• A Cryptid well alive: the Marsupial Lion or Bunyip

    A Cryptid well alive: the Marsupial Lion or Bunyip, by SunBôw

    Life on this amazing planet never runs short of unexpected surprises and new wonders to discover. When a legend becomes reality, reality enters the legend. When you wonder what next could happen, life finds ways to manifest the unsuspected new experience and teaching for your learning and growth. This vast land of Australia is intensely rich in unknown secrets and unsolved mysteries, it has many unexplored corners, untold stories and unseen beauties to offer, especially outside of the beaten paths. My last encounter in these forests is one of the most impressive and most astounding of my entire life.

    In my last post, I shared a few of the significant experiences and encounters I had since living in the deep bush of NSW, on the outskirts of the Great Dividing Range and the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage. Things have kept unfolding since. I have met many new animals and developed friendships with them. One night, I surprised grandfather Koala sitting in council around the medicine wheel with three wallabies. The next day I left him a branch of eucalyptus to honor his medicine and every night for the following days, he greeted me with grunts when coming by, while wallabies stood close by.

    After that week, they then stopped coming. A grandfather Possum started visiting the roof and hanging out with me. At the beginning, he tried to break in, scratching the canvas, but we made a deal and though he protested at first, he finally agreed not to try to force his way in if I let him use the roof when it rains, as they too get tired of being wet. He too stopped coming, when the sunny weather returned.

    Then I saw another less known, rarer type of wallaby, the Swamp Wallaby, rounder and darker than the more common Rock Wallaby. Since most mammals here are nocturnal, it is nearly impossible to take good photos of them. (Photo: google)


    Meanwhile, I have been taking images and soundtracks from the winged friends enlivening the rainforest with their swift dances, flashing colors and their diversity of exquisite songs. Wildlife photography is becoming my greatest passion, as it teaches animal communications. Although hiding and trying to sneak on them could bring results, it is much more interesting to learn how to develop friendly relations and mutual trust, although it takes a bigger dose of patience and practice. Among the regular neighbors are the Sea Eagle, Heron, Cormorant, Kingfisher and plenty of songbirds.

    The legendary Lyrebird that I described earlier makes sure to be heard loud and far, but it is hard to see and even more so to photograph. I was lucky enough to capture a few nice shots and decent short clips, as well as interesting recordings of their musical performances and imitation sessions. Listening back to them, I noticed that among its repertory of mixed songs, a few short human sentences can be heard. Documenting beauties of Nature, I’m starting to have enough footage to make a film as first planned.

    But the most awe-inspiring encounter I had here as far as fauna, certainly in Australia, and possibly in my entire life, which is the main topic of this post, happened a few nights ago. I will describe here the sequence of events with the best of my memory, just a quick minute of my life but surely life-changing. I was alone at camp for a few days, staying quiet with Nature. I was reading, late in the middle of the night, when I heard a series of very strange, unusual loud growling and gnarling just next to the trailer. It didn’t sound like anything I had ever heard, so curious, I took my torch and went out to check out what was there. When I opened the door, I saw about five meters from me something unknown to me, big and dark, that ran into the bush, but it was quick and before my eyes had adjusted to the darkness.

    I didn’t know what it was and kept hearing the eerie screams sounding as an almost scary warning. Unsure but curious, I walked closer and first saw a foot long gray Bandicoot run out of the bush and up the hill in panic, as if hunted. I though to myself that finally I was getting to see my first Bandicoot although they have dug a colony of tunnels close by since I moved here, but stay discreet. Yet, what I was still hearing was not one of them. That’s when I saw this beast of an animal, king of the forests, come running out of his hiding in the bush where he had just jumped out of view, rushing right at me.

    The creature’s body was shiny black, it measured roughly one meter long (3.5 feet), prolonged by a long thick tail at least 60 cm long (2 feet), and it stood at about 60 cm (2 feet) tall at the shoulders. When we see something we don’t know, cognitive dissonance kicks in and the mind spins full speed trying to figure out what we are witnessing and where can it fit in the compartments of our knowledge. Likewise, when trying to describe something unknown, we try to associate it with things that we know.

    So at first glance, it looked like a black panther by its way of moving and running in fast long jumps. When it got to about five meters from me, it stopped and stood on its stretched hind legs, using its strong tail to lift and hold its body up like a kangaroo, front paws raised threatening, standing nearly as tall as me. I noticed a whitish clear patch on the belly continued by a thin clear stripe going up its chest.

    It stood up no more than three or four seconds and got back on all four, laying low and crouching as if ready to attack, and it started to creep toward me in quick successive small leaps like a defiant panther or badger would do, growling all the way. At that point I was glad that there was a stack of branches laying between us two, a visual barrier between his forest territory and my camp, acting as a deterrent. But I was too mesmerized by the scene to cede to fear, so I just stood still, silent and peaceful as a tree.

    Meanwhile, I was taking note of all the details I could record and processing as fast as I can, trying to make sense of what I was seeing. This decision was worth the risk for what I was to witness and learn. One of the first clue I noticed was that it had a long muzzle and looked more like a marsupial, and then it opened its mouth very wide at a ninety degree angle or more, to display its teeth like Thylacines do.

    The best known Thylacine, often called the Tasmanian Tiger or Wolf, is considered officially extinct, although some sightings are still reported, but it is known from historic stuffed specimens and photos. Its closest relative is the Marsupial Lion, a Thylacine from the Australian mainland, that is officially considered as long extinct with the ice age megafauna, but some sightings have also been reported. Thylacines are in fact neither lion, tiger or wolf, but these are the best way they could be described by European science, by association with known animals. They are in fact large carnivorous marsupials.

    The animal was at no more than four meters from me when he started executing a powerful display of force, an impressive warrior dance like an aggressive territorial behavior, but a breathtaking show or prowess, swiftness, speed and strength. He began twisting and spinning at an incredible speed, while emitting the most anomalous screams, growls and gnarls, as if mimicking a fierce deadly fight or demonstrating his wondrous abilities as a fighter. His martial dance lasted for at least fifteen seconds. This display reminded strongly of the Tasmanian Devil, the other closest relative of the Marsupial Lion. This war dance could be compared to kata in martial arts, or Maori haka, those demonstrations of the warriors skills and strength, meant to impose respect in strangers and inspire fear to deter opponents.

    I was quite impressed and under the shock, and started getting a bit unsure about the intentions of my new visitor, and if I was going to stay any longer to watch the rest of the show, but I couldn’t move. Flamboyant valiance and unique athletic feats displayed before me kept me stunned like a frozen icicle. Certainly a very rare and exclusive demonstration of Nature’s powers that I didn’t want to miss for anything, whether or not it would be the last show I was to witness, but thankfully, I survived to tell it. Surely, I didn’t want to make any move that could be felt as challenging to this most exquisite creature who could easily outrun, overpower and probably outsmart any man in these dense forests of his abode.

    That’s when I heard from the bush behind the creature, the deep loud voice of a Yowie saying something that sounded like ”Lay Low!”. It was the Eldest Elder of these lands, who is known here by a few communicators as Armridge and who has guided me through my journeys in these southern lands. It was very reassuring to see that he was there supervising the situation and I understood that the Yowie had arranged this most unusual mystical encounter and sent the other animals to meet me earlier, so I can learn from their medicines, just like the Sasquatch had been doing in the last few years overseas. The closest feeling I can compare to this encounter is when a couple years ago, a grizzly came to my yard and laid down ten meters from me, but he was totally peaceful, as opposed to this impressive one.

    The animal suddenly stopped its beastly screams and contortions and walked back a few steps, before taking a few panther-style jumps toward the rocky slope ten meters away. He sat and looked at me again, opening his mouth to an incredible width and growling a few more times, his eyes shining green in the light of the torch. While he sat still in the light for a few seconds, I could notice that on his silky shiny black coat, some dull black stripes are visible on its lower back and tail like on the Thylacine, but much darker, as we can see for instance the faint jaguar spots hidden in the black panther’s shiny coat.

    The whole sightings lasted roughly around one minute, but before the king of these forests disappeared from my sight I already felt that I was meeting the Australian Thylacine or so-called Marsupial Lion. The majestic predator then proceeded to climb up the steep rocky slope, turning his head left and right to look back at me with an occasional grunt, as he vanished into the deep forest and the dark night.

    While the experience was fresh in my memory I drew quick sketches of what I had seen as I remember. I had heard of the Marsupial Lion and seen some artistic representations, but a first hand sighting remains the best source. As I was still processing the experience that same night, I heard its gnarl again nearby. Then I heard it splash in the creek for a moment and dive underwater, to swim away silently.

