Scientists discover how to 'upload knowledge to your brain' 
    Feeding knowledge directly into your brain, just like in sci-fi classic The Matrix, could soon take as much effort as falling asleep, scientists believe.
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  • The #SpaceForce - It's not what you think it's going to be for.

    The final white paper was dropped to the public the summer of 2016. As you can see in the post view [1] - it started in 1998, and was to be deployed in 2020. Do you really think Hilary could have sold the public that a new branch of military was about to go live, in one of the largest expansion of the industrial deep state complex, growing government to some extreme level like this?? NOPE. Presidents truly are selected, and this is proof. For the alt-right and Q crowd, this is going to come as a shocker, but Trump leaves at some point, and these things won't leave with him. They are designed for the next system to use to their advantage. WITH THAT.... it's important to know, that Trump has NOT had an original idea of his own. He's touting older agenda's. Fulfilling Obama / Bush administrative systems... with a face that YOU approve of. Even waving American flags for it. His entire campaign promises you think he's fulfilling??? Has a date, and can be tracked as it rolls through congress. GREAT EXAMPLE - The trade issues being negotiated right now, both here and abroad, started back in 2005. The legislation for the steel tariffs started in 2013 through congress... and actually need the world trade organizations approval for it [2].

    Back to the Space Force. The same agency deploying the white paper on its creation, also has another white paper to look into titled... get this - "weather as a FORCE multiplier" to be deployed in 2025 [3]. Words matter people. Know what happens in 2030?? UN's sustainable development [4]. Controlling the weather by 2025, using the same agency as the so called space force... in 5 year intervals leading to the largest UN agenda on the planet. The US is basically in control of NATO. Not Trump or Obama or Bush or Hilary... NATO is controlled by agencies like the USAF and NAVY. We are the world's police. No president can stop this. How do you think the police force will start to enforce global insurance for the coming carbon credits against all the other countries??? Even Trump has voice the deep states desire that every nation needed to start kicking in the funds to help it out. How does THAT get enforced??

    No one is pulling out of anything. Its being orchestrated and organized using states rights against us versus some top down structure. The war on terror is being set up through the UN by way of the states called the Strong Cities Network. The Paris Accord is using it called the C40 City. Bottom up... not top down. It's how fluoride got deployed across the country, and how 5G is being set up. Nothing is being federally controlled, but its being implemented across the country simultaneously none the less. "States Rights". How do you disagree with that huh??? Trump never pulled out of the 2030 agenda... because he has no control over the states. It was a feel good measure for the camera while this all unfolds behind the curtains of the mind and tv screen you're staring at.

    No one is talking about it. No one is covering it.... but it's all there in black and white. Worse people are waving american flags thinking this is all something else happening. It's crazy. Dumbfounding. And outright treason and tyrannical IMO. Shame on everyone supporting Trump when it's provable he's just a tool for the system.

    How in the world do you enforce the Green New Deal... A global system all by itself that needs control of the weather to boot?? Create an agency to monitor it. But make sure it also has all the tools to it's advantage as well. The reorganization of all the agencies to come on board with new tech also started some years back. ((links if needed can be supplied)) #Technocracy #Transhuman and all the other stuff, actually has it's roots in Green agenda's. It has its police force now. ((all something one can easily research)). And if you still need more to digest - this is also in the NDAA, coincidentally enough, open to the public now to digest [5].... "The $1.4 trillion spending bills that Congress passed this week included a little-noticed provision setting aside at least $4 million for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to conduct stratospheric monitoring and research efforts. The program includes assessments of “solar climate interventions,” including “proposals to inject material [into the stratosphere] to affect climate.”





