• Laura Eisenhower recently made a video directly addressing the 'Dark Controllers' and making it clear we do NOT consent and we do NOT give permission. Perhaps we should all do the same? Videos, podcasts, tweets, posts, articles. Let our collective voices be heard in whatever way we are best at presenting our voices. Take note of how Laura presents this. Calm, focused, strong but without the calling for revenge or retribution. No anger, no highly charged emotion - just laying down our boundaries as an aware and ascending humanity. Let us be heard #WeDoNotConsent
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  • Magenta, do you think the eating of red meat, poultry or fish is detrimental to raising one’s vibration? Many people say that anything that holds the energy of death keeps you from ascension.

    Response - Red meat and poultry connect you to the land of the Earth (so the third dimension) they are not grounding (like root vegetables) they act more like a heavy weight that prevents you accessing higher dimensions. If the meat and poultry is from battery farmed animals then the frequencies of pain and suffering enter your fields and are definitely detrimental to the raising of vibration. Organically and sustainably raised animals will hold a higher vibration as they hold much less suffering yet they still anchor you to the third dimension. Fish and all seafood connect you to the sea which is fourth dimensional. They will have a much higher vibration but still pull you into a 4D field. Some people need animal products in their diet however, it really depends where you are in your growth and evolution and where you are within health and wellness. Intuitive eating is most recommended. If ascension, enlightenment and higher connection (and freeing oneself from 3D/4D reality into higher DNA activation & reconstruction) then a plant based diet is the only way to go. There is no judgement or shame however when it comes to what you choose to consume. All food is to be consumed with joy & gratitude and if you are eating animal products then you would bless that animal and give thanks for it's offering of itself to you. This can only balance the karmic energies with sustainably raised animals. No amount of 'blessing' or 'transmuting' will balance karmic energetics from cruelly treated, battery farmed animals that live lives of suffering. All starseeds, once activated beyond the 3D linear expression will naturally move away from these factory farmed animal products because they intuitively know it is not within harmony with the Earth and that it does not hold the correct vibration for the ascending Starseed.
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  • One needs to look beyond the third dimension at the sixth dimensional core templates for planetary humanity and our galactic evolution, in order to answer many of the questions that the ascending individuals have and to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. The dark core agenda is 'division of humanity,' 'prevention of galactic evolution' and fully realised ascension. Within this is the suppression of our true galactic heritage and thus our empowerment. Look at your emotional reactions to any particular issue (especially those you believe to be a cabal or 'satanic' agenda) and ask yourself, are you standing as a light warrior against cabal/service-to-self control or have you been caught by them hook, line and sinker? Have you been forced into a polarity game with your fellow humanity (other aspects of yourself) and are you therefore perpetuating their core agenda of division? We cannot unify as a human race and thus ascend as a collective as long as we are divided. Your emotional reactions (and how you analyse and integrate them) are key! 'The Nine' through Magenta Pixie
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  • The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 21, 2019

    Per Staffan April 21, 2019

    Arcturians (channeled messages)
    APRIL 21, 2019

    Dear ones, we greet you on this religious holiday of Easter being celebrated in Christian communities the world over in remembrance of the suffering, death, and resurrection of the master teacher Jeshua. However, just as with the Christmas story, Easter also holds much deeper meaning and every human is living the Easter story at some level.

    Every individual throughout their many lifetimes has experienced the death of old beliefs and the integration of new ones but always within the third dimensional belief system. This is how evolution happens. At some point a spiritual completion of sorts is reached and the death of what has become one’s outgrown state of consciousness begins. The soul has reached a place of readiness for new and higher dimensional awareness although usually not consciously aware of it.

    Many past lives were short and filled with suffering while others were long and fulfilling but all were necessary in order for the soul to experience and grow from every aspect of three dimensional living and then move on which begins with a growing sense of dissatisfaction with what has previously been comfortable and normal.

    Confusion and a sense of loss comes as a person gradually begins to shift out of alignment with some friends, traditional family values, religious doctrine, certain foods, entertainments, work, etc. This is the period in which many make futile attempts to restore that which they feel they are losing, not realizing that their energy is no longer in alignment with these things.

    The death throes of one’s old state of consciousness can be painful on one or all levels but is short or long depending upon resistance. This is the period known as the “Dark night of the soul”–the part of the Master’s story where he was alone, confused, and praying in the desert with a sense of what was coming.

    Change is eventually embraced and understood as being necessary and he/she begins to seek, accept, and practice increasingly higher levels of truth. The length of this phase varies with every individual and often extends through lifetimes. However, there eventually comes the personal resurrection and ascension that births a new state of consciousness. The Easter story is your story.

    You have all lived as both genders, all colors, warriors, rich and poor, good and bad, etc. Every lifetime experience has served to develop your intelligence and wisdom so that over time you became a person wise and experienced regarding the best forms of three dimensional living and survival. It was not meant for this to be the final goal, but rather a portion of your journey toward remembering–every experience a step along the way to higher awareness.

