• May 29, 1983:
    #HeavyMetalSunday took place at #USFestival83 with Van Halen, Scorpions, Triumph, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe and Quiet Riot.

    best links for pro-filmed footage of nine artists+
    VH backstage pre-show (25 min.)
    #classic #rock #metal #music #history #OTD #80s
    = CIRCUS Magazine: =
    World-saving Public Service Announcements
    for the week of May 27th – June 2nd
    Matthew Ward
    Benjamin Fulford
    Above Majestic trailer
    #Alliance #WhiteDragonSociety #GalacticFederationofLight
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  • Another day of awesomeness... don't usually like Sundays, but let's do our best today!
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  • I managed to finish this page I was working on. Page #4 I believe. Next time I'm gonna work on page #6 (with #5 already being done).
    I realize I have a heap load of more pages to do.. so if I wanna finish this manga and upload it by the end of this year, I'm gonna have to speed things up a bit.

    Either way, I'm making good progress and learning so much along the way. And that is all that matters!
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  • “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt
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  • @boostmyfuel
    Beyond Q- (Part 1)

    The story from the deepest part of the dark web … “The story of Q”.

    After the second election of Barack Obama a small but very rich, intelligent and powerful groups of patriots got together and formed a secret group. They were in fear of losing America to foreign governments through socialism…
    1.e. NATO, UN etc. These nationalist patriots of ten men met in secret and formed a secret alliance. Most are billionaires some are former and then current high ranking government officials. All very intelligent patriots and loyal to the flag, The constitution and America.

    The Group had first hand knowledge of members of the deep state (by name) and knew what they were up against. This was going way beyond just supporting a candidate for president, they did that before and it didn’t work. They decided to actually hand pick the next president of the United States through their powerful secret alliance and by reaching out to Red blooded Americans. The Deep State had just hand picked a President and had done it before. They wanted to beat the deep state at their own game without the deep state even knowing they were in the game.

    Therefore no one could ever know who they are or that they even existed.
    (Below the radar)

    The ten named themselves “Q” or the “Q continuum” after Star Trek. The idea was- the Q was all powerful and no one would even know of the Q’s existence unless the Q revealed themselves or their existence to the world. They, as an all powerful but anonymous group could work in secret without fear of the Deep State. The basics of the overall plan was to put a president in office and people in places in the government so We The People could take America back from the Globalists.

    Phase one of the ten phase plan was picking the right person. The criteria was; He or she must be rich and powerful themselves but self-made, loves America, charismatic, America first, proud, constitutionalist, outspoken, believed in the cause and a non-politician.

    The Q collective put out seven names.
    One of the seven names was Donald Trump. Many of the Q did not want Trump. They thought he was a good choice for America but too much baggage [And perhaps too controversial].

    After great debate the Q narrowed it down to two men, one of which was Donald Trump. The Q took a vote …
    Trump won by a vote of 6 to 4.
    If Trump turned Q down then the other man would become president.

    The Q sent one of the Q (who knew Trump) to approach Trump. Trump was only told of the plan (in short) and that a secret powerful group would be behind him and guiding him all the way. Q told Trump Q’s ten goals to make America great again. (Eight of the ten goals became the talking points of the Trump campaign).
    I.e. Secure the border, deregulation, break away from globalism (America first) etc.
    Part of title of the list (Goals) became the slogan for the Trump campaign –
    “Ten things needed to -Make America Great Again”

    The one Q told Trump nothing of the Q itself or even that he himself was in the Q. Trump was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly work with him. Q told Trump that he (Trump) would even have to spend his own money to run. Millions and Millions of dollars but it was for the greater good of America.

    Trump asked: So, you want me to answer to you? Q answered: No Sir, we would answer to you. Trump looked at Q and said: “ok then, I’m in” Q said “ok, it is done. From here on out, look for me no more. The meeting never happened. I was never here. Never contact me. Speak of this to no one. We will send people” (This was the first, last and only time the Q ever talked to Trump directly)

    Even the people that Q sent didn’t know of Q, this was all done through a middle man. The Q continuum is ten men called “The circle” .These ten men recruited ten more people called “The inner circle”
    (Trump’s inner circle) These ten are placed into the Trump White House and administration, all with possession of great power. ( This was “phase two” ) These ten men and women (all loyal to the US and constitution) do not know any details of the Q or who they are. They only know there is a powerful anonymous force behind the President and they are the ones that put them in place.

    Phase three is now underway. Phase three installs ten more hand picked patriots into power outside of the White House.. This is called “The outer circle” these ten are placed in positions of power and are faithful to the President.

    They are placed into the intelligence agencies CIA, DOJ etc. They too know nothing of Q. They only know a powerful unknown force is behind the President.

    Phase four is the last circle and is just about to be underway. This forth circle is called “The Final circle”. These ten (plus) patriots will all be judges. Placed in stregic places. All patriots, all loyal to the US, The Constitution and the President. They know nothing of Q. They only know that some powerful anonymous force is behind the President. (Now you know why some of those the President picks seemed odd to you at first – The Q picked some of them).

    Phase Five: Break from the Globalist-
    Paris climate accord, etc.

    Phase Six : Expose and drain the swamp / dismantle the deep state- (You’re Fired)

    Phase seven: The 2018 elections- Control both houses and the governorship.

    Phase eight: The 2020 elections.

    When it came time to start getting the word out to We The People, The Q placed an intelligent person in the White House inner cycle, told this person to covertly reach out to We The People and told this person to go by “Q Anon” -“anonymous”
    This person knows nothing about The Q continuum. They only know that some powerful “anonymous” force is behind the President and they have been placed into the “inner circle” to get the word out to We The People (anonymously)

    Oddly enough Q is not The Q. Q knows little to nothing about The Q.
    Q only speaks for The Q and goes by the name Q – anonymously ‘

    Other Notes about the Q:
    When one Q (the circle) dies another is promoted from the ranks so there are always ten Q. This has already happened once very early on.

    The deep state killed one of the original Q. One of the ten. He was also one of the founding three. This was a very powerful judge. The Deep State discovered that this judge had set out to expose and dismantle the deep state but that is all they knew and they knew nothing of the Q. The deep state killed the judge in his sleep and made it to look like natural causes.

    Assoc. Chief Justice Antonin Scalia


    The story of the Q is not from Q, it is beyond Q. Nonetheless in times to come Q will soon validate the story of the Q in Q’s own way. Q will “echo” parts of the story of the Q.

    Added Note: The story of the Q was only on the Deep net for 20 minutes, 20 seconds and was not copied and pasted. So it was hastily hand written down.
    I myself am not saying this is or is not true. Nor am I saying I personally know anything about Q (I do not). I am just saying… here is the story of the Q. Do with it what you will.

    *I copied and pasted this message from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous themselves, but feel free to make this public.”



    In case you didn’t read Part One, I highly recommend it. We are discussing Q Anon briefings from September 19th confirming the existence of Secret Space Programs.

    This is a tremendous development that suggests disclosure could be much bigger and better than many of us thought.

    In my previous article from September 8th, I made it very clear that I supported Obama when he was pushing for disclosure, just as I now support the Alliance initiative working through Trump.

    The Cabal is suppressing technologies that can resolve every single crisis that plagues our planet at this time.

    We are already an interstellar, Star Trek civilization, with stargate and super-light-speed “warp drive” capability.

    We are already interacting with hundreds of different species of extraterrestrials.

    All along, I have seen Trump as the “battering ram” that was necessary to smash through the overwhelmingly violent resistance to disclosure that exists.

    The “Fearless Dominance” and strong motivation to be the best, and make history, have somehow led to him doing this.


    It should be very obvious to everyone that the mainstream media is in an absolute fight to the death with this administration.

    One of the latest examples of this was the incredibly nasty fight surrounding the appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, which went through on October 7th.

    Unless you carefully follow alternative media, you might naturally believe Kavanaugh was a dangerous, sadistic rapist.

    The Q Anon briefings made it clear that these were calculated, false smear attempts, since Kavanaugh was essential to the mass arrests working successfully.

    With his presence on the Supreme Court, Q Anon indicated that the arrests can now move through without being obstructed.

    Benjamin Fulford pointed out that the Arch of Ba’al was erected in Washington, DC just as this nasty fight reached its peak.

    This appeared to be another example of the satanic elites using “ritual magic” in an attempt to empower their plans.

    [This arch is also one of the most common “Illuminati symbols” that gets deliberately planted into a wide variety of Hollywood films, once you know what you’re looking for.

    As one homework assignment, count how many times the arch appears in the movie Devil’s Advocate.]

    I really wish I didn’t have to know about this stuff, but once you understand what is going on, you no longer have the luxury of ignoring these details:

    10/15: Arch of Ba’al Erected in DC As Kavanaugh Fight Reached Its Peak

    Please recall that the Arch of Ba’al was on display in Washington, DC as the fight to install Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh was reaching its climax.

    “Jonathan Cahn, author of the book The Paradigm, has pointed out that Baal was a god of power, fertility, and child sacrifice,” according to this website and many other sources.

    This same Arch of Ba’al has been on display in front of various gatherings of “globalists,” including a “World Government Summit” in the UAE in 2017.


    The idea that Christine Blasey Ford could have been lying about Kavanaugh might have been completely insane to most people, particularly those on the left.

    Nonetheless, there was abundant proof that she was lying about multiple things in her testimony, as this October 2nd article argued.

    On September 29th, the Senate Judiciary Committee also caught someone else lying about Kavanaugh, only to later recant his false claims on a social media post.

    This person could very well have been paid or otherwise influenced to say the things he said, before experiencing such a huge backlash.

    We are not going into too much detail on these stories, for now, so I recommend studying the above links if you are not aware of these counter-arguments.

    Again, you don’t have to like any of these characters. At all. What I do think you should like is the idea of Full Disclosure.

    If you are a long-term visitor to this site, then I hope you realize the Alliance is getting closer and closer to completing its mission.


