• Dear Ones, We're almost at the #OctoberFullMoon & it seems the world is going kind of crazy. B-R-E-A-T-H-E. For all who feel in the need of a #healingsession, some support to come back to or to stay in balance, heads up: in about 40 minutes the first session of the #InternationalGoldenAgeGroup (#IGAG) & #PrepareForChange (#PFC) Japan's 2 sessions of #remotehealing that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone they kindly offer every month at the Full Moon it is #FREE of charge.
    These powerful remote healing sessions are always from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC. 


    For USA friends, this is:
    10:00 am Eastern Time, 09:00 am Central Time, 08:00 am Mountain Time, 07:00 am Pacific Time, 04:00 am HAST Honolulu

    Are you in another time zone? Find the time for this healing session for each day in your time zone here:

    Please visit IGAG’s LiveFeed on YouTube to access these remote healings.

    As always, the introduction & explanation will be given first in Chinese, then in English.
    All you have to do then, is lay down & receive.
    Much gratitude to #IGAG & #PFCJapan!

    If you miss today's session, the 2nd will be tomorrow.
    Please feel free to attend either or both of these sessions.

    I hope this helps you to balance, & remember to be with us tomorrow for the Full Moon meditations.

    Please also READ & feel free to SHARE #WeLoveMassMeditation's reminder blogpost.
    As well as the regular reminder for the remote healing sessions & #FullMoonmeditations (including #PeaceMeditationforSyria & this month much MORE, with all the links you need) it explains why the Peace meditations are so very important at this time.


    Happy healing & meditating my dear Ones!
    Thank you & SO MUCH LOVE!
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  • Dear Lovelies! I'm wishing everyone a wonderful #NewSuperMooninLibra weekend! The #NewMooninLibra wants harmony, beauty, balance. Let's all do our best to be there, shall we?

    Yet, this New Moon in lovely Libra also is opposing Chiron the Wounded Healer (who is retrograde in Aries.) So rather than a focus on new relationships, this particular New Moon is reminding us of past ones that have been traumatic & need some closure: not only love or romantic relationships, but childhood wounds & past life traumas are bubbling up in our consciousness for our attention & tender healing.

    It may feel bittersweet, or maybe just bitter, or perhaps annoying~~but just BE with it a while & feel what you must feel, face what you must face about old ego's & things that have taught us but no longer serve in order to honor & then release, release, release them!
    This New Moon is bringing us these memories in order to help HEAL & EVOLVE us!

    Hopefully my dear Ones, you've already checked out & been doing the #FlowerofLifeMeditation! I LOVE this meditation. It is so simple, powerful, lovely & reports are~~ effective! 

    (Guided Audio in English—11 more languages in the sidebar!)

    The Light Forces are still asking everyone to meditate as often as you can & as often as you feel guided to assist in stabilizing the energy grid around the planet utilizing Flower of Life meditation!

    So we are asking those of you who resonate & who can, to join in a #MASSMeditation using the #FlowerofLifeMeditationEvery4hours! Join them ALL or join in any one or more them as you are able to or feel so guided!
    Description, directions & links to guided audios here:


    In this post linked below from the #WeLoveMassMeditationblog, there is a table so you can see what the scheduled times are in your part of the world!


    Please feel free to do this meditation ANY TIME YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

    & really Dear Hearts? A beautiful #NewMooninLibra. Venus is in her home sign of Libra & sextile to Jupiter!
    #WalkinBeauty Beloveds, & #BELOVE!

    Thank you to all who are joining your energies to help create harmony, protection & peace for humanity & all other living beings!

    Thank you everyone! SO MUCH LOVE!

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  • Dear Ones, the #PiscesFullMoon will be exact in a little more than an hour… are you READY? This is a special one for several reasons!
    It’s the #lastFullMoonbeforetheEquinox!
    It falls on #Fridaythe13th~~the first Full Moon to fall on Friday the 13th in 13 years & it will not fall on Friday the 13th again for quite a long time.
    & it’s a #PISCESMoon which means EMOTIONAL.
    Of course, we could have tendencies to be reactive, yet how much better & stronger we can be—to be with our feelings that come up in a super gentle way. I encourage us all to nurture ourselves & others with #KINDNESS & #COMPASSION.

    We have 7 planets in mutable signs, 7 in earth signs, with all these mutable earth energies, this can be a #SuperCreativeFullMoon too!


For those who wish to use the energies of the Moon’s exact time of fullness (in about an hour!) either for your own work or to join other #Lightworkers in a #MassMeditationforPeace to anchor more #goddessenergy & help bring peace to an important goddess vortex, details & links are below.

Depending on your location, the exact time the Moon reaches fullness will be either tonight (Friday the 13th) or Saturday Sept. 14th at 4:32 AM UTC. This month the #FullMoonPeaceMeditation happens before the monthly #FullMoonMeditation.

