• Lost cities to rise up again?

    As I write this I know that I realize I left you all hanging. I apologize. I had mentioned earlier that Balana gave me a message about Atlantis and Lemuria rising again. I will try to the best of my ability to recall what was said and ask Balana to come forth and help me. Once again, I apologize for the lapse in time as I have been very busy at work.

    Balana, my friend. I call you to help me with recalling this message.

    “I’m here.”
    Can you tell me again about Lemuria and Atlantis rising again?
    “Of course. The Star Nations met with the Sasquatch Nations and relayed a message of an event that is scheduled to happen in an earth reality that many of you will witness. The Sasquatch Elders shared the information with us and they can’t help but share because we are all connected telepatichally, emotionally, and energetically. There is no withholding or hiding anything as is done with humans. What was told by the Star Elders was that in the year 2109 there will be a great earthquake that will happen off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This earthquake will be so large that a crack will open up in the sea floor larger then what you have called the Grand Canyon. This crack will open up into the inner earth. As this occurs the water will have no choice but to go within the earth causing your shorelines to recede drastically. The inner earth beings know of this occurrence but most will not be affected as they are already living in another dimension where this reality will not matter to them. As the shores recede many animals in the ocean will lose their life and be stuck on dry land. It is ok because they have agreed at a higher level to experience this. When all is said and done hundreds of once underwater shoreline will be exposed. Life on land will see a horrible sight of many living things lying on the dry earth as the water swept away. It will not be pleasant to look at. Many will need to heal from witnessing this. But along with this tragedy comes great discovery once again as ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and other civilizations will become visible again. Ancient knowledge will rise again and be witnessed by your human species. Humanity will clean up the new receded shore line and descend upon the ancient civilizations uncovered. There will be artifacts, ancient texts, crystals, and technology once lost that will be recovered. This will be a huge event for the consciousness of humanity. As long as your people share the knowledge and do not suppress it.”
    I have heard that the beginning of 5D will be in ten years on the year 2020 and I just listened today from an Ascension documentary by Hale Mednik interviewing Su Walker that her connection to the star people said first contact will be 2021. How does this consciousness tie into what will happen in 2109?
    “This is correct. We are aware that the beginning point of the 5D transition will begin in the year 2020. We are also confirming that a planned contact from a certain race of Star People have agreed to make first contact with your species in 2021. Many people will be shifting their consciousness during these times. Some will transition right away into the 5D reality while others will stick around for first contact. Some will incarnate and come back to experience the great earth quake and guide others in relearning the old ways.”
    Wow. This is amazing. We actually have some time frames and dates now. Thank you for this. Is there anything else you would like to say at this time?
    “Nothing at this time but in light of all you have heard today do not be afraid. Fear will only set you back and and there is truly nothing to be afraid of. We are always here with you and are always looking out for you and stand waiting to assist. The Sasquatch People love you very much. We will see you in the forest.”
    Thank you my friend. End of message. Thoughts?fa9efb6a8143d3063b7ba51fda337057

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  • The holographic mirror: A message from the Sasquatch Elders, via Shekinah

    By Shekinah

    As above so below
    As within so without
    The holographic mirror
    A message from the Sasquatch elders
    Please take a Moment to Watch this Prior to Reading

    The rainbow feathered Serpent has uncoiled, it is moving
    slithering across the dragon lines; igniting activating
    changing one form unto another. For Everything is alive,
    everything is conscious, and everything is dying to be
    reborn and so it may arise again.

    Oh humans, Let go, don’t hold on for the river is moving
    very fast, you may want to cling to the shore, but you must
    let go of what you think you know what you think you are
    and what you have accepted as familiar, known. For we
    are all about to go beyond it all. All the comfortable all
    the numb prepare to be awoken. Some of you have known
    this always and have held the ways of the sacred close
    like a token of truth not to be lost nor sold for profit…

    Blessed are those who dwell in love and truth, Such
    medicine and loyalty are found in the Heart Sutra;

    The Heart Suttra

    These core tenets of Buddhism are expressed in the teaching known as the Heart of
    the Great Wisdom Sutra. Although it is the shortest of all the sutras, containing only 632 characters in the traditional Chinese translation, it explains the essence of Buddhism, which is KU, or Emptiness. The meaning is essentially that by letting go of your preconceived notions, opinions, and attachments, you can become open to all the wonders of our life.

    All things are empty. This is the realization of nothingness. But, emptiness or
    nothingness does not just mean nothing. It means not being attached to anything;
    especially your own perceptions and ideas so that you can see your life clearly.

    The Heart Suttra:

    Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva was moving in the deep course of wisdom which
    has gone beyond. He looked down from on high and saw but five skandhas*
    which, in their own being, were empty. Here, O Sariputra, Form is
    Emptiness, Emptiness is Form; Form does not differ from Emptiness,
    Emptiness does not differ from Form; whatever is Empty, that is Form,
    whatever is Form that is Empty. The same is true of feelings, perceptions,
    impulses and consciousness. O Sariputra all dharmas are marked with
    Emptiness, they have no beginning and no end, they are neither imperfect nor
    perfect, neither deficient nor complete. Therefore O Sariputra, in emptiness
    there is no form, no feeling, no perception, no name, no concepts, no
    knowledge. No eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no
    forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables or object of the mind, no sight
    organ, no hearing organ and so forth to no mind consciousness element; no
    ignorance or extinction of ignorance, no decay and death, no extinction of
    decay and death. There is no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path,
    no cognition, no attainment, nor anything to attain. There is nothing to
    accomplish and so Bodhisattvas can rely on the Perfection of Wisdom
    without trouble. Being without trouble they are not afraid, having overcome
    anything upsetting they attain Nirvana.

    All Buddhas who appear in the three periods, fully Awake to the utmost
    right and perfect enlightenment because they have relied on the Perfection
    of Wisdom. Therefore, one should know the Perfection of Wisdom is the great
    mantra, is the unequaled mantra, the destroyer of suffering.

    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha
    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha
    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhisvaha.
    Bodhi Svaha

    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Oh what an Awakening

    *The five skandas are the five components of any individual: body, perceptions,
    feelings, mental formations and consciousness.)

    Gate means gone. Gone from suffering to the liberation of suffering. Gone from
    forgetfulness to mindfulness. Gone from duality into non-duality. Gate gate means gone, gone. Paragate means gone all the way to the other shore. So this mantra is said in a very
    strong way. Gone, gone, gone all the way over. In Parasamgate sam means everyone, the sangha, the entire community of beings. Everyone gone over to the other shore.

    Bodhi is the light inside, enlightenment, or awakening. You see it and the vision of
    reality liberates you. And svaha is a cry of joy or excitement, like “Welcome!” or “Hallelujah!” “Gone, gone, gone all the way over, everyone gone to the other shore, enlightenment, svaha !”

    No Coming No Going
    No coming, no going
    No after, no before
    I hold you close to me,
    I release you to be so free
    Because I am in you, and you are in me
    Because I am in you, and you are in me.

    The Elders speak….

    ”Be prepared for the change that is coming …
    like an electrical storm beyond comprehension …
    a kundalini shakedown breakdown the Power of the
    Hooves of The White Buffalo Will Trigger the Vortices
    Like Chakras Of the Earth Which will Explode in Light!
    the old ways and paradigms are combusting.
    Stop running around in fear and loathing now!
    Stop the parasitic looosh so hungrily fed upon so
    ignorantly provided.
    Stand Tall as The Ones You Were Created To Be!
    You are the Warriors of the Rainbow!
    You are the Ones You are Waiting For, Asleep! Now Wake!
    Like trolls you have been captured as stone. Stop the
    Trance Pull Yourselves Out of illusion Delusion!
    We have been waiting along time for a Chance Like This
    when the Energy Is Strong Enough to Clear the Sickness
    and Corruption!
    We need every Heart’s Transmission to Align to the Core
    Crystal of the Earth
    The Prophecy Has Come
    Love now like you Have Never Loved Before
    Love Is the Power That Activates The Core Crystal
    Once We Have raised That Cone Of Power, Nothing can
    Stop It
    It is an Electrical Plasmic Fire of Crystalline Light That
    Will Go Viral through the MushRooms, Plant Kingdome,
    Tree Roots, It will go through the Crystal Grids and the
    Rock People Will waken, The Return Of the Sasquatch Fey
    Dragon MerfolK and Star Nations is Awaiting the G Spot
    The Tone of Creation, Sing Loud the Songs of Creation
    Raise the frequency of Your hearts So High In this New
    Moon of Libra it is a Potent Super New Moon
    Go Now Tell Everyone You Know … Transmit!!!!!”
    This is the Image I was Given!