    DSC04165marsupial lion art-

    This was the missing piece I needed to connect the dots with what I had already been suspecting for a while through what I learned. The Australian Thylacine correspond in every point to the description of one of the most enigmatic legendary creature of the Original Peoples of Australia known as the Bunyip.

    The Bunyip is described by many tribes along the rainforest belt of the Great Dividing Range. Accounts vary but it is generally described as furry and black, having the tail of a kangaroo, the head of a possum and the body of a quoll, it can swim under water, run on four legs, stand on two and climb up hills and trees. It is considered as a dangerous, terrifying beast and to avoid encountering it, the Originals avoid walking in the bush at night, especially near the streams where it is known to live, and they never cook meat in the bush at night for fear of attracting the Bunyip or other similar creatures.

    Although this might not make consensus, from what I observed, the Marsupial Lion fits perfectly the description of the Bunyip and I can understand why you wouldn’t want to attract it or make it angry. Even meeting it at night in the dark forest could prove to be extremely risky, dangerous, if not deadly. From what I witnessed, the Marsupial Lion or Bunyip would no doubt be the most frightening mammal in these lands, which would well earn it its reputation of terrifying beast it was known for from legends. From its size I doubt it would see humans as preys, but you sure wouldn’t want it to see you as a rival.

    Australia’s unique fauna is characterized by a lack or rather a very small number of mammal predators. Of course, this excludes the Dingo, considered by most as having been introduced some millennia ago. This lack of predators explains partly how introduced species have multiplied so easily to the point of dominating the food chain, like wild dogs, feral cats, foxes, wild pigs, or even rats, rabbits and camels.

    There are deadly predators in the water like sharks and crocodiles, large goannas, lizards and snakes as carnivorous reptiles, and a number of prey birds, but the majority of native mammals in this continent are marsupials feeding mostly on plants or insects. The few exceptions include the cat-size quoll and the Tasmanian Devil, considered the largest carnivorous marsupial; that is if the Tasmanian and mainland Thylacines are extinct, which obviously I know now, it is not the case, as they are well alive.

    After this encounter, I’m also convinced that the Marsupial Lion accounts for a large proportion of the numerous sightings of black panthers or big black cats along the Australian Great Dividing Range. Although there are historic records of black panthers and cougars released from circus or by the army, the descriptions of an unknown large big black cat with long tail and low on legs have kept being heard of since decades. I’ve met at least five persons so far who have seen them in different parts of Australia. The feline movement of its jumps could easily have the Marsupial Lion mistaken for a black panther. Some Original Elders say that those animals have been here since precolonial days, but as no feline was on this continent to compare them to, they were rather likened to kangaroo, possum, quoll or platypus.

    During the colonial days, the Bunyip was likely the most famous Indigenous legendary creature, seen as a mythological monster. In 1852, advocates of democracy denounced the ”bunyip aristocracy” controlling the country. An article from 1868 mention a bunyip sighting near Yass, by a man who followed the animal on his horse in a river until the horse ”showed signs of distress” and turned around. ”Many people have discounted the possibility of the existence of the bunyip… it could have been a large otter” concludes the article. But the witness adds: ”It is all nonsense about it being a savage sort of brute as it never left a mark on my horse”. The Bunyip was hence quite well known for a legendary being.

    The word Yowie as a comparison was to appear decades later in Australian literature, an adaptation of Indigenous names such as Yowri or Yurri, and it did not become popularized until the 1970’s. But there is a huge difference between the Yowie and the Bunyip. The first are interdimensional people, I do not call them cryptids, the second is an animal of flesh and blood, a cryptid species that has eluded science. The experience taught me that the keepers of the forests play their role as overseers of all the animals.

    Although the Marsupial Lion is known by fossils, science’s stubbornness refuses to acknowledge the existence of something it has not bagged and dissected in modern laboratories, explaining its ignorance. There are still unlisted species to discover and some thought extinct were found in these very forests. There are many reasons why the Marsupial Lion or Bunyip has remained hidden and untamed, in spite of several sightings over vast regions since ancient days. First, like the Tasmanian Thylacine, its habitat is in the steep, inaccessible mountain ranges, covered with impracticable thick and lush rainforests. This environment, still mostly untouched, provides the best refuge for the large marsupial predator.

    Secondly, with its fierce strength, speed and swiftness, and its ability to swim, run and climb quickly and disappear into the thick bush, the Bunyip would represent an extremely difficult and risky prey to chase for even the best skilled trackers and bravest hunters, explaining why it is feared and left alone. Being also a nocturnal creature with a dark black coat makes it hard to see in the shadows of the forest. On the other hand, the Bunyip represents an extremely efficient hunter, the ultimate top apex predator.

    The Bunyip has been the master of these forests since before humans existed; we are just visitors here. Due to its exceptional gifts and abilities, the Marsupial Lion or Bunyip has survived since prehistory, unchanged, unaffected by human presence and mostly unsuspected, except by a few who honor the deepest forest and its secrets. Again, Indigenous wisdom proves to be right and the legend to be true. That such an animal has kept eluding human observation or any attempts to capture it, to either prove or disprove its existence, is a sign of the powers of Nature and of the limitations of human knowledge.

    Meeting him taught me a deep respect for this powerful untamed Nature I was starting to get familiar with, still believing that no significant danger was awaiting in this bush apart from the unlucky snake. But us humans are not kings of the mountains, only a link in the chain and the most disconnected one. Since that night, I have been more careful when going out at night, without fear, but with awareness that Mother Nature is way more mysterious than ever imagined, far beyond our limited comprehension. I can feel the presence of the Bunyip somewhere in these mountains and now that he knows me, we have a new telepathic connection, but he knows where to find me and I’ll never know where he hides.

    As incredible as it might sound for some, these experiences really happen to me and sometimes, I wonder who would care or be interested to hear these stories, but I feel these experiences are special blessings and hear the call to document and share the facts, in case they might be useful for someone. Whether or not the account is heard, taken as plain fact or pure fiction, doesn’t really matter in the end. Some legends are worth documenting and some stories are good to tell; anyone can find truth in them.

    Some might wonder how come these experiences happen often to a few, but never do for most; if anyone wants to hear my advice I would say: start by doing your spiritual work, send prayers, do your ceremonies, build an altar or a stone circle, give some offerings, consecrate space and time for spiritual activities, meditate, contemplate, be grateful for all the blessings, honor Creator, Creation and all life. Pay attention to signs and to all living beings around you, listen to their souls, learn from their message. Never think that being a human makes you superior; consciousness is one, it manifests in many forms. Inter-species communication is sacred wisdom available to all who care to try becoming better souls. These age-old shamanic practices do work and their quantum effects can reach beyond our knowledge. Of course if you choose to believe that human politics, drama conflicts and karma deserve more of your attention, you are always free to give them priority and follow that timeline, instead of spiritual growth.

    Meanwhile, Nature keeps her secrets, and beings believed mythical like the Bunyip roam free and wild. The occasional reports of a rare sighting, or of a black panther of some kind, only add to the legend for lack of the generally required documented proof. It can be frustrating for the interested public to see no tangible proof, but even more for the first hand observer whom the vast public will usually not believe. There is no use in trying to make up the usual excuses, that a camera is not always handy, often useless at night, and that events happen too fast; nor would it be very useful to show photos of droppings with small bones and hairs inside, or unclear paw prints in the mulch and grass, so we are left with the story.


    conference ceremony

    Sasquatch Multidimensional Shamanism – Introduction

    Dear Little Brother, with immense joy, we join again in consciousness, to share our souls with yours. As the journey has been unfolding, bringing forth many beneficial fruits, we shall carry on with you. When we first asked you to transcribe in words our message, less than three years ago, you had no idea how fast and far the ripples would reach, so you have been astonished with the progress of the process.

    The first two books we asked you to write gave birth to the series entitled ‘The Sasquatch Message to Humanity’, which keeps reaching a growing international audience, responding with the best feedback. For the third book, we asked you to open the portal for other Human ambassadors to us Sasquatch, with whom we communicate and through whom we transmit spiritual teachings for your Human evolution.

    That opened portal has created a powerful channel, confirming the gifts and vocation of the co-authors. Now this series has a life of its own, with already enough material written by the dozen of collaborators for a fourth book, to follow Book 3 on its way, with added inspiration to come through more channels. We thank Kelly for her dedicated editing work manifesting these teachings in books, and our long time friend and ally Kewaunee, a pioneer ambassador to us, for publishing these inspired messages fetched from the ancient knowledge of our Sasquatch People, your closest relative and caring Elder Brother.

