• Hello my friends. So a few weeks ago I pulled both of my quad muscles. I am currently unable to walk, and stand. This is one of the hardest struggles I have ever had to deal with. I know that I will get better. I know that I will walk again. I know that I will overcome all of this stuff. I ask for prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, all positive things, etc.
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  • So i haven't been hear for a while, you know how it is when you get pulled into the rabbit hole.
    It changed the way I look at everything.
    8 inch per mile that (excuse the language) ****s everything, I'm sorry but we should be able to see that, at the beach look out at the horizon and what do we see. Well i can say we don't see an 8 inch per mile drop. I don't know what we are on but i do know it isn't what we have been told.
    Sphere or flat? Who knows and when you start talking fractals and mandelbrot sets were do you stop.
    Also while exploring I've come across something that i find shocking, to the point of where open minded people are getting triggered when i bring it up. It has sent me straight to the bible (which triggers them also, weird) now don't get me wrong I still think that religion is a dirty word, but i have been reading the scriptures.
    Once you look upon this topic with an open mind and being truly objective, i feel that most would look at what the scriptures say.
    We all know that the deep state worship the fallen, but how many realise how far they actually go, i'm sorry but if you look into it and you see it you will understand what we are up against.
    Most if not all of the elite are Androgynous beasts, simply put they are trannies.
    The purpose of this is so that body can then be used by dark spirits (the fallen) this is why the whole of existence feels like it is against us, because it is, Azazel and the choirs that fell have been corrupting us all along.
    The amour of god prayer, just doing the first few lines to point something out.
    Ephesians 6:12
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.........
    So this makes more sense once we know what these 3 words mean.
    These are actually the 3 choirs (legions) that fell.
    So I'm sorry we are battle against the fallen and always have
    God bless
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  • RGENT HOAGLAND NEWS!!! Dr. Robin Falkov is in a coma in a hospital in Albuquerque w/colon cancer she has had since 2011. She and Mr. Hoagland need prayers and intentions. NOW!!!
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  • Copied from John Lear's personal Facebook page
    Really disappointed with Project Camelot, they've done some great interviews in the past but if this is how they conduct business with a Legend like John Lear they deserve whatever Karma is heading there way! Read the entire post for details.
    Please if you can send John some prayers, love, light, or even better donate what you can to him!

    UFO Mega Con: Convention in Laughlin in March

    This will be a short explanation for why I won't be attending Laughlins UFO Mega Con, meeting with all my old friends and being interviewed Sunday night by Kerry Cassidy.

    I received an invitation for the interview with Kerry from Bob Brown and Lorien Fenton a couple of weeks ago which included a promise of a $1000 honorarium and room. As many of you know my health has been deteriorating over the past 8 years after 2 back operations and only with the help of Kratom have I been able to make it to age 76.

    Other than to visit doctors or to go to the hospital I have only left my den once in 8 years and that was to go to Darryl Greenamyers Celebration of Life in Indio California. Marilee drove me and helped me into the banquet.

    Accepting Bob and Loriens invitation was a major decision and I could see all kinds of problems. But I told them I would accept if they would pay for my daughter, Alli's separate room. She is my Caregiver 24/7. And since I am unable to walk anymore I asked that they provide an electric scooter for me to use to get around and pay for a rent-a-car (I don't have a car and haven't driven f or 8 years) from Vegas and back.

    After several days I received an email from Lorien asking if I could find a 'male' to sleep with to provide my 24/7 health care to avoid the added expense of providing a room for my daughter.

    I have to tell you I was totally shocked that Lorien refused to provide a room for Alli. How she could have been so insensitive to ask me to sleep with an unknown 'male' to save her a few bucks on an extra room was absolutely beyond me. You would have thought that she would have done everything within reason that she possible could to make this difficult and probably my last public appearance as easy as she could.

    Lorien also refused to pay for a rent-a-car preferring to substitute someone I don't know to take me on a hour and a half drive to Laughlin and leave me with no car in Laughlin. I may be 76 but I still prefer my own company and my own daughter to drive me and if renting a car is too expensive for Lorien then the whole UFO Mega Con operation is too cheap for me.

