• Calling all lightworkers, wayshowers, truthseekers and awake and aware individuals. Black box, black cube, dark magic is now in full deployment from the Lucy Fairian and Sat Anick Darkworker Alite. Black Out square or status on SM from the innocent and unknowing - believing they support the cause of equality - is a sign they are willing to be assimilated, used, controlled and siphoned.
    They are giving permission for all tools to be used to that end. The dark masters are not interested if the innocent understand the symbolism or not, that is irrelevant to them. So mass permission for NWO is being given under the guise of equality.
    We of the light hold the antidote. Our declarations of sovereignty are coded into the antidote. We shield the innocent who unknowingly 'fly the dark flag' and 'beg to be absorbed.' We shield them through the antidote.
    The antidote is alchemical unification through connection with the true Krystal River of Light which is schumaan resonance. One connects with this Krystal River through the symbol of the triquetra or the energetic of the Rose Gold Flame (The Nine presented all this information which I bought forward in my book 'The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote") I literally had NO IDEA how important this little book would be.
    Please understand that permission is being given for NWO takeover on a grand scale. WE THE LIGHT TEAM hold more mass, higher light and more radiation through our DNA fields to cast a shield over the innocent who are asking to be assimilated and absorbed through the black cube/black box symbology and living, consciousness that is the inverted matrix.
    We stand as one - and this means an antidote across social media platforms where blackout square is presented as support for equality.
    The symbols you can post will be the grounding to your consciousness and intention which is a protective shield around ALL innocents who have been hijacked by the black cube/black box.
    The symbols are the grounding to the declaration of sovereignty and denial of authorisation.
    Those with the 5th DNA strand (5th Element/5th Dimension) activation hold the authority within for denial of permission. This authority CANNOT be given by the mis-led, the unaware, the ignorant, the asleep and the innocent.
    You can use the design from the black box front cover of the book and also beautiful artwork created by Hannah Westall who read the book and kindly sent this to me. (Thankyou so much Hannah the artwork is so very powerful.)
    The triquetra can also be used. White wings tinged with rose gold, or rose gold wings or a rose gold flame.
    All these symbols have ALREADY BEEN ENCRYPTED with the codes needed to shield the innocent and deny authorisations on a large scale. They were encrypted many, many years ago in Atlantis - ready for this time.
    Images such as Poseidon or King Neptune also hold the same encryption due to the trident held (which is the triquetra.)
    Go forth and hold the symbols within your mind's eye and allow them to radiate across the etheric realms through the creative power of your pineal gland which is a projector as well as an eye.
    Post on SM as grounding - draw your own artwork or choose from above symbology - disguise if you wish with poem or inspiring quote.
    A few that hold the 5th strand in light is greater in frequency than many who post black box symbolism.
    Hold fast to the light and love of New Earth - Ascension - Paradise Timeline. We do not consent.

    Magenta Pixie (with assistance from the White, Winged, Collective, Consciousness of Nine)
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  • A preview of my new soon to be published eBook: The Hidden and Forgotten. #francisbooks The book is written for those that are intrigued by these mysterious sites or are interested in doing extra research on them, and who support the preservation of the lesser-known sites. What is special and unique about this book are the ‘coordinates’ of each site on Malta, Gozo and Comino. These are a tool for the visitors’ GPS so they will be able to locate easier those sites that are really forgotten, hidden or difficult to access. It will help the visitors to have a meaningful experience and a memorable gift of their visit to these sacred sites! The Hidden and Forgotten will complement the two handbooks, The Cosmic Perspective to the Maltese Temples and the Sacred Symbols. These were written with the aim to encourage people to do their own ‘self-guided visits’ to the temples.
    P.S. The title of the book is very relevant to our present human experience. Higher truths and our personal history of 'who we are' have been blocked for a long time. Everything that was 'forgotten & hidden' is being remembered and brought to Light. Now, it is time to clear up all fears from our lives once and for all. This search for the 'truth' has now reached a tipping point and we are entering the start of 'Satya Yuga' (new cycle in human history) - where life on Earth will be forever changed. Humanity hasn't had a chance like this since the times of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago. This time we are destined to succeed. There is no other alternative.
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  • Please try and be gentle when awakening the newbies into the 4D 'Woke' cabal/alliance domain. Too much of a data dump here is going to do the opposite of awakening. Remember to guide them into the 5D truths even if you do not understand them yourself (there is no hijacking or polarity war in 5D)