    The Sasquatch Message to Humanity book series has become an ongoing long term collective project. This is how we had planned, as we have called you for opening portals, for the great cosmic disclosure. This was the next step after gathering those among your people who know us and communicate with us. And we have accomplished all this process under Divine guidance, as part of a greater cosmic plan.

    Need we to remind of the four promises we made you in the spring 2015, that have all been fulfilled? That our message would find resonance far and wide with many, that we would be with you and teach you on your journeys, that you would meet a growing number of your people who know us Sasquatch, and that we would gather you from around the world in active growing communities for the disclosure.

    Now, the third annual international Psychic Sasquatch Spiritual Retreat is approaching, and many other circles are opening to our teachings, inviting our ambassadors to speak, in events as well as online. Those portals are opened, they have keepers watching over them, who keep them as inviting channels. We will continue to work with them, disclosing truth through the combined actions of our ambassadors.

    As you still continue on this journey, we ask you to keep opening portals, bridging planes in resonance. This is why we asked you this year to widen your vision and start a new global network focused on disclosure, promoting the development of peaceful interspecies communication and spiritual relations. The Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication (SCENIC) is more than just another web platform; it is a living vision, a growing movement, building universal bridges connecting species.

    When we gave you this vision this winter, standing with you in the cedars, we also showed you our joy. You had asked us for guidance to know how to carry on your mission to the next level, so we answered. You have become accustomed to our frequent manifestations in ways you cannot always report at large. The widening of the community of Sasquatch friends, contactees and communicators gives a greater significance to your own experience, which does not need to be explained anymore to have credibility. The accounts of a fast growing number of experiencers confirm that we have been reaching out to you.

    The multiple interdimensional manifestations we have been teaching you with, that some would call paranormal phenomena, for lack of a better understanding of them, need not to be described in details. Only the teachings and understanding that can be useful and beneficial for seekers should be shared.

    This is why we are asking you now to write this new book, addressed to the spiritualists and shamans. We will make use of the word ‘shaman’, from the ancient Tungus language, meaning ‘Spirit person’ or ‘Light person’, referring to spiritually gifted people who could bridge the Spirit world with the Humans. In the most ancient Siberian tribes, only women were called shaman, but later gifted men were also. The word is related to the Sanskrit form ‘shramana’, meaning an ascetic mystic, also spiritually gifted.

    Although the word ‘shaman’ has been turned into a generic term through anthropology, to designate all spiritually gifted people in tribal cultures, each culture has its own names, roles and functions for them. Some are seers who can see distant places, visionaries who can see past or future events, clairvoyants who see into other dimensions, interpreters of dreams, story tellers, keepers of archives and knowledge, wisdom keepers, guardians of ancestral heritage and prophecies, healers of all types of arts, using stone people, plant medicines, animal spirits, ancestors power or chants in their healing ceremonies, repellers of spells, cleansers of sites and of people from unwelcomed entities, teachers of unity consciousness, interdimensional travelers, or interspecies communicators, learning with the Sasquatch and Star Elders.

    Regardless of their gifts or the cultures they originate from or have learned with, we call them shamans. In the Indigenous traditions of this continent some call North America, that we will name Turtle Island, as well as in the tribal stories of Siberia and other ancient shamanic cultures of the world, it has always been the shamans or medicine people, the spiritually gifted ones, who were appointed to communicate with our Sasquatch People and with our Star Elders. The rest of the tribes were generally avoiding us. This is because our interdimensional abilities are impressive for the common people unprepared for it. Likewise, it is our shamans and medicine Elders among us Sasquatch who reach out and teach Humans.

    The shamans would often stay on the outskirts of communities or outside the villages, where Sasquatch ambassadors could go visit and teach them. Some tribal cultures have honored us in their ceremonies, for this we are grateful and have kept showing our presences and signs of our friendship to them, mostly through their shamans. Apart from the first hand accounts of contactees, shamanic cultures are the best sources of knowledge about non-Human intelligence, because they have kept their ancestral connection with Nature spirits, with us Sasquatch and with our Star Elders, not only through many generations of interaction, but also through their advanced understanding of the Spirit world and of the muldimensional Omniverse we live in, being an integral part of its intricate fabrics, beyond physical.

    For those who choose to stay anchored into the outdated materialistic paradigm, proven incomplete, incorrect and backward, through quantum physics and through a well demonstrated array from multiple studies of paranormal and psychic factors, this book is certainly of no interest for deniers of spirituality. It is meant for the spiritualists, the shamans, the healers who, on their sacred journey, wish to learn and work with us, your interdimensional Sasquatch and Star Elders, assisting your consciousness evolution.

    The last generation of those great Indigenous wisdom keepers, who had preserved the knowledge from precolonial days, is rapidly passing to the Spirit world, taking with them treasures of ancient secrets. This higher level of advanced shamanism with mastering of miraculous deeds has practically vanished. This is why, at this crucial time of your collective destiny, we come forward to your help and reach out.

    We wish to teach you about the most important subjects leading towards the next quantum leap of your collective consciousness, being the understanding of interdimensionality and non-Human intelligence. What you are is infinite consciousness incarnated into this garment of flesh you wear and carry around. It is a wonderful biological vehicle that allows you to interact into the 4D linear space-time continuum, the physical realm, the plane of evolution through experience and transformation, on a home-planet. Yet, the restrictions, survival needs and limitations of this physical dimension often cloak our true Self.

    The way of the spiritualist is to always remember we are the consciousness or spirit, behind the mask; that the illusion of appearances is a mere matter of physical laws, that can be bent, twisted or bypassed; that this world surrounding us is a hollographic projection emanating from Universal Consciousness, an interactive theater in which we have a role to play, and the power to write the script of our timeline. For the spiritualist, it is all Spirit, like the quantum physicist discovering everything is consciousness.

    We shall share practices that can help in the development of your psychic abilities and healing powers. We wish to teach you how to dive from the light into the dark, and travel from the dark into the light, without any harm or fear; to face the darkness and dispell the harmful influences harassing this Earth; to acknowledge and embrace your own shadow, your ego twin, and make it an ally of your higher Self; to heal the lingering traumas, alleviate the souls from their pains, release the captives from karmic jails, cleanse ancient sites from ancestral erring ghosts, reactivate healing energy vortices in places of power.

    We shall deliver to you ancient secrets and univeral laws about free energy, consciousness technology, and interdimensional devices that can help to realign your collective consciousness with the Cosmos. We shall reveal useful insights on how to empower the Earth’s natural energy grid with star alignments. We shall provide tools, exercises and ceremonies for the planetary healers and intergalactic contactors.

    The greater purpose of this message is to empower the Human spiritual seekers, knowers and leaders into connecting in a global peaceful consciousness, setting the basis of a planetary spiritual civilization that will focus on healing and balance and reach the level of readiness for interdimensional star contact. We wish to help Humanity, by showing you the way to higher collective consciousness and civilization, but we are well aware that the ultimate choice remains yours, concerning your own path and destiny.

    Since no single book can contain all the knowledge and wisdom necessary for Humanity, we will keep channeling our messages through a growing number of channels as part of the great cosmic disclosure. As for you, we ask you to do your part: transcribe what knowledge we impart to you in this new book. You know by now, we are grateful for your work, as you are for our continued teachings and guidance. So let us proceed with the transcription of this new series of messages for the spiritualists and shamans.

    0 0 0 0
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    Regarding attachments, Paranormal cases, by SunBôw

    Note: The following is a reply to a friend consulting about entity attachments.

