• Magenta Pixie's NEW BOOK "Lessons from a Living Lemuria" NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT AND KINDLE EDITION

    What is karma? Are there ways we can balance this and become karma-free? Is there a particular nutritional plan we should follow for ascension? Do we increase our karmic balance by eating certain foods? How can we utilise sex magick to work with karma and move through ascension?

    There are many lessons we can learn from the peoples of ancient Lemuria, a civilisation that existed before our known history on planet Earth. As we move through an ascension process collectively, we move back into a 'New Lemuria' and we take with us all the knowledge we have accumulated since those times.

    In this transmission from the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine, keycodes are presented for cellular memory recall, linking the reader 'beyond Atlantis' and into the harmonious frequencies of the first physical civilisation on the Earth - Lemuria. The Nine respond to questions using the Lemurian way as a template. Keycoded responses trigger activations within the reader as they receive the wisdom codes, standing as 'rainbow warriors of Gaia' moving into abundance, alchemy and stargate ascension.

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  • Preparense para la apertura
    del Stargate 12-12

    PREPÁRESE PARA LA APERTURA DEL STARGATE 12:12 A medida que se abra este poderoso Portal Energético, el Cuerpo de Luz recibirá un Gran Impulso. Las energías de ascensión vibratoria súper alta se verterán en el planeta durante la puerta de enlace 12:12, impactando los cuerpos de luz de 4.5 billones de StarSeeds estacionados en la […]

    a través de PREPÁRESE PARA LA APERTURA DEL STARGATE 12:12 — Conviviendo con el Gran Espíritu

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  • For those who prefer to read: Full transcript of the transmission analysed in the Krystal Stargate Series - "Krystalline Samhain 11.11 Stargate, November 11th 2019"
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  • Krystal Stargate Series so far!
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  • Where the ET come from. A look through the Stargate.
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  • Question....Does anyone have insight as to why a lot of us aware ones have been so separated and alone?
    I thought that we may form more communities for survival?

    Response.....The only way to help the planet and humanity is for each activated and aware Lightworker (and those with the potential for and receptivity to awakening) to be 'scattered' if you will, over a large area so the light 'fills the globe' and so that everyone has access to a lightworker and can receive the light through them. If all the starseeds were to be concentrated in one place and create communities that would be wonderful for the starseeds but not so great for the non-awakened humans. Having said all this the 'Great Awakening' (set for 2012 time period) does bring starseeds/lightworkers together for strength, support and extra charge to their light fields. By the time of the Great Gathering the starseeds will know why they were kept separate and how important it is for them to radiate their light to the unawakened.
    Another reason for keeping the starseeds separate prior to the "2012 Great Awakening" was so they would all 'rise together' as one. It is easy for the nefarious darkworkers to extinguish the light of 'the one' or even 'the few' but not 'the many'. When 'the many' rise as one, the light outmatches the darkness and all shall be revealed at that time. The 'Great Gathering' is also 'The Great Reveal' (Apocalypse).
    When 'the many' rise as one they move into a telepathic union (united you stand) and create a 'web of light' across the planet. This web, built on fifth dimensional frequency, counteracts the 'dark web' (inverted matrix) and creates what we call 'liberty templates' to be placed into the galactic and planetary grid systems. This opens up new stargates and frees souls from the reincarnation trapping system so they may move into free will and on a soul level. The third dimensional Earth then becomes a choice for them to reincarnate upon and not a prison energy against their will. None of these things could happen if aware individuals were closer together in placement PRIOR to the great awakening. You can see how important it was for them to remain separate. It was for their own safety they were kept alone and separate from one another and knew this would be the case before incarnating and were in agreement with this plan. Now, the Great Gathering and Great Reveal are well underway. The starseeds can shine their light for the world to see and gather together as much as they please, now they are fully integrated with their mission as planetary rainbow warriors. 'The Nine' through Magenta Pixie
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  • The Real Reason For the Iraq War? Saddam Hussein ‘Had Stargate Portal to Alien World’
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  • More about the 38 DIA Reference Documents and their political impact: "Did Top Secret Pentagon ‘Stargate’ Letter Convince Senator John McCain Alien Invasion Was Imminent?
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    Really super stellar video from Joseph Irwin and the Cosmic Embassy outining a whole bunch of released files about highly advanced REAL tech that many across the globe are working on now.