    With the same respect, please assist those turning away from the 4D reality and 'hiding out' in the bliss of their perceived 5D experience. This is not 5D. If you do not integrate 4D then you will be caught in a simulation also, albeit a higher, more pleasant one. Integration is key. I know many are feeling we do not have enough time now and that waking up is now or never. This is not the case and true awakening is never a panicked, hurried rush. So important to catch and cushion the newly awakened so they can assimilate and process in balance all the new information being presented to them at this time. Magenta Pixie
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  • To all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and Wayshowers - hold fast to the light and the Ascension codes as we enter a 'collective dark night of the soul'. New 4D grids in place as the third dimensional structure begins the crash down and fall that has been predicted for so many years. It will present as an 'attempt for planetary takeover' and 'world domination' and the healers of light and keepers of the wisdom codes will be needed in abundance to hold the higher 5D templates and liberty grids in place. We can rise above the new AI dark matrix codeces but our innocent brothers and sisters of Earth will need assistance. There are ultra dimensional and non physical teams in place but they can only come in if we ground their light within human consciousness. Planetary trauma amongst the third dimensional human system will need intense and profound healing. You are all in place. Be centred, stand within the grid of higher dimensionality and you will know what to do and how to act. May peace, joy, resolve and indigo warrior energetics be with you all. We hold high the sword of Excalibur. Our telepathic union is stronger than ever at this time. Magenta Pixie and the Nine xx
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  • Self-Isolation translates energetically to loneliness and separation which is the opposite frequency to full health and immunity to dis-ease, pathogens and viruses.
    The feeling and expression of Oneness and Unity is that which gives you health and immunity. Therefore if you choose to self-isolate it is important to remain within a unity consciousness paradigm by using aligned terminology.
    The term 'Self-Isolation' is not aligned with this higher paradigm but 'taking the hiatus or retreat' is.
    Also so too is 'moving into the hermit phase.'
    Know the importance of the terminology and language you use and where it sits within your paradigm of separation/loneliness or unity/acceptance/love/immunity.
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  • Magenta - Immunity can only occur if you catch the disease. That is how immunity works. Positive thinking and healthy lifestyle is wonderful but it won't help you if you catch a virus.

    I am not speaking here about catching the illness to create immunity.
    As I have said, mainstream science does not yet understand how immunity works.

    If someone in one part of the world catches a new virus, just migrated into humanity, then just as that virus is in a constant state of mutation so is the immunity.
    That one person (and maybe others also) won't have the immunity at first but as they build that immunity so too do people right across the other side of the world, even though thousands of miles separate them and they have never met in person or even spoken to each other.
    The immune system holds an energetic counterpart that is NON-LOCATIONAL.
    Research 'hundredth Monkey Effect' translating 'idea' or 'behaviour' into the 'higher energetic, collective immunity' to understand how this works.
    Magenta Pixie and The Nine
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  • Magenta why are people panicking so much? Fighting over toilet paper and other essentials? It just seems crazy behaviour. Is there anything we can do to help people?