    Up until the 2016 election victory happened, the opposing candidates in previous elections were really nothing more than Wrestlemania.

    In the debates, they appeared to be against each other. However, just like at a carnival, after the match they laugh and drink beer together.

    It’s like a classic saying one of my insiders loved to use in our conversations.

    It starts with a question: “I can guarantee with 100 percent precision who will win the next Super Bowl. You want to know who it is?”

    “Sure,” I said.

    “The NFL!”

    The equivalent, in this case, would have been, “Who will win the next election?”

    “The Deep State!”


    In carnival terms, this idea of a staged conflict between business associates is called “Kayfabe,” which is an encoded term for “Be Fake.”

    Opposing carnival wrestlers are taught they must NEVER “Break the Kayfabe.” Any time they are seen in public by anyone, they must appear to hate each other.

    If anyone gets wind of what is really going on, the carnival will quickly be confronted by police for fraud, shut down and run out of town.

    Wrestling also has an assigned role for each character: There is the “Face” and the “Heel.”

    The “Face” looks better, and deliberately tells the townspeople how amazing their village is. The more loved he is, the better.

    The “Heel” is less attractive, and deliberately insults the town and its people — or at least some of them.

    His job is to get the audience as close to a violent riot as possible, without having them actually erupt into physical violence.

    Then, when the Heel appears to be defeated by the Face in the wrestling match, everyone cheers… and feels like they got their money’s worth.


    The Deep State’s plan for the 2016 election, in light of this Carnival Logic, was very simple: Hillary was the “Face,” and Jeb Bush was the “Heel.”

    Hundreds of millions of dollars were invested in Jeb’s campaign. They were serious about it.

    Jeb did not have the looks, charisma, public speaking chops or magnetism of Hillary. That was the point. He was the Heel.

    This next image is from a Politico article on June 1st, 2015, scripting how this “boring” election was expected to go down:

    The Deep State knew they had complete control of both candidates. Even in the unlikely event that the “Heel” won, who still won the Election?

    The Deep State.

    The media continued to attack Trump the entire time, making it look as if he didn’t even have a chance to beat Jeb, much less any of the others.

    Each new leap forward he made in his candidacy was seen as a total shock. Yet he still won. Somehow.

    So much hate has been piled upon him since then that it may be nearly impossible for people to see anything else.


    The media has been in a non-stop assault against Trump ever since he joined the race, and particularly after it looked like he might win the Republican nomination.

    If you hear enough negative stuff about someone for a long-enough period of time, you’re probably going to hate them just because you’re so sick of it.

    Now you can’t even speak about anything other than the “official” party line of the mainstream media without being censored.

    ‘Defamation’ is false information that has been deliberately fabricated to attack someone’s reputation.

    Slander is spoken defamation, and libel is written defamation.

    The amount of slander and libel that is occurring in this case, directly from a media that is supposed to be unbiased by law, is absolutely staggering.


    For just a moment, try this exercise. You may not like it. At all. But just think about it. Without using names, just consider the concepts.

    You have more money than you could ever imagine. Your family is set for life. You are a celebrity. A billionaire.

    You can do anything you want. You can live safely and protect your family.

    For some reason, you willingly decide to take on a mission that is almost certain death — for you and your entire family.

    The assassination threats will be overwhelming and constant. The level of hate that will be directed at you will be nearly unprecedented in Earth’s history.

    You know you are not a perfect person. Issues from your past will inevitably come up that will be deeply disparaging and humiliating, if not damning, once revealed.

    Your goal is to hold off the trouble for as long as you can, so you can complete the mission — and stay alive in the process.

    The tension with your spouse is extraordinary. The in-fighting with your closest associates, along with the betrayals, is non-stop.

    The media turns against you more extremely than any other figure in recorded history. Yet you still keep going.


    The Alliance’s efforts date back to at least the Korean War, at which time the five-inch-thick binder called “The Plan” was created, as we discussed in the previous article, now with over 700,000 views.

    The Alliance was aware that we were dealing with a genocidal, bloodthirsty cabal of individuals worshiping ancient gods and seeking to create total misery and death on earth.

    Top generals were on the verge of doing mass arrests during the Obama administration.

    We have been passing along multiple Alliance briefings about potential mass arrests ever since 2009, and it was extremely serious.

    At the time it would have been severely traumatic, and would have looked like a literal military coup against the United States leadership.

    The Deep State was aware enough of the Alliance that the Alliance was under constant attack. This included massive financial problems.

    It was very much like the story of the Founding Fathers of the United States in that sense. The Alliance did NOT have a strong asset base.

    I did not gain that information in briefings until fairly recently, and it helped to explain a LOT of things for me.


    Donald Trump was apparently approached by the Alliance because he was only one they could find who had any chance of carrying out their mission:

    1. He was an existing celebrity who was already popular with many people;

    2. He had enough money to finance his own campaign without being bought out by special interests;

    3. He was not personally involved in any of the most depraved acts of the Deep State, based on advanced Alliance surveillance;

    4. He had a very strong sense of self, which would be necessary in the face of a hatred unprecedented in world history;

    5. He had the qualities of “Fearless Dominance” necessary to face almost certain death against a murderous cabal.

    Again… where so many people are getting hung up is that this is NOT all about the president. He is just one person in a much greater effort.

    He has made outrageous gaffes that I would never dream of saying, publicly or privately, in a million years.

    It is amazing that he hasn’t cracked any farther considering the awesome, worldwide pressure he is facing.

    Trump was simply chosen to participate in a particular role within a vastly larger operation, which far predates him.

    The Alliance attempted to coordinate with Obama to do disclosure as well, but Obama succumbed to the murderous pressure of the Deep State.

    No one can accuse me of taking political sides here. My side is for Disclosure. I support whoever can actually make that happen.

    And just like I said about the Law of One crew and my own insiders in Part One, deeply flawed people can still do things that contribute to disclosure.


    Real life is not like a Disney movie. We don’t get perfect, crowd-pleasing heroes who perfectly embody every part of the hero archetype.

    Thus we seem to be in a highly surreal situation right now, which in this case also stirs up bizarre ancestral memories of quirky kings from aeons past.

    The amount of hate we see on a daily basis is utterly sickening, and deeply traumatic. If you believe everything the Cabal is putting out, things have never been worse.

    It would appear that we are in a true All is Lost point, globally.

    On the spiritual level, this is allowing everyone to process memories in the deep subconscious — from other lifetimes on earth.

    These historical cycles are very important for the practice of forgiveness and soul evolution, as I argue in The Synchronicity Key.

    Patterns of events keep repeating and repeating, in very precise cycles of time, until we integrate the lessons they offer.

    These lessons invariably revolve around the concept of forgiveness of self and others.


    Again, I have to laugh, as until I got the briefings and saw what the Alliance was doing, I would have never had a single good thing to say about Donald Trump.

    There are still a huge number of things that have happened that upset me. Statements and decisions that made me cringe.

    Public gaffes that are so outrageous I would audibly groan when I saw them. And so on. You’ve probably had the same experiences. They keep happening.

    The media has tried to make it so that there is no middle ground. You are either a “Trump-Tard” or you wildly hate the man.

    Anyone who even attempted to create any type of “Middle Path” was immediately and wildly attacked, defamed and shut down.

    It amazes me how wildly some people hate me for simply being optimistic about the idea that this administration might fulfill the Alliance’s long-standing plan for Full Disclosure.

    And with the awesome purges going on, the media elite are literally trying to make it impossible for you to hear any dissenting opinions.

    That should also give you something to think about, if you can step back, take a breath and think differently for a moment.


    The controlled media fought valiantly to argue that Trump didn’t actually win the popular vote.

    Instead, the spoon-fed media sound-bite was that he must have ‘stolen’ the election. How?

    Russia. Russia! RUSSIA!!!!

    The great old nuclear enemy of the United States, back at it for one more title fight, gunning for the championship belt — the total control of America.

    Russia… who made up all this really evil stuff about our Holy Immaculate Mother, Hillary, and smeared it all over the internet.

    The irony of this was that most people didn’t like Hillary either. For many, it was a choice between two deeply flawed candidates.

    Again… if the Democrats really wanted to pick the most likely candidate to win, it would have been Bernie Sanders. He was FAR cleaner and vastly more likable.

    Hillary was very unpopular. She was caught in countless, provable crimes that dwarfed Watergate by orders of magnitude.

    Yet, the Deep State knew it had to be her. It was surreal in the extreme to watch how she was shoved down our throats.


    If you still have a hard time thinking anything positive could be happening with this administration, consider this.

    The Deep State is now fighting so hard that you literally can’t even talk about this administration in any positive way, and be heard online.

    The only way you can still have freedom of speech at this point is to run your own website on a private server and have a loyal, long-term following, like what is happening here.

    Anything else, including a site where you have a sub-domain within a larger domain name, is utterly and completely vulnerable.

    And if you are writing on any large social media platform or doing videos on YouTube, forget it. You’re done.

    There is a massive, ongoing, non-stop bloodbath of censorship against ANYONE who dares to say anything that is other than total negativity.

    This article from Natural News is one of many that are covering this massive purge just before the midterm elections. Here is an excerpt:

    10/12: Massive, Coordinated Social Media Purge Before Midterm Elections

    (Natural News) Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter are committing massive election fraud with a coordinated purge of conservative and libertarian accounts just weeks before the mid-term elections.

    What follows are excerpts from Information Liberation (Chris Menahan) and The Organic Prepper (Daisy Luther):

    …Hundreds of alternative media site administrators logged onto Facebook to discover that their accounts had been removed. Soon after, many of these sites and their writers found that their Twitter accounts had also been suspended.

    Popular pages like The AntiMedia (2.1 million fans), The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans), Press for Truth (350K fans), Police the Police (1.9 million fans), Cop Block (1.7 million fans), and Punk Rock Libertarians (125K fans) are just a few of the ones which were unpublished.

