• With the politics of the day talking about Nationalizing and BREXIT, it's important to point out some key UN treaties that exist. Everyone wants to "pull out", until you realize what "pulling out" really looks like. One treaty being the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques [1]. The US State Dept documents this treaty, but it's important to note in the documents, that it says nothing of using these techniques on it's own citizens. The same time the treaty was signed, Congress also made it mandatory to report all the weather modifications operating on US soil in an annual report [2]. They held committee's in 08 on aersol injections for solar radiation management as well. The study and research into modifying the weather and climate is still ongoing [3] [4] [5]. These tools are also de-classified in a FOIA request from the CIA here [6]. Are we so sure drones on US soil are just being used to monitor us or to report on other issues relating to a future event... because in [7] Border and Customs reports how often they use drones on our soil, but they also interestingly enough document how many times joint exercises were stalled because of weather related events.

    Think about the implications here. We have "official" documents that weather can be used as a weapon... but the only thing holding us back from using it as such, is a treaty. And now with an "official" report from the border patrol that "weather" hampers monitoring... the only possible conclusion is get the public behind a push to end some treaties. If they can convince to you support leaving a nuclear treaty, they sure as can get you to abandon the weather modification treaty. ((of which is still ongoing in what's called Benign Weather Modification [8] PDF and reported to NOAA [2]))

    THE YEAR IS 2025

    5 years after the installation of the Space Force [9], 5 years prior to the UN Sustainable Development plans ((also in [9])), and the USAF commissions a study on what they would look like going into the future [10]. Interestingly enough, documented the same year Congress was holding hearings on SRM [3]. This is where we get the think tank documentation from Col Tamzy J. House on Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 [11]. It wasn't just that, but a whole host of other documents. The USAF was wanting to see what could be done using the public as a tool. This is what they say after the findings and think tanks turned in their reports - READ THIS REAL SLOWLY -


    If the forecasters are right, the Air Force in 2025 will be significantly different from that of today, despite the fact that most of the systems on which USAF will depend decades from now are already in service or development.


    We don't need to wait until 2025, they're already using weather as a weapon, and admit it in this publication [10]. DID YOU KNOW that the USAF actually has an agency called Air Force Weather Agency?? The agency's main site [12], found in researching AF2025 in this PDF [13]. All the documentation one needs without screams of HAARP or anything else out there that comes up first on the topic when you research this.

    Back to the UN treaty on using weather as a weapon [14]. Want to know what countries that never ratified this???

    Saudi Arabia
    The Holy See

    Notice any of these being interesting to geo-politics

    Are we so sure that our innovations are not being sold to Saudi or Israel. Technically these techniques are considered weapons according to the treaty. Selling weapons to the Saudi / Israeli military takes on a whole new meaning now doesn't it??? Russia selling "weapons" to Iran???








    [8] PDF



    [11] PDF



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  • My newest book for children is now available. Help a younger generation learn about Ufology. #UFO #alien #childrensbook #paranormal #Petersonairforcebase
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  • 2018-10-13 AATIP Media Sweep Report

    Latest giant media sweep. Main Index media page updated:

    This report is available in PDF as well:


    2018-10-11 - I-Team: What's happened since major announcement to end UFO secrecy?
    Original Article:
    Mirror Link:
    1-year anniversary of the original TTSA reporting by George Knapp from Oct 11 2017:

    2018-10-11 - KGRA: Phenomenon: Interview with George Knapp on the history of AATIP

    2018-09-19 - Observations On Potential UAP/UFO Material In Possession for The ADAM Research Project

    2018-08-08 - Midnight in the Desert: Roger Marsh comments the Pentagon UFO Study, MUFON Symposium and his conversations with Luis Elizondo during private dinner
    Show Notes:
    Video Comment by Post Disclosure World:

