• 2019


    A new calendar year awaits us, the last of this decade.

    Since we’ve been living with wild and turbulent collective energies for more than 10 years now, no one can be blamed for wishing for just a little peace, quiet and stability.
    However, that’s not on the agenda, quite yet.
    Even though 2019 is the year, where we say our final goodbyes to dramatic planet placements, such as Uranus in Aries and Uranus’ long-lasting square to Pluto, the next distinct and heavy aspect, in the shape of an applying Saturn – Pluto conjunction, literally takes over right away…
    So collectively, we still have huge assignments to finish, before we can hopefully relax and simply enjoy life on Planet Earth.

    Let’s take a look at the energies, we’re parting with, in the first months of the year, and then at the new ones coming in.

    In November, Uranus reentered Aries (2010/11 – 2018/19) and, right on cue, the rebellious protest spirit, that has been with us since the beginning of the decade, came back in full force (strikes, “yellow vests”, as well as other protests etc.).

    Then, on the first day of the new year, the Uranus – Pluto square (2008-2019: financial & debt crisis – leadership crisis – the fall/ removal/abdication of people in power- changes in power balances – reveal of corruption, abuse of power and other sinister agendas- focus on injustice, inequality and suppression – protests – uprising – riots – escalation of terror/false flags- visible climate change- extreme weather events – distinct individual life changes – a strong need for individual freedom – growth potential – awakening) is activated once again, for the very last time.

    In March we say finally goodbye to both, when Uranus enters Taurus for good and Uranus – Pluto thereafter ebbs completely out.
    At that point we will be able to do a status rapport on the gigantic 11 year global process of change, the square symbolized, and how far we got.

    We already had a taste of some of the themes, that comes with Uranus in Taurus, in the 6 months Uranus peeked into the sign, this past year. From Spring 2019, we will go in depth with these themes, for the next 7 years.

    While this Uranus placement is calmer than the previous, it’s no less revolting or invasive.
    Even though it takes a lot longer to excite and enrage Taurus than Aries, there is of course the infamous red cloth, and Uranus will no doubt find that cloth and wave it provocatively in front of us, during these 7 upcoming years.

    The combination will likely bring:

    Financial experiments/reset/changes, that can be felt in the individual wallets – changes concerning property and ownership – focus on & changes concerning food, eating habits, nature and sustainability – potential blooming green wave; a rise in homegrown food, ecology, biodynamics, perma culture and perhaps even invention of new green methods versus sabotage of green, sustainable living and healthy food – climate change/ earth changes/ weather conditions/manipulation that changes the outcome of crops, prices and availability – possible scarceness and rationing of resources and food – invention of alternatives to something lacking or no longer available – changes in values – individual growing need for living your life according to your true values and standing firm on them.

    On top of all this, we say hello and welcome to a Saturn – Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

    These two will meet in early 2020, will reach the critical one degree in late 2019, but will already get so close, in January 2019, that the influence will be felt from then on and the entire year.

    The Saturn - Pluto combination doesn’t have a good rep.
    Among other things because it was active both during the beginning of the 1st (in reality before Pluto was officially discovered) and 2nd World War, (that also happened right after a Uranus – Pluto square and Uranus having left Aries for Taurus, in the 1930s), as well as on 9.11 and at the beginning of “the War on Terror” (where we had a series of Eclipses, where many are in the same spots as those we have these years surrounding Saturn and Pluto’s 2020 meeting).

    It’s important to emphasize that Saturn and Pluto has also been in contact several other times without such a drastic outcome, but it’s also important to be aware of the many similarities with time periods, where really violent world events have taken place, and on the fact that this energy CAN be (ab)used this way, if those who push the buttons, wants to and are allowed to do so.

    If anyone in position of power should wish to introduce a total police/military state, then this combination in Saturn’s own sign, Capricorn, could also be (ab)used to take further steps in that direction or for that matter, going all the way…

    So no, the bad reputation is not completely unjustified, but as always; the outcome will depend on what people are willing to put up with – and then it’s about finding more constructive ways of using the energy.

    With Saturn – Pluto big societal changes are inevitable.
    The current structure will in many ways blow up, and many things won’t continue as before…which can be both bad and good.

    The state’s, the government’s, the authorities’, as well other societal institutions powers will change distinctly – and this can both go in the way of a lot more or a lot less power.
    The citizens’ rights or lack of them can also go in either direction.

