• This is probably the most important video I have put together to date, I have watched thousands of videos and read about and searched for the connection between the spiritual, esoteric, cosmic, the "invisible" astral energies and the earthly and material, physical power and consciousness that guides us here on earth, why this eternal struggle and dissatisfaction, why is there war and imbalance, what kind of consciousness is it that controls us here on earth and what is their plan? This message that Max Spiers brings here is one of what I believe most and especially that, as he mentions over and over: "They are trying to break the human heart"! Who are they ? They are the greedy satanic, heartless, reptilian, soulless, Illuminati, NWO, Deep State, Bilderberg, Rothschild, blood-sucking vampires, pedophiles, selfish and unpatriotic no good scumbags that destroy our world and only by understanding what and who they are can we eradicate them and have a better world where peace and love are everything ..
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  • Destination Linux | Episode 141 | CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit.

    What a great +very passionate episode! Ryan and Michael go one on one, man to man, fair and square.

    The corrupt deviousness of Rothschild are now after Linux and free software!

    You will not beleive what you are about to hear. What's next? George Soros?

    Software Spotlight: Picard.

    #CentOS #Oracle #Gnome #Rothschild #Linux #lawsuit #copyright #copyrighttrolls #corruption #freesoftware #opensource
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  • Destination Linux | Episode 141 | CentOS Stream, Fedora, Endeavour OS, Oracle Pi Cluster, GNOME Lawsuit.

    What a great +very passionate episode! Ryan and Michael go one on one, man to man, fair and square.

    The corrupt deviousness of Rothschild are now after Linux and free software!

    You will not beleive what you are about to hear. What's next? George Soros?

    Software Spotlight: Picard.

    #CentOS #Oracle #Gnome #Rothschild #Linux #lawsuit #copyright #copyrighttrolls #corruption #freesoftware #opensource
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  • Q the story
    Ok a billion . people are awake what now let me tell you.  years ago when I was 17 i started searching for the truth i had realized something was not making any sense.
    I started watching conspiracy theories at first i though now i know but after realy thinking about it it didn't make 100% sense something seemed out of place, so after watching the ant Christ conspiracy theory i knew that it was exactly the problem so i thought whith that knowledge i anderstand know but i was mistaken it was created by the cult to spread misinformation i released this when i watched thrive it made totally sense,but then i realized why would they tell us this. Because it was misinformation over the years finding the truth was olmost impossible so i stared gathering information. Critical thinking became the most important way to find the truth.I recharged pedophilia because of wat hapend to my sisters children boy and girl the father was guilty. I started going on line and looking for child porn having no idea what the dark web was if it's on the internet then i can find it i ended up only finding child modeling sites i report them and nutting was done about it appropriately it was legal. I didn't have enough information so i started downloading encyclopedias every book on the deep web not knowing it was the deep web i only knew it as kickasstorents i ended up whith 60 000 books some of them encrypted. I installed 7 zip i opened the folder and extract the files it was classified files fbi cia government secrets occult philosophy to meny to mention so i study them for months i learned the real history the way the world realy works the Clinton crime family, Rothschild history and their allegiance to demonic forces. Every thing became extremely clear and i knew this was the hidden truth i found it but knowing the truth is a very heavy burden. So i knew that the dark web was important to find still unaware of what it was, so i opened youthube and after a few hours i opened the 10 darkest things on the dark web. 3 was child porn 2 was little boys getting raped 1 was daisy's destruction i knew then and there that i wood not rest until i find a way to expose the entire dark web while using the classified files to attack the fbi and cia. This was October 2016 2 weeks before the election i didn't even know about trump i knew fully well what Obama was doing secretly. I knew all the disappearing children was connected to the
    Ritch & famous but most importantly i knew exactly what intelligence agency was part of the cult. I started by reporting child abuse content to the fbi then i started releasing the classified files strategically to multiple agencies while providing different child abuse content to each agency at that time i reported to interpol i gave them some classified cult secrets whith the  child abuse url and told them what i did. After that i send the fbi anther email and told them exactly what i found out about them using extreme language even in Afrikaans. The book of Moses was used to destroy my enemies it workd but i wasent done i kept sending selected files to selected agencies. Then the last report to interpol i send them all files all web url of documented crime scene evidence and i rote the story of Q. Then i told them we need a plan this is what i have in mind Phase 1. I can not allow this to happen again its olmost October again time for a new story and a new plan. I already have it i gust need to tel my story so people can understand what happened and what Q really means. Please reply so i can tel the story of Q you are the first one in the world reading this if there are misspelling. It's because i never learned English. This time the story of Q whil be different because the world is changing. You need to know the story to understand the plan. This is important. I had to tell you all this to get your attention to give me the opportunity to tell the story so you understand the plan. Let me explain the 1st story of Q. I'll be referring to children as Q
    It was the way they made money off of Q suffering and they always find a way to make more money of Q. I'm not going into detail about how they treated Q because you already know this is the difference between 2016 and now so you see Q means children. i just can't use a word that represents someone i love to explain how much money can be made from Q. So my next story whil be the story of Q and this time I'll be taking about children and how match i love them. The 1st story was dark.                  2nd story is light
    Plan to save the world             the plan to restoring humanity
    If i Reed what i right i would not send it good luck enjoy. misspelling this is how it is the its to important not to right and I'm not reading this. Only 2 stories left the story & the plan. I
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  • Right here in a place called Rothschild in Antarctica if you focus in you can see what I think is like man-made structures like steel girders and pipes I don’t know if it’s a Google thing or it is real what do you think ?
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  • [4.25] Latest Q (FBI Spying) / Rothschilds Sell Assets / UFO Disclosure (Sort Of) / Vaccine Truth via @YouTube
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  • [4.25] Latest Q (FBI Spying) / Rothschilds Sell Assets / UFO Disclosure (Sort Of) / Vaccine Truth via @YouTube
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  • Debt Scam Disclosure