    I think that it is very important to look all fractal pieces of disclosure, all medium outlets of particular information. No matter where it is coming from, being open minded, courageous, strong, and holistic in all aspects of your approach to this sort of research. taking a step back in the process, analyzing and looking at the big picture of what is going on entirely, focusing in with that big picture sight in mind, putting the pieces of all that we find together to find the truth. Of course, using your sovereign critical thinking and intuitive guided discernment to know what is what from what you think is right so far, from the sources where the information that you analyze is presented from.

    None are lesser than the other. Disclosure is happening in such a vast expanse from a wide field of informational sources.And I think and know, with the simple pattern of how things have changed, have been growing in the past few years and through what we learn from many sources and observation out in the public world through pieces like which Joseph covers in this video, 2019 is a HUUGE historical year in full disclosure for our planet.

    WHOOOAA maaann these titles theselves are REALLY getting me going, when you realize just from that alone, what they're actually about in other terms!!! Hoooollllly cats!
    from Joseph posted in the description of his video:
    "Here is the List:

    Source Papers and Articles:



    sALLA 1

    SALLA 2





    1. Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion, Dr. George Miley, Univ. Of Illinois

    2. Advanced Nuclear Propulsion for Manned Deep Space Missions, Dr. F. Winterberg,
    Univ. of Nevada - Reno

    3. Pulsed High-Power .Microwave Technology, Dr. James Wells, JW Enterprises

    4. Space Access, Dr. P. Czysz, HyperTech

    5. Advanced Space Propulsion Based on Vacuum time space time Metric) Engineering, Dr. Hal
    Puthoff, EarthTech International

    6. BioSensors and BioMEM.S, Dr. Bruce Towe, Univ. of Arizona

    7. Invisibility Cloaking, Dr. Ulf Leonhardt, Univ. of St. Andrews

    8. Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy, Dr. Eric Davis, EarthTech

    9. High-FFrFrFFFrequencynal Wave Communications, Dr. Robert Baker, G-ravWave

    I 0. Role of Superconductors in Gravity Research, Dr. George Hathaway, Hathaway

    11. Antigravity Aerospace Applications, Dr. Eric Davis, Earth Tech International

    12. Field effects on Biological Tissues, Dr. Kit Green, Wayne State Univ.

    13. Positron AeroSpace Propulsion, Dr. Geruld Smith, Positronics Research

    14. Concepts for Extracting Energy from the Quantum Vacuum, Dr. Eric Davis, EarthTech

    15. An Introduction to the Statistical Drake Equation, Dr. Claudio Maccone, International
    Academy of Astronautics

    16. Maverick Inventor Versus Corporate Inventor, Dr. George Hathaway, Hathaway

    17. Biomaterials, Dr. Bruce Towe, Univ. of Arizona

    18. Metamaterials for Aerospace Applications, Dr. G. Shvets, Univ. of Texas - Austin

    19. Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions, Dr. R. Obousy,
    Obousy Consultants

    20. Technological Approaches to Controlling External Devices in the Absence of LimbOperated lntelfaces, Dr. R. Genik, Wayne State Univ.

    21. Materials for Advanced Aerospace Dr. J. Williams, Ohio State Univ.

    22. Metallic Glasses, Dr. T. Hufnagel, John Hopkins Univ.

    23. Aerospace Applications of Programmable Matter, Dr. W. McCarthy, Programmable
    Matter Corporation tallic Spintronics, Dr. M. Tsoi, Univ. of Texas- Austin

    25. Space-Communication Implications of Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality, Dr. J.
    Cramer, Univ. of Washington "
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