• I'm super excited to announce that I'm starting my own shoe line! Check out my first Limited Edition design "love is the way". Made in Le Marche, Italy (also known as "The Shoe Valley") with supple Italian leather and suede. This design is for the young and young-at-heart, featuring bright colors that will make your feet POP! Pre-order yours today! And please share the link with anyone you know who would LOVE these shoes! Merci beaucoup! #shoes #eighties #pop #colorful
    love is the way
    love is the way is a unique limited edition custom  shoe concept designed by Shyler Ford. Classic skater, completely custom made in Italy, featuring pristine italian leather.
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  • WEREWOLF by #SolLuckman … Purchase this original acrylic-on-paper #painting, #fineart prints and other merchandise at … #wolfman #lycanthrope #lycanthropes #shapeshifter #thewolfman #manitou #manito #Southwesternart #Southwestdecor #beast #beastwithin #monster #horror #terror #scary #figuralart #figuralpainting #coloristpainting #colorfulart #pinkpainting #drawing #expressionism #shamanicart #shamanism #wolftotemanimal #poweranimal
    Werewolf Original Painting by Sol Luckman
    Werewolf Original Painting by Sol Luckman
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  • Pretty soon in October, there will be available a new documentary of grand disclosure proportions, known as "Above Majestic", through multiple outlets, including Netflix so I've heard! How unbelievable! The documentary haas already been shown at multiple epic conferences and events recently, but will be widely available elsewise coming in October.

    This is going to rapidly expand people's perceptions of our reality, get them all thinking, awakening and wanting to research, discover, discern this important information themselves. Hopefully help to open people's minds, hearts, and therefore begin prosperous radiating healing amongst the greater collective of Earth.

    Dark stuff, cool stuff, fun stuff, positive stuff, hard stuff, it all needs to be heard, known, so that the greatest unveiling, greatest revealing of our time may take place for the whole planet. With full openness, honesty, transparency. So that we may begin collective healing through much of this hidden knowledge more easily openly available, understanding, and accepting our past, and putting an end to the destructive secrecy that has plagued our planet for millennia. Consciously expanding into the stars, we are!

    Of course this has been going on for a while, but this can be a great leap forward to fast track our conscious advancement of Humanity. Whats more important along these routes of discover of not so easily available, just not mainstream information, (because much is available and shared, but many are scared of the paradigm shifting, radical mind expanding proportions of the info to take a look themselves) are the spiritual implications that fractalize, and radiate reflections within you; within each of us. To then help to foster greater expanding and conscious advancement of our truer energetic and spiritual nature. To help many more unlock the deeper living nature of themselves that we truly all are and what we are inthereof capable.

    I am colorfully excited!
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  • 083018 Weird weird weird dreams last night. Too much so fragmenting here with bits n pieces.

    Childhood home, me-adult, with daughter (younger and a little diff looking). Crazy hamster running amok and pooping EVERYWHERE. Watery poop so so so so gross..stepped in it everywhere...gag.

    There was a WEIRD FOX and it was red and on a couch and doing this like open mouth hissing thing but I wasn't surprised by it being there. Cats loose in the house, daughter crying because she lost this fat little white mega-pooping hamster and kept calling it by our old hamster was white/unlike our old pet. And bigger. And it would bite people..first it was in a cage and people would come see it and pet it and it would bite them (I even felt the chicken wire as I lifted it off the frame to see where it went at one point, it wasn't a guinea pig but seemed like it was almost as big).

    One old couple, man and woman -man in wheelchair, he looked and seemed so nice (maybe in 80's/90s?) and when the hamster bit him he snarled something unnatural-REALLY unnatural, like a shape shifting unnatural.

    Many animals running amok in this dream at this house in this much gross watery poop, I could feel the slime of it between my feet walking (oh, why does a walking dream have to be that way!), wanted to throw up...still grossed out now. Could see it on the carpet...ack, blecch..

    Daughter lost hold of hamster and we were worried because cats were loose..was in full fear of finding hamster killed by them but also repulsed by that hamster-that's when I saw that weird fox with it's open jaw weirdly hissing on a couch next to me. Did not seem surprised to see the fox but surprised at the hissing gesture and it felt almost snake-like.

    Other parts of dreams-a big (underground? hidden?) library of some sort, someone collecting people together..he wasn't right in the head or something...I am studying, learning the ropes and taking notice of this slowly building cult group he is "cult"-ivating...and the guy pulls back a rug that is covering a perfectly square wooden floor door..and the door is his big surprise, he wants us all to go down there but especially the kids. That is really concerning to me so somehow I begin to move through and try to get people quietly aware and..experiencing block now. I can sense and see the stuff happening but cannot articulate it. The memory is being pushed at like we are fighting over a door closing, I can't keep it open.

    Another aspect of the dream inc me sitting at a food place of some sort..I sat with my husband..I showed him how I could straighten my fingers..I haven't had a dream like that in a while. I could see it-I could do it. It was as real as me tapping my keys right now. I could see them..could feel it, still now. So very weird how powerfully real that felt.

    Dreams too jumbled to recall where one ended and began.

    When I woke up drifted into meditation and had a few images but one in particular was fast and disturbing. It was a 3 eyed child? and it was MAD. It's face was colorful, it's little head so round..hard to believe this was a child but it was.

    Really weird night..but I am determined to keep my dream memory muscle working. I feel almost angry about the interference or maybe just lull in my recall.
    The pull is fierce. Almost the same sense I get from the auto-pilot/AP with the involuntary channeling. This feels like a turning point.
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  • QUESTION: Should this large comment be in an article as a commentary on the lure of the RV relative to the Iraqi Dinars?

    Its not like there isn't already enough "melodrama" floating around the WWW, so I'm asking. Otherwise, at the end of the day, this comment will probably remain here. LOL.

    Yikes! Today was another breakthrough day. It continues to be a weird day too because of the choices to adapt my thinking to allow for one ot two radical changes to my "current" routine. I decided to put a comment here on my timeline to mark this occassion. Its both heavy (depressing) as well as "liberating" (joyful) when We suddenly realize a well meaning friend or two who may be delusional, even appearing to HANDLE US with tried, tested and true "money-majick" nonsense. This and other things can easily keep one distracted and inline with certain seductive intentions of "another". Such distractions only draw one Us away from his/her true path of awakening.
    In order for me to ascend, sometimes it comes down to letting go of those things that no longer work for Us.

    What's with this SEDUCTION of a revalued Iraqi Dinar along with "other currencies".

    Its a rather weird day for me when, after almost 2 full years of being distracted by the ongoing Iraqi Dinar skullduggery, I am now able to let go of "this" needless distraction. I am giving away my Iraqi Dinars and it's somehow a relief for me to disengage from the insidious lure of MONEY (value) even if the would-be gains in the currency are intended to empower Light-Workers in assisting Huemanity during the upcoming transition from 3rd to 4th, 5th and 6th densities for Huemanity when it is ready to make such a leap.

    The Iraqi Dinars are a middle eastern currency undeniably attached to wars and killing within the war-torn nation. I keep tryimg to ascertain "which insidious actions must be accomplished behind the scenes to re-value a currency so that LARGE NOTES (like 25K Dinar Notes) suddenly becomes worth far more than the numbers on the colorful paper on which the dinars are printed. This has been a rather wild and insidious ride of unfulfiulled expectation, originnally marketed to genuine caring Huemans who intend to offer aid and assistance to Our future world in transition. The Dinar and "other currencies" have been sold or "granted to" good intentioned Light-Workers portending to generate badly needed VALUE to assist a Us in lifting a world divided by the fall of hordes of corrupted controllers whose time and influence is coming to an end.

    These Iraqi Dinar "chronicals" have become an unnecessary distraction to many of Our missions. I did NOT purchase the Dinars I have. They were gifted to me in order that I might assist others when the US dollar fails. I'll be sending back the Iraqi Dinars originally gifted to me within the last two years. Pursuit of the "chronicals" can no longer be used to distract me from my central mission of holding light in this era when too many of US EXPECT "money" to swoop in to solve problems that only "money" can fix. LOL!!! Who thought up this scam anyway to get people to buy and hold Iraqi currency?

    What if only "TRUTH & LOVE" will save Our day...not $MONEY$ and those who use it to control and oppress peoples of all nations by certain insidious controller types....MONEY and Our attraction to its lure is not in line with my intentions for mine or your highest good. I can see that money and Our strong attraction to it is STILL being used by people whom I thought were trusted friends but who turn out to be another layer of distractions during a period when none of US can really afford to be distracted by anything takeing Us off of Our path with some future promise of MONEY saving the day in this Great Awakening.

    I've uncovering some hidden intentions of people I once thought I knew and who may be locked into this intention of extracting wealth where there is none. Apparently We don't know people as well as We think We know them. I'm learning that I do better when I back off from certain individuals who seem to be using this "lure of MONEY" to distract people like me with a lot of fancy wishful thinking. Sometimes I am made to feel very special like I'm a member of some special end times the 144K or something like that, eh? All that I really need to do is to stop "forcing" a round peg into square holes.

    I'm officialy letting go of this Iraqi Dinar nonsense because I've very little to NO faith that such a currency will do anything but distract me from my more tangible intentions to be awake and aware through the transition.

    This WEALTH SEEKING nonsense via manipulation of the relative value of another Nation's currency compared to Our home currency seems both unhealthy and is an unwelcome distraction for Us me both now and into my future. Once this chapter is done, We will be better able to discern the value of Our Hueman currency and We can leverage knowledge of Our intrinsic value to avoid selling out to those who would use Our economic status to lead Us into chasing this ghost.

    The highest rewards I can get come from choosing to stay true to my calling. When I am focused on working for the highest good... its far easier to avoid the any delusional speculations that arises, one more time, from certain MONEY TRAPS that appear to be designed to magically fix Us with false hopes that great sums of money will magically fall from the sky because I am such a good guy and that this new ealth will enable me to be demonstrate to the world just how worthy I am to posess great sums of money. LOL.

    I'm no longer playing this insidious currency speculation con game any longer and have learned another important lesson... and I am sending a message at the same time saying that I will not be handled/controlled by the lure/promise of great sums of money suddenly materializing... as I have seen many friends deeply distracted by. In my healing matrix, there is no pie in the sky other than the one that is natural and does not contain hidden elements designed to distract and disable coherent and critical thinking.

    SO BE IT and SO IT IS...another chapter closes...and a new one begins. I intend to be as fully awake and aware as one can under these curcumstances. If any of you have any further info you'd like to share, I'll appreciate it.
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  • Colorful Gaseous Giant
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    A Theory of Life and Death -- How to Win the Game of Life and Escape the Prison Planet Earth which is an Illusionary Matrix that We Dream

    I have good news and bad news. First the bad news: Life contains a lie. What you believe is full of lies, secrecy, tricks and deception at every level -- religion, politics, science, our language, the media, entertainment sources such as movies and music, corporate logos, and advertising -- and the earth is an electromagnetic gravitational prison planet in which we are held as prisoners imprisoned by our body cells. The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. We spell words to create a sentence -- a jail term and it's a life sentence. We use curse words and write with cursive writing. . Why do we say when someone is out of luck that they are S.O.L.? Why do we have products like Sun Kist, Star Kist, and Gold Kist Farms? What is a Kist? Why do almost all major corporations use either the sun, moon or pyramids in their logos? Why were all major religions given to us by princes from elite royal families or wealthy members of nobility? Why are religious messiahs called the son of God and depicted with the sun as a halo? Why does the world's largest political celebration, the World Olympic Games, have a priestess light what they call a cauldron with the light of the sun and keep an eternal flame burning throughout the games? Why do world leaders gather each year at Bohemian Grove and participate in a druidic ceremony called the Cremation of Care which reenacts sacrificial rituals from ancient Canaan at the base of a forty foot owl? Why do so many musicians say they have sold their soul, use illuminati hand signs and use cryptic language in their songs? Why do musical artists such as Katy Perry seem to incorporate witchcraft into their videos? Why does Hollywood take its name from the holly wood that a magic wand is made from and why do they use terms such as casting and programming? Why does the organization that gives Emmys and Oscars, NATAS, use an acronym that is Satan spelled backwards and why does the statue they give out for awards, the Oscar, look like and is named after an egyptian god named Ausur or Osiris? Why do we have an egyptian pyramid on the back of our dollar bill? Why does the moon rotate at just the right speed so that the same side always faces toward Earth and why does it appear in our vision as exactly the same size as the sun during a total eclipse? What is the purpose of "evil" and Trickster Gods. And, finally, why are we told we go to the light at death? I answer these questions and many more on this website.