    For USA Friends this is:
12:32 am Saturday Eastern, 11:32 pm Friday Central, 10:32 pm Friday Mountain, 9:32 pm Pacific


For UK (Europe) Friends this is:
5:32 am Saturday

    the link to the guided audios for Syria Peace Meditation in many languages:

    Each month, meditators around the world join in a #FullMoonMassMeditation at 2:45 PM UTC on the on the day the Moon comes Full. This time was chosen as when the most people around the world can join in mass meditation at the same time.


for USA Friends this is:

    10:45 am Eastern, 9:45 am Central, 8:45 am Mountain, 7:45 am Pacific


for UK (Europe) Friends this is:
03:45 pm BST

    Guided Audio in English:

    Audio Guiado Español


    Guided Audios in MANY Languages:


    #HappyFullMoon Beloveds!

    See you in the ethers!


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  • #GoodSunday my dear #LightFamily! How IS everyone? In about 40 minutes please join with meditators all around the world for our #weeklySundayMassMeditation, the #KeytoFreedomMeditation ~~ as always 3:00 pm UTC Sundays!

    For USA friends, this is:

    11:00 am Eastern Time, 10:00 am Central Time, 09:00 am Mountain Time, 08:00 am Pacific Time, 05:00 am HAST Honolulu

    For London Friends this is 4 pm BST 

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    If you’re in another time zone, check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

Dear Ones, as most of you realize there are battle raging & so we are feeling it here, even those who are still fast asleep are uneasy & reacting. The fires, the storms, the shakes, floods & slides all part of it. You may have noticed conflicts & division among those who are family, friends, loving community members acting all like that! Send them all LOVE.

    Division is the name of the game right now for the dark, #UNITEDinLOVEweWIN!

    People acting ‘like that?’ Refrain from hurt, angry or negative reactions~~send the LOVE! Please place yourself into feelings of great LOVE & send as much LOVE as you can to the areas in danger & to those acting out in their pain, with energies of LOVE assist them to release & clear what must now be released & cleared! Shower them (from afar enough to not be affected yourselves by what they’re going through as they release) radiate LOVE to facilitate the HEALING.

    The #LightForces continue to ask us to meditate, visualizing the #FlowerofLifegrid encompassing the planet helping to harmonize the planetary situation.

    Please feel free to continue our beautiful #FlowerofLifeMeditation. I do LOVE this meditation,I do it many times daily, & the last thing before sleep! There’s a #MassFlowerofLifeMeditation being done daily at 12 UTC (noon) but you can do it as often & as many times daily as you feel inspired to, there will surely be others somewhere on the planet doing it at the time you feel moved to!

    A beautiful 11-minute guided audio is available in many languages here: 


    Dear Ones, meditation is a fine way to balance & raise your own frequency as well as help raise the frequency of this planet! #WeLoveMassMeditation has a Page of all #currentMassMeditations, with links & tables that show the times for a selected set of timezones, so you can join into the ones that resonate most with you at the times that you can!


    Remember my dear Hearts, LOVE wins! SHINE your LIGHT! Be LOVE!

    For those of you who can & resonate, we also do the Key to Freedom Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC & until further notice, also every 4 hours

    Key to Freedom Guided Audio in English:

    En español:


    #KeytoFreedomGuidedAudioPLAYLIST in MANY languages:

    Key to Freedom Event page: 


    Here’s a great interactive tool some of you may like using for this meditation!


    Remember Beloveds, there are MANY synchronized meditations on the #WLMMblog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this Weekly Meditation—the Key to Freedom is the one where reaching the CRITICAL MASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest #WeLoveMassMeditationBlog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!


    Thank you to ALL who join in these Mass Meditations! 

    #HAPPYMEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!



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  • Dear Ones: I was going to write a message for the #SolarEclipse tomorrow~~ but I can do no better than sharing this excellent message from my dear friend #LauraEisenhower. Thank you dear SiSTAR, I LOVE you GALAXIES! Laura shares:

    'For this Solar Eclipse on the 2nd at 12:15 PDT, connecting with the Earth will be very powerful. The Cancer energy is the Mother that we are healing within ourselves -- through reconciling our relationship with our own Mother, how we are as a Mother or how we nurture or support others, especially those in need.

    We must address how we nurture ourselves; what needs within us need to be met -- what changes do we need to make in our lives to better support our emotions, our bodies, our sensitivities and self-love. Breathe deep and connect to the inner Divine feminine who will be integrating the higher Father energies (if we can consciously connect with it) mid-month when the partial Lunar Eclipse happens in Capricorn.

    Allow this window between Eclipses to resolve the dark side of Saturn and how it has influenced us throughout history -- how it has caused fear, resistance, insecurities and energy blocks -- how it has causes our inner feminine to feel undervalued, mistreated and not fully honored and where we have adopted destructive sub-personalities to feel worth or acceptance.