    Ascension is a process. When a spiritually prepared person becomes comfortable in their three dimensional world believing that they have reached the pinnacle of success and that there is nothing more, this world will often collapse on one or more levels– physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually allowing the first stage of their personal Easter to begin.

    For those living fully in the the third dimensional belief system these types of experiences are usually the manifestation of their belief in duality and separation but for the spiritually evolved, they represent the dissolution of the person’s an old illusory belief system. Always remember that nothing real can ever be lost but rather only changes form. That which seems to have disappeared will reappear in better and higher form if it is a part of one’s consciousness of wholeness.

    The crucifixion of one’s belief system can be an excruciating experience leaving the person with no foundation to depend upon or to look toward for answers and solutions. Friends and family often try to assist during this period but are unable to because the three dimensional tools they offer are not in alignment with the higher frequency process taking place.

    After many “failures” to recreate what has been lost with three dimensional solutions, he/she begins to give up and stop resisting which then allows the person to open to the inner guidance that has always been present but ignored. He/she begins to disengage from the false beliefs that created the pain and suffering and enters the tomb to rest and process what has taken place.

    A new and higher state of consciousness is born as the individual rises out of his/her personal death and darkness, a consciousness that only those at a similar level of awareness can recognize. As he/she begins incorporating and living from their new awareness, more truth unfolds and they become increasingly enlightened until at a certain point they are ready for ascension out of their old state of consciousness.

    On earth at this time, ascension means the shift of consciousness out of the third dimension and into the fifth, a dimension governed by frequencies of unconditional love and Oneness.

    The Christ is already fully present within each and every person but can not be experienced until recognized. Many continue to cry out; “How could a loving God allow this?” God activity cannot be present in a vacuum but must flow through his expressions on earth. It is the same as having a large bank account that one is totally unaware of and so lives ignorantly in poverty.

    Through un-awakened ignorance the third dimensional state of consciousness has created the world of pain, suffering, lack, and limitation that most have come to accept as normal. A world that many continue begging God to change. Divine Consciousness knows nothing about what three dimensional thinking is creating because illusion does not exist in Divine Consciousness. This is why the changes you wish to see, you must create.

    The Easter experience is here for all who choose it. Mankind is now in the midst of the suffering, pondering, and dying part in preparation for resurrecting out of the duality and separation that has ruled and governed over hundreds of lifetimes.

    Up to now individuals had to physically die in order to ascend to a higher dimension, but at this powerful time mankind is ascending while in physical body. The integration of higher more refined Light energies cannot take place with the old still in place which is why most of you are in the process of clearing old cellular energy and remaining karmic issues at this time.

    Arcturian Group wishes to speak of the energy changes taking place on earth. As the frequencies of earth become increasingly refined, there comes increasing chaos because when Light flows to that which is dark and heavy, it causes a reaction.

    Those continuing to hold tightly to the illusions of old energy are experiencing resistance and fear as they struggle through means that no longer work, to keep the status quo. Everyone, those awake and those who are not, are experiencing the higher frequency energies, but because many do not understand what is going on, they are acting out in ways that make sense to their un-awakened consciousness.

    Negative and false beliefs are beginning to be recognized for what they are in the awareness of an increasing number of people starting to realize that they no longer agree with many of the beliefs and laws they previously accepted. People are waking up the world over and starting to question what they have been told which in turn is causing resistance and action on the part of those who thrive from everything remaining in old energy.

    Hold to your center dear ones, holding the Light of truth closely within you at all times. Try not to get overly involved in the negative appearances that confront your awareness every day. Concern and worry over appearances only adds more energy to those very things. Allow false creations to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are which will happen if they are no longer fed.

    Much is yet to be revealed. Let trust and truth be your shield and sword always remembering that nothing can make you less than the Divine Being that you are. If someone were to shoot you in the heart, you would continue simply watching the show but from a different seat. You are Divine beings always have been and forever will be, for there is nothing else.

    This realization is your Easter.

