• To all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and Wayshowers - hold fast to the light and the Ascension codes as we enter a 'collective dark night of the soul'. New 4D grids in place as the third dimensional structure begins the crash down and fall that has been predicted for so many years. It will present as an 'attempt for planetary takeover' and 'world domination' and the healers of light and keepers of the wisdom codes will be needed in abundance to hold the higher 5D templates and liberty grids in place. We can rise above the new AI dark matrix codeces but our innocent brothers and sisters of Earth will need assistance. There are ultra dimensional and non physical teams in place but they can only come in if we ground their light within human consciousness. Planetary trauma amongst the third dimensional human system will need intense and profound healing. You are all in place. Be centred, stand within the grid of higher dimensionality and you will know what to do and how to act. May peace, joy, resolve and indigo warrior energetics be with you all. We hold high the sword of Excalibur. Our telepathic union is stronger than ever at this time. Magenta Pixie and the Nine xx
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  • I have today launched a social network for healers and those seeking healing.

    If you are are a healer yourself, then this would be the right time for you to register and registration is free for all healers.

    Once registered, you can share details of your healing practice and also post services with a price tag.

    Members who are seeking healing for their problems can then avail of your service.

    There is a one time verification fee for all healers to ensure the network is a trusted platform. Verified healers will also receive the facility of having a PayPal donate button on their public profile page.

    If you are not a healer but seeking healing for yourself, then you can join as a member and share your problems so that healers registered with the network can connect with you and offer you a solution.

    To sign up as a healer or just a member visit

    #healers #healing #network
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    Healer Directory is the platform for people to connect with Healers from around the world and receive healing for their problems.
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  • MARCH NEWSLETTER - Natural Antibiotics & April's Astronomical Alignment! 3/7/20

    Hey, Pilgrims on the Ascension Journey!
    First, I hope you guy's will consider Immune Boosting and Oxygenating your Biological Bodies cells for any type of seasonal pathogen, toxicities or viruses. And please don't have any fears about a flu virus. In the US more people die from a common cold and flu during the flu season like 20,000 to 50,000 a year, than any Lab made and Media Hyped one. This is most likely a backfired Cabal organized ploy to Crash the Stock Market which it looks like it is working. But the QFS (Quantum Financial System) and the GCR/RV are rolling out as we speak. 209 countries are going back to the Gold Standard. NESARA/GESARA.

    Second, let's remember some Natural Antibiotics for our year round Holistic Health!

    1. Colloidal silver is a great alternative to antibiotics and has been used for centuries. This Monatomic element suspended in a solution was actually discovered in the early 1900s by the founder of a pharmaceutical company, who discovered it was very effective at killing even the deadliest pathogens. Although the Aristocratic Romans used to drink wine and water from Silver pitchers. Colloidal silver is made up of silver atoms suspended in distilled water that doesn’t contain any ions. These silver particles are so small that they are able to penetrate on a cellular level. They can, therefore, kill many different kinds of pathogens, including bacteria, fungal spores, parasites, and viruses. Not all are created equal, look into the parts per million, nano, etc.

    2. Garlic of course. Garlic is a very strong antibiotic with antiviral, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. It can help remove bad bacteria from the body. Aside from this, garlic is also very high in naturally occurring antioxidants that eliminate free radical damage, which therefore helps support the immune system. Garlic contains allicin, the component of garlic primarily responsible for killing and removing harmful bacteria.

    3. Let's remember our Fermented Foods. Kefir, Kombucha, Kimchi, Miso, Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, etc. Here are some reasons why. Kefir, for example, can work against common foodborne pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli (E. coli). Staphylococcus aureus can cause upper respiratory tract infections, while E. coli can lead to gastrointestinal symptoms. These can be life-threatening to certain high-risk groups like children and seniors. Research from 2018 showed kefir prevented the growth or multiplication of these types of bacteria in less than three days. Get the picture on how important our well balanced and broad spectrum Gut Microbiome is!

    4. Ginger Root. I have been putting pieces of ginger root in my smoothies and in my teas everyday. I am drinking a Pu-erh tea with slivers of ginger root right now. Ginger is an all-natural antibiotic that works against a variety of bacterial strains as well as fungi. And as a natural remedy against viral infections such as common colds.

