• BMU Systems Support the World’s Tallest Buildings

    Check out this infographic to know about the top 5 tallest buildings in the world. Buildings of this height and scale would require a BMU system to help ensure safety when working at height. EuroSafe offers a full wrap round service to ensure that your project gets the right piece of equipment.
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  • An Overview of Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s)
    Check out this infographic to know about an overview of building maintenance units (BMU's). A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a device that provides access to the façade of a building. A typical BMU is a remote-controlled unit or mechanical device, suspended from the upper deck of a building. EuroSafe offers a full wrap round service to ensure that your project gets the right piece of equipment.
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  • Sonalika Tractor Reviews, Specification and Price.
    Check on details Sonalika Tractor reviews, specification, and Tractor Price. Visit at Tractor junction India’s most popular no.1 website. If you are planning to buy a Sonalika Tractor new and used contact us customer care executive to share all type information Sonalika tractor price, engine capacity, horsepower, and tractor mileage, etc.
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  • A blessed Sunday Dear Ones! In about an hour, please join our #weeklySundaymeditation. As always, the #AscensionTimelineEndofCoronaVirusMeditation is at 3pm UTC. Beloveds, we have a big mass meditation coming up on December 21, the #AgeofAquariusFinalActivation in which we’ll use the energies of the #powerfulJupiterSaturngreatconjunction to stabilize the #AgeofAquariuspositivetimeline for our planet! Please continue to do the #FlowerofLifeMeditation~~ there’s a mass meditation to join every 4 hours, & you can do it as often as you feel guided to! Check #WeLoveMassMeditationdotcomActiveMeditationspage for all the different meditations you can join & a timetable for your area! WLMM has excellent timetables for you all, wherever in the world you are! #LightworkersandStarChildren, let’s keep our frequencies HIGH!

    Now for today’s meditation:

    For USA Friends the meditation starts at:
    11 am Eastern, 10 am Central, 9 am Mountain, 8 am Pacific, 6 am Honolulu




If you’re in another time zone, check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

    It is still very important for as many people as possible to join our daily anti-lockdown meditation:

For USA friends this is: 4:40 pm Eastern, 3:30 pm Central, 2:30 pm Mountain, & 1:30 pm Pacific

    Here is the new link to the guided audio for the anti-lockdown meditation in English:

    You can learn more at:

The updated Flower of Life Meditation every 4 hours (do it as ofter as you feel inspired to.) There are directions & timetables for different world timezones on the event page:

    And here is the link to the NEW Flower of Life Meditation guided audio playlist in many languages.

    Light Family, please continue to use your best discernment more than ever! Stay grounded & balanced! Truth is coming to LIGHT! Try to prevent allowing your emotions to be triggered, keep in your best Observer mode, help those that are in shock, & do participate in as many daily meditations as you can. Stay out of the narratives of duality! Practice unconditional Love!

Meditation is a fine way to balance & raise your own frequency as well as help raise the frequency of this planet! #WeLoveMassMeditation has many daily, weekly, monthly & special meditations you can join in with people around the world! For all current Mass Meditations, with links & tables that show the times for a selected set of time-zones, so you can join into the ones that resonate most with you at the times that you can! see the top to click on the Active Meditations page.


We have MANY synchronized meditations on the WLMM blog active meditation page--but if there is only ONE Mass Meditation a week you can join in, this Weekly Meditation now, the Ascension Timeline/End of CoronaVirus Meditation, is the one where reaching the CRITICAL MASS of 144,000 meditating at once is the MOST IMPORTANT!

    Please do check out the latest We Love Mass Meditation Blog for regular updates & links to all the presently scheduled & ongoing meditations that you can join in to help harmonize & raise the frequencies of the planet!

    www.welovemassmeditation dot com

    Thank you to EVERYONE who joins in these Mass Meditations!
HAPPY MEDITATING & I will see you in the ethers!
Zeeva Amrita
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  • When checking your platform bed frame for a replacement, you might consider the following things:

    Every time you turn over, the bed frame will squeak. By then their connection has become loose, so if you frequently have to tighten the screws, you should replace the bed frame immediately. While you may get used to these annoying sounds, you shouldn't be satisfied with it. You deserve better sleep.

    Support slats are bent or broken. This will cause your mattress to go distorted over time. In addition, sleeping on an uneven surface will cause problems with your back and spine.