    2018-09-06 - Steve Bates meets Luis Elizondo at MUFON Symposium

    2018-09-08 - UFOs, the Air Force, and the Colorado Study
    Ret. Col. David J. Shea hosted by the National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS):
    Back on July 26 2018, WTOP released an interview with David J. Shea - retired Pentagon press spokesperson of Project Blue Book from Quintanilla’s 1967-1969 era. In WTOP article, Col. Shea criticized “reborn” UFO investigations by AATIP stating: “Why would the government want to do that again? We’ve been there, done that.”
    Col. Shea is also the author of the thesis: “The UFO Phenomenon: A Study in Public Relations”.
    On September 8 2018, the National Capital Area Skeptics hosted Col. Shea where he spoke about the history of Project Blue Book, and the Condon report. He shortly mentioned AATIP study again and the USS Nimitz case. Timeline of the entire 60-minute video talk is available here:

    2018-10-08 - Documentary Trailer: Aliens at the Pentagon: Nick Pope on AATIP

    2018-09-23 - The ADX Files: Nick Pope comments the Pentagon UFO study and his contacts with Luis Elizondo



    DIA Study, Skinwalker Ranch & AATIP
    2018-09-11 - 2018-10-12 MEDIA WAVE
    Documentary by Jeremy Corbell:
    2018-09-11 - Hunt for the Skinwalker Documentary Release + Bonus Features

    Part 2: Continuation from previous media sweep report:

    2018-09-11 - KLAS-TV: Short coverage of "Hunt for the Skinwalker" release

    2018-09-11 - Mysterious Universe: ‘Hunt for the Skinwalker’ Film Review by MJ Banias

    2018-09-17 - KGRA: The Richard Dolan Show: Interview with Jeremy Corbell

    2018-09-18 - UFO Think Thank Radio (Open Minds): George Knapp – The Government’s UFO and Paranormal Study: The Skinwalker Ranch

    2018-09-19 - Hunt for the Skinwalker - MUFON's Review

    2018-09-21 - Desert Oracle: Lychantropes of the West with Jeremy Corbell

    2018-09-21 - Punk Rock and UFOs: Director Jeremy Corbell explains access for 'Hunt For The Skinwalker'

    2018-09-22 - Horror Talk: Hunt for the Skinwalker Movie Review by Stuart D. Monroe

    2018-09-22 - Wicked Horror: Hunt for the Skinwalker Will Make You Question Reality [Review]

    2018-09-22 - ATS: Ask Me Anything about Skinwalker Ranch with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell

    2018-09-22 - McMenamins UFO Festival: Skinwalker Ranch - presentation by George Knapp with Q&A

    2018-09-27 - KGRA: Phenomenon: Interview with Jeremy Corbell

    2018-09-30 - Coast to Coast: Mysterious Disappearances with David Paulides: During the show, host George Knapp mentioned his meeting with Washington insiders arranged by Harry Reid in early 2018:

    2018-10-03 - Dave Navarro's Dark Matter Radio with Jeremy Corbell:

    2018-10-06 - Daily Star: 'The Area 51 of paranormal' Pentagon ran secret investigation into 'bizarre creatures'

    2018-10-07 - Express: UFO INVESTIGATION: US officials 'hold SECRET ALIEN TESTS' at ranch

    2018-10-12 - Drug Machines Podcast: Interview with RedBlueBlackSilver: Creating Soundtrack for the "Hunt for the Skinwalker" documentary



    2018-10-04 - UAP Scientific Research Blog: When did AATIP/AAWSAP start?

    2018-09-27 - TTSA: Material of Interest: Magnesium-Zinc-Bismuth

    2018-09-20 - Newsweek: Do Aliens Exist? Blink 182 Co-Founder and Ex-Pentagon Official Are Determined to Prove We’re Not Alone
    (Newsweek misquoted Luis Elizondo in the last sentence, and they had to issue the statement about the error (at the bottom of the article).

