• Dear Ones, Tomorrow we have a #SuperNewMooninVirgo (August 30th, 2019 at 10:37 am UTC--scroll down for US & UK times!) This is a particularly powerful #SuperNewMoon, because this is the closest Super New Moon of the year! Many of you are already feeling the energies & frequencies of this New Moon portal that opened yesterday!

    We have an amazing amount of #Earthenergy going on: the Moon is in Virgo, so are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Mars (the personal planets, does that give you a hint on how/why you are feeling about now?)

    Add to that, Saturn & Pluto are in Capricorn, Uranus is in Taurus, & the New Moon & the Sun, Mercury, Venus, & Mars are ALL trine to Uranus! With all this Earth energy going on, so much of it in Virgo, of course there is a sense of practicality & a great desire to HELP the EARTH. & Gaia so needs all of our help right now!

    We also have tremendous cosmic support for Change & Adaptability right now: 7 planets are in mutable signs: the 5 that are in Virgo, Jupiter is in Sagittarius (mutable fire) & Neptune is in Pisces (mutable water.)

    Beloveds, with all these planets in Virgo, there can be a real narrowing down of focus. You~~ as an individual~~ as well as you with any groups you’re involved with~~ can really use this energy to focus on HOW you can help our #PachaMama best during this powerful time to help Mother Earth! Whether in individual action, a group project, or ritual celebration with your community or tribe, or ALL of those~~let us truly honor the Earth & give gratitude for the abundance & sustenance she gives us.

    For USA friends:
    the New Moon will be exact at 6:37 am Eastern, 5:37 am Central, 4:37 am Mountain, & 3:37 am Pacific times

    for friends in (the European) UK time 11:37 am BT

    Those of you who wish to join the monthly #NewMoonMassMeditation, it happens Friday at 2:45 PM UTC.

    This the time #WeLoveMassMeditation found that the most people around the world can join in & put intention together!

    For USA friends this is:
    10:43 am Eastern time, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain & 7:45 am Pacific

    For London friends this is 3:45 pm

    Here’s the link to the guided audio in English:

    & the link to the guided audio playlist for this meditation in 11 languages:

    If you don't see the times of the exact New Moon in your zone or the New Moon Mass Meditation, please check here:

    My dear Hearts, we’ve been being blasted with intense higher dimensional frequencies of Light that are exposing many lower resonating energies that are still active.
    So microcosm (individuals) to macrocosm (countries, national & international politics, storms & fires affecting Mother Earth) issues are re-surfacing. There are so many obsolete energies that need to be cleared!

    Hang in there~~ as this clearing occurs, you might find some past life trauma or disease manifesting physically or emotionally.

    B-R-E-A-T-H-E. REST. #MEDITATE. Let. it. GO.

    Mother Earth is going through a lot of changes & clearing.
    For those of you who wish to join in with the #EmergencyMeditations to help calm conflicts, the fires & #helphealMotherEarth, please do check the most recent #WeLoveMassMeditationblog post & active meditations page!
    This last post also shares about the upcoming #ALL1UNIONMassmeditation on September 1st & a very exciting announcement: the official launch of the #WeLoveFirstContactblog!

    #HappyNewMooninVirgo dear #LightFamily!
    Sending you all SO much LOVE & LIGHT!

    Zeeva Amrita
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  • Dear Ones! Are you READY? Tomorrow is the #JuneSolstice! Remember--we're ONE world--so it's #SummerSolstice in the northern hemisphere & #WinterSolstice in the southern hemisphere. Here's a reminder of June #SolsticeMassMeditation on Friday, June 21st! We'll be doing the meditation at the exact time of the solstice. at 3:54 PM UTC.

    You can find all the information about this meditation here

    For USA friends this is:
    11:54 am Eastern, 10:54 am Central, 9:54 am Mountain, & 8:54 am Pacific

    If you are in a different time zone, please check here:

    Guided audios for this meditation in many languages:

    All Solstice rituals celebrate the Earth, the Light, & the Sun & are sacred occasions where we can connect with our seasonal & spiritual cycles, connecting with the Earth, the Sun, and the Cosmos. Solstice is a time for Self-reflection & CHANGE. Now is the time to look at the grander scope of your life & spiritual path. Take note of what is out of alignment. What doesn't serve you? What things do you tell yourself or others that are not in line with what you preach? What things do you do that do not serve your personal & spiritual growth?

    Wherever in the world you are, all the Solstice symbols remind us that the Sun is eternal, the cycle is renewing, & so are you. We are not separate from the Creator as we were conditioned to believe. We are Divine Beings & we are One. The Sun is a symbol of our inter-connectedness. It shines equally on all on our beautiful planet, & PachaMama (Mother Nature) supports all equally. It is a time of finding #UNITY.

    Happy Solstice my dear Ones!

    See you in the ethers!

    SO MUCH LOVE! ~~ Zeeva Amrita
    June Solstice Meditation on June 21st at 3:54 PM UTC
    A blog for organizing mass meditations leading to the Victory of the Light!
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  • Listen to Mother Earth... #PachaMama's beings have #Music~~if only you #BeStillandListen
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  • Tao te Ching, Pachamama & I Ching Yi Jing Hexagram 5
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