    The distrust of outer authorities, including both governmental and private institutions, that are considered pillars of society, will reach its absolute highest.
    A lot has already suffered serious, serious blows in credibility the past years (such as media, the political system, banking system, taxation system etc. etc.), some will claim that they are already totally bankrupt creditability wise, and in its current form, it certainly won’t get any better, the next couple of years.

    One societal pillar that will be especially in the spotlight, during 2019, is, due to Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, the justice system.
    This will both concern people put on trial for deep corruption and various other sinister crimes, but also the justice system itself will be tested whether its viable, in its current form, in the future.

    The organization and structure surrounding the work life and work force will also be subject to huge changes, with Pluto touching Saturn in Capricorn.

    The distrust will also go the other way, from authorities towards the people, so there will be a tendency to come down hard on those who “step out of line”. Whether it’s done in a real attempt to uphold law and order or whether it’s to cling on to power and control over a population, that will have had enough…

    Extreme measures of censorship, surveillance and social behavior regulation, and a very tiny individual latitude, can easily be the result, if we’re not careful.
    If the steering wheel is left to others, even the most orthodox person might be very unpleasantly surprised of the world they “suddenly” find themselves in, at the beginning of the next decade.

    However, both powerful individuals, powerful dynasties, well known as well as hidden, and societal institutions considered “too big to fail”, might actually fall, during this influence.
    As no one from top to bottom will be safe in their seats, in this period.
    Pluto’ s lesson to all of us is; nothing last forever, everything has its time, everything comes to an end, and then something new can be born.

    How the new will be, is what all us present on the planet in this particular time period, is co-responsible for.

    So, Pluto, is the common thread in the distinct aspects influencing us in this powerful transition period.

    Pluto also squares the almost still standing Eris the upcoming year, which tells us that one or more outsider(s) could suddenly enter the field and create discord and splitting among the upper echelons of society (or those who consider themselves to be so) and turn everything upside down.
    Likewise, this also tells us that we will all be confronted with important choices, that needs to be made in accordance with our individual value system...which brings us back to the Uranus in Taurus theme of the importance of living our lives from our true inner values and not from something dictated to us, from the outside.

    Your values and what you’re willing and not willing to put up with, will thus be a major theme for 2019.

    Within the framework of what the prevalent energies offers us, the possibilities of constructive use are:

    Taking on more control and responsibility for your own life, taking on your inner authority instead of leaving it to outer authorities to set the structure for your life.

    In other words, in the instances where Saturn-Pluto means more power and control to the authorities, the choice is yours, whether it’s you that takes on your authority and thus gain more power and control over your life or whether you will let outer authorities take over even more.

    In the instances where Saturn – Pluto means the crash of the well-known structure of society and previous way of life, it’s your choice what you will put in its place.

    Depending on perception, taking on more responsibility might feel as a heavy burden or as very liberating.

    For sure, this energy places high demands on people. It’s not a time where things are served on a platter for you, there are likely privileges you will have to forego, but other things can be gained, if you’re willing to do an effort.

    Neptune in Pisces reminds us not to leave behind those not capable of taking care of themselves, and since Neptune will be in a harmonious angle to Saturn (and Pluto), its actually doable; to bring everyone along, and to do something that benefits all, instead of just a few.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius is in many ways the light in the dark, the uplifting energy among the more dark and heavy influences.
    From here, we can rise above the current darkness, look ahead towards brighter times and find inspiration to how we will get to a better and more ethical world.

    However, a Jupiter – Neptune square warns us to not be led astray by dreams and illusions, especially of the kind that promises a Messiah, aliens, angels or others to come and save us from it all.
    This doesn’t exclude “outside” help, not at all, it’s just, that the prevalent energies very clearly tell us, that the responsibility is mainly ours …yours and mine.

    Another warning concern believing that one’s perception of the truth is the only one viable and becoming fanatic or extreme.

    If those pit falls can be avoided, then Jupiter in Sagittarius’ optimism and future orientation along with Neptune in Pisces’ compassion, spirituality and sense of unity, can be very useful tools in getting us out of this mess we’re in and in creating a better future for us all.
    Jupiter remains in Sagittarius until December.

    2019 brings us five Eclipses, spread over two entire Eclipse seasons and the beginning of a third.