    2018-10-05 - Kevin Day details TIC TAC UAP experience, aftermath that influences him still - by Mike Damante



    Batch of articles discovered in aviation and navy magazines:

    2017-12-16: Navy Times: Are UFOs real? A secret Pentagon program sought to find out

    2017-12-19 - Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine: That Secret Government Program to Track UFOs? It’s Not the First

    2017-12-19 - Flying Magazine: Pentagon Confirms Existence of Secretive UFO Program

    2017-12-20 - Flying Magazine: Five Reasons to Be Skeptical about that New York Times UFO Story

    2018-March Issue - Air Force Magazine: "Verbatim" section quotes Luis Elizondo on page 53

    2018-03-12 - Navy Times: Video shows apparent encounter between Navy pilot and UFO


    Follow Keith Basterfield’s blog regarding AATIP updates:

    Follow Billy Cox’s blog:


    Best wishes.
    #UFO #UFOs #UAP
    Pentagon UFO Study
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  • How do I upload video clips? I have a vid of UAP I recorded over the Airforce base my house.
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  • US Airforce Base Failed To Report... #ufo
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    The companies that design and manufacture the top end audio, lighting and video equipment, impressed me yesterday. Nearly 20 different distributors and suppliers from Australasia were out in force at the Wigram Airforce Museum yesterday, companies I'm referring to are like Martin, Sennheiser, JBL.
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  • UFOs and the Attraction to Facilities.

    Carrington in the UK is probably best known for housing the Manchester United football training ground. It lies bang in between Flixton, Partington, Irlam, Davyhume and Sale which are the smaller towns found in Cheshire. As you come off the M62 motorway onto the Carrington slip road you are suddenly greeted by the immense sight of Carrington Shell refinery, along with Gas, Chemical and Electrical plants.

    It is this area that has been haunted by the UFO phenomena for many years. One of the first reported incidents took place during the spring of 1976. Five anxious shoppers were waiting for the local Carrington bus to take them to Sale centre. The bus arrived and they got on. A few minutes later one of the passengers turned to another and said, 'Can you see that, what is it'. Passengers turned to see a huge object, about the size of a football pitch hanging motionless in the air over a field next to the Shell refinery. They all described the object as rectangular in shape with large bright white lights that were set behind some type of grid structure. The craft seemed to be heavy set with metal girder type apendages. The object started to move silently and slowly over towards Irlam. Meanwhile, Sergeant Butts, and another police officer were travelling down Washway Road in Sale when their attention was drawn skyward. In the distance they saw a huge rectangular object moving away from them. When witnesses informed the police and showed drawings of the object they had done, police officers were surprised to find that they were identical to those Sergeant Butts and his accompanying officer had drawn.
    This is not the first time such strange rectangular shaped crafts have been seen. Just one year prior and again during spring, two witnesses in Kansas US saw a similar craft.

    As they crossed a cement bridge that spanned a local river, they pulled their vehicle into a farmer’s access road and parked up for a short time. They looked out at the fields alongside the bending river and suddenly noticed a strange looking light that was seemingly approaching them. As the object got nearer it seemed to slow down and hover above the tress. The craft was dark in colour and rectangular in shape. It had one red light and one green light positioned together in the center of the under part of the craft. The couple watched in amazement for around five minutes or so. The craft slowly moved to right and over the river and was completely silent. By this time they were getting a little scared so decided to quickly leave the scene.

    Carrington has also had its fair share of strange green balls of light seen flying through the night sky. Some have speculated that these are somehow attributed to the near by chemical and gas facilities and that they must be some type of ignited emisions. However, those that report seeing such things describe the balls as bright green, moving fast, leaving a green tail behand them and sometomes seen in groups of two or three, no sound, no odours and occasionally changing direction. Astronomers have remarked on these sightings and explained them away by saying they were simply some type of bolide. Of course, such meteorological phenomena does take place. In fact, in March of last year (2016) one such incident was witnessed by dozens of people from Hamshire. Its colour prompted people on Twitter to describe it as the St Patrick's Day meteor.

