was sleeping on the shoulder of the emperor, a visitor of the emperor came. The Emperor cut the arm of his dress to keep his lover awake. Another literary expression used for homosexual love was born from this story: Duanxiu (cut yen). Today, homosexual and transgendered men are spiritual servants in many African cultures, such as Langol in Uganda, Murals in Kenya, Provinces in South Zambia, and Zulular in South Africa. There are at least 25 terms used for 12 million Africans of most Yoruba relics brought from the African continent between the 16th and 19th centuries. For example, the word "adodi" is for gay, bisexual and transgendered men; "alakuata" is used for lesbian, bisexual and transgendered women.
    The center of all happiness Today Sudan's southwestern, Democratic Republic of Congo's northern and Central African Republic's Southeastern Zanzas have experienced a homoerotism between generations up to the 20th century. Both the women and the men had an intense homosexual eroticism. Lesbians especially come from women living in the palaces of princes. They used a penis made from tree roots. The lesbian has a magical connotation. Among Chinese Buddhist priestesses, lesbian and transgender behavior is also very common. The Ten Sisters Buddhist Nuns, founded after the 16th century, embraced resistance to heterosexual marriage, passionate friendship and lesbian relations; have organized gay marriage ceremonies. In the nineteenth century, thousands of women in GuanDong province of southern China had established relationships by establishing nuns communities and vowed to the Goddess Yin that they would never marry a man. In early Indian Buddhist "cataka" stories, Buddha and his student Ananda are said to have pointed to a homosexual relationship. It is known that Buddha and Ananda, two handsome brahman, do not marry in order not to leave each other. In the tantric tradition, which is a Hindu line, women's sexuality is highly valued and lesbianism is recognized as religious holiness. The feminine organ is seen as the center of all happiness. A statue in Bhubanesvar depicts two women holding one's right hand in the air, one kneeling, the other standing and showing their divinity.
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  • DTM Insights - Awakening, Discernment, and Our Divine Process of Exploration - Video Commentary

    #DTMInsights #Awakening #Discernment #DivineProcess #Exploration #Enlightenment

    "Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow. You are here to realize your inner divinity and manifest your innate enlightenment.

    - Morihei Ueshiba.."

    Read more:
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  • In the coming NEW Paradigm:
    Those Humanity has experienced as Gods, will also experience a fundamental shift in reality. That is way so many of them flock here to help humanity. Thru the service of their spiritual assistance toward us, they themselves also Ascend.
    Not ALL move towards Love/Light.
    Not ALL are ready to expand themselves into being made whole.
    Those who are(on all levels) will make themselves know thru the combination of their words, actions, deeds and intentions.
    For the Shift is about coming into alignment with the Divine Source, by finding alignment within oneself ever more, in an infinite loop.
    Vet your sources of spiritual assistance for it is into the reality that their karma and willingness to transcend that they will guide you, because in making the Free Will choice to follow you are setting your own outcome.
    This is why seeking your own Higher Self, that which resides in your own spiritual heart, is the surest path to follow. As it will lead you thru the tribulations of this time like a well strung arrow, down the straight and narrow which is right for you. To whichever outcome is right for you at this time. As it is Empowered with the force of your own Divine Spirit of Light/Love, in order to bring you thru the event horizon and into oneness with the Divinity of that is the ALL. As expressed in the Law of One.
    Live and help live, but remember each individuals spiritual growth is ultimately their own responsibility before the Divine Source.
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    Big Changes Are Happening Now From Within You,Wake Up Humanity !...
    You're All Connected To The Eternal Prime Source Of Love's Consciousness !...
    Thus,You're Much More Than Flesh,And Bones,You're Spiritual Divinity !...
    Rise Up,And Shine On Your Co-Creation Through The Infinite Universe !...

    © Samissomar
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  • Open your heart to the LOVE of The Felines....!!!! The Lions Gate invites you to remember, feel, realize and know your birthright of DIVINITY and of our innate and active connection to Prime Creator!!
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