    We end the series of Eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis, with another Blood Moon, on January 20-21st. Aside from that powerful total Lunar Eclipse, the Eclipses will be on the Cancer/Capricorn axis and the themes, that were kickstarted last Summer, will dominate the year. More on this in the new year.

    The first Eclipse season begins at the very beginning of the new year, with a partial Solar Eclipse, at the New Moon in Capricorn. on January 6th.

    So no, with a Uranus- Pluto square activated again on January 1st, the beginning of an Eclipse season, in the very first week of January, and Saturn and Pluto getting noticeably close in mid-January, the new year doesn’t exactly start out quietly!

    It can be frightening when much of the well-known world and societal structures (no matter how you feel about them) crashes, burns and comes to an end.
    But it’s also an exciting and very unique time to be alive, with a special opportunity for being part of creating a new era, a new way of life.

    This is a time of big changes that has been prophesized about for centuries, and it’s not a coincidence that you’re here on Planet Earth now.
    If you’re here now, it’s because you have something to offer, a special assignment that is an important piece of the big puzzle of getting us through this major transition.

    Let’s take on our individual assignments and together use the energies wisely to end this wild decade constructively and create a foundation for some fantastic 20’s for us all.

    Happy New Year :-)

    #2019 #Astrology #Energies #bigchangesahead
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  • https://youtu.be/5h_38k5R1iE

    Earth changes coming, Preparedness begins with a sharp focus on the ability of survivors to communicate with like-minded others without the constraints of suppression. “What are you prepared to do?”, as the Nibiru flyby draws near.
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    Saturday, August 11th, we get to the 3rd and last eclipse in this Summers Eclipse season; a partial Solar Eclipse at the Super New Moon in Leo (the 3rd and last Super New Moon this year, when the Moon is closest to us, in its orbit around Earth, while New).

    The Moon is New, when it reaches the Sun’s position 18°41 Leo.

    Eclipses pinpoint both collective and individual focus points and themes, that will influence us into the future. In this eclipses case, 3, 5 years ahead, until the beginning of 2022.

    Collectively, Solar Eclipses in Leo are connected to leaders of state and church, royalty and stars; the elite - their ascension/arrival to power/the top or their fall from grace, removal, resignation, abdication or death.

    The public might have to withdraw some projections, as some of those they’ve previously looked up to, could turn out to be a lot less than admirable…

    Gold is connected to Leo and might also become a relevant theme.

    Following eclipses in Fire signs, there have previously been heat, drought and fires (and on this front, last years’ total Solar Eclipse in Leo certainly have delivered this year!), as well as sometimes the beginning of wars…

    Some eclipses fall in the exact same place and degree, as one 18 -19 years before it, and thus create a thematic connection with that period. And so, it is, with this eclipse, and here we are not talking about a connection to just any eclipse from the past, but the perhaps most anticipated and hyped total Solar Eclipse ever; the “Nostradamus Solar Eclipse” on August 11th, 1999. This was when talk of the end of the world was all around, big time or a least a sense, that severe Earth changes was coming up.

    While perhaps not much happened, right when the old millennium ended and the new one began, something major DID happen, within this Solar Eclipse’s 5 year range, that certainly changed the world for ever.

    We all know what happened exactly 2 years and 1 month later, when this and other eclipses around the new millennium were active and triggered, along with Pluto opposing Saturn, right across the ascendant/ descendant axis in the chart of the USA….and all the wars, under one heading, that followed.

    So, a theme that could very well become highly relevant the next 3,5 years, is a world, that might not literally end, but that changes so much, that the world, as we previously knew it, in many ways does end.

    In an effort to influence these likely upcoming changes in a positive direction, and not allow dark repeat performances from the past, we all have to take part in and own Leos divine masculine, bright, elevated energy and use its creator gifts generously for the highest good of all.

    This is about anchoring Light and spreading it around us, about healing and upgrading our heart chakras, so we can truly lead heart centred lives, creating a world and a life ruled by Creativity, Light & Love <3

    In your personal life the major theme of this Solar Eclipse is also about bringing Light, love and your heart’s desire to the forefront of your life.

    It’s about letting your unique light shine and come to its right. About living your life in accordance with your higher life purpose. About finding the courage to follow your heart, no matter what. About preserving the light, your lifeforce and spirit in dark times. About not dimming your light. But at the same time not burning your candle at both ends. About primarily doing things from a place of joy, desire, feeling like it, exuberance and generosity, instead of out of duty and necessity. About being the King/Queen in your own inner kingdom. About setting a shining example and spreading light around you.