    Welcome to the Game of Life. The bad news is the game is a matter of life and death and you're the big game.
    Life is an interactive holographic virtual reality computer game with AI's (archons, shadow beings etc) who are villains and chaotic disrupting forces to make it challenging and difficult. It seems some souls' avatars got lost in the game and we decided to come down and retrieve the rest of their light/soul/consciousness. Every good story or plot has to have "conflict" or a villain so the hero can save the day and win the game. All good stories require conflict and drama and anyone who has ever tried to pitch a script to Hollywood knows that or will be told that. Life on Earth is for entertainment value and many near death experiencers have confirmed this fact. This can also be seen by examining the characters of the original Gods. It was a big game to them and they were spoiled brats who did not like to lose. Humans were a pawn to them and it can be seen in virtually all the texts. We were a commodity.
    You're part of the human race against time to beat the clock. In fact, the official song for the World Games at the 2012 Olympics is Survival by the rock band Muse. The songs begins, "Life's a race, but I'm gonna win." The corporation Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory and whose logo bears a scythe or "swoosh" as they like to call it, sponsored a 10K race called "The Human Race" in Melbourne. This impetus for duality is driven home in "reality" shows like Survivor, Lost, and The Biggest Loser. Don't worry, though cuz you were game for it and besides you're a good sport, right? In fact you are betting on it, you made a bet to beat the odds, an alpha bet or gambit with Bel cuz he's a game Bel, a gambler. He is a trickster god, but it is a fair game and the game has a bunch of tricks. It's all about "turns" or revolutions because it's a ball game. In fact, the first ball game we know of was the Mayan ball game and the ball symbolized the sun a.k.a. Baal, Ea/Nergal, Ra, Bel, Lugh, Lucifer, Set, Devil, Satan, 'It'. So you are playing against the devil, whose name Satan literally means Adversary. The Devil loves to play games especially poker which is why he holds a trident. He's a dealer and you have to play out the hand you've been dealt. It's a Ra deal and he is betting you don't win. You are trying to be a Survivor because you are Lost. If you win, you are the champion. If you lose, you are Lugh's. In Mesopotamia he was known as Nergal. The Demiurge is the Gnostic creator of the material world in subordination to the Supreme Being and a bad god who created the world as a spiritual prison. It was adopted from Plato and looks like a serpent with a lion's head'.
    Here are 15 NDEs that describe life as a game: life is a game Furthermore, Stanislov Grof is one of the world's foremost researchers into hallucinogenics. He has written books based on 4000-6000 reported experiences. He even wrote a book named "The Cosmic Game: Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness". He writes, ""Since the divine play, the cosmic drama, is unimaginable without individual protagonists, without dictinct separate entities, the existence of evil is absolutely essential for the creation of the world as we know it."
    Now for the good news. The good news is Life's a game and games are fun and for our amusement. The Game of Life is one of the best selling board games of all time. The Sims, a video game in which you create your own people to put in your simulated world of Sim City, won game of the year. Like the concept of reincarnation we often give the characters new lives at they advance from level to level and attributes such as health and karma. Even today we now have virtual reality technology and video game graphics are becoming more life-like with each version released. Pretty soon the graphics will become indistinguishible from real life. Scientists keep finding smaller and smaller particles as they zoom in on the resolution of the world we live in only to be hindered by Planck's constant. Quantum scientists have discovered that particles only behave as particles when they are observed and function as waves when not observed as if the function in the machine code is only called upon when needed. Technology keeps advancing along according to Moore's Law. More and more movies and TV shows are depicting simulated worlds experienced from a pod, blockbusters such as the highest grossing movie of all-time Avatar, Alien, The Matrix, Stargate, The Thirteenth Floor, eXistenZ, Surrogates, and The Island. In the beginning mainframe computers used to fill an entire room. Then in the 1980s Apple and IBM developed desktop computers soon to be followed by laptops. We now routinely surf the web using handheld devices and corporations such as Google are currently working on devices that will be embedded into glasses or clothing. Extrapolating this trend it is only a matter of time until we merge with machine. Some pets and people already have biochip technology implanted. Leading scientists such as transhumanist Ray Kurzweil discuss the coming event called the Singularity. Quantum physicists also discuss ideas such as a holographic or fractal universe and a universe with 12 or more dimensions. So if we are that close to creating simulated worlds ourselves what is the probability that we are already living in a simulated world or subworlds? With the invention of computers, the internet and the cybernetic "human plus" goals of transhumanists it seems as though we are headed toward being yet further trapped down another level or layer within the lab-yrinth.
    Here is the plot of this holographic, virtual reality computer game: I believe there is ample evidence to suggest that extra-dimensional entities, which the Gnostics called Archons, are controlling the planet and the death experience. Virtually all the components of the near death experience can be found in the alien abduction experience of Betty Andreasson Luca as chronicled by UFO researcher, Raymond E. Fowler. Betty was taken up into a blinding white Light by grey aliens and experienced intense feelings of love, euphoria, and ecstasy. An extensive analysis of hundreds of NDE accounts has led me to the conclusion that these grey aliens are recycling human souls to harvest the energy similar to the way humans farm animals for food. These entities which the Gnostics called Archons feed off the emotions of humans, especially the negative energy like fear and anger so they set up dramatic events. When we die unless our souls are at a very high spiritual level, then they will be drawn to a white Light which is a copy of the True Light in the Eternal Light realms. Even though we are divine sparks from that true Eternal Light realm, they convince us to sign withour consent soul contracts and make agreements to incarnate on the earthly plane in order to "evolve". Near death experiencers report that all knowledge is readily available in the Light so what is the need to come to earth and be imprisoned in these bodies? Unless one is aware of their inherent divinity, they are conned into reincarnating again and again because they didn't meet or fulfill their "mission" on Earth. A bogus excuse will be given by the false god of this world or a council of beings, One can never live a perfect, sin-free life here on Earth given our flawed bodies and rigged game board.
    After death souls are lured into a tunnel outside the Earth near the moon and taken into the astral realms where they encounter a brilliant being of light which very likely may be our Sun in the astral realm. Human souls do not look like our earthly bodies so the sun, which is indeed white, would not be recognizable as such plus without all the refraction of the atmosphere could appear much, much brighter as our spirit bodies do not have eyes like our physical ones do, but rather see with the core of its being.
    Wii game boys live a dream cast from game pods in a play station. What's real is that it's all a movie reel, a virtual reality game show or a reality tv show, a dream, an illusion, a theater play as Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage. And all the mean and women merely players". We are merely care actors or characters in a drama. Games are usually either board games, card games with tricks, games where you roll a die over and over again to symbolize reincarnation, a race on a track, or a sports game. As eternal beings we get bored so that is why we play board games which are often on 64 checked squares. Games with cards and die are played on a table. This table or checked squares are what is called a matrix and represents the matrix of duality we live in via our 64 DNA codons. Choosing sides is how they get us to keep playing the game: black and white, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal. Games of sport are played on a field which is symbolic of the electromagnetic field or grid we live in. Football is even played on a grid-iron. Many or most video games today feature a player with multiple lives. When your player dies in the game, you are placed back in the game again. Similar to reincarnation the goal is to progress through multiple levels.
    William Shakespeare was one of the most prolific writers of all-time and one of his most well-known quotes is "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages." In his classic book "Autobiography of a Yogi", Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, "You have come to earth to entertain and to be entertained." He also wrote, ""The entire universe is God's cosmic motion picture, and that individuals are merely actors in the divine play who change roles through reincarnation; mankind's deep suffering is rooted in identifying too closely with one's current role, rather than with the movie's director, or God."
    We dream every night when we go to sleep. Why are we programmed to sleep? It's very strange when you think about it. It seems to be to recharge the body's battery, but we know so very little about it. For all we know we are upgraded nightly with the latest download or software release from the universal computer. We experience life and interpret signals with our brain in various states of consciousness which psychologists classify as alpha, beta, theta and delta waves. So it's very possible that this life we think we are living is just another "dream" from which we will "wake" from. The ancient Maya believed that the world is an illlusion and the aborigines believe that this is what they call "dreamtime" and that there exists a more real world where we truly reside. Christopher Nolan, film director for the movie Inception, explained, "Regardless of the fact the story deals with different dream states, it is crucial that at every level the world feels concrete because when we are in a dream, we accept it as reality." In the movie the character Cobb reveals, "Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange." His best friend in the film was played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who said, "I consider myself a creative person and dreams are where we’re all artists. Everything you do in a dream—everything you see, everything you hear, everyone you talk to—is your creation. That’s evidence of how powerful the creative mind could be if we were to let it."
    The game is that it is all just a dream, an illusion, if you will. Most of us live our lives sleep walking in a dream state like zombies. Are you living the dream? Do you have your dream home, the dream machine, your dream girl? And when you dream at night it is a dream within a dream. But as Albert Einstein noted, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
    Earth is a farm system where everything breaks down and dies and where the creatures are forced to eat and feed off each other just to survive in the food chain. Life on earth is literally a dog-eat-dog world where survival of the fittest rules. There are predator-prey relationships and also parasitic ones where leeches feed off their hosts. In fact, there are species that use light in order to lure their prey such as the anglerfish, like the one in the movie Fnding Nemo. Cuttlefish hypnotize their prey with a dazzling light show. Glow worms in Antarcitca hang from the ceilings of caves and look like the night time sky, attracting prey who are lured by the lights. There are both beneficial and unfriendly bacteria and viruses in our body cells which fight each other.
    Humanity has been likened to a virus on the earth. Everything in the solar system is dependent on the sun for its energy and survival. There are also symbiotic relationships where systems feed off each other. Like the 2012 movie we are living in the hunger games.
    The universe appears to be holographic and fractal with cells within bigger cells within even bigger cells. There are roughly 100 billion neurons in the brain and science claims there are about 100 billion stars in the galaxy. We have also noted how similar neurons and stars look. Our cells are said to have a nucleus with electrons that orbit it like the planets that orbit their suns which orbit their galaxies which orbit in their local clusters and superclusters.
    As humans we like to believe we are at the top of the food chain. But like the sheep who is unaware it is to be sheared or the cattle who are oblivious to their slaughter by the farmer until the very end we could similarly be clueless to invisible entities who might feed off our energy and capture our souls when we die. This is exactly what I intend to show. The elite have always referred to the masses as cattle or sheeple or useless eaters. From birth to death we are boxed in. Many babies are placed in incubators and then we place them in a playpen. We live most our lives in cookie cutter town homes on square foot lots like all the others on the block in our subdivision. Many of us spend most of our lives as slaves working 9-5. We wake up and drive to work in our boxy matchbox cars and slave away in a cubicle farm like rats in a maze or labyrinth. Then we come home out watch an idiot box until it's time to go back to bed. Then when we die they put us back in a box six feet under. The CIA Central Intelligence Agency secret training facility in Langley, Virginia is called "The Farm" and has been featured in movies such as The Recruit with Al Pacino and the TV series Covert Affairs. As you can see by the tagline: "characters welcome".
    How fitting that christians are referred to as the flock and Jesus as their shepherd, or lamb of God. Human beans were placed on this plant in the garden of eatin'. People or a pea pole? Peas are beans and do grow on a pea pole in pods. It's very interesting that so many of the latest sci-fi programs depict humans in pods living a simulated life and of course there are game pods, ipods and pod casts. As kids we are said to be raised much like crops are. Semen is often referred to as seed and if someone is our ancestor they are said to be from our seed. So why are we called a 'hu' man? Is it because we have different races or hues? According to the "Dictionary of Ancient Deities" by Patricia Turner & Charles Russell Coulter, Hu was an egyptian stellar "god of sense of taste and also of the divine food on which gods and mortals feed" and "appears at the creation in the Boat of the Sun. Later, he appears at the Judgment of the Dead. " Hmmm, I wonder what was on his menu? Every time a new fetus is created do they say, "mmm, feed us."? It's all "dream theater", theater for "the eater". So we were placed on this plant, Earth, in a secret garden, by a constant gardener. Of course, we are all familiar with the Grim Reaper who is said to come harvest your soul at death.
    It is our home. It is as if Hu said, "hoe 'em". Also known as Hu Sia or Sia, "Sia is also one of the gods who watch the heart of the deceased being weighed at the great judgment. See also Hu; Ra." We just may be food of the gods or food for thought (Thoth, the egyptian moon god). Food or fodder for the fatter Father? In Christianity God has always been associated with food. The father is fatter. The lord is lard. The christ ('cris' is from where the cooking oil Crisco gets its name) is associated with grist or grease. Messiah comes from mashiach (to annoint) and the messiah was anointed with the fat of a crocodile ointment or oil as our salve or salvation
    These entities feed off of our auric field from an overtone away from our wavelength. The theme of entities feeding off our energy or life force is pretty prevalent even in today's society. Vampire movies are more popular than ever with the Twilight trilogy the most recent example. The "living dead" also are quite a phenomenon as people love to joke about the coming zombie apocalypse. Most religions believe in demons which can possess a soul. Catholic priests even perform exorcisms in more severe cases.

    Shamen are known to extract these attachments or intrusions as they are called. Carlos Castanada mentions demonic possession at length in his book, The Active Side of Infinity. Carlos' character Don Juan says, " “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!
    “This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”
    In her book The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession, Dr. Edith Fiore, a hypnotherapist, wrote about many of her clients having spirit attachments. In Return from Tomorrow, George Ritchie recounts a near death experience where he saw spirits attaching themselves to peoples' auras, especially in bars,and living vicariously through them. Dolores Cannon, a hypnotheraist who regresses patients into their past lives wrote a book about the UFO phenomenon and called it Keepers of the Garden because Earth to them is like an experiement and they are the gardeners. We are just an experiment to them and probably why we live in different cultures. The ancient gnostic texts also mention a species of mind parasites called the Archons. The pilot episode for The Original Star Trek series, The Cage, a.k.a. The Menagerie, depicts a very similar race of beings, who in ufological circles are referred to as the little greys.
    Most near death experiencers describe being drawn to the tunnel, moving toward the tunnel, finding themselves going toward or being pulled into the tunnel like a magnet. If the soul is a light body then it would have no or very little mass. But what I think happens is that accumulations of heavy energies or emotions such as holding grudges toward people or harboring guilt can attract the archons which attach to the aura or electrmognetic energy of the soul to give it more mass. These archons are probably like leeches that just stay stuck on the soul as long as it has emotional food. These archons look like black moldy bile-like shadows... like a black mass. Now where have I heard the term black mass before. Dr. Duncan McDougall conducyed experiments on six patients at the time of death to determine how muh a soul weighs. His conclusion was the soul weighs 21 grams. It would be interesting to try the experiment on people who are bitter or angry and see if it weighs more. Dr. Stven J. Banko is a shamanic energy healer. On his web site he claims "While the Illumination Process combusts most energies in the Luminous Energy Field, some toxic energies can crystallize, becoming nearly material objects, which are impossible to metabolize through the Illumination Process. They are like petrified wood, which no longer burns. These crystallized energies embed themselves in the physical body. Amazon shamans believe that crystallized energies are the result of black magic or sorcery. We have found that these energies can be caused by anger, envy, or hatred directed at us by another person. Sometimes they are also energetic remnants - memories of how we died, how we were hurt, or how we were killed in a former existence." He says they are "sludge and energetic residues encrusted in the chakra". Another shaman said the black goo hardens over time and it becomes harder to get off. It is attached to our energy bodies and is the result of trauma and material attachment. Thus it has to be rid of like a cancer or it would in theory weigh you down when you leave the body. So if the soul has not done the necessary spiritual work and released this darkness then it could have more mass. My friend I interviewed who met the Demiurge said he felt all these grudges and darker energies flying off his soul.
    In a popular Twilight Zone TV episode, a race of aliens land on Earth. A book is found which our codebreakers decipher as having the title of To Serve Man only to realize later it is a cookbook. The movie Soylent Green also used the theme of people being used for food. We are a prsion planet full of slaves who work our entire lives. After working most every day at an 8 hour job -- or more -- feeling frustrated and angry, we feel completely drained of energy.
    Demiurge = Gaud, the False God of this world