    Anyway I emailed her and told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her counter-offer.

    I regret not being able to spend a few days in March with all my friends many who I have not seen in 25 years but Bob Browns and Lorien Fentons counter-offer was unacceptable, not so much the money issue but their whole attitude which made me wonder whether I would get paid after it was all over.

    All the best, John Lear
    Click here to support Lear Foundation organized by Fundraising team
    This is John Lear. For over twenty years my one goal has been to share with you all I know and can tell about a reality different than what is commonly accepted. Area 51, structures on the moon, 911, the shadow government has been my life's work. The appreciation you have had for my efforts touch...
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  • Check out my new short article!
    Spirit Warrior Medicine is Compassion in Action
    https://psychicselfdefensetraining.com/blog/spirit-warrior-medicine-is-compassion-in-action #SpiritWarrior #Warrior #Meditation #Prayer #Healing
    Spirit Warrior Medicine is Compassion in Action
    To experience compassion is to transform darkness into light, within yourself. It's the ultimate healing act. To act out of that compassion is the Spirit Warrior Way.
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  • Check out my new short article!
    Spirit Warrior Medicine is Compassion in Action
    https://psychicselfdefensetraining.com/blog/spirit-warrior-medicine-is-compassion-in-action #SpiritWarrior #Warrior #Meditation #Prayer #Healing
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  • Does God have a personal name?

    When we meet a stranger, and happen to engage in a conversation/s with them at some point in the conversation we do introduce ourselves, and in turn ask the person their name. Sometimes because we feel a connection, the person is very knowledgeable on the subject on which you both were speaking, this is a friendly person that I would like to become friends with him or her, or, both of you want to continue the conversation, then the next step is the exchange of phone numbers.
    The same is true with God, if we want to form a personal relationship with him, we have to continue conversing with him. As the above paragraph stated, having an ongoing conversation with someone, at some point you will know each other names, that’s how relationships are made and built. Whether it’s a relationship of friends, workmates, classmates, passing associates, cyber associates, names are known, some people who have ill and malicious intent choose to give a false name, nevertheless they give a name.
    We see how necessary and important a name is, It identifies who we are and in many cases what we are, and what we are about. The God of the Holy Writings are known to many by the titles god, lord, father, almighty, and other titles, which are correct, but the Holy Writings does states that he has a personal name.
    The Holy Writings states: “May people know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.” So according to this verse in the Holy Writings, God do have a personal name, Jehovah. It’s a wonderful thing to know God’s name, that name is the key to building a personal relationship with God. Though it it’s impossible to know everything about God we should not stop learning everything we can about him.
    Other holy text to reference:
    “You must pray, then, this way: “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified.”
    “I have made your name known to them and will make it known,”
    King James Version “this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
    King James Version “And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it”
    This is the way the two above texts are translated in the King James version. In the case of what many calls the “our father prayer” This prayer is repeated by millions in the Global Community, most of which does not know God’s personal name or either refrains from using it. However, it seems that those who repeat this holy text, have not reason on one important fact. If I am told to hallow or sanctify a person’s name, should I not know what that name is?
    How do we know that Jehovah God wants us to draw close to him as a friend?

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  • Dr. Emoto's Water prayer - Water we are sorry, Water please forgive us, Water we thank you, Water we love you
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  • Jason Rice responds to Corey Goode’s Double Down on Trademark issues.

    A peacemaker? Really? Sure sounds like a double-down to me...or is it damage control? That’s ultimately up to you to decide. The fact is, this all began as a result of Corey Goode’s continued efforts to restrict the use of common use terms within the disclosure and truth seeking community. Now he’s claiming a moral high ground by relinquishing what did not belong to him to begin with? I’m taking this opportunity to share personal thoughts on what I see as a deliberate attempt to misdirect and obfuscate the trademark issue within the truth-seeking and disclosure community. This article is meant to communicate some very specific questions I have regarding the comments made in the public statements on 10/29/18. I will not remain silent to what I view is a disservice to the very community it is directed.

