• Large Unexplained Object Captured in Lunar Orbiter 3 Image - Frame 3973 (1967)

    This is one of my old archive lunar images which I first posted in 2014, and as technology has moved on regarding image analysis I thought I’d give it another run through, I wasn’t disappointed with the results.
    When viewing lunar images I don’t know about you but I find this image so compelling in its authenticity and detail.
    It was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft
    and launched by NASA in 1967 as part of the Lunar Orbiter Program. It was designed primarily to photograph areas of the lunar surface for confirmation of safe landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo missions.
    In this image I think someone beat them to it, and landed a huge craft in comparison to the Apollo lunar landers.

    The spacecraft was placed in a cislunar trajectory and injected into an elliptical near-equatorial lunar orbit on February 8 at 21:54 UT. The orbit was 210.2 by 1,801.9 kilometres (130.6 mi × 1,119.6 mi) with an inclination of 20.9 degrees and a period of 3 hours 25 minutes. After four days (25 orbits) of tracking the orbit was changed to 55 by 1,847 kilometres (34 mi × 1,148 mi). The spacecraft acquired photographic data from February 15th to 23rd February, 1967, and readout occurred through March 2nd, 1967.
    The film advance mechanism strangely showed erratic unknown behaviour during this period resulting in a decision to begin readout of the frames earlier than planned.
    The frames were read out successfully until March 4th when the film advance motor burned out, leaving about 25% of the frames on the takeup reel, unable to be read.
    It would be interesting to get hold of that unseen data and images reel, basically to see what they would reveal...?

    In the image after using enhancing techniques we can clearly see a large cylindrical shaped object sitting in one of the distant lunar craters which resembles some kind of craft, exhibiting a large fuselage structure, distinctly pointed at one end like a modern day aircraft cockpit and darkened windshield.
    Along its fuselage structure detailed areas can clearly be seen giving defined detail and again characteristic shadows of light on a cylindrical metallic shape. Behind the object it is also exhibiting a distinct crisp shadow which follow the exact same contour of the object.
    Along the object darker areas give the impression of air-intakes or possible access points.
    What ever it is..? it is definitely large and distinctly different to its surroundings on the image, as always you decide.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘THE UFOLOGY UMBRELLA’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Mission: Lunar Orbiter 3
    Spacecraft Position:
    Altitude: 62.79 km
    Latitude: 4.99°
    Longitude: 5.60°
    Principal Point:
    Latitude: 7.59°
    Longitude: 6.60°
    Sun Azimuth: 92.40°
    Incident Angle: 83.35°
    Emission Angle: 55.19°
    Phase Angle: 101.30°
    Alpha: -22.13


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  • NASA Space Shuttle
    #nasa #space #spaceshuttle #rocket #sky
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  • NASA Covered Up Apollo 11 UFO Encounter By Deleting Photos https://exonews.org/nasa-covered-up-apollo-11-ufo-encounter-by-deleting-photos/
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  • Wow: great pic!
    "A Hubble Space Telescope view of asteroid 6478 Gault, showing 2 narrow, comet-like tails of debris. The bright streaks surrounding the asteroid are background stars." Image via NASA, ESA, K. Meech and J. Kleyna (University of Hawaii), O. Hainaut (European Southern Observatory)/SpaceTelescope.org.
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  • Incredible cities discovered on the Southern Hemisphere of Venus - PIA03167

    Link: https://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA03167
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  • Linda Moulton Howe

    Dr. Robin Brett,
    NASA Scientist

    "It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence."

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  • When it comes to traveling to Mars (via private space industries for the public through billionaires efforts, or space force) I think its wise and logical to assume that we are definitely (as part of one of the many secret space programs, as that is fully actively an umbrella term for many secret projects involving space outside of the public domain, or even higher echelons of need to know knowledge) already among Mars.
    (not to mention abundantly through the Solar System and Beyond, via many different secret program groups. But lets stick to Mars for a moment.).

    This would be to assure safe guarded fully active already established settlement for those that will be initially, and largely as it is expanded, involved in development for other more becomingly open public knowledge programs that bring us Humans to Mars on an ordinarily acknowledged level.

    There are ever expandingly large amounts of evidence to support this, beyond just claim, not to mention bewildering corroboration and open exposure discosure discussions via insider knowledge and first hand experiencers.

    Take Billy Carson and his 4biddenknowledge and associated United Family Of Anomaly Hunters, for instance, and actually many more researchers the same. These guys are uncovering MIND BLOWING photographic evidence with their extensive analysis from Nasa and their near million or so released photographs under FOIA haggling efforts, and perhaps (if accessible outside of the possible predominating space agency's control via our public access in much of the world) other space agencies.

    Once analyzed, cleaned up and clear of intentional fuzzy photographic debris a false intentional editing, (or what can be some of potentially the lowest quality images of their archive intentionally depicting questionable content) profoundly stunning anomalies are discovered! Whether hidden within, slightly obscure, or quite in plain site, many of these depict ancient ruins of a bygone high civilization era, or what may be still active even to this day (Evidence and insider testimony highly suggest the current existence of native Martian Humanoid species and animals) by native peoples, as well as what clearly seems to be modern and active instillations, perhaps conjoined with ancient structures or other even vehicles!

    Then there are the many photographs that clearly show what seems to living beings, from animals to obvious peoples! No matter normal Human as we know or not, they are humanoid in configuration. Plus decimated statues of humanoid depiction, telling potentially ancient historical record stories, which quite very possibly connect to our own people here on Earth. Then you fin many photographs showing technologies, either decimated or nearly fully intact.

    You think that these billionaires and private space industries are going to Mars and beginning life in slums, with nothing, exempt from their current luxarious ways of life, easy living, with their servants, technologies, and all that is afforded to them now? I wouldn't be so sure. Though it may be possible that they are fully committed, aware of what lies ahead. Yet, logically, assuredly not. There will be plentiful installations, technologies already in place ready to begin a new lavish life elsewhere where they think that they are the harbingers of a new civilizations, or extension thereof.

    Could there already be many "servants/slaves" involved via Human trafficking, child/human abduction and perhaps galactic slavetrade?

    Could some of these anomalous photographs be of these already installations to follow with the secret/soon to be public space programs and/or military initiatives?


    I know that many secret space programs exist in multitudinous degrees outside of quite high domains of knowledge and that the "Space Force" itself has already been in abundant full swing activation for quite a while, but the other information and questions are important to outline. Many of these other thoughts arrive from initiations through Billy Carson's own thought and information sharings, and are very crucial to bring forward here in sharing with my own words.

    Thank you, I love you! I hold this space for you all in infinite abundant sharings and open true connections <3 :3.
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  • Funny how some people still trust NASA for some or even all information. They are garbage illuminati and fake. And what's more, they know they are lying to us.
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