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    Ocotillo Original Painting by Sol Luckman
    Ocotillo Original Painting by Sol Luckman
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  • No to War!

    Are We A Warrior
    Ijahman Levi
    The earth is alone
    And I give thanks for the fullness
    Within the firmaments
    Is golden days and blossoming nights
    His gently hands Made I I-man, son of him
    Life was divided and sweet harmony come in
    Women & children
    Are we a warrior?
    Are we a warrior?
    Are we a warrior?
    Oh Cupiid. You stupid
    Let not you arrow from your bow LORD
    FEET is the mountains, so silent.
    And filled Fountains of waters, for all of his loving creatures.
    He give us wisdom, and knowledge TO understand his love
    Do we have to have a war?
    Are we a warrior Lord
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    OH oh Cupid, it's stupid
    Let not your arrow from your bow
    So hold it low
    And never let it go
    What cause you have a pistol in your hand LORD
    Is it for to shot a man down dead?
    Do we have to have a STORM lord?
    Why can't we be calm like a lamb?
    Lord lord above
    It's not only when
    There's a small confusion.
    It is a war
    There are other ways as well
    Sometime being confused
    Within your own head
    Because at times
    Hearts get heavier than lead
    Are we a warrior?
    Are we a warrior?
    Are we a warrior?
    Oh Cupid, it's stupid
    Let not you arrow from your bow
    So hold it low
    And never let go
    Take a look at sad children
    And there's often true stories.
    It should be one all round glory
    The hour has come
    And still I can't see no love, it's a war
    For food, clothes and shelter LORD
    And crying of mamas and papas
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Oh Cupid, it's stupid
    Let not you arrow from your bow
    Prophecy is now revealed,
    The son of man won't take heed
    The hurt he is giving on
    While life is taken in a sudden shock
    The crying of the people
    Multiplying all over
    Jah will give an answer
    To every of our prayer
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Wo oh oh Cupid, it's stupid
    Let not you arrow from your bow
    And never let it go
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Are we a warrior
    Songwriters: TREVOR SUTHERLAND
    Are We A Warrior lyrics © S.I.A.E. Direzione Generale, CMINOR MUSIC OBO TREE ROOTS PUBLISHING
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  • My latest: Ideally Imperfect

    Alys, who renames herself Gratia early in the book, suffers from defensiveness. It's destroyed her marriage and lost her relationships with her father and friends. Not liking her life she determines to turn her it around, one piece at a time, to create a new reality.

    This is the third in the series "The Martian Vampire Chronicles", and a continuation of the world created in "Lefthand Adventures." Favorite characters will appear, including faeries, delphines, the Shang, the Lemurians, The Malakim and immortals of Boswell and Mars and of course the baddies, the Din, led by Sakla. However I hope I've included enough backstory along the way that the book can be read on its own.

    I wanted this story to be about reality creation and self acceptance. For Gratia that means coming to terms with the loss of her mother, early in life, finding a way to balance her hormones and her defensiveness, recognizing her potential, her true interests and her capacity to love beyond the bounds of what she was raised to consider as acceptable.

    It is a story of an individual finding peace with who they are and making the most of it. About blossoming into a life unknown and unexpected.

    Those who have read the first book of the series, "An open connection of the heart", will recognize the main character as someone who had life changing impact on Callan. When his wife refuses counselling he determines to do it himself, learning how to manage her as best he can, to defuse situations that might make her explode in anger. To avoid the triggers. But his counsellor, Leigha, warns him that it won't make the problem go away. And she was right. Having done all he could Callan ends his marriage and ends up living in a caravan, living on two minute noodle, until... well that was book of the series.

    So why did I rework Alys into this story. Purely and simply a writer's compassion for one of her characters. I couldn't leave her as she was. There had to be a more positive future for her.

    So if you read Book 1 I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive Alys and enjoy, as I have, her journey into becoming Gratia, short for gratitude.

    You can find the book at all good online vendors, eg:



    Google Play:
    Ideally Imperfect, an Ebook by Arwen Jayne
    Her marriage long ago in ashes, her father estranged, disliked by many, Alys stands on the deck of her home, looking at the stars. It’s time for a change. Time to be grateful for what she does have. Volunteering her skills at the local online access center she meets another refugee of fate. Their strong bond of friendship will be the start of a rollercoaster ride to creating their own reality.
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    The question is not about what you like. The question is about does everything around you like you, have you made yourself in such a way that nobody can help liking you? You like something, you dislike something, it doesn’t mean anything, because both what you like and what you dislike are two different kinds of bondages. Both what you like and what you dislike distorts (distort?) your perception. If you like somebody, you’ll exaggerate them in your mind. If you dislike somebody, for sure you’ll exaggerate them in your mind. Exaggeration means you’re unable to see things as they are. If you’re unable to see things as they are, you can never handle life the way it should be. So liking and disliking exaggerates either in positive ways or in negative ways, but it exaggerates or it distorts life. So what you like is not important. Have you made yourself in such a way, not just people, just everything likes you, every creature around you likes your presence, even the flowers, the plants and the trees like you?
    ‘How can the plants and the trees like me?’ They’re very sensitive to who you are. They’re extremely sensitive to who you are. They respond accordingly. If you make yourself in such a way that the very earth that you walk upon likes you, then you will see everything in your life will become a blessing. If everything around you dislikes you, you will see everything that could be a well-being could become a curse. Right now there is no curse sitting upon human life. It is things that people want, it’s things that people aspire for, things that they work for, strive to have in their life, which turns (turn?) into curses in their life - their work, their property, their relationships, their own body, their own mind which is the cancer of their life. Misery is not raining. Never it’s raining misery. It’s just that things that you like have become source of misery.