    The fact that many of these accounts were also suspended by Twitter shortly thereafter should tell you that this is a coordinated effort to silence large swaths of the population….

    Mark Zuckerberg just shut down 559 pages and 251 accounts — which include tons of massive independent media sites with millions of followers run by Americans — a few weeks out from the midterms.

    Jack Dorsey followed it up by banning many of the same independent news sites and the journalists who ran them on Twitter.

    The pages included The Free Thought Project, Press For Truth, Anti-Media, Cop Block, Filming Cops, Counter Current News, Right Wing News, Noisy Room, Gun Laws Don’t Work, Reverb Press, Nation in Distress, Clash Daily, Voluntaryist Veterans and many more.

    If you are totally OK with reading the above, seeing this like a sports game in which the side you hate is losing, then you are missing the point.

    We have a coordinated operation between mainstream media and social media tyrants literally conducting the largest mass censorship in recorded history.

    Let’s say you hate Trump, hate the right, hate the whole thing. Are you still cool with it going this far?

    Don’t you feel educated and powerful enough to make your own decisions about what to believe, without having dissenting opinions forcefully sanitized — so your eyes never see them?

    Is Facebook’s excuse of “inauthentic behavior” reason enough to kill off “The Anti-Media,” with 2.17 million folowers?

    How authentic is the idea of corporate giants completely shredding the freedom of speech guaranteed in our Constitution?

    Are you even capable of allowing yourself to get mad about this, even if the victims are people you normally would not agree with?


    A couple of months ago, I saw an article detailing how a wide variety of popular pages regarding organic food and healthy eating were also being banned.

    If you can find the link to that research, please drop it in the comments and I will include it here. Thanks.

    OK, we found it. Thank you, Melissa in Arcadia! The article appeared on Activist Post as of July 13th.

    The list of “purged” sites, with huge followings, is 84 long. (This was before the new purge of a staggering 559 additional pages.)

    We will just list the first 35 to give you a sense of who the Deep State was targeting. Most are about as far left as you could ever want:

    7/3: Facebook Purges Over 80 Accounts in Sweeping Attack on Alternative Media

    Here’s a list of all the pages I know of which have been deleted or unpublished indefinitely:

    1.Collectively Conscious (915K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    2.Natural Cures Not Medicine (2.3M followers) – Deleted on June 11th, 2018.

    3.I Want to Be 100% Organic (700K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    4.Viral Alternative News (500K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    5.Organic Health (230K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    6.Natural Cures From Food (120K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    7.Heart Centered Rebalancing (3.9M followers) – Deleted a few years ago.

    8.Awareness Act (1.1M followers) – Deleted in mid-2017.

    9.Conscious Life News (1.1M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.

    10.Wake The F— Up (550K followers) – Deleted about a year ago.

    11.Living Traditionally (570K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    12.Organic Wellness (600K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    13.Chocolate Socrates (608K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    14.Earth We Are One (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.

    15.Meditation Masters (2.3M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    16.People’s Awakening (3.6M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.

    17.Nikola Tesla (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.

    18.Interesting Stories (1.5M followers) – Deleted on June 5th, 2018.

    19.The Warrior (1.7M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    20.Natural Health Warriors (140K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    21.Tech Explorers (270K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    22.Universe Explorers (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    23.Area 51 (1.5M followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    24.The Global Meditation (70K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    25.Video Explorers (780K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    26.Spiritualer. Com (80K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    27.Flower of Life (670K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    28.EWAO (30K followers) – Unpublished on June 5th, 2018.

    29.Global Freedom Movement (27K followers) – Deleted on June 19th, 2018.

    30.Health & Alternative Medicine (550K followers) – Deleted on June 13th, 2018.

    31.Pure Nature (1.7M followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.

    32.Nature Gallery (654K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.

    33.Mesmerizing Nature (912K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.

    34.Nature’s Touch (150K followers) – Deleted on June 3rd, 2018.

    35.We Really Like Animals (544K) – Deleted on June 20th, 2018.


    This is all starting to sound like a (thankfully) non-lethal version of Martin Niemöller’s classic poem, “First They Came for the Socialists.”

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    EVEN DIGG.COM JUMPED IN is a “content aggregator” site that takes the most popular stuff on the internet, from and elsewhere, and packages it in one page.

    I hit Digg’s homepage every day, with a bookmark. It is one of my primary places to visit, other than Drudge Report. I do not visit social media at all except to make announcements.

    Digg is pretty darn mainstream, but they still nonetheless have surprises. Consider this article from October 24th, where they were brave enough to speak “truth to power” in this situation:

    10/24: Remember Bookmarks in a Time of Social Media Mass Brainwashing

    Just within the past month:

    50 million Facebook users had their personal information stolen,

    Instagram is more than happy to prioritize growth over the mental health of their users,

    Facebook faked video view metrics by up to 900%, which defrauded advertisers and ushered in waves of layoffs in the media industry, and;

    The New York Times Editorial Board recently scolded Facebook and Twitter for relying on the media industry to moderate their platforms for them.

    The sum total of this is, in the estimation of writer Adam Sternbergh who literally took a course on how to be happy, is that today’s internet is designed to make us upset.

    “If science sought to create a Sadness Generator, it couldn’t do better than Facebook/Instagram,” tweeted Sternbergh.

    I believe him.

    We can’t leave our consumption habits up to algorithms developed by profit-seeking companies that claim to know us better than we know ourselves.

    The feeds are destroying us. But buried within your web browser lies a solution. That solution is the bookmark….


    Whether he was ‘real’ or a paid operative, as some have suggested, the case of Alex Jones in mid-August set a stunning precedent for what we are now seeing in mid-October.

    Digg, again, was brave enough to ask the questions other media outlets refused to even address:

    All Alex had left was Twitter, where he was using Periscope to post videos — and then they banned him on that platform as well:

    Unilaterally, in a matter of days, Alex was banned from ALL social media.

    Then when you tried to go to his website to hear what he had to say, guess what — it was not available due to an utterly massive hack. Interesting timing:

    This is Nazi stuff. Old Soviet KGB strategy. Orwellian.


    Is Old Alex really so terrifying that even hearing his words is a “thoughtcrime” that the poor, suffering public must be protected from at all costs?

    Is it so hazardous to your health to hear an Alex rant that your ears will start bleeding and you must be rushed to the emergency room?

    Is his one Big, Terrible Mistake — speculating if Sandy Hook was somehow not exactly as we were told — so terrible that he must lose his freedom of speech?

    [Almost every single article that wrote about this multi-platform banning used this one argument as if it was all-encompassing.]

    Are the social media giants public utilities, or simply good-old-boys’ corporate networks where “He who has the peso has the say-so?”

    The Germans cheered when the last independent media source, not controlled by the State, was shut down by the Nazis.

    Hardly anyone batted an eye when Q Anon was similarly “deplatformed” from Reddit and other such hosts soon afterwards.


    The declassification of the FISA memos was something Q Anon had expected to be a mega-bombshell. Instead, thanks to this mass censorship, hardly anyone even heard about it.

    The FISA memos showed absolute proof that the highest-level people in the FBI knowingly constructed an elaborate attack campaign against Trump to sway the election.

    Top FBI officials fabricated a wealth of “fake news” stories about Russia collusion, where none actually existed.

    They planted these stories out into the media, and then used paid, planted insiders to create mock outrage about the fake news.

    They talked about this in their text messages with each other, patted each other on the back, and never thought they’d get caught.

    The FBI fought mercilessly — to the death — to stop these FISA memos from being leaked, and yet they came out anyway.


    For a long time I absolutely blasted Fox, and it still frankly gives me the chills even though they now co-operate with the Alliance.

    Nonetheless, if you can tolerate it just long enough to get through about fourteen minutes, you should carefully watch this anyway:


    Q flagged the quote that appears at the 13:35 mark in post number 2229, and it is important enough here to be repeated:

    13:35 (transcript)
    Joe DiGenova

    “As I’ve been saying for two years, there’s been a brazen plot to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton in the email case and then if she had lost, to frame Donald Trump.

    And that is exactly what these texts are about.

    Whether or not Mr. Strzok and Lisa Page and others are indicted is certainly a question people can debate, but let me just say [this:]

    I know there is a grand jury underway. Testimony is being taken about Strzok, Page, McCabe and others involved in this case.

    The reason we know it is that James Baker, the former general counsel of the FBI, as turned State’s evidence is fully cooperating with the Inspector General and with the Federal Grand Jury.

    I can assure you, Mr. Comey has been very silent in recent weeks and the reason is very simple: he knows he’s going to be indicted.”


    When I was talking with the female insider “Mega Anon” about things like this on the phone last year, I could easily get confused by all of the names.

    So, in case this is happening to you, here is a basic orientation of what is going on:

    Peter Strzok was Chief of the Counter-Espionage Section of the FBI. Strzok led the FBI’s softball investigation into Hillary’s use of a personal email server.

    Andrew McCabe was the former deputy director of the FBI, from February 2016 to January 2018.

    McCabe became the acting director from May 9th to August 2nd, 2017, after Trump dismissed James Comey as the FBI director for corruption charges.

    Lisa Page was a top FBI lawyer who exchanged anti-Trump text messages with Peter Strzok, devising elaborate strategies to publicly defame him.

    The new texts that are being released reveal Strzok, McCabe and Page committing far worse crimes than previously disclosed.

    Even if you hate this president, bear in mind that tampering with a federal election at the level the FBI have provably done is a very serious crime.

    I GET IT…

    The people who hate Trump are probably never going to change their minds. “But what about Russia?”

    The US is more divided than it has been since the Civil War. Even mass arrests and disclosure is not likely to change that.

    Please bear in mind that in no way do I support a totalitarian Trump-led dictatorship in the aftermath of mass arrests. Not at all.

    If there is any sign that this is starting to happen after the big event occurs, believe me, I will be exposing it fearlessly.