    The Demiurge is a false gaud. explains that the word 'gaud' originated from the mid and late 14th century and meant a "jest, joke, prank, trick; also fraud, deception, trick, artifice". I am convinced this false gaud being, the Demiurge, is stealing The Light Power that is in human souls. In the Gnostic text "Pistis Sophia" it is written, "She @Sophia had been deluded through the god-like Self-willed @Demiurge, and had not been deluded through anything else, save through a light-power, because of its resemblance to the Light in which she had had faith." Most likely the being of intense white Light that near death experiencers go to is related to the Demiurge. Here is a quote from The Secret Book of John, a Gnostic text from the Nag Hammadi Library: "Yaldabaoth @Demiurge said to the authorities [archons] with him, Come, let us create a human being after the image of god and with a likeness to ourselves, so that this human image may give us light." In an effort to prove or disprove my theory I attended a local IANDS group meeting. IANDS is the International Association for Near Death Studies. I listened to their stories and after the meeting talked to a man who had mentioned that there is a lot of psy ops activity on the planet. I figured he might more understand my conspiratorial viewpoint. I didn't quite know how to ask him if he had ever heard anyone mention a false god controlling the Earth so I asked him if he had ever heard anyone mention the Demiurge or Archons. The Demiurge is a Gnostic term which refers to an "evil" god creator and ruler of this world. He told me he met the Demiurge and that he was near the moon and was alien. I asked him if I could interview him for this web site and he agreed. You can find the interview near the top of the page. Basically, during his NDE he went to the Light which he described as a cubed spaceship of Light. On his way back to Earth he was stopped just before entering the Earth's atmosphere by a being who he described as a filter of the Light. This being was trying to show that his world was superior to the Light's and demanded that he make some agreements to help maintain the balance of dark and light on the planet. The Gnostic christians were declared heretics by the mainstream church for their differing views on Jesus and their belief that this world is a prison. They were killed and their writings were destroyed until a repository of writings were discovered in a cave in Egypt in 1945. These writings are called the Nag Hammadi Library. They describe this false Gaud and his Archons which is a greek word that means "rulers". These archons are shadow beings creaed from the bile of his hate and jealousy, and they can shape shift and appear as what we call aliens -- Greys, reptoids, insectoids, mantis types, and so on. They feed off our life force and emotions such as fear, ecstatic frenzied excitement and even praise and worship. They put false ideas in our heads and crete illusions and hallucinations. They can even be heard by some people as voices. Christians call them demons. Muslims call them jinn. Everyone has a Counterfeit Spirit that has been assigned to them. Some call these guardian angels or spirit guides.
    Yahweh, or Nergal, the god of the Underworld?
    The god of the Old Testament who Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship was a composite of the actions and words of many previous gods from several cultures. The Bible condensed the many gods such as Anu, Enlil, Nergal, Mithra, Zoroaster and others into one, Yahweh. Although he was the composite of many his attributes of warfare and sending plagues and pestilence upon his enemies and even his own people most closely resembles that of the Mesopotamian god Nergal who was the god of pestilence and warfare who later became known to the Greeks as Ares and the Romans as Mars, the god of war. Nergal, who was more ruthless than all the other gods, became the king of the Underworld, the ruler of Hell, who most would call the Devil or Satan. His temples were moved from Cutha to Samaria, the Kingdom of Israel, and his worshipers were exported there as well. He was often depicted with the head or body of a lion and his symbol was the lion. Indeed, the lion is the emblem of the Kingdom of Judah and on the flag of Jerusalem. Only a handful of near death experiences were able to see the face of god because the light was so bright, but a few of the ones who did reported seeing the face of a lion.
    John Lash, a researcher of the ancient gnostic texts found in the library of Nag Hammadi, Egypt, writes, "A close reading of these arcane materials shows that Gnostics were deeply concerned with alien intrusion into human affairs. The entities they called Archons appear to be identical to the ET’s of modern Ufology. Both Grey and Reptilian types are explicitly described in the codices. I would estimate that up to one-fifth of the core material in the NHC concerns the Archons, their origin, methods and motives." These archontic entities invade the mind. Archon-tic is a good word because they are like tics and cause the victim to lose their mind or become a luna-tic.
    The pilot for Star Trek The Original Series called The Cage featured short grey beings who used telepathy to mentally intrude and replace the Star Trek crews' thoughts and feelings in order to feed off them. Later in the first season the episode The Return of the Archons featured robed and hooded beings who ruled over a planet whose populace acted like mindless zombies. They shared a hive mind and the beings threatened the Star Trek crew to be absorbed into the collective Body in their absorption chambers. Spock called them soulless parts with no spirit working in unison for the tranquility of the Machine. The leader Landru like so many other movies and shows like The Wizard of Oz, The Truman Show and The Prisoner was projected from a machine in a control room. This seemed to be a precursor to the hive mind of the Borg collective.
    EA Games partnered with a company named Demiurge (the Gnostic false god) to release Medal of Honor. EA also distributed a video game similar to chess called Archon: The Light And The Dark.
    These Archons, or Are-Cons as I like to call them, can tap into our nervous system and influence our thoughts. In abduction reports abductees say the alien will get face to face, inches apart and stare deeply into their eyes. I believe this is so they can gain access to the visual cortex which connects to the bran and nervous system. They can even create feelings of love for them. they cover up many of their intrusive abductions with what are called screen memories. these are implants or false memories. An abductee might think he or she saw a deer or an owl. But often they had hours of missing time and under hypnosis recall the horrific details of being probed and having blood and semen samples removed. Women are impregnated and later abducted and the baby is removed. In subsequent abductions they are shown hybrid babies. Many believe it is the government carrying out these abductions in the guise of aliens in order to do genetic experiments and implement their new world order. The military does at the very least abduct people if nothing else than to track what the aliens are doing.
    Good and evil. God and the Devil. Light and dark. Black and white. Day and night. Love-Hate. This reality is a false construct of two extremes and lots of in-betweens. I see this as a good cop /bad cop routine. They try to convince us we are guilty and want to imprison us. Their goal is to convince us of our guilt and get our consent to send us back to Earth. Nergal (as the god of the Underworld, the Devil/Satan) is the bad cop. As the god of War he is aggressive and uses fear and anger to scare. As Nergal and Yahweh he is the judge and punisher, the enforcer. Inanna (Queen of "heaven") is the good cop. As Venus she is beautiful and uses the subjective quality of love to manipulate us into returning to Earth again... to go back because So and So needs you or you have some divine mission which is virtually never revealed. As Aphrodite she is the goddess of Desire and our desire or attachment to the Earth is used against us. As Lucifer she is the light-bearer, the angel who masquerades as light but is seductive and a master of illusion. The beautiful light is alluring and attractive. The archons masquerade as lords of karma or ascended masters and as our spirit guides or guardian angels, as a Council of Elders that direct our soul's "growth" or spiritual evolution. As the Demiurge, Nergal/Yahweh is also involved in the light part posing as the true god. Of course, it is all BS. They use the scare tactics of fear and guilt to scare us into the loving arms of the manipulative "god" of light, the false light. The dark prince, Nergal/Satan, who represents evil scares the souls to go to the false Light, which is said to be good, for salvation. Fear and love, hell and heaveb, dark and light. Both sides are necessary for the trick of the duality to work. The fear of judgment and punishment of hell and the devil scare people into running to the light and false god figure who offers light, love and heaven. It is the movement back and forth between the polarities that cause the electricity, the food for the archons. Electricity is caused by electrons flowing from a negative pole to a positive one: Electrons are negatively charged, and so are attracted to the positive end of a battery and repelled by the negative end. So when the battery is hooked up to something that lets the electrons flow through it, they flow from negative to positive. They use both sides of the spectrum -- both light and dark -- it's a big game of duality for them, black and white, light and dark, and we are the pawns.
    In 1990 almost a full decade before the release of the popular Matrix movie trilogy, a CIA operative named John Grace wrote under the pseudonym Val Valerian in a book named Matrix II: The Abduction and Manipulation of Humans Using Advanced Technology, "Fourth density Greys, the ones who are primarily dealing with Whitley Strieber, are the ones who possess the technical equipment to draw energy from the human bioplasmic field. They also have the ability to extract memories and experiences from the human being. It is they who await in the light when a human being dies. The human being is then recycled into another body and the process begins all over again. Fourth density Greys are, in effect, sensation junkies. To experience human emotions is the closest they themselves ever come to the idea of feeling." He later writes, "These entities have been abducting humans for many centuries -- these entities view Earth as a big farm, and have been essentially raising and harvesting humans and apparently abduct humans to take back to their home planet to raise there in a kind of human husbandry scenario." Part of his alien hypothesis is that " 'compliant' humans can be 'legally' 'harvested' for various 'slavery' purposes. Humans are effectively considered raw materials, including to be used as nutrition and also for parasitic energy usage by aliens.
    In Matrix V, Valerian writes, "They want to recycle low to lower mid-level spirits into another breeding productive incarnation. Hence the Light and Tunnel at death Trap. Scanning someone they wish to recycle as they near death, the aliens discover who the person was close to has died. They project the person(s) image in the white light tunnel and the image waves you in deeper. If you CHOOSE to follow you can be trapped and sent to another incarnation of their choice. This shows the Empire does have an understanding of the spirit, but it attempts to short this out. The Light and Tunnel trap is a relatively new device, but one that will fail and they now know this. 'Go into the Light' say those who have had near death experiences. They are the salespersons chosen to advertise this alien venture. NEVER enter that light. Go up, left, back, right or anywhere but there. The mass media exposure of the Light and Tunnel trap (seen in the film 'Ghost', where the hero willingly enters the glittering trap) is to try to get people to buy the destination."
    Apparently Valerian gleaned some of his conclusions from the work of Robert Monroe, the man who first studied out of body experiences in a scientific manner. He published his findings in three books. In his second book Far Journeys he mapped out what the levels are in the astral plane beyond the physical with a repeatable technique. In this book he concludes man is an experiment of "Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable (requires likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a dug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium) This is a rare substance in Somewhere and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of supply and demand (a universal law of Somewhere) Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its natural form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh. ... So it was that Someone in his Garden changed all this. Far off, in a remote area he set to work on his experiment. First he created a proper environment for the carbon-oxygen cycle, where it would fluorish. He created a Balance with much care so that proper radiation and other nourishment would be in continuous supply. He then tried his First Crop, which actually did produce Loosh, but only in small quantities..."
    William Buhlman is an expert on out of body experiences and the astral plane. He has had many out of body experiences himself and has written several insightful books on the subject. He has also conducted a survey on out of body experiencs which garnered over 16,000 responses. Here are a couple interesting quotes from his book Adventures in the Afterlife:
    ""It's important to learn how to consciously move and lock your awareness within any individual energy environment. You unknowingly did this when you entered the first nonphysical reality immediately after your death. When you embraced this construct and accepted it as your own, you became one with it. In doing so, you unconsciously locked your in a structured consensus-thought matrix created by a group of like-minded souls.""
    "Yes, all of these things are your projections. Now can see how easy it is for untrained souls to become completely trapped within their own thought forms. This is a common problem for billions of souls dwelling in the physical and astral projections. Few souls are aware of the creative power of their own thoughts. The self-created manifestations of forms make for convincing illusions in all dimensions; many humans remain imprisoned in this labyrinth of the mind"
    "Many people are relieved and overjoyed to discover that they really do continue to exist after death and, as a result, gladly accept the first nonphysical reality they experience as their 'new spiritual home'...
    However there is one very serious problem with this comforting scenario that few are aware of and no one addresses. You have just accepted and adapted to a thought-consensus environment on the astral plane. You have just accepted a reflection of spirit instead of the true essence of it. You have done what billions have done before you. You have merged your consciousness with a nonphysical reality far from your true spiritual home. By doing so you essentially guarantee the continuation of your form-based existence and your reincarnation. The end result is that most people accept the denser spiritual realities of the astral plane as their new home. They settle for and adapt to the physical-like areas of the astral plane because these environments are familiar and comfortable. Thus they chain themselves to the astral realms of form and substance, and the ancient cycle of rebirth is maintained and assured."...
    Are there more advanced beings who live in a dimension parallel to ours or just outside our frequency or hidden from us perhaps on the moon or underground? I believe such beings do exist which feed off our energy and use us as food. And what do we humans do with our energy, food and resources? That's right, we recycle it. Our artificial-looking satellite the moon because of its tidal lock to the earth just happens to always face us with the same side so that the back side of the moon is always hidden from us. Scientists attribute this to what they call tidal locking, that is the moon rotates at just the perfect rate so that this occurs. Not only that but the moon perfectly blocks out the sun during a total eclipse of the sun. What are the odds of this? We are told this occurs because the moon is 390 times closer to us than the sun, which is 390 times larger than the moon. This could all be a huge coincidence or it could have been built and placed there on purpose, or like the death star in the movie Star Wars saga, "That's no moon, it's a space station!" The mysterious moon throughout history has been associated with witchcraft, spells and evil, and countless cultures believed our souls go to the moon at death.
    We are told to go to the light when we die. But here on earth there are angler fish which lure their prey to the light. Bug zappers, also known as light zappers or light traps, lure bugs to their deaths. Shiny bait acts as a lure for fishermen to catch their dinner. The New Age religion has promoted going to the light for decades now with "Lightworkers" and tales of near death experiences. Books such as Life After Life, Embraced By The Light, Saved By The Light and Journey of Souls, movies such as Poltergeist and Ghost, and television shows on the paranormal like Medium, Ghost Whisperer and Crossing Over have sold the Light.
    As human beings we consist of a very small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of frequencies. There are colors and light we can not see with the naked eye such as infrared or ultraviolet. Dogs can hear sounds outside our range. Even the most sensitive instruments of science can only measure a very small portion.
    I have found many similarities between these alien abductions and what we call Near Death Experiences. Both are taken up into a white Light. Neither is in control of their experience. Contrry to what you might believe almost all near death experiencers are pulled into the Light almost like a magnet. Most who return to Earth are brought back against their wishes and against their will. Some are persuaded to choose to come back after being shown a hurting relative who needs their help. Most are just told it is not their time yet and are sent back. Many are told they have a mission yet are never told what that mission is or they forget it. Communication is telepathic in both cases. Both experiencers are often shown future events that will happen on the Earth. At its deepest level the near death experiencer is taken through a tunnel where the vibration or frequency of the experiencer is raised significantly. I believe this is a form of entrainment like how tuning forks are used. Once in this heightened state of vibration the experiencer feels exhileration of not only being free from their heavy earthly bodies, but from being at this new state where telepathy and empathy is experienced. Many eventually meet this incredibly bright being that is so bright they cannot see its face and they feel an intense love and often times euphoria. I don't believe on can necessarily tell the intention of a Being based solely on how bright it is or the feelings it emotes or induces. The anunnaki gods who ruled Sumer were said to be shining ones and possessed a "weapon of brilliance" and a helmet that could shine brightly. Even in the Gnostic text Pistis Sophia the demiurge was said to have shone brightly. The Bible says Lucifer can transform himself into an angel of light. The astral body of the near death experiencer is different than the physical body. There are no eyes as we have them. Vision is 360 degrees and is from the core of the being. There is a distinct possibility the alien beings can also control these astral bodies. David Jacobs, who is a leading expert on alien abduction and has written several books on the phenomenon says these new hybrid beings which are being integrated into our societ, have the ability to control our minds. Dr. Karla Turner said the aliens could influence our emotions.
    The topic of merging with the Light is an interesting one as I have the feeling that at death this Being of Light is absorbing the Light energy from the souls and sending the souls back to Earth into another body with just enough Light energy to sustain itself. The Gnostic text Pistis Sophia says the false Gaud Demiurge stole Light from the goddess Sophia in order to enable his ensouled slave creations to stand and I believe (much like the Devil) he is still stealing souls with the light that is seen at death. In my opinion we need to raise our spiritual energy level high enough that we will shoot on past the level that his false light is at so that we can reach the Light of Lights in the Eternal Light realms or what is called The Height of Heights. Sophia repented after she had created the Demiurge by mistake. Jesus saved her and partially restored Her Light, but the rest of Her Light Power is within humans.
    White is not really a particularly "high" vibration of color. It is just all colors combined which would make sense if it is "eating" or merging all the different colored souls or even white-colored souls. White is just not the highest color vibration -- it is just sort of an average or composite... White light is colorful, a very colorful mixing of enough colors of light to equally stimulate all three types of color receptors (cones) in the human eye. Since the astral body doesn't have eyes and thus no rods or cones, the soul sees with the core of its being. White light is an even distribution of all visible frequencies. White light is colorful, a very colorful mixing of enough colors of light to equally stimulate all three types of color receptors (cones)in the human eye. The astral body doesn't eyes with rods and cones, but the white light the nders perceive may still be an equal distribution of all the colors available to be perceived at that level. Violet and ultraviolet would be highest in our spectrum.
    NDErs say the white light is brilliant or intensely bright... as for the intensity of the whiteness wouldn't that be due to the "power" of it... in other words, the more souls it absorbs the more power it gets or the more intense the whiteness becomes. The more souls that merge with the Light being may mean a higher density of photons (if the Light Power of our souls is indeed photons or produces photons) because merging typically means "blending, absorbing" or "plunging into".
    As you reach the higher end of the known electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic radiation is stronger and penetrates matter more the higher the frequency. Generally there is more Photons or higher energy photons the brighter the light. Thus generally the brighter the light, the more energy it contains. If we say then that our souls detect a much wider spectrum of frequency, we would not see any longer with our optic nerves, which is only visible light. It may be refraction of photons, which would see a very wide spectrum also
    Research into psychotronics shows that emotion can be altered by advanced techonlogy capable of mind and mood control. Dr. Jose Delgado stopped a charging bull by the use of electrodes and a remote control. If this technology is available for humans to use on Earth ten how much more advanced would the alien technology of advanced beings be? The Spiritual sciences Research Foundation is an organization that researches spiritual sciences. They employ several techniques to answer questions about the spirit world and the afterlife. One technique is similar to what Scientologists developed with their e-meter. The devices monitor the responses of the nervous system to determine the truth of a given question. They found that at death a very small percentage of souls -- four percent or less -- see a divine light. these are souls who strice for God awareness and are at a certain spiritual level of over fifty percent. They claim the rest of souls who see a light are experiencing what they call a "subtle sorceror" who lures these souls to the light as a trap. Near death experiencers are not in control of their experience. Almost all "found" themselves traveling toward the Light or were "drawn" to the Light, or pulled liked a magnet. Almost all want to stay in the Light, but are told it is not their time yet or they have a mission to fulfill which is hardly ever remembered when back on Earth. They are told they have lessons to learn here on Earth yet they say they knew everything while in the Light. Why do we need to learn lessons here on earth when all knowledge is readily available in the Light?
    Words are magic and are spelled to create a sentence. This earth prism we live in is a prison and we have been given a life sentence here. 'Life' phonetically begins with a 'li' and contains a lie within it. 'Light' also phonetically begins with the sound 'lie' and also sounds like the past tense form of the verb, 'lied'.
    If God is all loving and all powerful then what purpose does this system serve? We are told life is a school, but surely there are better ways to learn than through so much senseless suffering.
    We are told by religions that Jesus is the light and saviors are usually shown with the sun's halo around their heads. But all major religions were given to us by princes from the elite royal families. These messages are to pacify and control the masses. The elite wish to keep all the gold and power they have so they teach us to turn the other cheek and that the meek shall inherit the earth. They use fear to threaten an eternal hell if we don't behave and promise us heaven or a better life after we die as a reward for our good behavior. Reincarnation is reincarceration in the wheel of rebirth or being recycled.
    Jesus and the other suns of god is said to be born on December 25th. This is the winter solstice when the sun has reached its lowest descent in the heavens, dies on the southern crux (southern cross) constellation and begins its rise again. We have been taught that the light is our savior. Near death experiencers tell us about traveling through a tunnel after death and into a loving light. Hollywood reinforces this through various movies such as Ghost and Poltergeist where we are told either to go to the light or not to go to the light (in order not to die).
    But what exactly is the nature of light and what is its source? Why is space dark if the sun is shining? It is because light needs something to reflect off of for an object to be seen. The nature of light is dualistic as both a particle and a wave.
    The theory of the website Tricked By The Light is that souls on earth live in a holographic prison and are being farmed as an energy source. At death souls are lured to the light, the moon, by beautiful lights and sounds to be harvested. There is some kind of tower or technology on the moon which enables this. The souls minds are scrambled and the souls are contained inside the moon for a period until they are transferred to the sun as a fuel or energy source. This most likely occurs during a total eclipse. Souls memories' are wiped clean (bleached or dyed) by the light and are recycled to be reincarnated or reincarcerated back to earth as a food source that is farmed by entities/archons/aliens/demons which feed off our energy. This can be seen in the form of solar flares, coronal mass ejections and the solar wind.
    I first launched this site in 2002 and left it up for about 5 years. Recently in May of 2012 I redesigned it and am improving and adding to it daily so please check back frequently. The Devil truly is in de tails and the mass of evidence that I present in each of the sections. I encourage you to explore each of these sections by using the menu at the top of pages, the picture links at the top and bottom of this page or these word links: movies, music, language, logos, moon, sun, religion, politics, aliens, light, science and solutions. I am finished working on my two latest pages. One is on Trickster gods and other Trickster figures which can be found on my Trickster page and the other is an in-depth analysis of the occult symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies which may be read on my Olympics page. Please feel free to email me at Wayne Bush with any comments, suggestions or ideas.
    How to escape this Matrix?
    Reality appears to be frequencies of of energy or electromagnetic light divided and subdivided into octaves. This can be seen and heard with the octaves on a piano and with the higher octave of visible light. Beyond this are x-rays and gamma rayes which our eyes are not able to perceive directly, but we know they are there. n order to escape this matrix we need to think in terms of frequency. The great scientist Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." My plan at death is to focus my willful intent upon going to the realms of pure 100% light or the highest frequency there is. I believe this will take my soul beyond the prison of the physical plane as well as the astral plane where the soul is lured to the impure light which is in a sense a false or counterfeit light because it is not the hihest vibration of the pure light of the true God. The near death experiencers and mystics have said our souls are made of light. I believe our souls are divine light that originally came from the true Source which the Gnostics called Ineffable Father. In order to guarantee my soul can reach that highest vibration I am on a path of spiritual alchemy, turning my heart or spirit into pure "gold" which may be achieved by treating people with altruistic love and compassion. Every physical human has light power needed to live. It is first separate and the goal is to integrate it with your soul before physical dying, making it nonrecoverable and puts your frequency beyond the touch of the lower and mid astral. You essentially shoot pass the mess as you focus your willful intent on raising your frequency or vibration rate. By doing this and ignoring external projections such as the first light you see or dead relatives you ascend back to your true home or Source, the Eternal Light Realms. It is essentially going inward or within as the wavelengths become shorter and shorter.
    As William Buhlman writes: "All dimensions occupy the same time and space. They are separated by their individual frequency and resulting density. As we move in toward the energy source, each heaven becomes progressively more thought-responsive. Multiple heavens exist within each dimension created by the group consciousness of the inhabitants..
    "The sooner we awaken to and experience in the inner dimensional path within us, the sooner we will evolve beyond our animal bodies and embrace our unlimited abilities to fully experience our spiritual essence. Our spiritual growth and evolution are directly related to our ability to our ability to navigate the multidimensional path within us....
    "I am often asked what I will do when I take my final breath. This is a critically important question that too few people ask themselves these days. My answer is this: 'I will demand to experience my higher self, my spiritual essence!' I am not content to simply 'go to the light'. I am not content to accept past acquaintances and comfortable surroundings as my new reality. In fact, I am not content to settle for any form-based reality as my spiritual home. I absolutely know there is so much more available beyond the realms of form. There exist dimensions of magnificent living light simply waiting for us; all we need do is awaken and accept their reality. Two powerful truths are apparent. First, all form is but a reflection of pure spirit. Second, we are not helpless victims of an external force that dictates or directs our reality and our lives; we are bestowed with the power of free will and the ability to take spiritual action. Why would you settle for a pale reflection of reality when the pure realms of spirit are always present?...
    "Let us begin to take responsibility not only for our physical life but our afterlife as well. We determine the realities that we accept and cocreate. So, from this moment on, let us be aware and choose well."
    The "astral heaven" you emerge in will depend on your soul's frequency at the time of transiting from the body. If you are racked with guilt or fear, it could initially put you at a lower "Astral Heaven" or dimension and you most likely will have to encounter these beings. The first and foremost thing is to not fear as they have no real power over you. As the Gnostics state, have the sole intention on returning home to the Eternal Light Realms/Source and accept nothing else. They have a multitude of deceptions but accept no substitute for going back to Source. There are many of these heavens and they are all separated by frequency; the higher you can sustain your frequency, the higher realm you will pop into. The higher realm you pop into the easier it is to keep on going. In the highest astral realm before home there is a separation or wall you could say. This is where we are supposed to go for entrance back home. This realm is not reachable by even the most powerful of Astral Beings and is a safe place to await the real homecoming. There are two critical factors to the escape. They are Gnosis and Righteousness. Gnosis is the Knowledge of yourself and also how this system works. For example to know all theses supposed Gods are nothing like Source. That the true God would never require worship etc etc. By Righteousness is that you have made lots of mistakes and have learned why you did them. You forgive yourself for doing those things in ignorance and from that point on you try to live selflessly rather then selfishly. Because you have self-realized, you no longer need to feel guilt as you move past your own mistakes and live the life of doing the right thing in every situation you encounter.
    At any one spot is many dimensions all delineated by frequency. You have to tune in to that frequency to observe it. All frequencies or stations on the radio dial and tv are in the same room right now. They occupy the same space, but have separate wavelengths.