    Shared from Shekinah Maaaaaa’s Heart to Yours
    Give thanks to Fantuzzi and the Rainbow Family

    “You are my Mother you are my Father You’re the beginning, you are the center, you are beyond the end You are the colors of the rainbow you are the pure white light in me You are the rivers, you are the mountains, you’re the sky, you are the sea I love you so, you help me see, And to see you in all, is to see you in me I’m in you and you’re in me I want to touch you, I want to feel you, I want to be right by your side I want to know you, love you, I’m going to serve you all the time.”

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  • The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, via La Luminista

    Channeled by La Luminista, 2019, shared with her permission

    The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

    This is the time of community, of coming together, hearts entwined. Standing as one in a vision of light, love and all that is. The coming times are recluse against what is to be. Pull together, ignite your inner flame. Bring community together. Pool your resources, and go back to the ways of old. Create your own reality within your community of love.

    You are supported. You are nourished. You are endearing to us. We consider you precious cargo on this great planet of yours. Invaluable cargo. You are to illuminate the world, illuminate each other. Take each other into the fold.

    You do not need to fear what is coming. You only need to fear the fear within yourself, that once extinguished will free your soul, and you will become the highest version of yourself.  Pull the plugs of density within yourselves and allow them to be flushed down the drain. Allow the light to permeate your being in totality.

    Time is not lost. Time can never be bought nor sold, but the moment is upon you to begin your communities. Your community living, breathing, and being. Go back to nature. Look to nature for inspiration on how to live your lives in purity, in honesty and in integrity. Send your almighty love to your mother earth, that she may support you and encourage you through these times of hardship to come. You are always safe in her embrace, and she loves you dearly. Honour her in return and gift her of your love.

    You will never be without, that is assured. We are here as watchers, as guardians, as friends to those of you who are aware enough to acknowledge us. We walk this earth with you hand in hand, heart in heart. Our journey is one, and we are delighted to be part of that.

    This one will set her sights on the highest level community that can be attained. She is a beacon to those who are searching, and a grand sister to those she calls family. She will offer you much in the way of knowledge and understanding. We applaud her goals and dreams, as she embarks on this journey of the spirit.

    The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

    Source: La Luminista

    (I just met her online. She channels Sasquatch, but had no knowledge of our communities, networks or events.)


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  • From SunBow TrueBrother @SunBw8 on Twitter:

    By Shekinah

    And the last thing to leave Pandora’s Box was a little white Butterfly named Hope

    I followed my heart as it felt pulled to the trail, feeling the invitation to walk away from the Learning Center at the 2019 Chewelah Psychic Sasquatch Fair, I surrendered to the call. I felt as though there was a magnet in the wild and it was pulling me from the comfort zone of the center, camp, and participants to a deep deep vortex of connection. I let my bare feet find the earth, the chakras on the soles of my feet felt they knew exactly where to go, so I just let them lead. I had a feeling my advanced learning was held somewhere in an outdoor classroom in the middle of the forest of Washington and away from the laughter and chit chatting of Humans. I had gone far out the trail, where the wild things live. I could feel a subtle yet profound shift occur letting me know I had crossed into a different unseen boundary line. It was then I could feel an energy strong like I had walked into a neighborhood that you could feel just not see. A neighborhood or community of beings that lived and dwelled in a sacred space, for reverence flooded my whole body. I fell, dropping to my knees and rolled over to my bottom where I crossed my legs into meditation pose and closed my eyes. I had heard the crunching of large footsteps, I had sensed the contact, I could smell a scent comforting and familiar. I had heard my name pronounced different then my name, Shekinah … but so accurate … She Kin Ahhhhhhhh quick seed sounds. I looked around eyes wide open.

    There they were, a clan of She Sasquatch Beings. Like a Sistarhood they came together. As a mom they reminded me so much of my Sistars and I who go medicine gathering, hiking, walk and talking with our kids … adventuring foraging playing. Now here they were like a horseshoe of Mama Sasquatches with their Youngins, their children, they came around me. I could hear the whisperings of the toddlers and in their eyes a curious yet shy approach. When I was a teacher at the Nelson Waldorf School, I would welcome the toddlers and their families to my classroom each fall, and this felt the same. Yet I was the student and they the teachers. I did laugh though at how their toddlers would hide between their mamas’ legs and peak out just as the human children do. Mamas with their hand on their babies’ heads soothing them, arms stretched round their children’s bodies in protection yet standing tall as in they held absolute for their trust their body language showed me they had orchestrated this divine meeting and that I had made the invite and showed up to the appointment unconsciously; this was no accident.

    The last year I came to the Psychic Sasquatch Gathering, the Matrilineal lineage in this Chewelah region and 49th parallel, talked to me all about the power of the Moontime for Wemoons, how the Menses Cycle is deeply connected to ancient ways and ancient days of Shamanic Power. I had bled with them last year. But that is a whole other download best kept for Wemoon. The message I received this year from the Sasquatch Matriarch is for all Sentient Beings. For this message they really wanted to get out to Families, to the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. This is what I was told; the Sasquatch are not only feeling hope they are feeling safe for the first time in a very long time. They ride upon the frequencies of our heart, the frequencies of the One Heart that all life is connected to. It is a feedback interloop.

    Beyond words beyond actions is the pure frequency of the heart, of all hearts which do beat as one and is connected to the Schumann Resonance; please check links.

    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances
    2. https://drjoedispenza.net/blog/consciousness/what-does-the-spike-in-the-schumann-resonance-mean/
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn6m7Zz87L4

    This frequency is a pulsing undulation which is directly related to their fertility and ability to procreate. While Humans took a nosedive into dark deep density the fertility of the sasquatch fell too because it is a feedback interloop. Not only was there very little awareness of the sacred within the humans as if a curtain was pulled over our eyes, there was a parasitic weakening of Life Forces that have diminished the love and light frequencies which assist in the fertility of these Higher Beings if they choose to stay connected to these lower densities where we have been lodged. But you see this is the Mystery and this is what the Mother’s told me, that they are the keepers and protectors of the Pulsing Heart Undulations and they are charged to help us to return to our Original Blueprints as we had been enslaved and manipulated, bio engineered, hacked and while we fell, they journeyed with us, just outside beyond us where they can maintain and sustain their power so that eventually when we were able they could help us rise.

    I could hear the song of Buffy St. Marie, God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot as the way my mind works is in sound and symbology and I always when I channel pick up what I lovingly call a theme song; in my inner mind as they talked these words, messages, codes to me, this song sung in my soul; Song link:

    God is alive; Magic is afoot
    God is alive; Magic is afoot
    God is afoot; Magic is alive
    Alive is afoot…..
    Magic never died.

    God never sickened;
    Many poor men lied
    Many sick men lied
    Magic never weakened
    Magic never hid
    Magic always ruled
    God is afoot
    God never died.

    God was ruler
    Though his funeral lengthened
    Though his mourners thickened
    Magic never fled
    Though his shrouds were hoisted
    The naked God did live
    Though his words were twisted
    The naked Magic thrived
    Though his death was published
    Round and round the world
    The heart did not believe

    Many hurt men wondered
    Many struck men bled
    Magic never faltered
    Magic always led.
    Many stones were rolled
    But God would not lie down
    Many wild men lied
    Many fat men listened
    Though they offered stones
    Magic still was fed
    Though they locked their coffers
    God was always served.