    Greetings, Nice to hear from you. Glad to read you have been growing and progressing on your spiritual journey. As you say, the greatest advice comes from direct guidance received within one’s soul, where ultimately our quest for the master leads. But at times some keys and advice can come from an outer source in the community, which if authentic, will resonate and confirm the inner master’s guidance. I’ll try to answer some questions that may arise from your account the best I can, from my understanding of the experiences you describe.
    Dreams are very real and a gateway to the spirit world. When we learn to pay attention and work within our dreams, as you say you do, we can receive great guidance, support and also accomplish great spiritual work. For some like me, dreamtime is often a time to learn, process, understand or complete healing tasks. As an example, I just woke up here around midnight with vivid dreams of the past Elders of the Aboriginal tribes that I’m working with now, towards protecting from urban destruction ancestral sacred grounds that host ceremonial sites, burials and massacre sites, never reported until now.
    As I woke up, I heard possums around my tent and we had a long telepathic conversation. They were thanking me for saving two of their babies from the dog in the last days, a brushtail and a ringtail (two different species). This anecdote serves as an example and update of my current situation and involvement. While being locked down with no international flights leaving Australia, I’m working with Yowie Sovereign Original and her family and tribes.
    The first experience you describe is quite common. When you get stronger in your aura and develop spiritual perceptions, you will inevitably attract and perceive entities in need of healing or other forms of energy. Some might just pass by, or hang around and at that level, if you are aware of their presence, it’s usually fairly easy to help them move on. In other cases, they might get attached, either to places, objects or people. This involves a karmic bond or link that needs addressing and resolve. The best way to solve karmic entanglement is to face it, address the situation and understand its causes.
    Shamanic+Art+-Guardians+of+Sacred+Law David+Craig+
    In the cases of attachments to places, for healing ancient sites and past karmas, like what I’m asked to do now as often, one has to communicate as deeply as possible with the entities involved. Some can be hurt, scary or angry, and it takes a good amount of courage, strength, compassion, will and understanding to deal with these situations, that come from experience and teachings. To do this kind of work, one must accept to accept the existence and sometimes presences of many entities that, like people, are not all pure, peaceful or positive. But any amount of work done towards healing souls will create connections that can grow into friendship, and the spirits involved, whether ancestors, animals or other beings, can become precious allies.
    There is a wide diversity of situations and causes, so I’ll try to stay focus on the experience you describe. Entities can attach to people. Many people carry attachment unknowingly, which affect their aura, moods and behaviors. No one is immune from attachment, as our weaker behaviors might attract and entertain them, and in the cases of negative behaviors, some might feed off of them.But there are some types of attachments that can be sent through spells and psychic attacks. Those entities are usually more insisting and can be very invasive, trying to provoke or scare, going as far as trying to use or even possess the body. In some cases, a simple protection ceremony or prayer can solve it and keep them away. In other cases, they keep coming back, especially if they are sent under spell, or if there is a particular karmic bond to heal.
    Just last year, I was dealing with a similar situation with an entity sent through psychic attacks. Although I had uneasy feelings since it first manifested, it disguised as a young Sasquatch from the local clan I had been having communications with and played a friendly character while acting invasive, which fooled me for a while. Yet, I had to always keep in check and correct the course, until I realized and understood what it was and where it came from. To know the source of a psychic attack helps greatly to understand its context, face and process it, and mirror the energy back to where it came from, which normally ends the spell and removes the attachment, as I’ve learned from spiritual Elders who are regularly facing psychic attacks, since the more you shine, the more the darkness will notice and often try to darken your light or turn you off. The entities, to heal, must first be willing, which is not always the case, and second relieved from their spells.
    To do this kind of spiritual karmic healing, the help and protection of spirit allies and Elder guides, if not a prerequisite, is certainly highly beneficial and helpful. On the quantum level, the wider our consciousness reaches and the more spiritual connections it makes or is aware of , the greater is the reservoir and source of power we can get our help from. Of course, the Great Spirit of Oneness of All is the ultimate Source of all Love, Power and Wisdom, and without this All-Mighty Providence, I wouldn’t want to be working with spirits and entities. All our relations, our connections in the spirit world, are always present everywhere, beyond linear time and space limitations, every time we awaken them in our consciousness through prayer or telepathy.
    It could be risky and unsafe to interact with troubled entities without a strong spiritual background and backing and support from a team of spiritual guides and allies. This is why there is a lot of people who, after having experiences with troubled non-physical entities, turn off their spiritual perceptions and try to stay away from any paranormal phenomena, as in the second case you described. This protection reflex due to lack of spiritual guidance and knowledge, typical of our modern materialistic society, has caused many mediums and psychics to shut down their gifts, for fear or misunderstanding of the spirit world. It is safer to do so for a while, but it doesn’t erase the spirit world or prevent it from manifesting. Ultimately, additional learning and seeking understanding is the way forward to evolve as spiritual souls and multidimensional beings, and to interact with all levels of existence of the Multiverse.
    It is thus highly recommended on the spiritual healing path as in many forms of shamanism to develop connections with spiritual helpers, whether they be animals, ancestors, spiritual masters, Star Elders or Sasquatch Elders, according to the connections our specific and unique experience has brought us, before engaging in interaction with unknown entities, as it may require an amount of compassion, wisdom and power beyond our actual human limitations.
    Everyone is given the opportunity to learn and evolve in their own special way according to their own unique experience, with free will and choices that affect our destiny and the speed of our advance and evolution. No one can walk the path for us, so it cannot be forced on anyone to move forward nor should it be. The best way to help others evolve is to give an example and support their evolution, whether with teachings or prayers and chanting as you describe doing for your friends. As for the entity you described that interferes in your telepathic communication with your friend, it could be related to an attachment she contracted from previous events, or a longer term karmic bond with someone from her past that has not yet been solved.
    The stone she found seems quite special and is certainly an artifact. From what I see in the photo attached, it looks like a metallic rectangular plate with an eye-shaped hole in the center and it feels like it was used for ritual and divination purposes. The character you saw that interfere in your contact could likely be connected to it. It’s difficult to be more precise, as I don’t have the details of where it came from and how she found it, or how the stone feels like. But since you attached it with the story and said it’s a healing stone, it is probably related to the situation and I would advise caution in handling it or using it. It would be worth to cleanse it with smudge, salt water and sunlight, as it sounds like it has a lot to say that could bring clues to the situation.
    It is hard to know for sure with the amount of information I have, but it seems like you are being guided fast and strongly into becoming the healer you have been seeking, by your understanding of the situations and your will and efforts to bring healing. I’m confident that you will be provided the guidance and spiritual support you need to accomplish your healing work, including from the local Sasquatch clan you have been communicating with in the last two years. It is often a desirable and beneficial outcome from communicating with them, to start doing some spiritual healing work on deeper levels.
    I hope that this is helpful, answers your questions and will find you well. I’ll share my reply on my website, but in respect of privacy, not your name or message. Greet springtime in the Kootenays for me, as I’m getting used to cold autumn nights in southeastern Queensland.
    Best blessings on your walk and quest…
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  • To be or not to be, message channeled by Shekinah

    By Shekinah

    To Be Or Not To Be



    As I write this my eyes fill with the salty waters of life; My heart my body my being reverberates in utter humility, honor, reverence, and love as I reflect on the power of the message I was given today.

    As I was out on my morning gratitude walk, I began calling the directions of the Medicine Wheel as I do every morning in the forest, my church, really feeling an extra charge in the atmosphere causing my senses to stretch and my heart to open.

    I felt the Sasquatch come and heard them as they always do some tree knocks letting me know they are there, as if the hairs on my body aren’t already standing up.

     They are so mindful, heartful, respectful. I know they watch me every day as I call the circle of life together and as I invoke the Sasquatch of the North, the Fay and Angels Winged Ones of the East, the Dragon Nation of the South, and the Mer Folk or Mermaids of the West and all my beloved kin of Star Nation Families who guide guard and walk with me, walk with us!

     Keera Anna, my personal Sister of the Sasquatch Nation who lives now on my land and I began communing and I let her know how much my heart has been hurting with all the loss of life going on in Australia, telling her and her crew who had shown up along with her … which was funny because I was like where have you been? I haven’t communed with my beloved friends for awhile, which ironically enough Keera Anna told me that she and the Guides and Guardians have been very very busy. She calls them the GGs.

    I quote “The GGs have been very preoccupied as there are major advancements happening! We are moving timelines and dimensions much more quickly as there has been many decisions made recently amongst the Star Nations and the Galactic Council which will trickle down to your 3D.” More upon this later.

     I was crying trying to articulate my feelings which I knew she was already very aware of everything I was going through as we are bonded and one with one another so we can dream speak … share without needing words.

    She understood about how I am so worried the Humans would initiate WW3, and how I just energetically had noticed there was a lot of darkness and despair in the collective consciousness just after the New Year and how it has really felt like an ongoing slap in the face having to wake up and exist in this Babylonian System where people are convoluted, lost, still fighting, still behaving like savages.

    I expressed how I just wanted it all to be over to be done so that all my beloved relations; the trees, the snowflakes, the animals, the organic living breathing Mother Earth herself and all our Cosmic Family could be set free and released from the parasitic forces of the Black Goo Forces.

    That is when Keera Anna began getting excited and just absolutely changed everything I was feeling as she called out “Stop Shekinah stop right now do not speak any further!”

