• A reader reminded me of an article I wrote 10 years ago. It aged so well, I decided to report it. If you like it—if it resonates with you—follow the links for other articles I've written in 2010 and recently. #tarot #freedom #awakening #woke #aware #unveiling #disillusionment #illumination #GreatAwakening

    [ I originally posted this in December of 2010. It ages so well, I decided to repost it. ]

    Do you know the difference between the words discreet and discrete?

    We’re more familiar with discreet.  A few synonyms are: subtle, cautious, tactful, prudent, and inconspicuous. (See Inconspicuously Unrelenting.)

    Discrete, on the other hand, is less used. A few synonyms are: separate, distinct, and isolated. In college, I studied discrete systems as part of my Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree. Wikipedia describes them this way: A discrete system is a system with a countable number of states.

    In Black and White where I discussed the journey from 2 to 11, I talked about computers.  Well, continuing on with that theme, do you remember the early Atari games?  Remember how in games like Dig Dug you could only go in four directions?  This is an example of a discrete system (of movement).

    A rudimentary discrete directional compass has only four positions: N, E, S, & W.

    In Dig Dug, you could only move in those four directions.  In more advanced games, they added the diagonals: NE, SE, SW, & NW.  As computers have become more sophisticated, the number of degrees of freedom have grown, but they are still discrete, just beyond our noticing.

    So now let’s play with these words some more.  Let’s review the synonyms of discrete, specifically separate and isolated.  When we apply those words to ourselves, they don’t feel very good.  When we feel separated and isolated, we feel stuck and imprisoned.

    Eight of Swords

    8 of Swords

    One card in the Tarot that illustrates this archetype is the 8 of Swords.  A woman is blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by 8 swords.  She feels stuck, and thus experiences being stuck.

    As I described once before, this woman resembles the woman on the 2 of swords, who is also blindfolded.

    Two of Swords

    2 of Swords

    One day I saw it this way.  At the 2 of Swords, the woman is wanting to travel straight ahead (forward, in one direction), but something blocks her way.  What she cannot see (due to the blindfold) induces fear that then causes her to pause and ponder her situation.

    However, when she has gotten to the 8 of Swords, she has blocked all four directions, N, E, S, & W. There, she feels isolated and imprisoned.

    However, the underlying message is that this prison is not only self-created, but an illusion.  Spirit says:

    “There are still 4 directions that are not blocked, NE, SE, SW, & NW.  We cannot see those avenues (solutions), since we are still blindfolded, so we must feel for them and use our intuition to find them.”

    The whole point of the 8 of Swords is to make a quantum leap (8) out of the repeating cycle of imprisonment.

    And that’s where I got the made up word, which is the title of this article.  Eleven is not only disillusionment, but is also disimprisonment!

    When something is discreet, it is hidden in the shadows and unseen by many.  Disillusionment is what happens when all of that is brought into the light and seen more clearly than before.

    When something is discrete, it is isolated, kept apart from the others, trapped, and imprisoned.  Disimprisonment ends the separation and suffering and is sets us free.

    The illusion is this: We think we are tied up like a dog on a short leash.  We were taught that being loyal meant obeying.  If we pulled on the leash, we got rapped by a rolled up newspaper.  If we whimpered or whined, we got whipped.

    We thus belief that if we disobey, we’ll get beaten.

    If we don’t subject ourselves to TSA X-Rays, we’ll get molested.

    So, through 11, disillusionment we can say to ourselves:

    I begin to see that I am the one that put on a collar.  I am the one that buckled it.  I am the one that attached the leash.  And I am the one that continues to obey despite the part of me that is screaming to be free.

    And through 11, disimprsionment we can say to ourselves:

    I can unhook the leash and remove the collar.

    But recognize that to completely solve the problem, the collar has to come off. If I just unhook the leash and run free for a while, when my owner catches me, they’ll put the leash right back on and then pull at it more firmly.  After all, I’ve allowed them to do this for so many years, it’s just the usual way.

    But it’s not the natural way.

    You are going to see some poor dogs whipped by the newspapers for disobeying the rules. (Julian Assange is a prime example.)  However, eventually the dog owners will come to realize, one way or the other, that their rein is coming to an end.

    Set yourself free!  Unhook the leash!  Take off the collar!

    Take to the open field.  Dogs are meant to run!  It’s their birthright!

