• Hi everybody, my name is Jean-Charles Moyen, i live in Canada ,Quebec, i'am Producer and Director of Visual Special effects with my company NEMEZIS-STUDIO and Assistant Director of MUFON Quebec too and i spent 7 years of Hard and Amazing Work alone , with my money, no help I risked everything (like my House $$$) for my Docu-Film SOUTH SHORE ORIGIN about my experiencer life and Alien Abduction when i was 4 years old, and my wife was abduct too at 4 years old near Indian Reserve in Canada,we think we have been part of Secret Space Program) and i did investigations in Canada and over the world, Arizona, Desert of New Mexico, Bahamas triangle with Experiencers, Abductees.

    This is 5 minutes of my movie South Shore Origin enjoy:

    The Full movie is here BUY or Rent :

    My Web Site :

    Thank you to take your time for watching my links,

    South Shore Origin is a feature documentary, mixing reality and Fiction.
    About the investigations of 2 special agents France-Quebec, working on unclassified cases related to UFOs and alien abductions.
    Their adventures take place in Quebec and elsewhere, Desert of New Mexico, Phoenix Arizona, Bermuda Triangle, but the main place of history is St Hilaire Mountain.Quebec

    Special thanks to
    Michael E. Salla, Ph. D.
    Corey Goode, David Wilcock, William Tompkins, Randy Cramer and Jimmy Guieu
    for their Quest for Disclosure to Humanity


    This documentary (docu-film) is based on true events.
    The people interviewed are witnesses of true events.
    Certain testimonies may shock or disturb a sensitive audience.
    Viewer discretion is advised.

    Jean-Charles Moyen
    5 minutes of my Docu-Film South Shore Origin
    5 minutes of my Docu-Film South Shore Origin, for you before buy, ENJOY
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  • You should never forget about the ones who have paid the ultimate price for their research, these are the real heroes of truth.

    ALIEN ABDUCTIONS Dr. Karla Turner's Final Lecture May 7, 1995
    #ufo #ufosightings #abductions #alienabductions #experiencers
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    Eve Lorgen joined in to discuss alien abduction and the psychology behind it. She discussed the alien love bite, the most controversial aspect of alien abductions.
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  • In this third article Swaruu, a young extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta of the Pleiades, with whom we are in contact in WRITING, will explain the technology of the clones that is already in use on Planet Earth, but that at the moment only the Elites have access to. It will explain how they work, and what kind of Artificial Intelligence is behind them. The Red Queen will be mentioned, a Super Artificial Intelligence that controls everything, and how the chips that governments want to implant work. We will talk about abductions and #MILAB also. Much to learn in this article. Until next time! #artificialintelligence #pleiadians #extraterrestrials
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  • Join me LIVE this Sunday October 28th with my guest the ALIEN HUNTER himself Mr. Derrel Sims talking about UFOs, ABDUCTIONS, and IMPLANTS! 10pm-Mid EST, 7-9pm PST, 3am-5am GMT
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  • Finally got something new to post. This is a depiction of a spices I.C.A.R. calls the Browns. They're not very known in mainstream ufology. Given what abductees have observed about them, its understandable why that is. The Browns, as the name implies, have dark brown skin and their general appearance resembles an extremely old person though some of their wrinkles, particularly on their heads, seem more like groves and ridges. They stand 4-5ft tall, have wispy white hair, and five digit hands with finger tips ending a small, hoof-like structure and thumbs that move differently from ours (exact details are ambiguous). It is unclear if they have distinct genders or not as they are very similar to each other. They're often described as the "clean up crew" because their observed role is to gather up bodies* from abductions that have gone wrong. What is also well described about the Browns is what is assumed to be their home world. It is often described as orbiting a red sun with large vats of blood dotting the surface (at least the surrounding area the abductees find themselves in). There are also habitations that resemble the Tatoonie houses from the Star Wars films, appearing rather primitive on the outside but more advanced inside. The difference is that they appear to be made of organic material as opposed to clay or mineral. Given their role in abductions and what is described on their presumed home world, the Browns seem to view dead bodies as a resource and gather corpses of various species to process and utilize them for various needs such as building structure and possibly food. Abductees, understandably, tend to have an uneasy sense around the Browns, a sentiment seemingly shared by other alien species. Of the major races visiting earth, the Browns are actually the most primitive. Even more so than the Tall Whites, though still more advanced than humans.
    #brown #alien #aliens #extraterrestrial #extraterrestrials #ufo #ufology #art #depiction #alienspecies #species #alienrace #alienraces #digitalart
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  • Some interesting UFO cases from Australia
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  • #spirituality #ufo #timetravel #extraterrestrial #abductions #proof #truth
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  • The Hidden Ones: Quotes On Beings Of Otherworldly Intelligence.

    Here are some quotes of exchanges that i had with people on social media that you might find interesting and informative!