    My point is this: We absolutely need disclosure in order to survive. Our planet is in serious trouble. The suppressed Secret Space Program technologies will help immeasurably.

    Even if you see this as a fight to the death between warring, negative factions, remember this: The one thing they always agreed upon was secrecy.

    Once you reveal the kayfabe, once the public knows the whole thing was a scam, politics is forever destroyed. There is no turning back.

    The public will be horribly betrayed — and it will take much, much more work to regain that trust than ever before.


    In this next post from September 9th, we see an example where the Q Anon folks believed the FISA memos would have a much larger impact than they actually did, at the time:

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: fd0a4a No.2950995
    Sep 9 2018 18:07:54 (EST)

    How do you know when something VERY BIG is about to drop?
    You have more than you know.


    The previous article has now had over 700,000 views, and therefore is a very public and popular piece of journalism.

    On September 10th, Q warned that there should be no private communications from past, present or future about this mass arrest operation being put online.

    It was also stated that the people involved in the operation should have no communications (comms) outside the Q platform.

    From this point forward, I stopped seeking new briefings on what is going on. We are so close now that everything is very sensitive.

    Eight days later, the silence paid off when Q dropped the Big One: Not just disclosure, but the Secret Space Program.

    Here is where the warning about leaks was posted on September 10th. This is likely why Q has been totally silent since October 9th:


    In the previous article, I had speculated about how many operatives may be involved in conducting the arrests.

    This is an excerpt where I worked up some numbers:


    If it took 500 officers from eight different police divisions to successfully round up 50 armed drug dealers, it may take half a million personnel to grab fifty thousand criminals all at once.

    Furthermore, the Schenectady sting was all done in a few hours. The leaked plans for mass arrests suggest it could take nine days, or even up to two weeks.

    This would give time for the same teams of operatives to pounce on multiple locations within a relatively short time window.

    Let’s say it took about five days instead of one. In that case, you may only need 100,000 personnel instead of 500,000.

    Bear in mind that I have been getting high-quality briefings — for years now — about huge covert teams that are already in position for this purpose.

    They are living and working in plainclothes, but all they have been doing with the majority of their time is training for these operations.


    This article went up on September 8th. The speculation was that there were somewhere between 100,000 and 500,000 operatives involved in these pending actions.

    Four days later, Q appeared to give a direct answer to this speculation.

    297,000 OPERATIVES

    The number of operatives involved in the pending mass arrests may well turn out to be 297,000 — and Q indicated that this was “Military planning at its finest.”

    It makes sense that you would need this many operatives in order to safely and properly conduct an operation of this scope and complexity:

    Given that our articles are intensely popular, and that Q revealed the Secret Space Program just a week later, this may well have been a response to our speculation.


    Right in the middle of the worst of the hurricane heading towards Washington, DC, the president tweeted “the Swamp is trying to fight back:”


    There have been MANY Q posts describing a state of panic in DC, and this one from September 19th included the UK as well:

    Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 72b088 No.3093117
    Sep 19 2018 18:45:07 (EST)


    This certainly fits in with the mass-media censorship we are now seeing.

    This is a totally desperate move, since millions of people are losing access to alternative media outlets they love.

    You can’t conduct operations like this for very long without it blowing up in your face.


    The Q Anon comment boards lit up with all sorts of hate against yours truly in the aftermath of this stunning verification of the Secret Space Program.

    This included posts where my face was put next to that of Hitler on 8Chan — although this may have been by a supporter making a point about what he was seeing.


    Another noteworthy event was Corey Goode coming forward on Jimmy Church’s radio show, two days after this announcement was made.

    Here is a link where it was posted:

    ▶Anonymous 09/21/18 (Fri) 01:22:49 d6da9a No.3119242

    This seems to fit right in here.

    Corey Goode was live on Jimmy Church – Fade to black show after Q dropped ‘not alone’ and ‘programs exist outside of public domain.’


    The film Above Majestic has been in development for nearly two years now, beginning with footage collected by Jordan Sather.

    This includes seldom-seen footage of William Tompkins before his death, who reveals a variety of excellent points about the Secret Space Program.

    I originally taped for this film back in April or thereabouts. Orchard Entertainment later wanted to distribute it as a theatrical movie.

    I then requested that I be allowed to re-tape all of my sections of the film, once I saw the finished product and assessed what it needed.

    The re-taping was done in very early August. I have since been able to view the finished product before its official debut next week.


    I do feel very safe in saying this: Never before has there been an “all in one” burst of full disclosure like this in a single film.

    The production company did an excellent job of adding a wide variety of B-roll, as it is called, including things I never expected them to find.

    I will post another article that goes into more detail about the contents of the film on October 30th, when it premieres.

    In light of the incredible, mass media censorship happening right now, the timing of the release of this film couldn’t be any better.

    I will also be launching a five-week online conference in the near future, entitled Ascension Academy.

    Before then, Above Majestic will be a shocking “truth bomb” you can share with people who are still asleep, at the normal cost of renting a movie.

    It actually turned out much better than I thought it might. The message it conveys, from a variety of insiders, is highly compelling.


    Please remember that renting a movie like this also supports disclosure financially at a time where it is needed most.

    Despite all the problems and public attacks we have endured, this film stands on its own.

    This is also the first time I have had a major starring role in a theatrical release.

    I am very proud of everyone’s work on the film, and feel that it says many things that are extremely urgent and timely.

    Sadly, the premiere had to be canceled due to very serious threats, which could have affected everyone at the party.

    Nonetheless, it seems next to impossible that the Cabal will be able to stop you from renting this movie, regardless of all their advanced tradecraft and trickery.

    Here is the first trailer, where you can see some of it for yourself:


    With the sealed indictments now up to 55,000 and counting, we can certainly expect more “action” in the near future.

    I have a bunch of interviews to conduct as part of my contract for the promotion of the film with Orchard, and will link to them here when they arrive.

    The weird hurricanes, massive economic turbulence and “partial disclosure” drips in the mainstream media are all signs that a “Truth Tornado” is heading straight for us.

    We can expect that things will be very interesting once Q Anon decides to start posting again. This is truly “the calm before the storm.”

    Be on the lookout for the launch of Ascension Academy. I had hoped to do this earlier, but have had many very serious issues to contend with first.

    Again, please drop us your email address in case we get de-platformed in this very ominous environment. Seriously:

    I am also happy to report that we have now set up our own 501c3 foundation, so any donations you may send to keep us going are now completely tax-free:


    Before we sign off here, I wanted to make one last statement about the Q Anon briefings on the Secret Space Program.

    The Q Anon posts are widely respected and taken very seriously.

    Many obvious efforts have been made in them to prove they are emerging directly from within the current US administration.

    When the indictments unseal, and the arrests finally happen, everyone will then look back to the Q Anon posts and see how accurate they were.

    They are extremely complex, and the amount of information that has already been conveyed is truly staggering.


    Now that Q Anon has said that we are not alone, and that secret space programs exist “outside of public domain,” we have a great opportunity.

    In the post-mass-arrests world, we can have a mass call to action to alert people to these statements of September 19th, and hold the Alliance accountable for them.

    This may have been by design. The Alliance has given us a great tool that we can use to ensure that disclosure happens even faster.

    If enough people call attention to those posts, and insist that answers be provided, we can get the truth much faster.

    We can ask what the “Space Force” was all about, and why we were told we would be going to Mars “Very Soon.”

    The future is quite exciting, and exactly how or when this will happen is anybody’s guess.

    Either way, there is a tremendous feeling of excitement brewing.

    And in case you are already a victim of de-platforming, just remember: your life has value regardless of whether you are on Facebook or not.

    Many whose voices were suppressed and silenced will become publicly-recognized heroes in the post-Disclosure society.

    We will not let the deaths of Jim Marrs, John DeCamp, William Tompkins, Preston Nichols, Karl Wolfe, Bob Dean and other brave heroes be forgotten.


    Brad Kauilapele sent me this link, ironically at exactly 4:20 AM, to an article on Neon Revolt.

    I had earlier feared this was another Cabal “fake news” channel like Neon Nettle, but I have since realized this guy is very real.

    He is in that phase that all of us go through at some point where you are constantly pumping out content as it catches on.

    He makes a very good point — namely that the Hatch Act (5 USC 7321-26) prohibits the timing of arrests to affect an election.

    This means the Cabal might be able get off entirely, on a technicality, if significant Q posts were put out prior to November 7th.

    Thankfully, we only have a week and a half left to wait. It’s a very short article, unlike yours truly, but worth reading:

    This certainly strikes me as a plausible explanation for the otherwise very peculiar silence we are now seeing.

    With this in mind, we can expect some serious fireworks to occur after the election — and in the meantime we have Above Majestic coming out, which will definitely help.

    Stay tuned.


    While making the above update, I had two more examples of repeating number patterns in the hit counter, as follows:

    Notice also that they both had similar patterns… 22’s and 33’s.

    To me, this just shows that we are on the right track… and the fun has just begun.


    Many of you were asking for links to where you can buy the movie. I am happy to report that the official Itunes link is already up and running:

    As with any film, you can buy the movie to watch it as many times as you want, in this case for 14.99, or rent it to see it once.

    I am not sure what the rental price will be yet, but it should be comparable to any other normal film.

    The film is already available for pre-order, and given the circumstances, this might be one movie you actually want to own.

    It is so jam-packed with amazing info that it will likely take a few different viewings, in different states of consciousness, to really take it all in.

    Pre-Order Above Majestic now!
    Purchase URL:
    Get 4 hours of bonus material with purchase
    on iTunes and Vimeo!
    Vimeo link:

    Here is a letter from Orchard: “Of the three bonus features, we have a three-hour interview of you which is unreleased and absolutely amazing material!

    The interview is cut into part 1 and part 2. I would think your fans would be thrilled to have this interview.”