    I think the very fact we have a sense of humor and like to laugh and play games gives a HUGE insight into the origin and meaning of all this. There is the distinct possibility that we were not tricked into coming here as part of a trap but intentionally chose to participate in the game or competition in order to alleviate boredom or to be amused or entertained. But once here in the game then trickery and deceit is part of the rules. I think the contracts, karma etc are part of the game -- obstacles or roadblocks to overcome. We have to self-realize and see them for the illusions or BS they are. If you get stuck or forget for too long then they send in the calvary or rescue team to give you hints or reminders so you slowly awaken or quickly awaken as the case may be. It's all part of the cosmic game or divine script that we chose to participate in. If one keeps in mind that this is all a hologram then all angels and lights are part of that hologram and illusions... just "thought forms" or "programs". They are only holograms. They are not real. Our consciousness takes them as real because it wants to make sense of what is happening but it is a hologram trap. Everything outside the Eternal Light Realms is potentially holograms except for maybe our divine light / souls. The rest. is a "HOLOGRAM", not real, none of it is -- just traps to hold souls until they want to reincarnate. At death if we keep the mantra it is all hologram we can avoid being distracted or pulled into a trap. Those holograms are responsive to your consciousness and I think that is why stillness of mind helps. The Tibetan Book of the Dead even states there are a series of different colored light and demons that are projections of your mind. The light "power" inside us is the light source that projects externally. Those thought forms/holograms may be entirely powered by us so going inward at death would be going to the true light source, our divine spark from the Eternal Light Realms. Inward would mean no projection if our own light is being used.

