• ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2020 - PSEC Crew Gets Corona" -- Dave Kelso, Kristen Meyer and Richard Hamilton discuss the current situation with the COVID-19 "Corona Virus", and the impacts that it is having mentally, emotionally, spiritually, economically, geopolitically and in every other way.

    This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

    Participants List: Dave Kelso, Kristen Meyer, Richard Hamilton, Katerina Marie Edwards, Walter Kelso, Katie Marie, Connie Pfursich, Margret Croft, CC / Fair Use: China Uncensored, Larken Rose, Red Pill Philosophy, Max Igan, Redpill Rundown, StyxHexenHammer, The Sour Warhead, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hitler Rants Parodies
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  • Core Team Member #1
    Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis
    Head of Technology
    Stanford PhD and instructor of Stanford’s first decentralized applications class; combining distributed systems and human computer interaction to bring cryptocurrency to everyday people.

    "I have been a technologist all my life, which led me to do a Ph.D. at Stanford University and to continue to become a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Computer Science department there. As part of my postdoc, I introduced and taught CS359B, the Decentralized Applications on Blockchain class, in Stanford’s Computer Science department. That’s where I encountered firsthand the difficulty of getting the technological advances of blockchain into the hands of everyday people. I believe today technology can empower people more than ever.

    As a young undergraduate, I designed and built a novel computer motherboard from scratch in the lab. In my early PhD work, I created a framework for writing “smart contracts” on fault tolerant distributed systems, before blockchain and Ethereum came to exist, and published it as my MS thesis. I also created an online games platform, Gameyola, where millions of people entertained themselves for a collective of over 2,000 man years; for my later PhD work, I tried to restore those man years by writing a crowd-powered email assistant that saved people time when processing their emails and tasks. Also, I was the founding CTO at StartX, a non-profit startup accelerator for Stanford students that has helped over 2000 entrepreneurs.

    I am a strong and long term believer of the technical, financial and social potential of cryptocurrencies, but frustrated by their current limitations. I am committed to bringing the power of blockchain to more people by improving the current experience and building value for everyone. I’m doing this by employing a user-centric design philosophy that turns the development process of new blockchains upside down: Launch in Beta; invite members to the network; iterate the protocol together with the members; decentralize the resulting design.

    The result is currently available as the Pi Network, a new cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer network, which is currently operational in 150+ countries and 32 languages. Pi Network is 100% my professional commitment, while my loving wife and son take up 100% of my personal commitment."

    #Pi #PI #PiNetwork #PiCrypto #Crypto #Cryptocurrency #Free #Bitcoin #SocialCrypto
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  • Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, inner-wisdom, psychic abilities, the esoteric, inner-selves, deep contemplation, introspection, eccentric, religion, thoughtfulness, understanding of others, natural healer and healing, secrets, myth, ritual, peace, poise, emotions and feelings, inner-strength, endurance and perseverance, persistence of purpose, the ability to bear hardships, quick-wit, the loner, solitary, isolation, long-sighted, the non-conformist, independence and individualism, intentions, manifesting and manifestation in time and space and good fortune.

    Number 7 also relates to the attributes of mental analysis, philosophy and philosophical, technicality, scientific research, science, alchemy, genius, a keen mind, specialising and the specialist, the inventor, determination, the written word, logic, understanding, knowledge, discernment and discerning, knowledge seeking, study, education and learning, writing and the writer, evolution, stability, the ability to set limits, completion, refinement, stoicism, silence, perfection, chastity, dignity, ascetic, rigor, ahead of the times. -
    -from numerology-thenumbersandtheirmeanings


    Shift your focus from the problem back to love.
    We are conditioned to dwell on problems.
    The true reality is love.
    Make the choice now,
    “Everything is okay.
    I choose love
    Whispers of Love Oracle by Angela Hartfield