    The platform bed frame is badly damaged. In addition to bent or loose wood panels, the bed frame can also crack, especially cracks that appear in the connection between the headboard and the bed frame. These cracks can cause the bed frame to collapse and you could injure.
    Read more:
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    Mahkeme, maskenin zararlı olup olmadığı konusunu değerlendirmeye almamış. Ancak, maske zorunluluğu kuralının yeterince açık ifade edilmiş olmadığı gerekçesiyle, iptal kararı vermiş:
    - Düsseldorf'ta, açık alanların çoğunu da kapsayacak şekilde, ancak bazı istisnalarla, maske zorunluluğu getirilmiş.
    - Davacı, bu zorunluluğa karşı dava açmış. Dilekçesinde, maskenin zararı / yararı konusuna değinip değinmediğini bilmiyoruz.
    - Mahkeme, iptal kararı verince, yetkililer (anlayabildiğim kadarıyla) açık alanları biraz daha sınırlayarak (daraltarak) kuralı farklı şekilde düzenlemişler:
    - Konuyla ilgili haberler:
    - Sosyal medyada, mahkemenin "maske zararlı olduğu için" iptal kararı verdiği yönünde haberler paylaşılmış. Buna karşı aşağıda açıklamalar yapılmış:
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  • Check us out
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  • Get reviews of Farmtrac 60 only at Tractorjunction
    If you are planning to purchase a new Farmtrac 60 tractor. Visit us online digital platform Tractor junction it’s one of the most popular websites available all farmtrac tractor models check on road Farmtrac 60 price in India, and best design, best engine capacities, heavy lift loaded tractor.
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  • In the field of healthcare, interprofessional care, or also known as Integrated health solutions, is a holistic approach that is being characterized by health professionals. Integrated healthcare solutions are something called sharing the information among the team members related to patient care and the plan to address a patient's social and biological needs. The healthcare professionals have a diverse team that includes physicians, the nurse that depends on the patient's needs. Psychologists use an additional value in the field of Integrated health care.

    Integrated health care benefits are reducing depressive symptoms; it enhances access to the services and improves patient care. It also lowers overall healthcare costs. These are the solutions that apply in the field of Primary care. It specializes in medical settings as well as long term settings. It is also used in social posts.

    Integrated healthcare systems help foster collaboration and communication among healthcare providers. The system initially shares the patient data and works together to create a comprehensive treatment plan that considers the patient's needs, preferences, etc. The other uses of Integrated health solutions are that all doctors have the same access to the EMR that allows doctors to give holistic views. Employees need to pay out less for the paycheck of their medical benefits. Doctors are also able to coordinate care.

    Read more about Integrated Healthcare Solutions here.
    Integrated Healthcare Systems - Osplabs
    OSP's Integrated healthcare solutions offer enhanced healthcare systems that are comprehensive and cost-effective by integrating health information systems, patients management. our Integrated healthcare systems foster collaboration and communication among healthcare providers.
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  • Implementation of Medical credentialing in healthcare

    Many of the healthcare providers are being assessed of their license, training and experience along with the competence and also check out the capability of providing service or procedures. This process is known as Medical Credentialing. Credentialing nowadays has seen the changes in the concept dramatically being in intervening millennia, the core structure of the procedure is still the same ensures that the doctors who practice in any city/state have all the required training and also the correct experience to safely practice medicine.

    The medical credentialing solution is considered a critical component of practice being developed which can deliver the highest level of patient care along with the insurance reimbursement. Through the Healthcare credentialing process, the states and the insurance providers can determine which requirements are met by medical providers. Healthcare credentialing software has allowed permission to healthcare organizations and insurance companies which can manage all data and records of all the healthcare providers. From a point of view of a patient the credentialing process gives surety that they are well qualified and are under competing hands Every medical healthcare provider should complete this assessment where they start new practices in any city or state. Privileging and the Medical credentialing consist of a few simple processes containing provider credentialing, enrollment of a provider, and the privileging.

    Recredentialing, also known as re-enrollment and revalidation occurs periodically and requires a provider to repeat the credentialing process. Providers will receive a letter letting them know that they are up for re-credentialing. If they don’t complete this within the deadline, their credentialing are suspended until the process is completed and approved.

    Read more about Medical Credentialing here.
    Medical Credentialing - Osplabs
    Medical Credentialing - custom solutions to solve the challenges of paper-based traditional provider credentialing systems. We build on-demand and best medical credentialing solutions for healthcare providers with required integrations and robust modules for recredentialing and efficient insurance credentialing.
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