• ‘Something’s not right’ Mystery as mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under moon crater - https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/784772/Moon-anomaly-mass-five-times-size-Hawaii-conspiracy-frenzy-SouthPole-Aitken-basin-video
    ‘Something’s not right’ Mystery as mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under moon crater
    A MASSIVE metallic anomaly found beneath the moon and solar system's largest crater has sparked...
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  • What's up Onstellar? LOL....I know this is a dumb question....meaning that I cannot expect that anyone...not even one of my so-called friends here, especially those who lead me here in the first place will answer!

    The truth is, Onstellar is not the best place to get a response...unless you know how to and actually use the act of "tagging" friends you know who actually have the capacity to engage/respond to an alleged friend....and without fear because they already know you.

    In my opinion, FEAR & COMPLACENCY are the true offenders here...when you "ask for a response" (unless one has prepared by selecting a "preferred audience" of responsive friends... because NO OTHERS will respond...I think that may be due to fear and/or the decision that it isn't "their circus" nor "their personal monkeys"... that old saying that seems to me to be emerging more and more these days....it sjust eems sometimes that people just DO NOT GIVE A FLYING PHUCK and few, if any, are willing to BE THE CHANGE

    It seems to me that people are growing more fearful and complacent than ever...fearful of aligning with certain "unknowns"...as people are basically "lazy arses" when it comes to researching and then to be asked to respond...LOL..."forget about it"...too WEIRD, too much to do, but this is a fact of life on Onstellar...as per my experience here.

    Good Luck because many of us will need it (until we learn to change our strategy) if we expect even one soul to respond to an honest question posed in an original timeline comment. I'm sensing that We are all missing many great revalations due to FEAR in others who pretend to care about so called huemanity.

    Getting people to engage in just about anything has turned into a near impossibility due to the sheer numbers of scamsters, hacks and an assortment of others who prey in these venues...My personal favorite...those "selling" Satanic/Luciferian occultism as an acceptible belief system....I THINK NOT! And I don't intend to begin aligning with any of that BRAVO SIERRA (BS) here in Onstellar or any other experimental online community.

    One can't pretend innocence when we've chosen to dialog with certain online predators intending to coax others down to their level of depravity and chaotic mindset. To each their own!

    I dare anyone to respond....LOL...my motivation for this comment is because one of my Onstellar friends brought this mind-phuck to my attention...this is, when one asks for a response to an important question, the truth is, I was already aware of this NON-RESPONSIVENESS of members of Onstellar posing a "friends"...Even though I truly "get" that there are many who use this venue for their own indivualized purpose(s) of which we mortals will probably never know!!! LOL...SO BE IT and SO IT IS... I'm happy with that.