    If you strive to make yourself in such a way you cannot be helped… nobody can help liking you, life will blossom better, everything will yield their best to you, not their worst. But if you go by what you like, not always life will yield its best; you may have everything and still have nothing.

    So spiritual process is not about pursuing what you like, it’s about striving to make yourself in such a way even the birds like you, the squirrels like youit’s about making yourself in such a way that every atom in this Existence likes you, wants to yield to you. If Existence does not yield to you, you do what you want, nothing will work in real sense. You may do something, you may become something, you may earn a living, you may make a living, but nothing will happen. You will just go through a cycle without nothing tremendous touching your life.

    For those of you who’re living in the ashram, I want you to learn to stand, walk, sit, breathe, in such a way that even the stones around you like you. ‘How do I know whether they like me or not?’ You will know for sure. If you are sensitive about being like that, you will also know you will also be sensitive enough to know that. You… If you are never sensitive about these aspects, you will not have the sensitivity to know, otherwise distinctly you will know.

    Do not become in such a way everything has to be shouted into your ears. You must become in such a way if you look at somebody before they speak, you know. For this, you need a certain sense of receptivity. Receptivity will not happen to you if you’re too full of yourself. The less you are the more you receive, the more you are less you receive. If you’re too full of yourself, nothing bigger than your nonsense will happen to you. If there’s no such thing as ‘myself’, you simply sit here, the whole existence will dance within you, you will become an instrument of the Creator, otherwise you will be a bundle of thoughts, emotions, prejudices and rubbish.

    This is the choice every human being has - either to exist here as a limb of the Creator, as a Ishanga we’re calling them these days (Laughs), or to exist here as a bundle of thoughts, emotions and nonsense that you have gathered. This choice is available to us every moment of our life continuously choosing, continuously choosing to be like that. If this striving is there it will deliver you to a different place of gracefulness, where every stone, every pebble, every rock, every tree, every atom in the existence speaks to you in a language that you can know, otherwise you are alone in this vast existence feeling constantly insecure, unstable, psychologically challenged. This is the choice. It is not a gift, it is a choice. One makes the right choice, right things will happen; one makes the wrong choice, wrong things will happen. It’s a very fair and just existence, I want you to know. It doesn’t spare anybody. It doesn’t spare anybody. It’s not like a social structure that some people can get away with wrong things. In this existence it doesn’t spare anybody. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you jump off the roof, the earth will break your leg. Yes? Raja Ranka Fakir (Laughs) (Referring to Kabir’s song, indicating all kinds of people) everybody - nobody is spared. (It?) doesn’t matter who you are, no exemptions, and nobody is barred. anybody who is willing, for everybody the possibility is open. For everybody the stick is also there. You make the right choices everything is open; make the wrong choices everything will knead you in a different way.

    So if pain comes, suffering comes, misery happens it’s not time to look around. This is always the problem. If you’re miserable, you think somebody else need (needs?) to be fixed. No, no, no, no. If you’re miserable, this (Referring to oneself) needs to be fixed, not somebody else. ‘No I’m miserable, fix the situation for me’. No, no, no, if you’re miserable, who should be fixed? If you are sick, who should be given the medicine? Shall we give it to somebody else when you’re sick? If you’re hungry, shall we give the food to somebody else? No, it only works if you give it to this (Referring to oneself), isn’t it? If food is like that, medicine is like that, is that not true with every other aspect? That if you’re miserable, something else or somebody else need not be fixed, only this one (Referring to oneself) needs to be fixed. Just to understand this simple fact, people take lifetimes. (Laughs) They think something else has to be fixed.