    We are the Arcturian Group 4/21/19
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    Live right now, hanging out with David, learning, growing, understanding, ascending together in spirit, our individual and collective consciousnesses expanding higher
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  • 12:12 Portal and Ta’ Cenc-Gozo #TaCencGozo
    During Lemuria and Atlantis, every person had twelve major chakras and twelve strands of active DNA–the twelve codes of consciousness. The human race was ready to be whole and to ascend. During this collective trauma of the sinking of Atlantis, humanity failed to graduate to the Thirteenth Stage of its ascension, and in the process lost nine of its twelve codes in its DNA. So, instead of ascending, humanity spiralled down from fifth density to deep third and was left with only three strands of its previous DNA, and went into a long period of ‘devolution’ and ‘great forgetting.’
    When the Ascended Masters of Atlantis felt that the end was looming, they shaped twelve life-size skulls of quartz crystals and one amethyst. This thirteenth skull of higher frequency was holding in its structure the entire knowledge and ancient wisdom of Atlantis. They chose the sacred site of Ta’ Cenc on the island of Gozo to be the etheric repository centre of the thirteenth Atlantean quartz crystal. When humankind is ready to raise its vibration at the next Shift of Consciousness, it will re-materialise again and it will open the thirteenth code of ascension in all humans. It will assist humanity during its ascension process, and will serve as a driving force on its road to a new Multi-dimensional Reality.
    Thus, Ta’ Cenc is the vital guardian of the Thirteen Keys of creation and the Thirteen Codes to humanity’s road to ascension. These codes are waiting to be re-activated at the rebirth of the New Consciousness at the Shift of an Age. The island of Comino was holding the key to the ‘rebirth of humanity.’ (Extracts from ‘The Cosmic Perpsective.’) #francisbooks
    THE WAITING IS OVER! We have connected with Comino for the keys and with the Ta’ Cenc site to open the codes and activate the ascension process of all humanity on this special day - 12:12 Passageway - the Universal Ascension Code - New Knowledge, New Freedom and New Possibilities.
    IT IS DONE! You can activate your own ascension process and your own DNA by connecting etherically with the site through its sacred symbol (picture). “On this day the cosmic portal opens throughout the galaxy for access to higher dimensional realms of consciousness and the activation of all 12 strands of DNA…On December 12th, the sacred day of 12:12 provides a rare opportunity to receive a continual stream of Crystalline Photon Light into your energy field…transferring divine intelligence into your brain, into the micro-crystals in the pineal, into your blood and genetic code, and into your heart!” (Meg Benedicte-Quantum Access). “Bring all into full consciousness (which is LOVE) and be totally wide open and ready for all new realizations and understandings to come wide open for anything...don't limit yourself anymore.” (Lisa Transcendent Brown). (Sacred Geometric activation picture by Christine; Ta’ Cenc overlooking Comino by Francis; Ta’ Cenc Dolmen by Andrew Weasley).
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  • What do we believe we know about Ascension? What is the pathway for ascending? This may not be an up or down thing, it may be more like and out back in thing. Using our conscious as a reverse engineered birth canal to birth ourselves back Home in a unified state with all creative potential. Would we feel this experience? What might that be like? I suspect it's vastly different than the experience of astral projection. Do you believe you are in an ascension process? Having or having had ascension symptoms? Pls share your experience and what has shifted for you in the last year or two? Inquiring souls want to know!
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  • *** The Energies Of November 2018|Tuning Into Unity Consciousness : Soul Groups Reunion ***

    "...At this time, in which the efforts of the dark forces, as I have shared many times, is tremendous to bring us back into a lower state of #consciousness, it is necessary for the highest #good of All as well as for the continuation of the evolution that Planet Earth already initiated, that the #ascending #souls, whether #NewEarth Seeds - incarnated directly on Earth - and #Starseed Souls, unite our forces to sustain the current transition aside from the many attacks received in both individually and in the battle to regain control of our Planet." ~ Natalia Alba

    #Ascension #Astrology #Spiritual #Healing #Awakening

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  • Taking our part in counteracting intentioned binding and psychic harm to those who are part of the light/truth structure upon Earth at this time.
    To be repeated out loud, spoken softly, placed under a crystal, within alter, sleeping space or buried in Earth or burnt within fire. Or use your own magickal practise and ritual.
    With love,
    Magenta Pixie

    We do not consent to the 'beacons of light' or to any individual or group of the 'alliance of light' or to those who switch polarity from a service-to-self structure to a service-to-others one being hexed, spelled, bound, cast or magickally interfered with on any level beyond purity, love, compassion, forgiveness, light, healing and joy throughout the quantum infinite infinity matrix fields.
    We, starseeds of Earth, those that come forward from many distant planets, realms, worlds and dimensions do stand by our very existence, honour, integrity and alignment to truth, justice and balance, counteract with our very being any such intent.
    We counteract this by sending love, light, joy and nurturing support to any individual who stands within integrity for positive polarised truth and service-to-others patterning.
    We, as a collective that represent and are the 'Divine Princess Aurora' and her beloved 'Twin Flame Arch-Angel Michael', do hold fast a network of light availble to all those of integrity and of a pure heart who wish to utilise this web of light for healing, safety and protection.
    We offer a safe space to those who leave service-to-self structures, break free of false nets and false traps and look for armistice and sanctuary in the temple of the true light matrix.
    We welcome them.
    We place a permeable barrier of mirrored, plasmic- light around any individual, construct, event, situation, structure or group that is cohesively intentioned binding and harm.
    We place a neutralising and recycling effect around said same structures from non-cohesive dissipating thought that may touch any level of reality of said same structure.
    We give thanks for the powers of light naturally present within the crystalline-platinum-diamond gene formations of all ascending starseeds and we stand together to create this living, loving sanctuary matrix.
    In lovelight and lightlove,
    It is done.

    I am......(say your name)
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