    Surprised by her words as she has never spoke to me that way, I let her explain and explain she did.

    “The GGs have spoken; the time has come to be or not to be.”

    Keera Anna had told me as had Sunbow my brother teacher and beloved friend, that Sasquatch Medicine is Honesty. They do not lie. They can not lie it is not their way. So, when they speak, listen, it is the truth coming to you.

    “The GGs have spoken, they say that everything below 5D is all infiltrated with Viruses; Mind Viruses, Emotional Viruses, Spiritual, Psychic, Biological, and even worse the Assimilation Created within the Matrix of 4D and below is all hacked and programmed with all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable viruses. Viruses are lies. They are not true. They do not work on Sasquatch the way they do on Humans for Sasquatch can not be as easily manipulated as our way is built upon honesty so we can not be lied to nor can we lie. It is time to be of truth or not to be, for that is the question. To be of truth sets all the lies to be antidoted cured and reprogrammed to the original blueprints and the hack is jacked.”

    She was so animated she was speaking a mile a minute and fully like a child on their Birthday Party, anticipating a super celebration with cake and presents too.

    “The GGs have said that the time of lies are over. That due to the Free Will Experiment for humans being hacked and virused out of control, that Free Will does not any longer exist and that especially once we become forced vaccinated forced chem trailed forced contaminated beyond repair and are about to be forced to be microchipped and inserted into the false world matrix I Cloud where we will loose our humanity by becoming assimilated and forced into an artificial singularity which is all Draconian, Reptilian, and Grey in conception that this violates all laws; cosmic, celestial, spiritual, sacred, Earthly, and even man’s law. The Dracos Reptilians and Greys amongst others who have allied (and not all of them within those breeds have fallen to this evil scheme, many have opted out within those breeds and have become redeemed by reconciliation) that they are in major violation and are being taken down.

    When the Black Goo Forces found out how to manipulate and hack the Free Will Experiment for Humans and began mind controlling humans and then forcing slavery and every other evil upon them by super imposing and graphing into human consciousness lies and illusions… that there was a time period of awaiting to see what we could do to Will ourselves out of the mess and that we finally just had successfully overturned the tides and overridden the negative control and have made the Black Goo Forces loose their grip of control upon consciousness itself and that now they are literally spiralling out of control as well as all their evil plans and plotting. We had; all the lightworkers, healers, star seeds, emissaries all had on behalf of the whole; willed humanity out of the hold and quarantine placed upon us. Humans have finally begun on large scales asking for our help and opening to us, the Guides and Guardians. Because humans have freely of their own will begun to reconnect with our Spiritual Families and align and attune into the frequencies of the liberation codes and that because of this they could now intervene on a major scale level and albeit we are.”

    A huge wave of relief washed over me, she showed me many many visions, she showed me how all the news is lies, all the characters we think of as leaders are all liars. How Hollywood is all a lie, these fires are all lies, the sacrifice of animals all a ritualistic sacrifice not at all an accident and therefor a lie, lie upon lie. Our education, our history, our food, water, economy, all lies. The lies go on an on.

    “As above so below as within so without, that is the holographic existence we all live in. So, there are wars on earth as there are wars in the stars, Star Wars. The powers of evil have convinced so many that Star Nations do not exist, they lied to you all separating you from us, your Spirit family. For we have had to watch and observe as humans fell under the spell of the witchcraft within the Black Goo Forces Black Magic. So, Shekinah there are wars within; wars within your neuroses and psychosis as there are wars without with friends, lovers, family, nation against nation, tribe against tribe.

    Fear not Shekinah, the GGs are now taking the lies and liars and ending their ability to have any control or power they will be brought down, this is the way, this is the truth this is the life which we have shown to you … do not speak any lie that will poison or go against this truth … only speak of the truth and affirm and confirm truth. All life is sacred, all power is of love, all shall be revealed, and the truth shall set all free! No more propagating lies. A truth serum is pouring out upon creation and all illusions, delusions, and confusions … all veils are lifting all Maya is clearing as the Mayans were the timekeepers of Maya and their calendar ended in 2012.  Maya a Hindu concept means, trickery, fraud or deceit. Magic, jugglery or witchcraft which are all different forms of illusion that distract and deceive the senses. So, Maya as the Sasquatch say is the original lie, it is the “Glamour” of witchcraft, the Grand Deception upon humanity, and the prison upon our senses. It is the poison that infects our consciousness which causes us to lie, to weave lies, to believe in lies … such things as we are not worthy, we are not good enough, we are not sacred, that nothing is sacred, that we are the fault the blame of the so called global climate crisis which is actually all lies. That being said … the time of Maya is over!

    Shekinah, the truth is that we are all of love for the Creator loves all Creation. We are the seeds that flower into life. One can sew seeds of deception and lies which will always hurt and cause suffering. When one lives in truth, they bring the end of suffering they bring answers and solutions and healing forgiveness reconciliation. You will be able to discern truth from lies when you feel into the effect of the essence of the cause, this is the way … Cause and effect is the causal and material planes. Create with truth and love and tell all who will listen to stop sewing seeds of hate of despair of lies. Go forth Shekinah and feel good feel into the truth for it will set you FREE and that is what all the GGs want for all Humanity … Like the Liberty Bell, it is time to seal the crack and mend the sacred hoop of life so that it can ring true.”


    Our creation, ’tis of thee

    Sweet lands of liberty

    Of thee I sing

    Land where my fathers and mothers died

    Land of the native’s pride

    From every mountainside

    Let freedom ring


    Our creation, ’tis of thee

    Sweet lands of liberty

    Great God and Goddess sing

    Sing of the sacred truth

    Sing of the amplitude of

    Love and all that’s good

    which the future shall bring



    Great Earthly Kings

    and all

    Mermaid Queens

    From sea to shining sea

    Let freedom ring


    Let Sasquatch, Fay,


    Dragons all play

    With Unicorns and Magic


    Let mortal tongues awake

    Let all that breathe partake

    Let rocks their silence break

    And truth no longer be taken and forsaken


    Authors of liberty

    Cocreators come now and join in clarity

    Resurrect humanity and

    Let freedom ring


    Here is a prayer that I was guided to find to be a way to help make this so!

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God, Let light stream forth into the minds of every person, every being. Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God, Let love stream forth into the hearts of every person, every being. May the Great Messenger of God return to Earth.

    From the center where the Will of God is known, Let purpose guide the wills of every person, every being. The purpose which the Holy Masters know and serve. Let goodwill and the will to do good descend on Earth.

    From the center which we call the human race, Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.




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  • Sasquatch Council Speaks, via Shekinah Maa

    By Shekinah Maa

    Sasquatch Council Speaks

    The sound of the thundering drum alerted me I was going in again … It begins by reverberating through my feet up to my heart; through the inside of my inner ears like tinnitus into my heart … the tingling sensations of vibration ripple through my crown and all connects like rivers all feeding into the ocean of my heart. Rivers of light flowing right into my Heart Center, the Anahata, which like a thunderbird gets really intense feeling like something is stretching expanding and growing in powerful electricity, vibration, and pure frequency.

    That is then when they appear like ghostly forms, ethereal and ancient.

    And there I was with the Council, all illumined in Light, showing me their activated Merkabas their Rainbow Light Bodies.

    Sister, daughter, Beloved … they image into me with an inner voice that speaks right to my heart; We are here to show you what you need to know, what you have always known, what “they” the parasites have tried to hide from you, what they have fed off of from you. And what they have planned to fruition which is manifesting at this time, which is the destruction of your access to these energetic signatures hence DEW Directed Energy Weapons, 5G, Black goo, Chem trails, vaccinations, fluoridation, GMO food and so on and so forth, the list was endless.

    Lets start with the 7 bowls, 7 chakras, the ganglion nerve centers, brains, or wheels of light that spin the engines of your own organic technology which ignites one’s Merkaba or rainbow Light Body notice the rainbow Bridge of the Chakra Scale, notice the As within so without as above so below. The Light Scale, the Musical Scale, the Planetaries are chakras of the Universe … the whole of existence revolves around this as the Law of One.

    Now note that are also 7 seals which have covered your centers of chi that have sealed you off separating you from the pulsing truth of the electrical plasmic universe.

    We have watched it all happen … we have seen some of our own captured tortured tested on and experimented on as has all organisms from the micro to the macro. We know for we escaped the cage that’s has been placed upon the constructs of your mind. We did not drop as your ancestors have. We maintained our Rainbow Light Bodies our Bodies of Light while humankind got manipulated mind controlled programmed tortured and enslaved.