    ......lust v love continued .....
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  • Q the story
    Ok a billion . people are awake what now let me tell you.  years ago when I was 17 i started searching for the truth i had realized something was not making any sense.
    I started watching conspiracy theories at first i though now i know but after realy thinking about it it didn't make 100% sense something seemed out of place, so after watching the ant Christ conspiracy theory i knew that it was exactly the problem so i thought whith that knowledge i anderstand know but i was mistaken it was created by the cult to spread misinformation i released this when i watched thrive it made totally sense,but then i realized why would they tell us this. Because it was misinformation over the years finding the truth was olmost impossible so i stared gathering information. Critical thinking became the most important way to find the truth.I recharged pedophilia because of wat hapend to my sisters children boy and girl the father was guilty. I started going on line and looking for child porn having no idea what the dark web was if it's on the internet then i can find it i ended up only finding child modeling sites i report them and nutting was done about it appropriately it was legal. I didn't have enough information so i started downloading encyclopedias every book on the deep web not knowing it was the deep web i only knew it as kickasstorents i ended up whith 60 000 books some of them encrypted. I installed 7 zip i opened the folder and extract the files it was classified files fbi cia government secrets occult philosophy to meny to mention so i study them for months i learned the real history the way the world realy works the Clinton crime family, Rothschild history and their allegiance to demonic forces. Every thing became extremely clear and i knew this was the hidden truth i found it but knowing the truth is a very heavy burden. So i knew that the dark web was important to find still unaware of what it was, so i opened youthube and after a few hours i opened the 10 darkest things on the dark web. 3 was child porn 2 was little boys getting raped 1 was daisy's destruction i knew then and there that i wood not rest until i find a way to expose the entire dark web while using the classified files to attack the fbi and cia. This was October 2016 2 weeks before the election i didn't even know about trump i knew fully well what Obama was doing secretly. I knew all the disappearing children was connected to the
    Ritch & famous but most importantly i knew exactly what intelligence agency was part of the cult. I started by reporting child abuse content to the fbi then i started releasing the classified files strategically to multiple agencies while providing different child abuse content to each agency at that time i reported to interpol i gave them some classified cult secrets whith the  child abuse url and told them what i did. After that i send the fbi anther email and told them exactly what i found out about them using extreme language even in Afrikaans. The book of Moses was used to destroy my enemies it workd but i wasent done i kept sending selected files to selected agencies. Then the last report to interpol i send them all files all web url of documented crime scene evidence and i rote the story of Q. Then i told them we need a plan this is what i have in mind Phase 1. I can not allow this to happen again its olmost October again time for a new story and a new plan. I already have it i gust need to tel my story so people can understand what happened and what Q really means. Please reply so i can tel the story of Q you are the first one in the world reading this if there are misspelling. It's because i never learned English. This time the story of Q whil be different because the world is changing. You need to know the story to understand the plan. This is important. I had to tell you all this to get your attention to give me the opportunity to tell the story so you understand the plan. Let me explain the 1st story of Q. I'll be referring to children as Q
    It was the way they made money off of Q suffering and they always find a way to make more money of Q. I'm not going into detail about how they treated Q because you already know this is the difference between 2016 and now so you see Q means children. i just can't use a word that represents someone i love to explain how much money can be made from Q. So my next story whil be the story of Q and this time I'll be taking about children and how match i love them. The 1st story was dark.                  2nd story is light
    Plan to save the world             the plan to restoring humanity
    If i Reed what i right i would not send it good luck enjoy. misspelling this is how it is the its to important not to right and I'm not reading this. Only 2 stories left the story & the plan. I
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  • We are now going through a collective dark night of the soul. An immense consciousness and spiritual initiation that is hitting everywhere and everybody, holographically, multidimentsionally represented in our world through what we perceive as polarizing difficult, attempting divide and causing these effects in all of us. We are all going through our own experiences, and collectively of "death", and opportunities to rise and become awakened ascended beings, new risen forms of ourselves, right now.

    RIGHT NOW SOOO MUCH MORE I (and I m sure that most of you) have noticed. BIG STUFF is happening NOW and going to be happening very soon.

    Stay grounded out their folks. Stay loving, kind, positively openly objectively looking at each occurrence in your own life, and collectively, as opportunities for spiritual, soulful, growth, ultimately an ascension opportunity through new insight, learning, understanding with the death of your previous self, essentially.

    Don't let the hardships, negative greetings, get to you and postpone meeting with your own shadow, at this time. Unacknowledging your own shadow, that aspect of yourself that you've karmically acquired. For otherwise you will continue find moments, opportunities to face it because it is shown to you very directly, more forcefully each time, meaning possibly more difficult each time, yet still more quickly to heal, undertand, and get through the hardship if true momentary focus is given

    . Face your shadow, face yourself and the shadow of our collective world (as seen through politics, science and knowledge or philosophy in-fighting, ethics, societal ways, and etc.) with courage, love, intelligence and full allowing the in-flow of intelligent energy to guide you to full understanding, full acceptance, to become full love and healing, raising your being.

    You have the conscious power, the world is an ascension opportunity for everyone right now, much as the pyramids of Egypt were first created to be tools for, now, is of the world with the help from the many strategically place pyramids amongst the Earth.
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    From the desk of Michael Tellinger

    “Imagine growing up in a family where one day your parents tell you that they love you, and the next day they tell you that they hate you, and that you are ugly and bad. This results in serious mental emotional trauma and psychological disturbances in your personality. There are many people who experience this kind of trauma for long periods of their lives. It is unimaginable to me – that someone could be exposed to such torture.