    Bright green in colour, shooting silently across the sky leaving a green coloured tail. As the BBC News reported: 'Dr John Mason of the British Astronomical Association said it was bright enough to be categorised as a fireball. He believed it was a piece of cosmic rock which almost certainly came from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He said the green colour was caused by the meteor heating up the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere. "Meteors of this kind are not uncommon," he added, saying he estimated there was at least one a week over the UK'. The truth of the matter is, green fireballs or balls of light are not often reported, however, when one bothers to research these particular phenomena you find that they have been reported world wide and sometimes described to move with intelligence.

    When the United States Airforce's Project Twinkle investigated a similar reported phenomena in New Mexico in 1950, they noticed that where ever they set up their equipment, the UFOs moved to another location, suggesting that they somehow possessed or were guided by some form of intelligence. Many believe that some of these green coloured objects are in fact UFOs, and not to be mistaken for meteorological phenomena. Management at Carrington's Shell refinery stated 'We've no idea what the balls of light could be, we do know however, that they are nothing to do with escaping gases from the plant'.

    After numerous official sightings of strange green balls of light seen over Poland in 1949, Col Eustis of G-2 Intelligence, US Army, issued an extraordinary memo to the Director of Army Intelligence concerning the wild hypotheses that were spreading concerning the southwestern light phenomena. It read...

    Hq 4th Army Memo; "Unconventional Aircraft"
    To: Director of Intelligence, GSUSA

    1. The inclosed Summary of Information: subject "Unconventional Aircraft" (Control No. A-1917) dated 13 Jan 1949, is forwarded for your information and any action deemed necessary.

    2. Agencies in New Mexico are greatly concerned over these phenomena. They are of the opinion that some foreign power is making 'sensing shots' with some super-stratospheric devise [sic] designed to be self-desentergrating [sic]. They also believe that when the device is perfected for accuracy, the disentegrating [sic] factor will be eliminated in favor of a warhead.

    3. Another theory being advanced as possibly acceptable lies in the belief that the phenomena are the result of radiological warfare experiments by a foreign power, further, that the rays may be lethal or might be attributed to the cause of some of the plane crashes that have occurred recently.

    4. Still another belief that is advanced is that, it is highly probable that the United States may be
    carrying out some top-secret experiments.

    5. It is felt that these incidents are of such great importance, especially as they are occurring in the vicinity of sensitive installations, that a scientific board be sent to this locality to study the situation with a view of arriving at a solution of this extraordinary phenomena with the least practicable delay.

    6. It is further requested that this headquarters be informed of action taken on this and a previous report in order that reporting agencies may be advised.

    For the Commanding General:
    Eustis L. Poland
    Colonel, GSC
    AC of S, G-2

    Its clear from the memo above that such mysterious light phenomena was being considered to be secret experiments, or even a foriegn super-weapon of some sort and were often seen in the vicinity of sensitive installations. One could speculate that such a phenomena shows interest in certain facilities be them military, chemical or power stations. Its interesting to point out that you have a collection of chemical, gas and electrical facilities grouped together in Carrington.

    During the summer of 1994 I was contacted by a very distressed woman. She told me about a remarkable experience. She and two friends were travelling in a car down Carrington Lane near the refinery when she looked to her left and spotted a small triangular shaped craft slowly moving across the field. She shouted out for her friend to stop the car. They pulled over and jumped out of the vehicle and watched as the object started to move towards them. It was completely black in colour and was about 20 feet from the ground. As the object passed over a hedge a column of bright blue light dropped to the ground. She explained how the column of light did not defuse as it normally would when passing through a hedge. It was as if the light was solid. It kept the same shape, not like a torch. A torch, lights more of an area the further away it reaches. This column of light stayed the same size. They watched the object move silently over the road and across into the opposite field. The two witnesses were not too shore about the nights events. They said that the craft did not seem real in some way. Suprisingly, an investigation found no other witnesses. Surely there should have been more as this triangular craft eventually moved off to the east and over a local housing estate.

    It seems on occasion that just a handful of witnesses see such a remarkable incident when in fact hundreds of witnesses should have seen it. Even the huge object seen in 1976 by police officers and passengers on a bus ,only came to 9 in total, when in fact half the North West should have seen this thing. I suppose that's what makes the UFO phenomena so unusual. Such limited perception of events has been coined 'The Umbrella of Perception'. When only certain individuals witness a UFO incident when in fact there should have been multiple reports. Whatever makes these individuals perceive in this way is currently unknown, maybe this form of selected viewing is somehow associated with the UFO incident itself?