    Trick of the Light: How souls are recycled in the moon and sun
    TRICKED BY THE LIGHT: game, life, matrix, illusion, dream, recycled, reincarnation, illuminati, NDE, tunnel, trap
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  • First episode of UFO TALK, a regular, hopefully weekly update on questions on the SKY GODZ social media and latest news in the UFO world where the people investigating the phenomenon seem more colorful than the phenomenon itself.
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  • Andrew Basiago's paper on The Discovery of Life on Mars

    Andrew D. Basiago
    Mars Anomaly Research Society
    P.O. Box 2311
    Vancouver, WA 98668

    There is life on Mars. Evidence that the Red Planet harbors life and has for eons was
    discovered by the author by examining NASA photograph PIA10214, a westward view
    of the West Valley of the Columbia Basin in the Gusev Crater that was taken by the Mars
    Exploration Rover Spirit in November 2007 and beamed back to the Earth. This
    photograph has been the subject of public speculation since January 2008, when what
    appeared to be the figure of a human female was found jutting from the edge of a plateau.
    The figure was quickly dismissed as a natural rock formation produced by wind, water,
    and time, but the author and other researchers in the Mars anomaly research community
    believed that it was either a statue or the fossilized remains of a humanoid being on Mars.
    Intrigued by this anomaly, the author subjected PIA10214 to further photo-analytic
    scrutiny and discovered that the photograph contains other images of human and animal
    life forms that constitute the first evidence of life on Mars. In this paper, the author
    presents his initial data related to his discovery of life on Mars in PIA10214 in five areas,
    namely, evidence of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, built structures,
    and dead bodies. The life on Mars consists of intelligent, bipedal hominids capable of
    carving statues and building structures and a variety of animal species that exist, that
    once existed, or that have never existed on Earth. Reptilian species predominate. He also
    addresses frightening content and definitional constraints that individuals in Mars
    anomaly research confront when evaluating this first view by human civilization of life
    forms and ancient artifacts on another planet. He concludes that the discovery of life on
    Mars marks an epochal moment in human history when for the first time human beings
    from Earth have encountered biological organisms living elsewhere in the Cosmos.
    Mars, NASA, JPL, Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, PIA10214, life, life on Mars, the
    discovery of life on Mars, extraterrestrial life, alien contact, exopolitics, exobiology,
    science, planetary science, space exploration, scientific discovery, major events of 2008,
    anomaly, anomalous phenomena, Mars Anomaly Research Society, Andrew D. Basiago
    Copyright © 2008 by Andrew D. Basiago. All Rights Reserved.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Life has been discovered on Mars. The evidence of this discovery is contained in a
    photograph of the Martian surface that was taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover
    Spirit during November 6-9, 2007 and beamed back to Earth. The number assigned to
    the photograph by NASA-JPL was PIA10214. This photograph is a panoramic montage
    of a series of photographs taken by the Rover Spirit from November 6th to 9th
    , 2007. At
    the time that it was taken, the Spirit was perched near the western edge of the plateau
    called Home Plate in the inner basin of the Columbia Hills range inside Gusev Crater.
    The photograph is a westward view of the surface of Mars, with the southwest on the left
    and the northeast on the right. At the bottom of the photograph, the solar panels of Spirit
    can be seen. In the foreground, the western edge of the Home Plate plateau is prominent,
    lighter in color than more distant parts of the terrain. The rocky foothill in the middle
    distance across the left third of the image NASA identifies as Tsiolkovski Ridge, which
    NASA estimates is about 100 feet from the edge of the plateau and about 100 feet across.
    This photograph has been the subject of much speculation since January 2008, when two
    anomalous human figures – one an apparently female figure in a blue gown, the other an
    apparently male figure in a blue bodysuit – were spotted on the far left edge of the
    plateau. The figures were quickly dismissed as a natural rock formation resulting from
    erosion by wind, water, and time, despite the fact that two distinct human forms were
    present and gender differentiation seemed to be indicated in the form the anomalies took.
    The author, founder and president of the Mars Anomaly Research Society, thought that
    these enigmatic forms looked like a statue, or the fossilized remains of Martians fleeing a
    cataclysm, like a deluge, a mudslide, or a volcanic eruption, or a monument sculpted to
    memorialize such an apocalyptic event. If the figures on the plateau were artificial, then
    the valley below might also contain evidence that Mars is – or once was – inhabited.
    Recent analysis of this photograph by the author utilizing imaging software available to
    the public has revealed evidence of humanoids, animals, statues, and structures in the
    West Valley below the Home Plate plateau, especially on the Tsiolkovski Ridge and in
    the northeast corner of the valley, where a field of turquoise blue forms can be seen that
    look like rocks but that are living entities. Creatures with human heads and the alpine
    complexion of Europeans dot both Tsiolkovski Ridge and The Turquoise Field. In a third
    area of the valley, one named by the author The Rock Garden, humanoid beings in blue
    bodysuits can be seen with hand-held devices that may be technical or musical
    instruments. The life forms and artifacts encompassed by these landmarks startle the
    imagination, evoking a surreal landscape by the mediaeval artist Hieronymus Bosch.
    The life forms contained in PIA10214 include humanoids with bulbous heads and
    elongated bodies, like those beings described in the UFO literature; animals still found on
    Earth, including lizards, frogs, snakes, alligators, and mantises; animals that once existed
    on Earth but are now extinct, including the reptile species plesiosaur, which has been
    advanced as a solution in the Loch Ness, Lake Champlain, and Lake Okanagan
    mysteries; and animals that have never existed on Earth, including human-insect hybrids
    with multiple appendages like centipedes, termites, and silverfish, segmented bodies like
    scorpions, and larval bodies like Earth worms, fly larvae, and butterfly chrysalises.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The taxonomy of some of the animals seen in some parts of the photograph is so bizarre
    that in some cases it is difficult for observers to even recognize them, so that the keen
    observer finds himself cast in the role of the aboriginal shaman, who could not only see
    the arrival of the Spanish ships that others could not see but discern that they were not sea
    monsters. If one looks closely, then one can see creatures on Mars with the head and
    torso of humans and the body of caterpillars moving across the sear Martian landscape.
    In other parts of the photograph, higher order beings with transparent, translucent, or bioluminescent
    bodies have been detected that await further photographic analysis. To see
    what is in these photographs, one must view what one has never seen before and see it.
    The artwork on Mars found thus far in this photograph consists almost entirely of statues
    of human and animal heads, intaglios carved casually on rocks featuring human and alien
    faces, and vast etchings carved on the ground conveying human and animal themes.
    Giant grotesque heads exist in several places (including The Rock Garden) that are either
    the skulls of large, dead hominids or sculptures designed to resemble demonic entities,
    with head and hands rising from below to devour or bury those on the Martian surface.
    The built structures found in the photograph include evidence of stairways leading to
    ornate rock sculptures of substantial refinement; derelict waterworks; metal works of
    exotic design that may once have served as viewing platforms, one forming the stylized
    face of a bovine or reptilian; and several large stone sarcophagi, including the ossuary of
    a king in the Egyptian style laid on a cliff top and another in the Easter Island style halfburied
    in the valley below. There is evidence of extensive digging into the Martian soil.
    The panorama itself presents massive evidence of a cataclysmic event in Martian history.
    The western edge of the Home Base plateau and the West Valley below are littered with
    the half-buried remains of thousands of victims of an apparent deluge, caught in alluvial
    deposits like slag heaps that resemble a pebbled moraine. This cataclysm may have been
    the destruction of the planet Maldek, which created the asteroid belt and pummeled Mars
    so that it was squeezed into an oblate spheroid and fractured. The region photographed
    may be a nature reserve, a fossil dig at a paleological site, or a memorial park related to
    this cataclysm and the veneration of the fossilized remains present in situ. By the very
    nature of this photograph as the first human look at an alien civilization, the variety of
    life forms, activities and artifacts are so esoteric that the entire content and purport of the
    otherworldly montage defies complete description and proper categorization at this time.
    This discovery, however, marks the advent of a new epoch in human civilization.
    Humanity has now crossed the threshold that separates its past as an earthbound race and
    its future as a space-faring civilization in contact with extraterrestrial beings. We are not
    alone in the Universe. We are not even alone in our own solar system. Mars, the Red
    Planet, which every two years supplants Venus as the planet closest to Earth, is inhabited
    with other biological life forms, and shows evidence of having been inhabited for eons.
    In this paper, the author analyzes this first view of Martian ecology and civilization, and
    endeavors to present his preliminary findings related to the discovery of life on Mars in
    the form of humanoid beings, animal species, carved statues, built structures, and dead
    bodies, where they are located in the photograph, and what they ultimately might be.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The humanoids that can be seen on the surface of Mars in PIA10214 consist of four
    typologies. It is not known whether or not these typologies represent different species.
    Three of these typologies, the first three cited, may be related, but one seems to be an
    exception. Those beings in the fourth typology might be statues that look like life forms.
    The first typology consists of humanoids with bald, bulbous heads and elongated bodies.
    They are dressed in blue or gray bodysuits. They have two arms and legs, like human
    beings, or multiple appendages. Their Caucasian complexion is in the light Alpine range.
    Some are manipulating hand-held devices that might be technical or musical instruments.
    The second typology is taller and more mantis-like. They are semi-transparent or devoid
    of coloration, like some soil-dwelling and deep ocean creatures on Earth. They seem to
    be standing around directing or observing things. One can be seen standing next to a
    humanoid being that is either digging a hole or entering or exiting a tunnel opening.
    The third typology, found in The Turquoise Field, possesses the head and upper body of a
    bald male human being and a lower body that might be described as larval or pupal.
    Some can be seen half-buried in The Turquoise Field, as if burrowing. Some are looking
    up at Spirit from their locations and seem to be evincing anger or bemusement.
    The fourth typology is, for want of a better description, all head. The humanoid head
    near the right shore of The Lake is an example of this typology. Imagine the head of a
    clown in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that has broken loose from its body. It is not
    known whether this typology is a living being or merely a comic statue or building.
    Because the first three typologies combine human characteristics with the adult and the
    larval stages of many insect species on Earth, they may represent the three developmental
    stages, or three sub-species, of an animal that is a human-insect hybrid. DNA seems to
    have taken different evolutionary forms under the unique selection pressures of Mars.
    The First Typology of Humanoid
    Evidence of the first typology of humanoid life on Mars consists of two human figures on
    the far left side of the plateau in the photograph. These figures were found by many
    researchers and widely reported in January 2008, when NASA posted PIA10214 on the
    World Wide Web. They were debunked at the time as a natural rock formation.
    These figures can be found by examining the far lower left quadrant of the photograph.
    The viewer must find the cliff’s edge on the western side of the Home Base plateau. It is
    discernible by its different coloration from the valley below. With magnification, a tiny
    female figure, as if a statue (left), and a tiny male figure, as if fallen (right), can be seen.
    It is the opinion of the author that these forms are not a natural rock formation, because
    they possess highly articulated human form, differentiation between individuals, gender,
    locomotion, intention, even clothing. They are probably a statue of some kind.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Examining the far right side of the photograph, the author discovered several beings in
    blue bodysuits (left) sitting in a rock cluster he named The Rock Garden. The humanoids
    may be holding hand-held devices. One, sitting demurely as if female, has multiple arms,
    like a centipede. They have bulbous heads and elongated bodies, as if “extraterrestrial.”
    At the back of The Rock Garden is a large statue or skeleton of a humanoid with a pointy
    head and large, elephantine ears (right). His skull, arms, and hands are evident on the
    surface. He is reaching out from the depths of Mars with his hands. This skull may be
    the fossilized head of a giant primate in Martian history or simply the statue of a demon.
    In front of the skull sits another bald-headed Martian (center). He is sitting as if clutched
    in the right hand of the statue behind him. He is holding his hand to his mouth. Farther
    to the right, a bald Martian with a bigger head and body seems to be throwing something.
    A female being with multiple arms sits on the ground behind a transparent pane (right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Rock Garden is easy to find in the photograph. The viewer must look to the far
    lower right quadrant of the panorama. There, a Y-shaped pattern on the ground, probably
    the result of channelization by water that once flowed on Mars, can be seen. To the right
    of the upper right prong of the Y is a smudge like an eyebrow. This is The Rock Garden.
    The Rock Garden is significant because in this one small area of this vast photograph,
    multiple mutually corroborating forms of evidence of life on Mars have been found.
    These include the presence of intelligent, bipedal hominid creatures not unlike Homo
    sapiens; technical gadgetry; social interaction; and terra-forming of the Martian surface.
    Similar humanoid beings are present at other locations in this photograph taken on Mars.
    Inside The Rock Enclosure on Tsiolkovski Ridge, for example, a humanoid with two
    arms and two legs can be seen. He is kneeling with his back to Spirit. He has a bulbous
    head and an elongated body. He is wearing pants and a belt but is bare-chested. The
    scapulae in his upper back are evident. He is leaning over the wall away from the viewer.
    He may be reaching for, or lifting, a Martian child over the wall created by the back rock.
    The humanoid being inside The Rock Enclosure on Tsiolkovski Ridge is easy to find in
    the photograph. Find the square in the upper left corner of the left solar array of Spirit,
    count five solar panels to the right on the edge of the array facing the valley, and proceed
    straight up the photograph. The C-shaped formation on the ridge is blue-gray in color.
    The humanoid is kneeling inside the enclosure of rocks. He is tiny and thin, like a
    praying mantis hatchling. He is interacting with other humanoids just beyond the rocks.
    Standing next to the humanoid in The Rock Enclosure is a being with a large, ovoid face
    as found in the literature of extraterrestrial contact. This being has a transparent or