    Thank you for supporting this work and those of us who are still alive to carry it on.


    One of the things we discussed in the previous article was the idea that the Emergency Messaging System would be used to announce the Mass Arrests.

    This appears to be the only system that the Alliance can use to bypass Deep State corporate media censorship.

    They did, in fact, run the test at 2:18 PM Eastern time on October 3rd. My phone went off and I was absolutely stunned.

    This was just an initial test to confirm that the messages can be conveyed — but it was very real.

    Here is a very troubled Electronic Privacy Information Center update about this:

    10/1: Intrusive Presidential Emergency Alert Scheduled for October 3 at 2:18 PM EDT

    The Department of Homeland Security and FCC have rescheduled a controversial test that allows the President to suspend cell phone service and communicate directly with cell phone subscribers in the United States.

    The test message header is labelled “Presidential Alert” and will include the following text “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

    Cell phone users cannot opt out of the test. The President has sole authority to determine when the alert will be activated.

    The test will use the same special tone and vibration as with alerts for Tornado Warnings and AMBER Alerts.

    It is unclear why the alert is designated a “Presidential Alert” or when it may be issued.

    Now, as a result of reading these articles and studying all of this, you may have a better idea of what this is going to be used for.

    I say “Bring it on.”

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    David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science and new paradigms of energy and matter. He is rewriting entire branches of science and leading a new narrative of human history, one that includes races of highly advanced beings that we share earth and space with. The Golden thread that weaves his work together is the science of Ascension - a solar-system-wide transformation that elevates earth and humanity to a higher phase of spiritual advancement. David’s message is one of unity and love, encouraging people to live a life of goodness and harmony. He is a cosmic reporter of poignant news and events in the Ascension timeline and drama.
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    Pedro on November 16, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The act of the Alliance approaching Donald Trump to help with dethroning the Cabal, was no doubt well intended, but given his voracious appetite and penchant for lies, racism, nepotism, dictatorial and fascist tendencies, and self aggrandizement, that noble goal is currently in jeopardy. Having read the “law of One”, Donald Trump is an unmistakable example of one dedicated to the love of self. In other words, he is not different from the Cabal. The only reason why he isn’t part of the Cabal, is because they never found him worthy enough to be recruited into their ranks. This, in my opinion, explains his grudge for the Cabal and why he gave his nod to the Alliance. He is therefore, an opportunist, bent on settling his own selfish scores against the Cabal. Let us not forget that he spent most of his life wining and dining with them. It maybe true that we will never find anyone on earth for such a task without blemish. But Donald Trump is the extreme, with little regard for human decency. In my opinion, he is in it for his own gain. How can any good come out of one who is blatantly in cahoots with Wall Street and the Zionists and openly dancing to their drum beat of another war in the middle east? Either he is the greatest actor of all times, or we have all been played for a sucker. As the saying goes, I will believe it when I see it. If it is true that there are thousands of indictments waiting to be unsealed in a surprise and coordinated fashion, why are we even talking about them? Aren’t we letting the cat out of the bag by so doing and giving the enemy ample time and opportunity to plan his own exit strategy or fight back, thereby making the operation more difficult? Shouldn’t a task of such monumental proportion and import, demand all of Donald Trump’s attention and planning, instead of spending most of his time watching TV, playing to his narrow minded supporters in endless campaign rallies and engaging in petty personality fights? Whatever endless criticism he currently gets, he brought on himself by his own pettiness. Donald Trump has the power and the opportunity of a lifetime to become the greatest President that ever lived; but so far, he has chosen hatred and division over love and unity.
    Alan on November 21, 2018 at 11:44 am

    Thanks for expressing this, in many ways I feel the same.

    His personality is regrettably the worst example of an ethical and spiritually aligned leadership (IMHO). This is what infuriates many people seeking a true selfless patriot as their leader. He is certainly the most difficult ‘leader’ to predict in terms of trying to work with him, and in that one sense he may be a useful asset/co-worker BUT he is a very risk laden liability at the same time and may narrow-mindedly cause us great harm by shooting from the hip and blurting out reactionary blunders on the international stage He is not one that shows he is balanced, and capable of weighing all sides up intellectually before opening his mouth. He is like a big spoilt brat, perhaps useful for some good, but hardly inspiring much confidence into a very delicate unknown future. In fact I’m most worried that he may be more useful to ‘our enemies’ than to ourselves. He is certainly giving them plenty of fuel and ammunition to fight with.

    The truth is kind of shy, it lies between the the slippery slopes of ‘captured and charged thought’, it lies between labels and camps. It is revealed to those who shrug off pre-loaded ‘choices’. It is nuanced and it needs level heads with strong harmony to convey it. From where I see it, President Trump hardly commands great respect in the philosophical and spiritual domain, which I believe good people should have in a leader to follow and support for the desired outcomes of sustainable Liberty. We need people who can show the common truth in all camps and divisions and who are not afraid to embrace these common truths no matter who claims to own them. Someone who can settle us down and BY THEIR OWN EXAMPLE communicate the universal value of these truths. This is how unity and the establishment a better morality is begun, in DOING AS I DO… NOT AS I SAY.

    However the party system is what governs (a massive group not an individual) and I guess this is all what we are left with as the this ‘game’ is being played and contrived in our time. So we need a new party or we need to revive another – in effect WE need to change so that we feel that NOTHING FITS us anymore. We need to be honest and clear about what we feel is true while holding respectful love for all seekers.

    I fear for the group lessons that the sleeping sheeple are drawing us towards. WE can foresee the possible consequences but the general populace is currently spell bound by the dark magic being cast over them by those who dominate our media, education and institutions.

    Perhaps the complete destruction of the current urban ‘modern’ society is needed, BUT still, in the aftermath, will all those affected then be shaken loose of this spell or will they continue to remain ignorant, now cut off from the benefits of labour-saving technologies and totally distracted by the new hardship of just battling to survive? If they are not shaken loose, and if a new wave of inspiration does not take root, then another Dark Age will be all around us.
    Desertrose on November 13, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    I wish we could all forget this left/right, Dem vs Repub, Red/Blue stuff…it’s really only about LIGHT vs DARK. C’mon people don’t make the divide worse. Pretty sure that we all want 100% full disclosure so let’s work together. There are light & dark among all sides. Who we hear the most/worst about just depends who is controlling the narrative. Politics is a game…a distraction to keep us hating & stop us from uniting.

    As for Trump & Q…I feel there are so many factors/factions that who really knows what is true & where they all are coming from. Does it even matter? The only thing that seems important to me at this point is that the “truth” comes out that will benefit EVERYONE on this planet & that the dark ones are stopped – on all sides. Staying divided only makes it more difficult for that to happen & allows the dark/cabal/deepstate to continue.

    Thank you David, Corey, Emery & everyone, for your amazing courage & commitment. Be safe. You are loved.
    royston marples on November 18, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Nicely stated Desertrose
    HaL on November 12, 2018 at 2:02 am

    I would love to believe the Alliance will prevail. But, you say the Cabal has time travel, interstellar allies & business contracts, cloning technology, age regression, mind control, limitless funding, portal locating technology, and a significant share of the world’s most influencial people under thier thumbs, and yet you feel sure they will be defeated. Once the sealed indictments are revealed, what keeps them from time traveling back to before the isealed indictments were made to destroy the evidence or the witnesses and prosecutors? What prevents them from age regression, DNA modification of their appearance to excape while leaving a clone to take the rap? They have warp drive starships to excape on and like-minded ETs to help them! I am not quite as sanquine as your are about the certainty of their capture and public exposure. We may think we have captured them when we see their clones in prison, but …
    Michael F on November 20, 2018 at 12:06 am

    Great point. Another mystery is the top managment at the Vatican.
    Some say they have at least 100X more power than the House of Rothchilds
    and even the 13 bloodlines combined.

    We know very littel about the current Jesuit General. If the Draco are focused
    on trying to hide or vacate the solar system, then perhaps the Vatican will have
    more ability to choose a positive orientation. The Vatican has the greatest access
    to all the secrets, right? So they must have some awarenss of the density change, etc.
    How can we even guess?
    I thom on November 11, 2018 at 5:31 pm

    I don’t think I can trust Trump. I have recently read some news about the Trump and his bankruptcy 5 times. He accepted money from George Soto’s and other Cabals to bail him out. How can I believe that he is not one among the Cabals?
    The Real Light on November 7, 2018 at 1:30 pm

    To all those supporters of the current administration, Q, etc… The election was obviously not a “blue tsunami”. As expected Trump’s party gained seats in the Senate which they already controlled. Nothing changes there. But the people have spoken and the House has flipped in a big way. All the spin in the world doesn’t change the fact that the majority of the people in this country are against this administration. Besides the obvious impact of being able to stop any legislation the right puts forth, there is now the legal authority to fully investigate, and publicize, the results of the Mueller investigation and any other serious matters. Again you can spin that this will all be “political” yet I’m completely certain that it will be public information as that is the ONLY way the left will do well in the next election. I will not support any effort that hides or manipulates the facts as the right has done repeatedly. TRUTH MATTERS.

    To sum up the situation, the Emperor has been neutered. You better all get used a world where cooperation with others is the way we are going to move this country and world forward. You aren’t going to get your way on everything. The sooner you deal with that the sooner we can all move to a better future.

    As for all these Disclosure and Alliance prophecies… Get on with it. These relatively inconsequential political gyrations have nothing to do with it. Our political differences are nothing in comparison to the bigger picture. If you continue to believe otherwise then YOU are still part of the problem.