    In February of 1996, I inundated with UFO reports of large triangular objects. These stretched from Bowdon to Cholton and wait for it.... 'Carrington'. Amongst the witnesses were three police officers, 4 security officers from Cortall Chemicals on Barton Dock Road, Salford and at least 35 independent witnesses. All described the same objects. Large dark coloured, triangular shaped objects, with bright lights on them. Throughout Carrington 19 witnesses watched the two objects for over ten minutes before shooting off towards Salford. Again in September 2002 there were 11 UFO incidents reported. Numerous lights had been seen to dart off at high velocity, also a large triangular object had allegedly been seen by several witnesses whilst travelling on a coach.

    But by far the most impressive was the sighting of a large rectangular shaped craft. Four middle-aged witnesses saw a 'huge dark oblong' ... it was dark grey in colour, a kind of blackish metal covering. The witnesses could not be sure of what the front end was like but they thought it was a cone shape and on this was a huge pulsating red light. The light itself was the apparent size of the full moon. This pulsed at a slow rate about once every three seconds ... Most of the time the light was off. It came suddenly, grew bright, quickly faded and then came on about 3 seconds later. The witnesses said that the size of the thing was amazing. it seemed to take so long to pass over and it seemed ages before they saw the back of it. As previously, the sighting occurred close to the Shell Carrington refinery and as it approached the area it was shining a large floodlight, like those used at sports events, with a panel visible between the lights. The object slowly moved across the sky and disappeared off into distance. The witnessses were amazed at the fact that it had not been seen and reported by hundreds of people.

    July 25th 2009 at around 11:00pm. Four white lights flying in formation in a north westerley direction were seen by several witnesses. The objects were seen to be travelling faster than normal aircraft speed. They reported no noise as the objects passed over gracefully. On August 4th of the same year, a large ball of orange light seemed to come out of nowhere. Four witnesses reported watching the objects travelling fast then changing direction as it travelled to the East. On August 14th I was contacted by a gentleman who had this to say...

    ‘I was outside my house about 7:30pm enjoying the evening sky when I looked to the west and saw a very large, white light that was circular in shape and had some sort of search light. I believe it was around 2000 feet in altitude and about 10 miles away to the west. I watched for about 5 minutes and the object never moved. I first thought it was a helicopter with a search light, however a helicopter happened to fly past, and clearly was much smaller than what I was seeing. I also saw a red light much higher to the northwest that also never moved for the 5 minutes but had to be around 20,000 ft in altitude. Both objects remained for around 25 minutes before fading away to nothing’. They both simply turned off and vanished at the same time. Very odd'.

    More recently in 2015, two witnesses reported seing four green balls of light shooting across the sky at fast speed over the Windmill public house in Carrington. They were described as travelling in formation and producing a short green coloured tail behind them. There was no sound as they travelled over and were seen for only a few seconds as the witnesses lost sight of them as headed towards Flixton park area.

    Some researchers have suggested that such sightings may be a rare atmospheric condition known as Le Rayon Vert that occur before sunrise and shortly after sunset, when a green spot is visible for a short period of time above the sun, or a green ray shoots up from the setting sun. It is usually observed from a low altitude where the horizaon is in view, such as near or on the ocean. However, as you can clearly see from witness descriptions, this cannot be the case. They are regularly reported as green balls and not a green light or ray, and also, its highly unlikely anyone in the area of Carrington is going to have the capabilities of seeing the horizon.

    Whatever is going on in the location of Carrington, it seems to be a continious phenomena. A phenomena that may have some connection to the location. You could speculate that these craft are somehow interested or monitor the refinery or power stations in that location. Something that has similarly been reported many times all around the world. It would seem that UFOs may be attracted to such ficilities...

    Steve Mera.
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