    translucent body that has not been photographed with the same clarity and opaqueness
    that the other being’s body has, presumably because her body is not made of protoplasm.
    The humanoid in The Rock Enclosure on Tsiolkovski Ridge is surrounded by other
    anomalous beings. To his right on the hillside, bald humanoids in blue clothing are
    sitting on the hillside (left). Up the hill, other beings are standing behind a large rock
    shaped into the face of a rabbit, gerbil or similar small animal (right). Other humanoid
    beings can be seen standing in apertures in the soil among statues of huge heads (bottom).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    On Mars, humanoids and plesiosaurs extinct on Earth co-exist (left), as snakes slither
    across the ground and a humanoid confronts an odd entity with a cobra-like torso (right).
    The Martians have adorned the surface above their subterranean dwellings with relics. Is
    this an ecosystem teeming with life or a surreal sculpture garden? Probably, it is both.
    The Second Typology of Humanoid
    An example of the second typology of humanoid being on Mars can be seen on the rock
    with a face on it which is located down the ridge from The Rock Enclosure. There stands
    a tall, semi-transparent being with multiple, asymmetrical appendages (below). His body
    type is like a Native American totem pole on Earth made entirely of transparent glass.
    This being has a big head and a childish grin on his face. If he is a statue, then The Glass
    Totem on the Boulder reveals the light-heartedness with which the Martians craft their
    artwork. If, however, he is an entity, then we can conclude that some Martians are
    friendly and have taken delight in the fact that we have landed Spirit on their planet.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The combination of opaque humanoids dressed in blue clothing and transparent beings
    with many arms can also be found in the vicinity of The Turquoise Field. There, a
    corpulent humanoid dressed in a blue gown, cape, or caftan can be seen furiously digging
    a hole or descending a tunnel, as several of the glassine mantises stand nearby (below).
    This juxtaposition might reflect a social dominance hierarchy based on intra-species subspeciation
    within this species on Mars. This division of labor might also be based on a
    cooperative, co-mensal, or coercive relationship between two distinct humanoid species.
    Definitive biological classification will result from improved photo-analysis and study.
    The Third Typology of Humanoid
    The third type of humanoid found on Mars combines the head and upper body of Homo
    sapiens with the lower body of an arachnid of the order Scorpionida. An example of one
    of these scorpion men can be seen in The Turquoise Field in the upper right quadrant of
    the panorama (below). He has a horn on his head and is looking towards Spirit.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Fourth Typology of Humanoid
    Beyond The Turquoise Field, on the right side of The Lake, is a large head (top). This
    may be the head of a living organism or an artificial structure. Its facial features are
    cartoonish, in the way that the façade of a ride at an amusement park is here on Earth. Its
    features have inspired the author to name it Mister Potato Head. Next to it sits a Fun
    Balloon Animal. Their form and proximity to the water suggest a theme park or resort.
    There is a similar figure in the pink terrain towards Grissom Hill on the far left side of the
    photo. There, a mirthful, egg-shaped face surrounded by tubules peers from the ground
    (bottom). The clownish features of the one and roller coaster-like tubes enveloping the
    other suggest that these are built structures in the nature of amusement parks and not
    humanoids, but their human shape invites one to consider a universe of possibilities.
    The very roundness of the features of these figures is similar to beings seen elsewhere in
    the photograph. We can include among these oblate humanoids the figure crawling like a
    baby on the far leftward edge of The Turquoise Field (left) and the figure to her right in
    the photo that resembles an astronaut buried in the sands of Mars that time forgot (right).
    This might be a sculpture by which the Martians are sending a subtle message to us only
    understood according to the “context communication model” of alien-human language
    first posited by Webre, in which aliens communicate with human beings by their actions
    rather than their words. The message is apt when one considers the rudimentary structure
    and function of Spirit: “You are just taking your first baby steps in space exploration.”
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Throughout the photograph, the beings with bald, bulbous heads can be seen interacting
    with a variety of species. On a hillside beneath the mountain ridge in the far upper right
    quadrant, two of them sit in the Lotus position surrounded by animal species which
    resemble the penguin and ibis-like figures found in Egyptian hieroglyphics (below).
    In one scene from The Turquoise Field (left), many humanoids, as well as an elephantlike
    creature, can be seen sitting around a table. Surrounding the table are many colorful,
    glassine statues evocative of the style of the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. The
    transparent matrix in which they sit is icicle-like, multi-colored, and exquisitely artful.
    One of the statues (center) resembles the statue of a head on Tsiolkovski Ridge (right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    This kind of round table built around ornate glasswork is present at another location near
    The Lake, where the Martians have designed a complex, interwoven, glassine structure
    embodying the heads and torsos of different beings. The faces of adjacent beings are
    complementary in the manner of Pablo Picasso and executed in dreamy, pastel forms
    reminiscent of Marc Chagall (right). This is art created by a high order of intelligence.
    Similar glass artwork can be seen on a hill above The Turquoise Field (below). One, in
    the center of the hill, has a cheerful smile on its face like The Little Engine That Could.
    Another, to the right in the image below, resembles the kachina dolls that exist in the
    western Pueblo cosmology and religious practices of the Hopi. It is almost transparent,
    but one can see that it is carrying a smaller person grasping a cruciform object.
    From this initial anthropological evidence provided by NASA, we can preliminarily
    conclude that the humanoid beings on Mars are sentient, possess a sense of humor and a
    love of laughter, cultivate the transcendental, spiritual side of life, and make decisions (or
    at least convene regularly) in some form of communitarian social organization.
    The complexity, sensitivity, refinement, and child-like whimsy embodied in their designs
    reveal an advanced, intelligent species peaceful in nature. This might be the most
    important finding in the discovery of life on Mars. This evidence that we can gather from
    Spirit confirms the remote viewing data that the Martians present no threat to Earth.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    There is much diversity of animal life represented in this small sample of the Martian
    biosphere. Presumably, these animals subsist on little or no water or water gathered from
    subterranean aquifers, because the only water visible in the entire panorama of Mars seen
    in PIA10214 is in The Lake, the azure pond below Husband Hill in the far distance.
    The animal life on Mars falls into four broad categories. It should be noted that these
    categories are derived via analogy from animal species found on Earth. The fauna on
    Mars might be so different that biologists will have to think anew even to classify it.
    Until the anatomy of these creatures is understood, this methodology will have to suffice.
    The First Category of Animal
    The first category consists of animals that resemble animals that presently live on Earth.
    This category includes elephants, platypuses, horses, cows, frogs, turtles, snakes, slugs,
    and snails. Some of these look to be living organisms, while others seem merely statues.
    What is significant is their incredible similarity to animal species found on Earth.
    The Second Category of Animal
    The second category is those animals that combine elements of animals that inhabit Earth
    at this time in Earth’s biological history and that from our perspective would be viewed
    as hybrids of living animal species. This category is exemplified by one species on Mars
    (below) that combines the bodily shape of an octopus with the face of a lion or a dog.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Third Category of Animal
    The third category includes those animals that resemble dinosaur and reptile species that
    are extinct on Earth. In this category, we can cite the plesiosaur, which has been
    proposed as a solution to the Loch Ness, Lake Champlain, and Lake Okanagan mysteries.
    The plesiosaur on Mars resembles the dinosaur brachiosaurus or a long-necked tortoise.
    To the right of The Rock Enclosure on Tsiolkovski Ridge, a herd of plesiosaur-like
    creatures can be seen with long necks like snakes and round bodies like turtles (below).
    One clearly seems to possess the lenticular shell of a tortoise. Others have more ovoid
    bodies, like large, round, gray-brown boulders. They have a head that is horse-like.
    The fact that many of them have bodies camouflaged to look like boulders suggests that
    these creatures are indigenous to Mars and have evolved under its conditions. The
    plesiosaur is so common on Mars that it has even found its way into Martian art. The one
    at right (bottom), from The Turquoise Field, may be a statue of two Martians riding one.
    The Fourth Category of Animal
    The fourth category encompasses those animals that are unlike anything that presently
    lives or has ever lived on planet Earth. Into this category, we can place the human-lizard
    hybrids seen resting on the ground as if cold-blooded and fairly immobile by nature.
    In The Bowl to the left of The Rock Garden, and at three locations within The Rock
    Garden, a human-reptilian species can be seen (below). They have bulbous heads and
    flesh-toned arms and legs but creep along the ground. Their lizard-like bodies are flat, as
    if cut out of rubber, like the popular children’s television character Gumby. The author
    has given these relatively inert human-reptile hybrids the name The Gumby Lizard.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Reptilian and serpent motifs jut from the bowls that ring The Rock Garden to the left of
    The Grotesque Skull. One resembles a snake (left), the other a brachiosaur (center).
    Beneath the snake that emerges from the basin, a Gumby Lizard can be seen crawling on
    the rim of the basin. It resembles a toddler with the lower body of a lizard. A being
    standing in the center of the garden (right) also possesses both hominid and reptoid traits.
    In front of The Rock Garden, below where the humanoids sit, three filamentous creatures
    are walking toward Spirit. This species, named The Woofy by the author, combines the
    morphology of a sea sponge with the face of a dog (Canis lupus familiaris), and would be
    mistaken for a sagebrush or tumbleweed on Earth, were it not for its puppy dog face.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    These and other animals on Mars defy classification by any known system on Earth. We
    would include among the new forms of fauna on Mars the animal whose giraffe-like head
    can be seen peering from behind the cliff literally within feet of Spirit. This animal has
    red lips, a patch of blue beneath its bulging eyes, and a crest atop its head like some
    dinosaurs. Even the most spirited disinformation that this report will inspire will have
    difficulty finding a mundane, non-biological explanation for The Spying Giraffe (below).
    The Predominance of Reptilian Species
    One early conclusion that we can draw about the variety of animal species on Mars as
    shown by this small sample of Martian biota taken from the West Valley of the
    Columbian Basin of the Gusev Crater is that reptilian species predominate. These
    include reptiles that once existed on Earth and reptiles that have never existed on Earth.
    Among these species, the plesiosaur seems to be very common. According to Wikipedia:
    Plesiosaurs were carnivorous aquatic… reptiles. After their discovery, they were
    somewhat fancifully said to have resembled “a snake threaded through the shell of a
    turtle,” although they had no shell. The common name “plesiosaur” is applied both to the
    “true” plesiosaurs (Suborder Plesiosauroidea), which includes both long-necked
    elasmosaurs and short-necked polycotylid forms… There were many species of
    plesiosaurs… Plesiosaurs… appeared at the start of the Jurassic Period and thrived until
    the K-T extinction, at the end of the Cretaceous Period. While they were Mesozoic
    reptiles that lived at the same time as dinosaurs, they were not dinosaurs…
    Maybe the creatures seen – including both living plesiosaurs (left) and dead ones (right) –
    are plesiosaurs that survived on Mars the extinction that befell plesiosaurs on Earth.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The reptilian species on Mars seem to be more evolved than reptiles on Earth. In one
    scene from the photograph, three turquoise creatures lie tangled on a hillside (left). One
    has the head and shoulders of a man but his lower body is snake-like (right). He is
    arching his back onto the back of a turtle and looking toward Spirit. They seem to be
    more sentient and intelligent than any reptile or amphibian one would find on Earth.
    There are numerous carved statues in NASA-JPL photograph PIA10214. These include
    the human figures on the left edge of the western side of the Home Base plateau whose
    discovery in 2008 led to the discovery of life on Mars later that year; the myriad of heads
    that litter Tsiolkovski Ridge; and other statues found along the jagged edge of the cliff.
    These statues can be classified into three kinds. The first is statues of human forms
    worked in stone in the European style or in terra cotta in the Chinese style. The next is
    monolithic heads like those of the Olmecs. The third is bas reliefs on the sides of rocks
    like Native American petro glyphs or the sides of hills like Britain’s Cerne Abbas Giant.
    Human Forms
    The two figures on the left edge of the plateau, The Beings on the Edge (below), might be
    carved statues. This is supported by the notion that human form is so highly articulated,
    natural forces could simply not have carved two human figures in such close proximity.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    It was first theorized that the female figure is a burl or spar formed naturally on the edge
    of the cliff. Artists have noted that the blue gown of the female seems to be flowing
    forward, so as to intentionally give the statue a sense of drama and urgency. Others have
    observed that she looks made of terra cotta, like the buried soldiers of Xian in China.
    While it is possible for natural forces to carve biological forms over time – New
    Hampshire’s Old Man of the Mountain and New Mexico’s Camel Rock are examples –
    The Beings on the Edge are probably artificial. This opinion is reached on the basis that
    they are two separate and distinct forms that possess anatomy, gender, and movement.
    In light of the photographic evidence (below) that the plateau from which this anomalous
    object juts (left) and the sweeping valley below it (right) inter the remains of thousands of
    Martians, who may have died when Maldek disintegrated, we cannot discount the
    possibility that this statue – indeed, Tsiolkovski Ridge beyond it – is a funereal site.
    The Beings on the Edge might be a memorial statue high above the cemetery grounds by
    which these deaths are remembered. These objects might have been set in place to honor
    the dead, mark their burial site, and tell the story of the cataclysm in which they perished.
    We can see in these details (below) awful reminders of the killing fields on this planet.
    Huge rock carvings of a fallen woman and man on the cliff below The Beings also tell
    this terrible tale. A female (center) and male (right) lie still in their muddy tombs. The
    woman’s dress has been carved to resemble that of the female figure up on the edge of
    the plateau. The man has been given the hands of a lobster to signify death by deluge.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Monolithic Heads
    The humanoid head – touchstone of intelligence – is, it would appear, a prevailing feature
    of Martian art. Tsiolkovski Ridge is littered with monolithic heads, faces, and masks