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  • Telehealth Software Solutions
    Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status” – American Telemedicine Association. Even today, modern healthcare systems are struggling to achieve sufficient access to healthcare, prompt medical services, and cost-efficiency. To cater to these more significant challenges, viable strategies, and advanced telemedicine technology solutions prove highly efficient. OSP’ custom telehealth software solutions work as an essential component to address extending accessibility to medical experts & drugs, improving medical care quality, and lowering the cost of healthcare. Our interoperable and cloud-based telehealth software systems allow the remote monitoring of patient vital signs, symptoms, and general well-being of patients using the latest mobile (mhealth solutions) and internet technologies. With next-gen telemedicine technologies, we can overcome geographic barriers to health care, fragmentation of care due to gaps in time between appointments, and lack of available providers. Our range of clinically driven and integrated telemedicine software systems & applications are designed to help patients to monitor and manage their health proactively with timely, efficient, and personalized care.
    For more info visit our website:-
    Telehealth Software Solutions - Osplabs
    We leverage modern telehealth technology to create innovative custom telehealth and telemedicine software solutions and user-friendly telemedicine systems that make health information services efficient, convenient and readily accessible.
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  • Remote Patient Monitoring System Software Solutions
    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is a system where technology can be utilized to monitor a patient’s health remotely. Patients who do not want to be in a clinical facility such as a hospital can opt for this option, all the assistance and guidance is provided by using RPM applications. Patients can have a meeting with their physicians through a video conferencing application, which saves the time required for travelling. Also, there are RPM applications that monitor the vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, and any abnormalities in real-time. Additionally, it also provides a panic alarm system to notify the care givers during emergency such as heart attacks etc.
    For more info visit our website:-
    remote patient monitoring system - Osplabs
    The remote patient monitoring system software solutions has helped healthcare industry to increase in efficiency. It provides real time patient data analysis, virtual consultation, wearable gadgets, and so on.
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  • QAnon and Project Looking Glass: The Extraterrestrial Technology that can see Past and Future Events:
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  • Is Technology Enabling Human CULLING? The Rise of Genetic Editing Suggests It Is
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  • Veteran MD Drops Bombshell About 5G Technology Dangers At 5G Hearing
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  • South Wales football derby: facial ID technology use criticised by fans
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  • Large Unexplained Object Captured in Lunar Orbiter 3 Image - Frame 3973 (1967)

    This is one of my old archive lunar images which I first posted in 2014, and as technology has moved on regarding image analysis I thought I’d give it another run through, I wasn’t disappointed with the results.
    When viewing lunar images I don’t know about you but I find this image so compelling in its authenticity and detail.
    It was taken by the Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft
    and launched by NASA in 1967 as part of the Lunar Orbiter Program. It was designed primarily to photograph areas of the lunar surface for confirmation of safe landing sites for the Surveyor and Apollo missions.
    In this image I think someone beat them to it, and landed a huge craft in comparison to the Apollo lunar landers.

    The spacecraft was placed in a cislunar trajectory and injected into an elliptical near-equatorial lunar orbit on February 8 at 21:54 UT. The orbit was 210.2 by 1,801.9 kilometres (130.6 mi × 1,119.6 mi) with an inclination of 20.9 degrees and a period of 3 hours 25 minutes. After four days (25 orbits) of tracking the orbit was changed to 55 by 1,847 kilometres (34 mi × 1,148 mi). The spacecraft acquired photographic data from February 15th to 23rd February, 1967, and readout occurred through March 2nd, 1967.
    The film advance mechanism strangely showed erratic unknown behaviour during this period resulting in a decision to begin readout of the frames earlier than planned.
    The frames were read out successfully until March 4th when the film advance motor burned out, leaving about 25% of the frames on the takeup reel, unable to be read.
    It would be interesting to get hold of that unseen data and images reel, basically to see what they would reveal...?

    In the image after using enhancing techniques we can clearly see a large cylindrical shaped object sitting in one of the distant lunar craters which resembles some kind of craft, exhibiting a large fuselage structure, distinctly pointed at one end like a modern day aircraft cockpit and darkened windshield.
    Along its fuselage structure detailed areas can clearly be seen giving defined detail and again characteristic shadows of light on a cylindrical metallic shape. Behind the object it is also exhibiting a distinct crisp shadow which follow the exact same contour of the object.
    Along the object darker areas give the impression of air-intakes or possible access points.
    What ever it is..? it is definitely large and distinctly different to its surroundings on the image, as always you decide.

    Posted by Jason Gleaves international author of ‘UFO PHOTO’ and ‘THE UFOLOGY UMBRELLA’ plus Ufonly on Facebook, Twitter, and Onstellar, Please like and share all pages.

    Mission: Lunar Orbiter 3
    Spacecraft Position:
    Altitude: 62.79 km
    Latitude: 4.99°
    Longitude: 5.60°
    Principal Point:
    Latitude: 7.59°
    Longitude: 6.60°
    Sun Azimuth: 92.40°
    Incident Angle: 83.35°
    Emission Angle: 55.19°
    Phase Angle: 101.30°
    Alpha: -22.13

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  • MIT Shows off #Deepfake Vladimir #Putin in Demo of New Real-Time Technology
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