    Banks can never go broke, they control the World

    Their Financial secret is founded on fraudulent accounting

    The secret of money creation lies in not accounting for it

    Basel III sets Gold Price Free

    Clarification of the banks’ accounting scam

    There is no National Debt without the same amount in National Credit

    By design, every government runs on debt money, accumulating more debt every day, which is termed “National Debt”. This debt is composed of Promissory Notes, I.O.U.’s, or legal tender, commonly known as fiat money. All these movements are fraudulently administrated in the criminal government bookkeeping systems.

    For example; When someone pays you with a debt note or certificate, which is synonymous with today’s fiat money, and you accept this debt as payment, then a credit is created for this person and a debt is accrued for you. You never get paid for anything until you “pass this liability on” to someone else, by using this fiat debt instrument as a means to receive something of real intrinsic value in return.

    Think about it in another way; every time debt is created, credit of an equal amount is created as well. Because mathematically, debt and credit should always cancel each other out. There cannot be e.g. 20 Trillion dollars of “National Debt” created, without the existence of an equal 20 Trillion of “National Credit”.

    Governments on the whole, have been very careful and diligent and have accrued no equal debts, so that 20 Trillion-dollars in National Credit, and in actual fact it is a great deal more than that, has been accrued on the people’s side of the ledger. It’s time to start with accurate bookkeeping, zeroing out the “National Debt” against the “National Credit”. It should be a routine process akin to balancing a check book, but instead, it has been morphed into an excuse for fraud and theft on an unimaginable scale.

    Governments have been very reckless. They have borrowed and borrowed and avoided paying their debts, by squandering money like drunken sailors for decades, and in the process, they have accrued Trillions in National Debt for themselves.

    It is time that we the people wake up and begin to send home the majority of members of Parliament and Congress in dishonour, holding them responsible for their gross lack of oversight, accountability, honesty, and competence.

    Most of these politicians have no idea how the government is supposed to work, or how to act within the framework in which they should have operated. They have no clear knowledge of how the government’s bookkeeping and accounting system is supposed to work, apart from knowing how to “appropriate” money for every unauthorised and questionable purpose, they haven’t the faintest idea where the so-called money comes from, how it is created, or anything else about it. Think about it, Parliament or Congress, has the singular task of holding the purse-strings, which they have unmistakably failed to do.

    Keep in mind; The principal weapon of the Deep State is money and blackmail, and that makes it vital to end all Rothschild-owned central banks. The City of London, which is the main source of the Deep State’s funding, is, via Brexit, to be handed over to the Earth Alliance, once the ‘No-deal Brexit’ has become fact probably on the 29th of March next.

    The UK and other EU-countries cannot be GESARA compliant and participate in the GCR unless they exit the Euro through, for example, a positive Brexit vote. For that reason, it is crucial to the Deep State to stop this particular Brexit vote in order to maintain control over their money flow.