    (below). These are placed at safe removes from each other, like statues in an open-air art
    museum. Small humanoids are seen standing on and around them, as in a playground.
    Among the numerous colossal heads that litter Tsiolkovski Ridge can be seen a large gold
    face of the highly articulated Gray species that has appeared in the UFO literature since
    the abduction of Barney and Betty Hill by extraterrestrials in 1961 (left). Other heads of
    alien beings are carved on the tops of rocks in and near The Rock Enclosure (right).
    The largest head in the photograph also happens to be where humanoids are found. At
    the back of The Rock Garden, a grotesque humanoid skull with hands can be seen
    (below). This is probably a carved statue rather than the skull of a dead being. The skull
    is pointy or pyramidal. It has a heavy brow ridge, elephantine ears, and deep eye sockets.
    To its right, another large statue can be seen. He is half buried and is thrusting his fist
    into the air (bottom right). These occult statues are 20 times bigger than the humanoids
    that sit nearby. They might represent Mars reaching up and literally bringing the living
    down into the Martian underworld during the muddy deluge of the cataclysm on Mars.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    From the perspective of art criticism, the distinguishing aspect of these statues is the
    element of the mud itself. These figures are seen rising from the mud, as if suffocating in
    it. They are covered by mud. They have been given the color of the mud in which they
    are buried alive. While the haunting nature of this work might cause us to conclude that
    the Martians have a dark bent, if, as we theorize, this is a work pertaining to the
    cataclysm that devastated Martian civilization, another way to look at these statues is as
    an imaginative way to keep the memory of that catastrophe alive for future generations.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Another large head, a boy’s face, is located in the jagged rocks of the cliff over-looking
    the valley (left). The rock (or metal) from which the face is carved (or cast) is dark
    bronze. His features are supple, even cherubic. The Face of a Boy looks like it was cast
    in copper or brass and then placed in the cliff. The metal has tarnished over time.
    Next to it, a stylized head resembling the ceremonial mask of a Native American
    medicine man has been carved into the pink and turquoise rock, as if this site were in the
    Southwest. The Medicine Man lies in a shamanic trance next to the boy (right). A being
    or statue can be seen arduously climbing the stairs that have been notched into the rocks
    (bottom). He may represent the universal human yearning for spiritual transcendence.
    This complex may be a shrine, vista point, or power spot where religious rituals, nature
    walks, or healings take place. One of the most striking works of terra-forming on Mars,
    Shaman Point may be destined to be regarded as one of the most impressive works of
    large stone work in a natural setting in the solar system, the Martian Mt. Rushmore.
    Yet a third massive statue of a head, The Mask of Joy, can be seen lying on the
    escarpment to the left of The Turquoise Field (below). It resembles a Greek mask and
    some depictions of the head of Bacchus in Roman art. Its mouth is open, and humanoid
    beings can be seen sitting in its mouth and dancing around its blue-green periphery.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Not all carved statues of colossal heads in the West Valley of the Columbia Basin of
    Mars are of the heads of humanoids. Some depict animal heads. These heads include,
    for example, dog’s heads, such as in The Head of the Dog and The Head of the Dinosaur,
    over which The Spying Giraffe can be seen observing the Rover Spirit (below). This
    head is carved in a severe or menacing style that might be described as brutal in nature.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Bas Reliefs on the Sides of Rocks
    The Martians do not always carve heads in statuary form either. They also craft heads in
    intaglios carved onto the sides of rocks. Bas reliefs of this type can be seen on several of
    the rocks at The Rock Enclosure on Tsiolkovski Ridge within which the ectomorphic
    humanoid is standing. On the stone to the right of The Rock Enclosure is a bas relief not
    unlike those images from our civilization that personify the Sun as a being (right).
    Bas Reliefs on the Sides of Hills
    On the side of a hill in the far distance can be seen a bas relief consisting of two hearts.
    Inside one heart (left), a female sprite vaguely resembling Tinker Bell arches backward to
    reveal her breasts. Inside the heart next to her (left), a male face looks over at The
    Arching Sprite and smiles fondly, as if the Tinker Bell figure inside is his valentine.
    Nearby is the figure of a recumbent dog-like animal, with its face at bottom (right).
    Other bas reliefs on the hillside depict intelligent entities looking out inter-dimensionally
    from within spheres of light, as in the not-yet-fully-explained orbs phenomenon on Earth.
    Like the other artwork, they produce a three-dimensional, holographic effect (below).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Other Statues near The Beings on the Edge
    That The Beings on the Edge are a statue and not a natural rock formation is supported by
    the existence of other statues in their immediate vicinity. In human culture on Earth,
    statues are often grouped among other statues in a common public display of art. We
    have no basis to conclude that this is not also true for humanoids on other planets.
    Down the escarpment of the plateau, toward its precipice, to the right of The Beings on
    the Edge, our Martian artists have carved numerous other statues (below). One is a stele
    featuring a human face (left). The others are details of different animal species, including
    the head of a lion, the head of a horse, a tropical fish, a bee, and a dog. The Bee (bottom
    center) has the gold head of a man on it where the upper body of the bee would begin.
    The notion that these are carved statues is supported by the fact that The Tropical Fish
    has been moved a considerable distance up the plateau. Since it is resting on the
    downward face of the plateau and could not have tumbled there, it had to be moved there,
    like a heavy piece of furniture dragged across a carpet, as evidenced by the drag marks.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The strongest evidence that The Beings are statues that convey something meaningful can
    be found by examining their location relative to not only these statues but the previously
    mentioned outcropping terra-formed toward the precipice of the plateau. In this view, we
    can see the position of The Being (left), The Tropical Fish (right), and these rocks (top).
    At this ostensibly natural outcropping, as noted above, a female (left) and male (right) lie
    cold and still. She lies on her back, staring at the sky; he lies next to her, on his stomach.
    Her dress has been carved so that it resembles that of The Being up on the plateau’s edge.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    A sea tortoise (left) looks on, as if asking why the woman and the man have sunk to his
    natural state. Elsewhere on the plateau, the statues of The Bee (center) and The Locust
    (right), also depicted on their backs, as if dying, complete the picture of a complex
    Martian ecology, and the advanced civilization that it supported, that have collapsed.
    The Royal Children lie fallen beside them (below), as an Indian (far left), Mad Scientist,
    Ufonaut, and Falcon (far right) look on, providing mute testimony to their demise.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Happily, not all of the statues on the plateau are fraught with apocalyptic symbolism.
    Some have been carved to satisfy the artist, in a way that shows a child-like sensitivity
    for the preciousness of animals. Among these are The Sleeping Cat in front of Spirit
    (left) and The Baby Salamander Nestled in the Rocks in the middle of the plateau (right).
    A similar joie de vivre has been expressed in The Dolphin (right), which is emerging
    from the ground as if from the sea, on the valley floor below The Locust. The Martians
    that carved these figures seemingly possess sensibilities that we associate with human
    beings, including joy, a fondness for the playful side of animals, and a reverence for life.
    What is so conspicuous about these statues is not only their proximity to The Beings on
    the Edge, but that they all represent animal species that exist on Earth. By divine
    providence or cosmic serendipity, Spirit has set down on a plateau on Mars that is an
    open-air gallery for statues of animals that convey Mars’ primordial connection to Earth.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Presumably, Earth animals like cats have found their way into Martian statuary because
    these species also exist on Mars. This finding is supported by this detail, in which two
    puppies can be seen playing far down on the middle of Tsiolkovski Ridge. One is creamcolored
    (left) and the other brown and banded across the eyes like a raccoon (right).
    Several statues emit a gaseous or aqueous substance or have been designed to appear as if
    they do. These include The Rocket on the Rock, a missile sitting atop a round head with
    Asiatic features on the far left side of Tsiolkovski Ridge (left), and the statue named
    Vomitus, a head that can be seen ejecting a muddy effluvium from his mouth (right).
    One wonders which Martians did these imaginative works. Perhaps it was a Martian of
    the decidedly human-looking sort seen standing, obscured, behind The Green Gargoyle,
    the jade green, pepper-shaped head at the bottom right side of the ridge (below). His bald
    head and gray outfit are reminiscent of “Dr. Evil” in the Austin Powers movies (right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The evidence of built structures on Mars found in PIA10214 is so clear that it proves that
    Mars is – or was once – inhabited by beings capable of building things. In fact, some of
    the best evidence for built structures is lying within plain sight, on the right side of the
    cliff, directly in front of the Rover Spirit. There, laid out like a child’s toys, are a
    sarcophagus, an aqueduct, and the scaffolding of a long-ago abandoned building.
    The Sarcophagus (left) is shaped like a tin soldier. It has the body and the head of a king
    in the Egyptian style. We can readily see the king’s eye, ear, and beard. Amazingly, his
    thin neck remains intact. The king is wearing a hat identical to the banked, cylindrical
    type worn by the Great Royal Wife of the Sun King Pharaoh Akhenaton, Queen Nefertiti,
    as depicted in the iconic bust of her discovered by Ludwig Borchardt in 1912 (right).
    To the right of The Sarcophagus, the blue-green form of The Water Sprite can be seen.
    She is leaning forward arms outstretched, as if drinking from a river (below). She might
    be both a waterworks and a sculpture symbolizing the return of life-giving water to the
    land. Her praying mantis-like form also evokes the spring, when mantises are prevalent.
    She could be mistaken for an insect, were it not for the human form of her upper body.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Next to The Sarcophagus and The Water Sprite is The Face of the Bull. This rusted
    metalwork welded to the side of the plateau is obviously a built structure. It might be the
    remains of a dwelling or of a terraced viewing platform that marks the location of the
    crested dinosaur fossil that pokes from the cliff above it, called The Head of the Lizard.
    The Sarcophagus, The Water Sprite, The Face of the Bull and The Head of the Lizard
    (below) could represent the four seasons – Winter, when the Sun lies dormant, like a
    Pharaoh asleep in his stony tomb; Spring, when The Water Sprite returns to refresh the
    land; Summer, when the Sun rages in the sky like a furious Bull; and Autumn, when the
    Sun begins to slumber like a cold-blooded Lizard caught too long on a cold rock.
    Human figures (left), a Goat (center right), and a Gremlin (right) also occupy the cliff.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Egyptian Connection
    Like The Sarcophagus, an Egyptian hat sits atop one of the stone heads on Tsiolkovski
    Ridge (left) and The Queen at the outcropping (bottom), whose Gray face and mitered hat
    blend into the terrain because they were carved from the same amber-colored rock.
    Curiously, the statues on the ridge and The Sarcophagus have been laid true north, which
    suggests that the entire area might once have served as a funereal site. Metaphorically,
    they also point to Egypt and the historical linkage between Ancient Egypt and Mars.
    Cats also reveal this connection. The Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats (Felis sylvestris
    catus), which were commonplace in their statuary during the reign of the Pharaohs. On
    Mars, form also favors feline. The Sleeping Cat (left) is not the only cat at the site. The
    Blue Cat (center) also expresses the Egyptian love of cats as pets and in statuary (right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Easter Island Connection
    Farther to the right of The Sarcophagus, not far from The Rock Garden, within the right
    prong of the Y-pattern channelized into the ground, is another ancient artifact. This relic
    resembles a galleon that lies shipwrecked in a desert land (left) or one of the monolithic
    heads made by the Rapa Nui on Easter Island (right). A flower has been draped over it.
    The Eastern Island connection can be conjectured in the sense that this massive stone
    object shares the brooding forehead, protruding nose, and pursed lips of the statues found
    on that mysterious island. Tiny humanoid beings can be seen on and around this timeless
    relic (left). One can be seen extricating himself from the roseate soil (center). Does the
    rongo-rongo script of Easter Island (right) tell of the many reptilian life forms on Mars?
    We have only begun to find the myriad of obvious and obscure details in PIA10214. If it
    proves to be real, and not the result of a hoax by or within NASA, then PIA10214 will be
    regarded as the most significant photograph that has ever been made. More ancient
    artifacts like these await discovery in PIA10214, purportedly the first photo ever taken by
    human beings from Earth to capture a visual record of humanoid beings, animal species,
    carved statues, and built structures existing on another planet in the Universe.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Dead bodies are evidence that life exists, or at least, once existed, at a particular location.
    Thousands of Martian bodies – fossilized, desiccated, or recently buried – lie in The
    Debris Fields scattered across the entire panorama. They look like a vast, light brown,
    pebbled moraine. These were discovered by enlarging very small portions of PIA10214.
    They might be the remains of humanoids on Mars that were drowned and half-buried on
    the surface of the silt deposited by a massive flood that struck Mars. The mass disaster
    scenario is supported by the presence of fossils in The Valley Bottom, where human,
    animal, and extraterrestrial remains can be seen submerged in the dirt (left), like human
    corpses floating on muddy flood waters, since the day they perished in a huge deluge.
    Alternatively, these could be humanoids killed by the snakes that exist on the Martian
    surface. In the detail below (left), a serpent slithers through the mass of dead humanoids,
    as a living humanoid tries to escape his fate by walking across the mass of dead bodies.
    Serpents seem to abound in the West Valley of the Columbian Basin (center and right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Another possibility is that these are not the bodies of Martians interred following a mass
    deluge, but the larvae of fetal Martians, gestating in the ground, only to walk the surface
    of Mars during later stages of development. According to this view, what we are looking
    at are embryonic Martians that first germinate in the ground like mushrooms do on Earth.
    This would be consistent with the remote viewing data that determined that the Martians
    live underground. Perhaps the Martians don’t live underground, but thrive in the ground.
    If they are not fungal primates, there are other possible explanations for this vast morass
    of bodily forms. They include the science fiction-inspired hypothesis that the individual
    Martian bodies seen might be part of a larger organism that can spread across the surface
    like an amoeba that contains a host of individual Martians. Such a membrane might be