    “SBA Media has received information that infiltrators plan to sabotage the Majestic Masquerade & Above Majestic movie premiere event.”
    -If this is the case, the ENTIRE community will benefit from an official statement from the FBI, the police and the venue hosting the event. A threat such as this is absolutely unacceptable and just not cool! Everything I’ve witnessed from the public statements within the truth and disclosure community very strongly, one may say ardently, supports and upholds non-violent dissent or protestation. We all share the responsibility to our community to very publicly and loudly proclaim together and in one voice that violence is NOT acceptable and I think you will find a very wide-based support on this if you will provide documented statements and/or a report from the hotel, the Boulder Police Department and the FBI concerning these alleged “threats.”

    “...we expected attacks from the general public regarding the topics being discussed, what we didn’t expect was these attacks to come with in our own community.”
    -Considering that these are exactly the types of behaviors I described in my 10/15/18 article No One Owns Disclosure about the “role of bullying, ridicule, civil legal action and manipulation of the alternative media to further a narrative, agenda and/or opinion” being fulfilled by another SSP experiencer. I’ll leave it up to the reader to determine if the official public comments released by the SBA on 10/30/18 are a case of projection or not. This cycle can very easily be stopped by the complete abandonment of the trademark applications associated with all common use terms. It’s my opinion that only then can the divisiveness be addressed and the healing begin. What’s considered common use terms? How about asking the community what they consider to be common use terms? I imagine there will be NO shortage of input on this issue.

    “In an effort to stop the attempts to further divide the community using the topics of trademarks SBA Media has also made the decision to not pursue the ‘SSP’ trademark...“
    -It is just my opinion that the divisions will heal much faster by admitting it was wrong to attempt it in the first place. Publicly asking for forgiveness is a decision that’s yours alone that I genuinely and sincerely encourage. If you are seriously interested in offering to help heal the divides then I also expect a retraction letter from your lawyer, Yanaroslaw Law, P.C., to show in good faith that your intentions are, indeed, genuine. After all, I was your targeted attack in the first place to “cease and desist” from discussing my own experiences “regarding the Secret Space Program...20 & back...Dark Fleet and countless other topics and areas of interest.”

    “SBA Media had never attempted to trademark the words ‘Secret Space Program’ nor were we intending on using the trademark to control disclosure....”
    -I’d like to point out that an official legal precedent is not affected by or even remotely relevant whatsoever to what you intended. It’s my opinion that the attempt to convince the public that this was not known at the time of the trademark application is extremely disingenuous.
    -The legal letter attempting to intimidate me into silence indicates that your efforts also include the claimed IP protection of “secret space program” in numbered paragraph 1. It’s the very first thing mentioned. Now you claim this was not the case. Why was it included in the legal letter then? The letter from your attorney Yanaros Law, P.C. States:
    “You may not be aware that Mr. Goode owns certain common law rights, and pending federal trademark rights, in the phrases “SSP” and “20 and Back”. This letter is to inform you of those rights, and to apprise you that if you are to further participate in the broadcast or publication of material using these terms, you are in violation of Mr. Goode’s copyrights, trademark rights, and other existing IP rights - and that Mr. Goode with take any necessary precautions to protect these rights.”
    Why did you threaten me with legal action if you did not intend on pursuing it with your IP protection rights?

    “I only wish to protect the details specific to my testimony and key phrases that I coined...”
    -And protecting details about a “historical event” helps truth seeking and disclosure how? “Protect” sure sounds a lot like information control. Your use of the word “coined” implies fiction and not an actual experience, unit or event. Just so we are clear without any ambiguity, which phrases are you claiming to have “coined?” Are you declaring publicly to the world that you made up (i.e. fiction) these terms and ideas? Additionally, if you trademark “Blue Avian” then is it your intention to also trademark the terms “Dracos”, “Grays”, “Reptilians”, “Insectoids” and all the other ET types you have discussed publicly? Why did you attempt to trademark “Blue Avians”? Is that an ET race that you “coined” or made up?