    Phantom money rigs the markets and creates debt enslavement

    Knowing this, it should be better understood how the market manipulation functions, especially with respect to gold and silver prices. – The banks bet with large amounts of phantom money to lower silver and gold prices, and should they lose the bets, they only lose fake money but no money of value out of the bank’s vaults. They don’t bet to gain money, it’s to rig market pricing. Equally, they buy stocks for the sole purpose of illustrating the excellent performance of the asset markets, to falsely validate the strong performance of the economy.

    Be assured that most of the natural resources like oil and copper, etc. are rigged in the same manner. The banks’ investment scope is manipulation, and the promotion of insider trading with their friends to profit from this knowledge. Banksters in the banking cartel are seldom fined and never sent to jail, which of course is absurd. Knowing that the banking cartel controls governments won’t come as a surprise then. If the GAAP accounting principles were applied, entailing the registering of all newly created money that isn’t accounted for in their books, most of the world would be out of debt. Now every reader may understand why we the people are debt-slaves, the usurped power of money creation is intentionally producing enslavement.

    Banks never can go broke, they control the World

    The accounting measures of the Banks is a far cry from reality; it doesn’t account for the money created. With the banking reserve system legislation, no bank can lose money. In spite of this, they continuously tell the public that the banks are in trouble. This is criminally ridiculous. It has nothing to do with reality, but has everything to do with their agenda for the total enslavement of the people. It is the banking cartel families, the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Warburgs and others that are responsible and in control of almost every central bank, and the Too Big to Fail – TBTF-banks in the world.

    The whole banking system operates on the Rothschild money creation trick to entrap and enslave the world by selling lies about their insolvency. Marco Saba, the President of the Italian Institute of Superior Studies on Economic & Monetary Sovereignty, correctly asks:

    “How can a bank that is allowed to create money out of thin air ever be insolvent?”

    The secret of how money is created needs to be revealed to the public in its entirety. The power of money creation has made the Banksters more powerful than any nation on Earth. In fact, the international Banksters which comprise the World Bank, IMF, BIS and all central banks, including the Federal Reserve are the shadow government that controls almost all nation states across the globe. Now this fraudulent accounting crime is coming to light, the best thing every reader can do is to share this knowledge with all their contacts. If many more learn about this swindle, it will be stopped sooner.

    The core banking secret, is founded on fraudulent accounting

    The monetary system was created to be top-down corrupt. Worst of all, it was founded on the basis of fraudulent accounting practices; with the acquired power of money creation, a bank never can go broke. They just create all the money they need, but don’t book it in their ledger. In other words, this money isn’t accounted for in their cash flow account. They have the power to create money out of thin air and lend it out against interest; i.e.: usury.

    But what is widely unknown, is that the granted loan is also not booked! Consequently, they have no debt coupled to their power of money creation. Banks cannot go broke! Therefore, loans that are not or only partially repaid are never a loss to the bank. – Every tiny bit of the loan plus interest that has been repaid, is a one hundred percent profit for the bank!

    When for example €100 is created and lent out and not accounted for in the ledger, if only €20 is returned, the bank already has a profit of €20, because the remaining €80 of this phantom money laundered into existence was never booked as a claim on debt, which is why there can never be a loss!

    This is why the repayment of € 20 is pure profit for the bank. This exactly is the crux of the great banking secret, it is deliberately centred on fraudulent accounting, giving the banking industry immense power, in combination with the creation of phantom money.

    Their secret of money creation lies in not accounting for it

    The real secret of money creation lies in it not being accounted for. In other words, freshly created money is not administered in the ledger. Therefore, a bank without debt claims on its balance sheet, and equipped with the power of money creation can never go bust, there is always sufficient money available to stop any gap, hence financial banking troubles don’t exist. The reality is that money is created out of nothing at no cost the moment it is lent out. This money is intentionally never entered in the bank’s bookkeeping!

    Banksters are scandalously deceitful about money creation. They know full well, as does everybody else, that once money is created, it must be entered into their ledger, which will show up on their balance sheet!

    When professional questions are asked about this procedure, they never dare to answer. All is kept in secret; meanwhile the masses are becoming aware of money creation out of nothing, money that by no means whatsoever comes out of the bank’s vault. But nobody, or at least very few know about the corresponding accounting hoax.

    For example, when a mortgage is in arrears, not only is the property confiscated by the bank, but the repaid part of that loan, plus the property itself are a one hundred percent profit for the bank, while the ‘debtor’ remains liable for the unpaid part of the loan until the property is auctioned off, and if a discrepancy results between the unpaid loan and the selling price, the debtor is still liable for its repayment. This horrendous swindle provides the Deep State the power to buy and manipulate everything and everyone on earth, including governments.