    Magic is afoot. God rules.
    Alive is afoot. Alive is in command.
    Many weak men hungered
    Many strong men thrived
    Though they boasted solitude
    God was at their side
    Nor the dreamer in his cell
    Nor the captain on the hill
    Magic is alive
    Though his death was pardoned
    Round and round the world
    The heart did not believe.

    Though laws were carved in marble
    They could not shelter men
    Though altars built in parliaments
    They could not order men
    Police arrested Magic
    And Magic went with them,
    For Magic loves the hungry.

    But Magic would not tarry
    It moves from arm to arm
    It would not stay with them
    Magic is afoot
    It cannot come to harm
    It rests in an empty palm
    It spawns in an empty mind
    But Magic is no instrument
    Magic is the end.

    Many men drove Magic
    But Magic stayed behind
    Many strong men lied
    They only passed through Magic
    And out the other side
    Many weak men lied
    They came to God in secret
    And though they left him nourished
    They would not say who healed
    Though mountains danced before them
    They said that God was dead
    Though his shrouds were hoisted
    The naked God did live

    This I mean to whisper to my mind
    This I mean to laugh with in my mind
    This I mean my mind to serve ’til
    Service is but Magic
    Moving through the world
    And mind itself is Magic
    Coursing through the flesh
    And flesh itself is Magic
    Dancing on a clock
    And time itself the magic length of God.

    This song I dedicate to the Sasquatch Nation! This God that is acknowledged is the Pulsing Undulation, and well Bigfoot, they are the foot, they are the Big Foot of God, they are the keepers of the God Force.

    Due to Humanity’s awakening and return to the Sacred, the Bigfoot is growing. We are not only now helping them be able to not fear procreations, but we have assisted the magic of Fertility to Bloom and Grow as our heart’s bloom and Grow.

    The Mamas, as I lovingly now refer to them, they are bringing their children to our Gathering and they acknowledge it as a real Learning Center, no coincidences there, but true Sacrednicity. They are seeing that we have switched timelines, that we have picked up the needle of the record player and have skipped the old tracks of time and have now Successfully bridged the New Earth to this old dying, decaying, false Carbon Copy reality we call Life. It is not they say real Life and that is yet another download to share at another time. For now, they say that they will continue to trust in us and continue to grow their nests. They say it is the same for us Wemoon, that our fertility also depends on our ability to receive the magic, the pulsing undulations. This is why Wemoon around the world have lost their ability to conceive. It is all connected. That and well many Chemical and Hormonal issues us Humans face due to our diet and toxicities of the Earth Air Water and Food. Magic is the real Fertility Vibration. It is why Magic can be manipulated both for white and for dark. Again, another whole download there. They are downloading me everyday. I am seeing concentric circles all touching and all interconnected. The Sasquatch have now crossed over from doubt mistrust and fear and they have told me that they have really begun to now have Hope. There is a great Hope for Humanity and the Psychic Sasquatch Gathering is a huge Fuel for this Hope, it is what has shown them that we are finally truly on our way Home again! They celebrate this and yes, they even sing and dance when in joy!

    They left me with a final request, it is time to focus on our Children, As Frederick Douglas said;

    Frederick Douglas

    It is time to really focus on our Youth these are the ways of the Sacred. Due to the Sacred being so muddled, Sasquatch would before only have one or a couple children in a Clan at a time so that they could care for that child with many Mamas and Papas, to ensure that it’s Power was resourced, grown, and intact. Now as they see the energy is really rising, they are having litters again. So they want us to care for our Youth the way they care for theirs. They call for a Children’s Council as our Gathering so that our children grow up knowing Truth, their Magic, and their Allies, Guides, Guards, and Sacred Family. This is also why they showed me there is the Pedophilia in record high, again another download for another time. Children are super connected to the Magic, as is the Sasquatch, therefore they are hunted and abducted, tortured, and used in ritualistic black magic. This has gone on for far too long and Bigfoot are putting their giant Foot down! No more! No more they Say!

    10 ways you can grow your magic;

    1. When we cut off our hair shave away our hair, we take off our Magic, Sasquatch say do not shave, grow your hair, grow your magic grow your Power.
    2. Grow your kids, let them know their whole holy family. It is time, to stop lying to ourselves and each other. Speak truth at all times!
    3. Stop casting spells unconsciously, in the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh. You spell the word therefor the word is your spell. Stop negative spelling! Stop gossip slander and hate. It is that clear and with that she put her fist down, the one with white hairs she is the Elder, KeeraAna is her name. She thinks we are sick from all the TV Programming and Music so full of hate!
    4. Stop watching negative programming, just stop it! Stop taking nightmares and making them real! Tell us a vision. Television.
    5. Eat less and less meat to stop the densities. Do not partake in tortured animals’ flesh, milk, or by-products!!!! How could we, she cried! And she was as angry as Grandmothers can get!
    6. Do more selfless service, Narcissism is a trap! LOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE GEOMETRY
    7. Stop taking so much, the crystals can be worked with without us taking them out of the ground. Give back … Consume less, it is all an illusion anyways. Feel More, that’s where it is at!
    8. Celebrate way more often, weave joy, gratitude, and ecstasy throughout your days and nights.
    9. Real eyes the Me is upside down and when you right side it up it says We.
    10. Override the frequencies every day to grow your magic, it is grid work, and it is a critical factor! Everyday tune into the Dragon Lines, Ley Lines, send through them as you send through your own meridians a crystalline light liquid like cerebral spinal fluid this is a crystalline plasmic liquid that is a serum a solution of high high magic that actually clears the parasitic forces that have infested everything up to 4d. This is a calling to all Alchemists!

    I will leave you with a closing message, right from KeeraAna;

    “It is the time of the Kachinas, the Time of the Corn Maidens and the Time of Truth. Now the Sacred hoop is Mending. Return to the Sacred every day and in every way. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the End.” And with this she smiled.


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  • Vegas Supernatural's Supernatural Summer 2019 ROLLS ON with Episode 5,,, Squatchin' Vegas Supernatural Style! An old soul, using the old ways to study The Oldest Indigenous,,, Sierra Sasquatch, Like No Other!! "JAIME AVALOS" LIVE with "The Rev." MONDAY!!! Leave your bear mace at home, it won't help you on this trip??!!!...
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  • #SasquatchDetective | Interview with #SteveKulls | #MiamiGhostChronicles #StoriesoftheSupernatural https://youtu.be/RHuHqsAnR38
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  • Official First Contact Store
    Official First Contact has opened a store where you can view or purchase drawings of P'nti or of Sasquatch by Su Walker. The book Inviting ET can be found there. Men's and women's shirts with drawings are also available. All proceeds are used to support operational costs.
    Store - Official First Contact
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  • I duct-taped together a few 'still photos' & 'video clips' that I amassed during our recent trip to the Maryhill Stonehenge World-War-I Memorial and the Samuel Hill Mansion / Maryhill Museum (both sites located near the eastern-most opening to the Columbia River Gorge, in Washington State).... and "No" - we did not get lured into any errant roadside tourist traps along the way to purchase petrified watermelons, Jackalope postcards, Sasquatch/Dogman t-shirts, nor to view the six-legged / two-headed mutant billy goat exhibit.

    [Note]: Unfortunately the microphone that accompanies my old video camera has become increasingly fuzzy and non-discernible - and I eventually need to buy a newer model whenever I can afford one... In the meantime I added a couple of tunes that I had composed several years ago to accompany this sightseeing video./www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ybrCPf2YAo
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  • #SasquatchSightings | #TrueTales from the #AlabamaBigfootSociety | #StoriesoftheSupernatural https://youtu.be/siFXdlHiil8
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  • THE SASQUATCH MESSAGE TO HUMANITY: CONVERSATIONS WITH ELDER KAMOOH https://sasquatchpeople.com/2015/09/29/sasquatch-message-for-humanity/

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    By SunBôw TrueBrother

    The full paperback book of “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh” which includes a Foreward by Kewaunee Lapseritis, Prologue by Kelly Lapseritis, and Introduction, all chapters, and Author’s Note by SunBôw is available on Amazon.com AND in the Kindle eBookstore.

