• NASA launched the Voyager 1 on the 5th September - 1977 and the Voyager 2, 42 years ago on 20th August - 1977, to study the solar system’s most distant planets.
    Since its launch, the Voyager 2 has encountered several planets, among them Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
    In this unusual image recently discovered appears to show a huge cylindrical shaped object interacting with Saturn’s Rings, even casting a large shadow across the Rings plus causing debris in its wake. It is difficult to authenticate, so as always you decide.
    Upon analysing the original source image using up-to-date software has produced fascinating detail.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘The Ufology Umbrella’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.
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    Hello ,im pascal 33 years old i'm  researching for over 15 years so im a very consious and good person , but my life took a tragic turn . Bad thing after bad thing started to happen and in short , i lived with my mom and stepdad to take care for them , first my stepdad died 2 weeks after a successful operation where they put a defibrillator to help him . i was working 3 shift's in a company lifting matrasses and after 14 years i got injured . My spine is compressed and surgery is to dangerous . So i got chronic back pain all the time . Taking the good with the bad i was then able to take care for my mom 24/7 . Soon My mom got breast cancer! 2 operations a breast amputation and she had to get chemotherapy treatment . For 3 years the battle took place to defeat cancer and last december she overwon it . And was cleared cancer free ! unfortunately 18 august my mom past away suddenly and i was left to pay the funeral costs and medical bills ! 

    A few days later i get a eviction notice to leave the house in 6 months. And in my situation im desperate , i cant work anymore , i took my life to learn truth raise consiousness, to take care for my mom and stepdad , i try to stay positive but i don't know a way out of these problems that i got ! 

    I hope and pray our community can help me , so i can start a new life for myself after i sacrifice my young life to take care for my family . I am now alone and nobody to help me in my situation . 

    I can't drive anymore , i can only walk for 20 minutes before my back give out . I hope you have the heart to look at the link here and maybe donate freely . Thank you for your time and all the wonderful information on ONSTELLAR 

    Thank you all and be blessed!!
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  • After deleting fb I came here and mewe. Mewe has all my conservative people, seems Onstellar has all my spiritual and alien gurus.
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  • Hello everybody! I'm new on However this social media looks fantastic
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  • New Documentary Extraterrestrial Highway - They Have Always Walked Amongst Us...2019

    This New Documentary Exclusive to Ufonly takes you on a historical journey through Ufology, trying to explain the phenomena relating to the Sky People, Root Races, Contactee’s and Time Travellers.
    Produced by Jason Gleaves and Narrated by Tony Topping.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves, international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘The Ufology Umbrella’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Ufonly YouTube link:-
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  • Large Unexplained Object Captured in Lunar Orbiter 3 Image - Frame 3973 (1967)

    This is one of my old archive lunar images which I first posted in 2014, and as technology has moved on regarding image analysis I thought I’d give it another run through, I wasn’t disappointed with the results.
    When viewing lunar images I don’t know about you but I find this image so compelling in its authenticity and detail.
    It was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft
    and launched by NASA in 1967 as part of the Lunar Orbiter Program. It was designed primarily to photograph areas of the lunar surface for confirmation of safe landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo missions.
    In this image I think someone beat them to it, and landed a huge craft in comparison to the Apollo lunar landers.

    The spacecraft was placed in a cislunar trajectory and injected into an elliptical near-equatorial lunar orbit on February 8 at 21:54 UT. The orbit was 210.2 by 1,801.9 kilometres (130.6 mi × 1,119.6 mi) with an inclination of 20.9 degrees and a period of 3 hours 25 minutes. After four days (25 orbits) of tracking the orbit was changed to 55 by 1,847 kilometres (34 mi × 1,148 mi). The spacecraft acquired photographic data from February 15th to 23rd February, 1967, and readout occurred through March 2nd, 1967.
    The film advance mechanism strangely showed erratic unknown behaviour during this period resulting in a decision to begin readout of the frames earlier than planned.
    The frames were read out successfully until March 4th when the film advance motor burned out, leaving about 25% of the frames on the takeup reel, unable to be read.
    It would be interesting to get hold of that unseen data and images reel, basically to see what they would reveal...?

    In the image after using enhancing techniques we can clearly see a large cylindrical shaped object sitting in one of the distant lunar craters which resembles some kind of craft, exhibiting a large fuselage structure, distinctly pointed at one end like a modern day aircraft cockpit and darkened windshield.
    Along its fuselage structure detailed areas can clearly be seen giving defined detail and again characteristic shadows of light on a cylindrical metallic shape. Behind the object it is also exhibiting a distinct crisp shadow which follow the exact same contour of the object.
    Along the object darker areas give the impression of air-intakes or possible access points.
    What ever it is..? it is definitely large and distinctly different to its surroundings on the image, as always you decide.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘THE UFOLOGY UMBRELLA’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Mission: Lunar Orbiter 3
    Spacecraft Position:
    Altitude: 62.79 km
    Latitude: 4.99°
    Longitude: 5.60°
    Principal Point:
    Latitude: 7.59°
    Longitude: 6.60°
    Sun Azimuth: 92.40°
    Incident Angle: 83.35°
    Emission Angle: 55.19°
    Phase Angle: 101.30°
    Alpha: -22.13

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  • Hey OnStellar-ers it's been a while! Ready to time travel!? Join us tonight with professor of biological anthropology Michael Masters as he takes us on a trip through the time space continuum to discover our own potentialities. Meaning...are we the aliens? 8pm EST on #KGRA
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  • Is Bernie OnStellar? Haha... he should be!
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  • Update from Onstellar -
    We have a solution - Friday, July 19, 2019.
    We have a solution for Onstellar. This has been a very challenging journey and we apologize for the off-again/on-again news.  Thank you for your patience.  Short term  Onstellar will be converted to a news-only front end with highly visible link to this version of Onstellar (social media service).  The news-only front end will be designed for mass appeal (non-woke...
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  • Hello!

    So Onstellar raised a bunch of money and then ditched on their community. "Industry personalities" hyped this platform and then left it before it even got going.

    The cost excuse is just that, an excuse. As somebody else pointed out, this site can be run much cheaper than using AWS. It cannot be run as a huge money making machine (outside of the ETH they bilked from many of us) so they're shutting it down.

    That's why I am making my own. I am a web developer by day, so why not Onstellar-replacement site creator by night?

    There is no need to reinvent the wheel - like Onstellar did. I won't be coding a dollar store looking version of Facebook - like Onstellar did. And I certainly do not need hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto currency - like Onstellar did.

    There is no name for this yet. This is just an idea. An idea which came to me after reading all the sad comments on this thread:

    I did not comment there because Onstellar might take offense and ban my account. I want to contact as many people as possible before they yank the rug out from under us.

    So send me an email. Let me know you're interested, and I will add you to the list for updates.

    Please share this message with everybody on your Onstellar friend list. Forward them this private message. Share my email address with them and ask them to email me as well. I am planning and WILL be taking action very shortly.

    If you received this message, it is because you posted on the Onstellar thread where they announced they were killing off the platform OR you are on my Onstellar friend list. Since I am just going down the list and sending it to everybody, my apologies if you get this twice!



    ps: I sent this to one of the Onstellar devs too. He's on my friend list. But doubt he even sees it. Best of luck to them, but there needs to be a stable community, which this is not it.
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