    On a certain day, Shankaran Pillai went drinking with his friends. Yogis and drunkards both are timeless, you know. They don’t know the passage of time. He went drinking. He intended to go back home at 8’o clock, but drink after drink and time… he became unconscious of time. When he looked at the watch (Gestures) (Laughter), it was 02:30 AM. So he thought it’s really late, and he wants to get back home quickly so he took a short cut. And he was walking through his shortcut on his unsteady legs and he fell into a thorny bush. The whole face was scratched up. So in this condition he went home and tried to find the keyhole. That took another half-an-hour. (Laughter) Opened, went inside, went into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, he was bleeding all over the face. So he opened the medicine chest fixed himself whichever way he could and quietly crawled into the bed and slept. Morning 8’o clock, his wife took a bucket of cold water and threw it in his face; he got up. Said, ‘You idiot, once again drinking?’ He said, ‘No honey, I haven’t touched a drop. Six months ago when I promised, since then I haven’t touched a drop.’ She held him by the shirt, dragged him into the bathroom and showed him, the band-aid was all over the mirror. (Laughter/Applause)

    It doesn’t work like that. Only somebody who is completely unconscious will do such things. If it’s hurting here you’ll fix it there (Gestures), because you’re completely unconscious or inebriated. So whenever you’re miserable you want to fix that one and that one and that one; no, no, no; this one (Referring to oneself) needs to be fixed. If you put band-aid on the mirror it doesn’t heal your wounds. You have to attend to the wound. And both your miseries and joys are caused from inside. So it needs to be attended here, not somewhere else. The sooner you learn this, the more graceful and wonderful your life will become.
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  • TONIGHT: Reflections delves into the minds of Crimson and Indigo, their thoughts on self-preservation in the guise of their own destruction. First, Indigo to Crimson, and then in the after thought of what could happen to any one of us in our own reality, we'll visit with Crimson to Indigo ...

    For a moment, love's own light blossomed:

    It’s only been a month since I started this journey ... but it seems like the longest moment in my life. Yet, it remains as if nothing has changed, or maybe it has. I don’t know. There’s nothing to tell me one way or another. Maybe it’s me that’s changed. I feel the same, but I am different, no longer silent. I’ve watched time slip by with no reason, or rhyme, neither answers nor conversation, no example or understanding. Yet, it makes me wonder what to expect ... I believe there’s nothing to prepare for, no whisper in the wind. I am but the wanderer, lost in my own thoughts and I can only hope to be on common ground, why else prepare for what is to come. There’s only silence or the perception of it. At first glance, contact has come and gone, passed me by as if something out of existence vanished leaving only a memory until nothing else remained ... but is that so bad, perhaps incomprehensible that I do not know what is real and what is fantasy?

    Is that why I am still here? There is simply no reason, or point in leaving. Or is this in no uncertain terms a quest? There is nothing greater than knowing, but what should I learn from this encounter, this bending of my mind to thoughts that remind me of you? Is that why I linger, taking only one step at a time to find my way to you? Is there still so much to discover ... can I live knowing you for only a moment, or is there more to this story yet to unfold?

    I have only questions ... I hope you have the answers.

    Time is not your enemy, be silent and listen to your heart. What it tells you is the truth. What you seek will find it's way back to you, that is a certainty. We are of the same cloth you and I, alone, but in the annals of time, more than remembered. We are ... and have been. At this moment. we simply rediscover one another, in safety, love and the bud of romance, although neither of us see it that way. Of course it is complicated given who you are. I am but the predator you the consciousness. Not that it matters who is which, we learn from one another. The future holds great things for each of us, some together, some apart. I know you that is what is important. What happened before will happen again, it is inevitable. One future is tied to the other, hand in hand for a moment in time. I believe that is true. We simply begin again, where we left off. One future repeated in tandem with the other. For now, walk the line, I will catch up ... Love abounds you.

    Our moments together are precious, do not discard them.

    ​Hence, the lasting words of Crimson to Indigo. A future revisited, one life in the palm of the other, and vice versa. Love stems from the heart. It belongs to those who exchange its vow, not those who wander the night in search of it. For the needs of this story, that of the love affair between symbiont and host, the thought of love abounds, yet in separation, the heart longs for the other. So it is with Crimson and Indigo, once united now in the sorrow of separation with only a blind eye to the reality of reunification and its embrace. For Convergence, however, the moment of conjunction has come and gone, the blending of one future in the hands of the other needed to be more than a mystical bond. It needed to be a reality unto itself, only then can the traditions of memory and recurrence, even devotion remind the viewer of their own inhibitions and desires. One walks hand in hand with the other, like lovers on a beach, feet bare ... the warm sand under their feet. Perhaps, it is that moment we all feel abandoned, alone and vulnerable. The fusion of souls makes us stronger, love is the binding that ties us together, but life pulls us apart, takes hold in our lives, leaving only that which was strongest to remember, grieve or despise.

    In the matters of heart, Crimson and Indigo long for what they remember, although they are apart, now in the face of reunification, in the heart of yet another incarnation, Olivia becomes our focus, which allows for a new set of feelings and thoughts to find its way, maybe even bubble to the surface. Anything is possible when the past, present and the future collide in a way that fleshes out our lives to a single entity. What happen before, will happen again, and because of it life repeats itself.