    You may also purchase it directly from the printer at: https://www.createspace.com/6497006

    KINDLE The_Sasquatch_Messag_Cover_for_Kindle


    By Kelly Lapseritis

    On the evening of September 28, 2015, there was a rare total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Blood Moon. This eclipse was the fourth and final eclipse in a series of lunar eclipses called the lunar tetrad. These rare eclipses are known for causing energetic shifts and unexplained anomalies. This Harvest Moon was unique and phenomenal for many more reasons.

    Our ancient ancestors, the Sasquatch People, along with the Cosmos rejoiced during this full moon eclipse not only because of this sacred event but also because of the reconnection made between souls and the collective mission to share our experiences of love, truth, and wisdom from our Elder Brothers of the forest. It is because that evening was the first time that I read a chapter from “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity.” It was Chapter 7 to be exact, and from that moment on, an obvious shift had begun. I immediately recognized this passage as truth and my own sasquatch guides were surrounding me and jumping for joy for this new reality and connection that I had made with the author, SunBôw, a spiritual brother whom I was destined to meet along my path.

    Our meeting on September 28, 2015 was an energetic catalyst to the channeling of the additional 43 chapters of the Sasquatch Message to Humanity; for the following day was the beginning of several long days for SunBôw of receiving and transcribing these channeled telepathic messages from Sasquatch Elder Kamooh. This re-connection created a flow that manifested into meeting and aligning with many more individuals from all over the world that know the Sasquatch People and their message of Love.

    The Sasquatch People and the Council of Star Elders say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising our vibration to higher levels of consciousness. It is time to know our truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to our humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking. Everyone likes the idea of saving the world, but if you try, the world will destroy you. However, if you change yourself, the world around you will change with you.

    It is okay to discard old belief systems that no longer serve you. Seek Truth by going to the Source within yourself. Dismiss fear and practice only Love. You are awakening to your highest potential and you are a unique and magnificent being!  Be One with all life and share your vision of Love and Truth. May all beings be happy and free!

    .....kamooh quote 9

    Chapter  1

    Although some call him Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Babaloo, Misabe, and a variety of other names, I call him Sasquatch, one of his most famous names, coming from the Coast Salish language of so-called BC. I say “him”, because although this species of two-leggeds also has genders and families, the ones who choose to show themselves and interact with us Humans are most often wise older males, protectors of their tribe.

    Two previous encounters and lots of research in different resources, including many accounts from Native traditions, had awakened my interest in this mysterious being. Two close encounters this Spring with direct communication, brought me many clear answers and teachings.

    In May 2015 on Vancouver Island, prime Sasquatch country by excellence, one week after finding tracks by Clayoquot, I did ceremonies and chants echoed in the mountains around Kennedy Lake. One night, a loud bang sounding like a big tree trunk being hit with strength on a hollow tree, caught my attention; then, another one closer. Then a big tree being shaken and broken, and another one closer made it clear as to who it was. When I heard his footsteps coming my way, I knew he was coming to meet me. He stopped and sat just a few yards behind my tent.

    I said to him in spirit: ”We are relatives. I come to meet you as a brother, to learn of who you are. Maybe you can help me understand why sad stories have happened between your people and mine. And maybe we can help in healing our collective past.”

    Sasquatch said: (The communication was telepathic, through exchange of thought-forms, translated and interpreted here in words and Human speech, for our Human people.)

    ”You heard our call and you came. I heard your call and I came. I am an elder seer of my people, sent to meet and teach you. I haven’t met any of your people who could talk with us in a few of your generations. My and your people used to be close brothers, living side by side, in the early ages of your Human species, when you could still sit in the Council of the Star Elders. We were your elder brothers protecting and teaching you. We helped your species to learn, grow and adapt to this home-planet where you were created, on which we had been living since long before your conception.

    Our people, like yours, were bioengineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many aeons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted species of that era, a giant lemur, now long extinct, just like they did to create your species much later with the DNA of another evolved large primate that you call Anthropopitecus. This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your species and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.

    My people were created as part of a cosmic plan to allow ancient souls of star beings to incarnate on this young planet and help it evolve into an intergalactic outpost of consciousness while discovering its many resources and life forms. We were conceived to possess mighty physical strength and resistance with thick skin and fur to adapt to every possible environment and climate, from snow-capped summits to dense jungles and be protected from mosquito and snake bites. My people also has strong limbs enabling us to break trees, run fast and jump high and far; keen eyesight and clairvoyance to see in the darkness even in the deepest caves of the underworld; huge lungs to swim underwater over long distances and be perfectly autonomous and self-sufficient without need for any external material support.

    We were also gifted with powerful psychic abilities that we have kept to this day including telepathy, mind reading, remote viewing, hypnosis, astral projection, dematerialization, teleportation, shape shifting and permeating consciousness. This last ability allows us to impregnate an area and surround entities with our soul. So we might be perceived as interdimensional beings, but in reality we are an incarnated species with highly developed psychic powers like none other from this home-planet.

    Your first ancestors too were created with those same psychic abilities, but your evolutionary course has largely depleted your gifts as well as your longevity. We have kept our connection with the greater Soul of our species, like most animals have, while our telepathic abilities allow the average individual among us to tap in and communicate from distances with any other one gifted with this faculty. So any one of us can know at any time how any other thinks and feels, through telepathy. When one connects with our greater Soul, the whole species can potentially know about it. But our individualities remain independent and free, so individual behaviors are not always representative of our greater Soul species.

    Likewise, we can read minds and intentions of others. That’s why those fools who chase us like beasts, with guns and infrared glasses, will never catch a glimpse of any of us. Our telepathic abilities allows us to foresee who is coming and feel their intentions. So we can hardly ever be surprised by one of yours, except maybe when we are deeply asleep or when one of your fast moving vehicles comes our way. Otherwise, we show ourselves to your people only to frighten away some unwelcome intruders, or in the rare cases when one of you is willing and able to communicate peacefully in spirit with us. Once one of you has established contact with our greater Soul, we can always communicate in spirit afterwards, regardless of distances, much like we do with our Star Elders.”

    Chapter  2

    ”As we are incarnated beings, there are plenty of physical proofs of our existence. But we conceal usually most traces and offer proper burial to our dead in undisclosed protected locations, inaccessible to your species. Some of your people go around hunting us either to find or to cover up physical proofs of our existence, and they have succeeded in doing both. Being highly telepathic beings, when some of you identify tracks left by one of us, that one of ours knows who it is and what their intention is.

    Likewise, when one of yours succeeds in taking pictures of one of ours and publishes them, we can hear the thoughts of those seeing it and feel the fears, hatred and ridicule we are subjected to in the uncivilization enslaving your people. This hurts our Soul. For this reason, we avoid cameras and having our DNA sampled. Material proofs of our existence can also threaten the safety of my people, if used to track us by the powers serving the lower lords, including some of your people, knowingly or not.

    Our Human allies are not concerned about proving our physical existence, since there will always be denial in the uncivilization of the lower lords, no matter how much evidence is provided, to maintain the official program of the global control agenda through the false doctrine of specieism and an ideology of domination. Our Human allies are concerned about our rehabilitation in your collective consciousness as your elder relatives and long-time allies, through the transmission of the ancient knowledge we have carried to this day that was largely forgotten by your people, so that we can once again as before work together in reestablishing the Divine Law and Cosmic Order on our home-planet.

    Some of us still live thousands of years and see your earthly kingdoms come and go, like leaves on trees throughout the seasons, what your first ancestors could achieve when you were sitting with the immortals in the Star Council. But your people were later subdued under the control of the rebellious lower lords, and modified to be more easily submitted. You were bioengineered to be depending and vulnerable, needing external material support for your basic survival, like clothing, shoes, fire, shelter, tools or weapons that my people doesn’t need to roam wild and free in every kind of environment. This vulnerability keeps you afraid of blending with the wilderness through spiritual connection and bound to the material support offered by your uncivilization, which keeps you servile and submitted.