    -On the topic of information control as opposed to transparent disclosure, you publicly admitted to withholding information about what is commonly referred to (i.e. common use term) as “Dark Fleet” in the statement released on 10/17/18. By the way, if you weren’t already aware, “Dark Fleet” is a toy by Hasbro: Transformers Energon TIDAL WAVE Dark Fleet Battleship. If this is a term that you “coined” then are you suggesting that Hasbro has violated your “coined” term? You further claimed that you now have all the information you ever wanted on this unit. If, as you claim, you have a treasure-trove of intel then why are you deliberately withholding such crucial information about what we both agree is an aspect of the SSP? Why has it taken this long to hear word one about this alleged new information and why does it appear that the timing of your claimed intel possession was admitted only after the release of my testimony? The name, if you will accept my input on the matter, is IDARF (Interplanetary Defense and Reaction Forces). I’d also like to mention that part of the information I sent to Jimmy Church on 9/30/18 included the name IDARF and the term we used to describe the program I was a part of as Career Return (not the COMMON-USE term 20 and back).

    “...we will continue to enforce our trademark and copyright protection.”
    -Does this mean that anyone at anytime can expect attempted intimidation legal letters, legal injunctions or court proceedings if common-use terms are used? Again, I ask how this will help the truth-seeking community and the attainment of full disclosure? Which phrases are you claiming IP protection to? I ask simply because the statement “and countless other topics and areas of interest...” given in the legal letter I received (as quoted above) is not clear on this.

    “The majority of the community has made it clear that they support us in the protection of our content, the true SSP narrative...”
    -The majority of your followers, perhaps, but that is nowhere near the collective majority of people following this topic worldwide. You are entitled to your opinion about what is and is not “the true SSP narrative.” I would simply comment that your claim to know what is and is not true is entirely subjective in the absence of hard evidence (i.e. pre-disclosure) and prejudiciously dismissive of all the hundreds of years of combined research, study and effort into this topic by the portions of the community that disagree with your particular narrative.

    “...the gesture of abandoning our rights to the SSP trademark...”
    -“Abandoning our rights” implies that these terms rightfully belong to you and that their surrender is meant as an olive branch offering. There is a very specific phrase describing the return of something that does not rightfully belong to you in the first place. I’ll leave it up to the public to discern what that phrase is.

    This remains an open issue until receipt of an official and complete indemnification of the claimed violations of “unauthorized uses” of Mr. James Corey Goode’s alleged and currently unclear protected terms and materials is received. As of the date of this article, this indemnification has not been received. To again quote the letter from your attorney Yanaros Law, P.C.:
    “You may not be aware that Mr. Goode owns certain common law rights, and pending federal trademark rights, in the phrases “SSP” and “20 and Back”. This letter is to inform you of those rights, and to apprise you that if you are to further participate in the broadcast or publication of material using these terms, you are in violation of Mr. Goode’s copyrights, trademark rights, and other existing IP rights - and that Mr. Goode with take any necessary precautions to protect these rights.”

    There are many within the community that will view this as an attack on SBA, their film or even certain individuals. I am putting forth this article with an absence of malice, judgment or anger. In my opinion, these energies are divisive to the community and not productive or helpful. I sincerely and genuinely send forth positive thoughts and prayers to anyone endeavoring in the pursuit of their passions to help others. I am providing my own opinions and personal thoughts on transparency, honesty with self and others about contributions to disclosure, and what I see as an opportunity to acknowledge and respect the many voices that contribute to the SSP disclosure movement. Regardless of and celebrating our differences, we all share the goal of full SSP disclosure.

    Jason Rice
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  • Cobra info

    The purpose of #meditation is always to connect with your own soul with your higher self and the presence of soul brings more light and higher vibrations into the situations on the planet by itself.

    So it is always, if a #criticalMass of people are meditating they are actually stabilizing the positive time-lines hundreds of thousands of people meditating each day they have actually ensured that this planet has not been destroyed until now.

    The purpose of prayer is to connect with your source to communicate with your source of creation, with the source and this is one of many ways how we can connect with source.

    #Meditation creates a channel between the physical plane and higher dimensional planes and this channel allows the light forces to intervene more.

    But more than just a general prayer what is much more effective is a focused intent #meditation at a specific point in space and time and this can increase the efficiency of that #meditation many, many times. The Weekly #AscensionMeditation is one of the examples.

    Everybody to find the best optimal technique according to her or his own energy structure and his own or her own state of development.
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