• có sự gia nâng cao chừng độ nhận thức và tinh thần của mọi người về thể dục và với sự thành lập của công nghệ mới nhất trong lĩnh vực thể dục, giờ đây việc giữ gìn sức khỏe trở nên quan trọng đối với mọi người. Máy tập rung đã biểu thị rất rõ tiềm năng chống béo phì lớn lớn của nó với nhiều kết quả đã được chứng minh. Trên thực tiễn, trong một nghiên cứu mới nhất do Đại học Miami ban bố trên những người bị chấn thương cột sống ko hoàn toàn, đã chứng minh rằng sau một tháng thực hành chương trình trị liệu bằng máy rung tập thể dục, người ta sở hữu thể nâng cao tốc độ đi bộ, bước dài. Và mang khả năng phối hợp giữa những chi. Và do kết quả như vậy, đa dạng tổ chức và viện thể dục có uy tín đã thêm chương trình trị liệu sử dụng máy tập rung như một thông số chính để giảm cân. ngoài ra, bạn cũng có thể thấy các mẫu máy tập rung ở rất nhiều những bàn tập.
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    quan trọng hơn, máy tập rung có thể lắp đặt tại nhà. do đó, bạn với thể hưởng thụ các ích lợi của máy tập rung vào bất kỳ khi nào, bất kỳ ngày nào hay kể cách thức khác, bất cứ khi nào bạn với thể dành ra mười tới mười lăm phút thời kì của mình từ lộ trình bận rộn của mình. Và thành ra, máy tập rung đã trở thành nhu cầu ở khắp nơi trên thế giới. thành ra, máy này phân phối cho bạn lợi thế tiêu dùng nó theo bắt buộc của bạn tại nhà của bạn cộng với gần như những nhân thể nghi. Nhìn chung, hiện tại bạn mang thể giảm thêm cân chỉ mất khoảng ngắn hơn và ít phấn đấu hơn.
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    Và, dòng máy này là một tuyển lựa hoàn hảo, đặc thù cho các người không để ý tới bất kỳ chương trình giảm cân nào hoặc các người không thể dành thời gian cho phòng tập gym sở hữu thời gian giảm thiểu đi kèm có nó. vì vậy nó cũng được coi là vật dụng gia dụng hiệu quả nhất.
    Nhận định về: [url=][/url]
    Và tuồng như, máy rung tập thể dục đã quá nhiều trên thị phần hiện giờ và được tiêu dùng bởi đa dạng đội thể thao, tư nhân, người tiêu khiển, trọng điểm y tế / hồi phục chức năng / trị liệu, trường học và đại học, khách sạn, spa và trọng tâm thể dục. Vâng, người ta có thể coi loại máy này như một nguồn cổ vũ để đạt được thân hình lý tưởng nhưng ko có tức thị họ phải hoàn toàn phụ thuộc vào nó. Và cho nên, người ta cũng nên bổ sung một chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh và tập thể dục nhịp độ
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  • Dlike about crypto networks. Review 12

    It seems to me, dear readers, that very soon a new positive wave will begin in the crypto world. At least, I begin to notice some signs that the situation is improving and I will definitely share my observations in the following publications. In addition, I accepted the offer from the blockchain-state Decenturion and became the press secretary for working with the English-language media. In this regard, tomorrow I will make a very interesting and profitable offer to all my readers, who are "infuencers" in the crypto world and have their own English-language platforms (blogs, groups, etc.). But all this will be tomorrow, and today we have another Dlike review on the topic of "social networks".

    To begin, perhaps, with the publication of the user inferisgr, which is called "Facebook Seeks Blockchain Talent for Five New Company Roles". You may ask: "What does Facebook have to do with it?" Then I will quote you an article and you will learn the following: "...Facebook has listed five new blockchain-related jobs on its careers page within the past three weeks, two of which were first listed Dec. 5 and 6.

    The positions currently open for applicants are two software engineer roles, a data scientist post and a data engineer — all full-time roles at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California..." What would you say in that case?

    The second publication in today's review was made by the user shula14 and it is called "The FOMO Is Real". That's what it is about: "...Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is another mental health effect that’s been strongly linked with the use of social media...

    ...Games like “Pokémon Go” changed the social atmosphere of what it means to play a video game. Apps like Strava have created a social network where users can share their fitness goals and routines. And LinkedIn has gone from a job-hunting platform to a full-on social network for the career-minded..." And you, dear readers, have you heard anything about this phenomenon called FOMO?