    NEXT TIME: Symbiont and host, survival as one and the variations of loss of individuality, as we draw to a conclusion on the aspects of proliferation, ideals and our own belief systems as reflected in the worlds of Crimson Indigo. It's important to look at humanity in the context of life as a living machine. Manufactured, born, cloned, all of which offers a rendition of reincarnation, soul retention and, of course, access to the Points of Origin.

    Reflections is the Blog of Author Grant Fausey
    Creator Of Crimson Indigo

    ©2018 Grant Fausey/Fausclan Entertainment, LLC All Rights Reserved
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    An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families

    Posted by Galactic Connection | Aug 26, 2018 | 2018, Conspiracy, Cabal, Daily Blog, Government Laws, Policies, Politicians, Military

    Presented by

    A Letter
    I came across an interesting letter that was allegedly channelled through a channel called Zingdad. The being coming through claims to be Adamu of the Pleiadian civilization. Pleadians are one of many ET races that have been interacting with humanity for many years.

    I found this channelling to be fairly insightful and resonant with many of the understandings I have come to find or discover within through my journey over the years.

    So I decided to share it here.
    With any channelling, I always say, don’t get caught up so much in whether or not it’s in fact channelled by an entity or being, or whether or not it’s entirely true, but see what in here resonates, how it feels, whether or not it rings true deeply vs just in the mind.
    As beings, we are meant to discern truth through the heart and mind working together, not simply one or the other. So perhaps before reading, take a moment to quiet the mind, breathe into the heart and then continue.

    — Begin channel—
    Greetings my friends
    I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad.
    Today I will be addressing the living members of the ancient bloodline families. Those ones who are sometimes called by other names such as, the Illuminati, The Powers That Be, The Ruling Elite, The Cabal and a few other, less charitable, terms that I shan’t mention.
    To be clear: I am not now addressing the rich and powerful who regularly appear in the press. Political leaders, religious leaders and the heads of multinational corporations are not the ones who truly run planetary affairs. These are people who come and go with time. And, when required, they always bow to the far greater power wielded by the ones I now speak of.

    But, be that as it may. The bloodline family members know who they are. And it is they whom I address today. Though I do suspect that this open letter will be of great interest to many others besides. It is intended, especially, that Starseeds and Light bringers take note of this communiqué.

    So here it begins… an open letter to the members of the ancient bloodline families:
    My dear friends

    I must begin by saying that you are seen, known, understood and loved. Just as you are, right here and right now, you are loved. Perhaps it will surprise you to hear me say this? There is so much judgement of you wherever one goes, is there not? You are labelled as “dark” and “evil” and all your actions are automatically assumed to be “vile” and “despicable” by those who know almost nothing of you or the long and winding tale of how things came to be as they are and you came to be who you are.

    So allow me to begin by assuring you that I am not here to damn you or even decry you. I am here to offer you a perspective and a choice. But to do so from a place of loving understanding.

    Before I might get to this, allow me to say that I know that your only real “sin” is to be born as you were into the family you were. Between the intense expectations that were placed upon you right from birth, the very specialised training you were subjected to and the derision that was heaped upon those of your line who did not “make the grade”, you were programmed right from the very beginning to be what you have become: a wielder of power over others.

    There are ancillary issues too. Such as the fact of your familial bloodlines. A pure ancestry that can be traced back through the ages, via all manner of illustrious forebears, right the way to the high-priests that served the ancient gods themselves back when gods still roamed the earth.

    Perhaps you, yourself, now think on the stories of those ancient times of gods, heroes, magic and monsters as myth or superstition. Perhaps you understand it to be the literal truth and know that those ancient gods were actually visitors from other planets in the galaxy bearing highly advanced technologies. Or perhaps you even take the more religious view of matters and hold those deities to be as supernatural as your distant forebears did. It doesn’t really matter how you interpret these things. What matters is the incontrovertible evidence of the powerful ancient truths that were given to your forebears and that have been passed down through the generations, which have allowed you to rule over the rest of humanity. Not all of humanity, mind. There have always been groups, peoples and nations that have been beyond your grasp. But you have been told that it is your birthright, your responsibility and your privilege to rule over the whole planet and all upon it. And you have believed that.

    And it has certainly seemed to be true. The ancient teachings that have been placed in your hands have served you and those like you very well indeed. As has your cunning. Those amongst you who rise to the top are nothing if not brilliantly canny. You have used the advantages placed in your hands very, very astutely. Firstly for your own benefit, it is true. Then for the benefit of your family and to ensure the continued ascendency of your familial line. Then in service of your family’s contractual agreements with other bloodline families. And finally in consideration of the custodial role you have played over the rest of humanity.