    The activation of the base/root chakra into survival mode creates animalistic instinctual behaviour which is translated as complete separation and competition with 'other' (seeing other as threat) rather than Unity (seeing other as extension of self.) The creation of fear/panic and survival mode is deliberate. 3D Humanity do not have the tools (the higher upgraded chakra system) to be able to transcend or instantaneously integrate the survival mode. Lightworkers, healers and truth seekers everywhere are called 'to action' - they will know what to do if they are linked into their higher guidance. The most important issue here is that the lightworkers do not take on the frequency of 'urgency' despite the fact that these individuals are the true 'emergency forces'. Remain calm, unrushed, grounded and then do what you are called to do. The new template these lightworker/lightwarrior forces and teams are creating reaches critical mass on or around Spring Equinox 20/21/22 March 2020. Magenta Pixie and The Nine.
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  • What is it they do not want you to see?

    Hello world. Looks like I may be MIA from social media for a while. My laptop died two days ago and we are not able to replace it at this time. When possible I may be able to use my husband's laptop to publish my daily articles. Until I can afford to replace this laptop I will be back when I am able.

    I AM a Spiritual Teacher. I AM a Mystic, a Clear Open Channel or medium for Holy Spirit and other Higher Energy Multi-Dimensional Beings. What I share I share Freely asking for nothing in return. I do not ask for money from any of you. What I ask for is that you like or clap for my articles on platforms such as if my article has helped you in some way. I earn a penny for every clap my brothers. What does that tell you? I AM NOT DOING WHAT I DO FOR MONEY, is what that is telling you.

    I have been publishing my articles on platforms such as and in the hopes my brothers will like, subscribe and clap for my articles so I may earn some form of income to be able to purchase a new laptop to replace the one that has stopped working. It is only when my brothers clap for the articles on that I will be able to earn some income. In 7 years the most I have ever earned is $1.71 I believe. Most months I earn around $.07.

    I have published 778 articles on medium within the last 7 yrs. Ask yourselves, why shadow ban & censored what is shared? What is it about what it is I am sharing that is causing these platforms to hide my articles from you my brothers? What is it they do not want you to see?

    Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.
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  • "AIR SHOWERS" TODAY AT 8AM PST. Nice peaks at 34hz.

    We should be used to these lower frequency stresses on our Endocrine and Nervous Systems but let us consider Resting, Staying Hydrated, maybe taking some Vit. C, Zinc, Adaptogenic herbs, Immune boosting mushrooms, etc. TIP : I put some Kelp Iodine in my water to protect my Thyroid Gland. After exposure to radiation, iodine can provide some protection against thyroid damage.

    Let's stay Holistically Healthy as much as we can as more PHOTONIC WAVE PULSES (ionized particles, gamma rays, scalar waves, etc.) are on their way! (note : their, all energy is conscious energy/light) TIP : I find meditation outdoors with shoes off during Air Showers helps integrate higher frequencies or in your Sacred Space in your home because you are sitting silently and feeling with your High Heart Toric Field!

    Blessings Everyone! Stay Hydrated with Structured Water my Friends! We are Sovereign, We are Freeing Ourselves! Tomsk SRS, ACE Epam, VLF SRS, SEAESRT 2-8-2020 2am PST #HolisticHealth #Ascension #biofieldphysiology
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  • LET US CONSIDER ANOTHER VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE MODALITY for our Bio Field Physiological Health. Psychological Kinesiology, Applied Kinesiology, Self Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing! Please Stay Hydrated with Structured Water in the coming months my Friends!

    Photonic Energies surround us. We are in the Toroidal Field of Alcyone! These "Photon Belt" ionized particles radiate energy at a higher frequency! Solaris (our Sun) is a conduit, yes, and changing from a Yellow Dwarf Star to a White Dwarf Star. Our Solar System is shifting from 3rd density to 4th density and closer to our 5th dimensional consciousness!

    TIP : Try not to be in fear, your Light Body is helping your Biological Body make this shift. Use some of the Holistic Health tools from your unique tool kit. Practice and Patience, Persistence and Positivity! HERE WE GLOW! We are freeing ourselves! Blessings Everyone! #appliedkinesiology #holistichealth #muscleresponsetesting
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