• Message from Matthew - May 4, 2020
    Coronavirus: positive aspects, questions, Illuminati involvement; lightworkers; NESARA/GESARA
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  • There are two "vaccines" for Coe vid 19.

    1) WHO/Gill Bates vaccine (already available and has been for years)

    2) The Trump vaccine (in the process of creating)

    Whilst one does not 'need' a vaccine for Coe vid 19 - number 1 is the 'dirty vaccine' and is indeed a threat to the people.
    Number 2 is the 'clean vaccine' and is no threat.

    This is the energetic at the moment. It is therefore Europe/UK etc under threat right now until WHO is exposed & dismantled. The reason why all the psychics, clairvoyants and lightworkers in the US 'feel' or 'see' the threat coming towards themselves, is due to their connected unity with their brothers and sisters across the pond. (Yet also because they sense the overall agenda, which for this issue in the US, has been blocked.)

    Those of us in other countries who hold the ability to sense, see & feel energetic patterns are aware of the threat as it exists now - yet future timelines hold high probability that the threat will be extinguished - however there is much struggle and strife along the way.

    Ultimately the vaccine is only a small part of the agenda and the portal to freedom starts with Trump, the White Hats and the awakened population of Earth.
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  • So what is all this 'Great Awakening about? Is it connected to the global lockdown? Is there something going on, hidden behind the scenes? Is there something we are not being told by the governments and media of our world? If so, where do I start looking?

    If you already know what I am talking about then check out the powerful activations in this beautiful artwork by Karen Stamper. Thankyou Karen for sending this to me, I absolutely love it!! This is truly amazing and I think every truthseeker and lightworker will love it too. Talk about red pill....Wow, just Wow!!!

    If you choose to share this image please credit the artist, Karen Stamper, thankyou XX
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  • Lightworkers, travellers on the path to the New Earth, let us not run so quickly but remain and wait for our 3D brothers and sisters who are waking up daily.
    With each presentation, each teaching and each creation of light, deliver the seeds, the safety templates and the callings to the newly awakened.
    Our Ark of light is big enough for everyone! We weather the storm together, as one!


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  • Remember Patriots, Lightworkers, Anons, truth seekers and starseeds everywhere - "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword" (So too is the paintbrush, the mouse & keyboard, the instruments of sound, the body and the VOICE)

    These are our tools and now is the time to wield them.
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  • To all Lightworkers, Starseeds, Healers, Spiritual Teachers and Wayshowers - hold fast to the light and the Ascension codes as we enter a 'collective dark night of the soul'. New 4D grids in place as the third dimensional structure begins the crash down and fall that has been predicted for so many years. It will present as an 'attempt for planetary takeover' and 'world domination' and the healers of light and keepers of the wisdom codes will be needed in abundance to hold the higher 5D templates and liberty grids in place. We can rise above the new AI dark matrix codeces but our innocent brothers and sisters of Earth will need assistance. There are ultra dimensional and non physical teams in place but they can only come in if we ground their light within human consciousness. Planetary trauma amongst the third dimensional human system will need intense and profound healing. You are all in place. Be centred, stand within the grid of higher dimensionality and you will know what to do and how to act. May peace, joy, resolve and indigo warrior energetics be with you all. We hold high the sword of Excalibur. Our telepathic union is stronger than ever at this time. Magenta Pixie and the Nine xx
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  • Where to begin in understanding the Covoid-19 Global Pandemic (Coronavirus) and what is really going on, by Magenta Pixie.

    To all seekers of truth especially newcomers and beginners to the truth movement.

    Apologies for throwing you in at the deep end but the time has come for you to know this. Knowing this is no longer a luxury but a necessity, in fact it has been that way for a long time but now more than ever.

    We are in the early stages of an 'attempted takeover' - and the plan is darker than most can possibly imagine. If you have never heard of the cabal, illuminati, deep state, elite, service-to-self factions, controllers, darkworkers, luciferians, the thirteen houses or families, the bloodline - (and many more names for them) then begin your research now.

