"A grunt, almost a snort, came from deep in the wilderness. Now Patti quickly turned her face to view the woods, which was behind her. I was frozen..."
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  • Just the other night, 3rd weekend in July, my wife and I were drinking a few beers in the backyard. We have a good sized backyard. We were a little bit tipsy and chasing each other around the Loquat tree. I caught up to her and while we stood there hugged up, I looked up between the tree tops and spotted a group of three stars. I told my wife to look up at them and to pay attention to the one on the right because it was gonna move. We stared without blinking for around 12 seconds when it absolutely DID move. It jumped to the right about an inch. I asked her if she seen it too, as soon as she said yes, it blinked twice. It was too cool and just kinda happened out of the blue while we were playing and having a good time. Thanks... Friends up there.
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  • 072218-cannot recall entire dream. Finding it difficult to recall more and more with dreams lately (I usually have very little issue with this but last 6mos amplified, like I am blocking), despite them being crystal clear during them.

    This AM had to meditate to hold onto one small part of my dream. I cannot put it in context but somehow I had to walk and look at my old backyard...argh...this is buggin me because I can feel? the dream around this and what happened but it is like my brain snaps back and won't allow immersion into the memory to recall it.

    So I retained this one part in clear detail and even remember in the dream thinking I will hold onto this, knowing it was a dream.
    In this part I am looking at my old backyard through/over our gate from the driveway and there is a mountain-scape?

    Three mountains, the one in front looking like it has snow on it and the 2 behind it harder to tell. They were so big, as if very close.

    I am going to post some screenshots of Shasta but not saying it was that but wanted to somehow illustrate the image of what I saw. I may draw it and add it later.

    Because it was in my childhood backyard view (impossible in waking life) I am wondering because my backyard dreams in the past have always been associated with negative/darker dreams and experiences.

    I have very few that are neutral with this back yard and this dream had some feeling in it, like there was a disaster or we were doing something to either manage an issue..again, the same sense of being involved in a group task force or some sort of "crew".

    Years ago, I had a dream that had a slightly similar feel re: the disaster sense.

    In it, I had been at a church with some other people and it was a church I did not attend in real life, in fact it was in a neighborhood near mine and I only knew of it because I walked by it on my way to school and later found out it was connected to a friend of my sibling.

    So in that dream I am leaning on a bar that ran down part of the side of the church property, and I am young-feeling good, not bedbound like now.

    In my mind, I am at this church w/friends, but I don't see anyone I know there. It seemed to be after the church service but we were dressed very casual, jeans, I think.

    Then something happens-somehow and there are ships in the sky and they are UFO type-huge and looming, and they begin to destroy certain houses along the street. Like they were targeted.

    I take off and head home by foot, knowing I'd left my kids with my mom to babysit while at this church. Mind you, my husband was not in this dream, nor did it feel like he was a part of our life or in the picture, so to speak. I was not worried about him at all-as if he did not exist. No though of him at all, which is pretty strange.

    So I get home and my mom is sitting in the passenger side of her truck in our driveway with the door open and she has this look of total shock on her face-she seems like she is stunned to the point of immobile, and it is because of what is happening.

    I am panicking because I want to get my kids out of the house and away. She has them in her back bedroom and the sense is that they are young still-maybe in the ages of 3-6 (when I had this dream my kids were already older though not adults yet).

    As I am getting ready to run to the back through the gate, I turn and look at the sidewalk because I hear my name. It was said so incredibly clear. I can still hear it now when I recall the dream.

    When I turned, there was a very friendly "man" walking down the sidewalk towards my house-he seemed less worried than he should be and this is the weird part..he was dressed like anyone else, nothing bizarre, but he was a cyclopian?

    He had one eye in the middle, a little larger than our regular eyes, and he seemed to be coming to my childhood home to meet me during all of this chaos.

    His voice seemed and still seems so familiar and I felt like he was familiar with me and not there to harm us, just to inform.

    He told me that we would be safe because I was a "healer." To clarify-this was not something I see myself as, esp with my health stuff.

    I remember feeling bad for the other people that would be harmed, and it went against my nature that our safety was somehow predetermined by what I supposedly was. I also felt guilty too.

    I don't remember much after that but having this dream about the mountains and the surrounding dream, intangible as it is, feel almost the same.

    I do remember I was not scared of the cyclopian and that he didn't feel threatening, just seemed to have an urgency to come let me know.
    He felt familiar like I partially remembered him somehow in that dream, and that same feeling surfaces even as I write this.
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