    OK, Third. On April 5th 2020, Jupiter will be exactly conjunct Pluto at 24° Capricorn, and open up a portal for even more Photonic Energetic's to pour into our Solar System from the Center of our Galaxy! A retrogradation gives us a 2nd conjunction at the same degree on June 29th 2020. The final conjunction occurs at 22° Capricorn on November 12th 2020. So Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all be in fairly close proximity for the vast majority of 2020. The last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were this close in tropical Capricorn was 1894 BC. The next time will be in 2755 CE. So this is a pretty rare EVENT, Pilgrims! I feel as if I am already connecting to it. So of course Consider... Slowing down in the midst of Global Chaos and meditating in Nature, staying well Hydrated, I mean well Hydrated with Structured Water and sleeping even during the day if you can't sleep at night! Seriously, things are about to get real Trippy! Major, major changes are occurring! Blessings Everyone! Know that you are supported in so, so many ways!


    Hello again. Just a quick addendum to the March Newsletter as I follow the paper trail and the money on the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19. Anyhow it's really looking like a 5G cover up. China in it's rush to take the lead in the 5G race, had by the end of 2019 (and mostly within the last several months leading up to the COVID-19 outbreak) installed 130,000 5G antennas throughout the country, with at least 10,000 antennas installed in Wuhan alone. As a comparison, the USA only has approximately 10,000 5G antennas presently installed throughout the whole country. And the "Smart Cities around the World" where some of the so called outbreaks have happened. Even the " test trials" in Iran. The new MedallionNet on Cruise Ships. Most of the interviews with people who recover are people who have stayed home away from the wifi Hospitals or somewhere further away from these antennas and cell towers. All the way from the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation or The World Economic Forum to the two Labs in Wuhan to the companies that own the communications networks such as SES S.A. with GEO's and newer MEO's and other companies.

    Anyways, whatever the probable nefarious reasons (the overwhelming Market place for Telecom and our electronic devices or even an elaborate cover up to debunk Ascension Symptoms!), it's just smart to educate our selves on the EMF pollution as well as taking on a meditative practice that is Nature based. Walking in Nature, sitting in nature, hiking in nature, sitting in a park or your own back yard, etc. for a Natural Circadian Rhythm that is connected to the Cosmic Clock. Radio waves, TV waves and current above ground electrical grid systems are all archaic and out dated. There are however appropriate technologies waiting in the wings and coming off the patented shelves shortly. So have faith that we will preserver and get through this. Here is a video link I did a few years back about "Dirty" Electromagnetic Fields, Microwaves and our RNA/DNA. As always consider doing your own research. Blessings Everyone! #5G #holistichealth #Ascension

    Also this Documentary from The Conscious Resistance is the most comprehensive and informative to date on EMF pollution! Thank you so much Derrick Broze! This will inspire you!

    There seems to be a connection for sure. Whether it is the 5G frequency exacerbating the viral replication or just the frequency ranges being used. In Epigenetic Health we talk about Methyl Groups and how the Environment can change methyl bonds to the cells such as various stresses caused by Electromagnetic Frequencies. EMF pollution is definitely not healthy for any biological species. Check plant life under power lines and transformers. Most research is buried of course. I am sure more will come to light as we go further down the rabbit holes. Once again with any speculative conversation starter with deductive leads, I encourage us all to do more research and meditation in Nature. For now I consider getting more informed and staying as Holistically Healthy as possible as we go through the darker things coming to Light!! And of course the Alliance (White Hats, Through the Looking Glass Colleqtive, etc.) would counter-op the fractured Global Cabal's EMF/Corona Eugenics plan! Op. LEVI, Mass arrests & being videoed, then the GCR/RV. Let's consider getting really informed about EMF's-5G, mmw, GEO's & MEO's. Our Holistic Healing has just began! Blessings Everyone!
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  • 3.2.20 Message from the Archangels to the World:

    Join the Archangels at our Next Global Healing Forum March 14th!

    A Powerful time for us to align together to turn the tide on present dark potentials bringing us safely into an era of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. Spread the Word!
    The Archangels Message to the World
    The Archangels Speak Hold Fast to the Light! We of the Archangelic Kingdom lend our timely assistance to a world in transition. We come at a time of...
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  • 3.2.20 Message from the Archangels to the World:

    Join the Archangels at our Next Global Healing Forum March 14th!

    A Powerful time for us to align together to turn the tide on present dark potentials bringing us safely into an era of Freedom, Enlightenment and Peace. Spread the Word!
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  • ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2019 - Toxic Femininity (with Katerina and Dave)" -- Dave Kelso and Katerina Roy discuss the divine feminine vs the toxic (social justice warrior) feminine. Also including some fair use inserts for illustration purposes.

    This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

    Participants List: Dave Kelso, Katerina Roy, Misc Fair Use / CC: Sargon of Akkad, Styxhexenhammer666, Paul Joseph Watson, Jaboody Dubs, Chris Ray Gun
    Hashtags: #sjw #feminism #narcissism #divinefeminine #healing
    Metatags Space Separated: sjw feminism narcissism divinefeminine healing
    Metatags Comma Separated: sjw, feminism, narcissism, divinefeminine, healing

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  • What is it they do not want you to see?