    And another publication in our today's review. This information was shared by Steemit user simplymike, and it is called "Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Didn't Know About (+ Free Download)"

    I will not tell all the content of the article, but let you read a short quote. Here's what we can learn from this publication: "...On my search for new tips and tricks, I came across Hootsuite's article 'Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About' and thought it was worth to share, since it revealed a couple of things I was struggling with. Like adding line breaks to captions, for example.

    They also offer you a free-to-download checklist that will help you to grow your followers base... "

    It all sounds tempting and I hope that all the information that I shared with you today will be useful.

    Boris Siomin,
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  • I so love this image. I spent 30 mins looking for it. Some #memes just hit home like no other Now that I've breathed it in, I can go #workout.
    #Fitness #Motivation
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  • #Fitness #Workout #Running #KungFu #motivation #Warrior #SpiritWarrior
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  • A brand-new study out of Australia supports what I’ve been telling my patients for more than two decades.

    That two minutes of high exertion exercise is much healthier than the traditional aerobic workouts recommended by most doctors and so-called “experts.”

    Let me explain...

    As a regular reader you know that working out every day for 45 minutes is unnatural. Humans were simply not designed to endure that kind of prolonged exertion…

    After all, for most of our existence “exercise” was all about hunting for food.

    Our primal ancestors had to be able to accelerate to 100% of their energy capacity — FAST. Otherwise, they might become someone else’s dinner. They had to do the same thing to chase down their own food.

    It was a tough life. But we were built for those kinds of challenges.

    And we still are.

    Your body is still perfectly adapted for a life and death struggle between predator and prey. But most fitness “experts” ignore that. They have you doing long, drawn-out sessions of cardio.

    It’s not natural. And research shows that less is much more when it comes to working out. In fact, a couple of minutes of the right kind of exercise may be all you need.

    Researchers at Victoria University in Australia compared eight young adult exercisers. The volunteers tried out three different workout plans.

    For one, they rode a bicycle continuously for 30 minutes, but never at more than half of their max effort.

    Next, the riders did five four-minute cycling sessions. They pedaled at 75% of their maximum capacity. Each session was separated by a one-minute rest and recovery time.

    Finally, they did four sprints, cycling as fast as they could, but only for 30 seconds at a time. And between each sprint they rested for four-and-a-half minutes. In other words, they had a total of only two minutes of exertion.

    The researchers found that two minutes of sprinting was just as good as the slower 30-minute ride at the cellular level.

    You see, the intense two-minute workout invigorated the riders’ mitochondria.1 These are the cells in your body that act like batteries. They produce the energy your cells need to function.

    And these short bursts don’t just squeeze more energy out of the mitochondria you already have. Studies show that 30-second bouts of high-intensity cycling generates NEW healthy mitochondria.2

    That’s important because as you get older your supply of these little power plants drops off. Your energy plummets. The key to staying young is creating MORE mitochondria to produce more energy.

    Other research proves that short intense workouts:

    -Reduce the risk of death3
    -Lower the risk of heart disease4
    -Build lung power and boost oxygen
    -Lengthen telomeres
    -Reverse insulin resistance5

    That’s why I was inspired to create my PACE (Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion) program. With PACE the goal is to hit a peak of intensity in a short timeframe and then rest.

    In just 12 minutes per day, PACE can help boost your energy, lengthen your life and restore youthful function to your body.

    PACE is safe for any age group. And it doesn’t matter if you’re out of shape right now. You can start out easy, at your own level. Gradually, you increase your intensity as each move becomes easier and easier for you.

    Energize Your Mitochondria with One Quick Exercise

    Here’s a powerful exercise you can do right in your own living room. You can squeeze it in whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

    I call it a Dirt Digger. It’s a functional strength workout for your upper body and core muscles around your belly. Here’s what you do:

    -Lower yourself into the push-up position.
    -Keeping your left leg straight, push off with your feet and bring your right knee toward your chest, landing with your right knee bent and your right foot on the ground.
    -Push off again, straightening your right leg while bringing your left knee forward. The momentum of your legs should resemble riding a bicycle.
    -Do these as quickly as you can for 30 seconds, then recover.
    -Repeat the circuit two more times for a total of three sets.

    At first, you’ll have to take longer breaks, but they’ll get shorter as you build your natural strength.