    It would be a good idea for all the leaders in the truth movements and lightworker communities to create a 'crash course' video/article or other presentation aimed at complete beginners. People are (understandably) waking up on a daily basis and the leaders in the truth/spiritual communities cannot get the information out quick enough. There is no rush wayshowers - calm and centred. We are NOT against the clock here, however, information at beginners level IS needed. Much has already been produced and is out there already.
    We have known of this time for many years, it has been predicted through every genuine prophet, psychic, channel, medium & seer throughout the ages. It is spoken of in all the world religions. This is why we are here and we CAN do this.
    You are all prepared, you are all in place. Truthers & lightworkers put your differences aside and come together now as one united family. The more we are deliberately divided the more we MUST and SHALL unite! Remember, physical isolation does not mean isolation of the spirit and soul. The very goal (isolation and separation so we are easier to control) is the one thing that shall unite us MORE than ever before. The people have been and continue to be underestimated.
    For those looking for truth and are total beginners in truth awareness & spirituality - know that there IS a virus. However 'global pandemic' is a falsehood and simply not true. 'Reaching the peak of the virus' is a falsehood and not true. This is about control of the population NOT control of a virus. However, rest assured there are MANY individuals fully trained to step in and attend to their respective duties and roles in helping you and teaching you as you become aware. There are three main sections that this truth can be broken down into.

    1) The physical world you see around you. the social system, the financial system - all is set to change and MUST change in order for the people to become truly free. The truth needs to be faced and understood in order for you to become empowered. You cannot deal with someone or something manipulating you and abusing you if you believe your abuser to be your protector and saviour.

    2) The shadow world. What is going on behind the scenes especially politically and through darker and lesser known religious pathways. Understanding that this so called 'pandemic' is only a very small piece of the puzzle. You are looking at the control structure and why they do what they do. This subject in itself involves a lifetime of study to truly understand, however, as said - the truth leaders will undoubtedly provide crash courses for beginners within this area of truth and knowledge.

    3) The spiritual world. This is the subject that I work within, although obviously I have to understand the other two subjects also. This subject is vast and takes MANY lifetimes of study and is never truly 'mastered' despite the fact that one can attain mastery within this subject. This is the area where the answers are truly found but without understanding the other two subjects one cannot take one's power in this area. In the most basic sense this is about love versus fear. Not rejection of fear but utilising it to assist you to act. Humans are naturally able to do this so trust yourself. In the face of fear comes great compassion and unity. This is where the human race have been underestimated.

    If you have no interest whatsoever in any alternative presentation or narrative other than the one presented by the global media at the moment then that is your choice. This choice shall be respected by all the truth leaders for you have the right to not know. However there are MANY who DO want to know and are fully able to access that knowing.
    I might say to you who are in this group (those who have no interest in this whatsoever) have you stopped to consider why there are so many people out there saying the same thing? I am absolutely not the only person presenting this. I am not the only 'psychic' or 'intuitive' saying this. We have not all gathered together to make up this big story...we don't know each other! This is all actually 'common knowledge' for thousands if not millions of individuals across the globe. Can we all be deluded? Are we all wrong? Given that this group is made up of highly intelligent and spiritually aware individuals? Take this on board, yet if even that means nothing to you then your choice is respected. No one in the truth or spiritual movement uses force, they know that is not the way. As said, you have a right to not know. You have a right to choose the current narrative and the resulting reality your choice creates.
    To those who ARE interested in what I have to say, keep your eyes open over the coming days, weeks, months and the knowledge you seek shall come to you from MANY different areas and sources. Be prepared to read, listen and learn. Those teaching you ( the truth leaders, alternative scientists and doctors and spiritual teachers) have but ONE goal and it is NOT money or fame. It is to help you. Period. That is their only agenda.
    As I have said, the leaders within the global truth movement and spiritual movements are stepping up as a unified family to assist you and help you. We have your back. Here, within Humanity, we have your back. So too do beings from other times, other dimensions and other planets have your back but none of them can come in and 'save' you - you must do the work yourselves.
    If you are called to know more then the information you need will be presented to you. Start with social media. Many truth leaders are finding it difficult to get their information out to you, due to censoring, restrictions such as shadow banning etc yet they will all continue to get information to the public as much as they can.
    Unfortunately there is hijacking (as in members of the cabal, illuminati etc) within the truth movement. It is hard to know as a total newcomer to this who to trust. Learning to use your intuition is imperative within this. Do whatever it takes to fine tune your intuition to a point where you can tell who is genuine and authentic and who is not. Clean eating, a compassionate heart, yoga, meditation & similar will all help fine tune that intuition.
    Wayshowers and truth leaders remember you cannot force this information on others EVEN IF THEY ARE YOUR OWN FAMILY!!! They have a right to not know and we MUST respect that right. We also must be so very careful NOT to increase their fear for it is love and joy that will neutralise the plans for this attempted takeover.
    Lastly remember at times of strife we come together, at times of challenge we help one another and at times of separation we unify as one.

