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  • The Event by the Pleiadians...

    The Pleiadians are a very advanced ET race that exist on the higher planes above this 3-D planet. If you are aligned with them energetically you will relate to their teachings and understand their world. They are master storyteller’s and teachers, their messages include light codes and triggers to help wake up the lower resonating beings at just the right moment.

    There is a Great cosmic drama playing out and it’s just about coming to a close. The human population is now finding out that a group of dark, nefarious beings has controlled humanity and Earth by deception. The reason for the cover-up of our entire existence is so our energy could be harvested lifetime after lifetime. This incredible amount of energy has been harvested and redirected for their use.

    These Dark beings knew that when humanity figured out what has been happening to us we would become very angry and revolt and this would be the end game for their heinous plan. This is the game many of us are participating in now.

    Unconscious humans are so asleep and so far gone at this point in regards to what is truly happening it’s really irrelevant to be so concerned for their Ascension, you can’t do one thing to help them until they are ready. Until humans stop hurting and killing each other there is no immediate solution for them. So it is wise for you to keep your focus on your progression at this moment.

    The Pleiadians are certainly concerned for them that’s why they are transmuting tons of low vibrational energies on their behalf. But, like I always say everybody is on their individual path and everybody deals with their own consequences. No one gets a free pass here.

    The Ascension Event is going to come up on the humans very quickly and abruptly and the Pleiadians know that most are not prepared for it and are trying to make this transition as painless as possible. They are moving massive amounts of super dense energy out of the way so they have a better chance to make this Ascension. Ultimately, we are here to make this Ascension. Sooo much is going on behind the scenes on Earth and in the higher planes so as many humans as possible will make this transition.

    Incredible amounts of high frequency gamma Photon Light is penetrating Earth in the last 6 months or so. These frequencies, these levels of light have been secretly measured by every space agency on this planet and is completely hidden from us.

    These space agencies are hiding, trying to anyway, the hundreds of thousands of Extra Terrestrial craft that are being seen around the sun this is the very reason solar observatories were shut down trying not to leak photos and video of these massive armadas of craft and vessels. However, the Pleiadians did agree with this shut down because they know a huge majority of humanity are not ready for such a blunt disclosure yet.

    5D is Heaven, a Gamma State, a blissful state.
    There are 12 dimensional boundaries in this Universe. Our bodies have 12 primary strands of DNA which work like nano sized fiber optic cables and 12 multi dimensional chakra portals that lets Akashic light data flow in and out of the body. This data is stored in our cellular memory. This information alone should tell you just how incredibly powerful we really are.

    10 of these DNA strands were deactivated eons ago by these Dark rulers but they are now becoming activated and this is changing the entire game. Most Starseeds on this planet right now have between 4 and 5 of these strands activated.

    The old low vibrating 3-D Earth Matrix is one state of consciousness and the new 5D matrix is a faster vibrating state of consciousness. When you hear the word prayer in the Christian Bible it simply means meditation. While prayer is a form of asking it means asking for something by matching that vibration. Remember, there is no being higher than you, there is no higher authority than oneself. So, you’re not praying to some outside source you’re asking YOU to match that particular vibration.

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  • Be the causer, not the effect to someone else’s cause.

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  • Unpack all that no longer serves you. Fast track your spiritual growth by reconnecting to your highest self like never before!

    Registration open till Jan 13.

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  • "It is amplifying and activating the grids, #Gaia, #Solaris, #HUmanity, kingdoms and elementals for #NewEarth revelation. #Pure light infusions are consistent; the unification of #cosmic #stargates with #heart stargates is happening in this #Now. Feel the expansion and personal shifts in trajectory as #DNA receives and transmits pure #positive photonic #light." ~ Sandra Walter

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  • Humans = Biology + Technology (Ready to Activate)

    Ego = Are the lies (codes/storylines) you tell yourself that you believe.

    Souls = Geometric Codes, in a quantum fluid. Stored Books of Knowledge.

    Church = The Church of Common Sense: You shall have no other gods before me but your own personal experience, your own discernment, and some good old fashioned common sense to ask a simple question to everything: Why?

    Ascension = The Egoic Codes are reprogrammed, and startled, you find you are awake in the dreaming. Why? To assist the ship/earth/gaia from dying. Her/planetary assets are currently being harvested and sent off world by controllers who have infected the mind-space of the human race codes. If you have woken, there is a reason, most likely it is to lead. So LEAD. Wherever you are. She (the Ship/Earth/Gaia) makes contact in states of deep inner listening. City structures make deep inner listening difficult due to the constant interference patterns. Go to Nature. There it is clear.

    (Hint1: You must already know how to activate the deep inner listening skills many of you have been practicing.

    (Hint2: Contact with her/the ship’s library is ACTIVE, not passive, or you cannot get through the psychic interference patterns of the human noise. The doorway is now protected with three codes which you must embody or you will not be allowed entry: Harmony/Purity/Freedom.