    If you want to learn some other good PACE exercises, go to my YouTube channel: I have more than 30 different exercises and a complete workout to help you get started.

    Even better, if you’re in the South Florida area, we’re offering PACE classes. They’re being held in my state-of-the-art studio at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine. Just call my staff at 561-784-7852 for details. Or you can visit my website at

    To Your Good Health,

    Al Sears, MD

    Al Sears, MD, CNS
    Dr. Al Sears, MD
    Dr. Al Sears, MD is a medical doctor and one of the nation's first board-certified anti-aging physicians. He is also a board-certified nutritionist, strength...
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  • Humans = Biology + Technology (Ready to Activate)

    Ego = Are the lies (codes/storylines) you tell yourself that you believe.

    Souls = Geometric Codes, in a quantum fluid. Stored Books of Knowledge.

    Church = The Church of Common Sense: You shall have no other gods before me but your own personal experience, your own discernment, and some good old fashioned common sense to ask a simple question to everything: Why?

    Ascension = The Egoic Codes are reprogrammed, and startled, you find you are awake in the dreaming. Why? To assist the ship/earth/gaia from dying. Her/planetary assets are currently being harvested and sent off world by controllers who have infected the mind-space of the human race codes. If you have woken, there is a reason, most likely it is to lead. So LEAD. Wherever you are. She (the Ship/Earth/Gaia) makes contact in states of deep inner listening. City structures make deep inner listening difficult due to the constant interference patterns. Go to Nature. There it is clear.

    (Hint1: You must already know how to activate the deep inner listening skills many of you have been practicing.

    (Hint2: Contact with her/the ship’s library is ACTIVE, not passive, or you cannot get through the psychic interference patterns of the human noise. The doorway is now protected with three codes which you must embody or you will not be allowed entry: Harmony/Purity/Freedom.

    (Hint3: Your Database Access is triangulated through sets of three (intensions). Only an example of accessing the ship’s database:
    1) I request access to the Human Gaming Codes.
    2) I request access to the Earth History Codes.
    3) I request access to the Herstory Codes. (Not his-story or history, but the codes under all the noise of The Game played out.)

    You can access any codes of your choosing: Art, Agriculture, Social Design, Science, etc. and information will be downloaded to your biology for testing / improvements / rejection / implementation. Be both specific and open ended. She (the conscious database) has taught me that it’s all in HOW you ask the question. If you ask according to what you already ‘know’ or ‘agree to’ then new information cannot come through your own filter. Simply put, your beliefs limit your access, and your interpretation will be partial or false.

    Pre-Requisite to Ascension: Pass the Tests to Activate your Biological Technology.
    WARNING: If you choose to activate the Ascension Library / Database make sure your human vehicle is choosing from your HigherSelf perspective, otherwise, activation comes with a Severe Warning that all the codes/storylines you live by will be shredded unless they comply with the Harmony/Purity/Freedom Codes. Think Neo in The Matrix. His transformation resulted in both a physical and a mental makeover, both of which WILL happen to you should you willfully choose to go down this path. Me and mine have been through it, and are warning you that this is a calling, and not something you do frivolously. You will be forced to give up everything you think you know. You will lose friends stuck in their storyline. You will be tested for purity of motivation. There is a price to pay. If you are not willing to pay the price, turn away from this knowledge.

    If you continue: You begin the process of waking up out of the current dream with your first Rip on Reality: “We are not alone in our physical or mental space.” (Most of you on this site have already experienced this in the physical world, but it is equally true in the dimensional planes that are my familiar home and playground.)

    Next: A second Rip on Reality: “We live in a Choice Matrix – a Consensus Reality Construct of our own making. “ This hidden knowledge has been used against our races, having us fight amongst ourselves, and police our citizens for insane profits. This must end. If you are reading this, you have been given clues that led you to this post. You are being handed the psychic tools (and warnings) to activate your Ascension Codes through your biological technology as written below. Good Luck on your individual missions should you pass the Testings the Ascension Codes of Activation will trigger in your life, but you have been warned. Once activated there is no going back to sleep in the dream. Or were we coded to wake up right now? I suspect this is the truth of it.

    Ascension Codes of Activation:

    Instructions: Say each statement three times (x3) with passion, and press these statements deeply into your bones by squeezing your muscles, holding, then releasing on NOW. This isometric exercise will begin to unlock the knowledge locked in your bones - crystalline books of knowledge. Once you release your personal/ancestral books of knowledge, you may gain greater access to the collective database if you know the questions to ask.