    I hope that David gets out of this political rut as soon as possible. Its done nothing but damage his reputation and diminished the message he is relaying as far as I’m concerned. If he speaks the truth then he, and those he claims are working behind the scenes, better quickly get back on the path of supporting changes that improve the lives of all of us. If that doesn’t happen then all can expect the same rejection the right received in the House.
    Krishna dAvinci on November 10, 2018 at 12:37 am

    So we should “cooperate” with the satanic rituals of Hitlery, Poppy Ba$h, & Barry Soetoro (plus his “wife” Michael LaVaughn Robinson). I would respectfully suggest that you have not sufficiently peeked behind the curtain of fake news which has disinformed you.
    The Real Light on November 13, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    If you see a few bad apples as the whole picture then you are still part of the problem. Both sides have elements of evil. By my count the Right has far more bad apples than the Left.

    I got a suggestion for you… stop using labels and start looking at ACTIONS.
    krishna davinci on November 10, 2018 at 12:45 am

    As DW himself writes in part 2 of this article:


    Donald Trump was apparently approached by the Alliance because he was only one they could find who had any chance of carrying out their mission:

    1. He was an existing celebrity who was already popular with many people;

    2. He had enough money to finance his own campaign without being bought out by special interests;

    3. He was not personally involved in any of the most depraved acts of the Deep State, based on advanced Alliance surveillance;

    4. He had a very strong sense of self, which would be necessary in the face of a hatred unprecedented in world history;

    5. He had the qualities of “Fearless Dominance” necessary to face almost certain death against a murderous cabal.

    Again… where so many people are getting hung up is that this is NOT all about the president. He is just one person in a much greater effort.

    He has made outrageous gaffes that I would never dream of saying, publicly or privately, in a million years.

    It is amazing that he hasn’t cracked any farther considering the awesome, worldwide pressure he is facing.

    Trump was simply chosen to participate in a particular role within a vastly larger operation, which far predates him.

    The Alliance attempted to coordinate with Obama to do disclosure as well, but Obama succumbed to the murderous pressure of the Deep State.

    No one can accuse me of taking political sides here. My side is for Disclosure. I support whoever can actually make that happen.

    And just like I said about the Law of One crew and my own insiders in Part One, deeply flawed people can still do things that contribute to disclosure.
    krishna davinci on November 10, 2018 at 12:50 am

    Again from part 2 of this article:

    The Alliance’s efforts date back to at least the Korean War, at which time the five-inch-thick binder called “The Plan” was created, as we discussed in the previous article, now with over 700,000 views.

    The Alliance was aware that we were dealing with a genocidal, bloodthirsty cabal of individuals worshiping ancient gods and seeking to create total misery and death on earth.

    Top generals were on the verge of doing mass arrests during the Obama administration.

    We have been passing along multiple Alliance briefings about potential mass arrests ever since 2009, and it was extremely serious.

    At the time it would have been severely traumatic, and would have looked like a literal military coup against the United States leadership.
    Mars on November 16, 2018 at 6:23 am

    Where can I read this article you mentioned?
    Rick on November 11, 2018 at 12:59 am

    the house is important to the left because they think controlling your money is the key. But in the process they gave up the Senate, which now, without House approval, Trump can appoint SC Justices, Appeals ct justices, agency heads and even fire a lot of the entrenched leftists. Everything he needs to start brining them to justice for crimes they committed.
    The Real Light on November 13, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    About 2/3 of the Senate seats that were up for election this year were in deep red states. Outcome is not surprising at all.

    Yes, destroying the judicial branch by appointing political hacks is obviously the plan.

    Still waiting for the prosecutions. Where are they? My bet is they are more likely to be a completely different set of prosecutions and defendants than you are hoping for.

    What will be interesting is the results of many investigations (yes, I mean publicly visible PROOF). Some of them likely to drive an impeachment vote. Which will then be blatantly ignored by the Senate – condoning illegal activity for all to plainly see. This will be one of the last signs indicating that our democracy has failed.

    Spin it all you like. Read the analysis of the voter turnout – who voted and what they voted for. Trends that are only going to grow. Combine that with the chaos that is coming the next 2 years and a different set of states voting for Senate seats. The outcome is very likely blue across the board after the next election.
    Robert on November 12, 2018 at 6:35 am

    So you going with the fraud of Donald J. Trump colluded with the mean ol Russians to steal a election?
    By the way if you know anything about the Democratic party you would know they have a history of fraudulent election practices. That’s a historical fact whether you like it or not. Yea you have some so-called Republicans in the past and likely in the present that do some messed up stuff but if you want to pretend the Democratic party are the good guys, then you will be made to be a complete fool.

    By the way, the Democrats can control the House of Congress all they want but they cannot pass any legislation what so ever without the US Senate passing it. That is if they even put the bill/legislation up for a vote to begin with.
    Plus POTUS has veto power and the Democrats will not control enough of the House of Congress to override a Presidential veto.

    One last two important points, no impeachment BS going to fly either. That is unless you really want too piss off 63,000,000+ million American voters.
    The Mueller investigation has found one smiggin of evidence to support the accusation that Donald J. Trump colluded with any Russians to cheat in the 2016 presidential election. None! Zero………period!
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign spent 1.4 BILLION dollars in her bid to get elected to office of POTUS and she failed! If believe some Russian advertisers spending a couple hundred thousand dollars on Facebook ads of which half of them were in favor of Hillary Clinton and some of it in favor of Bernie Sanders is going to sway a Presidential election, then you are not a intelligent, logical thinking person at all.
    The Real Light on November 13, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    I hate to break it to you but I’m a highly educated thinking person. University degree in Physics – how about you? In my late 50’s, been around the block a few times and shifted my political views a lot over the years.

    I’m not a “Democrat”. As I said above just now, both sides have bad apples; and bad history. Anyone that really understands politics knows that a vote is usually a vote for the “least bad option”.

    BTW, if you actually studied history – go back ~100 years and look at the “platforms” of both parties. You will discover that for the most part THEY HAVE COMPLETELY REVERSED. So don’t be so sure about who you are talking about when you reference “historical facts”.

    Of course he isn’t likely to be impeached. See my comment just above – failure to impeach with the proof that will be forthcoming will only further damage the chance of the right maintaining the Senate after the next election.

    This election was about stopping most of the bleeding. It was very successful. The real action starts now – Mueller results, etc.

    Sure, the House won’t be able to force any new legislation. But you miss the other part – neither will the Emperor or the Senate.

    Well, the 63 million Americans you refer to apparently have absolutely zero concern for the other 172+ million American voters. You can temper tantrum all you like but ~25% of the population is not going to determine the path of this country. This temporary hiccup is not self sustaining and in fact is self immolating.
    Michael F on November 20, 2018 at 12:17 am

    Can we agree that the polarization of left vs. right has been progressively fomented by the deep state?

    If yes, then Left vs. Right can be regarded as a psy-op. It’s part of the social engineering to keep us divided and polarized.
    The Real Light on November 21, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Yes, we can agree on that. Its been very effective.

    It isn’t a recent development. We didn’t get to where we are in just the last few years or even decades. A case could be made for centuries or more.

    This doesn’t look like social engineering to me. It looks like social destruction. We are being driven off the cliff. The last election shows that the majority is not going to go along with suicide. The next election will continue to pull us back from the brink.

    One way to look at it is that this lends credence to the idea that there is a deep state and that it is losing control and is desperate. They’ve used 25% of the population and lots of games over the years to put people in power that have extreme irrational views. They couldn’t seriously believe that the other 75% are going to sit by and let it stand. It has worked before in history but it isn’t going to work this time. The only logical explanation is a last ditch effort to stop the inevitable.

    What exactly does the 25% want? Seriously. For the other 75% to “die” so they can live in their twisted world view without resistance? They are always surprised to learn that when the rhetoric shifts to individual fundamental issues that, for the most part, everybody wants the same thing. They disagree on how we get there (part of the brainwashing to support the elite perspective). We all want to be happy, healthy, and safe. To earn a comfortable living. To have opportunities. To live in a peaceful world. What the 25% don’t seem to understand is that it is all possible and that the views they support are working against it.
    Jangir on November 7, 2018 at 11:02 am

    If the Cabal has interstellar-capable spaceship technology, why can’t it (its members) read these sealed indictments to avoid arrests? I think such technology would be much less advanced.
    Justin Young on November 6, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Do you think you will ever channel RA again? I was 19 and you gave me a channeled reading and it was awesome. I would really really really love to see some more of your channeling because your amazing at that work. I know you have your doubts what the public thinks of your channeling but I really don’t care anymore because I want to hear that stuff. You can do it. I know you can. Ive been following for over 14 years. Thank you for all your continued hard work.

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    An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

    Posted by Galactic Connection | Aug 26, 2018 | 2018, Conspiracy, Cabal, Daily Blog, Government Laws, Policies, Politicians, Military

    Presented by

    A Letter
    I came across an interesting letter that was allegedly channelled through a channel called Zingdad. The being coming through claims to be Adamu of the Pleiadian civilization. Pleadians are one of many ET races that have been interacting with humanity for many years.

    I found this channelling to be fairly insightful and resonant with many of the understandings I have come to find or discover within through my journey over the years.

    So I decided to share it here.
    With any channelling, I always say, don’t get caught up so much in whether or not it’s in fact channelled by an entity or being, or whether or not it’s entirely true, but see what in here resonates, how it feels, whether or not it rings true deeply vs just in the mind.
    As beings, we are meant to discern truth through the heart and mind working together, not simply one or the other. So perhaps before reading, take a moment to quiet the mind, breathe into the heart and then continue.

    — Begin channel—
    Greetings my friends
    I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.
    Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, The Ruling Elite, The Cabal and a few other, less charitable, terms that I shan’t mention.
    To be clear: I am not now addressing the rich and powerful who regularly appear in the press. Political leaders, religious leaders and the heads of multinational corporations are not the ones who truly run planetary affairs. These are people who come and go with time. And, when required, they always bow to the far greater power wielded by the ones I now speak of.

    But, be that as it may. The bloodline family members know who they are. And it is they whom I address today. Though I do suspect that this open letter will be of great interest to many others besides. It is intended, especially, that Starseeds and Light bringers take note of this communiqué.