    WHY WAS ONSTELLAR CREATED? Is THIS the type of users that Onstellar attracts? I'm simply delighted to have a viable alternative to the mind-phuckery of Fakebook and ....that's basically why I joined. I've discovered that it's silly to ask anyone any questions while expecting answers....IT WON'T HAPPEN....in fact, hell will freeze over before you'll get an answer....from now on, just like on other social media, it will be a part of my approval/rejection process to ask "WHY" a potential friend would ask to be "my" friend here... or maybe continue pretending like all of the "good people" that all's well and that I'm all ZEN either way the communication goes. After all, I do NOT intend to be fixed by anyone here...just entertained whenever possible. Simply comment (to myself to archive) and then move on to the next adventure...I've discovered quite a few "adventures" in the Groups here, by the way. Check them out!!! PEACE & LOVE YA'LL!
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  • This is just so weird! my IP adress was banned from David Icke website even though I never even posted on this forum..it is the very first time my life I visit that website, and I never was in touch with David Icke @davi****eofficial
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  • POST # 1 : My first experiences as a child : The first experiences I had as a child were in my dreams and memories of a very strange past life I once lived. It started when I was around 5 years young and at the time I had no idea why I was having a reoccurring dream just about every night for about 3 years straight. All I knew at the time was the dream was strange , intense and very scary! I viewed it as a nightmare. It got to the point that I would cry when I knew it was time for bed , during bed time until I was either punished by my parents for being too loud or cry myself to sleep.
    As for the dream itself the images and details of the dream have stuck with me all this time and I will never forget what I saw . At that time I started observing things in the dream that were so strange and I had no point of reference as to how these things were appearing in my dream state if I had never known, thought or knew of anything as weird looking as the people , architecture, technology, planets I saw during the dream. From my observations I am on an earth like planet orbiting a much larger blue planets which had some small land masses but mostly a water world type planet. When I looked into a reflective surface I was shocked to see that I was not myself, I am a young female humanoid surrounded by what I can only describe as her family. I remember how different but similar they looked compared to us today. (Description: Larger cranial size but more like "football" shape ( more wide than tall), The eyes were wider and more Asian looking but were positioned more on the sides of the head. The nose was very wide and short , if it were placed on a human today it would go from cheek bone to cheek bone. The mouth was larger and had at least 2 rows of teeth on the upper bridge of the mouth. I would say they were shorter than today's average humans they were around 3-5 ft as full grown adults. Their hair was very thin and wispy or no hair at all.) During the dream at some point monstrous looking giant beings invading the planet and laying waste to everything in site. To hear them talk all I could hear was deafening echo when the giants communicated.
    As the dream progressed I find myself running with a large group , being pursued by one of these giant beings. At the same time there was an air battle going which lit up the night skies with color. Then a flash of light from the neighboring planet turned night into day. This was followed by heavy bombardment from debris caused by the neighboring planet breaking apart. The next thing I remember is that we enter the mouth of a cave and start down into the underground to escape the surface. As we walk into the corridor leading to an underground structure like a bunker of some kind, in the darkness I can hear explosions , screaming and misery coming from everywhere. Once we are inside the ground begins to rumble , fracture and eventually the structure caves in and I fall and fall until I pass out. When I awaken I find myself on top of a mountain of dead or dying people. As i begin to fade I look up and see the night sky with a planet in the background as it slowly disintegrates.
    I had this dream for nearly 4 years and had no idea why or what it meant. As I said before I had no knowledge of ET's , or advance technology or even giant beings. The dreams stopped suddenly when I had my 1st abduction experience on the night of my 8th birthday. More to come. .. Thank you for taking the time to read the first of my experiences on the long road I traveled to awakening my consciousness.
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  • 042819 Weird dream- alot of gross connections but not sure why they would be in there. Again, super busy and detailed.
    At one point- I was with a woman, an asian woman, and I think I was her spouse? Maybe male? I am unsure. And we were in a sort of lowered bunker type location, almost basement like- but for a very large space, almost like an abandoned warehouse?

    We were getting ready for the night, and me feeling like I was going to go to bed, happy to lay next to my wife?-again, not sure what gender I was- this felt outside of my life as I know it.

    It looked like we had made a space for ourselves, but it did not look like a house- it was like being homeless, or in a destitute setting. When I went to close the door for the night- it was wooden, faded blue and w/chipped paint, it seemed wider than a typical door and shorter- maybe square, almost like a bunker. It was up higher a bit off the ground and swung inward to close.

    I had no concern or fear going to close it, but when I grabbed the handle and brought it almost entirely closed, something grabbed it from the other side trying to pull it open. It had an old antique doorknob (pic below) and I could feel that in my hand, my grip so tight, trying not to let them twist the knob and wrench it out of my hand. It was really hard trying to pull it closed.
    I felt panicked- I felt like it was something too strong for me on the other side, and I mean, I was pulling back with all my might and weight.

    I called out for my spouse to come help me, she was behind me. on our bunk.

    She did not come to help me, and I kept calling her name out behind me, unable to see her, and finally yelling myself awake.