    Now the teachings that we have been Guardians of for as long as space and time has existed on Gaia and beyond into the cosmos; We like our Brother Chewbacca as an Ambassador as a representative of our Clans for he is a symbol of our people, our kind … travelling through the cosmos, speaking in light language, and being connected to the Light … serving the Light! (The Elders of the Council are quite serious beings, but they are also quite funny and very easily lovable!)

    For we are guardians of truth and the truth is that we all as organic beings have a Rainbow Light body. The Buddhists through the Tibetans and Nepalese and Vedic scriptures have conveyed this, taught this, and exemplified it. The Egyptians and other ancient civilizations were masters of this as well. Mystery School centers around the Globe taught this prior to the fall of Atlantis, the fall of Grace as is described in your enslavers with their Bible describing the fall from Eden into the lower densities; horrifying how you humans have been praising and glorifying your deceivers as God while clearly you were taught to fear this God which is impossible in truth, to fear love? Such trickery … if you humans could just see through the seals which have covered your inner senses and blocked you from seeing and knowing truth.

    So yes, the Rainbow Body is activated through LOVE and LIGHT which is the ESSENCE of CREATION! This ESSENCE is also what is fed upon and turned into LOOSH through BLACK MAGIC.

    Hence we have your Jesus the Christ, we know him well. He was nothing like he travelled of course through the Egyptian Mystery Schools, into India, Tibet, and all over really. He was also able to travel via his own Merkaba communing with Shamans and Holy People worldwide. He is a Brother to us and his Heart really is a Sacred Heart as it has been activated into the Christos or Light Consciousness known in Kemet or ancient Egypt as KRST.

    Yeshua the Christ was a Teacher and could Entrain people into the Heart Frequency that would help to burn off their karmas, dross, and implants, and would activate their own Cristos Light Bodies.

    The teachings of Christ and the Magdalena were all about activating the Ka Body within the Merkaba and this is why he was sacrificed, and this is also how he ascended or transcended.

    Here is a Picture of Christ in his Rainbow Light Body

    CristosMagnetic body

    Unfortunately, the Parasites got hold of this and as always inverted these teachings turning them into black magic and also making the truth of the teachings inaccessible.

    Just look at the Americas founding father,

    George Washington


    We have witnessed all of the lies, deceptions, and snares that have developed since the Fall of Grace as you Humans would say. We would say the fall of densities, the literal drop of vibration from bliss to hatred, war, perversion, and sickness.

    The plug is being pulled on Evil. They have no power in the near to future. All power of creation is being used to wake up all you sentient souls and to restore the Grid.

    That is why we have come more and more to help Humanity prepare.

    The Rainbow Warriors, the Rainbow Prophecy, and the Rainbow Light Body are all connected.

    More to Come at Another Time

    Do not become caught in thoughts, most of which have been programmed into you. But instead feel us and you will feel the truth like the Thunderbird charging you once again with Life Force for You will need it at these times when the Rainbow Serpent Rises again!

    Rainbow Light BodySassy

    Note: Shekinah is one of our presenters at the 3rd BC Psychic Sasquatch Gathering, on 11/02/19

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  • Lost cities to rise up again?

    As I write this I know that I realize I left you all hanging. I apologize. I had mentioned earlier that Balana gave me a message about Atlantis and Lemuria rising again. I will try to the best of my ability to recall what was said and ask Balana to come forth and help me. Once again, I apologize for the lapse in time as I have been very busy at work.

    Balana, my friend. I call you to help me with recalling this message.

    “I’m here.”
    Can you tell me again about Lemuria and Atlantis rising again?
    “Of course. The Star Nations met with the Sasquatch Nations and relayed a message of an event that is scheduled to happen in an earth reality that many of you will witness. The Sasquatch Elders shared the information with us and they can’t help but share because we are all connected telepatichally, emotionally, and energetically. There is no withholding or hiding anything as is done with humans. What was told by the Star Elders was that in the year 2109 there will be a great earthquake that will happen off the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This earthquake will be so large that a crack will open up in the sea floor larger then what you have called the Grand Canyon. This crack will open up into the inner earth. As this occurs the water will have no choice but to go within the earth causing your shorelines to recede drastically. The inner earth beings know of this occurrence but most will not be affected as they are already living in another dimension where this reality will not matter to them. As the shores recede many animals in the ocean will lose their life and be stuck on dry land. It is ok because they have agreed at a higher level to experience this. When all is said and done hundreds of once underwater shoreline will be exposed. Life on land will see a horrible sight of many living things lying on the dry earth as the water swept away. It will not be pleasant to look at. Many will need to heal from witnessing this. But along with this tragedy comes great discovery once again as ancient Lemuria and Atlantis and other civilizations will become visible again. Ancient knowledge will rise again and be witnessed by your human species. Humanity will clean up the new receded shore line and descend upon the ancient civilizations uncovered. There will be artifacts, ancient texts, crystals, and technology once lost that will be recovered. This will be a huge event for the consciousness of humanity. As long as your people share the knowledge and do not suppress it.”
    I have heard that the beginning of 5D will be in ten years on the year 2020 and I just listened today from an Ascension documentary by Hale Mednik interviewing Su Walker that her connection to the star people said first contact will be 2021. How does this consciousness tie into what will happen in 2109?
    “This is correct. We are aware that the beginning point of the 5D transition will begin in the year 2020. We are also confirming that a planned contact from a certain race of Star People have agreed to make first contact with your species in 2021. Many people will be shifting their consciousness during these times. Some will transition right away into the 5D reality while others will stick around for first contact. Some will incarnate and come back to experience the great earth quake and guide others in relearning the old ways.”
    Wow. This is amazing. We actually have some time frames and dates now. Thank you for this. Is there anything else you would like to say at this time?
    “Nothing at this time but in light of all you have heard today do not be afraid. Fear will only set you back and and there is truly nothing to be afraid of. We are always here with you and are always looking out for you and stand waiting to assist. The Sasquatch People love you very much. We will see you in the forest.”
    Thank you my friend. End of message. Thoughts?fa9efb6a8143d3063b7ba51fda337057

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  • The holographic mirror: A message from the Sasquatch Elders, via Shekinah

    By Shekinah

    As above so below
    As within so without
    The holographic mirror
    A message from the Sasquatch elders
    Please take a Moment to Watch this Prior to Reading

    The rainbow feathered Serpent has uncoiled, it is moving
    slithering across the dragon lines; igniting activating
    changing one form unto another. For Everything is alive,
    everything is conscious, and everything is dying to be
    reborn and so it may arise again.

    Oh humans, Let go, don’t hold on for the river is moving
    very fast, you may want to cling to the shore, but you must
    let go of what you think you know what you think you are
    and what you have accepted as familiar, known. For we
    are all about to go beyond it all. All the comfortable all
    the numb prepare to be awoken. Some of you have known
    this always and have held the ways of the sacred close
    like a token of truth not to be lost nor sold for profit…

    Blessed are those who dwell in love and truth, Such
    medicine and loyalty are found in the Heart Sutra;

    The Heart Suttra

    These core tenets of Buddhism are expressed in the teaching known as the Heart of
    the Great Wisdom Sutra. Although it is the shortest of all the sutras, containing only 632 characters in the traditional Chinese translation, it explains the essence of Buddhism, which is KU, or Emptiness. The meaning is essentially that by letting go of your preconceived notions, opinions, and attachments, you can become open to all the wonders of our life.

    All things are empty. This is the realization of nothingness. But, emptiness or
    nothingness does not just mean nothing. It means not being attached to anything;
    especially your own perceptions and ideas so that you can see your life clearly.

    The Heart Suttra:

    Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva was moving in the deep course of wisdom which
    has gone beyond. He looked down from on high and saw but five skandhas*
    which, in their own being, were empty. Here, O Sariputra, Form is
    Emptiness, Emptiness is Form; Form does not differ from Emptiness,
    Emptiness does not differ from Form; whatever is Empty, that is Form,
    whatever is Form that is Empty. The same is true of feelings, perceptions,
    impulses and consciousness. O Sariputra all dharmas are marked with
    Emptiness, they have no beginning and no end, they are neither imperfect nor
    perfect, neither deficient nor complete. Therefore O Sariputra, in emptiness
    there is no form, no feeling, no perception, no name, no concepts, no
    knowledge. No eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind; no
    forms, sounds, smells, tastes, touchables or object of the mind, no sight
    organ, no hearing organ and so forth to no mind consciousness element; no
    ignorance or extinction of ignorance, no decay and death, no extinction of
    decay and death. There is no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path,
    no cognition, no attainment, nor anything to attain. There is nothing to
    accomplish and so Bodhisattvas can rely on the Perfection of Wisdom
    without trouble. Being without trouble they are not afraid, having overcome
    anything upsetting they attain Nirvana.