    Clarification of the banks’ accounting scam

    Generally, it is not known that the bank’s accounting system is a scam; new money is not recorded in their cash flow, while they do record the expenses when defaults occur, but not accounting for the creation of assets is what makes the bank’s accounting system an intolerable scam.

    Worse still, they tell the public about their imminent bankruptcies, which can never happen, but that is said to extract even more money from the National coffers, as was seen for example with the Too Big to Fail Banks in 2008 and the financial crisis in Cyprus in 2013, when trillions worth of taxpayers’ money were injected!

    Learn by heart; Central Banks and commercial banks can never go bankrupt because of the money created out of thin air, that should be recorded in their cash accounts. Banks can maintain this practice because they are beholden to no one, perhaps only to the Rothschilds.

    Like in every other business, they should apply the GAAP i.e. Generally Accepted Accounting Practice rules, but these are deliberately not honoured. Even their external, certified public auditors like the KPMG, Price Waterhouse, Lloyds, etc. certify their accounts at their demand, while knowing full well that these GAAP rules are not met! Banks tell the public otherwise, asking for financial support from governments by faking being on the brink of collapse, which is another blatant lie, but that is the signal that accountholders like you and me, can be plundered through the bailin legislation already widely incorporated into law. People by now should understand that keeping money in the bank is very dangerous.

    Fractional reserve cannot work in a free market

    Banking all over the world operates on the “fractional reserve” system. Although a sound banker should keep 100% on reserve against demand deposits: he should hold one ounce of gold in his vault for every one-ounce of banknotes he has issued. And he should be permitted only to lend the proceeds of time deposits, not demand deposits.

    But under the rule of “fractional reserve banking” he is allowed to lend out 10 times that amount, which means that this system cannot work in a free market; for this reason, fractional reserve banking has been legislated by the people’s puppet government. As it can’t work where banknotes are redeemable into a commodity, such as gold; the banknotes have to be “legal tender” or strictly paper money that can be created by fiat to make it profitable for the banksters.

    Due to the reasons as outlined above, fractional reserve banking is far more profitable than any normal businesses. In any industry, high average returns attract competition, which in turn reduces the returns.

    That is the reason why the banking sector by law is protected, so there is no competition from outsiders. A banker can lend out an amount, which a businessman might use to buy an item. When the seller of that item re-deposits that amount, a banker can lend it out at interest again. The good news for the banker is that his earnings are compounded several times over. The bad news being that, because of the pyramid-like leverage, a default can cascade.

    In each country, the central bank periodically changes the reserve percentage – theoretically, from 100% down to 0% of deposits – banks must keep with these changing anomalies, according to how the bureaucrats in charge perceive the state of the economy.

    The fractional reserve banking system, with all of its unfortunate attributes, is critical to the world’s financial system as it currently is structured. You can plan your life around the fact that the world’s governments and central banks will do everything they can to maintain confidence in the financial system. To do so, they must prevent deflation at all costs. And to do that, they will continue printing up more dollars, pounds, yen, and euros. While currency crises, bank runs, and episodes of economic collapses are devastating to paper assets, they often offer opportunities to buy hard assets on the very cheap as is the case today for gold and silver. Use this moment to your advantage, and you will never ever regret the follow up on this piece of advice.

    Basel III sets Gold Price Free

    The use of gold is necessary to avoid financial catastrophe for the populace at large. Alongside the existing currencies, the oldest form of money, which is gold will be set free on the 29th of this month when the Basel III accord is implemented. Basel III is intended to make sure that all countries are asset – Gold – backed, otherwise they would not be able to participate in the Global Currency Reset.

    With Basel III is said that physical gold -not paper gold- will be on par with fiat money and other debt instruments. That signifies the end of the gold price manipulation, requiring a much higher gold price for the physical stuff.

    The only way to survive the debt crisis is that nations reflate their currency established on gold as a reserve, which implicates a much higher gold price. This higher price is necessary to accumulate equity in line with their massive debt.

    Think about the complication that is involved; because gold is going to bring down the private Central Banks with their fiat currencies. Confirming what Q already had told us awhile ago that gold will bring down the central banks.

    As real gold is going to rise in price. A short period of time has been opened in which many of us can take advantage of this knowledge by buying gold and silver right now. Since gold will continue to rise, it eventually will outshine the debt notes that all are paper currencies.

    Even more, as people are going to realise that the paper notes they are holding are absolutely worthless they want to change it for real money, implying gold and silver. These prices are going to rise and that will make the paper currencies to decline, that as a result will destroy the private central banks.

