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  • SBA Media Release: In recent weeks, SBA Media has received information that infiltrators plan to sabotage the Majestic Masquerade & Above Majestic movie premiere event. Being that this is a highly emotionally charged environment, we have to take the safety of our guests into account. Since we can not know the true intentions of those who threaten, regrettably and after careful consideration SBA Media feels it is our responsibility to cancel the event. We would normally just hire more security, but being that this is a costume party it makes it difficult to police the environment properly and offer our guests the safety they deserve.

    The Film Above Majestic and SBA Graphic Novel represent Disclosure information entering the slipstream of the mass consciousness, so naturally we expected attacks from the general public regarding the topics being discussed, what we didn’t expect was these attacks to come with in our own community. One must wonder WHY such an organized concerted effort to attack the Graphic Novel and Above Majestic are happening and who/what is behind this mobilized front. We are asking everyone who would like to support Above Majestic to hold their own premiere event in their homes and invite friends, family and neighbors, and use the film as a platform for discussion. We are also asking everyone to spend time on Halloween in support of a mass meditation to counter the dark energy being harvested during the evening globally.

    We are asking everyone who would like to support Above Majestic to hold their own premiere event in their homes and invite friends, family and neighbors, and use the film as a platform for discussion. We are also asking everyone to spend time on Halloween in support of a mass meditation to counter the dark energy being harvested during the evening globally. In an effort to stop the attempts to further divide the community using the topics of trademarks SBA Media has also made the decision to not pursue the ‘SSP’ trademark. By choosing to not pursue this trademark it is our hope to offer healing and peace to the current tensions and growing misinformation that such trademarks could be used to “Stop Disclosure”. SBA Media had never attempted to trademark the words ‘Secret Space Program’ nor were we intending on using the trademark to control disclosure. I only wish to protect the details specific to my testimony and key phrases that I coined in the process of delivering it through my written updates. As SBA works with various groups to bring this content to the mass media, we will continue to enforce our trademark and copyright protection of the SBA IP throughout the development of all of these projects. The majority of the community has made it clear that they support us in the protection of our content, the true SSP narrative as well as our mission to take my testimony and other high consciousness content to the masses. We hope a clear understanding of our future plans and intentions has a calming effect on those in the community that were intentionally misled and triggered. We hope the gesture of abandoning our rights to the SSP trademark is one that can encourage healing and unification in our community.

    It is with great disappointment that we have had to choose to cancel our event in Boulder, but we feel this decision is the safest for our community. We look forward to the Mass Meditation Initiative in Washington DC, on November 11th . What brings us together is the desire for Full Disclosure. While we all forge our way through the chaos of what has never been done before, it is our hope that our common unity will always be greater than what attempts to divide us.

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  • In light of the latest Corey Goode Trademark fiasco, I found this lawsuit against him online. Appearntly he’s being sued for 70K using IP in Cosmic Disclosure.
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  • Questions for Corey Goode on Disclosure, Intellectual Property Rights, Trade Marks, and Similar SSP Testimonies.

    Q: Why did Corey Goode trademark terms like ‘Blue Avians’, ‘20 and Back’, ‘SSP’ (The letters ‘SSP’ not the words Secret Space Program), ‘Full Disclosure Project’ and others? Is he attempting to put a stranglehold on the disclosure community?

    Answer - Corey Goode: Recent social media posts regarding business decisions that I have made to protect my name, livelihood, story, and goodwill have seemed to cause a certain level of confusion within our community. Without a cohesive knowledge of—and transparency into—the exciting and complex web of my current creative projects and the legal means undertaken to protect those projects, it is easy to see how there could be some confusion. Recently, people have noticed through the public record that I have pending federal trademarks on certain phrases. Some have made assumptions into the motives behind this standard business legal practice—a practice that is widely utilized in the media industry (and quite honestly everywhere else including this one). Protection of one’s Intellectual Property is necessary in order to provide the consuming public with the proper assurances that they are getting content that is genuine, of high quality and from a certain particular source. The use of trademark, copyright, patent and trade secret protection (collectively known as “Intellectual Property” or “IP”) ensures that both the holder of the IP rights and the consuming/creating public are protected against harm that can be caused by those wishing to take advantage of our United States’ market-based system.

    My reason for filing the pending trademarks is simple: I filed trademarks on phrases and topics unique to my testimony for protection and for their use in graphic novels, feature films, and other media-based products.

    The terms I have trademarked are unique to my testimony and clearly protected under U.S. IP laws. We will not only fight to preserve my testimony and IP but also for the main mission of preserving the Full Disclosure narrative that most of us have been fighting for.

    This does not stop people from telling their own stories of twenty years in a clandestine/top-secret air or space-based government operation or delivering their brand of 'fan fiction'. They are just prohibited legally from the commercial use of the keywords associated with my testimony.

