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  • Dream 2 nights ago- 120718

    In it i think ? I was a young man? I had longish brown hair, layered above my neck.
    We had a squad that immersed itself under water to get to our base.

    We had to practice over and over with what felt like a family unit. We would be at a shoreline by what looked like a lake, surrounded by browning landscapes. How we got under to the base, we had to use these self-intubation masks that covered our face like a scuba mask, had these ear loops that went over the ears (like a surgeons mask almost) and had a white cloth-like chin strap that went under the chin.

    It seemed like we were training very young and up until our late teens or twenties. I never liked it when the the leaders put the mask on us (this happened many times in the dream). It had a long, latex-like off-white/yellow tinged hose that was connected to the mask that was inserted first and then the other part of the mask fit over your face like a scuba mask but the hose went down into your throat and you had to fight the gag-reflex (we were trained to relax) to push it down and into the lung area.
    It was soft and rubbery and the edges were rolled and soft so as not to scrap on the way down, and it could be flattened to slide down into the throat past what felt like the esophageal muscle and placed into the lung or trachea?

    The leaders, a man and a woman almost felt like parents but my sense is they were not together/a couple and were more like team leaders that we, as a team. felt like were our guardians pr parenting role types.

    The man was very tall in comparison to the woman, and he had olive complexion like the image of myself as a young man did in this dream. The woman was short and petite, with what looked like a short pixie haircut, cowlicks all over, and it looked like it was bleached blonde yellow. She did not appear as olive skin as he.

    They both wore black skin fitting suits and they were both athletic in appearance to a certain degree. The dream skipped from us building up our skills to go under the water to the base by putting on our masks at the shore, with the instructors placing the masks on us, to us suddenly being alone on the shore and not knowing what was going on.

    I seemed to feel I was the oldest of them there, though still young feeling, like an older teen/twenty-something, and I was nervous.

    It almost felt like a drill but I did not know what was going on, just that people were missing, our team leaders included, and it felt like something big was going on. It could have been a blind training exercise, I do not know.

    When I went to put my mask on I was so anxious about getting the intubation tube down my throat that I forgot to put the ear loops and chin mask on first- you had to do that to get the remainder of the visor mask on you because the tube seemed to run centered in that visor or just in front of it. I got it halfway down and had to pull it back up when I realized this.

    I was really nervous and knew the others were watching me and I felt like I was failing them somehow.

    Then the dream glitched and I was coming up the bottom of the water base into the room but i couldn't sense myself walking into it - it almost felt like I was remote viewing prior to execution and I could see the woman and the man, inside, standing next to each other waiting for us, seemingly as if we were taking a test.

    That is all I can remember for now, drawings below.
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  • Check out my new blog about #RemoteViewing #InnerEarth #Anshar and #Healing
    Remote Viewing Experiment - Inner Earth, Anshar, Deep Healing #Exopolitics
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  • More Remote Viewing. This one is VERY interesting.
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  • Dream/vision July 10, 2018

    This morning I was within a vision and decided to stay with it to see what I would be shown. Sounds crazy but there it is. The point between wake and sleep. Your mind can create all kinds of images from memory. But these are not in my memory.


    A mountain reaching into the sky. A tornado starts on top while the sky is clear and sunny.

    The tornado then started a mega storm like a hurricane that reached out to all corners of the land.

    Then the tornado was made of fire and the dark clouds of the storm was unnaturally lit.

    Then a huge lightening bolt came from above the storm and stuck the mountain.

    The next micro instant showed no turmoil in the sky.

    The mountain was destroyed.

    The sky was sunny and cloud free.


    Then the view changed as though I were looking through a wavy colored glass with iron symbols all round the edge and in the center. The vision switched many times showing different rooms the glass was in. I didn’t notice at first but the glass was a different color in some of the scenes and the symbols changes as well.

    One iron symbol in the center of the yellow wavy glass was a sun with an eye in the center. Even numbers in Roman (like I, ii, iii, iv etc) around the face made me thing of a clock.

    The last symbol on a different face was a torch and lines going from the torch as though indicating light.

    The rooms were all different as well. One viewed a tv with a news program on it. One (the yellow glass) viewed an ornate hall of some kind.

    There it is. A voice was speaking in the vision but it was muted and in a different language. No clue what language.

    Was this a combo of vision with remote viewing? I don’t know.
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  • Remote Viewing, Contacting Aliens, Spirituality & Religion | Tyler Westan
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