    This Solar Eclipse is a new beginning, with exciting new possibilities ahead. Something might come to you as a gift or offering, but some of it will also demand that you work for it, and that you find the strength and courage to make something out of what is offered to you.

    As always around eclipses, you can receive important guiding messages before, during and after, so pay attention. Things that will become themes in the next 3,5 years of your life, might present themselves on the horizon now.

    On a personal level, it’s also wise to think back 19 years, to what was going on in your life back in late summer 1999, and the following 5 years – as some of those things from back then probably will replay itself. Themes from back then, that will come up in your life again, however now from a different vantage point, from a more mature level and perspective in your life.

    The house in your personal chart, that contains 18° 41 Leo, pinpoints the area of your life, where it will be of utmost importance to follow your heart, as well as the area where there will be extra focus, changes and chances for growth the next 3, 5 years.

    If you have planets, axis or points within 15° 41 – 21° 41 Leo, you will be especially affected by the eclipse. Exactly how, depends on what the involved symbolizes and their possible rulership.

    The eclipse starts at 9.02 (BST – adjust to your local time), tops at 10. 46, the New Moon is precise 10.57 and the eclipse ends at 12.30

    This time period is well suited for meditation and of anchoring Light.
    At 10.11 (BST), there’s a global mass meditation on Victory of the Light, that you can join in on, if you wish to, and time your meditation to.

    When it comes to active manifestation, creation, new initiatives, and writing down your New Moon list, you’ll have to wait until Sunday morning after 5 o’ clock, (BST), at the earliest – in order for things to succeed.

    Also remember that eclipse energy is very powerful, so make sure to ground the energy before reacting and taking action. It’s fine to wait a couple of days, if you feel overwhelmed and uncertain.

    The eclipse also coincides with the peak of the yearly returning great Perseid meteor shower, so if you’re not able to watch the eclipse, maybe, you can instead enjoy lots of shooting stars in the night sky, from after midnight both Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Since the Moon is New and in hiding, the visibility of the meteor shower is even better this year.

    On a final note; Leo is a most fun and festive sign, so, in that spirit the Eclipse weekend is also well suited for celebration, to “party like it’s 1999”
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  • The Solar Flash - Exploring the Possibilities of the Predicted Event and Our Collective Ability to Determine Our Future
    #SolarFlash #Possibilities #TheEvent #CollectiveConsciousness #Ascension

    In modern times, the subject of massive global change seems to be a regular topic of conversation. Particularly in the truth community, the topic of Earth changes and revolutionary realizations have easily peaked the interests of thousands of people from many different walks of life. Is this subject of the 'end times' or 'beginning times' merely the result of Hollywood entertainment and corporate media propaganda, or is there something more intrinsic and significant to the massive attention these subjects are receiving?

    Read more: https://goo.gl/2nGgEG
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/dtm2000plus
    Gab: https://gab.ai/dtm2000plus
    Email: dtm2000plus@gmail.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/discerningthemystery2000plus/
    The Solar Flash - Exploring the Possibilities of the Predicted Event and Our Collective Ability to Determine Our Future
    The Solar Flash - Exploring the Possibilities of the Predicted Event and Our Collective Ability to Determine Our Future In modern times, the subject of massive global change seems to be a regular topic of conversation. Particularly in the truth community, the topic of Earth changes and revolutionary realizations have easily peaked the interests of thousands of people from many different walks of life. Is this subject of the end times or beginning times merely the result of Hollywood entertainment and corporate media propaganda, or is there something more intrinsic and significant to the massive attention these subjects are receiving? There are multiple views about the predicted phenomenon which many of us refer to as the solar flash. This flash event represents a monumental change for the entire planet as well as the solar system as a whole. It is an event which appears to have been prophesied by many different religious texts from numerous cultures from around the world. However, this phenomenon is not at all relegated to the arena of religion alone.
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  • Mother Earth begins her physical shift into the 4th dimension.
    Huge Earth changes are now upon us and will continue through 2019.
    Coastal lines are most vulnerable due to underwater volcanic activity.
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  • Snow this morning, 20 C tomorrow! Talk about Earth changes!
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