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  • Origin of the Phenomena
    How can we truly advance as a species until we know how we got here? How can we decide on our purpose until we know what the purpose of us is? If a superior Being created us, then we should all be in harmony with nature and non-violence and human equality. If we were genetically engineered then we should continue that engineering by enhancing our DNA to reach our pinnacle of perfection. I don’t think I want to be a new species. We would no longer be in the image of our creator and wouldn’t this in essence avert Satan’s destruction? If we evolved with no God then we should continue the Darwinian survival of the fittest pursuit of money and technology and be the best sinners possible since we are just animals and the end justifies the means. We should protect our planets resources from overpopulation by eugenically eliminating the weaker strains of humans from the genetic pool. Hasn’t evolution taught us to not believe in God but to put our faith in the infallibility of science and the coming ETs? This duplicity is our single most important question.
    Here are some possible explanations for the UFO phenomena. Are we dealing with super technology or the supernatural?
    Extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH), proposed by Major Keyhoe after the Thomas Mantell incident, theorizes that aliens travel here from other planets. Keyhoe shifted the burden of proof to the government. But the distances are vast and they have never been seen approaching from deep space even though statistically there must be life in space. The theory of evolution makes the chances of a genetic match zero. There are over 1000 sightings per month. Wouldn’t that indicate a massive fleet is here? Yet there are radar, photo and government documents. In 1963, Carl Sagan theorized that we would be visited every 10,000 years by a new species. Why are SETI and NASA silent? Are they placebos?
    Ancient Astronaut (AA), We’ve misidentified angels and God and the bible. ET’s have been here from our beginning and genetically upgraded us from hominids and actively participate in our history. Ancient structures, rock carvings and cave paintings along with the Hindu Mahabharata seem to support this. Ancient Alien falls under ETH.
    Prison-Zoo Earth- Aliens look like us and originally used earth like a Devils Island or Botany Bay for the unwanted or we are being contained here for our own good. Zoo earth maintains that species are dropped off and negate evolution. Prison-Zoo earth falls under ETH.
    Interdimensional or Ultraterrestrial hypotheses (UTH) theorizes there are eleven dimensions and that they exist on a different plane or parallel universe but are indigenous to earth and have always co-existed with us. Our Quantum physics attempts to explain them. They may create the perception of a UFO by manipulating matter or energy. Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world”- John 18:36.
    Demonic- ETs are Fallen Angels and exist in a malevolent dimension and have found a way to enter ours and are deliberately disguised as ET. The fact that they hide, operate at night and avoid open contact may support this. If Fallen Angels can materialize craft, then this is what we are experiencing. God gave Lucifer two thirds of the Universe and he is the prince of the air (UFOs) and was an angel of light (orbs). Their goal is to draw us away from belief in Christ, corrupt our DNA and ultimately deceive us. Real ET’s experience the same abductions and preternatural oppression and infestation as we do which truly makes the ET our space brothers. They have also mated with us in the past and produced the Nephilim. Altered state CE4 and demonic possession are one in the same. Demonic falls under UTH.
    Cryptoterrestrial (CTH) or hollow earth proposed by Mac Tonnies- They co-exists with us on this planet either in inner earth or under the oceans. Biologically could this explain abductions for a DNA match by advanced Atlanteans, evolved reptiles or dinosaurs? But again, how do you explain the Grey unisex look and unworkable large head to slim hip proportions for a natural birth, if they are birthed?
    Extratemporal time travel where they are us returning for a look or in need of something or to fix an event. This is a biological way an exchange of DNA could work during abductions and would explain their ability to prophesize future events (nuclear war, environment, Fatima). But how do you explain the Grey unisex look and unworkable large head to slim hip proportions for a natural birth, if they are birthed? Is the Grey a worker or android?
    Hoax- Which makes up about 10% of cases.
    Natural phenomena hypothesis- science can explain everything, of course.
    Psychological- Carl Jung believed that some UFOs are a projection of our mind in response to our beliefs but that some UFOs show signs of intelligent guidance by quasi human pilots. Others say magnetic fields or drugs can cause UFO hallucinations. There is a mass delusion or collective schizophrenia where we have replaced séances and mediums with UFOs. J Allen Hynek believed we might be projecting these sightings with our mind and telekinesis.
    Military- the Air Force or Navy uses UFOs as a cover story for our own advanced military craft. A UFO was back engineered from recovered Nazi technology (1936 Black Forest crash) through Project Paperclip and some of the subsequent crashes were our test flights (Roswell). We test our new weapons in foreign countries like the 1977 Colares Brazil case. The 1984 Hudson Valley sightings and 1997 Phoenix lights sightings were of our craft which make up Project Solar Warden. The military is involved in cattle mutilations and abductions (MILabs) and abductees are brought to underground bases. Disinformation and staged events like the Richard Doty hoax of Linda Moulton Howe for example along with MK-Ultra, Collins Elite and Operation Often. The CIA debunking of UFOs was deliberate to keep scientists and the media from investigating.
    Programmers- The pending release of PC game No Man's Sky- in which a supercomputer generated trillions of inhabited worlds after being given the guidelines for its universe by human programmers- raises questions as to whether a more advanced civilization could create our reality with exponentially more powerful computers. Over the past 5 years, mainstream physicists have begun to explore whether our "universe" could be a hologram, and prominent figures like Space X CEO Elon Musk have been fascinated with the possibility. In this theory, the "Big Bang" was basically the program itself initiating or turning on, and it has been evolving with the guidelines given to it ever since. This would be not unlike The Matrix movies starring Keanu Reeves, in which an alternate reality is "projected" for us. This could explain why UFOs seemingly pop in and out of our reality and exhibit flight characteristics not consistent with known physics: it's the programmers checking in on the simulation at various places and times, much like a child lifting the lid off of an ant colony. It could also explain why so many given access to the "truth" of UFOs and extraterrestrials refuse to talk about it: beyond any security clearances or oaths, the reality that we do not actually exist- but are simply a manifestation of an artificial program- is too upsetting to share, because it would invalidate our entire existence. (Courtesy James Krug).
    None or a Combination of all of the above?
    How would you rank these when the only source of data comes from the UFO and what they want us to see? Each theory has its own extensive convincing kaleidoscope history but none have enough empirical evidence. They all can’t be correct. My guess is, like the cases we investigate; only around 10% are real while 90% are deliberate C.I.A. or entity disinformation or misdirection. But which 10% is real? Are we dealing with super tech or the supernatural? Are inter-dimensional and demonic the same?
    In April of 2017, nineteen of my Pa MUFON Investigators discussed these possibilities and voted on each category. Two investigators abstained due to lack of evidence. ETH received the most first place votes, Ancient Alien the most second place votes and Military the most third place votes. There were 98 total points and Ancient Alien received 26, ETH 25, Military 15, UTH 13, Combo 11, Demonic 4, Prison 2, Psychological and Programmers 1 each; Hoax, CTH, Extratemporal and Natural zero votes. My question is, how well read are the investigators on all possibilities? Were they influenced by TV and movies that stress ETs are from space?

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