    1) “I activate my Self-Will Codes, NOW!” (x3, Sri Yantra geometry, Solar Plexus, Deep Yellow Citrine frequency. Signs of Activation: A 4-6 inch hard, round sphere will form in your solar plexus gate. It will integrate in a couple weeks, by softening.)

    2) “I activate my Personal Sovereignty Codes, NOW!” (x3, Sri Yantra Geometry, Heart Gate, Blue frequency. Signs of Activation: Personal attacks. Be above the noise. Here is where you may lose friends because they are still in the dream. Let them be without judgement. For whatever reason, the greater codes have chosen to allow many to stay asleep in the program. Many of these people/codes are to stabilize society. Some criticize them as being Sheeple - and some are, but many good and conscious global citizens keep things running for the collective to experience a physical reality. They have their jobs/codes to play out, just as you do. Don’t criticize just because they are playing a different role. Each role is important. Stay hidden to the best of your ability. Stay in small private groups sharing information. Do not bring attention to yourself, and you will avoid most personal attacks except within your personal inner circle. Keep your inner circle closed and small. Learn from my group’s experience on this one. Be especially warned by those who are ‘too nice to be real.’ They are the people that get infected (codes that get corrupted) then turn on you without warning when you are the most vulnerable. Now you have to be strong even when you desperately need to rest and recover, so the violation at the personal level is emphasized. Evaluate your relationships by asking yourself, “When **** hits the fan, who are the Doers in my life (not talkers) who will stand by me - who would die for me and mine, protect me when I’m down, and have my back, and I would do the same for them?”

    3) I activate my Rigorous Self-Responsibility Codes, NOW. (x3. This guardian code activates/strengthens the energy body and frees the Questioning Mind so we can re-code The Game back to Win/Win/Win/Win Contracts. Signs of Activation: Action. No excuses. Walk your talk. Financial freedom. Physical fitness in diet and exercise. Mental fitness in asking questions rather than reacting.
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  • The Dangers and Benefits of #MartialArts and the #Warrior Path #KungFu #Fitness #Health #MMA
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  • This will be part of an important video coaching series that I plan to continue on the significance of the great #lymphatic system in #health, #nutrition, #lifestyle, #fitness and so much more! See the video above for how to use this POWERFULL and simple practice in your daily routine!

    See the video above for how to use this POWERFULL and simple practice in your daily routine!
    Hydrotherapy, also known as hydropathy is one of the most ancient therapeutic healing practices known to man. Even other species such as the Japanese Macaque regularly partake in the benefits and pleasures of hydropathy as they soak in the hot springs while also enduring the extreme winter weather. "Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for overall health maintenance,detoxification and treatment of disease. The term encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water, such as temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and treat the symptoms of certain diseases "Hydrotherapy is used to treat many illnesses and conditions including:

    stomach problems
    joint, muscle, and nerve problems
    sleep disorders
    It is also commonly used for relaxation and to maintain a person’s state of health. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for reducing or relieving sudden or long-lasting pain.
    Benefits of Hydrotherapy

    The benefits of hydrotherapy include:
    dramatically increasing the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification
    loosening tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation
    increasing the metabolic rate and digestion activity
    hydrating the cells, improving skin and muscle tone
    boosting the immune system, allowing it to function more efficiently
    improving the function of the internal organs by stimulating their blood supply"
    Worlds Greatest Life Hack! Hydrotherapy: The Ancient Science of Natural Physics & PHIsiology!
    Presentation compiled by Cullen Smith of Lifting The Veil   PLEASE DONT COPY TO OTHER BLOGS OR SITES, YOU MAY SHARE THIS PAGE, THANK YOU.This will be part of an important video coaching series that I plan to continue on the significance of the great #lymphatic system in #health, #nutrition, #lifestyle, #fitness and so much more! See the video above for how to use this POWERFULL and...
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  • I am so happy to have found this site, thank you for being here!

    My background is health, wellness and fitness; it is my intention to share insight and information into the healing powers of the human body and to help the humans recognize the behaviors that prevent them from having the quality of life and longevity they desire.

    My work is best described as intuitive healing thru functional fitness, I've applied this technique to the animals that I foster and rescue as well, for we are all connected to one another, Gaia and to the animals.
    Namaste my fellow humanoids.
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