    So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families:
    My dear friends

    I must begin by saying that you are seen, known, understood and loved. Just as you are, right here and right now, you are loved. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear me say this? There is so much judgement of you wherever one goes, is there not? You are labelled as “dark” and “evil” and all your actions are automatically assumed to be “vile” and “despicable” by those who know almost nothing of you or the long and winding tale of how things came to be as they are and you came to be who you are.

    So allow me to begin by assuring you that I am not here to damn you or even decry you. I am here to offer you a perspective and a choice. But to do so from a place of loving understanding.

    Before I might get to this, allow me to say that I know that your only real “sin” is to be born as you were into the family you were. Between the intense expectations that were placed upon you right from birth, the very specialised training you were subjected to and the derision that was heaped upon those of your line who did not “make the grade”, you were programmed right from the very beginning to be what you have become: a wielder of power over others.

    There are ancillary issues too. Such as the fact of your familial bloodlines. A pure ancestry that can be traced back through the ages, via all manner of illustrious forebears, right the way to the high-priests that served the ancient gods themselves back when gods still roamed the earth.

    Perhaps you, yourself, now think on the stories of those ancient times of gods, heroes, magic and monsters as myth or superstition. Perhaps you understand it to be the literal truth and know that those ancient gods were actually visitors from other planets in the galaxy bearing highly advanced technologies. Or perhaps you even take the more religious view of matters and hold those deities to be as supernatural as your distant forebears did. It doesn’t really matter how you interpret these things. What matters is the incontrovertible evidence of the powerful ancient truths that were given to your forebears and that have been passed down through the generations, which have allowed you to rule over the rest of humanity. Not all of humanity, mind. There have always been groups, peoples and nations that have been beyond your grasp. But you have been told that it is your birthright, your responsibility and your privilege to rule over the whole planet and all upon it. And you have believed that.

    And it has certainly seemed to be true. The ancient teachings that have been placed in your hands have served you and those like you very well indeed. As has your cunning. Those amongst you who rise to the top are nothing if not brilliantly canny. You have used the advantages placed in your hands very, very astutely. Firstly for your own benefit, it is true. Then for the benefit of your family and to ensure the continued ascendency of your familial line. Then in service of your family’s contractual agreements with other bloodline families. And finally in consideration of the custodial role you have played over the rest of humanity.

    As matters stand, humanity today is largely blithely unaware of the role you have played or indeed of your existence. And this is the way you like it. No mob can arrive at the castle gates bearing pitchforks if they don’t even know that you exist! So you play your games of power and control from the deep shadows. You cunningly obfuscate your activities. And you slowly expand your reach into every sphere of power and control over all of humanity. And when the “sheep” stray, you use guile and skill to reclaim the power of direction over them. Perhaps a little war here or there. Or even a very big one.

    Perhaps a revolution. Perhaps a crash in the stock market. Perhaps even an outbreak of disease. Or a terrorist attack. Or a tsunami of immigrants to give the populace something to fear. Or, of course, there are always the ever popular bread and circuses. You have certainly made sure that your control of the entertainment industry is ironclad. And there are all manner of complex social nets that you use to make the populace docile and dependant on their government… and therefore upon you. And all such activities are each just a part of your play book that you use to maintain and increase the control you wield over humanity.

    You have learned, of course, to offer the sheep the pretence of control over their own destiny. But you know that the REAL power lies always in your hands. Since no matter how they vote, how they revolt, how they machinate, you and your ilk always get what you want in the end

    You have managed a number of glorious victories over the years. Perhaps your crowning achievement is to own the planetary money supply. A nifty trick, I must say. And right now you so, so almost own it all. And he who owns the money of the world, owns the world. Is it not so?And you have also crafted it so that all the elected officials that the human flock believe to have the power, must dance when you pull upon their strings. They have become as puppets to your will. Almost all of them. And those that will not willing dance for you, are removed.

    Or they are shown a film reel of a brave and proud president. A man of integrity and principal who dared to stand up to you. And how, in full view of his adoring public, he was assassinated. All this, just before he could begin to undo your power over the money supply.

    In the end, all political leaders do your bidding or they are simply swept away. And the illusion that you grant the sheep that they can control their destiny through democracy is just that. An illusion. Another nifty trick.

    And the intelligence agencies! What a truly brilliant move. To elevate spy craft to statecraft. To have the real power behind the politicians vest in the intelligence agencies. To remove political oversight from those agencies. And then to control them directly yourselves. Why, you can almost step right out of the shadows and still remain invisible now!

    The only wrinkle in all of this, as far as I can ascertain, is the internet. Somehow, unexpectedly, a silly little electronic gimmick of mere academic interest has suddenly blossomed overnight into something quite powerful and problematic, has it not?

    It is due to this very technology that the sheep are suddenly behaving in quite an un-sheep-like fashion. Suddenly they are aware of you. Talking about you. Certainly they are seeing and remarking upon the curtain that you have drawn around yourselves… if not actually peeking behind the curtain!

    How irritating this must be! You are on the very cusp of total triumph and now, at the very last moment, there is this awareness dawning. Your actual names are beginning to be spoken in public forums! People are beginning to see your hands move on the reins of power!

    Yes, assuredly, it is still just a fringe that is aware of you and speaks of you. And yes, you have managed to continue to paint this fringe as lunatics and crack-pots. And, no, this does not threaten your plans and activities.

    But you have noticed. You have found the internet to be the greatest threat to your power and security because, though fragmented and confused, the truth about you certainly is “out there”. It can be discerned by any who would care to look and weigh the evidence. And suddenly there are sheep that are elevating themselves from the flock. Transmuting themselves into something you have never seen before. Certainly not in such numbers as there now are. And certainly not diffused, as they are, across the whole planet.

    Previously you could isolate communities of dissidents. Like the Cathari. Remember them? They knew the truth. Or at least they held a version of the truth that was antithetical to your aims. And their teachings were attractive to others. Their message was finding traction. So you used your most powerful pawn at the time, the church, to kill them all.
    It was a genocide of the most brutal type. Wiping out not only a population but the very idea that brought them together in unity. Burning all of their books so that all that is remembered of them now is what was told by their enemies. And today it is barely even remembered that one of the crusades, perhaps the most brutal and bloody of all the crusades, was not even fought in the “holy lands” against enemy soldiers, but in France against good Christian folk. Farmers and peasants. Put to the sword and burned to death in their churches. All because you could isolate them, round them up and murder them all.
    You’ll forgive me if I don’t applaud. Successful tactics don’t always win my approval.

    And there have been many, many, many such victories that you, the ancient families, have scored over the rest of humanity. They continue today. You wrestle for power and total control over the Middle East. Which is why things are as they are in that region. Whatever else one thinks about the Islamic religion, is true that they are fundamentally opposed to usury.

    Which means Muslims will not accept the banking system that you are using to gain worldwide dominance. And so Islam has become a powerful block to your plans. And so you enact your plans. You work to impoverish, torment and radicalise the Moslem world. You set them up to be the enemy of the western world.

    The great terrorists. You control their teachers and ensure that the message is promulgated that the west is the Great Satan… and you teach the west that all Muslims are abysmal hate-ridden murders. And so the wheels are set in motion. And right now a wave of chaos sweeps through Europe and, to one extent or another, the rest of the globe. And this is all a part of your plan. You wish to grind down and pulverize all of those that stand against your plans. And Muslims are very far from the only ones.

    And another of your neat tricks is to set one enemy against another.
    America was founded upon a principal which was, actually nothing other than open rebellion against your power. America the free. Free from what? From your yoke of control, of course!

    America’s founding principals were and are directly contrary to your interests. The American constitution is a truly beautiful document. A document that promises liberty and freedom for all. But you have whittled and chaffed and manoeuvred until you have gained control of the American government to such an extent that the most powerful military and technological force in the world is yours to wield.

    But as much as your control extends to the American government… the American people are another story altogether. Strong individualists who continue to believe in their own rights and liberties, they stand against you at every turn without even knowing it is you who they resist. So you wage a war of attrition upon them. You seek to ensure that their food and water is toxified to weaken them. You use a barrage of techniques of every sort to manipulate them and control them. To weaken them and cow them. And, in a master-stroke of pure genius, you now pit America against Islam. Another truly nifty trick. How very… clever of you.

    I see it. I see it all.

    And, though I must admit I don’t like it, I do understand it.

    When I look behind your collective activities, choices and decisions of the types outlined above, I actually see beings for whom I have a great deal of compassion and love. I know, as a clear and sure fact, that it is so that you are actually no different than I. The difference is the journey you have walked. Since all is truly One, you are the part of that one great eternal spirit that has walked your path, just as I am another part of that same great being that has walked my path.

    My path leads to where I am, unified within the heart of the Pleiadian Monad; your path leads you to be incarnated as a human being bearing the mantle and the burden of being a member of one of the ancient families upon the Earth. And those amongst humanity who are aware of you and judge you most harshly do so purely out of a lack of self-knowledge. Place them in your situation and they too would do as you have done. Or worse.

    And I know too that “what you do to another, you do to yourself also”. So I don’t envy you the results of your choices!

    But your story is not over. You are not done with your journey. In due course you too will arise spiritually and begin to return to oneness with your own spiritual entity. Because there is nowhere else for you to go, really. And this is beginning to happen for some of your family members. Perhaps you have noticed those members who don’t seem to be quite so committed to the old cause.
    Those who seem to be getting “soft”. Those who seem to be talking crazy talk about abdicating their power. About telling the sheep the truth. Indeed, those who actually have been finding ways to communicate these truths to humanity using that very despised technology, the internet.

    Is it strange that those amongst you who are proposing this new course of openness and transparency… this course of abdication of power… are also those amongst you who are most interested in matters metaphysical and spiritual?