    United we stand, divided we fall has never been so true.

    In love and light, Magenta Pixie XXX
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  • Sensitives, empaths and intuitives can hear the call Crystal clear for we recognise that code. The vibrations as sound are loud, ringing as a bell across the globe. We are used to answering the planetary call from the celestial, non temporal reality but now we hear the call whilst in incarnation and it is louder that ever before. The call, put out through an instantaneous critical mass of humanity in fear, is heard. It is heard and understood. It is translated in many ways and I/we translate it as thus; lightworkers step forward for you are needed now. Use your talent, that which you were born with, that which you are trained within, we speak of your creative gifts here. Through the medium that affords you, it is your time to step forward - for as sanctions and restrictions are placed upon you, the team of light shall step forward with the delivery of more freedoms, more expansion, more knowledge. This may not be 'seen' at first but it shall be there. We are reaching a 'peak' not of a pathogen or virus but of light. New voices shall be heard, new experts shall be seen, new teachers shall step forward for they all hear the call. This Crystal bell that rings out across your lands shall be loudest upon your Spring Equinox time and the light shall then reach its culmination. The call is for all who hold knowledge to speak and present through their creative abilities. The team is gathering and the call is for each and everyone of you to step up and respond. This action holds collective space to anchor the energy for liberty templates and the ascension/paradise timeline to remain, sustain, activate and expand as we continue on a path towards the Golden Age. The call is loud, it is silent, it is a thing of beauty and familiarity yet it is the first time you will of heard it in your current incarnation. There have been other calls in your history, yet not enough incarnated light souls to respond in balance. Not so now in your year of 2020 there are many more light souls than you can possibly know of. Many of those you see as '3D' will surprise you. They will step up and they will be seen. Hear the call....Hear the call of light for it comes from you and your own.
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  • Magenta why are people panicking so much? Fighting over toilet paper and other essentials? It just seems crazy behaviour. Is there anything we can do to help people?

    The activation of the base/root chakra into survival mode creates animalistic instinctual behaviour which is translated as complete separation and competition with 'other' (seeing other as threat) rather than Unity (seeing other as extension of self.) The creation of fear/panic and survival mode is deliberate. 3D Humanity do not have the tools (the higher upgraded chakra system) to be able to transcend or instantaneously integrate the survival mode. Lightworkers, healers and truth seekers everywhere are called 'to action' - they will know what to do if they are linked into their higher guidance. The most important issue here is that the lightworkers do not take on the frequency of 'urgency' despite the fact that these individuals are the true 'emergency forces'. Remain calm, unrushed, grounded and then do what you are called to do. The new template these lightworker/lightwarrior forces and teams are creating reaches critical mass on or around Spring Equinox 20/21/22 March 2020. Magenta Pixie and The Nine.
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  • Message from Matthew - Jan. 9, 2020
    Fires in Australia; prayer, visualization; no WWIII; energy attachments; US presidents Obama, Trump; lightworkers: fatigue, encouragement, importance
    January 9, 2020
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