    As matters stand, humanity today is largely blithely unaware of the role you have played or indeed of your existence. And this is the way you like it. No mob can arrive at the castle gates bearing pitchforks if they don’t even know that you exist! So you play your games of power and control from the deep shadows. You cunningly obfuscate your activities. And you slowly expand your reach into every sphere of power and control over all of humanity. And when the “sheep” stray, you use guile and skill to reclaim the power of direction over them. Perhaps a little war here or there. Or even a very big one.

    Perhaps a revolution. Perhaps a crash in the stock market. Perhaps even an outbreak of disease. Or a terrorist attack. Or a tsunami of immigrants to give the populace something to fear. Or, of course, there are always the ever popular bread and circuses. You have certainly made sure that your control of the entertainment industry is ironclad. And there are all manner of complex social nets that you use to make the populace docile and dependant on their government… and therefore upon you. And all such activities are each just a part of your play book that you use to maintain and increase the control you wield over humanity.

    You have learned, of course, to offer the sheep the pretence of control over their own destiny. But you know that the REAL power lies always in your hands. Since no matter how they vote, how they revolt, how they machinate, you and your ilk always get what you want in the end

    You have managed a number of glorious victories over the years. Perhaps your crowning achievement is to own the planetary money supply. A nifty trick, I must say. And right now you so, so almost own it all. And he who owns the money of the world, owns the world. Is it not so?And you have also crafted it so that all the elected officials that the human flock believe to have the power, must dance when you pull upon their strings. They have become as puppets to your will. Almost all of them. And those that will not willing dance for you, are removed.

    Or they are shown a film reel of a brave and proud president. A man of integrity and principal who dared to stand up to you. And how, in full view of his adoring public, he was assassinated. All this, just before he could begin to undo your power over the money supply.

    In the end, all political leaders do your bidding or they are simply swept away. And the illusion that you grant the sheep that they can control their destiny through democracy is just that. An illusion. Another nifty trick.

    And the intelligence agencies! What a truly brilliant move. To elevate spy craft to statecraft. To have the real power behind the politicians vest in the intelligence agencies. To remove political oversight from those agencies. And then to control them directly yourselves. Why, you can almost step right out of the shadows and still remain invisible now!

    The only wrinkle in all of this, as far as I can ascertain, is the internet. Somehow, unexpectedly, a silly little electronic gimmick of mere academic interest has suddenly blossomed overnight into something quite powerful and problematic, has it not?

    It is due to this very technology that the sheep are suddenly behaving in quite an un-sheep-like fashion. Suddenly they are aware of you. Talking about you. Certainly they are seeing and remarking upon the curtain that you have drawn around yourselves… if not actually peeking behind the curtain!

    How irritating this must be! You are on the very cusp of total triumph and now, at the very last moment, there is this awareness dawning. Your actual names are beginning to be spoken in public forums! People are beginning to see your hands move on the reins of power!

    Yes, assuredly, it is still just a fringe that is aware of you and speaks of you. And yes, you have managed to continue to paint this fringe as lunatics and crack-pots. And, no, this does not threaten your plans and activities.

    But you have noticed. You have found the internet to be the greatest threat to your power and security because, though fragmented and confused, the truth about you certainly is “out there”. It can be discerned by any who would care to look and weigh the evidence. And suddenly there are sheep that are elevating themselves from the flock. Transmuting themselves into something you have never seen before. Certainly not in such numbers as there now are. And certainly not diffused, as they are, across the whole planet.

    Previously you could isolate communities of dissidents. Like the Cathari. Remember them? They knew the truth. Or at least they held a version of the truth that was antithetical to your aims. And their teachings were attractive to others. Their message was finding traction. So you used your most powerful pawn at the time, the church, to kill them all.
    It was a genocide of the most brutal type. Wiping out not only a population but the very idea that brought them together in unity. Burning all of their books so that all that is remembered of them now is what was told by their enemies. And today it is barely even remembered that one of the crusades, perhaps the most brutal and bloody of all the crusades, was not even fought in the “holy lands” against enemy soldiers, but in France against good Christian folk. Farmers and peasants. Put to the sword and burned to death in their churches. All because you could isolate them, round them up and murder them all.
    You’ll forgive me if I don’t applaud. Successful tactics don’t always win my approval.

    And there have been many, many, many such victories that you, the ancient families, have scored over the rest of humanity. They continue today. You wrestle for power and total control over the Middle East. Which is why things are as they are in that region. Whatever else one thinks about the Islamic religion, is true that they are fundamentally opposed to usury.

    Which means Muslims will not accept the banking system that you are using to gain worldwide dominance. And so Islam has become a powerful block to your plans. And so you enact your plans. You work to impoverish, torment and radicalise the Moslem world. You set them up to be the enemy of the western world.