    On a larger scale, all of humanity is treated in the same way by our leaders and the global elite who run the world. It is critical to recognise how humanity has been manipulated and lied to for millennia by the royal-political elite. Because of these lies and deceptions, humanity is deeply scarred, and traumatised and divided. And because the lies are cunningly mixed in with pinches of truth throughout all our lives, and all of history, it becomes very difficult to separate the lies from the truth. This is a perfect tool of psychological warfare and control over the people.

    Most of us beautiful, loving, and trusting humans, cannot imagine that anyone, especially our governments, could be so brutal and manipulative. This has become our biggest weakness and we become our own prison guards, keeping us enslaved in an induced hypnotic state of unconsciousness. Perfectly primed for ongoing lies and manipulation. These lies penetrate every crack and crevice of our existence. And the bigger the lie, the more we are inclined to believe it.

    From our origins, to religion, history, nature of reality, space, the cosmos, and even the fundamentals of science. Because most of us cannot figure out WHY someone would want to lie to us, and because we cannot imagine that such a big lie could be controlled without leaking, we brush it aside and assume that it cannot be a lie and that our leaders cannot be lying to us. In that moment we use our uninformed, innocent, ignorant, and naive powers of logic to hand the control right back to the elite slave masters, and once again we become the prison guards of our own state of unconsciousness.

    But, consciousness never sleeps, it never stops resonating throughout all of creation, even inside the most disconnected and unconscious among us. It never stops activating our DNA inside every cell, allowing us to start thinking higher thoughts, waking up from our deep unconscious sleep and recognising the lies and manipulation imposed on humanity. Even the elite that are causing so much trauma and misery are not immune to it.

    This rapid rise in unity consciousness and awakening of humanity is a huge problem for the elite. This is why it seems that things are getting worse and governments are doing insane things that destroy our freedom and liberty. More draconian laws are created weekly, restricting our rights and more financial hardships imposed by those who control the supply of money.

    While these may seem as deeply depressing times and very few can imagine a way out of this mess, it is critical that we recognise these actions as the undeniable behaviour of those who are in a deep state of panic and fear. The global elite are panicking – they know that they are in deep trouble – that their time is almost up – that the new age of enlightenment and higher consciousness is upon us – and that they cannot fight the unifying resonance of the consciousness field of creation, or as some may call it, GOD.

    If we do not learn from our experiences, we become stagnant and a perfect target for ongoing exploitation. I urge all my fellow humans to realise that we are rising rapidly out of the state of unconsciousness. There are hundreds of millions of enlightened people in the world that know there is a better way for all of us.

    Unfortunately, these conscious people often feel alone and marginalised, not realising that they are part of a large group of activators. Because we are so deeply divided, most of us do not realise the influence we hold, and what we can manifest if only we spoke with one voice. The more extreme the actions of our governments and banking elite, the closer we are to a new world of absolute liberty and freedom from economic slavery.

    Over the past 12 years, since 2005, the UBUNTU Movement and our message has evolved and spread to millions. Our strategy has grown and evolved itself to the simple ONE SMALL TOWN, Will Change the World strategy. This simple plan is so powerful and self-driven, that once implemented successfully, it will become unstoppable. We are not only talking about it, we are doing it.

    In November 2017, the first UBUNTU One Small Town was initiated by Mayor Ron Higgins in North Frontenac, Canada, and immediately captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. Mayor Higgins is on a roll – receiving thousands of emails of support, and even contact from investors who want to invest in North Frontenac because of the attractive investment opportunity.

    All of this came from our 12-year journey of discovery, learning from our mistakes and experiences and realising that we can no longer oppose anything. The energy of opposition or resistance is part of the old paradigm. Even our opposition to the money slavery system was misguided. Our activity in politics also created a situation where we became an opposing party.

    But the moment when we adopted the philosophy of “using the tools of enslavement as tools of liberation” everything shifted almost overnight. Just like in martial arts, we have learned to use the flow of energy, and not to oppose such energy. By simply using the powerful flow of energy which is used to enslave us, and turning it around to serve us, we will create abundance and prosperity for everyone, on every level of our existence, without any violence opposition or conflict.

    While 2017 may have been the darkest year for many, it is ending on the highest possible note imaginable. We are making contact with numerous mayors in Canada, South Africa, USA, UK, Australia, and even Madagascar. We cannot imagine what will happen in 2018, whatever it is, it will take us by surprise and transcend our current state of consciousness and invite us in to resonate with our own creation.

    Many prophets and teachers throughout the ages have told us that we are one with God, and that God is within each and every one of us. And since we are all infinite souls, one with the creator, having a human physical experience, I urge you to embrace this knowing without any fears or reservation. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are the creators of our own reality, it is up to us to create the kind of world we would like to live in.

    So, let us think beautiful thoughts, speak beautiful words, share beautiful moments, and dream beautiful dreams of prosperity, abundance, and true freedom for all of humanity. Let 2018 be the year in which UBUNTU becomes the unifying resonance for everyone”.

