• My latest: Ideally Imperfect

    Alys, who renames herself Gratia early in the book, suffers from defensiveness. It's destroyed her marriage and lost her relationships with her father and friends. Not liking her life she determines to turn her it around, one piece at a time, to create a new reality.

    This is the third in the series "The Martian Vampire Chronicles", and a continuation of the world created in "Lefthand Adventures." Favorite characters will appear, including faeries, delphines, the Shang, the Lemurians, The Malakim and immortals of Boswell and Mars and of course the baddies, the Din, led by Sakla. However I hope I've included enough backstory along the way that the book can be read on its own.

    I wanted this story to be about reality creation and self acceptance. For Gratia that means coming to terms with the loss of her mother, early in life, finding a way to balance her hormones and her defensiveness, recognizing her potential, her true interests and her capacity to love beyond the bounds of what she was raised to consider as acceptable.

    It is a story of an individual finding peace with who they are and making the most of it. About blossoming into a life unknown and unexpected.

    Those who have read the first book of the series, "An open connection of the heart", will recognize the main character as someone who had life changing impact on Callan. When his wife refuses counselling he determines to do it himself, learning how to manage her as best he can, to defuse situations that might make her explode in anger. To avoid the triggers. But his counsellor, Leigha, warns him that it won't make the problem go away. And she was right. Having done all he could Callan ends his marriage and ends up living in a caravan, living on two minute noodle, until... well that was book of the series.

    So why did I rework Alys into this story. Purely and simply a writer's compassion for one of her characters. I couldn't leave her as she was. There had to be a more positive future for her.

    So if you read Book 1 I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive Alys and enjoy, as I have, her journey into becoming Gratia, short for gratitude.

    You can find the book at all good online vendors, eg:



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    Ideally Imperfect, an Ebook by Arwen Jayne
    Her marriage long ago in ashes, her father estranged, disliked by many, Alys stands on the deck of her home, looking at the stars. It’s time for a change. Time to be grateful for what she does have. Volunteering her skills at the local online access center she meets another refugee of fate. Their strong bond of friendship will be the start of a rollercoaster ride to creating their own reality.
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  • When it comes to traveling to Mars (via private space industries for the public through billionaires efforts, or space force) I think its wise and logical to assume that we are definitely (as part of one of the many secret space programs, as that is fully actively an umbrella term for many secret projects involving space outside of the public domain, or even higher echelons of need to know knowledge) already among Mars.
    (not to mention abundantly through the Solar System and Beyond, via many different secret program groups. But lets stick to Mars for a moment.).

    This would be to assure safe guarded fully active already established settlement for those that will be initially, and largely as it is expanded, involved in development for other more becomingly open public knowledge programs that bring us Humans to Mars on an ordinarily acknowledged level.

    There are ever expandingly large amounts of evidence to support this, beyond just claim, not to mention bewildering corroboration and open exposure discosure discussions via insider knowledge and first hand experiencers.

    Take Billy Carson and his 4biddenknowledge and associated United Family Of Anomaly Hunters, for instance, and actually many more researchers the same. These guys are uncovering MIND BLOWING photographic evidence with their extensive analysis from Nasa and their near million or so released photographs under FOIA haggling efforts, and perhaps (if accessible outside of the possible predominating space agency's control via our public access in much of the world) other space agencies.

    Once analyzed, cleaned up and clear of intentional fuzzy photographic debris a false intentional editing, (or what can be some of potentially the lowest quality images of their archive intentionally depicting questionable content) profoundly stunning anomalies are discovered! Whether hidden within, slightly obscure, or quite in plain site, many of these depict ancient ruins of a bygone high civilization era, or what may be still active even to this day (Evidence and insider testimony highly suggest the current existence of native Martian Humanoid species and animals) by native peoples, as well as what clearly seems to be modern and active instillations, perhaps conjoined with ancient structures or other even vehicles!

    Then there are the many photographs that clearly show what seems to living beings, from animals to obvious peoples! No matter normal Human as we know or not, they are humanoid in configuration. Plus decimated statues of humanoid depiction, telling potentially ancient historical record stories, which quite very possibly connect to our own people here on Earth. Then you fin many photographs showing technologies, either decimated or nearly fully intact.

    You think that these billionaires and private space industries are going to Mars and beginning life in slums, with nothing, exempt from their current luxarious ways of life, easy living, with their servants, technologies, and all that is afforded to them now? I wouldn't be so sure. Though it may be possible that they are fully committed, aware of what lies ahead. Yet, logically, assuredly not. There will be plentiful installations, technologies already in place ready to begin a new lavish life elsewhere where they think that they are the harbingers of a new civilizations, or extension thereof.

    Could there already be many "servants/slaves" involved via Human trafficking, child/human abduction and perhaps galactic slavetrade?

    Could some of these anomalous photographs be of these already installations to follow with the secret/soon to be public space programs and/or military initiatives?


    I know that many secret space programs exist in multitudinous degrees outside of quite high domains of knowledge and that the "Space Force" itself has already been in abundant full swing activation for quite a while, but the other information and questions are important to outline. Many of these other thoughts arrive from initiations through Billy Carson's own thought and information sharings, and are very crucial to bring forward here in sharing with my own words.

    Thank you, I love you! I hold this space for you all in infinite abundant sharings and open true connections <3 :3.
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  • Important to keep in mind that not all that long ago, NASA denied that there was any evidence of water on Mars surface. "ESA Shares Incredible Images of Martian Ice Crater"
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  • Please visit my page "Mars3D" for the latest in Martian anomalies in 3D stereo. There are some truly incredible findings to be seen!
    If you are a fan or 3D photographer, you may wish to visit my other page "Onstellar 3D" - Thanks!
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  • WELCOME to Mars3D, where we present Martian anomalies in full 3D Stereo.

    Free-viewing 3D images is fun and easy to do. Simply refer to the tutorial images in this post to learn your preferred method.

    All images are presented in Universal LRL and red/blue anaglyph.

    Universal LRL: the first two of the three images are for parallel viewing.

    The second two of the three images is for cross-viewing, or what's called "X3D". X3D is preferred by most, as you can blow the images up and easily view them in 3D for maximum detail.

    Simply can't do it? No problem! Message the word "glasses" to me and I will tell you how to get a free, no-obligation pair of red/blue anaglyph glasses.
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  • Heavenly bodies in transformation
    Massive Martian Dust Storm - Coast to Coast AM
    Stunning new images have revealed Mars undergoing a planet-wide transformation.
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