    Hello world. Looks like I may be MIA from social media for a while. My laptop died two days ago and we are not able to replace it at this time. When possible I may be able to use my husband's laptop to publish my daily articles. Until I can afford to replace this laptop I will be back when I am able.

    I AM a Spiritual Teacher. I AM a Mystic, a Clear Open Channel or medium for Holy Spirit and other Higher Energy Multi-Dimensional Beings. What I share I share Freely asking for nothing in return. I do not ask for money from any of you. What I ask for is that you like or clap for my articles on platforms such as if my article has helped you in some way. I earn a penny for every clap my brothers. What does that tell you? I AM NOT DOING WHAT I DO FOR MONEY, is what that is telling you.

    I have been publishing my articles on platforms such as and in the hopes my brothers will like, subscribe and clap for my articles so I may earn some form of income to be able to purchase a new laptop to replace the one that has stopped working. It is only when my brothers clap for the articles on that I will be able to earn some income. In 7 years the most I have ever earned is $1.71 I believe. Most months I earn around $.07.

    I have published 778 articles on medium within the last 7 yrs. Ask yourselves, why shadow ban & censored what is shared? What is it about what it is I am sharing that is causing these platforms to hide my articles from you my brothers? What is it they do not want you to see?

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • get your Cannabis Industry Certification!
    #grower #retail #dispensary #cannabis #healing #medicine
    #ad #affiliate
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  • IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN PILGRIMS ON THE ASCENSION JOURNEY! HERE WE GLOW! Incoming "Air Showers"! A beautiful upliftment for Gaia's and our Planetary shifting into a higher frequency! 4th Density and closer to our 5th dimensional consciousness!

    Ionized Particles of over 100 Hz. stresses our Autonomic Nervous System and Endocrine System, which activates the Sympathetic N.(Fight or Flight) System and the adrenal gland, which releases norepinephrine and epinephrine! More on Neurotransmitters and the Fascia Tissue System and the effects of Cosmic Rays on our Bio Field Physiology at…/alchemical-wizard-21-cosmic-rays-infl…

    Your unique Bio Field (Light Body) and where you resonate determines what kind of "Ascension Symptoms" you will have.These Photonic Wave Pulses (Scalar Waves, Adamantine particles, etc.) help us decalcify our Pineal Gland as well. Fast forward into the free radical particles knocking on RNA/DNA's doors and reigniting dormant potential 4th and 5th strands of crystalline DNA so that our Bio Field Physiology can hold more LIGHT/ENERGY! This is what we volunteered for. Ride it as best you can, there is so much support out here now! Lot's of Holistic Health Coaches and Healing Modalities from Ancient times coming back do to all the Great Lightworkers! Thank you so much!

    So please consider Resting, Staying Hydrated, maybe taking some Vit. C, Zinc, Adaptogenic herbs, Immune boosting mushrooms, etc. TIP : I put some Kelp Iodine in my water to protect my Thyroid Gland. After exposure to radiation, iodine can provide some protection against thyroid damage.

    Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Freeing Ourselves! Tomsk SRS & SRA, VLF SRS's 12-28-2019 9pm PST
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  • Dear #LightFamily: get ready for tomorrow, Tuesday, & Thursday! The #FullMoonMeditation & the #PeaceMeditationforSyria will be this coming week on Thursday Dec 12th. As always, for those in need of HEALING, the #InternationalGoldenAgeGroup (#IGAG) & #PrepareForChangeJapan’s #RemoteHealingSessionwithAscendedMastersandStellarHealingRays offers their #FREEREMOTEHEALING, I highly recommend! There are always 2 sessions, this month they will be Monday December 9th & Tuesday, December 10th both from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC.

    For USA friends, this is:

    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 04:00 am HAST Honolulu

    You can connect to IGAG’s LiveFeed on YouTube to access these remote healings. As always, the introduction & explanation will be given first in Chinese, then in English. All you have to do then, is lay down & receive. Takes about half an hour.

    SO MUCH GRATITUDE to IGAG & PFCJapan & all the healers! I will share that I've been partaking for many months & they really help me a lot!

    Thank you to everyone who is staying FOCUSED, in PEACE & LOVE, UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS & is participating in the many available mass meditations!
    Do check the #ActiveMeditationsPage & timetables at #WeLoveMassMeditation!

    Thank you everyone! SO MUCH LOVE! 


    Zeeva Amrita
    Reminder of Full Moon Meditations and international remote healing sessions
    A blog for organizing mass meditations leading to the Victory of the Light!
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