    You were given a larger frontal cortex and a more rational mind with the gift of articulated speech and languages, as part of a plan to transform this planet into a consciousness outpost meant for surveillance and protection of this galactic sector since there were divisions in the heavens and wars among the stars. But you were conceived with a lower flatter skull and deprived from the higher parts of the brain, seat of the 8th chakra, and of much of the spiritual abilities that your original ancestors had received.

    My people are the living proof of the stories of your origins carried in your ancient sacred scrolls and in the ancestral oral traditions of your tribal peoples. Our knowledge is what your people have forgotten about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny. This is why the lower powers that have taken over this Earth are trying desperately to deny and cover up our existence, turning it into ridicule for the public to keep ignoring the message we carry, while secretly waging a covert genocide against my people.

    It all started in the times when the civilization you know as Atlantis emerged as a new seat of powers for the Star Council on Earth, and the continents were divided between factions. Old Lemuria, our Mother-land where my people and much later yours were first conceived and born, had developed into a planetary civilization with a network of colonies and outposts around the world, many of which have left remains that still can be seen today. After ages of Peace and Consciousness, the divisions in the heavens reached our planet, but the Star Council established here could keep it safe and united.

    Nevertheless, after some time, a faction of star people based in Atlantis fell into the temptation of power and greed, and went away from the greater Divine Law and Cosmic Order, that they were originally meant to maintain and protect on our young Earth. After winning battles over our Earth and succeeding in pushing back invading forces, they claimed ownership and dominion over our home-planet, which is not their home, and to which they were sent to keep watch and protect. Their claim was denied by the Council of Star Elders keeping the Cosmic Order, so the faction of lower principalities rebelled and banded with the invading forces they had been fighting against. They broke the covenant of the planetary watchers by manipulating genetics and breeding several experimental races of hybrids and slave species for their own interest and power. As opposed to the creation of my people and of yours that was approved by the higher Council of Star Elders within a cosmic plan for soul consciousness and planetary evolution, these genetic modifications were done for selfish purposes by the lower principalities against the higher Divine Law and Cosmic Order. Those artificially produced species, including giants, dragons and monsters, were used as slaves and soldiers in wars against the Star Council of Elders, still based in Mu. Your most ancient cultures have kept the memories of those wars involving star fleets in their sacred archives and ancestral legends that have survived to this day.

    My people and your people took part side by side in those star wars to maintain the Divine Law and reestablish the Cosmic Order of the Star Council on this Mother Earth, our home-planet. My people stood all the time with the Council of Star Elders based in Lemuria, our Mother-land. But your people got divided, many falling under the influence of the lower lords, based in Atlantis. Some of them were enslaved in their army and we had to fight them. As time passed, the conquering powers of the lower lords devised new ways to transform again the genetics of your people, turning them more into easily servile creatures with less spiritual consciousness and psychic abilities to take over the whole world.”

    Chapter  3

    ”As the strongest and most powerful psychic beings on this home-planet, the task of my people was to defend, as our younger brothers, those of your people who had stayed truthful to the Divine Law, even from the ones among yours who posed a threat. For that reason, the fallen powers started waging a war of extermination on my people that has not yet ended to this day except that it is being done in secret.

    Those events caused the separation of your people from my people. From there came the many accounts depicting us like dangerous cannibals, under which your people unfortunately too often know us. It is true that some of our species have attacked and killed, even eaten some of yours, and sometimes abducted individuals for attempts of contact, and even for interbreeding. But these individual actions cannot be taken out of the context of wars or resistance to the destruction of homelands, just like many of your tribal people have reacted to invasion when their very survival was threatened by enemies.

    But the truth is that many more of my species have been destroyed by Human actions than we have ever hurt your people. Our total population has been reduced to a few thousands last survivors scattered around this home-planet. To this day, most of us still die to Human hands rather than to natural causes. Since this world has become hostile to us, we have chosen to reproduce as little as possible, for safety.

    This modern Humanity, which you call Homo Sapiens, was encoded to be totally depending on external material support, with more rational minds and less spiritual empathy and sensibility, to serve the agenda of taking over all other life forms on this home-planet for the sole interest of the lower lords, who set themselves as powers against the Divine Law. Today, my people represent the last and only species that your species has not yet dominated, but this submission from us will never happen. This is the reason why the lower lords and the powers they control have been trying to eliminate my people.

    When the new Atlantean race conquered the world, they exterminated systematically not only all of my people that they could find, but also the largest part of your Lemurian ancestry, except for a few remote tribal populations. As this modified and reprogrammed Humanity invaded all parts of the world, the last survivors of my people, in order to assure our survival, had to keep moving further away from the threat into the most remote wilderness and places where your species can hardly reach, including the network of deep caves in the underworld, with some of your Lemurian ancestors. But even there, we have been hunted down by the powers of the lower lords; nowhere is left safe. Eventually, ages later, they succeeded in destroying the whole continent of Lemuria, mainly through geothermal explosions.

    So my people disappeared from your official stories, books and collective memory. Tribal cultures that have kept living with the wilderness and maintained their spiritual abilities could still see us. But after time, even your tribal peoples slowly lost their psychic powers and their ability to communicate with us, being entrapped with the whole planet in the power grid of the lower lords, except for a few seers, who also ended up being rare. So the communication between my people and yours got almost completely lost in the last few of your generations. We are now known mainly through legends, often depicting the worst parts of our history and behaviors. Most of your people stopped believing in our existence and we are usually met by fear from the ones who learn about us. Because of this separation, we have been forced to stay away from your people and must often play the card of frightening away unwelcomed intruders who are not ready to communicate with us, for our own safety and survival.

    The new uncivilization that ruled your world had been banned from the Star Council, which left from our home-planet until a later evolutionary leap. Those same powers serving the lower lords are still keeping this Earth enslaved today, through a combination of means including control of the information, mind programming, staged events and a series of advanced technologies. They want you to forget how they took over the control of your home-planet and destiny through illegitimate means, and have kept your people enslaved, making you more and more depending on new technologies.

    They want you to forget the Divine Law and Cosmic Order that we have protected with our Star ancestors, with whom we have kept in contact. As a proof of their dominion, the lower lords want you to keep destroying our home-planet, which is not their home, and that they have invaded for their own selfish interests and powers. Since they have laid the basis and frames of your known civilizations and have set the stage for most major events influencing your collective consciousness and destiny, to push forward their agenda of global control, all of your people have fallen under their material and psychic enslavement to some extent and level, none has been left untouched by their detrimental influence.

    My people are seeking those among yours who are willing and able to help us in making Peace again between elder and younger brothers, and in joining again together in our long time common mission to free our home-planet from the grip and grid of the lower lords. Our common goal, which is also our ultimate responsibility and duty, is to realign our planetary Soul and civilization with the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, in order to take again righteously our place within the circle of the Star Council.”

    Chapter  4

    ”You must first start by finding back your connection, through Nature, with the Soul of our Mother Earth, which connects us all as relatives. On this path of conscious evolution, you must recover your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities that were encoded in your DNA through your ancestral star seeds. As your genetic memory and your soul memory awaken, you will recognize us as elder relatives and allies, and cease to fear us, deny us the right to exist, chase us like beasts or consider us as more primitive than your species. You will remember how we nurtured and protected your early ancestors like our own younger brothers. You will realize how manipulated and controlled your people has been under the rule of the lower lords, and how what your uncivilization remembers of its history is but the last page rewritten and modified, to make you forget about your true origins, nature, purpose and destiny, as part of a program to keep your people domesticated like pets and enslaved like livestock, in an agenda for global control and tyranny.

