• That is basically the same technology as PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research group) used. Random event generator creating movement of a dot on the screen. Unlike PSYLERON - it seems it doesnt need a box with additional hardware. Check it out.)
    #PEAR #randomness #Precognition #observation #Paranormal
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  • Listening to Fade to Black tonight, I can't help but think "Action in inaction." If you have the ability to time travel, would it change your present? In a basic sense, yes, you're able to travel back and forth in time, and your current situation is much different from when you couldn't travel time. What the ability does, is incite the question "what would change from you travelling back and forth?" A wonderful question that spawns a lot of great "what ifs." I have a what if that might entertain those who read. "What if you could change the past and/or view the future, to change the present, but did nothing?"
    In another sense, what if you had no memory and no precognition?
    We all have memories of our lives and we have ideas of what we ourselves could have done differently to make those past experiences better.
    We all have visions of the future for ourselves and what we want to experience, and are trying to make those visions a reality for ourselves, or at least for others.
    If one time travels for for oneself, I believe any one would be a great time traveler for oneself, although one wouldn't be for the other, or all else. So in doing so, one would only create a situation in which every one would have to have the possibility of controlling time, and then every one creates the ideal situation for oneself.
    If one had the chance to manipulate space and time and therefore predetermine one's reality, and then one did nothing with it... No thing would exist for one.

    Meh, I'm going to work on this one... Intended
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    Please Read This Entire Message Before Clicking On The Link

    I have heard from so many of you, that it was impossible to listen to my whole recent June 2018 interview with Whitley Strieber on Dreamland. This was due to the Dreamland site not being fully operational. The second half of my interview was put in the subscriber’s section. But those who were not already subscribers to Dreamland, and who wanted to subscribe to hear the last half of the show, found that they could not do so. There is a notice, on that site, saying that the subscriber sign-up option is not working. Also, many who wanted to listen to the free first half of my interview found that the audio was only partially working, and in some cases only consisted of an advertisement that made them think that none of the interview was there at all.

    I consider this June 2018 Dreamland interview to be one of my most important interviews. Ironically, part of the show addresses something called “Dark Forces Attacks”. I feel that this is what I am battling, in my effort to get this show’s information to you. First: I have not done an interview on Dreamland for about 2 years. So this was a reunion show. Second: I released a lot of new information through the show, as well as revealing some very personal information that I have never shared before.

    If you can’t hear the whole interview, then you haven’t gotten the full benefit of the interview. If you can’t hear the whole interview, then you have been denied access to the very Truth that you have a right to hear. Keeping you from the truth is the goal of “Dark Forces Attacks”. Whitley has also been a victim of attacks. But his wasn’t the only website that was attacked. Mine was too. My webmaster Sharri Lorraine and I have been quietly working to restore it – but we have a long way to go. As you will hear, in the interview, I AM NO LONGER STAYING QUIET ABOUT THE BATTLES THAT I FIGHT TO GET THE TRUTH TO THE PUBLIC.

    GOOD NEWS! Through the efforts of my wonderful webmaster Sharri, everyone can now listen to my complete new Dreamland interview. Just click on this link and listen

    In this new hour long interview I discuss a range of topics that include The Core Matrix, Time Shifts, Time Line Edits, Time Slips, Precognition Hits, Ancient and Present ETs, The Dark Matter Aberration, Dark Forces Attacks, and The Future of Mankind.

    Of course, when the Dreamland site is fully up and running you can subscribe to it. The small subscriber fee does not go to me. It goes to support Whitley’s website and all it has to offer.

    Starfire Tor
    #starfiretor #thetimeshifteffect
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