    This exists within men and women. Cast away the Artificial aspects of the Lunar forces and dangerous Archons of the Moon chain lineages.

    WE need to release things in our own Masculine side -- and look at where we have been taught to not feel or acknowledge our emotions, where we have been told it is weak and where we have felt the need to fight, dominate, control or succeed financially in order to feel strong or capable.

    Look deeply into both sides of this within the self. We all have different ways of relating to the M/F within -- some are societal programmings and some is about the struggle to emerge in Truth and personal inner freedom from that kind of conditioning and so stress and depression or anger may be throwing us off balance.

    Let this time be a major reset. Allow the divine union within be illuminated and feel the energy circulation of the right and left return -- visualize it and claim it!!"

    YES! Thank you dear Laura Magdalene!




    For this Solar Eclipse on the 2nd at 12:15 PDT, connecting with the Earth will be very powerful. The Cancer energy is...

    Posted by Laura Eisenhower on Monday, July 1, 2019
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  • The Lunar Eclipse Ascension Meditation is 25 minutes and scheduled to start at the beginning of the Lunar Eclipse at 7:30 pm UTC ~~ this is 3:30 pm Eastern USA time, 2:30 pm Central USA time, 1:30 pm Mountain USA time & 12:30 pm Pacific USA time.

 My dears, this will be the longest Lunar eclipse of the century, and we have much balancing to achieve ~~ both in our own individual lives and to help balance the world around us. There are two more shorter meditations to help anchor Balance and Peace energies into the planetary grid, and also an Inner Marriage Meditation to assist with balancing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies on earth and your own Inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. I encourage you to participate in all of them.

 (They are all FREE & link to playlists for guided audios in MANY languages ) https://zeevaamrita.blogspot.com/2018/07/full-moon-in-aquarius-lunar-eclipse.html #LunarEclipse #FullMoon #BloodMoon #Massmeditation #Ascension #Balance #DivineFeminine #DivineMasculine #InnerMarriage #MercuryRetrograde #LionsGate #Harmony #Love #Sirius #Stargate
    Full-Moon-in-Aquarius-Lunar-Eclipse, Retrograde-Mercury and Lion’s Gate Portal Coming Too?—OH MY! Keep Calm & Hold the Light!
    Dear Ones: 

There is so much going on right now~~have you felt like you were going crazy or that the world around you has? Hang in th...
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  • Dear Ones, I am honored to bring you this beautiful message from my sister and guest blogger Summer Sun, from her Golden Dragon messages. Please share this far and wide. Thank you my dear Sistar Summer. Thank you friends for sharing!
    #Angels, #Ascension, #Atlantis, #Balance, #DivineFeminine, #Divine Masculine, #DivineMother, #Gaia, #Gaia Sophia, #Goddess, #Harmony, #LOVE, #Oneness, #Peace, #Phoenix, #Priestesses, #Unity.
    Invitation to the Valley of Love by Summer Sun
    Dear Ones, I am honored to bring you this beautiful message from my sister and guest blogger Summer Sun, from her Golden Dragon messages. ...
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  • Greetings OnStellar Family! Here is my LAST Blogpost, where I address a very important distortion & the recent fix! "Now Confusion, Chaos, and Distortions Are All Coming to LIGHT." Please DO SHARE & DO comment on the blog. Thank you! And there's a new blogpost with a very special guestblogger coming later today <3
    'I promised to share with you my musings on this powerful time we are in and how you can bring yourself to better balance and harmony. It seems that confusion, chaos and distortions are all coming to LIGHT and as more LIGHT pours in, we create more LIGHT among us, we continue to raise our frequencies and the frequency of our planet—all kinds of corrections and transformations are in play! So many of us are feeling the uplifting ascending energies and then the old energies that seek to stop the ascending ones! It's a huge 'push me-pull you' sense--but we CAN keep our balance! I promise! (click link to read on…)
    http://zeevaamrita.blogspot.com/ #Ascension #Balance #DivineFeminine #DivineMasculine #Harmony #LOVE #Meditation #Oneness #Peace #Unity #Goddess #RestoredBannerofPeace
    Zeeva Amrita: Musings and Sharings of an Alchemist, Lightweaver, Wayshower, and Priestess
    I AM Priestess, Phoenix and Storyteller. I greet you in Love and the Light of the Creator. In grace and in gratitude, I thank you for the honor of assisting in your Awakening, Ascending, and Anchoring Goddess energies on this Mother Earth in this time to balance/unite the feminine and masculine energies in their true power. My mission: to help deepen our healing journeys, bring to Light what needs to be revealed, help you navigate as you journey Beyond the Veil, in balance, harmony, and peace.
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