• FOIA Docs: Feds Excited To Create Mass Surveillance Network
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  • With the politics of the day talking about Nationalizing and BREXIT, it's important to point out some key UN treaties that exist. Everyone wants to "pull out", until you realize what "pulling out" really looks like. One treaty being the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques [1]. The US State Dept documents this treaty, but it's important to note in the documents, that it says nothing of using these techniques on it's own citizens. The same time the treaty was signed, Congress also made it mandatory to report all the weather modifications operating on US soil in an annual report [2]. They held committee's in 08 on aersol injections for solar radiation management as well. The study and research into modifying the weather and climate is still ongoing [3] [4] [5]. These tools are also de-classified in a FOIA request from the CIA here [6]. Are we so sure drones on US soil are just being used to monitor us or to report on other issues relating to a future event... because in [7] Border and Customs reports how often they use drones on our soil, but they also interestingly enough document how many times joint exercises were stalled because of weather related events.

    Think about the implications here. We have "official" documents that weather can be used as a weapon... but the only thing holding us back from using it as such, is a treaty. And now with an "official" report from the border patrol that "weather" hampers monitoring... the only possible conclusion is get the public behind a push to end some treaties. If they can convince to you support leaving a nuclear treaty, they sure as can get you to abandon the weather modification treaty. ((of which is still ongoing in what's called Benign Weather Modification [8] PDF and reported to NOAA [2]))

    THE YEAR IS 2025

    5 years after the installation of the Space Force [9], 5 years prior to the UN Sustainable Development plans ((also in [9])), and the USAF commissions a study on what they would look like going into the future [10]. Interestingly enough, documented the same year Congress was holding hearings on SRM [3]. This is where we get the think tank documentation from Col Tamzy J. House on Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 [11]. It wasn't just that, but a whole host of other documents. The USAF was wanting to see what could be done using the public as a tool. This is what they say after the findings and think tanks turned in their reports - READ THIS REAL SLOWLY -


    If the forecasters are right, the Air Force in 2025 will be significantly different from that of today, despite the fact that most of the systems on which USAF will depend decades from now are already in service or development.


    We don't need to wait until 2025, they're already using weather as a weapon, and admit it in this publication [10]. DID YOU KNOW that the USAF actually has an agency called Air Force Weather Agency?? The agency's main site [12], found in researching AF2025 in this PDF [13]. All the documentation one needs without screams of HAARP or anything else out there that comes up first on the topic when you research this.

    Back to the UN treaty on using weather as a weapon [14]. Want to know what countries that never ratified this???

    Saudi Arabia
    The Holy See

    Notice any of these being interesting to geo-politics

    Are we so sure that our innovations are not being sold to Saudi or Israel. Technically these techniques are considered weapons according to the treaty. Selling weapons to the Saudi / Israeli military takes on a whole new meaning now doesn't it??? Russia selling "weapons" to Iran???








    [8] PDF



    [11] PDF



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  • Prepare for Change: US Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request
    “EM effects on human body.”
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  • NSA FOIA Response reveals Seth Rich & Assange/Wikileaks communications are Classified
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  • When it comes to traveling to Mars (via private space industries for the public through billionaires efforts, or space force) I think its wise and logical to assume that we are definitely (as part of one of the many secret space programs, as that is fully actively an umbrella term for many secret projects involving space outside of the public domain, or even higher echelons of need to know knowledge) already among Mars.
    (not to mention abundantly through the Solar System and Beyond, via many different secret program groups. But lets stick to Mars for a moment.).

    This would be to assure safe guarded fully active already established settlement for those that will be initially, and largely as it is expanded, involved in development for other more becomingly open public knowledge programs that bring us Humans to Mars on an ordinarily acknowledged level.

    There are ever expandingly large amounts of evidence to support this, beyond just claim, not to mention bewildering corroboration and open exposure discosure discussions via insider knowledge and first hand experiencers.

    Take Billy Carson and his 4biddenknowledge and associated United Family Of Anomaly Hunters, for instance, and actually many more researchers the same. These guys are uncovering MIND BLOWING photographic evidence with their extensive analysis from Nasa and their near million or so released photographs under FOIA haggling efforts, and perhaps (if accessible outside of the possible predominating space agency's control via our public access in much of the world) other space agencies.