    The great terrorists. You control their teachers and ensure that the message is promulgated that the west is the Great Satan… and you teach the west that all Muslims are abysmal hate-ridden murders. And so the wheels are set in motion. And right now a wave of chaos sweeps through Europe and, to one extent or another, the rest of the globe. And this is all a part of your plan. You wish to grind down and pulverize all of those that stand against your plans. And Muslims are very far from the only ones.

    And another of your neat tricks is to set one enemy against another.
    America was founded upon a principal which was, actually nothing other than open rebellion against your power. America the free. Free from what? From your yoke of control, of course!

    America’s founding principals were and are directly contrary to your interests. The American constitution is a truly beautiful document. A document that promises liberty and freedom for all. But you have whittled and chaffed and manoeuvred until you have gained control of the American government to such an extent that the most powerful military and technological force in the world is yours to wield.

    But as much as your control extends to the American government… the American people are another story altogether. Strong individualists who continue to believe in their own rights and liberties, they stand against you at every turn without even knowing it is you who they resist. So you wage a war of attrition upon them. You seek to ensure that their food and water is toxified to weaken them. You use a barrage of techniques of every sort to manipulate them and control them. To weaken them and cow them. And, in a master-stroke of pure genius, you now pit America against Islam. Another truly nifty trick. How very… clever of you.

    I see it. I see it all.

    And, though I must admit I don’t like it, I do understand it.

    When I look behind your collective activities, choices and decisions of the types outlined above, I actually see beings for whom I have a great deal of compassion and love. I know, as a clear and sure fact, that it is so that you are actually no different than I. The difference is the journey you have walked. Since all is truly One, you are the part of that one great eternal spirit that has walked your path, just as I am another part of that same great being that has walked my path.

    My path leads to where I am, unified within the heart of the Pleiadian Monad; your path leads you to be incarnated as a human being bearing the mantle and the burden of being a member of one of the ancient families upon the Earth. And those amongst humanity who are aware of you and judge you most harshly do so purely out of a lack of self-knowledge. Place them in your situation and they too would do as you have done. Or worse.

    And I know too that “what you do to another, you do to yourself also”. So I don’t envy you the results of your choices!

    But your story is not over. You are not done with your journey. In due course you too will arise spiritually and begin to return to oneness with your own spiritual entity. Because there is nowhere else for you to go, really. And this is beginning to happen for some of your family members. Perhaps you have noticed those members who don’t seem to be quite so committed to the old cause.
    Those who seem to be getting “soft”. Those who seem to be talking crazy talk about abdicating their power. About telling the sheep the truth. Indeed, those who actually have been finding ways to communicate these truths to humanity using that very despised technology, the internet.

    Is it strange that those amongst you who are proposing this new course of openness and transparency… this course of abdication of power… are also those amongst you who are most interested in matters metaphysical and spiritual?

    I propose this is not in the least bit strange. It takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to discern that a new age is now already dawning. That the time of your watching over humanity is at an end. Indeed, that it is ending without the return of your master, your dark god-king. And that there is no longer any real hope that he ever will return. You are on your own. Your secret prophecies have come to naught.
    And it takes an interest in metaphysics and spirituality to see that there is a changing of the guard happening. That there is a new spiritual order beginning. That those who govern this reality from the very highest levels, from the angelic realms down, are busy changing hands. That is what the new dawning age is all about. And that is why you stand at a fork in the road. It is why you must now choose.

    But before I tell you, at last, about the choice you face, I will tell you one final thing: something you most certainly will have noticed. Because it takes no special awareness or training in either spirituality or metaphysics to see that your “magic” is beginning to fail you. Irrespective of what you believe the real source of your power to be, you will have noticed that it is waning fast. It becomes more and more difficult by the day for you to wield your power. Plug a little leak here and the dam wall springs a gushing fissure over there. The game that seemed elegant and nearly effortless for generations past is causing you, and those like you, to raise a real sweat. It is a constant struggle to maintain control. You are feeling the stress of this night and day. And it feels as if you are losing your grip. Just as you near victory, so things become ever more impossibly challenging. The magic becomes unstable.

    You certainly will have noticed this.

    Just look at the process of taking ownership of the world money supply. It was almost effortless to enact the stroke of genius that floated money free from the gold-standard. And since then it has been a minor effort to bring the nations of the world, one by one, into this fiat banking system. Which is really money by decree. YOUR decree.

    Money is now mere numbers that mean whatever you say they mean. But the magic trick is not complete until every nation is a part of it. And so you have used the leverage you had to expand your control until almost every last nation has fallen under your sway.
    The very last few hold-outs exist. You have them isolated and on the ropes. They are almost ready to be taken and controlled. But… right here at the very last… you find yourselves losing grip here there and everywhere. You find your attention being constantly diverted by all manner of seemingly trivial, but irritating, diversions. And in concert, your energy and attention is so diverted that you can never quite act to gain total power.