    made up of a myriad of tiny individual humanoids (below) but possess a unitary mind.
    Such fanciful notions would be readily refuted by any forensic pathologist, for many of
    the bodies in The Debris Fields are dressed in all blue or blue and white clothing. In the
    lower left corner of the detail on the left (below), a male body dressed in a white shirt and
    blue pants can be seen. At the center top of the detail on the right (below), a female body
    in the same type of blue gown worn by the female figure on the cliff is lying face down.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    What we are probably looking at are thousands of corpses fructifying in a sticky paste.
    This substance might have been produced by the predators that killed the humanoids or
    by the humanoids as part of their burial practices. The presence of clothing establishes
    that this membrane is neither a common organism nor a field of gestating humanoids.
    If this theory holds up, The Beings on the Edge would constitute not carved statues but
    rather the exoskeletons of humanoid beings that were killed by a predatory species,
    perhaps by having some kind of immobilizing substance sprayed on them as they were
    fleeing. They then remained permanently fixed at that point on the edge of the plateau.
    While this supposition that a reptilian species on Mars is preying on a humanoid one is
    too horrifying to even contemplate, it seems to be the biological explanation most readily
    suggested by the available evidence. We have to look at the evidence of life on Mars in a
    non-teleological way, seeing what is actually there and not what we would wish to see.
    If the initial theory holds and The Beings on the Edge are determined to be a statue, they
    might constitute a memorial statue that has been intentionally placed on this soaring vista
    point high above the sprawling killing fields that lie below. The plethora of dead bodies
    present in the tan slag is troubling and might suggest a reptilian civilization that, like the
    Aztecan one of old, venerates death and has a fetishistic manner of burying its victims.
    Indeed, the point where The Beings stand might be a place of ritual sacrifice. This is
    indicated by the painted carving on the pediment upon which The Beings stand. It is a
    hirsute reptile, resembling a feathered snake, biting the neck of a bearded male human.
    This might be the sacrifice altar of the Martian Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. The
    Aztecs founded a blood sacrifice civilization around a reptilian man-serpent, and it is
    above a statue of this figure, the Plumed Serpent god Quetzalcoatl, that The Beings stand.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    In order to properly analyze PIA10214, we are going to have to cope with macabre
    scenes of this sort. Another case in point is found on the right crest of Tsiolkovski Ridge,
    where there are three boulders that look like Three Pieces of Chocolate Cake. Far from
    it! This part of the photograph is like something found in a rotting log in a dark forest.
    We can see two men – half like beetles – pitch forward to confront a plesiosaur (top), as
    serpents with goofy faces slither up the hill and tiny humanoids seek refuge by
    clambering onto a rock (bottom). This phantasmagoric scene suggests that the sparse
    vegetation on Mars makes predation between biological life forms especially intense.
    Above The Scorpion Man (left), darkly hooded figures (center) drag a woman (right) to
    an uncertain fate. Are human beings from Earth being abducted and taken to Mars? Are
    the 600,000 human beings said to be on Mars volunteers, conscripts, or abductees seized
    on Earth in military abductions (MILABs)? These hellish scenes haunt the imagination.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Just as we anthropomorphize from the human experience on Earth to our peril when
    evaluating the humanoids on Mars, so we reach the limits of the Linnaean system of
    biological classification when describing its many and varied animals. It is enough to say
    that The Land Octopuses on Mars show differentiation of facial structure and fur color.
    Similar taxonomic impediments arise when we consider the glass beings, such as The
    Glass Totem on the Boulder (left) and The Glass Kachina (right). These might be
    translucent statues, biological entities with transparent bodies, or spiritual beings
    appearing in PIA10214 because of the inter-dimensional significance of this photograph.
    The problem deepens when we consider the fact that at the center and standing around
    The Glass Kachina are transparent forms with apple-shaped heads identical to that of The
    Glass Totem on the Boulder. It is unclear whether the appendages coming from The
    Glass Kachina are natural appendages or just regalia put on for show to welcome Spirit.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Face of the Bull (left) might have been forged not to represent a bull but a life form
    on Mars that has an anvil-shaped face that we on Earth would recognize as that of a bull.
    It is impossible to tell from this distance whether the more modern-looking form (right) is
    itself a structure or the life form that inspired the design of the object on the left.
    In the valley, the white spacesuit and blue helmet of The Astronaut can be seen (left and
    center). Near him, the body of a similarly large form lies face down in the mud (right).
    Are these the remains of a doomed space probe to the Columbian Basin or just a Martian
    memorial to those who have lost their lives as star voyagers exploring the Cosmos?
    The bright line distinction that must be drawn between what is animate and inanimate
    will be difficult for us to make. While The Magic Carpet Rider (left) is clearly a stone
    edifice of some kind designed to represent perhaps the pilot of an intergalactic ship,
    Triangle Face the Rock Animal (center) makes a stronger case for the prospect that some
    animals on Mars have evolved to camouflage themselves as boulders. This seems to be a
    common evolutionary outcome on the surface of Mars, where some of the plesiosaurs
    might not be reptiles at all but rather a species of fowl with round, gray bodies that make
    them look like boulders and that have earned for them the name Rock Roosters (right).
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Similarly, we are unable to tell whether this is a human female bending over to look at
    her infant or a Caterpillar Woman doing so (below). All we can say at this time is that
    this appears to be a humanoid, who is female, who is looking down at what appears to be
    a baby (right). A baby stroller appears to be on her left, a large black slug on her right.
    This determination is made on the basis of what we know. However, to begin the field of
    exobiology by this breakthrough that has emerged on the surface of the Red Planet, we
    will have to analyze the evidence not just on the basis of what we know, but on the basis
    of what we don’t know, and for that matter, on what we don’t know that we don’t know.
    Close to where The Spying Giraffe looks over The Head of the Dog at Spirit (left), a
    small creature sits on a rock (right). It has the look of a wrench that has been left too
    long in the rain. But it also shares characteristics with Aves, hence its name The Wrench
    Bird. Some things that we find on Mars will defy definition by any standard on Earth.
    Thus, we must use not only our knowledge but our imagination when evaluating the
    evidence of life on Mars, for as Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than
    knowledge… [K]nowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination
    embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Mars is inhabited. It is inhabited by humanoid beings like us and also by animal species
    that are like those that exist on Earth in this age, that once existed on Earth in prehistoric
    times, or that are hybrids that possess the characteristics of two or more Earth species at
    once. These include human-insect hybrids and human-lizard hybrids.
    The discovery of life on Mars is highly significant because it represents the first time that
    life has been found beyond the confines of Earth. It is also very important because it
    constitutes the first evidence of humanoid life beyond Earth. This suggests that in
    universal terms, human life forms might be fairly common throughout the Universe.
    Earth is not the only inhabited planet in our solar system. This discovery will work a
    Copernican revolution in every area of human learning, especially anthropology,
    evolutionary biology, archaeology, the history of ancient civilizations, and exopolitics.
    The 21st
    Century will be one of intergalactic contact for human civilization on Earth.
    Life on Mars mirrors that on Earth. It shows evidence of such things as speciation,
    predation, the descent of primates, division into male and female, and the development of
    symbiotic relationships between species. This indicates that life on Earth and Mars might
    have come from the same source or followed similar developmental pathways.
    This discovery helps solve the UFO mystery, in the sense that it confirms that life exists
    beyond our planet, that such life includes intelligent, bipedal hominids, and that the
    humanoids found on Mars conform to the “aliens” reported in the UFO literature.
    Human beings share a common template with other humanoids in an inhabited Universe.
    Mars is the site of many ancient artifacts consisting of statues and structures of great
    archaeological significance that reveal the presence on Mars of at least one advanced,
    intelligent civilization. The similarity of biological and archeological forms on the Earth
    and Mars indicates an evolutionary and historical linkage between the Earth and Mars,
    specifically, a connection between Ancient Egypt and Ancient Mars.
    The life that has been discovered on Mars is stranger than we could ever imagine it to be.
    Luckily, the evidence available from this first view of Martian civilization indicates that
    the humanoids on Mars are intelligent, social, peaceful beings that do not endanger us.
    They are cooperative and make art with both high intelligence and a child-like sensibility.
    The implication of the ancient artifacts is that the Martians are in some way related to us.
    Any future manned mission to Mars should account for the diversity of human groups,
    animal species, and ancient artifacts on Mars, and carefully plan to protect them from the
    externalities of the mission. To do otherwise would violate the precautionary principle.
    The discovery of life on Mars is one of the great events of the 21st Century and begins a
    new chapter of the human adventure in the Universe, one in which humanity collectively
    crosses the threshold that spans its past as an earthbound race and its future as a spacefaring
    civilization in contact with biological species that exist elsewhere in the Cosmos.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The full-resolution, 5.856 megabyte-sized JPEG of PIA10214 posted by NASA on the
    World Wide Web at was imported
    into the Paint program of the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system on the author’s
    HP Pavilion Entertainment Laptop Personal Computer. Small parts of the photograph
    were copied utilizing the cutting tool of its Paint program and then embedded into a
    Word document in Microsoft Word 2003. These embeds were then enlarged at 500%
    resolution and stretched to fit the margins of the text of this paper. Besides horizontal
    and vertical stretching of each embed to achieve page justification, no alteration of the
    form or color of any of the images was performed. The Word document was then
    converted to PDF for posting in that format on the Internet. The evidence of humanoid
    beings, animal species, carved statues and built structures in PIA10214 was demonstrably
    evident when a generic PnP monitor with driver NVIDIA MCP67M was set to 1,280 x
    800 pixels and the highest color resolution (32-bit). In the future, Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    will be used to create higher quality JPEGs of details from PIA10214, with alteration of
    color to enhance the visibility of the evidence, and the Mars Anomaly Research Society
    will collaborate with an artist to produce line drawings of the forms found in the images.
    The names given by NASA to the land formations on the surface of Mars that can be seen
    in this historically momentous photograph honor two American astronauts who died
    while bravely exploring space and who collectively represent eight others, the astronauts
    who died in the Apollo 1 and space shuttle Columbia disasters. They also honor two
    visionary Russian space scientists, one an astronomer, the other a rocket scientist. This
    might not be a coincidence. American and Russian astronauts first collaborated in space
    during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) in 1975 and may do so again on Mars.
    Grissom Hill was named for Virgil (Gus) Grissom, 1926-1967, the United States Air
    Force pilot and NASA astronaut. Grissom was the second American to fly in space. In
    1959, after physical and psychological tests, he was chosen as one of the seven Project
    Mercury astronauts. A captain when selected, Grissom rose to the rank of Lieutenant
    Colonel during his career in the astronaut program. He was the pilot of MercuryRedstone
    4 (Liberty Bell 7), the second American spaceflight. He was killed during a
    training exercise for the Apollo 1 mission on January 27, 1967, at Launch Complex 34 at
    Cape Kennedy, along with fellow astronauts Ed White and Roger Chaffee.
    Gusev Crater was named for Matvey Matveyevich Gusev, 1826-1866, a Russian
    astronomer who worked at Pulkovo Observatory near St. Petersburg from 1850 to 1852
    and then at Vilnius Observatory thereafter. He was the first astronomer to prove the nonsphericity
    of the Moon, concluding that it is elongated in the direction of the Earth. In
    1860, he founded the first scientific journal dedicated to mathematics and physics in
    Russia. He is considered one of the pioneers in using photography in astronomy, having
    taken pictures of the Moon and the Sun – including sunspots – while at the Vilnius
    observatory. He became the director of the Vilnius Observatory in 1865.
    Basiago – The Discovery of Life on Mars
    Husband Hill was named for Richard Douglas Husband, 1957-2003, the commander
    of space shuttle Columbia. Husband was selected as an astronaut candidate by NASA in
    1994. He reported to the Johnson Space Center in 1995 to begin a year of training and
    evaluation. Husband was then named the Astronaut Office representative for Advanced
    Projects at Johnson Space Center, working on Space Shuttle Upgrades, the Crew Return
    Vehicle, and studies to return to the Moon and travel to Mars. He flew as pilot on STS96
    in 1999. Husband was later assigned to command the crew of STS-107 in 2003. He
    was killed when Columbia disintegrated after re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.
    Tsiolkovski Ridge was named for Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovski, 1857–1935,
    the Russian inventor and rocket expert. His most important work was concerned with the
    possibility of rocket flight into space. Tsiolkovski published The Investigation of Outer
    Space by Means of Reaction Apparatus in 1903. In this work, he discusses in
    mathematical terms the problems involved in overcoming Earth’s gravitational pull via
    rockets. He also suggests the use of reaction vehicles for interplanetary flight. In 1929,
    he presented a design for a multi-stage rocket called a rocket train. He also proposed the
    use of satellites and manned platforms as way stations in interplanetary travel.
    Blanchard, Guillaume, Photograph of the Cat Goddess Bastet in the Egyptian antiquities
    of the Louvre Museum, Paris. See “Cats in Ancient Egypt” on the World Wide Web at
    Etumyan, Arkadiy, Photograph of Bust of Queen Nefertiti in the Altes Museum, Berlin.
    See “Nefertiti” on the World Wide Web at
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), PIA10214.jpg: Spirit’s West
    Valley Panorama, Full-Resolution JPEG (5.856 MB). See “Catalog Page for PIA10214”
    on the World Wide Web at
    Webre, Alfred Lambremont, Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe.
    Vancouver, B.C.: Universe Books, 2005.
    Wikimedia Commons, Photograph of Moai at Rano Raraku, Easter Island. See “Eastern
    Island” on the World Wide Web at
    Wikimedia Commons, Photograph of Rongo-Rongo Script, Easter Island. See “Eastern
    Island” on the World Wide Web at
    Wikipedia, Plesiosaurs. See “Plesiosaur” on the World Wide Web at
    The Discovery of Life on Mars
    The Discovery of Life on Mars
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