    ”We know that some of your people have been freeing their souls from this ages-old bondage and are getting ready to stand on our side for the protection of the natural balance of environments from the destructive uncivilization of the lower lords, and for the reestablishment of the Divine Law and Cosmic Order of the Star Council on Earth. We wait for some of you to awaken to your spiritual abilities and reach out to connect with us, to help us deliver to your people the message and ancient knowledge we have care-kept through the ages, concerning your origins, purpose and destiny, before it gets completely obliterated from your collective consciousness. We wait for enough of your people to act in togetherness and succeed in freeing the world from its ages-old bondage and curse, to transform your collective karma and evolve into a planetary civilization based on Peace among species, in alignment with the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, to be rehabilitated in the Star Council with our eldest Elders.

    We wish for some like you to come forward and speak for us to your people, to reawaken their collective memory, because your people is gifted with articulated speech and languages, unlike ours, but most of them have forgotten how to communicate through telepathy. There is nothing to prove about us, but our ancient living knowledge, carrying the same message as the Star Elders, is crucial to your next evolutionary quantum leap into a planetary civilization of Peace within the Divine Law. When you reach that level of consciousness evolution, my people and yours will again be brothers and our Elders of the Star Council will return among us to reestablish the Divine Law of the Cosmic Order.

    But first, your people must remember that you are all brothers born from the same ancient star seeds, and that you were created as caretakers and protectors of all life forms on our home-planet Mother Earth. Only later were you reprogrammed and manipulated by the alien lower lords, into serving an agenda of materialistic domination and control over all life forms on our home-planet, with the disastrous consequences we have witnessed, caused by this disconnection from your spiritual Soul and purpose. When your people will come to treat each other as equals and all life as important and sacred, they will start to be ready to reconnect with other two-leggeds, like my people and the Star Elders.

    You must drop the veil of illusion that has been raised over your souls, keeping you enslaved in a system running on fear, ignorance, scarcity, materialism, competition and conflict, serving only the control agenda of the fallen powers. My people can still wait without losing our knowledge, as we have never fallen under the domination of the lower lords. But for your people, it is an emergency that a growing number of you reconnects with the ancient knowledge and spiritual gifts they have forgotten, in order to readjust your collective destiny with the Cosmic Order, while it is still in your power. Otherwise, the ruling uncivilization that imposed itself over our Earth might end up succeeding in turning your evolutionary process on our home-planet into a failure, by causing unrepairable damages and destruction, that could cause the abortion of this soul evolution experiment you have been part of.

    If your species fails in restoring the planetary Peace and Cosmic Order on our home-planet, it will mean that ours too has failed in watching over our younger brother and in guiding your people back into the Star Council, which my people has never left. We see that there is hope, as many of your people are now opening up their consciousness and reconnecting with their ancient knowledge of the Divine Law and Cosmic Order, originally brought on this home-planet by the Council of Star Elders.

    But you must be aware that there are also many lies and deceptions put out by the lower lords, who try to be seen as the Star Elders and usurp the title of Earth watchers (or Hakamim), while they have fallen from their duty (to become Nephilim), due to pride, arrogance, greed for power and selfishness. They use this tactic to be perceived as saviors and gods, and carry on their agenda for global control, through a centralized tyranny of their own, that they try to masquerade as the Council of Star Elders.

    They have encapsulated our home-planet inside a control grid, keeping away the influence of the Star Elders protecting us, through constant warfare, the very backbone of their uncivilization. They have invaded the underworld where they conduct in secret their most detrimental and disruptive experiments for the evolution and balance of our home-planet, including magnetic and genetic manipulations.

    The collective soul of your people has recognized increasingly the reality of their enslavement. But it must now act accordingly and change its ways and behaviors to free itself from this ages-old bondage. This is the last opportunity your people can grasp to end the slavery and reestablish the Cosmic Order, before the lower lords apply the next phase of their control agenda, which they are already mirroring to you, and modify once more your genetics by turning your species into biosynthetic cyborgs and artificial entities controlled by their technology. You might think that you still have years to go before being faced with this artificial remodeling, but one of your generations is only a short time for our people, as well as for the lower lords. The situation that your ancestors faced in the downfall of Atlantis is being replayed today, but on a much deeper scale, that may cause unrepairable damages to your genetics, evolution and destiny, if not stopped, and abort the soul evolution cosmic experiment you have been part of, with global destruction and mass extinction level event, as it happened in the days of Atlantis.”

    .....kamooh quote 7

    Chapter  5

    ”The ongoing destruction caused by the uncivilization of the lower lords, that your people has followed, has already reached a point of no return, that will undoubtedly lead the world towards unavoidable global cataclysms, cleansing and purge. The Soul of Mother Earth itself, although compassionate, is asking for the end of this enslavement and destruction, and may speed up the purification process that has been engaged through actions and behaviors of the uncivilization that has been controlling you. Higher cosmic forces and spiritual powers may also intervene and transform the course of events.

    But it is your responsibility and duty to make sure that the ancient spiritual knowledge of your soul evolutionary process remains alive and is passed on to the generations of the future ages, so that they can remember the long road their ancestors have traveled since the origins, up to where they will stand. We don’t know how far the agenda of the lower lords can be taken before reaching the breaking point that will upset the forces maintaining the balance on our home-planet, which could likely bring another mass extinction level event. What we know is that the time is very short, as compared to the long road we have evolved on. This generation of your people is the one that has to make the changes needed.

    If no substantial improvement is made now, within the next of your generations your people who remain aligned with the Divine Law might once again find themselves escaping and hiding out for being hunted down, unless they succeed before then in turning the tide and restoring a planetary civilization based on Peace and the Cosmic Order. That’s why you must start now to get attuned with the powers of Nature and the Soul of Mother Earth, and to tap into the spiritual abilities that were encoded in your DNA through your original star seeds. There is no hope for a better world if you keep supporting and serving the system of the lower lords that has colonized and enslaved your people, destroying our home-planet. You must deprive the lower lords of their power over you and withdraw your support in all forms to their enslaving system, recover the sovereignty of your Soul, and redesign your ways of self-governance through your spiritual circles, aligned with the Divine Law and Order.

    You must develop and adopt ways of ecological lifestyles and self-sustenance that are harmless for your environments and other life forms. Your planetary conscious civilization is growing like a garden, out of many different star seeds, that are united in purpose and will connect when ready into a greater unified force. We are here to assist you in this process of returning to the original balance of the Cosmic Law and reconnect with the Star Elders, to free our home-planet of its ages-old enslavement by the control grid of the lower lords and the powers serving them. But we cannot accomplish this shift of consciousness for you, since our people has never submitted to their fallen rule and domination.

    It is your collective mission and responsibility to find your own balance and heal your own karmas. As your elder brothers, we stand by and watch, waiting for the suited circumstances to manifest, and the right time, synchronicity and convergence to arise, so we can join actively your awakening species in the physical form as well as in the spiritual realm, to help you on your quest and healing journey.

    In the meanwhile, we will keep selecting some of you who can hear our call and come forward as ambassador to our people, to interpret our message for those of your people who are ready to hear it. You are one of those who have been found able to deliver our message. Now that your soul has reached ours, you will feel our presence with you in spirit and we will maintain telepathic communications.

    You may experience manifestations of us through dreams, apparitions of images, whirlwinds and whispers, or meet more of our species. But since you don’t need any more physical proofs of our existence and have connected with our Soul, we will be by your side and keep watch over you wherever you go. This is the original connection we had with your early ancestors, that we wish to reestablish with your people again, once they have recovered their spiritual abilities and knowledge, and recognized us as their elder relatives and allies, in maintaining the Divine Law on our home-planet.

    After delivering this message to me, Sasquatch left in the dark night, through the thick brush behind my tent, leaving a trail that I could see in the morning. All fear had left me. I rather felt a great joy and a profound serenity, and for my new ally, much respect, sympathy and a powerful spiritual connection. But at the same time, I was feeling a certain sadness about the way our Human people has lost its spiritual ways and has treated our elder relatives, and felt overwhelmed by the tasks awaiting us ahead.