    And this global money supply beast that belongs to you seems to have a malevolent life of its own in that the larger it becomes, the more difficult it is to control.

    My friends. What you must understand is that planet Earth does not exist in a vacuum. We have kept it quarantined so that humanity, as a whole, can decide its own fate. But it has been in a state of physical quarantine. We have kept other galactic civilisations from interfering physically. But there has been no spiritual quarantine! And so a small but powerful contingent of Starseeds and Light bringers have been born amongst the planet’s populace. And they have utterly altered the consciousness upon the planet. They have, by the simple fact of their presence upon the Earth, brought a new awareness to the Earth. And they come in now with higher and higher levels of consciousness. They accelerate and amplify these changes upon the planet. You can neither stop, nor slow, nor alter the course of these changes. Humanity will awaken. Humanity will come to self-awareness. Humanity will make a choice, collectively, about its own nature.

    This is divinely ordained. It is the dawning of the new age. And it is very soon to happen. The window of opportunity reached its midpoint in 2012. It is beginning to close. And before it does, humanity will have decided.

    You, my dear friends, are the watchers over the old order. To you fell the task of shepherding humanity through the long dark age of forgetting. Humanity needed a guiding hand that would work constantly to make order out of the chaos as they slowly let go of the old gods… as they slowly healed themselves of the traumas of being playthings to the darker of the old gods and abject supplicants to the more kindly of the old gods.

    You have played a crucial role. You have provided order and structure. You have provided leadership and direction. You have done all of this without actually being anything other than the same human beings of the same Earth as those over whom you ruled.
    Yes, it is true, that you have your familial bloodlines. But, in truth, that is nothing more than a very exclusive club to which you belong. You are, genetically, no more special than the rest of humanity… which some of you like to call “mongrel” humans. You are not in any meaningful way biologically superior to them. A pure-bred dog might have many excellent and desirable attributes… but a mutt is more robust and less prone to specific health issues. And so it is for you and the rest of humanity.
    And you are certainly not spiritually superior either.

    What you do have is ancient knowledge, specialised training and a vast network of control.
    And now you also have a choice. On the one hand you can choose to fight the divinely ordained order. You can resist the changing of the ages. And you can be ground under in pain and self-destruction as you fight the absolute inevitable. Or you can embrace the change and, in so doing, be a part of something beautiful, new and glorious.
    Indeed, such are the times right now that you could, if you so choose, step right out of the shadows and into the Light. You could emerge as a bright beacon of the Light. You could move from semi-reviled obscurity into loved and revered glory. You could! It is up to you.
    Or you could remain attached to that which is passing away. You could fight tooth and nail to the bitter end and know only bitter defeat. You could find yourself in a physical, emotional and spiritual dead-end with your life over and nowhere to reincarnate to that would accept both you and your choices. You could find yourself in the depths of the void, wracked in spiritual torment.

    It is all up to you.
    I offer you this choice now, not because I need you to decide any particular way. Neither I, nor my Starseed family, nor the greater humanity of which I am so fond will be overly affected by your choice.

    The difference between your choosing this way or that will, in the greater scheme of things, be small. All of humanity will weather the storm that comes and will come to the awakening moment and will make their choice, irrespective of what you do or don’t do. That is utterly foreordained. The new age will begin, irrespective of your choices and actions. What you choose matters little enough for them. But it matters greatly for you.

    I point you towards this choice out of compassion for you. I do so only because, were I in your shoes, I would wish to be alerted to this choice at this crucial juncture.

    So, in practical terms, what are the choices I am advocating and what might the outcome of those choices be for you?

    My dear friends, I am suggesting to you that you begin by learning to listen to your hearts. I don’t mean your physical heart or your emotional heart. I mean your spiritual heart. This is where you connect with the same great oneness to which we all belong. If you listen to your spiritual heart you will find that there is guidance and wisdom there. Your heart can lead you in making the best possible choices that serve the greatest good of the all.

    If you are not able to hear your heart you can choose to find someone who can teach you how. Zingdad is one of many upon the Earth right now teaching exactly this skill. Or you can do the right things that will lead you on the right path that will result in your spiritual heart opening. In specific, in your circumstance, you can ask yourself:What can I do right now that will open the doors for the rest of humanity to greater awareness and understanding of their situation?

    What can I do right now to create fewer secrets and more transparency?
    What can I do right now to give humanity greater choice and self-empowerment?
    What can I do right now to foster greater peace, harmony, compassion and understanding?
    What can I do right now to smooth the transition to the new dawning age?
    How can I increase the quotient of love in the world?
    How can I decrease the quotient of suffering in the world?

    And as you do this, so you will also find yourself beginning to be able to forgive yourself for all that you have done in the past. You will find, eventually, that you are able to forgive your whole line of forebears for all that they have done through the ages. And you will be surprised by the capacity others will have to forgive you and your line. Comprehension and compassion will dawn. And, for so long as you are motivated by love, the hand of divine protection will be over you as this process unfolds. Engage with this process, heart and soul, and there need be no negative repercussion at all. You can pay the price of the burden of your choices in love, rather than in suffering and pain. But you must choose to do so!