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  • “From #Venus I arrived here NOW and the conscious choosing of embodying LOVE would initiate all who desired #freedom...”

    ~ L'Aura #Pleiadian, The #New #Divine #Humanity,, #inanna #queenoflight #azoora #mu #queenpriestofmu #priestqueenofmu #spirit #source #universe #allthatis #god #harmony #creation #light #lightcodes #livinglight #heart #heartawareness #awareness #livingintheheart #samadhi #cosmic #galactic #portals #timelines #lightworkers #lightbeings #starseeds #cosmicreset #love #unconditionallove #ascension #awakening #TheShift #evolution #OriginalLight #NewEarth #newworld #gaia #metaphysics #spirituality #consciousness #ConsciousnessShift #beloved #ChristConsciousness #CosmicConsciousness #5D #unity #union #oneness #wholeness #recalibration #energy #frequency #vibration #alchemy #eternity #transformation #transfiguration #paradise #freedom #GoldenAge #thepleiadians #metamorphosis #remembrance #now #self #enlightenment #elohim
    #IAM #Ishtar-RA
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  • The old world and old school of life as we knew it has literally run out of time and ideas where signs, symbols, mythology, and religions are quickly fading into the background. Confusion best describes social media which thrives on the old survival tactics of materialism, individual prosperity, separateness, and egoism. Whether the world's people like it or not we are and Awakening "Space People" in the process of being overtaken by various disclosure movements, new age lightworkers, star-seeds, and indigo children. The Religious minded have been out-foxed to wait and hope for Ascension, when in fact, its our individual birthright and mission to ascend! At the end of the day, only those with a presence of mind to overcome destructive personal habits to their physical bodies that lower their vibration and masters their mental and spiritual minds to reach out -- up into space will have success, and there is a very big "maybe", that only a handful (100,000 to 200,000) of people out of 8 BILLION can find the "Will of Courage", "Peace of Heart", and "Stillness of Soul" to have a real "Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind". To the reader, there are no half measures, it's either "All or Nothing" as becoming spiritual or "Getting Holy" in today's collective society presents a great conflict in the average minds of common people who have been conditioned for thousands of generations to eat, drink and be marry. The planet's situation in its current physical and mental state is openly dominated by the "Covert Human Campaigner" that will not just let go of its grip on masses of people without great pain, internal struggle, and unfortunately, great lost of life. To whom it may concern, I suggest you prepare yourself and get ready for the tyranny ahead, for a long awaited "Rapture" event seems to be clearly at the worlds front door for the worlds people who can become peaceful ambassadors towards the Universe of their own actions, to awaken one morning as no longer participants from planet earths continued events, but find themselves in a complete and different adventure of Love and Intelligence. @Mystic Minds
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  • This "Moment",...your Moment right now,... is ego's greatest fear that you might awaken to the Divineness, Sacredness, and Connection to the Moment,...where you are One with All life and the Universe. Its why people are caught and trapped in pleasant past memories and future desires for earthly material things, including written or read promise's of heavenly rewards and paradise, are all delusional. "Awakening and Awareness" can only happen right Now, and both concepts are "Out-of-Time", beyond thought. Many people think they are wide awake every morning from the sleep state, when in truth both states, sleep and awaken are illusional. The ego trembles at the possibility that you might just consider this to be its death-blow and end game that makes no sense whatsoever although life seems so real, it is not, and the only thing real is Observation, without judgement. @Mystic_Minds
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  • The People Are Awakening – David Icke Talks To Beacon Of Reason Podcast
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  • The People Are Awakening – David Icke Talks To Beacon Of Reason Podcast
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  • Do you feel like you're going a little crazy right now but it feels great?
    Well the good news is that you're not alone!
    Times of great stress and crisis can often be the catalyst for spiritual awakening...
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  • So what is all this 'Great Awakening about? Is it connected to the global lockdown? Is there something going on, hidden behind the scenes? Is there something we are not being told by the governments and media of our world? If so, where do I start looking?

    If you already know what I am talking about then check out the powerful activations in this beautiful artwork by Karen Stamper. Thankyou Karen for sending this to me, I absolutely love it!! This is truly amazing and I think every truthseeker and lightworker will love it too. Talk about red pill....Wow, just Wow!!!

    If you choose to share this image please credit the artist, Karen Stamper, thankyou XX
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