    Once analyzed, cleaned up and clear of intentional fuzzy photographic debris a false intentional editing, (or what can be some of potentially the lowest quality images of their archive intentionally depicting questionable content) profoundly stunning anomalies are discovered! Whether hidden within, slightly obscure, or quite in plain site, many of these depict ancient ruins of a bygone high civilization era, or what may be still active even to this day (Evidence and insider testimony highly suggest the current existence of native Martian Humanoid species and animals) by native peoples, as well as what clearly seems to be modern and active instillations, perhaps conjoined with ancient structures or other even vehicles!

    Then there are the many photographs that clearly show what seems to living beings, from animals to obvious peoples! No matter normal Human as we know or not, they are humanoid in configuration. Plus decimated statues of humanoid depiction, telling potentially ancient historical record stories, which quite very possibly connect to our own people here on Earth. Then you fin many photographs showing technologies, either decimated or nearly fully intact.

    You think that these billionaires and private space industries are going to Mars and beginning life in slums, with nothing, exempt from their current luxarious ways of life, easy living, with their servants, technologies, and all that is afforded to them now? I wouldn't be so sure. Though it may be possible that they are fully committed, aware of what lies ahead. Yet, logically, assuredly not. There will be plentiful installations, technologies already in place ready to begin a new lavish life elsewhere where they think that they are the harbingers of a new civilizations, or extension thereof.

    Could there already be many "servants/slaves" involved via Human trafficking, child/human abduction and perhaps galactic slavetrade?

    Could some of these anomalous photographs be of these already installations to follow with the secret/soon to be public space programs and/or military initiatives?


    I know that many secret space programs exist in multitudinous degrees outside of quite high domains of knowledge and that the "Space Force" itself has already been in abundant full swing activation for quite a while, but the other information and questions are important to outline. Many of these other thoughts arrive from initiations through Billy Carson's own thought and information sharings, and are very crucial to bring forward here in sharing with my own words.

    Thank you, I love you! I hold this space for you all in infinite abundant sharings and open true connections <3 :3.
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  • Here's some groundbreaking research on the implcations of the DIA FOIA release confirming the list of 38 Reference Docs describing exotic technologies. "D.I.A. Major Release - What Everyone Else Missed"
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  • Here is a med journal study finding unusually high amounts of aluminum in the brains of those with autism. Hm...I wonder how it got there...

    And...a study that also notes that there are unusually high (and unsafe, according to the FDA standards) levels of aluminum in pediatric vaccines. But the one couldn't have anything to do with the other, right? Because...reasons.

    I wonder...if the Dept. of HHS had, as they were mandated by law to do for the past 30+ years, done the non-conflict-of-interest safety studies, including actual placebos, and enacted all the safety measures they were supposed to do, and had submitted their reports to congress every two years as they were supposed to, if this might have been caught earlier?

    Here's the lawsuit that came about because at first, HHS absolutely refused to comply with a FOIA request to produce any evidence that they had submitted any of the reports to congress that they were required by law to do, detailing what safety tests and what safety measures they had enacted:

    And here is the court order that resulted from that lawsuit, wherein HHS explains that the reason why they did not comply with the FOIA because they have nothing - no congressional reports detailing safety studies they conducted or safety measures they enacted - to show for the past 30+ years they were mandated to do this:

    And congress has made nary a peep at the lack of fulfillment of this duty that was mandated by law when they removed liability for unsafe vaccines from the manufacturers.

    Instead, govt agencies do not insist on the same rigorous testing for vaccines that they do for other drugs, claiming weak excuses that it would somehow be unethical to test vaccines to the same standards, such as using placebos that would highlight any adverse reactions.

    What the hell?
    Aluminium in brain tissue in autism
    Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder of unknown aetiology. It is suggested to involve both genetic susceptibility and environment…
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  • Government Accidentally Releases Documents on "Psycho-Electric" Weapons -
    Government Accidentally Releases Documents on "Psycho-Electric" Weapons
    They were mistakenly sent to a journalist.
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  • #FOIA last night the idea of requesting information about myself and my internet activities came to mind, how the conversation went from the Aliens franchise and Marvel / DC film overload to that I couldn't say, but I would appreciate any points in the right direction of how to go about this. I assume everyone here also assumes they are on a list or two I think it would be interesting to see what they've collected thus far.
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