    We are not trying to “attempting to put a stranglehold on the disclosure community” by asserting our rights in our claimed phrases but we do have a right—and, a duty—to defend our testimony and intellectual property rights from other individuals and corporations attempting to profit off of our goodwill. Taking the secret space program topic mainstream and creating media that expands the consciousness of humanity as fast as possible is our main focus and goal.

    With that goal comes responsibility, and with that responsibility comes the need for protection. I am in no way attempting to slow or halt disclosure, in fact, quite the opposite. Media content around disclosure and consciousness topics is expanding significantly. If those in this community do not protect their information and narratives, they run the risk of being taken over by writers and producers in the entertainment industry who are constantly trolling our community for creative ideas.

    The more intellectual property that is stolen, misused and wrongfully profited from, the more we will see people in our community seeking these types of protections. We will find more researchers and experiencers quietly (to avoid public shaming) trademark their intellectual property in the coming months and years as they see other situations involving intellectual property play out.

    The information that our community delivers is already going from 'fringe' to mainstream very quickly. We are seeing more and more movies and television shows use material that is obviously from some of our biggest personalities in the Ufology and Higher Consciousness community.

    I understand the business side of bringing the topics of Full Disclosure and Expanding the Mass Consciousness makes many in this community uncomfortable. Most are working or even feel called to destroy the current financial control system and do all they can to take it down. The reality is, we need funding in order to get our message out. Without it, we cannot distribute our information, and everyone loses.

    Our mission is to infiltrate and use the tools of the enemy against them. We will make movies and other media that are used as anti-propaganda to awaken the masses and use the media as a way to ‘red pill’ them instead.

    This is a mission that is vitally important to the future timeline of humanity and one we hold in utmost importance. We are all putting our lives and reputations on the line. Both are regularly threatened by various entities and organizations that would attempt to control or oppose Full Disclosure and desperately want to sing the masses back to sleep.

    Answer - Roger Richards: We are on the precipice of a sea of change in consciousness on a global scale. If you take a look around the world right now, you will see that humanity as a whole has begun to wake up collectively. The great awakening is upon us all and it is beautiful. Every bit of life on this planet is teeming with the energy from the cosmos, everything is being brought to the surface, and we are revealing all to one another. Everyone has their own missions to fulfill in the Cosmic Karma of this all. Now—more than ever—each human being on this planet is being called to the mission of disclosure, it is unstoppable and spreading like wildfire. What is your mission? What dream have you not fulfilled? What brilliant ideas are you sitting on to bring into this world? Now is the time to create and manifest these things into every aspect of the matrix, business, finance, media, clothing, advertising, music, and art. We need to infect the programming of the matrix like a mass hack into the planetary consciousness. We need to co-opt the system against itself in order to bring it down as gently as possible with love and compassion.

    Q: If you are telling the truth about your testimony, wouldn’t other people step forward with the same testimony? Unless you are the only person in the ‘SSP’ and who experienced a ’20 and Back?’ So in sending a cease and desist to another whistleblower, are you not silencing them from sharing their own testimony? Regardless if you believe them or not, should they not be allowed to share their perspectives so we can discern the truth for ourselves?

    Answer - Corey Goode: The SSP Alliance and I knew others would step forward with similar testimony for sure. If they were real insiders they would not only be on the asset roles that the SSP Alliance has access to but would also know that certain information I have given in my testimony are phrases I was told to create to be associated with certain SSP terms and topics publicly.

    For example, the SSP Alliance knew that disinformation campaigns would be used against genuine insiders and used a common military intelligence tactic of taking a program name or topic, replacing it with a placeholder name and use that placeholder name as a part of the testimony. This is to give an extra layer of protection to the SSP Alliance, and their sources and methods, as well as keep the heaviest heat off of assets who are disseminating information to the public.

    For example, I was approached by a retired Air Force Surgeon, who I call ‘Bones’, who claimed to have been in a program that sounded exactly like the one I had described except he remembered it being called a different name. Furthermore, he was in the programs during the same time I was.

    So, when people come forward using some of the terms and project names I use it is an immediate red flag. I then follow up with the SSP Alliance to verify if the people were indeed in the programs. So far, Bones and one other are the only people that have passed that test. He chooses to remain anonymous for now but has been able to provide more information on this program than any in the SSP Alliance had known prior. He provided that program’s asset roles that went back nearly 80 years as well as vital intel about its organizational structure.

    I know as our movies begin to come out there will be more and more who use my testimony as a scaffolding upon which to attach their own narratives. This type of ‘Fan Fiction’ will only increase. This is dangerous to the true Full SSP Disclosure narrative but is something that will continue. Those who chose to create these stories will have to do so without using my testimony and protected terms and content. The only way I can ensure that the community receives the true and correct testimony that I have brought forth is by way of policing its quality standards and use.
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  • "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark"
    Jay Danzie
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