    I propose this is not in the least bit strange. It takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to discern that a new age is now already dawning. That the time of your watching over humanity is at an end. Indeed, that it is ending without the return of your master, your dark god-king. And that there is no longer any real hope that he ever will return. You are on your own. Your secret prophecies have come to naught.
    And it takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to see that there is a changing of the guard happening. That there is a new spiritual order beginning. That those who govern this reality from the very highest levels, from the angelic realms down, are busy changing hands. That is what the new dawning age is all about. And that is why you stand at a fork in the road. It is why you must now choose.

    But before I tell you, at last, about the choice you face, I will tell you one final thing: something you most certainly will have noticed. Because it takes no special awareness or training in either spirituality or metaphysics to see that your “magic” is beginning to fail you. Irrespective of what you believe the real source of your power to be, you will have noticed that it is waning fast. It becomes more and more difficult by the day for you to wield your power. Plug a little leak here and the dam wall springs a gushing fissure over there. The game that seemed elegant and nearly effortless for generations past is causing you, and those like you, to raise a real sweat. It is a constant struggle to maintain control. You are feeling the stress of this night and day. And it feels as if you are losing your grip. Just as you near victory, so things become ever more impossibly challenging. The magic becomes unstable.

    You certainly will have noticed this.

    Just look at the process of taking ownership of the world money supply. It was almost effortless to enact the stroke of genius that floated money free from the gold-standard. And since then it has been a minor effort to bring the nations of the world, one by one, into this fiat banking system. Which is really money by decree. YOUR decree.

    Money is now mere numbers that mean whatever you say they mean. But the magic trick is not complete until every nation is a part of it. And so you have used the leverage you had to expand your control until almost every last nation has fallen under your sway.
    The very last few hold-outs exist. You have them isolated and on the ropes. They are almost ready to be taken and controlled. But… right here at the very last… you find yourselves losing grip here there and everywhere. You find your attention being constantly diverted by all manner of seemingly trivial, but irritating, diversions. And in concert, your energy and attention is so diverted that you can never quite act to gain total power.

    And this global money supply beast that belongs to you seems to have a malevolent life of its own in that the larger it becomes, the more difficult it is to control.

    My friends. What you must understand is that planet Earth does not exist in a vacuum. We have kept it quarantined so that humanity, as a whole, can decide its own fate. But it has been in a state of physical quarantine. We have kept other galactic civilisations from interfering physically. But there has been no spiritual quarantine! And so a small but powerful contingent of Starseeds and Light bringers have been born amongst the planet’s populace. And they have utterly altered the consciousness upon the planet. They have, by the simple fact of their presence upon the Earth, brought a new awareness to the Earth. And they come in now with higher and higher levels of consciousness. They accelerate and amplify these changes upon the planet. You can neither stop, nor slow, nor alter the course of these changes. Humanity will awaken. Humanity will come to self-awareness. Humanity will make a choice, collectively, about its own nature.

    This is divinely ordained. It is the dawning of the new age. And it is very soon to happen. The window of opportunity reached its midpoint in 2012. It is beginning to close. And before it does, humanity will have decided.

    You, my dear friends, are the watchers over the old order. To you fell the task of shepherding humanity through the long dark age of forgetting. Humanity needed a guiding hand that would work constantly to make order out of the chaos as they slowly let go of the old gods… as they slowly healed themselves of the traumas of being playthings to the darker of the old gods and abject supplicants to the more kindly of the old gods.

    You have played a crucial role. You have provided order and structure. You have provided leadership and direction. You have done all of this without actually being anything other than the same human beings of the same Earth as those over whom you ruled.
    Yes, it is true, that you have your familial bloodlines. But, in truth, that is nothing more than a very exclusive club to which you belong. You are, genetically, no more special than the rest of humanity… which some of you like to call “mongrel” humans. You are not in any meaningful way biologically superior to them. A pure-bred dog might have many excellent and desirable attributes… but a mutt is more robust and less prone to specific health issues. And so it is for you and the rest of humanity.
    And you are certainly not spiritually superior either.

    What you do have is ancient knowledge, specialised training and a vast network of control.
    And now you also have a choice. On the one hand you can choose to fight the divinely ordained order. You can resist the changing of the ages. And you can be ground under in pain and self-destruction as you fight the absolute inevitable. Or you can embrace the change and, in so doing, be a part of something beautiful, new and glorious.
    Indeed, such are the times right now that you could, if you so choose, step right out of the shadows and into the Light. You could emerge as a bright beacon of the Light. You could move from semi-reviled obscurity into loved and revered glory. You could! It is up to you.
    Or you could remain attached to that which is passing away. You could fight tooth and nail to the bitter end and know only bitter defeat. You could find yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual dead-end with your life over and nowhere to reincarnate to that would accept both you and your choices. You could find yourself in the depths of the void, wracked in spiritual torment.

    It is all up to you.
    I offer you this choice now, not because I need you to decide any particular way. Neither I, nor my Starseed family, nor the greater humanity of which I am so fond will be overly affected by your choice.

    The difference between your choosing this way or that will, in the greater scheme of things, be small. All of humanity will weather the storm that comes and will come to the awakening moment and will make their choice, irrespective of what you do or don’t do. That is utterly foreordained. The new age will begin, irrespective of your choices and actions. What you choose matters little enough for them. But it matters greatly for you.

    I point you towards this choice out of compassion for you. I do so only because, were I in your shoes, I would wish to be alerted to this choice at this crucial juncture.

    So, in practical terms, what are the choices I am advocating and what might the outcome of those choices be for you?

    My dear friends, I am suggesting to you that you begin by learning to listen to your hearts. I don’t mean your physical heart or your emotional heart. I mean your spiritual heart. This is where you connect with the same great oneness to which we all belong. If you listen to your spiritual heart you will find that there is guidance and wisdom there. Your heart can lead you in making the best possible choices that serve the greatest good of the all.

    If you are not able to hear your heart you can choose to find someone who can teach you how. Zingdad is one of many upon the Earth right now teaching exactly this skill. Or you can do the right things that will lead you on the right path that will result in your spiritual heart opening. In specific, in your circumstance, you can ask yourself:What can I do right now that will open the doors for the rest of humanity to greater awareness and understanding of their situation?

    What can I do right now to create fewer secrets and more transparency?
    What can I do right now to give humanity greater choice and self-empowerment?
    What can I do right now to foster greater peace, harmony, compassion and understanding?
    What can I do right now to smooth the transition to the new dawning age?
    How can I increase the quotient of love in the world?
    How can I decrease the quotient of suffering in the world?

    And as you do this, so you will also find yourself beginning to be able to forgive yourself for all that you have done in the past. You will find, eventually, that you are able to forgive your whole line of forebears for all that they have done through the ages. And you will be surprised by the capacity others will have to forgive you and your line. Comprehension and compassion will dawn. And, for so long as you are motivated by love, the hand of divine protection will be over you as this process unfolds. Engage with this process, heart and soul, and there need be no negative repercussion at all. You can pay the price of the burden of your choices in love, rather than in suffering and pain. But you must choose to do so!

    And if you do, you will find yourself transitioning to the New Earth with the rest of humanity that has also chosen this. If you wish it, your skills at administration and management might be put to magnificent purpose. You might find yourself in great demand in a position of revered leadership. Or, indeed, you might choose for that quiet, peaceful, gentle life in that beautiful corner of the world that you have always secretly hankered after but never believed you could settle down to.

    It is all up to you.
    The point, really, is that you will find yourself blessed with an abundance of very attractive options if you should choose to be guided by love. And this contrasts sharply with the option-less, self-destructive dead-end that lies at the end of the road if you should continue to choose from a place of closed-hearted fear.
    And this is what I needed to share with you at this point. I know that all of you who are ready for this message will receive it, as we have ways to ensure this. And I also wanted to share this letter to you in the most open fashion possible since part of the healing that is being made available to humanity will come from their understanding that you are not as “other” as they would have thought. Until they can see themselves in your position, you will struggle to break down the boundaries. And in this letter, by the way I address you, they can see that you are not some kind of demonic enemy. That you are humans as they are.

    That you are lost and hurt as they are. That you have made the same kinds of choices out of your fear and pain as they have. That you can come to heal yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself as they might. And that greater good flowers for you when you do so, just as it does for them

    And finally, I wish humanity to see that you actually did as was required of you. You held the helm in the vacuum left when the old gods departed. You did so for the whole age of forgetting. And that, ultimately, was what you contracted for.
    With love and compassion, I leave you now to your choices.

    I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad
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  • Beautiful poem by Mario de Andrade (San Paolo 1893-1945) Poet, novelist, essayist and musicologist.
    One of the founders of Brazilian modernism.
    I counted my years 
    & realized that I have
    Less time to live by, 
    Than I have lived so far.

    I feel like a child who won a pack of candies:
    at first he ate them with pleasure 
    But when he realized that there was little left,
    he began to taste them intensely.

    I have no time for endless meetings
    where the statutes, rules, procedures & internal regulations are discussed, 
    knowing that nothing will be done.
    I no longer have the patience 
    To stand absurd people who,
    despite their chronological age, 
    have not grown up.

    My time is too short: 
    I want the essence, 
    my spirit is in a hurry. 
    I do not have much candy
    In the package anymore.

    I want to live next to humans, 
    very realistic people who know
    How to laugh at their mistakes,
    Who are not inflated by their own triumphs 
    & who take responsibility for their actions.
    In this way, human dignity is defended 
    and we live in truth and honesty.

    It is the essentials that make life useful.
    I want to surround myself with people
    who know how to touch the hearts of those whom hard strokes of life
    have learned to grow with sweet touches of the soul.

    Yes, I'm in a hurry.
    I'm in a hurry to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.
    I do not intend to waste any of the remaining desserts.
    I am sure they will be exquisite, 
    much more than those eaten so far.
    My goal is to reach the end satisfied 
    and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience.

    We have two lives
    & the second begins when you realize you only have one.
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  • #Turkey election: triumphant #Erdoğan strikes combative tone in victory speech
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