• ABOUT: In this episode of "Paradigm Shift - An Educational Comedy" that we have titled as "PSEC - 2019 - Communitarianism: First Things First" -- Dave Kelso speaks with Lark In Texas, JJ ZAP and Lauren Tull about one of the most important topics for our current modern age, that most people don't have a clue is even a thing. This topic helps to simplify and make sense of a great many things that otherwise seem to most people as disorganized random chaos in an increasingly insane world. This discussion is intended to be empowering, not to fear monger or spread nihilism or hopelessness.

    This video has been designed in such a way that it intends to allow the average mundane normie to be able to make sense of it. There is no prerequisite knowledge you need to have in advance of watching this, though if you do have some -- all the better. This video will make sense of the local, national and world stages -- as pertains to what it all has to do with you, and what you can do about all of the things.

    This video also includes some third party content for purposes of illustration and expression, all of which fall squarely under fair use and Creative Commons License.

    Participants List: Dave Kelso, Lark In Texas, JJ ZAP, Lauren Tull, Fair Use / CC: Larken Rose, StyxHexenHammer666, Tim Pool, Paul Joseph Watson, TSM, Blank On Blank, Chris Capel, DJ RX, Foamy The Squirrel, Poseidon, Idiocracy, Jaboody Dubs, STOGAM, The Juice Media, The Unlisted, Weird Al, RWappin, Yuri Bezmenov, TeamFourStar, They Live, Misc
    Hashtags: #communitarianism #communitarian #sustainability #government #society
    Paradigm Shift an Educational Comedy
    PSEC - 2019 - Communitarianism: First Things First [hd 720p]
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  • Japan’s ‘Weird Hotel’ chain admits bedside robots vulnerable to peeping hackers
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  • The Weird History of Unidentified Submerged Objects
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  • Genius
    Genius, like gold and precious stones,
    is chiefly prized because of its rarity.

    Geniuses are people who dash off weird, wild,
    incomprehensible poems with astonishing facility,
    and get booming drunk and sleep in the gutter.

    Genius elevates its possessor to ineffable spheres
    far above the vulgar world and fills his soul
    with regal contempt for the gross and sordid things of earth.

    It is probably on account of this
    that people who have genius
    do not pay their board, as a general thing.

    Geniuses are very singular.

    If you see a young man who has frowsy hair
    and distraught look, and affects eccentricity in dress,
    you may set him down for a genius.

    If he sings about the degeneracy of a world
    which courts vulgar opulence
    and neglects brains,
    he is undoubtedly a genius.

    If he is too proud to accept assistance,
    and spurns it with a lordly air
    at the very same time
    that he knows he can't make a living to save his life,
    he is most certainly a genius.

    If he hangs on and sticks to poetry,
    notwithstanding sawing wood comes handier to him,
    he is a true genius.

    If he throws away every opportunity in life
    and crushes the affection and the patience of his friends
    and then protests in sickly rhymes of his hard lot,
    and finally persists,
    in spite of the sound advice of persons who have got sense
    but not any genius,
    persists in going up some infamous back alley
    dying in rags and dirt,
    he is beyond all question a genius.

    But above all things,
    to deftly throw the incoherent ravings of insanity into verse
    and then rush off and get booming drunk,
    is the surest of all the different signs
    of genius.

    While on board the passenger ship America, Mark Twain composed this poem taken from his private journal.
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    Multiple sightings of ‘secret military craft’ reported near Portland USAF base
    The triangular object bears a similarity to the TR-3B spy craft, allegedly developed under a black project by the US government
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  • Tonight on The Dark Mirror Show the hosts look at the weird and wonderful world of Haunted eBay. listen live 9.00PM BST - 4.00PM EST or podcast at #ParasearchRadio #ParanormalRadio #The DarkMirrorShow #KerryGreenaway #MarkManly #CarlHutcingson
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  • Too Many #Hauntings and Other #WeirdTales | #SupernaturalStoryTime E82
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  • The #Whistler and Other #WeirdTales | #SupernaturalStoryTime E27 via  @MiamiGhostChronicles
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  • ‘Something’s not right’ Mystery as mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under moon crater -
    ‘Something’s not right’ Mystery as mass 5 times the size of Hawaii found under moon crater
    A MASSIVE metallic anomaly found beneath the moon and solar system's largest crater has sparked...
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  • What's up Onstellar? LOL....I know this is a dumb question....meaning that I cannot expect that anyone...not even one of my so-called friends here, especially those who lead me here in the first place will answer!

    The truth is, Onstellar is not the best place to get a response...unless you know how to and actually use the act of "tagging" friends you know who actually have the capacity to engage/respond to an alleged friend....and without fear because they already know you.

    In my opinion, FEAR & COMPLACENCY are the true offenders here...when you "ask for a response" (unless one has prepared by selecting a "preferred audience" of responsive friends... because NO OTHERS will respond...I think that may be due to fear and/or the decision that it isn't "their circus" nor "their personal monkeys"... that old saying that seems to me to be emerging more and more these sjust eems sometimes that people just DO NOT GIVE A FLYING PHUCK and few, if any, are willing to BE THE CHANGE

    It seems to me that people are growing more fearful and complacent than ever...fearful of aligning with certain "unknowns" people are basically "lazy arses" when it comes to researching and then to be asked to respond...LOL..."forget about it"...too WEIRD, too much to do, but this is a fact of life on per my experience here.

    Good Luck because many of us will need it (until we learn to change our strategy) if we expect even one soul to respond to an honest question posed in an original timeline comment. I'm sensing that We are all missing many great revalations due to FEAR in others who pretend to care about so called huemanity.

    Getting people to engage in just about anything has turned into a near impossibility due to the sheer numbers of scamsters, hacks and an assortment of others who prey in these venues...My personal favorite...those "selling" Satanic/Luciferian occultism as an acceptible belief system....I THINK NOT! And I don't intend to begin aligning with any of that BRAVO SIERRA (BS) here in Onstellar or any other experimental online community.

    One can't pretend innocence when we've chosen to dialog with certain online predators intending to coax others down to their level of depravity and chaotic mindset. To each their own!

    I dare anyone to motivation for this comment is because one of my Onstellar friends brought this mind-phuck to my attention...this is, when one asks for a response to an important question, the truth is, I was already aware of this NON-RESPONSIVENESS of members of Onstellar posing a "friends"...Even though I truly "get" that there are many who use this venue for their own indivualized purpose(s) of which we mortals will probably never know!!! LOL...SO BE IT and SO IT IS... I'm happy with that.

    WHY WAS ONSTELLAR CREATED? Is THIS the type of users that Onstellar attracts? I'm simply delighted to have a viable alternative to the mind-phuckery of Fakebook and ....that's basically why I joined. I've discovered that it's silly to ask anyone any questions while expecting answers....IT WON'T fact, hell will freeze over before you'll get an answer....from now on, just like on other social media, it will be a part of my approval/rejection process to ask "WHY" a potential friend would ask to be "my" friend here... or maybe continue pretending like all of the "good people" that all's well and that I'm all ZEN either way the communication goes. After all, I do NOT intend to be fixed by anyone here...just entertained whenever possible. Simply comment (to myself to archive) and then move on to the next adventure...I've discovered quite a few "adventures" in the Groups here, by the way. Check them out!!! PEACE & LOVE YA'LL!
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