    Her name was Alice.
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  • The Theater Upstairs and Another #WeirdTale | #NightshadeDiary #Podcast Narrated by #MarlenePardoPellicer https://youtu.be/DGAmk1Wozv8 
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  • https://archive.is/V30tq
    gets weirder everyday
    Sanctuary Cities and Alinsky Rule #4: Live by your own rules
    Sanctuary Cities and Alinsky Rule #4: Live by your own rules
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  • 040419 (day ago) Dream about a roller coaster type track- this has happened before. It is a bit strange when I am on these types of machinery because they always feel like a mix of somewhere I've been and something I am familiar with, but not quite something from my regular life that I can place. This roller coaster did remind me a bit of a work track, with it not being so much about entertainment like a roller coaster, as much as it was about just a working transport. It was so detailed- like being there and it was overwhelming..and I remember an underground area and some water, too- like it was going through a cavern or caves and water was around. I remember I was alone at some point and it felt more I was trying to escape using the carts, like I was trying to stash away on it to get out of this place. I need to find a better way to dictate dreams because I lost alot w/this one waking up in the morn and getting distracted right away.
    I did notice that I was having an increase in weird dreams prior to this that were highly active, like my old dreams that feel like I am splitting living between places. The dreams tend to be tedious- sometimes working 8hr shifts at jobs and feeling like 8hrs actually went by, vs blipping through it
    Woke up after that dream with a sore spot on my rt side of my hip, that reminded me of the heparin shots I would get at the hospital. It feels like a marble size ball is under that area (soft area above my hip bone, towards the back a little). I can't sleep on my right side so not from that, and the tenderness and small ball reminds me of the heparin because my body would immediately respond like that to subcutaneous injections (no meds at all here, and a shot def not something I would do at home at all, too). Being bedbound I do not know how this could have happened. It is a little bigger today and seems to be deep under the tissue, and it surprised me surfacing over night.
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  • 040319 Weird dream last night. In it there was an off white plastic type large drone helicopter that was crashing alongside a hill that had house lots, homes, and gardens that were layered in tiers down the hill.

    People were running and the entire machine was cutting through houses and people were running as it spun sideways and the blades caused it to turn over dirt and whatever got in its way. I did not see anyone get hurt, just very scared and running everywhere. The entire machine was made of this off-white plastic material, almost like opaque tupperware.

    Then, a sort of odd looking man got out abd was stumblig around a bit at first. He looked like Edward Scissorhands on steroids.
    He was tall, he had bluish grey skin, black hair, wore a long & detailed duster that looked black & dusty from the kick up the machine caused.
    He started going after people with both a chainsaw type machine he was holding and a long single barrel tube-gun, almost like a cane.

    I saw him and tried to move away but I had been backed into an area as the machine crashed, and the debris had piled up around me so I was cornered.
    I grabbed an old metal ladder that had broken off part of a building and was using it to sort of keep him back but he was so strong.
    I ended up falling backwards and was trying to keep him from pushing the chainsaw weapon on me. When he could not push through the ladder with that, he started to try to aim the barrel of the tube-gun into an open part of the ladder (it was like a pipe latter, the structure of it made from hollow metal) and he was going to shoot his gun right through a part that went directly to my face.

    I was in a panic- my dreams far and in between put me in a disadvantage like this, usually I just wake up or move through it but I was literally stuck.
    He was about to pull the trigger and I felt myself just surrender and say "please, God, help me"- and the guy heard this and immediately stopped and turned into a sort of golden yellow person, smiling, happy that I had said this.

    He walked away and left me alone after that and the dream continued with me searching for others.

    We eventually found some other people, and there was a young woman there, sitting in a chair- seemingly unhappy and a bit removed, on a laptop. Somehow I felt like she was connected to the guy and I asked her, "was that you?" and she said "yes" and I asked "why did you do that?"

    I could not fathom how she could be connected to that guy, but it was just a sort on instinctual feeling. And she said "No one thought what I was doing was important" and the dream ended there.

    Despite the dream being so frightening at first, seeing that girl, so unhappy and feeling so under valued, I actually felt sorry for her and woke up thinking about how much we can overlook people and to what lengths they may go to, to feel heard.
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  • Still ended up using twitter more.. Oh well. In case anyone cares; If I stop posting here, I'm active on twitter instead: https://twitter.com/divumx

    Hm, I was planning on using this platform more freely, sort of as a diary, connect with like minded, meet new friends. Unfortunately, I've not felt like getting more personal here after all.
    Idk why, it's just a little... empty and stiff, lol. Feels weird expressing thoughts here, were nobody outside of onstellar can even potentially read your posts... A little too isolated even for my taste (I cannot believe I just said that, lol!)
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