    Dave Morris: “Mohammad Zamin do you see a connection between the djinn with that of vampires? In my opinion they are connected. Both the djinn and vampires have powers like invisibility, shapeshifting and possession. some people within a crowd can see these entities while others cannot. Both entities find a mating partner to produce an offspring. In some middle eastern areas they believe that the djinn offspring was born in an invisible world and that only the human parent and the djinn where able to see it, in other areas it is believed that everyone can see the offspring. Both djinn and vampires crave blood and spread disease. The vampire offspring was known to cast no shadow, or have any bones, like the vampire or djinn itself, and communicated with humans to track down and see invisible vampires, to destroy them. Here is a link to know more of the vampire and their offspring”

    Dave Morris: “Mohammad Zamin i agree with you for the most part. Many, but not all, of the supernatural creatures like demons, fairies, incubus, succubus and vampires are names given to the djinn by other cultures. All these different entities, plus the ones in mythology, "the gods" as the ancients called them, that are even connected to the UFO abduction phenomenon, have too many of the same attributes to that of the djinn that cannot be ignored. So something is going on out there. There are accounts of the djinn drinking blood in some countries. These beliefs state that the djinn either enter and go inside the bodies of their victims to drink their blood, or possess a human or animal to go after and attack someone else for their blood. In some areas, the belief is that they can materialize into and live as a physical form to bring this about.”

    Dave Morris: “Richard Tanzer, their is a country in the middle east where a djinn inhabits a human body to drink the blood, just to have another one go in and give the victim a disease, as documented by Robert Lebling's book. The Ghoul is able to materialize in a physical body to eat people and drink their blood. I agree with you that there is some opinions and beliefs. To get more to the possible truth, you have to look for the similarities in different beliefs of the djinn along with that of other entities from around the world. That will give you a better perspective on their nature and capabilities.”

    Jack Palace: “Jesus [as] was no ordinary human being neither was he a shape-shifter like jinns are. all prophets were divinely inspired and given powers to perform miracles that no human could. The reason people saw different versions of him is because the human eye could not comprehend his holiness, remember when people saw that he was crucified they were duped because the real person hanging on the cross was judas escariot and then people started saying that he changes form but it was judas who changed form after the betrayal, he took Jesus's form and was crucified in his place. when someone betrays another they will suffer what the betrayed would've suffered!”

    Dave Morris: “The Gnostics, who where an early sect of christianity, never believed that Jesus was a flesh & blood being. They believed that he was a spiritual force who shapeshifted, created illusions, like being physical for example. So Robert Lebling has a good point from a gnostic perspective.”

    “Phantom Black Dogs are mostly acknowledged in England, however, you can find them all over the world with different names. Their known as vampires, djinn, demons, aswang, the alp, the devil, sorcerers, the hidden people, the undead, ect. I had an experience with a Shape-Shifting Black Dog that took on different forms in my dream. The dream was very vivid and real. I was in a church and to my upper left there was a congregation and right in front of me a black mist materialized in mid air and consolidated into the form of a muscular black dog a little bit taller and big then me that growled at me, then it turned into a regular sized non-muscular black dog, then into an upright human form with skin tone, but with his dog head still remaining that made me think of the Egyptian Gods. Then he turned into a full blown human with pale skin, black long curly hair, wearing a black trench coat, a white shirt and his eyes completely black. I then woke up from my dream with my heart pounding because it was so real. I ask myself because of the reality of the dream was i being visited by a powerful entitiy or was it my imagination? Did i have a glimpse into another world?”

    Dave Morris: “Interesting analysis. Some middle eastern nations believe that when a djinn shapeshifts, it builds up a physical body to inhabit, so as to walk among us. The Hindus believe that their gods can incarnate into bodies, which are known as avatars. I do believe in a physical reality behind abductions, their is evidence for that. However their is many subjective experiences mixed in as well like screen memories, which are false memories that these entities implant into us to cover up what really happened. They can also create matrix type realities, which is documented in the UFO literature. Knowing this it becomes tough to figure out what is real and what is not. Djinn's and other entities, like demons, have throughout history created realities in our heads, which is called glamour. It is documented that when people experience a UFO or an ET, they are instantly put into an altered state, caused by the energy of these entities and UFOs, which will have them see into another dimension with life forms in them, like the spirit world. When the abductee goes under hypnosis to see through the false memories, in some cases, maybe these are not false memories, like when they have a memory of an animal for example, that under hypnosis turns into an ET. Maybe the animal was not a false memory in some cases, but just hypnosis giving the abductee the ability to go back to relive and see through the "incarnated" form of an ET. Their are cases where hypnosis can have you peer into hidden realms and see spirits and other beings, and also to remote view and have out of body experiences.”

    "Interesting hypothesis on ETs getting here through astral projection. It is very similar to my views on them coming here. I believe that in order to come here they modify their bodies into bodies of energy and inhabit another dimension in order to get here and their bodies of energy can shapeshift into any form they desire. John Mack, David Jacobs, and other abduction researchers state that the ETs come first as a light that takes form and abducts people. The transhumanists believe that man, way in the future, can modify their bodies into bodies of energy and can perform the same abilities as the ETs."

    No, not necessarly. In most cases it is documented that people see these entities under an altered state, with or without DMT. I do believe that in a small rare number of cases they can descend into our dimension and be partly here and partly in their own dimension, in an in-between state that is documented by John Mack. And that explains how they leave bruises and marks on the bodies of abductees. In my opinion it also explains how a witness can see a silhouette of an alien while the abductee, who is in an altered state, that is with the witness, can see the whole image of the entity.
    Dhampir (Slovakia) | Vampyres Only
    Vampyres Only was created in 1994 to integrate all things within the vampire realm, and is not affiliated with, nor subject to, any vampire community or organization. We are an entity of our own, and are not interested in the politics and issues typically found within these groups. We are a group of diverse individuals that have come together to engage each other in our love of vampires, the myths and legends, and to make new friends with common interests. We strive for tolerance, and endeavor to ensure VO remains a safe haven for those who want to call it home.
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