    Debt Money Scam Explained

    Debt cannot be used as money. Nonetheless, the entire world monetary system is based on debt, which is a contradiction in itself! Consequently, the financial system is heading for a disastrous, inevitable failure. There won’t be a way around it, because debt can’t be used as money.

    Money created through the energy of ordinary people who trust each other, resulting in trust-money, is legally synonymous with money created by the central banks which is debt-money, by transferring the trust placed into the first, into the latter; debt money. This results in inflation, which in itself is straightforward theft.

    The Central Banks’ increase of the money supply goes far beyond social trust. The conflict between the two kinds of money – trust versus debt money – is clear: because a dollar/euro/yen/or any other unit can be spent only once – in principle for private transactions between citizens, but that same unit is again promised to pay off the public debt through the schemes in which governments are engaged, without the consent, nor knowledge of we, the citizens.

    This debt scam results in the following consequences: if all debt is repaid, then there is no money left in circulation. Because the first component of the money supply – trust money – serves as collateral for the second – debt money – and the second is for the purchase of the first, while both support the illusion of money. In other words, Public debt is required to create money while the people are told that their money is needed to pay off public debt, which of course is complete nonsense and a huge lie!

    The pledge of trust money is a promise. The debt money that arises from “debt” requires collateral for which taxes are created, collected by the government to pay off the ‘never-ending’ or perpetual debt spiral to the Central Bank in the currency that the central bank itself has issued out of nothing. That then is mixed in with the trust money already in circulation, making the SCAM invisible.

    The truth about the monetary system for the analytical thinker!

    This scam is rooted in the premise of perpetual loans, imposed by central bankers on governments that borrow money that did not exist prior to the loan, against the collateral of tax money from the people. Keep in mind, this is money that governments themselves could have created at no cost and interest-free.

    But governments have been forced into enterprises owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and are consequently required to borrow from the central banks.

    The truth entails manipulation to such an extent that something is borne out of nothing.

    At this point, understanding the scam and discovering how we are being enslaved by the Banking Industry, it is time people learn to think independently for themselves, by becoming detached from our daily illusion. People must fully comprehend and accept that something created out of nothing, marketed as valuable is a fable, a plain deception.

    Much in the world has been intentionally misinterpreted and misrepresented by the media. There is a great lack of independent, critical thinkers. This lack can easily be lifted by reading and studying my book THE GREAT AWAKENING, part 1 and part 2, and consequently, one can experience and consciously understand the upcoming developments with joy.

    A word of appreciation

    In the meantime, other native-speaking translators have also offered their help for free translation into German, Spanish and French: if others are interested in helping with this, do not hesitate to make this known, on.

    There are still plenty of articles that are eligible for translation to prepare our fellow citizens in their mother tongue for the upcoming historical changes.

    It is of great importance to all of us that as many people as possible wake up and stay awake. Mother tongue information is essential to achieve this goal; to finally free humanity from the debt slavery of the cabal banks.
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  • Hail God's perfection - the House of Rothschild! On your knees people - to those who are beyond reproach and an example to us all
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    Flat Earth

    Picture're living at the beginning of year One, when most people still believe that the Earth is flat. One day, someone approaches you, telling you that the Earth isn't flat but round.

    How would you have reacted, you think? Would you have declared the messenger crazy, like everybody else? Or would you have listened to him, to hear how he came up with that bizarre idea?

    This website is for that last category of people!


    Open Mind

    Okay, so you're saying that in principle you're open to other ideas. Let's put that to the test straight away

    Below are 10 theses. Please have a read through.

    The universe is teeming with life, and many alien civilizations are millions of years ahead of us in their technological and spiritual development.

    Alien visitors have been coming to Earth longer than humans have been living here, but a universal law dictates that a lower civilization should be left alone.

    Some higher technology, like free energy, anti-gravity techniques and vibrational techniques that cure diseases or make matter unsteady, are also known on Earth. But this is kept secret.

    The most powerful people in the world form a criminal cabal that practices devil-worship and is actively abusing the people, keeping them ignorant, frightening them and poisoning them.

    Our Earth is about 600 billion years old (including the gas phase). She is, like most other planets and moons, hollow on the inside and is (also) inhabited on the inside. Because of the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation she annually grows a few inches, making the continents drift apart.

    Everything is made by, and is part of, the Creator who experiences itself through countless different forms of life and universes. Each universe has at least one God who co-created that universe and manages it.