    All Buddhas who appear in the three periods, fully Awake to the utmost
    right and perfect enlightenment because they have relied on the Perfection
    of Wisdom. Therefore, one should know the Perfection of Wisdom is the great
    mantra, is the unequaled mantra, the destroyer of suffering.

    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha
    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhi svaha
    Gate, Gate, Paragate, Para Sam gate Bodhisvaha.
    Bodhi Svaha

    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
    Oh what an Awakening

    *The five skandas are the five components of any individual: body, perceptions,
    feelings, mental formations and consciousness.)

    Gate means gone. Gone from suffering to the liberation of suffering. Gone from
    forgetfulness to mindfulness. Gone from duality into non-duality. Gate gate means gone, gone. Paragate means gone all the way to the other shore. So this mantra is said in a very
    strong way. Gone, gone, gone all the way over. In Parasamgate sam means everyone, the sangha, the entire community of beings. Everyone gone over to the other shore.

    Bodhi is the light inside, enlightenment, or awakening. You see it and the vision of
    reality liberates you. And svaha is a cry of joy or excitement, like “Welcome!” or “Hallelujah!” “Gone, gone, gone all the way over, everyone gone to the other shore, enlightenment, svaha !”

    No Coming No Going
    No coming, no going
    No after, no before
    I hold you close to me,
    I release you to be so free
    Because I am in you, and you are in me
    Because I am in you, and you are in me.

    The Elders speak….

    ”Be prepared for the change that is coming …
    like an electrical storm beyond comprehension …
    a kundalini shakedown breakdown the Power of the
    Hooves of The White Buffalo Will Trigger the Vortices
    Like Chakras Of the Earth Which will Explode in Light!
    the old ways and paradigms are combusting.
    Stop running around in fear and loathing now!
    Stop the parasitic looosh so hungrily fed upon so
    ignorantly provided.
    Stand Tall as The Ones You Were Created To Be!
    You are the Warriors of the Rainbow!
    You are the Ones You are Waiting For, Asleep! Now Wake!
    Like trolls you have been captured as stone. Stop the
    Trance Pull Yourselves Out of illusion Delusion!
    We have been waiting along time for a Chance Like This
    when the Energy Is Strong Enough to Clear the Sickness
    and Corruption!
    We need every Heart’s Transmission to Align to the Core
    Crystal of the Earth
    The Prophecy Has Come
    Love now like you Have Never Loved Before
    Love Is the Power That Activates The Core Crystal
    Once We Have raised That Cone Of Power, Nothing can
    Stop It
    It is an Electrical Plasmic Fire of Crystalline Light That
    Will Go Viral through the MushRooms, Plant Kingdome,
    Tree Roots, It will go through the Crystal Grids and the
    Rock People Will waken, The Return Of the Sasquatch Fey
    Dragon MerfolK and Star Nations is Awaiting the G Spot
    The Tone of Creation, Sing Loud the Songs of Creation
    Raise the frequency of Your hearts So High In this New
    Moon of Libra it is a Potent Super New Moon
    Go Now Tell Everyone You Know … Transmit!!!!!”
    This is the Image I was Given!

    Shared from Shekinah Maaaaaa’s Heart to Yours
    Give thanks to Fantuzzi and the Rainbow Family

    “You are my Mother you are my Father You’re the beginning, you are the center, you are beyond the end You are the colors of the rainbow you are the pure white light in me You are the rivers, you are the mountains, you’re the sky, you are the sea I love you so, you help me see, And to see you in all, is to see you in me I’m in you and you’re in me I want to touch you, I want to feel you, I want to be right by your side I want to know you, love you, I’m going to serve you all the time.”

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  • The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective, via La Luminista

    Channeled by La Luminista, 2019, shared with her permission

    The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

    This is the time of community, of coming together, hearts entwined. Standing as one in a vision of light, love and all that is. The coming times are recluse against what is to be. Pull together, ignite your inner flame. Bring community together. Pool your resources, and go back to the ways of old. Create your own reality within your community of love.

    You are supported. You are nourished. You are endearing to us. We consider you precious cargo on this great planet of yours. Invaluable cargo. You are to illuminate the world, illuminate each other. Take each other into the fold.

    You do not need to fear what is coming. You only need to fear the fear within yourself, that once extinguished will free your soul, and you will become the highest version of yourself.  Pull the plugs of density within yourselves and allow them to be flushed down the drain. Allow the light to permeate your being in totality.

    Time is not lost. Time can never be bought nor sold, but the moment is upon you to begin your communities. Your community living, breathing, and being. Go back to nature. Look to nature for inspiration on how to live your lives in purity, in honesty and in integrity. Send your almighty love to your mother earth, that she may support you and encourage you through these times of hardship to come. You are always safe in her embrace, and she loves you dearly. Honour her in return and gift her of your love.

    You will never be without, that is assured. We are here as watchers, as guardians, as friends to those of you who are aware enough to acknowledge us. We walk this earth with you hand in hand, heart in heart. Our journey is one, and we are delighted to be part of that.

    This one will set her sights on the highest level community that can be attained. She is a beacon to those who are searching, and a grand sister to those she calls family. She will offer you much in the way of knowledge and understanding. We applaud her goals and dreams, as she embarks on this journey of the spirit.

    The Sasquatch Benevolent Collective

    Source: La Luminista

    (I just met her online. She channels Sasquatch, but had no knowledge of our communities, networks or events.)


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  • From SunBow TrueBrother @SunBw8 on Twitter:

    By Shekinah

    And the last thing to leave Pandora’s Box was a little white Butterfly named Hope

    I followed my heart as it felt pulled to the trail, feeling the invitation to walk away from the Learning Center at the 2019 Chewelah Psychic Sasquatch Fair, I surrendered to the call. I felt as though there was a magnet in the wild and it was pulling me from the comfort zone of the center, camp, and participants to a deep deep vortex of connection. I let my bare feet find the earth, the chakras on the soles of my feet felt they knew exactly where to go, so I just let them lead. I had a feeling my advanced learning was held somewhere in an outdoor classroom in the middle of the forest of Washington and away from the laughter and chit chatting of Humans. I had gone far out the trail, where the wild things live. I could feel a subtle yet profound shift occur letting me know I had crossed into a different unseen boundary line. It was then I could feel an energy strong like I had walked into a neighborhood that you could feel just not see. A neighborhood or community of beings that lived and dwelled in a sacred space, for reverence flooded my whole body. I fell, dropping to my knees and rolled over to my bottom where I crossed my legs into meditation pose and closed my eyes. I had heard the crunching of large footsteps, I had sensed the contact, I could smell a scent comforting and familiar. I had heard my name pronounced different then my name, Shekinah … but so accurate … She Kin Ahhhhhhhh quick seed sounds. I looked around eyes wide open.

    There they were, a clan of She Sasquatch Beings. Like a Sistarhood they came together. As a mom they reminded me so much of my Sistars and I who go medicine gathering, hiking, walk and talking with our kids … adventuring foraging playing. Now here they were like a horseshoe of Mama Sasquatches with their Youngins, their children, they came around me. I could hear the whisperings of the toddlers and in their eyes a curious yet shy approach. When I was a teacher at the Nelson Waldorf School, I would welcome the toddlers and their families to my classroom each fall, and this felt the same. Yet I was the student and they the teachers. I did laugh though at how their toddlers would hide between their mamas’ legs and peak out just as the human children do. Mamas with their hand on their babies’ heads soothing them, arms stretched round their children’s bodies in protection yet standing tall as in they held absolute for their trust their body language showed me they had orchestrated this divine meeting and that I had made the invite and showed up to the appointment unconsciously; this was no accident.

    The last year I came to the Psychic Sasquatch Gathering, the Matrilineal lineage in this Chewelah region and 49th parallel, talked to me all about the power of the Moontime for Wemoons, how the Menses Cycle is deeply connected to ancient ways and ancient days of Shamanic Power. I had bled with them last year. But that is a whole other download best kept for Wemoon. The message I received this year from the Sasquatch Matriarch is for all Sentient Beings. For this message they really wanted to get out to Families, to the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. This is what I was told; the Sasquatch are not only feeling hope they are feeling safe for the first time in a very long time. They ride upon the frequencies of our heart, the frequencies of the One Heart that all life is connected to. It is a feedback interloop.