    And if you do, you will find yourself transitioning to the New Earth with the rest of humanity that has also chosen this. If you wish it, your skills at administration and management might be put to magnificent purpose. You might find yourself in great demand in a position of revered leadership. Or, indeed, you might choose for that quiet, peaceful, gentle life in that beautiful corner of the world that you have always secretly hankered after but never believed you could settle down to.

    It is all up to you.
    The point, really, is that you will find yourself blessed with an abundance of very attractive options if you should choose to be guided by love. And this contrasts sharply with the option-less, self-destructive dead-end that lies at the end of the road if you should continue to choose from a place of closed-hearted fear.
    And this is what I needed to share with you at this point. I know that all of you who are ready for this message will receive it, as we have ways to ensure this. And I also wanted to share this letter to you in the most open fashion possible since part of the healing that is being made available to humanity will come from their understanding that you are not as “other” as they would have thought. Until they can see themselves in your position, you will struggle to break down the boundaries. And in this letter, by the way I address you, they can see that you are not some kind of demonic enemy. That you are humans as they are.

    That you are lost and hurt as they are. That you have made the same kinds of choices out of your fear and pain as they have. That you can come to heal yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself as they might. And that greater good flowers for you when you do so, just as it does for them

    And finally, I wish humanity to see that you actually did as was required of you. You held the helm in the vacuum left when the old gods departed. You did so for the whole age of forgetting. And that, ultimately, was what you contracted for.
    With love and compassion, I leave you now to your choices.

    I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation brought to you through Zingdad
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  • Top of my Pure Bloom with Lotus Blossom - coming soon! #wetsoap
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  • What Will the Earth and mankind look like.
    What will the earth and mankind look like when the seismic events comes to completion? Again, we find un-convoluted answers from the holy writings. We know the earth has been around for at least 4 billion years, It may be a bit younger it may be a bit older, none of us can be dogmatic in out theories on how old the earth actually is. We can be sure though, that the earth will still be here when the seismic events climaxes. Many lives will be lost, still, there will be many lives that will remain here on this planet Earth. It's a promise that we have from Jehovah God, the creator of the earth.
    We need not be afraid of a nuclear disaster, asteroid, another planet crashing into the earth, “aliens” coming to destroy mankind, the zombie apocalypse, pandemic virus destroying the Global Community, we need not be in dread of any of these events, we also need not be in fear of any type of weather disaster destroying this planet. We have seen some of these events in the past, but the entire Global Community has never been annihilated by anyone of them. That was not the case billions of years ago and it is not the case today. So, then, what will the earth look like after the seismic events.
    “A generation is going, and a generation is coming, But the earth remains forever”
    “The One who formed the earth, its Maker who firmly established it, Who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited:”
    “The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it.”
    “Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth”
    So, here we have a promise of the future earth, but what will the people look like? What will they have, how will they prosper.
    “For the days of my people will be like the days of a tree.”
    “Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; Let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.”
    After the seismic events come to its completion, there will never, ever, on this earth be anymore hun-ger, starvation, homelessness, illnesses, and even death will be abolished. that is what the inheritance of the earth will inherit in the very near future, that is what the Global Community and this planet will look like.
    “There will be an abundance of grain on the earth; On the top of the mountains it will overflow. His fruit will flourish as in Lebʹa·non, And in the cities, people will blossom like the vegetation of the earth.”
    “They will not build for someone else to inhabit, Nor will they plant for others to eat.”
    “And no resident will say: “I am sick.”
    “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people. And God himself will be with them.4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”
    “He will swallow up death forever, And the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces. The reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, For Jehovah himself has spoken it."
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  • My mixed media painting WINDY OCOTILLO is now available in a variety of high-quality print formats! Also available: the original, an assortment of merchandise & licensing options. #painting #fineart #art #ink #expressionism #Yupo #ocotillo #flower #blossom #bloom #desert #Southwest
    Windy Ocotillo Original Painting by Sol Luckman
    Windy Ocotillo Original Painting by Sol Luckman
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  • The Vision Alignment Project
    A Vision for Freedom from Debt

    We envision a world free of debt of all kinds; a world where all debt has been forgiven, all usury stopped, every slate wiped clean, every heart opened and mind freed because people everywhere are giving and sharing with each other.

    We see a system of exchange based on abundance instead of encumbrance, equality instead of slavery, conscience instead of competition, opportunity instead of obligation, gratitude instead of greed. We see all peoples, everywhere, enjoying equal access to all good things, and with this comes a blossoming in the soul of humanity such as has never before been seen throughout the whole of time.
    The Vision Alignment Project
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