    All matter is light-energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Full consciousness exists in this energy and this is why matter can be influenced by DNA or the human brain for example. All knowledge, thoughts and intentions on a planet together form the collective consciousness. Our society is a reflection of our collective consciousness.

    Modern man is the result of genetical experiments performed a long time ago by a negative alien race on the indigenous people in the south of Africa. The adjustments in their DNA made us slavish, prone to diseases and they limited our consciousness.

    The soul of a human being passes through hundreds of lifetimes in which it experiences all aspects of life and the moral spectrum, making it develop spiritually. In between, souls reside in heaven, where they evaluate completed lives and plan new lives, with the help of their spirit guides.

    All life is moving in cycles of different lengths. Currently, Earth is in a process that's called Ascension, in which a cycle of duality is coming to an end and an harmonious era begins in a higher dimension.

    So...what do you think? Interesting theses, or impossible nonsense? In case of the latter, you might want to consider carrying on browsing the net, because these are the contents of this site! And these theses are all true.

    No, not kidding, we're serious.

    The powerful media

    Ask yourself this: what would I know about the world without the media? The answer probably is: not so much. You've read your schoolbooks, maybe some other books, you've done some traveling and heard travel stories from friends, but that's about it. Right? The influence from the media on your world view therefore is huge. Almost everything that you know about society, life in your country and other countries, the history of the world and everything that is out there, came to you through the media.

    In other words: if all of the media were working together, they might make you believe in something that doesn't exist at all, and hide things from you that do exist. It doesn't sound plausible, but it's possible. True or false?

    Did you know that the biggest media companies, and press agencies like Reuters and Associated Press, are owned by a very small group of people, that all know each other very well? And that this same very small group of people for example also owns the American Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) and the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world?

    We're not making this up, investigate it. These institutions are all in the hands of families like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Morgans and more with those kinds of familiar names.

    Next question: who do you think founded the big international organizations like the United Nations, the NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Health Organization?

    Believe it or not, they are those exact same names!

    And to make it even crazier: who do you think makes up the top of secret societies like the Freemasons, direct religious institutions like the Vatican and have single-handedly educated almost all current world leaders? Yep, you already guessed it, (ultimately) it is the same very small group of people.

    Who could it be...? The illuminati!

    This small group forms a brotherhood that call themselves the 'illuminati'. The core consists of 13 enormously rich families. When it comes to wealth they make Bill Gates look like a poor devil, but yet they hardly ever appear in the news (surely the fact that they decide what the media report about wouldn't have anything to do with that?). They have formed a worldwide network that includes almost every organisation that holds a certain power. From government leaders to secret services, and from universities to restaurant chains like McDonald's. You wouldn't believe your eyes if you lined up all the illuminati-institutions.

    If you are starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, don't panic, because you have nothing to worry about. Why, we'll explain later.

    Well, this cabal also controls all the big media (except the internet) and makes sure that your world view is limited to the things they want you to know. But that view is not the truth. The truth is much bigger, as you could already tell by our theses. In fact the truth is so much bigger, that for most people their lives would change completely if it all got out at once.

    Fortunately, nowadays, there are other ways to obtain useful information apart from the regular media, especially since the coming of the internet. In countries like India and Tibet and amongst many indigenous people all over the world you can find information that is almost unknown in the West. Like the ancient Sumerian texts for example. Through the years many people have published valuable information that the regular media have hardly paid any attention to. Like, for example, whistleblowers from secret services and the 'black ops' circuit (secret projects from the government), advanced scientists, people with near-death-experiences, people who can communicate with extraterrestrials or ghosts of the deceased, mediums and regression therapists.

    International Group
    We are an international group of researchers who are not hindered by dogmas or professional distortion. Our only tool is our common sense. We come from all walks of life (from doctors to teachers and from translators to painters) and our most important similarity is that we are curious and open minded. For years we have conducted a study of all these sources mentioned above. Just like many other people who realized that it is better to turn off your tv and cancel your newspaper if you really want to learn something, we came to the conclusion that the picture that the media is painting us, isn't right at all. The way things actually work in our world and everything around it make up one big puzzle that turns out to be a perfect fit.

    This website is that ready-to-use puzzle!

    For starters, let's sum up the whole story on one A4, for those who want to know everything in five minutes

    If it doesn't directly match your own world view, no problem! Just put it to rest for a while. According to some scientists the adjusting of ones world view runs through the pain center in the brain, and obviously we don't want our site to cause you a headache
    If you have read through everything, checked our sources and you still don't agree with us - feel free to write to us! Maybe we can learn something from you.

    Okay, here we go...
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