    The next night, I was expecting another visit, but felt he had gone far away, because other campers had arrived. While calling on his spirit, testing to confirm the connection he had promised, a whirlwind came around me and stopped by my side, and a friendly whisper was heard near my ear. The following night and the day after, as I was getting ready to leave, we exchanged vocal calls across the forest. The last one sounded and felt like a female greeting me, with higher pitch and tone, and a different voice.

    When I returned to our Human world, I realized that I couldn’t share these stories with just anyone. Most Human people would take me for a liar or a nut case, had they heard any of this. Then, on my way to the gathering in Lillooet, I met many Natives. Sasquatch was mentioned by someone before I did. I soon found out that among the St’at’imc and other BC Native communities, Sasquatch stories are common and many have an uncle or a cousin who had encounters with him. At the Indigenous gathering, everyone I shared with about my Sasquatch encounters was open and interested. So this made me understand that in some spiritual circles, teachings of this nature can be shared. This inspired and motivated me in sharing with this community, these experiences and the knowledge they provided.

    Chapter  6

    After this, I went up north, above the 56th parallel, some 300 km from Yukon. The first day of mushroom picking in the deep bush, I came across a dozen of clear Sasquatch tracks, well printed into the charcoaled soil. They were about 16 inches long, bigger than the ones I had seen on Vancouver Island, with a definite human foot shape with five round toes. I shared my discovery to a couple friends who brought it up at camp. The general reaction was the usual laughter and bear explanation, although another picker admitted having seen tracks as well. I succeeded in explaining that Sasquatch is a very well-known being in the stories of many Native traditions, especially in BC. But I knew I couldn’t mention anything about my encounters there, without being met with ridicule and seen as a weirdo.

    The next day, as I had walked kilometers in the burnt forest, Sasquatch showed himself to me in the physical form. I first heard a sound, like a mixture of gentle groans and mumbling. The closest sound I can compare it to, although it might seem funny for some, is the voice of Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies; and you can bet they took their idea from somewhere. I lifted up my head and looked towards where the voice was coming from. And there he was standing, some 200 feet from me, beyond the pile of uprooted trees, with nothing standing between us, so that we could exchange a clear visual contact. He was over 8 feet tall, with light brown long fur, taller and slender than the black one I had seen on Vancouver Island in 2003. Although impressed, I was filled with joy, like if meeting an old friend.

    He said in telepathy: ”Here I am. I saw you found my tracks. So, you are the Human who knows us?!”

    Seeing I was without fear, he was puzzled and shyly crouched behind a big uprooted stump. I could see his face between the roots, observing me with curiosity; a sentient face coming from ancient ages, made of intelligence and sensibility, profound wisdom and deep instincts, strangely human and wild.

    Although he had a few centuries of age, he was not an ancient learned elder of his people, but he was a leader of his local clan. So I waved at him and started singing a gentle chant, knowing that they love soft music and chants from the heart. He had only been seen by a few Humans in all his life, but all of them were afraid of him. Now he was meeting one who was a friend, what he found interesting, but strange, compared to the usual hunters or loggers he had seen. He wondered why I was coming with this wave of people picking all the mushrooms and invading his woods in an unprecedented manner.

    I couldn’t pretend that I was gathering my meal nor wild-crafting, so I explained to him that we exchanged the mushrooms for money, so that later we could exchange the money in the Human world, for other goods we need for our survival. He had already picked up this strange concept from reading the minds of the pickers. But what he couldn’t figure out was why I was the only one of my people who could communicate face to face with him, but was doing the same thing as all the others. This had me ponder, then and afterwards. He finally told me that he was glad to talk with a Human, but there was too many of my people invading his woods who couldn’t relate with him, so he couldn’t stay around in a visible form. And before I knew it, he had disappeared from my sight, suddenly vanished.

    That night, he came to me in dream and I saw clearly his face smiling over me and thanking me for the chant. The next day, I went in another area and found again some tracks, but a couple inches shorter, from another member of his family. The following day, I returned to the sector where I had encountered him. After a whole day of picking a modest harvest, I was getting ready to return to camp, as the long northern daylight was already dimming out, when I heard the same recognizable voice trying to mumble a shaky melody. After two or three attempts, I understood that he was asking me to sing again.

    So I started with a soft chant, to which he replied with a few joyful whoots. After my chant, he tried again a melody, sounding like a clumsy mixture of groans and howls. I did again a mellow chant and he tried to join with his vocal sounds. This amused me, as it felt like a sacred spiritual connection, which at the same time was also somewhat funny. I chanted the first line and stopped, and he tried to repeat it. We repeated the same exercise a few times, until he finally succeeded in howling the right notes in the right order, which made us both very happy. He explained to me that his species communicates through telepathy and has no need for words and speech, so individual Sasquatch don’t have any specific names to designate their person. Being telepathic, they don’t need to introduce themselves to each other, nor can they lie about themselves. But they use different vocals to express their emotions or communicate their location, either to their own people or to other species who can’t communicate with telepathy.

    They can whisper, whistle, hum, mumble, moan, groan, growl, howl, whoot, roar, scream and mimic certain animals and birds. But they have not developed a musical culture nor a tradition of songs among their people. The sacred chants and spiritual music of the Humans is one of the things they appreciate, admire and miss the most from our people. Musical instruments are among the Human inventions that they value above modern technology. He had known of these things from the greater Soul of his species, but had not yet heard music himself or experienced prior conversation with any of our Human people.

    As other means of communication, they also have glands that exude a pungent stench unbearable to most species, acting as a repellent for intruders. But they use those only in cases of danger, when they feel a threat. So I never got to smell their repellent scent, made famous through countless accounts.

    They can and have operated high technological devices and space crafts requiring logical understanding when in situations where their help was needed. But their species has not developed any technologies nor external material tools; neither have they developed artistic creation, culture, nor the ability to play music and sing, having no need to create tools and produce art, as they can project their thoughts.

    Their primal wild lifestyles may seem raw and primitive for us Humans, but their extended knowledge of the Cosmic Order through their telepathic connection with the greater Soul of their species and their psychic abilities to project images and energies directly into the minds makes their intelligence greater than ours on some levels, while Humans are gifted with speech, creativity, art, inventions and cultures. So when their people and our people were still connected, it was a beneficial exchange for both sides. As younger brothers, us Humans can also contribute to the well-being of our elder brothers Sasquatch.

    We thanked each other for this conversation and, as he knew I was on my way out, he bid me farewell. He explained that he had remained invisible during this last meeting, as the woods around were getting invaded with some of my people who couldn’t relate to him. So he couldn’t remain around any longer as more pickers were moving into the area. But he said that we could always remain connected in spirit. Now that we were friends, he would recommend me through telepathy to the greater Soul of the species.

    This last encounter made me understand how each individual Sasquatch has a different personality, that connects in its own way and on different levels with the greater Soul of their species, like to a matrix binding them all. They don’t have all the same experience, feelings and wisdom, but they all can access their collective knowledge through the greater Soul of their species. It is comparable somehow to us Humans tapping into the internet, to share news or learn what happens elsewhere, except that when Sasquatch connects with their Mother Soul, they can’t lie or hide any intentions from their people.

    Their medicine is that of transparence and honesty. So this Sasquatch could see and know right away of my previous encounters, but he was more interested in communicating for the first time with a Human on a friendly level, than in teaching me about their history that had been previously transmitted to me. The information that he shared with me about their people was adding various new elements to what I had already been taught, concerning their personalities, emotions and perceptions of the Human species. It also instructed me on their love of spiritual music as one way to communicate, apart from telepathy.

    If you run into Sasquatch some day, do not deny, hide, or fear; open your consciousness to the message their Soul carries. And if you find nothing better to do, sing a loving spiritual chant from your heart. Our Family of conscious two-leggeds and intelligent earthlings is far much wider, wiser, stronger and more ancient than it is generally believed in our young re-modified cultures. We have some allies on this home-planet, as well as in the heavens, who are willing to help and waiting for us to reconnect with our spiritual knowledge, to bring the changes needed in our healing process and restore the Cosmic Order.