    In unity & resonance
    Michael Tellinger
    Founder of the UBUNTU Movement

    Our mailing address is:
    Ubuntu Planet USA
    11128 Gold Hill Rd.

    Boulder, CO 80302
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  • Want to really blow your mind? Wrap your head around this one: "Scientists Now Believe That The Universe Itself Is Conscious." Although the article I'm currently consuming is dated 2017, I'm still glad it hit me today ... even if it did take its time to get here. I don't even pretend to be on the cutting edge of scientific discovery, but when something like this comes about, how could one not be completely cosmically absorbed?

    According to an article by Awareness Act, "A new scientific concept has recently come to light, which scientists are calling “panpsychism.” Panpsychism says that the universe could be capable of consciousness, which could change everything."

    Athough it is known that panpsychism itself, as related to philosophy, "is the view that consciousness, mind or soul (psyche) is a universal and primordial feature of all things. Panpsychists see themselves as minds in a world of minds. Panpsychism is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been ascribed to philosophers like Thales, Plato, Spinoza, Leibniz and William James." -Wikipedia So it's been around us thinking, breathing carbon-based life forms for a few years ... nothing new there. But apply that concept to, say, something we may have traditionally viewed as basically inanimate? Whole new school of thought there, methinks; and so do these really learned folks whose ideas I'll continue to quote for you here, just a bit longer.

    "For quite some time, scientists have been working to understand the universe, where it came from, and why we are here. However, they have often come up short until now. The scientist responsible for such a notion is Gregory Matloff, and his ideas are shocking, to say the least.

    According to Matloff, a physicist at New York City College of Technology, in his recently published paper, humans could be like the rest of the universe, in substance and in spirit. Futurism reported that a “proto-consciousness field” could extend throughout all space. Basically, in laymen's terms, the entire cosmos could be self-aware."

    Quite the school of thought ... a self-aware universe? And personally, I'm a bit drawn to a proto-consciousness field. I mean, on the shallow, mental exploration of the subject, this could explain how my cats always have the one-up on me - all the time: they're already well ensconsed within it and are using my admitted ignorance and thus far exclusion from it against me! ** JK,r?** But seriously, my curious reader(s)?, even though this is one deep pretense, it's also one that is *really* enticing. Really ...
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  • Students' union zealots demand philosophy society's poll on whether there are only two genders is taken down over fears it will offend trans people
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  • Some people have asked me to explain more what I will teach in the Spiritual Protection and Psychic Self Defense Workshop in Jan. They wanted to know if I will be teaching martial arts. No, this is a Shamanic Energy healing workshop. Although I don't teach martial arts (yet!), a lot of the core principles and philosophy I have learned in Martial Arts are identical to what I learned from my main Shamanic Mentor, from my Spirit Teachers, and what deep down I feel I have always known inside my spirit Warrior heart. I love to practice martial arts and I find that I am using the same circuits to run energy when I do physical martial arts as when I do Shamanic Energy work. Both of these paths are part of the Spirit Warrior Way. I actually think they are the same thing, come from the same root, just different branches on the same tree. I do have an energetic Spiritual sword and shield that Archangel Michael gave to me as a gift, early on in my path. Eventually I will teach a workshop, where I will guide students to be able to receive their own sword and shield from Archangel Michael. But that is a more advanced workshop. I have to build students up for that. This workshop in Jan, has mostly beginners. If they keep growing on the path, eventually they'll stand in the ranks with Archangel Michael and kick some serious dark force ass! Lol.
    Find a lot more info about the workshop in Jan 19-20, 2019 here: #ArchangelMichael #Spirituality #SpiritualProtection #PsychicSelfDefense #Shamanism #SpiritWarrior #Warrior #metaphysical #Healing
    Arriale Starbird, is a trained Shamanic Energy Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive, and Past Life Regression Therapist, with over 14 years of experience. She will be teaching a Shamanic Energy...
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  • Paul Dobree - Carey works consistently with developing Awareness of the energies of the Language of Light to understand and integrate its purposeful flow from the Conscious Divine Mind of Source, throughout the Cosmos, to other Planetary Species and the grounded aspects of HUman Physical Form known as Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Blue Rays, Indigo's, Crystals and Walking Masters of Light.

    Following an intense DNA activation , Paul started to bring through communications about directly integrating with our future Higher Self aspect and achieving Fifth Dimensional consciousness as the new way of Living OUR Reality.

    ​This is presenting in the form of a higher philosophy of existence, non attachment to lower aspects of collective consciousness, re-learning the true nature of Earth's 'historic record' from the cosmic Akashic viewpoint in opposition to the written history taught as current understanding.

    As a Cosmic Ascension Architect and Intuitive Guide, Paul is dedicated to the development and merger of the Fifth Dimensional Divine Self with all those choosing to take their path of enlightenment towards achieving Ascension.
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