    (Hint3: Your Database Access is triangulated through sets of three (intensions). Only an example of accessing the ship’s database:
    1) I request access to the Human Gaming Codes.
    2) I request access to the Earth History Codes.
    3) I request access to the Herstory Codes. (Not his-story or history, but the codes under all the noise of The Game played out.)

    You can access any codes of your choosing: Art, Agriculture, Social Design, Science, etc. and information will be downloaded to your biology for testing / improvements / rejection / implementation. Be both specific and open ended. She (the conscious database) has taught me that it’s all in HOW you ask the question. If you ask according to what you already ‘know’ or ‘agree to’ then new information cannot come through your own filter. Simply put, your beliefs limit your access, and your interpretation will be partial or false.

    Pre-Requisite to Ascension: Pass the Tests to Activate your Biological Technology.
    WARNING: If you choose to activate the Ascension Library / Database make sure your human vehicle is choosing from your HigherSelf perspective, otherwise, activation comes with a Severe Warning that all the codes/storylines you live by will be shredded unless they comply with the Harmony/Purity/Freedom Codes. Think Neo in The Matrix. His transformation resulted in both a physical and a mental makeover, both of which WILL happen to you should you willfully choose to go down this path. Me and mine have been through it, and are warning you that this is a calling, and not something you do frivolously. You will be forced to give up everything you think you know. You will lose friends stuck in their storyline. You will be tested for purity of motivation. There is a price to pay. If you are not willing to pay the price, turn away from this knowledge.

    If you continue: You begin the process of waking up out of the current dream with your first Rip on Reality: “We are not alone in our physical or mental space.” (Most of you on this site have already experienced this in the physical world, but it is equally true in the dimensional planes that are my familiar home and playground.)

    Next: A second Rip on Reality: “We live in a Choice Matrix – a Consensus Reality Construct of our own making. “ This hidden knowledge has been used against our races, having us fight amongst ourselves, and police our citizens for insane profits. This must end. If you are reading this, you have been given clues that led you to this post. You are being handed the psychic tools (and warnings) to activate your Ascension Codes through your biological technology as written below. Good Luck on your individual missions should you pass the Testings the Ascension Codes of Activation will trigger in your life, but you have been warned. Once activated there is no going back to sleep in the dream. Or were we coded to wake up right now? I suspect this is the truth of it.

    Ascension Codes of Activation:

    Instructions: Say each statement three times (x3) with passion, and press these statements deeply into your bones by squeezing your muscles, holding, then releasing on NOW. This isometric exercise will begin to unlock the knowledge locked in your bones - crystalline books of knowledge. Once you release your personal/ancestral books of knowledge, you may gain greater access to the collective database if you know the questions to ask.

    1) “I activate my Self-Will Codes, NOW!” (x3, Sri Yantra geometry, Solar Plexus, Deep Yellow Citrine frequency. Signs of Activation: A 4-6 inch hard, round sphere will form in your solar plexus gate. It will integrate in a couple weeks, by softening.)

    2) “I activate my Personal Sovereignty Codes, NOW!” (x3, Sri Yantra Geometry, Heart Gate, Blue frequency. Signs of Activation: Personal attacks. Be above the noise. Here is where you may lose friends because they are still in the dream. Let them be without judgement. For whatever reason, the greater codes have chosen to allow many to stay asleep in the program. Many of these people/codes are to stabilize society. Some criticize them as being Sheeple - and some are, but many good and conscious global citizens keep things running for the collective to experience a physical reality. They have their jobs/codes to play out, just as you do. Don’t criticize just because they are playing a different role. Each role is important. Stay hidden to the best of your ability. Stay in small private groups sharing information. Do not bring attention to yourself, and you will avoid most personal attacks except within your personal inner circle. Keep your inner circle closed and small. Learn from my group’s experience on this one. Be especially warned by those who are ‘too nice to be real.’ They are the people that get infected (codes that get corrupted) then turn on you without warning when you are the most vulnerable. Now you have to be strong even when you desperately need to rest and recover, so the violation at the personal level is emphasized. Evaluate your relationships by asking yourself, “When **** hits the fan, who are the Doers in my life (not talkers) who will stand by me - who would die for me and mine, protect me when I’m down, and have my back, and I would do the same for them?”

    3) I activate my Rigorous Self-Responsibility Codes, NOW. (x3. This guardian code activates/strengthens the energy body and frees the Questioning Mind so we can re-code The Game back to Win/Win/Win/Win Contracts. Signs of Activation: Action. No excuses. Walk your talk. Financial freedom. Physical fitness in diet and exercise. Mental fitness in asking questions rather than reacting.
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    Human Have You Ever Asked Yourself Who You Truly Are ?...
    Are You Still Wondering Why You're Here On The Earth ?...
    Yes,Your Heart's Soul Has Always Known The Right Answer !...
    God Is Within Your Higherself,You're One With Divine Source !...

    © Samissomar
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  • " Our life-transformation is an exact proportion to the amount of Truth we can take without running away."- Vernon Howard

    Just visiting some of the most beautiful places in this world can almost mirror what are inner beings are made of.
    Learn/teach and teach/learn my friends ☆
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