    Beyond words beyond actions is the pure frequency of the heart, of all hearts which do beat as one and is connected to the Schumann Resonance; please check links.


    This frequency is a pulsing undulation which is directly related to their fertility and ability to procreate. While Humans took a nosedive into dark deep density the fertility of the sasquatch fell too because it is a feedback interloop. Not only was there very little awareness of the sacred within the humans as if a curtain was pulled over our eyes, there was a parasitic weakening of Life Forces that have diminished the love and light frequencies which assist in the fertility of these Higher Beings if they choose to stay connected to these lower densities where we have been lodged. But you see this is the Mystery and this is what the Mother’s told me, that they are the keepers and protectors of the Pulsing Heart Undulations and they are charged to help us to return to our Original Blueprints as we had been enslaved and manipulated, bio engineered, hacked and while we fell, they journeyed with us, just outside beyond us where they can maintain and sustain their power so that eventually when we were able they could help us rise.

    I could hear the song of Buffy St. Marie, God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot as the way my mind works is in sound and symbology and I always when I channel pick up what I lovingly call a theme song; in my inner mind as they talked these words, messages, codes to me, this song sung in my soul; Song link:

    God is alive; Magic is afoot
    God is alive; Magic is afoot
    God is afoot; Magic is alive
    Alive is afoot…..
    Magic never died.

    God never sickened;
    Many poor men lied
    Many sick men lied
    Magic never weakened
    Magic never hid
    Magic always ruled
    God is afoot
    God never died.

    God was ruler
    Though his funeral lengthened
    Though his mourners thickened
    Magic never fled
    Though his shrouds were hoisted
    The naked God did live
    Though his words were twisted
    The naked Magic thrived
    Though his death was published
    Round and round the world
    The heart did not believe

    Many hurt men wondered
    Many struck men bled
    Magic never faltered
    Magic always led.
    Many stones were rolled
    But God would not lie down
    Many wild men lied
    Many fat men listened
    Though they offered stones
    Magic still was fed
    Though they locked their coffers
    God was always served.

    Magic is afoot. God rules.
    Alive is afoot. Alive is in command.
    Many weak men hungered
    Many strong men thrived
    Though they boasted solitude
    God was at their side
    Nor the dreamer in his cell
    Nor the captain on the hill
    Magic is alive
    Though his death was pardoned
    Round and round the world
    The heart did not believe.

    Though laws were carved in marble
    They could not shelter men
    Though altars built in parliaments
    They could not order men
    Police arrested Magic
    And Magic went with them,
    For Magic loves the hungry.

    But Magic would not tarry
    It moves from arm to arm
    It would not stay with them
    Magic is afoot
    It cannot come to harm
    It rests in an empty palm
    It spawns in an empty mind
    But Magic is no instrument
    Magic is the end.

    Many men drove Magic
    But Magic stayed behind
    Many strong men lied
    They only passed through Magic
    And out the other side
    Many weak men lied
    They came to God in secret
    And though they left him nourished
    They would not say who healed
    Though mountains danced before them
    They said that God was dead
    Though his shrouds were hoisted
    The naked God did live

    This I mean to whisper to my mind
    This I mean to laugh with in my mind
    This I mean my mind to serve ’til
    Service is but Magic
    Moving through the world
    And mind itself is Magic
    Coursing through the flesh
    And flesh itself is Magic
    Dancing on a clock
    And time itself the magic length of God.

    This song I dedicate to the Sasquatch Nation! This God that is acknowledged is the Pulsing Undulation, and well Bigfoot, they are the foot, they are the Big Foot of God, they are the keepers of the God Force.

    Due to Humanity’s awakening and return to the Sacred, the Bigfoot is growing. We are not only now helping them be able to not fear procreations, but we have assisted the magic of Fertility to Bloom and Grow as our heart’s bloom and Grow.

    The Mamas, as I lovingly now refer to them, they are bringing their children to our Gathering and they acknowledge it as a real Learning Center, no coincidences there, but true Sacrednicity. They are seeing that we have switched timelines, that we have picked up the needle of the record player and have skipped the old tracks of time and have now Successfully bridged the New Earth to this old dying, decaying, false Carbon Copy reality we call Life. It is not they say real Life and that is yet another download to share at another time. For now, they say that they will continue to trust in us and continue to grow their nests. They say it is the same for us Wemoon, that our fertility also depends on our ability to receive the magic, the pulsing undulations. This is why Wemoon around the world have lost their ability to conceive. It is all connected. That and well many Chemical and Hormonal issues us Humans face due to our diet and toxicities of the Earth Air Water and Food. Magic is the real Fertility Vibration. It is why Magic can be manipulated both for white and for dark. Again, another whole download there. They are downloading me everyday. I am seeing concentric circles all touching and all interconnected. The Sasquatch have now crossed over from doubt mistrust and fear and they have told me that they have really begun to now have Hope. There is a great Hope for Humanity and the Psychic Sasquatch Gathering is a huge Fuel for this Hope, it is what has shown them that we are finally truly on our way Home again! They celebrate this and yes, they even sing and dance when in joy!

    They left me with a final request, it is time to focus on our Children, As Frederick Douglas said;

    Frederick Douglas

    It is time to really focus on our Youth these are the ways of the Sacred. Due to the Sacred being so muddled, Sasquatch would before only have one or a couple children in a Clan at a time so that they could care for that child with many Mamas and Papas, to ensure that it’s Power was resourced, grown, and intact. Now as they see the energy is really rising, they are having litters again. So they want us to care for our Youth the way they care for theirs. They call for a Children’s Council as our Gathering so that our children grow up knowing Truth, their Magic, and their Allies, Guides, Guards, and Sacred Family. This is also why they showed me there is the Pedophilia in record high, again another download for another time. Children are super connected to the Magic, as is the Sasquatch, therefore they are hunted and abducted, tortured, and used in ritualistic black magic. This has gone on for far too long and Bigfoot are putting their giant Foot down! No more! No more they Say!

    10 ways you can grow your magic;

    1. When we cut off our hair shave away our hair, we take off our Magic, Sasquatch say do not shave, grow your hair, grow your magic grow your Power.
    2. Grow your kids, let them know their whole holy family. It is time, to stop lying to ourselves and each other. Speak truth at all times!
    3. Stop casting spells unconsciously, in the beginning was the word and the word was made flesh. You spell the word therefor the word is your spell. Stop negative spelling! Stop gossip slander and hate. It is that clear and with that she put her fist down, the one with white hairs she is the Elder, KeeraAna is her name. She thinks we are sick from all the TV Programming and Music so full of hate!
    4. Stop watching negative programming, just stop it! Stop taking nightmares and making them real! Tell us a vision. Television.
    5. Eat less and less meat to stop the densities. Do not partake in tortured animals’ flesh, milk, or by-products!!!! How could we, she cried! And she was as angry as Grandmothers can get!
    6. Do more selfless service, Narcissism is a trap! LOVE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE IT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE FLOWER OF LIFE GEOMETRY
    7. Stop taking so much, the crystals can be worked with without us taking them out of the ground. Give back … Consume less, it is all an illusion anyways. Feel More, that’s where it is at!
    8. Celebrate way more often, weave joy, gratitude, and ecstasy throughout your days and nights.
    9. Real eyes the Me is upside down and when you right side it up it says We.
    10. Override the frequencies every day to grow your magic, it is grid work, and it is a critical factor! Everyday tune into the Dragon Lines, Ley Lines, send through them as you send through your own meridians a crystalline light liquid like cerebral spinal fluid this is a crystalline plasmic liquid that is a serum a solution of high high magic that actually clears the parasitic forces that have infested everything up to 4d. This is a calling to all Alchemists!

    I will leave you with a closing message, right from KeeraAna;

    “It is the time of the Kachinas, the Time of the Corn Maidens and the Time of Truth. Now the Sacred hoop is Mending. Return to the Sacred every day and in every way. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the End.” And with this she smiled.


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  • Vegas Supernatural's Supernatural Summer 2019 ROLLS ON with Episode 5,,, Squatchin' Vegas Supernatural Style! An old soul, using the old ways to study The Oldest Indigenous,,, Sierra Sasquatch, Like No Other!! "JAIME AVALOS" LIVE with "The Rev." MONDAY!!! Leave your bear mace at home, it won't help you on this trip??!!!...
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