• Integrating Loss and Letting Go. Signed Transmission. 18 October 2018

    We are called to let go in this signed light language transmission. We are allowed space for the grieving process. In this time when many people are experiencing loss – but who are putting up resistance to this natural healing process – we are encouraged to really feel all that comes up.

    Let go of shame or guilt for moving on, expressing grief, and integrate this lesson into your life and soul journey. Open your heart and allow all to occur, move through it into transformation and growth. Honouring all that has passed. This is a natural process.

    Accompanying vlog chat here about loss, grief, sadness, letting go (ego death), and also channeling.

    My guides in this transmission are Arcturian Collective Christed Light Beings.

    #lightlanguage #guidance #grief #healing
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  • I'll be performing on the Cannabis Common Sense TV Show in Portland, OR tomorrow night, July 27. The show is a very informative public access show that has been running for 20 years and going strong.

    The war for "Cannabis Coherency" rages still. Believe it or not, there is an insidious war fueled by corporate profiteering interests and it intends to spread it's disease of a horrible Babylonian money magic system utilizing compromised/corrupted "governments commissions" and infiltrating assorted 3-letter agencies. The agencies that We intended for our protection and betterment have all been infiltrated "to further interfere and to profit" while interfering in the afairs of free men and women. This is about to change.

    Choosing whether or not to use an incredible edible vegetable, aka Cannabis Indica/Sativa, is a divine choice! It is not really the business of any governments to interfere in certain matters where there is decidedly no inherent danger in cultivating, processing and then utilizing a "plant" proven far less dangerous than sugar, for example. Yet cannabis is treated as a dangerous "drug" with NO KNOWN MEDICAL VALUE. That is a straight up con on those who would choose to believe such nonsense. I do not!

    The war will continue until it's won! It is still in it's infancy and many new battles are beginning to appear on the horizon. Big pharma intends to capitalize on this vegetable which produces "natural healing agents" (resins) which cannot be patented unless there is a conspiracy within Our legislatures to enable big pharma to do just that. We have a divine right to "heal Ourselves" unencumbered by leeches intending only to profit and to monitor the affairs all of Our affiars with an iron fist... I think We've had enough of that.

    The CANNABIS COMMON SENSE TV Show airs every Friday night "live from Open Signal Community Access TV in downtown Portland, OR from 8:00 to 9:00PM. By speaking the "truth" about Cannabis, We intend to help keep Our democratic Republic viable and relevant by taking back Our right to choose, Our SOVEREIGNTY.

    Cannabis has been used to heal for tens of THOUSANDS of years now!!

    So, if you're in town, do stop in to be a part of Our studio audience. Catch the show LIVE and interact with the show's host, Paul Stanford and Eric Llewellyn. I think you can also catch Us at one or more of the "live-streaming" portals.

    Cannabis Common Sense is an information packed hour with a couple of live songs featuring local artists to break things up a bit. That's what I an activist and a composer/musician. I'm right at home with my cannabis "activist" family in Portland OR.
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  • Hello From The Team At Soul 2 Soul!
    Soul 2 Soul is a weekly Radio Program broadcast on 98.7 RPP FM from the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; And LIVE Streaming World Wide From On Mondays at 12 Noon AEDT (Australian Eastern Standard Time) replayed the following Sunday At 9pm.
    Soul 2 Soul explores, discovers and reports on all aspects of Mind Body & Spirit. Soul 2 Soul is essentially a lifestyle program which every week looks at... 'Natural Therapies, The Spirit of Place and of Communities, The Goodness in People and in Nature, Alternative Lifestyles, Alternative Beliefs and Ideas, Alternative Energies, New Thought, Spiritual Concepts & Lifestyles, Health And Well Being, Channeling, Psychic Abilities & Phenomena, Natural Healing, The Positives of Life, Alien Encounters, Health And Well Being, Channeling, Natural Healing, The Positives of Life, etc...' Soul 2 Soul's charter is to explore, report and discuss the world of “Mind, Body and Soul”, the world of “Spirituality” and of “Personal and Interpersonal Development”. Please Join Us Every Week As We Explore The 'Known' And The "Unknown" Past programs are available to Listen to At Visit Us On Vimeo For More Audio Video Content...
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  • 37 wishes for as soon as possible:

    1) the energy of joy and trust and high consciousness and awareness to circulate more easily socially and culturally
    Being able to run my music festival every year instead of only some
    Free energy and renewables to power energy grids and local supplies, - phasing out of fossil fuels and nuclear power
    All wars ended, and all weapons recycled into metal sculptures
    Become friends and/or artistic collaborators with men and women extraterrestrials
    6) Natural healing to completely overcome/overpower the need for drugs
    Agriculture to be all biodynamic organic
    Cars to run on free energy, such as the water-based cars, with a modified engine.
    Politicians to perform harmless theatrical games (after Terry Riley) as entertainment to remind us of corrupt times
    Free energy devices installed safely, without health hazards, for all Earth's populations electricity supply
    11) Artistic and social dialogue with other races, at the individual and the racial level.
    New electronic and acoustic musical instruments to evoke music and sounds of higher spheres more easily
    My and others contributing to a deeper understanding of what education could be, with more options, and with more capacity to teach individuals and small groups, and so with more effectiveness
    More joy
    More love
    16) More bliss and ecstasy
    More peace, calmness
    Greater development and distribution of my music, to uplift more people
    That all food, and food products, be made strongly health making
    That all bathroom products be made without harmful and toxic ingredients
    21) Human eyes to be able to see 5 primary colours like bees
    Plant species to evolve new glorious features as a result of the intensification of conscious energy and love
    Healthy food supply, healing services and non-obligatory education for everyone, and nobody playing non-service based games with money (the tokens of work and value) for their purposes.
    Proper nutrition and food, and information about them, circulated for those who have been deceived about it,
    (deceived by not-true-research-based policy-only vested-interest driven material)
    26) Exhibitions and concerts featuring extraterrestrial visitors or hybrid collaborations inter-species
    Inviting other races onto social media sites to have creative interaction and share cultural stories and humour
    Crystals that can interface with thought and store and also recall ideas and impressions
    Redefinition of politician as a protector of rights, not a dismantler
    That the edgy, fearful and stressful atmosphere around the earth, within humanity be dissipated and discharged
    31) NSA, NASA, and military computers reworked into creative and truly advanced scientific research entities (eg zero point physics), so that humanity can evolve, not be underwriting killing and nation manipulation.
    Develop clothes that can change colour at different speeds
    To travel, play concerts, make recordings available, share photography, more and more often
    Newspapers used to inform and educate, not to mislead, create false flag event news, dupe, distract with trivial shallow concerns
    New kinds of super-nutrition available to all
    Concerts of music, poetry and visual images to be more aligned to the deeper experiential realities, and be well-attended by real appreciators.
    A camera that photographs into past time
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