    May all beings in all the worlds be free and happy. May we be united. We are all relatives…

    Chapter  7

    ”Now that you have seen, heard and felt more evidences of our existence then you can report, you know who we are and how we are connected. On the same level, because you have interacted peacefully with some of ours, the greater Soul of our species now knows you and is connected to you.

    The message of my people is not one of the mind, but one of the Soul, inspired by the heart. We do not play on words nor elaborate sophisticated rhetorics to express ourselves, but project directly the images of our thoughts into the soul who are ready to communicate in this way.

    The greatest intelligence is the intelligence of the heart, seat of the Soul and strongest source of magnetism in our beings. It allows telepathic communications on the etheric level, as well as astral projection and real empathy. Through the heart we can feel what other beings feel and know natural compassion. Telepathic connection is not through the mind, but through the Soul. Touching the collective Soul with consciousness has more powerful effects, than reaching the collective mind with ideas. It leaves better results for the evolution.

    The Soul feels through the heart and can sense what other beings feel, animals, plants, stones or other forms of life. Every sentient being can communicate this way and understand one another in a telepathic way, without recourse to articulated speech, any wordings or formulas, except when the mind clouds the perceptions, limiting consciousness to a calculable, tangible, explainable equation.

    My people, like the animals, have kept this universal ability to communicate through the soul, that most of your people have lost, partially or completely. We have not developed complicated grammar or syntax rules, nor a large diversity of vocabulary or spoken languages, nor devised anything of technological complexity, like your people have in their ever-changing creative evolution. But we have kept our natural ability to hear the souls of all living beings and of our home-planet, Mother Earth.

    My people, like all sentient beings, can feel the same emotions that your people can feel, but over different reasons. Because we still hear the emotions of other living beings and of Mother Earth, we feel empathy.

    We can feel the joy of the butterfly in the flower, the pride of the salmon jumping the falls, the confidence of the pack of wolves, the exhaltation of the soaring eagle, the serenity of the oak.

    But we also feel the cry of the ones in pain, dying and suffering from diseases and poisons introduced by your people and imposed on all life forms on this home-planet we were given to share, decimating speciess and ecosystems at a dramatic extermination rate. We hear the pains and cries when the sounds of your polluting engines tear down the natural harmony of our wilderness, or when your machinery rips apart the sacred grounds, breaks the rock, cuts the wailing trees, pierces or drills the underground.

    We hear the pain of the water beings, who wash ashore by the millions, choke or mutate because of the activities of your Human people and the legacy of death that the uncivilization enslaving your people has left our home-planet with. We hear the pain of your own Human people who cry in vain for help, as they die in genocides, suffer or seek refuge from the evils done to them by their own Human brothers.

    Complex mind ideologies backed by sophisticated rhetorics can blind the soul and silence the heart, causing much harm to natural harmony and other beings. The Human People must reconnect through the intelligence of the heart with the wisdom of the Soul, and feel the empathy and compassion for all. They must listen to the voices of the other souls with their heart. If they do, they will like us hear the cries of pain and know it is so unbearable, that all violence and destruction must be stopped at once.

    If you think, this is idealistic and unrealistic, ask yourself how long your uncivilization can still sustain itself with your growing populations. And then remember how long my people have been here watching over our younger brother. We hope to still share this home-planet with you for many aeons to come.”

    Chapter  8

    ”At this time, my people is reaching out to reconnect to your Human people, to bring the message that only a civilization of the Soul is sustainable, and it will outlast many uncivilizations of the mind, that are unsustainable, limited to a materialistic explanation of the Universe surrounding them, rather than a holistic understanding of our interconnection, through communion with the Omniverse every living entity is part of. Only through empathy and compassion can an intelligent species continue to evolve. Domination only leads to chaos, sufferings and pains, and ultimately to death and self-destruction.
    This last season, we have witnessed vast areas of our last pristine homelands being burnt to ashes across the western mountains and the northern forests of this continent you call North America. This is not due to natural phenomena, but is part of a larger concerted efforts and secret project of the lower powers to exterminate what is left of my people, before any attempt to contact your species succeeds.
    You now discover that many of your Human people have been contacted by us to deliver our message, and you will hear more and more about us through those who have opened their soul to ours, because the urgency for our message to be heard and remembered by your Human people is critical. You now need to change your consciousness to higher levels of understanding, tune the mind with the heart and reconnect with your individual soul first, to be able to commune with the greater Soul of your species and other souls, not through thinking, but through feeling, in order to recover your Divine essence. Your ancient wisdom encoded in the star seeds of your DNA can re-emerge this way from the depth of your Soul, because your Soul can remember about your long evolution, what your mind doesn’t.
    That is why the lower lords have kept you in your minds, to disconnect you from your souls, with the results that your societies have gradually lost connection and empathy towards other forms of life and even from your own kin, which is the cause of most of all problems we now know on this home-planet. And it is the reason why they have waged a secret war on my people since the downfall of Atlantis.
    My people have always been part, closely or from afar, of the history of your people, since we have assisted and watched over your conception and growth with our Star Elders. Many of your ancient sacred scriptures and ancestral legends speak of us, as well as evidences of our presence in your most ancient sacred sites. But since the downfall of Atlantis, when the lower lords conducted detrimental experiments on the genetics of our home-planet, including on some of your and some of my people, your collective memory has lost contact with us, while the secret genocide continues in the shadows.
    The story of creation written in one of your most ancient book, known as the Popol Vuh of the Maya, tells how the ‘sky gods’ as they are called, created different races of people before yours, the last one being the ‘Monkey’ or ‘Ape’ People, as my species is known to them. But my people was created long before yours and evolved for many aeons with our Star Elders before assisting your birth, as our younger relatives. And yet, my people was not the first one to live here. Long before us, when this planet was young, the Star Elders created Fish-people, Lizard-people and Bird-People, that have been remembered by some of your most ancient cultures. We are all distant relatives in the great chain of life, but my people and your people are more closely related, sharing much of the same DNA code.”

    Chapter  9

    ”The miracle of incarnation for the soul is a Divine process allowing sentient conscious beings to enter the physical realm, to interact and evolve in this 3D dimension. Within the body, the soul remains an interdimensional entity able to communicate through telepathy on the 5th dimensional level, unless the individual consciousness gets disconnected from the Soul or deeper Self by the mind’s limitations, being trapped in the material realm and losing its interconnectedness with every other living souls.
    The soul is independent from the DNA, but largely influenced by it, because the physical shell in which a soul incarnates transfers to it the genetic memories of a species and lineage, just like the soul carries into the body the memories of its past evolution through aeons and eras. For this reason, the process of introducing genetics to other planets has been used largely over the aeons through this Universe, as a way to combine souls and bodies that can create bridges between home-planets and a better connection among species. But the differences in the ways to proceed must be made very clear.
    The incarnation of the soul is meant to happen as a natural process through which the soul reincarnates and evolves into higher levels of consciousness, if the physical incarnations provided are used wisely. The long term purpose of incarnations is the evolution of the individual soul and ultimately, of the Greater Soul and Universal Consciousness. So the way the incarnation process is conducted matters very importantly, as it defines the general evolution of a species and of its influence on its home-planet.
    As we are all connected, the evolution of a species influences all the others on any home-planet and in the Universe at large. This is why the Star Elders are as concerned as we are about this Earth. Your Human people having lost a large part of their soul connection and spiritual understanding are influencing in catastrophic ways every other life forms on this home-planet and intelligent species in this Universe. You have lost as well in general the spiritual knowledge needed surrounding the process of the soul incarnation, and reproduce most of the time without conscious participation into the soul’s incarnation.
    The spiritual way to take part consciously in the natural process of the soul incarnation was taught to your first ancestors by the Star Elders in the days of the Lemurian dawn and practiced for the first ages of your existence. It is attained through highly spiritual tantric practices, beyond what your actual cultures have kept, involving long meditations until reaching higher levels of perceptions and energies. In this conscious ritual, the conceptors are taught abou

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